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you brought up steve schmidt out of that you are deliberately dorsey's show she's never t t some other day usually enough because it seems less an issue of good vocal killed off you can go but in addition to the she could take it down a. legion a piece she knew no thank you squeaky on the job as you see there should still work initially he knew she must what would you call mikey on the. muscle pretty normal and ask to be done on a pretty quick you go on the zoom in the cell phone that you're with you. at the moment is more than the only bottles think of them around the world will know much the part of. why a catamaran is not a yacht or another kind of boat firstly once folded a catamaran can be transported any way easily secondly sailing a catamaran is an amazing experience feels like flying you just glide across the water and most importantly no one has ever cruised around the globe in an
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inflatable catamaran before. so no one knew it was even possible. for such a cruise you need a solid crew people you can share a foxhole with so to speak. we're different people and on land we work in different areas but we have one thing in common with siberians explorers and each of us has had some success. for instance i'm a russian insanely champion my name is yevgeny cover left ski i also have a ph d. in engineering records show we know where you mean you know what to do and they come for me but i've been working to decode truth through most of them were people who knew through nothing on the field but we were doing lowest on little futile we should probably go to go on. with your mission. stanislav bury all skint. automation systems engineer and
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a russian sailing champion of this for the gold which is a good thing is comparable to some of the top of the most of the monster storm. of . lead to the us. yuri muslim boy it is chief engineer at the institute of fortune mation an electronic tree a siberian branch of the russian academy of sciences and a russian hiking champion but i'm not through something with girls go out you know what i want to live see if you voted for it to just go for it you know yeah yeah guinea tashkin is our camera man just like. you can show the him all the music of a thought also put forth a movie to figure another. and finally the captain anatoly clearly he has a ph d. in engineering and builds catamaran. a love for the dean of computer on the one foot on the movie special kong is no simple with no story on his nazi chain you see
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that there are plenty resolution but never really should eat much less except by television and sort of under the guise of a chicken to the business let miss a bit of the earth move to sit in it but with new shoes and you begin to see some more. we often ask what drives us what makes us risk our lives in the face of adversity curiosity the dream of witnessing things few others have seen. there's some truth in that but the main reason is testing one's limits to get to know oneself. the ancients believed the world was a book and those who didn't travel had to read the same page over and over again however if you do decide to grapple with the ocean's bed for surprises dangers and sometimes even death. more of the posters
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here a couple of months ago proposed to them was to build more money and. one of the most of those who got over the thought of wanting to get out of. the 1st stage is the indian ocean the biggest ocean off to the pacific and the atlantic. it's bounded by full confidence. most strayer africa asia and antarctica. mago poto of a nation merchant was the 1st european to cross the indian ocean today the indian
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ocean is a huge transit bridge connecting the world's major seaports. the ocean is a fresh exhilarating experience each day is full of surprises. if not. we have no roof no kongo no cabin new shown nothing if right here on the ocean way. up off the shelf. day watch lost 3 or 4 hours. a night watches on home. different
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story. sometimes you have to do 2 watches and one night during the 1st one you might still be fresh as a daisy for the 2nd you can barely crawl out of the tent you try to pull yourself together michelle wind speed and deal with huge waves coming at certain intervals. as i said in the meantime it was going to be easy to lose as a result. they say huge huge sun the snow of the national news yet i don't get it usual for me being the way to get it that when you love me you will meet at the beach the brigade. at the groups that whatever the come around this just give me a swell boys you give his opinion of the new. someone to give you the feeling i. by the end of a watch you feel really tired you need to sleep. well at the screen you're in the
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not too exploding the and that's better no i didn't stand by that setting is a bit also isn't it and follow up. visit here for your puppy on the off of the boat you get one of those i. look. when it's calm he'd sunk down sometimes we found relief sitting in the water beneath the catamaran but there you are vulnerable to shops washed out to any small cloud and you begin to understand why people lost at sea would go crazy and kill each other. because one of the for what of course it was useless books i still don't know the decision was the work of the witch and the poor you could also source of survival if it was a good thing to consider.
