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go get it for the t.v. . hey folks we've got a great songwriter coming up great singer i think songwriting stake in her though and it appears now that writing scores for documentaries and theatrical releases might be the next chapter it's linda perry what is she written well you know i'm coming out sick but i get to start he started by playing on the other end of that book and that exquisite son the christina aguilera just rocked the world with beautiful and she's now written some as i said soundtracks for a new sean penn documentary about his great work and haiti and our friends a label and fries documentary looking back on the segue sometimes awkward wouldn't her case rather smooth from childhood to adulthood and we'll talk to linda perry
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right after this on dennis miller plus one. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus why this will be a very close i'm a i'm a big fan she is a great songwriter and i find her a great singer too i think you are is like me ellie greenwich of of the outsider really some of these videos and so cathartic for i assume people who are i don't know feel disaffected to some extent it's quite powerful it's linda perry she is a singer songwriter producer best known for her writing career. will go through some of the songs in the tank and christina aguilera adele lead singer for non blondes and what's up a 1000000000 views i can't even i cannot fathom that number and you can hear latest
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music on 2 documentaries so this isn't bad about sean penn's. great effort start in haiti after their travails it's on discovery plus and kid 90 we recently talked to so layman fry and she hipped me to her documentary and that's on hulu and she wrote a beautiful song for that this is linda perry how are you i'm great 1st of all you look awesome i love your around hair shore and your 3 little beard and mustache and it's very handsome thank you did i'm starting to get that 2 tone look like the shoes to be how people wore their shoes back and pat boone's they know i wear my head like this. why i can't tell you how much i think that since new to full sun has done well for this planet i watch it again last night i always loved that song
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and as i watched that video and thought about all the people who lie outside what's a red cork center of the dart board which is most of the planet and it was so beautiful and so i mean there's not a money out were all beautiful but i'm so touched by that song you must feel very proud of yourself that ship and that you know it's interesting that song because when i started you know i just when i sit down at the piano or guitar i just write i don't have a plan there's nothing nothing there's no lyric there's no idea there's no concept nothing i just pick up the guitar or sit at the piano and i started writing that song and. and when that lyric came out because i was i mean i am beautiful i have a psych. no i don't i don't think fat i can't sing that i can't say that i don't believe that at all so i had to listen to some of my advice own advice that i give everybody's just finished the song don't add it don't freak out if the song is
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coming just write the song figure it out later so i finished the song and then oddly enough you know a few weeks later christina came over and she asked me to break the ice with her and i play that song and very reluctant because i still don't believe it i don't understand what i've written i have no idea and then christina was all i want that song and i was thinking to myself you can't i mean you're a hot chick you can't you can't sing this song you can't sing about being beautiful and being beautiful then it hit me oh no no no this song is not about someone who believes they're beautiful they just want to feel that and they want people to respect and they just want to be who they are and then it all made sense and it wasn't until that video she wanted to make the video and asked me how i thought and i'm like well i feel like it's distracting from the song but then i didn't understand and then i saw the video and i was like oh ok i get it i
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understand what used trying to do just trying to make everybody feel special. what might i tell you as a fan of that song a huge fan i never once thought it was about cosmetic stuff to come to the universe . vulnerable even before i saw a video anything when i 1st heard it live while the song is absolutely a lot lately about finding whatever it is a new that is beautiful to the universe something very powerful that's. what i didn't know that at 1st and as i just wrote the song and then i figured it out later but that's a lot that's happened to me a lot where i don't know where the song is coming i don't know what it's trying to say and it takes me sometimes a few months to figure it out. we're talking to linda perry and i want to talk to her now about her latest ventures she's doing music on 2 documentaries that are currently streaming discovery plus has citizen penn boche on pens exemplary work
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down in haiti and kid 90 with a lovely celeb whom try streaming on hulu you know i thought it was so sweet linda's when i watched the video of that she shows like watches from her notebook and it's so funny that the way the world works you know charlie sheen's right middle of it and i believe you know it's a waste confessed to charlie was her he assured her into womanhood so much and she said he was so sweet and so lovely and i that war life was a long strange trip you know charlie ends up being. everybody's radar for but i'm just saying he she she was shepherded in by a very gentle charlie which made be made me smile anyway she's a lovely dame how one that she come the about writing that. so so lay and i met through. my wife. and i guess actually were separated so i can't call it that but you know i love her friends but we met through that and then
