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tv   News  RT  May 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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remember through cause protect yourself now it gets expensive auto repair bills 83760 more. hello there i'm an english girl watching in question after our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here it's night top stories 1st israel is unleashing another series of air strikes on gaza city the latest escalation after a bloody weekend on the strip why are world powers not intervening in this bloodshed will discuss plus amid the escalation there in the middle east we're hearing reports of violence against israelis right here in the u.s. were you a little more on that and finally the major cities nationwide are experiencing surges in deadly crime or breakdown exactly what's causing this alarming trend
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alright it's time to boost your news i q. there seems to be no end in sight in the latest round of fighting between israeli forces and hamas the conflict started about 2 weeks ago after violence broke out when israeli authorities in east jerusalem pushed 2 of their palestinian families in order to make way for jewish settlers now an international call to stop the ongoing bloodshed is falling on deaf ears as israel vows to push forward alex the highway which has more of the story. records for your boys home on new day brings fresh is really strikes into the gaza strip. as the current round of violence enters its 2nd week. entire families were exterminated and
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their homes were demolished on top of their children by the spread death terror and human remains in the rubble that destroyed buildings and streets the palestinian death toll is approximately $200.00 including 59 children and almost then they are children 234 years on what did they do that made it necessary to kill them one of the targets the israelis were after they targeted their missiles at small children who did nothing wrong they were torn to pieces by adding to the dead over 1200 palestinians have been injured in what some are calling unprecedented attacks a journalist on the ground reporting for to describe the scene as really intensive ever strikes killing women and children inside their homes and it is important to note that israel did not send out 3 warning for these buildings this board before they bombarded then which is something the new 3 said didn't it as israel used to
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warn to people before they attempted to strike and even on the israeli side there have been at least 10 deaths including a 5 year old boy killed by hamas rockets while much of the world is asking for a cease fire to end the bloodshed including some of the u.n. the most urgent and depressing task at this moment is to the cease fire and the stalled. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not ready to comply of all so our battle against a terror organization continues in full force we are charging very heavy to crisis from hamas and call for their own bearable aggression among the i.d.f. carried out attacks and more than $1500.00 targets during the last days according to the israeli military it has destroyed 15 kilometers of militant tunnels in the homes of 9 hamas commanders in addition this airstrike is said to have taken
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a hard hit the commander of the northern division of islamic jihad on saturday president joe biden spoke with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas calling on hamas to seize rocket fire into israel in addition today abbas met with a u.s. diplomat in ramallah biden also talked to netanyahu get a rating his strong support for israel's right to defend itself while raising concerns about the safety come journalists in the war zone over the weekend an office tower which housed several international media organizations was destroyed by the i.d.f. . netanyahu it is really military officials said they've transmitted intelligence to the united states which shows hamas was using the building for their operations however the u.s. secretary of state while on a visit to denmark countered that claim i've not seen any information provided again to the extent that it is based on intelligence that would have been shared
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with other colleagues and i'll leave that to them to assess. the efforts to stop the violence or being. u.s. representatives to the united nations continue to obstruct efforts by other countries who are asking for a joint statement from the u.n. security council which would condemn the violence and calls for a truce but not for t.v. i'm alex my love it. jewish people worldwide are facing an on slot of attacks amid the violence in gaza and israel are teams john hardy has. as the violence continues in israel and gaza anger and outrage is boiling over in many cities worldwide where fights have broken out between pro israel and pro palestinian demonstrators in london england several parliament members including robert general the secretary of state for housing communities and local government expressed outrage after this video spread across social media showing
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a convoy of vehicles draped in palestinian flags driving through a predominantly jewish part of the city blaring anti semitic messages and calling for violent attacks on jews in germany the central council of jews in germany representing about 200000 jews in the country posted this video on twitter of pro palestinian protesters also screaming anti-semitic slurs outside a synagogue in hanover among several german cities where police arrested dozens of protesters trying to storm the synagogues germany's foreign minister said german jews should not be scapegoated for the events occurring in israel and gaza either on the street or on social media in toronto and montreal canada protests also turn violent over the weekend with assaults reported on pro israel demonstrators there the center for israel and jewish affairs in canada posted this statement quote we condemn in the strongest terms these brazen acts of assault intimidation and hate
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targeting members of toronto's jewish community and supporters of israel there is absolutely no justification for political violence in the streets of toronto whatever one's cause may be to put it bluntly those who hate israel so much that it inspires them to ag and assault their fellow canadians are just a threat to jews they threaten the very fabric of canadian society and karate pakistan hundreds of protesters burned both israeli and american flags and in amman jordan the protests also turned violent over the weekend with police. squaring off with demonstrators marching through the streets there the violence in egger showing no signs of letting up anytime soon for r.t. john hardy. on many are criticizing israel's response to hamas rockets being volleyed their way israel's own iron dome missile defense system is one of the best
