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there you go above it on the lookout world r.t. america is in the spotlight now every glee i have no idea how to classify a woman actually took me way more time and i cared women. folks next up one dennis miller plus one great actor and a cool cat i flew cross-country with him once i'm not saying that gives me an end knowledge but there's a good hang for 6 hours and he's funny as hell and he got it andy garcia absolutely great as benson and godfather 3 to my way of thinking the best thing in the movie although i enjoyed the movie more than many others course and touchable sweet plays george stuff just. a cracker jack actor got a new project that on a b c and we will talk to him about it right after this and then a similar plus one. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one got a great actor for
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a cademy award and golden globe nominated actor andy garcia you know of course known from godfather 3 the untouchables the ocean's 11 franchise and he now stars in the a.b.c. show rebel which airs thursdays at 10 pm please welcome mandy garcia how are you my friend i'm doing that is a little brewer no complaints over here. always sort of inside out and yet well you get the lou wasserman answers you get the jerry depp are due next scarf on you always look good. i watched rebel because a jock john corbett sir friend of mine and obviously i'm a fan of yours and katie it got out of the box pretty well tell tell the viewers about the show. the show is based on nods written by a chris of burn off who is an a.b.c.
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show runner for. grey's anatomy and also station 19 and this is her original show based on or inspired by the life of brockovich katie place a fictional character. inspired by by aaron media i'm just a consumer advocate i guess you would call her and if people remember the movie that the julia roberts of steven soderbergh's did an album for me and it basically follows her exploits you know i played a lawyer who she kind of works for and lures me into try her cases all the tom old friends very old friends and. replace one of one of his 31 of her 3 husbands the current one and we have a great cats than a very well written and. it's. a nice gig close to home as they say. i like the fact in the 1st episode that you come in do it reluctantly because
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ironically the case that she's working on at that moment which involves a heart valve let's say and it's lost i don't want to screw the pooch on the plot the let's just say he has brought back into the fold reluctantly i thought that was a nice touch on the writer's part yes yes said it becomes a very emotional journey for him because of us and the discoveries that happen in that process for her new discoveries but. i do enjoy you know at the end is that it's funny how you get older you get more pragmatic about things and obviously it's a great part and you had that big meaty emotional scene and it also has a groovy sort of fun vibe to it in certain ways but it is nice when it's down the street from to look for clear and you don't have to schlep quite a punch and bowed out to it. yeah our on a plane or on you know it's a bucharest there are you know which i don for most of my life and i'm blessed to
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have done it you know it's a blessing but sometimes. you you know those those kind of films they go a little cold. beyond the backbone a little bit you know because you're traveling a lot in this case you know i have a still kids in town i'm not gonna i'm a i've got a baby on the way i'm going to be a grandfather so you know i'd like to at least half the year know that you're you know there's a you say a little steady cast stream and and you know on the days of your close of the golf course i'm close to the grandkids you know the kind of thing. we're talking andy garcia i want to i want to encourage you to watch rebel it's thursdays at 10 pm on st cast over there case a gull's on it and my friend john corbett and he plays let's say the albert finney part although there's a twist on it but a he said if you remember doesn't remember if you're on the slash but he plays the
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killer her obi wan kenobi she doesn't have an actual law degree he does so it's a cool show give it a watch on thursdays you know any the other night i'm cruising through and i catch the beginning of the godfather i missed the 1st i missed the 1st minute and i know by you i can see how important it is to you but you're in for the rest of the film there's no way they set that hawk and you can't get off it right. i know any any of the godfathers. especially wanted to for me because i don't know i'm not in them so you kind of those are the movies that made me almost aspired me to be an actress but the godfather one and whenever you see it on t.v. you know it's a you're in the your god here we go again you know i've got times when i 1st started acting you know those movies changed my life so to be a part of the trilogy down the line there was. a you feel like someone's hero you'd
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be old thing about you going to wake up one day and it was just all a dream you know but those movies you can't turn him off you know i remember i used to have a v.h.s. of godfather wanted and then later too and i would watch those v.h.s. and if you think about how they've restored him you know and in their new technology how beautiful you can see the movies in their original photography because of the 6 the definition we haven't got televisions now is poster watching them on v.h.s. . it's been good beautiful images of obviously restored godfather 3 with a new you know france is it a new added on it it's called of excellence. and it could be the godfather coat of the death of michael corleone too and it's a beautiful movie a very moving. i saw a picture of francis the other day and he looks so happy was out but as winery slash ranch i don't know that well so i don't know what he has up there in northern california but he was standing is churned out and just the sort of threads that you can see he digs he was near book shelf there was
