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you. know. for the. hello there i'm an election and you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st israel is unleashing another series of air strikes on gaza city it's the latest escalation after a bloody weekend on the strip my next guest explains the reason behind the iron clad support for israel. amid the escalation in the middle east we're hearing reports of violence against israelis right here in the west we'll get you all the details and finally trying to successfully lands on mars we'll explain their plans for space exploration after touching down on the red planet all right it's time to
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boost your news i. there seems to be no end in sight in the latest round of fighting between israeli forces and hamas the conflict started about 2 weeks ago after violence broke out when israeli authorities in east jerusalem pushed to evict palestinian families in order to make way for jewish settlers now an international call to stop the ongoing bloodshed is falling on deaf ears as israel vows to push forward alex the highway which has more of the story. as israel's iron dome takes 0 rockets fired by hamas a new day brings fresh is really strikes to the gaza strip. as the current round of violence enters its 2nd week. you know entire families were exterminated and
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their homes were demolished on top of their children by the spread death terror and human remains in the rubble that destroyed buildings and streets the palestinian death toll is approximately 200 including $59.00 children almost and then they are children they are 234 years on what did they do that made it necessary to kill them one of the targets the israelis were after they targeted their missiles at small children who did nothing wrong they were tome to pieces by adding to the dead over 1200 palestinians have been injured and what some are calling unprecedented attacks a journalist on the ground reporting for our team described the scene as really intensive ever strikes killing women and children inside their homes and it is important to note that israel did not send out 3 warning for these buildings this board before they did then which is something i need to be sedated as israel used
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to a warning to people before they attempt to destroy any building on the israeli side there have been at least 10 deaths including a 5 year old boy killed by hamas rockets while much of the world is asking for a cease fire to end the bloodshed including some of the u.n. the most urgent and depressing task at this moment is to the cease fire and the stalled. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not ready to comply of all so our battle against a terror organization continues in full force a muscle we are charging very heavy prices from hamas mcqualter there are bearable aggression among the i.d.f. carried out attacks in more than $1500.00 targets during the last days according to the israeli military it has destroyed 15 kilometers of militant tunnels in the homes of 9 hamas commanders in addition this airstrike is said to have taken out
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some bit the commander of the northern division of islamic jihad on saturday president joe biden spoke with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas calling on hamas to seize rocket fire into israel in addition today abbas met with a u.s. diplomat in ramallah biden also talked to netanyahu get a reading his strong support for israel's right to defend itself and while raising concerns about the safety gump journalists in the war zone over the weekend an office tower which housed several international media organizations was destroyed by the i.d.f. . netanyahu and his really military official said they've transmitted intelligence to the united states which shows hamas was using the building for their operations however the u.s. secretary of state while on a visit to denmark countered that claim i've not seen any information provided and
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again to the extent that it is based on intelligence that would have been shared with other colleagues and i'll leave that to them to assess. their efforts to stop the violence are being blocked u.s. representatives to the united nations continue to obstruct efforts by other countries who are asking for a joint statement from the u.n. security council which would condemn the violence and calls for a truce for t.v. i'm alex my love it. jewish people worldwide are facing an on slot of attacks amid the violence in gaza and israel are teams john hardy has. as the violence continues in israel and gaza anger and outrage is boiling over in many cities worldwide where fights have broken out between pro israel and pro palestinian demonstrators in london england several parliament members including robert gen rick the secretary of state for housing communities and local government
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expressed outrage after this video spread across social media showing a convoy of vehicles draped in palestinian flags driving through a predominantly jewish part of the city blaring anti semitic messages and calling for violent attacks on jews in germany the central council of jews in germany representing about 200000 jews in the country posted this video on twitter of pro palestinian protesters also screaming anti-semitic slurs outside a synagogue in hanover among several german cities where police arrested dozens of protesters trying to storm the synagogues germany's foreign minister said german jews should not be scapegoated for the events occurring in israel and gaza either on the street or on social media in toronto and montreal canada protests also turned violent over the weekend with assaults reported on pro israel demonstrators there the center for israel and jewish affairs in canada posted this statement quote we condemn in the strongest terms these brazen acts of assault intimidation
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and hate targeting members of toronto's jewish community and supporters of israel there is absolutely no justification for political violence in the streets of toronto whatever one's cause may be to put it bluntly those who hate israel so much that it inspires them to ag and assault their fellow canadians are just a threat to jews they threaten the very fabric of canadian society and karate pakistan hundreds of protesters burned both israeli and american flags and in amman jordan the protests also turned violent over the weekend with police. squaring off with demonstrators marching through the streets there the violence in agere showing no signs of letting up anytime soon for our t.v. john hardy. or many are criticizing israel's response to hamas rockets being volleyed their way israel's own iron dome missile defense system is one of the best