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i got the citizen pet and 1st and i had put it into the world of just like i wanted to do scores like i felt like i would be i would be best serving if i would get in front of you know film and put my emotions down and try to help because you know the thing about scoring is you have to really understand the motion of what the director the everything that's going on and then you just create kind of a character that goes with the flow so i felt that i would be really great with something like that because i was just getting very uninspired about writing for other people and so then citizen penn showed up and i was like yes and then about 2 weeks later celeb came to me and she's like hey you know would you be interested in doing this i'm like yes so within a matter months 2 incredible documentaries fell in my lap after i put it out into the universe please i just want to do scores so that's how that came in i love i
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loved love her film it's. because i've seen how raw it is too it's like here's this girl that came from punky brewster that was you know very she didn't understand and then comes into this world after that and she's like took this journalistic point of view and just started filming everything and then her you know you did you see the film is just like all her friends are like these massive stars now and so it's very touching is very moving and i scored the whole film and just cry to find a character in there that could fit that's where that came from. you know i love it when an artist in one area chronicles a chorus and somewhere i was watching. how did i get one last night i went from the cult was watching the youtube video of the cough how i thought of you and i thought i betcha she wore the grooves out on horses when patti smith. i remember having
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that album and listening to gloria and extracts this day oh and that beautiful surly line of jesus but it died for his sins but he didn't die for my analysis but wow what a what a montra for an outsider and that led me to the carnac because i wanted some music and that led me to the lizard gig and morris and as a film student success to me does he believe it and i'm glad so laid that i'm glad morrison that it because you get a whole nother glimpse of the way their head works. yeah also because it's it i mean she literally was the original story and creating this you know. just trying to you know it was envious because after i saw the film i was thinking about you know i'm sure a lot of people relate to this but i was like trying to think of my time like oh god i remember if i think hard enough i can remember that person but i had very special relationships women i was in my teens but they are you know they disappear
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and when your child you know you're trying to understand what is their name you can get a glimpse of their face amoebe of smell starts coming and maybe can start feeling something but the fact that she has it all documented and then on top of it of course she wrote a letter to herself you know. write a letter to myself then my older self and then bats where that song the letter came from which i released for the film but it's so touching and when i was when she was reading that letter i was just like soem moved like wow she thought of everything and linda's vocal on that is a very vokoun very beautiful and. a cool look to the only quandary i sense for you maybe linda is you were talking earlier about how you'll sit at the piano and i've read things about automatic writing and obviously we've mentioned speaking in tongues you sort of follow what we're goes now but you're an
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ennio morricone. you're really going to help to watch things and broccoli and codify them to fit slots and stuff like that i wonder of those 2 impulses know you'll have to find a way to liaise with the minute and be able member. well yeah i actually do so what i figured out is. so like with salafis film there is a lot of time to turn off the dialogue you know because i just wanted to understand so i would get the feeling of the scene and then write from there and then i would turn it on and then f. i felt anything was bomb being or too much or linda went too far or i got too emotional then i was able to pull it back but there was something about to keep in the dialogue off that really helped me we've through in the same with sean like for sean i wanted to create this something beautiful for him but also you know it's just moving it's just constant so most annoying to you know like there's this
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constant movement and then trysting thing about ces and pan was those are demos like i was originally. you know because it's you know it's all about haiti so i had you know i was going to demo out everything make see if don hardy the director was fine with it once he was finally signed off and then i was going to bring in haitian artists you know singers and pandemic hit and i couldn't bring in anybody so i had to sit there and play because shien's and you know chanting and i just had it gonna ring and go on you know do it myself and it actually worked out really well because it's really interesting it's like a hybrid of like what the hell is this but then it it totally works because it's really relying on emotion because then i was like oh my god i have to give all my motion to this because without the haitian artist the now and then it's just me. and you've got
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a you've got to hold up the team listen i'm just excited for you will look talk more after the break but i can't tell you how excited i am that you have got to the end of a very fruitful period writing for other people some of the biggest singers in the world and what a great offer am for you because i can hear in your voice activated your by this new challenge putting together scores that it seems perfect perfect for linda perry at this point we're traveling to singer songwriter producer linda perry and the latest music you can find on 2 new documentary citizen then on the scott replies the sean penn doing god's work done in haiti documentary and kid 90 which is a lovely stroll by our friends elaine moon fry and that is on who will come back we'll talk to lynn the whole matter is perry ask right after this dennis miller plus one.
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can you source the story about the fact that the late maxwell will likely take others down i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news where we really do believe it's time to do news again. this type of american is doing very well but then there's these guys over here who aren't doing so well if you drill down to look at the real numbers especially the rent numbers right it's pretty bad there's people who are not paying the rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future.