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a bottle was light he had the biggest smile on his face and i thought in a way he's turned into a nice of ocular convivial godfather himself i'm very happy for him later in life. absolutely he has a tremendous amount of land there with all his wineries he's got little boutique hotels all over the world you know the houses that he's bought that he started to be tales and yeah he is like i mean i always thought that that francis because not only is in the you know sublime director but he was also he has a perfect professorial sort of quality about him in terms of teaching and bring you along and taking youngsters a philosophical in his approach to filmmaking and i always thought that if there was a zeus you know like he would be like zeus in the pantheon of the gods you know that there's a lot of gods in film directors but to me i always felt that he because of his
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nature it was like in his character is the meter i always saw him at you know at the top of the pantheon the new. yeah the you know i think of him as like our generation's william wyler and away you know they're great guys hoxha could put together a great movie but then there are guys who have the great look they're great feel and then they had this and they know how to get a care i mean for god's sakes a kid wrote patton before he ever even got to the godfather so you obviously as a stiff down on the human condition for it. absolutely know that opening scene are bad news and granted he always really you know he was this did the idea of doing the godfather which is interesting you know he did it because he had the dough. well it's the best money that that town's ever spent because just from the opening scene i saw at the wedding i was saying who better to design boutique hotels than francis ford coppola because the palette and that film and i know i
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work 10 an hour with gordon it's absolutely staggering just the palate it's like i say saw him with a hand guns. no doubt about it no doubt about it it's exquisite piece of work and i've had the great fortune of. hanging with gordon willis you know going to dailies with my godfather 3 i'd go to dailies with him and and just watch what he was doing and ask him questions because i was always interested in not only acting but the other side of the camera and so that movie was amongst other directors i work with but specifically that movie was like a master class because i saw it come together from its inception and then into the the for the staging of photography watching the dailies you know on film with gordon every day see how the movie really came together you know it was really a great experience for me you know and when i think you and godfather 3 i can't
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believe a dream like that comes true from what you know when andy says to the extent that i've read what he says that it inspired and i think it really got his kitchen to be an it opened him up to try acting the godfather so to end up and episode 3 to be nominated for an oscar and then be able to take your beloved father the ceremony it's about as big a homerun as a young actor can get right. it's more than a homerun like i told you. it's beyond degree and achievement of a dream for me personally because it's too it's too surreal to think that that actually could happen you know and and the blessing of having to actually think of my father there 'd which was you know for a conservative view of a man that had no association with showbusiness nobody in our family for his son to say i'm going to hollywood to become an actor it's like oh my goodness gracious we lost them you know and not that he was a supporter of my mother was supportive but you know as parents they go that's you
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know what's going on here you know where he's got a family business why is he going over there kind of thing and and i always joke at all risotto my father would have a conversation with my mother say. i love my son but he's no humphrey bogart you know. you know your brother turned out to be a good of a great bogart you were you you always swore you were power and you were action well i think about the untouchables and so i mean it's one of the great characterizations we'll talk to him about that we'll talk about the poem a little we'll talk about as i said the new show rebel whatever stories those 10 pm on a.b.c. give it a tumble he plays cruz and also talk to him about directing and i think it's about the poor and more of a hispanic tilt a father of the bride that sounds like fun all that with our guest andy garcia right after this on dennis miller plus one.
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for so much going on and i don't think when's the last time you had a real bird's eye view of. the u.s. beef or and just hours of bickering just give me 30 minutes i'll take you across the globe. you are thinking you are finally changing that you will understand you're tired of networks and the word news will leave you. with the intent of the. person they are. no matter what the person the only thing you know 'd i'm famous for my views you'll get. yours truly.