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in the world with over 90 percent accuracy now couple that with offensive weapons often sold by the us israel is by far the most protected country in the middle east for more on this i was joined earlier by former pentagon official michael maloof here's what he had to say. you have the very strong israeli lobby in the united states that insists upon it and you always hear the rhetoric out of any administration that it is a. bastion of democracy surrounded by 16 hostile countries so it's so with that picture painted we feel that it's one of the democracies that we help establish when in fact it's not the type of democracy that we attribute to the u.s. given how they've treated the palestinians and how the united states regards or how the israelis have conducted themselves particularly in their what appears to
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be an apartheid approach that they learned very very well from the nazis who committed them to the very same. treatment during world war 2 so i'm appalled because i also hear claims by the israelis even to this day of calling for laban's around on the west bank limits room is a trigger word that the nazis used for their acquisition of territory in europe and i think it's astounding that we we still regard them as a democracy when in fact they're not. wow those are some strong points and words that you just made mike will further to that being that you have a d. o. d. background why does the d o d find israel so important to their geo political strategies i mean just a moment ago we heard john jordan who you've been on a panel with say that there was a link in timing to iran the releasing of their frozen funds to this you know
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fighting that we're seeing now in the past week. where netanyahu has sent in a message and neither the the by the ministrations really not in control of this latest dustup netanyahu is and he knows that he doesn't that he that he doesn't have. a lot of support from the by administration for his own personal long long jetty and political survival and the timing of all of this was very impeccable when you look at the timeline the timeline being that they are raid that the industry listed on there as your previous person said about on the evening of the holy o'hare ramadan my on the aid it was. and netanyahu at the same time had just lost his timing to form a new government and law did you know who was asked to do with that has had had to
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suspend his formation of a government in light of this latest crisis so the splits into netanyahu is narrative he benefits from this and the yet to get back to your original question the d.o.d. looks upon israel as a as a military ally and it it and it again this is because of its opposition to iran and i will add that. jordan was was partially correct in my view. when he said that this is a message to iran it is because the. israelis regard hamas as another instrument like i was about one of the iranians supply and financing and logistics and this is all a trail you to to a national emergency ultimately going to be declared if netanyahu continues on this course nobody is in control the un can't do anything the russians are proposing
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a quartet of the u.s. russia un and e.u. to come together and try to resolve this thing it's been rejected by netanyahu what so that tells you netanyahu is in the driver's seat now and lastly micro quick if we want to compare you know trump to biden we know where trump would fall on this would be squarely on the side bibi but do you think trump's abraham accords played a role in emboldening israel in this latest round of fighting. i think it did one thing it basically had the arab countries remain silent as a israel has now gone after the palestinians and you're not hearing a peep out of the other arab countries and so i think it's because there is a fundamental alliance among them all again their their sights are set on iran as the as the bad guy you have saudi arabia wanted to extend its influence i can to the middle east and it will need is
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a real to do that particularly when it comes to trying to get back into lebanon and into and to syria that's a real muddled mess but we see a pattern of behavior emerging from all the mike i one thing i've always learned from you is that as soon as the weather gets warm the blood began to hit the ground so unfortunately you are it's right it's going to it's going to get worse and you are right every time might maloof and always appreciate your expertise thank you. and earlier today president biden expressed support for a cease fire between israel and hamas during a phone call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this just a few hours after u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken told reporters. the u.s. would not press for an immediate truce now this marks the 1st time in history that a u.s. president has called for a ceasefire in that region which now enters its 2nd week of deadly fighting so far at least $212.00 palestinians have been killed including $61.00 children and in israel 10 people have been killed including
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a 5 year old boy and still to come we've got a major milestone for china and its exploration of the cosmos that's straight ahead and over at the sports h.q. brigitta hamm takes us to a thriller of a final match at the rome masters and remember to keep up with all the latest news or catch up with anything you might have missed download the portable t.v. apps you can watch us whenever you want we'll be right back. corporate parents proud. to you forever. right or wrong. major questions birth new questions numbers as stars and lists
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as the sea and bring all the insight distance death and. if drive all that remains in question. is something for you on your sports h.q. . take a live news anywhere you go plus an elegantly curated online and video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interactive digital architecture stars will talk to $8000.00 the deficit's to explore videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for blast off the formal setting.