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in the world with over 90 percent accuracy now couple that with offensive weapons often sold by the us israel is by far the most protected country in the middle east for more on this i was joined earlier by former pentagon official michael maloof here's what he had to say. you have the very strong israeli lobby in the united states that insists upon it and you always hear the rhetoric out of any administration that it is a. bastion of democracy surrounded by 16 hostile countries so it's so with that picture painted we feel that it's one of the democracies that we help establish when in fact it's not the type of democracy that we attribute to the u.s. given how they've treated the palestinians and how the united states regards or how they how the israelis are conducted themselves particularly in their what
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appears to be an apartheid that they learned very very well from the nazis who committed them to the very same. treatment during world war 2 so i'm appalled because i also hear claims by the israelis even to this day of calling for laban's around on the west bank limits room is a trigger word that the nazis used for their acquisition of territory in europe and i think it's astounding that we we still regard them as a democracy when in fact they're not. wow those are some strong points and words that you just made mike will further to that being that you have a d. o. d. background why does the d o d fight israel so important to their geo political strategies i mean just a moment ago we heard john jordan who you've been on a panel with say that there was a link in timing to iran the releasing of their frozen funds to this you know
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fighting that we're seeing now in the past week. where netanyahu is sending a message and neither the by the ministrations really not in control of this latest dustup netanyahu is and he knows that he doesn't that he that he doesn't have. a lot of support from the binah ministration for his own personal long long jeopardy and political survival and the timing of all of this was very impeccable when you look at the timeline the timeline being that they are raid that the his trail is dead on there as your previous person said about on the evening of the lessee holy o'hare ramadan night on the eve it was. and netanyahu at the same time had just lost his timing to form a new government and lot did yeah who was asked to do with that has had had to
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suspend his formation of a government in light of this latest crisis so the sprits into netanyahu is narrative he benefits from this and the yet to get back to your original question the d.o.d. looks upon israel as a as a military ally and it it it it and it again this is because of its opposition to iran and i will add that. jordan was was partially correct in my view. when he said that this is a message to iran it is because the. israelis regard hamas as another instrument by cause by law of the iranians supply and financing and logistics and this is all a trail you to to a national emergency ultimately going to be declared if netanyahu continues on this course nobody is in control the un can't do anything the russians are proposing
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a quartet of the u.s. russia un and e.u. to come together and try to resolve this thing it's been rejected by you know what so that tells you netanyahu is in the driver seat now and lastly micro quick if we want to compare you now trump to biden we know where trump would fall on this or would be squarely on the side baby but do you think trump's abraham accords played a role in emboldening israel in this latest round of fighting. i think he did one thing it basically the arab countries remain silent as. israel has now gone after the palestinians and you're not hearing the people of the other arab countries and so i think it's because there is a fundamental alliance among them all again their sights are set on iran as the as the bad guy you have saudi arabia wanted to extend its influence i come to the middle east and it will need is a real to do that particularly when it comes to trying to get back into lebanon and
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into into syria it's a real battle but we see a pattern of behavior emerging from all the mike i have one thing i've always learned from me was that as soon as the weather gets warm the blood begins to hit the ground so unfortunately you are it's right it's going to it's going to get worse and you are right every time. i always appreciate your expertise thank you. and just moments ago president biden expressed support for a cease fire between israel and hamas during a phone call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this just a few hours after u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken told reporters the u.s. would not press for an immediate truce this marks the 1st time in history that a u.s. president has called for a cease fire in that region which now enters its 2nd week of deadly fighting so far more than $200.00 people have died most of them palestinians in gaza and still ahead will detail of violent crime spree taking place in multiple u.s.
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on the about the world and what's happened in the around me i see shows on the screen speed in last every day because the fake news narrative steady state seem to be cooling sumach little to no christmas with tom after a car brick by brick cooled listed they could plan how flinty off the air in the store but i found it did work that no question. it was the line and weekend here in the u.s. in chicago at least 48 people were shot 5 killed in shootings across the city this while police are reporting an uptick in violent crimes in america's biggest city trinity chavez has more on these developments from new york. today the u.s. reeling from another violent weekend of shootings in chicago at least 48 people are
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recovering after being shot over the weekend 5 people were sadly killed police say at least 6 children under the age of 17 were among the victims wounded 2 chicago police officers also shot after responding to reports of gunfire as they approached this person. they turned the offender toward. me they began firing a gun off. one of our feet in the hand. and a 2nd over here in the leg and in the shoulder. of his back according to a department report released may 2nd there were 865 shootings in the city during the 1st 3 months of 2021 up 33 percent from the same time period last year while murders also jumped 22 percent this month america's largest city manhattan is seeing a drastic uptick in shootings and other violent crimes nearly a dozen people including m.t.a.