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i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me a part of the mainstream media mire and from that higher vantage to glimpse the big picture question more. hey folks what comeback we're talkin any garcia and i think he's a great actor man everything i see any any knocks out of the park i love them is mr stone in the end touchable by the way he's got a new show cut called the rebel and it's this 1st foray into network television but the pedigree on the show is unbelievable the rest of the cast show runners got grey's anatomy bonafied so they're going to kill the show over on a.b.c. rebel it airs thursdays at 10 pm give it a glimpse. i always thought that one of my favorites of palma films and listen i
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know he and francis humid and that hang out those guys are all hanging out at. fred's this is to me as you said the zoo spits it right below it hold their own thunder bolt is a guy like that tell me about him well. ryan was a very. organized type of director in my view you know experience and his movie was storyboarded when we 1st got to go. to chicago we had about a week's worth of rehearsal with the principal cast and he took me into his room and he had this movie storyboard with little stick figures and he drew himself. but he had it all kind of in his mind already mapped out and that's something that is a particular style of work with directors where things are kind of discovered as you go along with like how ashby has a completely different approach more a sort of free style improvisational discovery for brian was
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a very sort of you know designed oriented director and i think it was a perfect storm in that movie because you had these visual stylist and great filmmaker along with really. one of the best screenplays you could possibly read because david mamet screenplay of that movie is so the storytelling the narrative through line is so clean you know it's like the magnificent 7 to a guy comes into town recruits the 3 or 4 guys that he needs to run a best of good the bad guy and they're over match but because of the qualities of each different person their abilities they all fill in for one another the sharpshooter gets the guy the accountant gets get some on you know they take them to trial malone sets to tallington is a bravado and ness is the intelligentsia to bring all these stayed together and and sort of the humanity of it all so but that was all of david mamet you know that
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script was really. a real lesson and great storytelling so i thought it was a perfect storm and then you bring it sean connery to the mix and it's all and then robert de niro has capone it's pretty hard not to combust into a grey film in. what i think of that film i think in your 1st meeting with connery henri insults in a. in an epic way let's. get it so funny to me that he might be the bluster but you're the stone killer with the skills immediately like steps to if i remember he had a gray sweatshirt on your ready to do business so. they thought it was a good exchange right there i have a funny story about that while we were rehearsing. that week before we started shaun had a clipboard in his hand with his lines so he could look out of one of those old
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file you know the clipboard with a metal thing in the front you know and as he was talking to me say what's your date what's your name and he would poke me with this clipboard in the center of my chest like in the movie and i was going like this guy's poking the little metal tip into my chest so finally says i said george stone he says your stone what you are what's your real name and he said giuseppe but you know we did the whole scene and then i knocked in the reverse i'm not the clipboard out of his hand after he had stabbed me like 10 times you know and then i put the gun to his thing and then for as he said i made out brian said oh that's great let's do that and so that's how that ended up in the in the in the movie because it's so i was just poking me with that. there's a very going piece of business there and i guarantee that diploma went back to his trailer and drew a little clipboard out shot stick figure that's out meticulous stabilize about it i
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done charles martin smith where i saw him in star man recently and and now he always delivered now i haven't seen him in ages i don't even know if he's still with us but he was he was a key cog in that he wasn't a yes absolutely i mean he's also a wonderful director i've stood on a bunch of movies he was great in that part and it was such a joy to work with him you know he's such a beautiful actor and a mensch of a person and i remember one time we were in. great falls montana before doing that sequence where we had tax you know on the bridge and horses and all that you went out to dinner one night and he and he's some guy kind of said to him. hey aren't you. you know that guy and i'm. your frog you know they see because of this character i think that american graffiti goes
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what's your name what's your name frank you know you play a fraud and he says i love louis have you done and johnny just looked at him and said what movies have you seen i'll tell you from him. now that that is a great report ost right there is his legend grows in my mind after hearing that we're talking of the great andy garcia and we've been talking a little archibald's but new project little closer to home for andy but a quality show on a.b.c. you gotta watch called rebel got katie seagal andy john corbett senate some other fine actors a lot of young people man there's a 6 you talk about putting together a flow chart on a wall they must have one that a lot of threads between a lot of different characters but it airs thursdays at 10 pm sort of like an erin brockovich thing you know you've worked with the palm of your work with koppel i'm sure you've worked with a bunch of great directors what do you take into it and which your approach
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a little more stick figure a little more hal ashby or tell me your swing thought as you go into directing a film. one of the things that i've directed i develop so it's kind of in my head visually sort of what i want to do with it or how i see things developing you know but so that's also the responsibility of a director to be you know just to have some sort of a game plan you know but i'm really opened with with the actors i want to see what the actors are doing or how they're moving what's you know what they're bringing to the table and then the able to adjust on the fly to do that dynamic but you have to have some a game plan or else you know face don't people are looking to you with the why i'm going what are we doing here you can go like i don't know that see what happens if you know you've got to establish some sort of idea but you see by the time you start shooting totally you have you've scouted you know you've gone through. a
