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tv   News  RT  May 9, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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russia celebrates the 76th anniversary of the red army's victory over nazi germany in the great patriotic war. troops parade on red square an aircraft fly overhead as moscow commemorates victory day our correspondents were there in the heart of the capital taking in all the action 1st hand. then go bang. to the full so the fantastic.
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and also this hour we take a look at the incredible story of a social soviet soldier who risked his life to save hundreds of jewish people from the nazis during the 2nd world war. today we mark victory day in russia commemorating the surrender of nazi germany to the soviet union hello and welcome to our special coverage on our teacher national . before we get into the significance of this day let's bring you the celebrations from central moscow fireworks lit up at the sky over the capital on sunday night 16 separate shows on the red square sparrow hills victory park and more marking the
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76th anniversary of victory. with. the defeat of the 3rd reich came at an enormous cost for the soviet union almost
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$27000000.00 soviet souls or citizens both civilians and soldiers lost their lives in the eastern fronts of world war 2 that 4 year conflict with nazi germany is known to russians as the great patriotic war and for the occasion archie has brought to life archival footage from some of the soviet troops who made that victory possible.
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some hours ago russian troops and military vehicles paraded through moscow's red square for the capital's annual military parade it was the biggest of dozens of processions which took place across russia to celebrate the defeat of nazi germany taylor and say were our eyes and ears for the event. today at this fee day there will be no dignitaries in attendance so the kremlin basically wanted to say that we would like to err on the side of caution so although we're going to have the big guns the big jets the big times and all the different regiments and battalions marching across red square it will be a slightly smaller audience for this year's edition of lot of putin flying to by a number of veterans as well who are attending today.
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so they're saying oh my goodness me i think i'm 90 years old playing with my toys all over again absolutely remarkable display of russian aerospace technology here right above rows square. plans to reach. out to find a friend. we've come to the final great that's going to be the place that it's probably. most trail. black that being sick. also on the night made it today is a very powerful tale connected remembrance this country strikes you know thought tyneside the 146000006 is that russia comes together as one
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and it reminds itself of how much it owes those 27000000 he died at this hour what he shot at the same time last being a very showy public national holiday it was also an intense week possible. every single russian dive into his family archive and his photo album and think of his ancestors and what role they play you know what i know for myself on this day more than most i think of my grandmother. she was just 15 years old when she lied about her age and she signed up to fight and she was an immediate thoughts the independent women's taddeo that was the fust female polish infantry unit in the red army and something unbelievably beautiful about the fact that decades of she stepped up to see young child really to fight i'm standing here to try to ration space quite literally as a symbol of the future that she won for me i would have loved to hear me talking
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about the millions of heroes like us who were courageous and beyond belief and he saw things that belief that they could know who he is in years have cost much fewer and fewer generations to live but still to this day we live face today by the motto that inversion goes. no one is forgotten nothing is forgotten soviet soldiers stormed berlin in late april 1905 and by may 2nd the red flag was raised over the rice talk nazi germany formally capitulated a week later veterans who took part in the operation still have vivid memories of those days of course many nations contributed to the final victory fighting together with the soviets to bring the devastating war to end a number of foreign veterans have come to moscow to pay their respects to the soviet soldiers.
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i want everybody to. know the motivation not religious no political will to push the enemy back to this territory the division of soldiers from 22 countries including lots in america from the communists juice. and we will fall together. good old remembered i was part of the small reconnaissance unit. points we had in the 2 machineguns from the famous one of the guys was general clark's eldest son a lot he was later killed in indochina.
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i tried to shoot the memory of that minute that period the ultimate price during world war 2 rivers. with bush should hurry for a loaf of bread and all of a modern mental god no hot water there were players there was shot down by the truman had not to think about. 4 o'clock in the morning everybody was killed of the paid players who showed up 25 yards apart from the 23rd and more your hour stablished and a memorial guide for others i'm sure your impression today i want to show you the citizens of russia from the water in life to come to their country to work for i have children.
