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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 9, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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we. see america means we're. just. one. world according to. the day we talk about why the international community should work together to achieve her beauty from coles at 19 and how corporate greed is prolonging the out the government we also talk to german bronte host of congressional bush pod cast about foreign policy sit tight the show starts now. the war. i should. proceed as santos for our top story today scientists and health experts
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say the u.s. is unlikely to achieve herd immunity from coated 19 so far at least half of all adults in the united states have received at least one dose of a corona virus vaccine but they leave vaccination rates are slowing now it's possible that enough people could gain immunity through natural infection in the future to reach the herd immunity threshold but with mutant variants becoming more transmissible experts say it's unclear whether that's ever going to happen the predominant strain currently circulating in the us is 60 percent more transmissible than the original variant when diseases spread easier it takes a higher number of immune individuals to protect the most vulnerable members of society experts now estimate that roughly 80 percent of the population would need to be vaccinated or gain immunity through natural infection to reach herd immunity in the u.s. just see when it comes to a vaccine hesitancy many people say they simply don't trust the pharmaceutical
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industry or the government while claims about vaccines containing things like microchips and other can spare in cities have been. it's proven can you really blame people for not trusting big pharma when many companies have gotten away time and time again with harming people. well you know big pharma doesn't have a great track record bridgette up but when you look at the situation here what do you have so what they seem to be saying to me is that ok they don't trust the vaccines they don't trust the pharmaceutical companies they don't trust the government or the elected officials or the doctors and the in the medical community so what they must be trusting is kovac 19 they must put more trust in colvin that they won't catch it and that somehow it won't kill them now i'd like to pose this question to them how many people have been killed by covert 19 and how many people
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have been killed by the vaccine so far. let's add up the numbers and take a look at them and i find it very interesting that the majority of the people who don't want to get the vaccine are trump republicans now didn't they want to give donald trump credit for discovering the vaccine and i mean we could all blame him for many of the deaths for lying to the american people for discounting the whole. 19 as being nothing more than the flu and all the crap that he did a year ago that caused the pandemic to rise to the level of did but now his own people don't even trust him donald trump has gotten the vaccine all you trump result there and why is it you won't trust your hero he got the vaccine he says the vaccine is good but i guess these people would rather trust coal rig 19 i
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personally don't trust covert 19 and don't want to deal with that so therefore i got vaccinated and nothing happened to me i'm still here talking. ending the global pandemic also means that developing countries including india need to also return immunity over the weekend india broke the world record reporting $400000.00 daily cases that brings the country's total cumulative infections to nearly 20000000 people in administration has a valid to make raw materials available for india's coronavirus vaccine production but it has not waived the vaccine patent protections which pharmaceutical companies claim would cut their ability to profit pfizer has already reached tundras of millions of dollars in profits from its coronavirus vaccine which uses a spike protein developed by the u.s. government that spike protein was funded by taxpayers due to the scares the vaccine supply abroad finances and health experts calculate that the pandemic will keep
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spreading until at least mid 2022. possibly longer unfortunately corporate greed is prolonging this pandemic jesse and we've talked about this on the show before well let's remember something bridgette or corporations are people that's what our 1 conservative supreme court ruled so we're dealing with people here not an entity of a corporation but as i look at it this way colvin 19 is the biggest enemy on the planet right now it's an enemy to everybody it knows no borders it doesn't care for your countries communist or capitalist it doesn't care about any of that so the world must get together on this if we're going to conquer it i don't think it'll ever be conquered because you're never going to get everybody all together i think we're going to be dealing with coded 19 much like we deal with the flu knol where you may have to get shots yearly to keep it away and those that
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don't get the shots again are trusting covert 19 more than they are the vaccines or the doctors that minister them there's so little global cooperation that the financial times even reports that vaccine makers have gone as far as warning u.s. officials that intellectual property waivers could hand m.r. in a technology to russia and china to exploit by creating point for ancestry treatments for cancer and heart conditions shouldn't trading diseases for everybody be a win for all humankind regardless of which country develops those treatments. absolutely it should be an especially of covert 19 should start the process of us working together throughout the world again these things don't know borders these things don't know governments or any such thing but let's remember something we