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of seeing the horrors that arise when money and evil come by. corporate criminals who trashed countless lives they're just one more dollar to their billions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. all right after a 6 and a half month journey from planet earth china makes its 1st mars landing the rover named after chinese god jurong will be in search of life for about 3 months r.t.
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correspondent natasha suite has more on this historic landing. it's kind of landed a spacecraft on mars for the 1st time on saturday flying to the control center overjoyed employees see one another according to the china national space administration touchdown was at 70 in the morning beijing time there was a bit of a delay for mission control in beijing to confirm the release of a heat shield an oversized parachute to better secure the crops to send these both must be deployed at very precise times to ensure proper living in a particular spot the heat shield protects the spacecraft from the scorching temperatures of mars parachutes and rockets help the spacecraft to slow down to prevent a crash landing given technology is very different than what's needed to land on the moon while still a large feat the moon only requires many retro rockets from landing the rover plans to inspect the red planet for 90 days but for the next few days the rover will
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remain in the lander for a diagnostic test it will then explore an icy part of mars known as utopia plenty joining an american one that landed there back in february china is the 3rd nation to land a rover on mars the u.s. has had 9 successful landings on mars since 1976 soviet union landed on the planet back in 1971 of the mission was short lived now so expect the american rover that landed on mars 3 months ago to collect its 1st sample in july it's expected to make its return to earth in 10 years china also says it wants to land people on the move potentially building a scientific base there a space plane is also reportedly in the making however no timeline has been released for these potential endeavors were 44 in question and harshest sweets are . sorry you heard it bear it's a major step forward for china as the nation successfully landed the rover on mars it's the 1st time that country has made a footprint on the red planet making for a significant step in global space exploration but not everybody is too happy about
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this landing u.s. senator from maine angus. can saying yes he said quote landing reinforces the point that we do not own space anymore and then he went on to say if they can land a rover on mars there's a lot of other things they can do that might not be so benevolent so joining us now to discuss how host an investigative journalist one then it's china landing on mars and the launch of a 7 new kind of space race between specifically the u.s. and china and also when did we ever own space and. i guess the 2nd part of the question this is pretty obvious right obviously the united states does not own the space even the the terminology yes he's a little bit bizarre right i guess if you're saying we dominated this area i guess you could you could make that claim look the u.s. obviously has been pretty powerful in this space in the space race originally
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between the soviet union and the united states was a major kind of pillar of the cold war as the talk of mentioned there the soviet union was able to successfully launch one space shuttle that landed on mars rover the land of ours in 1971 the u.s. is that it 9 times which is pretty incredible the fact that china is now able to do what i think does help china to kind of move up into this. you know upper tier the highest tier of space exploration it is a huge feat that they were able to pull off and by the way it's pretty incredible when you consider that the u.s. was able to launch this most recent rover to mars perseverence which is now landed there and along with that a little drone that's supposed to be able bout the size of a tissue box that can fly around the planet and take pictures so it's a pretty impressive stuff there the chinese for their part this rover that they put on is the size of a small car and it's supposed to be able to travel throughout the planet so on both sides very impressive but it shouldn't be seen as necessarily competition that's
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that's very cold war else instead it should be congratulations to china for being able to pull this off. i don't mean like our 2 rovers the u.s. and china they're going to have a battle it out on mars we're going to watch it live on paper. and it will be interesting well ok so we know trying to land it on the moon before landing on mars obviously a much more difficult undertaking so does angus king have a point though that does this mean china is more advanced than they've actually been given credit for i think that is true they're more advanced than they've been given credit for one thing that was i think pretty well played about this is that the chinese have said very little about the work that was going into this in fact the day of of the actual launch and the number launches you see the landing on mars they did not televise anything live now after the fact after they had a successful touchdown then you know chinese state media began running a lot of lots of video a lot of stories about this and the reason for that i think it was kind of cautious