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there were of course so many heroes in the war risking their lives to save others one of them was a soviet soldier named and a partisan names nickel in the summer of 1902 he helped more than 200 jews cross the frontline saving them from nazi occupied by the roofs 6000000 jews were murdered and more murdered in the holocaust and some of the people nicholai saved to recall the horrors of occupation and the man who rescued them. my sister was one of the many whose lives you saved by rescuing them from hitler's cannibals you saved my life and i cannot forget that. the moon not that it's it is the sea on the beach didn't simply a dumbass t.v.
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than all of it and show high chest high chow to be cheerful jewish owned by the show on the threshold of the show joey because she's. beautiful tish can you see. these. little. missing teeth. now to conclude our special victory day coverage the immortal regiment march honoring veterans of the 2nd world wars taking place virtually for the 2nd straight year due to the coronavirus pandemic for months relatives have been uploading photos of themselves with relatives and to mark the 76th anniversary of the great
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patriotic war the images are being broadcast across t.v. and social media channels itself the physical events can take place on june 24th covered restrictions permitting. now in other news drucilla has seen fresh clashes between israeli security forces and palestinians with 14 people injured according to the palestinian red cross tensions have flared up over possible evictions of palestinians from land claimed by jewish settlers while israel says the seizures are necessary for security here are some of the scenes in jerusalem on sunday. to. marry. her.
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this is just downtown jerusalem and it looks more like a war zone that's happened if broken bottles were rolled over the places the shops are closed because the situation has become quite dangerous now this is each consecutive night that there has been violence here in jerusalem we're also witnessing a minute. and at the same time we haven't seen this kind of protests vying to for the last 4 years but you certainly all witnessing the lace and a mass as or equal to come to the city at the same time the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has indefinitely postponed the elections blaming the israelis were still celebrating all commemorating. around again and all of those who have contributed to this take in violence the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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says that his security forces will be on the streets until such time that this minority. poised youngsters that are provoking the situation i actually done what now there has been an ambulance is very forward and backwards. hopping doesn't that have been taken out of east into various police and. so all eyes now on tomorrow which will see jerusalem day and annual commemoration rate young jewish youths march through the streets with israeli flags that no doubt will be a provocation and at the same time we've seen bracing to hear the supreme court decision as to be a picture in china last awesome here in the arab in may. of shade. that has been postponed for now because of concerns about a security. i'm growing tensions here. meanwhile in this footage you can see israel's iron dome defense system intercepting what was said to be 2
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rockets that came from gaza on sunday night and now israel also says in sydney or balloons have been launched from gaza sparking fires in the country for several days straight richard becker coordinator of the antiwar answer coalition says recent events mark the largest flare up in tensions between the 2 sides in recent years netanyahu is hoping that somehow repression will give him our problem with all the corruption charges and so forth and somehow get him back. but there's something much bigger was going on here well i think i understand and this is where the court case was postponed and they are now facing. the possibility of a new mass rebellion so we're seeing something we haven't seen in a long time and it's really is a reaction to the increasing and intensified russian and repression of the
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civilians. world press freedom day was marked this week by u.s. authorities who mainly focused on journalists rights in other countries the united states itself has witnessed more than 400 assaults on journalists over the past year there were also 139 arrests and over 100 cases of reporters equipment being damaged and the 2021 tracker shows more and more incidents every day don of takes a closer look at press freedom in america. if there's one thing entrenched in the d.n.a. of us democracy that would be putting america on the pedestal of righteousness at every given opportunity like here we're seeing every day. the work that journalists are doing around the world in increasingly difficult and challenging conditions nothing is more fundamental to the good functioning of our democracies they advocate they seek safety they celebrate the u.s.