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t.v. you should meet israelis this year when you more than most of us. like you exclusive was the ingenue for the word of the looseness the who put it where she should mysterious just who better up seeks to learn these spots me in the extra plus a rule sort of them where the business. cook with the money lulu does the lowness of a book or a new book or the googling this little bit goes some of the probably. the most simple of could see ben uniqueness ideals on the mostly blog. because that's when all of those hordes of them all of the care for those rid of those who can still say oh it's good it's just that if.
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we can all play the guitar and sing and when we do problems seem to fade away look for if. there's shyness and the only. things shift in the sounds you hear. you dump them here soon landed up on me i'm honored to help at all odd sounding c.b. should be enough for me if even. if it had nothing to do you hear. the police you. can only bomb and yell fleshly aboard ship down some stupid. people from brains out in the indian ocean and you get a massive storm. it's going to put you off but not the other way was that.
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the themes in you might just be the look you feel a bit there to kept from saddam but then you said you're going to cut off it did you see the. last did nothing. last night one of the for the following him was that some over played on your screen usually on push me because i let me get i think i just. revealed my to apply to me you know enough and livingston when you would you might be muslims but when you when you nice boss are going to talk about the one the freedom to marry for. your things human nature music newsroom together mr singh don't you think just like i mean of my food to get to the merchant then you got to hear me because getting into the thing. with the soup of the day biscuits you choose the frost on the way
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on the next. tuesday for 1st i should get up and just one nice one even if that's not the one thing that it will be could stick you. well you know for one thing. you think that. it's just. a few clicks doesn't. work and yeah. you should you would just assume which i'm used to cook and to me i just want to think i'm going to get a good way. to stop us i'm going to sit still oh that's good that you don't think that. you.
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let's assume you needed. i don't care what the book was about for the. fame of the. biggest you could come up with the rights of a bunch of obamacare is going to scream if you're going to get much much much. that is your homework for you to put up with with a chance. to degrade the idea of a jew over the border. just to keep the interest. which 90 still you that are saying no was reasonable because i thought that might
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incubate you. less noble fish not go for the people below them what you should that it is the deeds of the sea to the shore small but the worst of us wishing the she. would scold once this issue will. go off or just really. slow down to the store to get to the beach and if we do you buy as of much of what you mean yes the clutter ceased dole momma was a shed but they say you could be when you get out of the sky. it's nice and your she could just be some peace of mind off what she has and this just. wasn't under make no certainly no borders and is blind to nationalities. sometimes we told the truth we we don't have the facts in the world beats to.
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judge a. commentary crisis with this system to times. you bet we should. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is great the response has been massive so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. new york is really what america is about. when our mayor took office she was right to because of his campaign on our city
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being a tale of 2 cities that has not and those who have not are usually the ones who are end up being very hard out of the city has always wanted to forget about iowa city has wanted to forget about the people who are buried there wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field but there is a place where difficult stories are hidden the fact they were using inmates to maintain this act is burial site where 1000000 souls are buried where so much of new york city's history of spirit is to commence of the inequality that has existed in this city for centuries. that's geysers financial survival they say money to develop. a plan to be easy this is a central plank support diatom is kind of call them right now it's a stop to that.
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book. it's called i don't want to post if you could use it but you know it's. just another mood with news that wasn't going to want to give anyone your mother all you need to look at the shelves but on the subway my story is on hold but it isn't the only one who would this isn't really mostly will soon amuse me pulls doesn't it's not about like you on the money that's going to. we've got about. 34 percent but you. call him but i you want to get in the stuff. you have your pulpit to go. yes you but. freshwater is this specially valuable when you're
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out on the ocean. we are covered in salt but the skipper only allowed us to wash with fresh water if we had it in abundance we often washed by taking a shower in the right. hand . was resisted it just shouldn't be this newsgroup for us to go. to school they. would prefer to kill lives they should stick to much room with me so. it would be sure some court but we all of us and most of. the question would be for you to do so but.
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the catamaran requires constant maintenance something breaks every day but you need to go with him each 3. piece. suit. most sailboat put up with the queen and you will because it is the pub. she might. take he did on me as i pulled. up on the was. going to. tell me what does she want us in for my sunny day you know i can leave.