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need the cold war to brew up again because again it goes back to money we need to support our military industrial complex and a great way for that to happen again follow the money but a great way for that to happen is to build up a cold war keep the animosities high that way we keep building weapons instead of sending out vaccines. anding the pandemic should be a global effort because we're all connected like it or not india is the 5th largest economy in the world and what happens to its economy significantly impact the global markets for example in 20182019 the international monetary fund to fight it india's underwhelming economic output as the main reason for sluggish world growth figures india is also home to the world's 3rd largest pharmaceutical industry it's often referred to as the pharmacy of the world because india exports 20 percent of global generic drugs and 70 percent of global vaccines disruptions to india's
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pharmaceutical industry could be consequential for world health international airlines airports and businesses will also face economic consequences from travel restrictions imposed on india and of course the variants are just going to keep popping up you know we need to look at this from a global perspective again coles had 19 doesn't repeat myself it bears repeating it doesn't know borders it doesn't give a damn who you are politically it can make you sick it can kill you and if we don't stop it it's going to continue forever and i kind of think there's not the will to truly stop it so we're going to be dealing with covert 19 i think at least for the rest of my life i don't know about my kids is life or anything like that but until the world can put aside it's trivial and i'll call them trivial differences and look at this from the perspective of saving the planet just like the perspective of
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saving the planet from from the weather we've got we've got to do it there and we've got to do it here and there has to be global cooperation going on it's starting but it isn't starting enough nor moving fast enough. in other news a facebook oversight board has up held the social media giants decision to ban president donald trump from its platforms after the january 6th capital riots facebook initially banned the president indefinitely however the board says the company must reassess the length of that suspension within 6 months fading that it's not appropriate for the company to vary from its normal penalties whenever it feels like it typical penalties include imposing a limited suspension permanently disabling an account or removing posts jesse from the very beginning it's been very clear that social media companies are not consistent in their approach to think shinning users who break the terms of service
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in this case it wasn't an ordinary user but at the time the leader of a country which sets the precedent for how social media platforms can censor the speech of politicians. well bridgette i'm going to counter that with this they are the private sector they can set their rules they you know facebook can choose who it wants to have using their equipment or using what they do at facebook and they can choose not to they chose to ban trump because what he was doing was causing violence you know january 6th was a violent attempted coup d'etat overthrow of our government if that doesn't deserve banning from facebook and it was all done there to begin with a great deal of it then i don't know what would be but i want to take the time out to do a shocking thing for you right now brigida i want to say something i want to say something that i salute and stand up for lives changed and i thought never in my
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lights were down stands side to side with the change but i want to say liz cheney is my new hero right now because she's doing what's right she's not holding under the lie she's not worried about her position and whether where she is politically. and most importantly she's putting the country instead of her party the rest of these spineless pukes like mccarthy rubio cruz and the whole lot of them they're a bunch of spineless pukes who won't stand up to this bully i've got news for people donald trump is not a tough guy draft dodging donald wouldn't even go in the military because he was so stared and yet these guys won't stand up to a draft dodging dami it takes liz cheney to do it liz cheney i salute you when i've never ever thought i would it's time for a break let me return the governor sits down with a friend of the show gen brownie to talk more about u.s.
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foreign policy will be right back. the war. yes sure. mainstream news is in ruins i should know because i saw it from the inside and i know how they are and stop falling for exaggeration distractions and fictions for news and that tells you what's really going on tune in to our team america where we always question want.
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something from you your sports. 'd think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell me you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth of the art she's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there so the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes chancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know want their work in.