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knows how to throw one hell of a party for a truth teller look no further than julian asuncion he's published so many u.s. secrets america's justice department is captivated by the man they just won't take no for an answer if extradited a son will be celebrating his accomplishments like the guantanamo bay files or the iraq war logs for up to 175 years likely in a maximum security prison the ruling in his case leaves open the possibility for the u.s. government to pursue journalists and publishers around the world if their reports and noise the washington establishment that is sounds remains in prison underlies the grievous threat to unfettered journalese that the serious legislation poses and of course there's no bigger custodian of journalist safety than the modern day america it is incumbent on all of us to counter these threats to
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a free and independent media including physical risk and arbitrary detention for one saudi journalist physical risk and arbitrary detention escalated into horrible suffering and death in a matter of minutes jamal khashoggi fell out of favor with the saudi royal family and in 2018 was killed inside their consulate in istanbul reports suggest he was tortured before meeting his death beheaded and dismembered. as his killers go to way on private jets the u.s. could not stand idle in the face of such an atrocity that's one reason we announced in response to the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi the bam to help deter threatening behavior against the media i beg your pardon all this because shoji band is it is a visa restriction policy that doesn't even target the saudi crown prince despite
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the cia itself saying he personally ordered the hit we held accountable all the people in that organization but not the crown prince because we have never that i'm aware of when we have an alliance with a country gone to the acting head of state and punished that person and ostracized him and a cherry on top of this towering pile of a ball kristie is this promise of joe biden to show he was in fact murdered and dismembered and i believe in the order of the crown prince and i would make it very clear we were not going to interact more weapons to them we were going to in fact make them pay the price and make them in fact the pariah that they are the ban is cosmetic. we know or the murder and and the person who do are the numbers not going to be elder charitable he remains untouched because washington doesn't want to disrupt that relationship so as politicians love to float amid the smoke of
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virtue and mirrors of morality but then things come into sharp focus and we see just how little integrity the ritz left from our footage of moscow's victory day celebrations make sure to check out our website r.t. dot com i'll be back with more in just about half an hour so stay tuned.
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americans love buying homes. and this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and. the longer deeper history. in the united states not just. the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for.
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the problem with having money printing and. near 0 percent or 0 percent interest rates is that it destroys price signals in the economy because you're saying the underlying fundamental substance of the economy that is money money itself is the grow material of economics of capitalism you're saying it has a 0 value so therefore if you have a 0 value for the substance of your economy it's very very difficult to build something that you can point to the sale of that has value and that one doesn't have any value because they're both equally value left.
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by. the welcome 2 worlds apart in battle since this is the longest running battle in human history waged on playgrounds and forms and pretty much anywhere you can find humans this conflict has in recent years taken it i mean you can imagine in the west with one side the males being declared talks i doodled voice humans eat so bad well to discuss that i'm now in jail but michael gurian psychotherapist and best selling author is a going it's so good to talk to you thank you very much for taking time to be with you thanks for having me now ott our audience is widely international i think you most people around it will saying that men and women girls are creating
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a different 0 that not that i don't know about. well but simply different in biological and psychological terms this is not controversial at all it is usually considered to be a fact of nature why is it such a polarizing issue here in the united states. i think it's primarily because of what we call academic academic feminism is the term that's used and and it's it's spreads through i call it the big 3 it spreads from act academe into government into media and the basic feminist concept that all of us with gray hair bought into you know 50 years ago was a quality but academic feminism has its take on it it's taking is to have equality you have to destroy males so males are bad you got to get rid of them in order to have equality and that is not a concept i would buy into but it's
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a very popular concept what it does is it erases male female difference it has to say we don't need males there aren't males get rid of there's no difference and that's how that happens sufficiently that that's a form of equating equality to sameness i mean saying right you know it's easy if we have to say now i have to confess that up until recently i thought that this whole idea also i tossed grass for anything was just a reach for it and so what i'm going from here i think that the american psychological association has actually declared what i call traditional masculinity as damaging to boys isn't that a way of saying that the last i don't know it's you 300000 years of human evolution and cultural evolution have essentially reached their own outcome you're absolutely right what they're trying to do is they're part of this movement and they're and it's just a division of the.


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