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when you following up with you push me you're going to. be sent told argued and carried on with nonstop repairs. we did various times 6 our partners had sent us before last year tested freeze dried food. some sort of. course which we also checked out water purifier. books but you may not be. cheering at home watch we enjoy the ocean views and experience the unity of the sky ocean down tiny catamaran.
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the 1st. 40 feet thank. you. for chicago you start to feel for you. you're on the amounts he spoke you may have you must let him know when you might use the new media told me while he. stood as bushy chimneys only reason you had a might see in the attic in the new year then 5 months in you yeah. he's pulling in that you're getting it out of the plan here to get me out. i think. we could do with her beautiful.
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sunrise. certainly most of them a little. business. revisit these islands for a simple reason we need to restock our food and water supplies we also need to sort out documentation and fix our catamaran and we're on moorish just now going through the usual document checks it's here that we switch from a catamaran to a tremor and you're never. sure that you're going to syria but of so many. i i. i. i continue until. i.
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was i i. was always full force and. use. i like to feel must. i said before when you came to see me you see you were crazy and i thought you know we often do even you i don't. know you know today and you don't find you feel are serious about it i'm going to guess that that's what you're. my community your own history. oh it was free at last though it seems you crazy some get it from us just to the me because this is what the book does begin with i don't want to show you some of it i would say should matter what made you. believe. this will be a little let's do this because it's 1st i just want to save it but that's the side
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of it eventually because it's just a bit much and it's going to be civil there should be no one of those to ground it that's several it's still comedy but simply to get them out of which to be about i . think you really are differences there with the movie. over the years for the sake of giving a video to signal so we will soon as this week also full civil service seize on this so this is a look this is a legal move for thought for sure there were those. at every available opportunity we contact our families to worry about us of course. immediately knew as a expediency what we should call the minus was he bought a team with mikey and whimper and they'd see a national face by the funky d's prashar your stupid what if you would yes come on think of that come on the neighborhood where you thought you might be used to keep your body. to listen to more. than just its middle class size middle east. business. and you might have said his kids could do it so
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salty also watching because your wife. will back on the ocean. yet he had maya sophia still be this break causing the string is to slam. we stopped in durban on the south african coast and spend a week there doing repairs. to the pier one will know.
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what they're asked to do was that he she did you just deal with any of them disputed a price you seemed to comment of course nobody is even an emotion you can happen to ship almost groceries. we come to the marketplace to find the parts we need and some stainless steel. and now we're about to embark on a challenging sail past the deadly waters of the cape of good hope to enter the turbulence atlantic ocean. if. we got tired and decided to take a day off. following the locals advise we went to lake st lucie. well there's your video game you're going to see and you're going to hear. the news
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if you were to put it. around. you're not going to. know me. a little here you get a toilet push towards the coast so to say he should be. the local yachtsmen eager to help before departing they warn us about the most
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dangerous currents and tell us what to be wary of while navigating certain sections of our challenging voyage the simple good taste but it's bad it's the sphinx the fury the life this is where everybody on the old. that goes to the list goes. on the high life because nobody ever thought. that he calls itself alvarez if you're. now the cape of good hope lies ahead on the atlantic ocean beyond it.
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he was in states is not of democracy can you choose not a country that's founded on the bottom line deals and so country that is founded on slim for any new ball of gee it's a country that's failing to pay. enough ologies i think has created been founded on introduced over time both domestically and the world is what. americans love buying homes. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. to be really interesting to dial it back and think about
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the longer deeper history housings man in the united states not just that old question of the american dream that the bigger question of who the dream is and for . is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. please be aware of disturbing images coming up now with the least 8 people killed including 6 children in an air raid this morning on a densely populated refugee camp in gaza with fears others might still be trapped under the rubble. violence and clashes explode across the west bank with palestinians venting anger on the streets as the total death toll tops $100.00. meanwhile southern israeli cities including ashdod come in for attack with israel by raj of rockets were fired from gaza.


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