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major questions birth new question. number as stars and endless as the sea and bring all the insights just to death and. looked around to all that remains in question. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that merge fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most elite society on politics as a species of endless and meaningless political theater politicians have more than just celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one party corporate. those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news designed to push
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through the cool t.v. and exploitation field little or are forced so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must. the war. machine it's my pleasure to welcome back jim briny host of the congressional dish pod cast to discuss what the pacific deterrence initiative is and where our foreign policy is headed under president by in january days before president trump left office congress overrode his veto against
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a particular military policy the 741000000000 dollar national defense authorization act this was a bipartisan effort in both the house and the senate why did congress override trumps rito and pass this bill 'd instead of getting stimulus checks out sooner. well the reasons behind terms of you know were donald trump priorities not really priority shared by most of the members of his party so for example trump wanted stuff attached to that bill that would punish twitter and facebook for labeling his posts and this was before they banned him he also didn't like that the bill would limit his ability to divert military construction funds to his border wall and it would have prevented him from removing troops from germany and afghanistan and most republicans in congress still want to continue that war and so the override was prioritized because without the n.d.a. in law our war activities wouldn't be allowed and apparently war was more important
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to republicans in particular in congress than loyalty to the soon to be ex president trap but to be fair this override was completed the same week as the bill that had $600.00 stimulus checks in it and so doing this really didn't delay kopek relief ok the national defense authorization act created the vote for civic deterrence a mission here what does this act actually do so the. pacific deterrence initiative is a new military build up so a new prepositioning of the united states military west of the international dateline which is basically china's neighborhood and specifically it's going to increase the number of troops we have in that area along with equipment weapons and fuel and then on top of that the military is going to conduct training exercises to make it easier for other militaries to partner with us in war in that part of the world's. what are some of the ways we are deterring china in the pursuit of it
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and what are we deterring them from. well china is increasing the strength of its own military and has expanded its own presence in the south china sea to the point that they're building brand new islands and putting military bases on top of them and so it takes 2 weeks to move u.s. aircraft carriers from alaska and other u.s. territories into china's neighborhood and so the idea behind this is that by having our troops and equipment already there we'd be able to wage war faster if needed and as for what we're doing we're deterring our military commanders told congress that they're most concerned that china's going to use violence to take control over taiwan and then also in reality we're also doing this to protect the shipping lanes used by multinational corporations now what is the ultimate goal here. well big picture china is threatening the dominance of the global systems of laws especially economic laws that the u.s.
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and our partners have been trying to implement worldwide since the end of world war 2 so our government basically wants china and russia and all countries on earth to follow the rules of the system that the u.s. leads in particular we want them to adhere to the rules dictated by the world trade organization and its partner organizations now is this just simply a new cold war you know i hesitate to use that term because it conjures up images of nuclear war to describe this because what's happening now is a battle of economic systems and so despite the increased military presence on both sides there are areas where the china where the u.s. and the chinese are cooperating so our administration just conducted an apparently friendly meeting about climate change for example with the chinese and so even though i think this military buildup situation deserves our awareness and attention i think what's happening is more of an economic cold war if it can be classified as
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one at all not always sharda a real threat to the u.s. don't we trade with them and does a dollar a column really truly rely on china's manufacturing well let me put it this way i'm not losing one second of sleep thinking that china is about to attack my neighborhood because we certainly do trade with china and china is a member of the world trade organization they have been since 2001 the problem though even though they're technically assimilated into our system and they did allow multinationals to come into china and use their people as cheap labor the problem is that there were other requirements for assimilation into our economic system that china didn't do so like china didn't privatized all their most valuable industries and still maintains control over a lot of them and on top of that china is now lending money to other countries and setting up a parallel payment system which competes with the systems created within the world . trade organization system and so that's the problem that our government is grappling with what do they do about a country that agreed to assimilate into the system but is instead competing with
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that knowledge our involved our allies and our partners and this japan and so on well i can tell you this much there's a new nickname that's being kicked around d.c. and it's the quad which is the united states india japan and australia our military commanders told congress that this is a key partnership economically and militarily and they see this for some as being key to serving as adversarial to china and china's partners in that part of the world's know what kind of military weapons are we giving to our allies to help us with there's an issue here of so i don't know the exact weapons but broadly i know that the 2021 n.d.a. authorizes air defense undersea warfare intelligence surveillance anti armor anti ship and coastal defense systems to be transferred to countries in the region specifically taiwan we're also providing partner countries with the parts and