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workers have been attacked in the new york city subway the attacks including a brutal string of slashes within a 35 minute time span and new york city's times square a shooting there resulted in 2 women and a 4 year old girl being wounded after at least one person drew a gun following a fight among a group of men this as brutal attacks on asians living in new york have continued in recent months with another 24 incidents reported in the 1st 3 weeks of april new york which has the highest number of asian americans in the country accounted for nearly half of the 2021 incidents now the spate of high profile attacks in new york city has pushed concerns over crime and public safety to the forefront along foresman officials are now reevaluating the department of public safety strategy reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . and over to the latest cover 19 numbers now worldwide those cases topping 163000000 with over 3000000 reported deaths. the u.s. is still leading the way with the most confirmed cases getting close to 33000000
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here followed by india and brazil and here stateside the death toll is hovering at about 585000. meantime the c.d.c. director is now defending her agency's reversal on mass recommendations on sunday dr rochelle linsky credited the decision to quote newly evolved science and widespread access to vaccines the c.d.c. announced last thursday it was changing almost all masking and distancing recommendations for fully vaccinated americans. and then over to india where police there are asking residents in the northern region to stop riverside burials along the ganges river that's because the recent rain is causing erosion and partially uncovering hundreds of bodies along the riverbanks river side burials are a long time tradition in that country one journalist estimates around 300 bodies have been uncovered. and elsewhere around the world hundreds of protesters again
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taking to the streets in bogota colombia on saturday demonstrators mostly students have been protesting against the government of president. for getting his government tried to raise taxes on the middle class. well it's 72000000 years old remains were just found 10 years ago but now a decade later we finally know exactly what it is it's a new type of dinosaur discovered in mexico and it turns out this new fossil has a lot to say to spare him from zach introduces us to this new talkative dinosaur. talo fiscal laura say that again 3 times but it's the name given to the newest and latest species of dinosaur found in mexico but this new dinosaur is the to loaf. belongs to a group of dinosaurs that are also known for their duck beaks because it is the
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shape of a duck speak back in 2013 paleontologist from the national institute of anthropology and history found the tale of this dinosaur in northern mexico preserved in the exact shape it was nearly 73000000 years ago paleontologists saying it was because the region is dinosaur roamed was a tropical one and those conditions were the right conditions for these bones to be preserved but it's a decade later scientists are finding out more on this new species these animals were large herbivores in fact it is believed these dinosaurs did not have the body to protect themselves from their predators scientists were able to figure this out finding out that about 72 or 73000000 years ago a huge herb before dinosaur died in what must have been a body of water full of sediment so that its body was quickly covered by the earth and could be preserved through the ages one scientist saying that they were able to
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dig further below the tail where they found other bones such as the femur the scapula and others that's where scientists found out how this dinosaur protected themselves but there are other strategies a use to defend themselves their speed and sense of smell also their ears after studying almost 80 percent of the skull that was found scientists say the dinosaur had ears that could hear low frequency sounds making them peaceful yet talkative dinosaurs but what kind of sound do scientists think they made. the sound of an elephant and age says tata loaf is a mixture of 2 words more figure term from the indigenous mexican language that means word with the greek term meaning crust with the 2nd word go laura referring to the people linked to this decade's long research for r
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t m ferrand front zack. and space x. again launched another batch of starling broadband satellites from cape canaveral on saturday this time $52.00 satellites as well as a nano satellite and a small radar satellite were onboard be reusable falcon 9 rocket that took them up into low orbit a startling $27.00 mission was space x. was 15 elkan one flight just this year. all right time to go over to regina ham at the sports h.q. regina we have the m.l.s. season underway now will get over with the n.w.s.l. back in action to the ladies are a ton of fun to watch and if you're not watching it you honestly miss the now has a national soccer league well they opened up with a new team making its debut this year and already one team making headlines for their challenge cup win so as cup champs portland thorns play their 1st game of the regular season against chicago red stars they look for their 10th street win this year so 4 months into the sun sophia smith with the strike chicago's tara davidson