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period of working with your d.p. and your designers and all that so things are kind of set up for them the actors to play within that environment which is also an important element for me is to to give the actors the freedom to try something you know like hal ashby used to say think about how was he never pass judgment on what you did and use it in that movie i did with jeff bridges and him a 1000000 ways to die there was no script really so it's a lot of improvisation so you're flying by the seat you're passing every take and how we just come in and go i was interesting we got that dry summer. but he never put it in you never try to put it like negativity into it like that doesn't work because once you say that doesn't work we as actors you start editing in your head oh what doesn't work and what do i need to do to make it work and as opposed to just being free and present with your fellow actor take care of the objective of the scene and let's figure it out you you need europe you have your objective and i
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have mine and let's see what happens so i'm a bit of that 5 also have kind of i worked that way as an actor so i kind of will respect that but other actors you know. you know and it's such a ball or a ball process not that i'm a great practitioner but i've done a half dozen films i i've always found it so frightening in a way everybody is on a bit of a confidence game it can go in stammer owen stumble an inadvertent people's gaze but you are to me it why not always a firm it's like the great improv coach del close call it's set in chicago we're in an improv they haven't always affirmed what slowed it down the road see where it go it's so that's got to be a big part of as i can any time you're doing something absolutely absolutely you know the 1st will have been propositioned news never deny and always say adds you know add to the situation or you know it's like if you watch you know carl reiner no grosser 2000 year old that and apparently when that's not it off just said so
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you were born when he just went to 1000 b.c. i mean he just went off on that and is there anything is bieber you're you might remember all there was not jesus god what a character no and he just went off on and called jeff eating that rode in the boot before you know they were talking about was science your use of the war you know and that's of it and that's a that's. that's the spirit of it you know it's a it's a building block you know so let's let's see what version of the scene is about is the most interesting version but it takes a good record to want to work that way at the end of the day. i see we've got a 3rd reboot of a classic spencer tracy killed it knocked it out of the park and then steven martin came and did a very funny tyrant on it i love this idea though and it's explained the twist that
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will be on the father of the bride i guess it will be you know cuban american low. yeah it's a cue going to marriage and family. and i played a father. and my daughter is married into a mexican family from mexico and they're coming into town the family is the 3rd richest family in mexico so they're coming into town too and we meet for the 1st time i went meet the group for the 1st time and i meet the family for the 1st time and it's about those 2 cultures coming together and finding common ground eventually you know. i think that you have to somewhere i don't know who the actor would be for it but the wedding planner guy soucie i think you know we've been talking about casting to some degree how important this that's a key for all after the father and a daughter you're going to find that wedding planner guy you know in our movie is
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not him it's not marty short of the obviously i would love money short to do it but because he's he is sublime but it's it's in this case it's or it's a woman and. we process of casting and we have a lot that down yet but she's part of that history of her hands because it as i said. oscar nominated golden globe nominated you've seen him in great films the ocean's 11 franchise too and he has a new project that i highly encourage you to give at a time one personally invest bested in this as my one of my dearest friends is john corbett and he's at it although i can't quite figure andy how they're keep it a minute because it seemed pretty bleak at the end of the 1st episode but i'll hang in there and see how they bring him back in the fall but it looked a little tricky there at the end the wod and andy plays the erin brockovich character names rebel katie seagal he place her actual legal partner it's on a.b.c.
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thursdays at 10 pm assure me that john's going to be in it for a while he won't tell me. it will be hanging around wreaking havoc now their ego all right so it does take a twist it's a good visit here with brother what your handicap now what do you plan to ending my handicap is not i did not really play to it often but every so often i get lucky and i sneak in a low round he just kind of hands around there you know but please when you come to him i know you live up north a little bit but if you come into a way please reach out and go out the lake so how could a rounded work on the short game will take the video where there's a will put him on an i pad on the chipping greet what or what a invitation to whack the payloader probably out it sure would a great ending garcia good luck with the show brother it's good to talk to you. likewise that is all a best buy for thanks for having me all right later gator andy garcia and dennis
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will charge give car shield a call today before it's too late remember the cost will cause protect yourself now against expensive auto repair bills 805893761. could you source a story about the fact that delayed maxwell will likely take others down i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news where we really do believe it's time to do news again. this type of american is doing very well. but then there's these guys over here who are doing so well if you drill down to look at the real numbers and especially the
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rent numbers right it's pretty bad there's people who are not paying the rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future. mainstream news is in ruins i should know because i saw it from the inside and i know how they operate stop falling for exaggerations distractions and fiction for news and that tells you what's really going on tune in to our team america where we always question for. you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how archie america fits into the greater media landscape our team is not all laughter all right we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see his bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world r.t.
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america is in the spotlight now every cle and i have no idea how to classify as and it actually took me way more time than i cared to admit. they are strikes on gaza have been launched by israel following hamas as rocket fire on jerusalem so will the united states be able to stay out of the conflict we're going to discuss and the coded vaccine has been approved for ages 12 to 15 does this mean mandatory vaccination for middle schoolers are in the future this as senator rand paul has taken dr fell to task about the origins of coded then swan joins us to discuss plus is a u.s. government paying people not to work well dr wolf will help us decide and meanwhile is it google going back on the word and still tracking your activity we're going to update you on the latest and what you can do about it i'm sorry no hughes in all of these stories on today.


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