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equipment that they need to maintain the stuff that they already have now on your podcast you mentioned how they're sacked or supported by lobbyists who's making money off of this well the manufacturers of all those weapons and defense system that's for sure and lockheed martin in particular just kept popping up over and over again in my research into the $2120.00 or 2021 and v.a. from additional tax money going to buy parts for other countries after $30.00 five's which are planes that we taxpayers have invested over 1.5 trillion in that still don't operate correctly to a new air defense system that they want to install on guam that's also a lockheed martin product so basically every military build up every defense authorization and funding law funnels money to the multi-national weapons companies and this one is certainly no difference now we've been here for. ghana's stand 20 years now how long is it estimated that will be involved in the effort stemming
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from the persistent deterrence initiatives how much is it estimated it's going to cost us so that the pacific deterrence initiative for 2021 is authorized at $2200000000.00 but the military is expecting $5500000000.00 for the next year and so the cost is likely to go up and while we don't know how long this is going to go on for we can use recent history as our guide because a similar and this should have been eastern europe the european deterrence initiative started with similar funding levels in 24 it seen what has cost us over $20000000000.00 and counting and that initiative 7 years later is still ongoing well gentlemen fortunately that's all the time we have we'll have to follow up with you on this as it develops but i want to always say keep up the great work you're our eyes and ears on the congress thank you very much from the world according to jesse thanks for having me. the war.
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machine thanks for watching send us your comments on facebook and twitter we'll be back next week with more story of ignored by the corporate media will feed them and remember when the government lawyers the truth yes it becomes a traitor stay vigilant get vaccinated wear your mask and socially distance. the war. machine. parts of america brings you stories of world wide significance news the corporate media refuses to show you from social movements to civil wars to tech breakthroughs to epidemics because our journalists and audience ally dare to question more.
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an ocean of stories even the news worth knowing can overwhelm the oh. you could even use your way i know you want it all so let me bring you the bad. it's easy just. play. why in the world does he think this is a positive idea for the united states. well i think you'll play exactly the role that a good journalist ought to count on why this had happened at this exact moment there's already so much instability within the middle east is this is probably just one of the many voices on television right now that have ties to those the benefit from going or thanks to. listen stop playing online algorithms dictate what you get to want to go to portable dot tv slash download to get killer
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television it's completely free i'm going toward winning comedy awesome sports coverage inside so french still tastes like raspberries on a spring day take so hot they'll turn your face off thousands of videos more added by the hour did i mention it's free it's it's yeah it's free go go get it portable t.v. . guys i made a professional ish powerpoint to show you how r.t. america fits into the greater media landscape our team is not all laughter all right we are a solid alternative to the bullshit we don't you liberal or conservative and as you can see his bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking have left these talking head righties oh there you go above it all to look at world r.t. america is in the spotlight now every leonhard have no idea how to classify as when it actually took me way more time than i care to admit.
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could you source the story about the fact that delayed maxwell will likely take others down i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news direction trials where we really do believe it's time to do news again. this type of american is doing very well but then there's these guys over here who aren't doing so well if you drill down to look at the real numbers especially the rent numbers right it's pretty bad there's people who are not paying their rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future. i think when the host asked the question for the guests and then actually listen to
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the yes answer and then react to that it's a folks dentist really i've got a new show. those in command of toxic systems designed to keep us confused distracted and are no match for an awakened mind they lie you win the war they lie you in poverty they tell you what they think they're watching are you watching them are you watching. how to read out read i turn on the t.v.
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on the back the world of what's happening around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news narratives that a state lead to maybe cooling systems lock building up prisoners with the bomb after the bar brick by brick globalism make it sound how plenty off that in this war but i found a network that old question science great it was that space civil strife climate change savile was being called simply lists all the mainstream wants to do was keep us going like you watch the right you can't keep a silenced critical point seize hold perspective and question inside directly we don't take sides we walk the walk artsy america means real salt.
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russia celebrates the 76th anniversary of the red army's victory over nazi germany and the great patriotic war. troops parade on red square and aircraft fly overhead as moscow commemorates victory day our correspondents were there in the heart of the capital taking in all the action 1st hand. then coming. to the full absolutely fantastic.


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