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with the oh you call the champs ball they get on the board 1st one nil and well remember that name sophia smith 13th minute penalty kicks here christine say claire convert for portland right from the spot and the thorns make it a 2 nil game and it's really a great shot right as it was an air 3 months later he was going to fire and adriana what a save she makes rushing watches it down the field smith is actually going to be the one to get it off the cross she will end up taking a shot in the box fire for her 2nd goal of the game that is 3 little if you can track by the way for 40 and what's twice as nice for her isn't it 1st half scoring bonanza portland 30th minute linda. rand wins this one we've heard clips it through and smith this time with the score she's made this a for nothing game and oh by the way they're not done quite yet 2nd half who are looking for insurance gold because you know they need one for lucy other crossing sinclair and this is now going to end up being a while of being
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a 5 nothing game it's also the final though and the 10th win for the 4th spot. and men's soccer seattle sounders are reigns supreme in the 1st few weeks of the major league soccer season in their 5 games played they have not 4 wins in a draw and set a levon points ahead of the last l a f c well they struggled and they hosted the struggling l.a. squad the mastery of seattle was on full display and hurry before we do get to halftime south keeping the ball in play but sanders allowed pollo with the hit on the t.v. well less unless it goes down seattle gets a yellow card but elliott's the with the set piece still can't capitalize the no no we go into halftime the 2nd half much more seattle speak to them many are corner mark anthony cage while paolo prosecutor audio his header goes in sound is on board 1st one will oh yeah that's his 1st ever analyzed goal by the way what a way to do it i mean take a look on the replay though you get to see exactly what kind of. touches in no one save that 73rd minute though we go sounders look at
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a strike against. the christian world on while you're going to be the man of the hour in this situation head it in to make it a 2 nil gave him some weird screaming eagle kind of thing the replay shows just the perfect setup here really diaz is going to be part of the 3 man team taking it down the pitch alex rolled on is going to set up the other roles on the squad and that header just sails right through your final and that's when number 6 for the west coast leaders. and the latest news at them or a basketball hall of fame class is inducted after being delayed due to over 1001 of the best known basketball go to michael jordan had the pleasure to introduce the late kobe bryant bryant was posthumously inducted along with his 13 year old daughter giana bryant his daughter and 7 others were killed back in january train 21 a helicopter they were taking to his sports academy crashed jordan was accompanied by brands with vanessa who had these thoughts as you reflect about her husband's career induction take a listen. i wish my husband was here 6 not just incredible award she deserved
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to be here to witness says she would be so proud to watch her daddy get in trying to the basketball hall of fame. you did it. you're in the hall of fame now. you're not just an m.v.p. you're an all time great. i'm so proud of you i love you forever not always. being right. no heartwarming you know heartbreaking but also heartwarming be able to see him finally you know rightfully where he belongs in the hall in the last policy manila and i know it feels like this happened just yesterday i know i mean it was like kobe and then coated and then and now here you have vanessa up there breaking hearts but you know i know every one especially one back home was like ok this is long overdue this probably should have happened before he even passed away but was i was there now they are now so all right good stuff regina ham thank you
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for that that doesn't for us right now make sure you keep up with everything and question at all times by downloading the portable t.v. apps you can watch us whenever you want on your twitter instagram app military and hurt regina underscore can't thank you for watching we'll see you soon. seeing the horrors of the money easy. to the criminals your trust countless lives there are just one more dollar to their billions. they threaten they bribe you'll do anything to keep their crimes you in the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told what america's lawyer. could you source the story about the fact that delayed maxwell will likely take
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others doubt i guarantee you there's a lot more going on. in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and protesters who are not happy this is what we're going to drill down on right here on news shows where we really do believe it's time to do news again. this type of american is doing very well but then there's these guys over here who aren't doing so well if you drill down to look at the real numbers especially the rent numbers right it's pretty bad there's people who are not paying the rent and say they're not going to be able to pay their rent for the foreseeable future. the mainstream media swarming with falsehoods riddled with censorship and i'm sure corporate control is incapable of truly informing its audience it can't rise above
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the corrupt motives of those calling the shots when you awaken so this fact turns aren't see america will be there to question. welcome welcome redacted denied this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents a lot of americans seem very excited about the fact that joe biden gave her lovely speech to congress a couple weeks ago they say biden has already exceeded progressive expectations he's the most progressive president since f.d.r. as long as we keep our daughters away from him we can be thrilled that he said things like this by the way you were thinking about standard things and my goodness . that's raised the minimum wage to $15.00.


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