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they folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one we're talking to linda perry singer songwriter producer and she said that. i did not watch that last night as i got waylaid by greed of athlete because they see if that hurt fred lind thinks of calling recovers some i was on a weird i was just following you talk about automatic writing at the piano i was just a thread i ended up i got to meet it but she right now has 2 projects to documentary supplant on discovery class about sean penn and his great work down in haiti and kid 90 which is streaming on hulu and that's a very sweet and touching honor remembrance and also current
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all things gone past moved up to date with celeb moon melissa when i heard you were saying example covers and please if you ever announce this tour. and if you like you are getting more but if you get out. there go up to the. rio i forget the joy. club i would love to see you. when you young girl there must be resonated with me obviously right i've let. you know more about because again i had no idea half the things that plan a singing you know but it like there's just a 5 because it's rock n roll but it's melodic it's really interesting arrangements and his vocal to me is more like an instrument that just kind of comes waving through and it's mean they're powerful together and then jump on john's all john paul jones all the stuff that he did you know. you know melodically with bass and
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and the keyboards i mean there i mean there's nobody like them and. but i found that when i sing zeppelin i actually do a pretty good job but it it feels so freen it's like you know it's like seeing neil young you know playing solos it's like you just root for him and you just like oh he's going to make it you know so when i sings that blend it started with that can't freddie band that was dave navarro duff mckagan. a bunch of those guys met sarm put the band together celebrity band where they had gas and they would always ask me to come and his upline and i was like ok and that's how i discovered really that i could sing it pretty decently and. i was just talking to rick nelson from cheap trick and he and. yeah and he said great but yeah so yes i love singing is that fun. close there still. girl.
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there are still steam coming off the boot of cod from him on the beach. who about what about that what about the video would do were. any better than them hook up would be out of the rocket into free and the audience of the song crazy shaaban playing in there also you could see it all with a click. isn't he spinning so it was so great. he you know i had the wonderful opportunity to tour with neil young in the ninety's when he did it with booker t. in them g.'s and i always i watched every show and they were always just i mean they didn't keep they kept their eye on him the whole time and i'm like you know what's going on and they're like oh he switches things like and the drop of the hat and we have to make sure we're there so he'll change their arrangement in the middle of the set he plays the cell is different sometimes he goes to the piano and
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you know when he supposed be on the guitar i mean touring with him was very very inspirational because of his free free nature of how he performed it was never the same. about what somebody you know i read this i had conflict of things like it's such a groovy fun crédit so that's got a 1000000000 views where were you at your relationship with poseur which does is absolutely great i mean i don't even know how old it is now must be 28 so mirrors what your relationship with it because i love it. i love it i mean i don't i mean i love all my songs because i'm just proud that i wrote one you know and you know it's a big feat to write a good song and then to write a few is even greater so the fact that you know i wrote a song on sitting in my bedroom. you know no not one person you know.
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outside of san francisco knew who i was fated to have people in malaysia and korea and all over the world australia sweden knowing this song knowing this girl that wrote it it's pretty it's pretty amazing i mean it what it incredible opportunity so i have a wonderful relationship with all my songs because i'm just proud i would never undersell them i would never resent them. i would never throw them out there just a part of me always and i feel so grateful that i've had the career that i've had built on what it all started with what's up i wouldn't even be talking to me right now if it wasn't for that song oh if i wasn't talking to you right now i'd miss out on a fascinating conversation what not so thank you what's up for her do sue made lp by
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the way i love the fact that lp writes amazing singles we're talking to linda perry singer songwriter producer and also the lead singer of 4 blondes for the uninitiated which with a 1000000000 views and when your many of you are there go dig that video a lot of salute lee a great song you talk about san francisco in china think what circa are you there or eighty's or ninety's or worse yet what's the scene like at that point and who who are you bumping up against who we would know. well in i was in san fran come from san diego i was born in boston but was one years old when we moved to san diego then around $87.00 i believe i moved to. san francisco and you know i was just playing so. describing my cusa getting on stage and opening up
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shows and you know i was also working at all financial district referred to cian the old men's club you know and you know so i did kind of construction painting you know kind of a lot of different things and then at night performing so then when the band i mean i was opening up for people like the or i l sam phil. and then. exene cervenka and then farnham blonds the band came to me and asked me to be the singer on their band and i was like oh yeah kid that could be fun but i didn't bring in any of my songs i just saying their songs they're more like country ponk but then i realized the band was pretty good and so i i started bringing my songs and then. i mean we literally got signed so quickly. and then were like yeah got signed to interscope and then that's kind of like were wonderful things happen and not so wonderful things because i didn't feel like. i
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had my grasp around everything yet you know i didn't 100 percent know exactly who i was yet and i was still trying to find myself and then when you're in that situation then now you're moving very quickly trying to figure out on the way and. so it didn't pan out for me because i realized it wasn't you know happening from emotionally with the band and then i just had to get out. and so i began to see maybe that's the unease i felt as i read between the lines on what some probably is because obviously you know as i ask and you answer you're very proud of the song and you have an intimate relationship with your sons but as i read about that period i thought i don't think she was i think some people think when the big wave comes in and you jump it perfectly and you're just but they go not everybody wants to take that all the latest sure unless they're mentally equipped i mean there's been times in my life where i look back i the thank god
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that i didn't get that at that age i got a little later in my twenty's that i don't even know how i would a handle big score early in my twenty's i might have worked in an inverse corollary it really screwed me up so i was like the thing i sensed was a little to seize on your part about where you are emotionally at that time in your life you know i think it is when what year was it for you and i counted were you when you really had your moment and he. said i was the late eighty's at that time i was a little healed up but i went out on the road and i started the school or and then i began to find a part of myself that really wasn't on my own team which kind of shocked i was always a bit of a neurotic kid but when you find that you actively have something quite a few is working against you but then i went on the letterman show one night i was just starting to break and i had a beautiful mobile and there i was backstage and that voice started there you know you're going to blow this you're not going to do this and i remember almost turning
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my head it felt like so distant for me i said listen i've been i've been following your lead for a 2625 years here you've been out of me you can beat the out of me again in around 10 minutes but right now you've got to sit down and shut up because i'm going to go kill because i've worked too hard i'm going to go throttle this and that whatever you want to do after but right now and i thought boy who knew it's like you with the blue superhero thank you. all of a sudden ice a g.'s of guts i got an unknown superhero of the i went chilled and then i got neurotic later that night again. and that this is the year where do you go from what you want to do from here it sounds like you're deep in the scoring for a while like a set ever get out there with a zeppelin cover to replace send me a flare but you know are you going to move into the thing out your coat releases
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a documentaries right now where do we go from here. i am moving and i'm just trying to do. things are just calming and either i like it or i don't but it's just showing up. wrapping myself around it making sure i'm not you know getting in over my had. but wonderful projects are happening right now wonderful opportunities so i'm going to continue doing what i'm doing i also manage artists like i have a 17 year old artist name will a my. and it's hard breaking a new artist right now janice in these times not in general but specifically in these times you know especially when you don't have the you know 2000000 followers you know everybody's watching numbers so i've been very passionate about this artist she's amazing and i you know i discovered her when she was 13 and i just been mentoring and now i manage her so i've been really focusing on her she has
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some music out and again her names and just doing everything possible to you know be a good. mentor for her and also be baller manager and go out there and get things done which i do then i'm i'm a great mommy i have a 6 year old son and he is ike i can't believe it like you know i never thought i would have a child because i was not brought up. well at all like you think you're going to become your parents and i'm so opposite of them and it's like they taught me you know the things not to do and so my son i just give him everything i wish i had when i was a child so it's very very healing for the little linda in me and so that's been really amazing and yeah i'm i'm good man i'm doing pretty good i'm i'm very
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grateful about everything i'm grateful that you're interested in talking to me i'm grateful that people you know call me in ask me to do things and i can't complain there's a life lived right there when the power and your cool day i hope i meet you someday i did your work and i did where your head's at when the parry and we've got 2 documentaries out now citizen panel discovery plus kid 90 streaming on hulu she's done the scores for those and well i didn't spell the girl's name out for me because if you're mentoring her 17 i want to go digger and you went through the name quickly what is it yeah it's wella my her last name is a m a i. well god speed really has limited got a good obi wan kenobi yes here take care of your nice to me chel pay. all right denis thank you i but bring.
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protect yourself now against expensive auto repair bills 800 by the 93761. hello there i'm a militia and they're watching in question and i have to our to america's national headquarters in washington d.c. here it's night top stories 1st israel is unleashing another series of air strikes on gaza city and the latest escalation after a bloody weekend on the strip why are world powers and not intervening in this bloodshed both discuss plus amid the escalation there in the middle east we're hearing reports of violence against israelis right here and he west i'm going a little more on that and finally the major cities nationwide are experiencing surges and deadly crime.


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