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optimism you're hoping that this all goes well but you don't want to look like a dunce if it doesn't because it is a very difficult thing so the fact that the trying to kind of downplayed it a little bit and they have kind of downplayed their role in all of this i think was one of again it's one of caution you want to be careful you don't want to come off as 'd we're going to do this incredible thing and then you wind up looking like well they botched the land. all right ok you keep expectations low i get that lastly is the exploration of mars you think it's more than just you know like the space agency is like nasa but also silicon valley with the race. yeah i mean silicon but listen that's the real race right the real the real space race if there is one is not between the u.s. and china it's between silicon valley and china because yes well the u.s. has been able to do you know place this rover on mars lenny rovers on mars is not the beginning or the in dall of this it ultimately is going to come down to actual
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manned space shuttles space ships that are headed to mars that'll be the real race and again for purposes exploration is great but one thing that's very interesting is there's a lot of talk right now about the u.s. launch of perseverance and that perseverance itself might be carrying actual microbes human microbes that could contaminate the planet right now and by the way some of what we get back from perseverance could actually indicate that life has been found there it might turn out that it's not like it was there it's microbes that and human d.n.a. that was placed on the shuttle that got there and now it's being seen when it when it comes back because they write our own it's a long story but it might be our own little bit and there's a lot of there and exploration is great but it shouldn't be seen as competitive in terms of who is a more dominant nation it should be seen more as a human experience i think that's where we need to advance oh the irony and when that be funny if that's what they came back with hey they have humans on mars wait
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that cars are we going to live with my mind and leave it right there is bob benson want thank you so much thank you. and space x. again launched another batch of starling broadband satellites from cape canaveral on saturday this time 52 satellites as well as a nano satellite with a small radar satellite were onboard that reusable falcon 9 rocket that took them up to low orbit starling $27.00 mission was space x. is 15th falcon one flight just this year alone wow. let's head over to virgin to have the sports h.q. now regina what a final nagra master is this what they mark final can't. first. world number one know that joke which if you missed out you missed it and up on the cusp of clinching a record equalling 80 masters 1000 title while his opponent was hoping to make it when number 6 in the italian capital so 1st that actually of course da looking for his 10th rome masters not really off to a terrible start though shows which giving him heat from the baseline the doll is
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going to get forced to the net but the serbian will end up winning in the back in volume 300 spain are the serve here in game number 1057 leading to these 2 adults finishing this one he's going to get that front court cross court forehand shot so that 5 shots after he wins that in the 15 but should which going to go battle in the 2nd set $5.00 to $1.00 over spanish opponent judge dealing every euro journey going handle the doll back it will go on to take the one that was set number 2 similar to the 3rd set here in darfur is why this court is really his he paints the line that forehand shot the breaks of for 4 to leave match point convert 2nd chance which a point when joe pitched ends up sending his a backhand shot a wide and when that does happen folks that is game set match 1 $1.10 room masters title winning 751-6638 is also $36.00 masters wins out around equally of it for
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a record to see you again tonight. the national and soccer league season well they opened up with a new team joining the ranks in one team already making headlines for their challenge cup win so as cup champs portland thorns played their 1st game of season against the chicago red stars they look for their 10th win of the year so 4 minutes 4 minutes into this one guys 4 and sophia smith with the strike chicago through the day you can though oh own goal champs get onboard 1st courtesy of that one nil and remember sophia smith she'll come back 30th minute penalty to report christine sinclair she converted from the spot thorns make it a 2 game and it really is just an absolute great spot countless and i are going to pledge. it's going to fire in a fraction of what a station makes you can watch is it still downfield to miss is going to be the one to get that cross fire is it for her 1st goal of the game to make it 3 millport one of you shot twice is pretty nice for her next and her goal to have
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those weren't answered portland 30 minutes later and wins this one we're very close a 3rd of smyth she's going to get it again this time to sports she made it for nothing oh and by the way portland isn't actually done quite yet we go to the 2nd action portal looking for an insurance goal because they need it the off across from sinclair so this will end up being the shots that feel the deal this is a $50.00 game now and that is also your final win in a row for the thorens that is the president some of those names 1000000 the national soccer league they have also played for a national women's team as well in the herrera and household names at this point you know they have 4 world cups under their belt so you know just just say a little bing or a little in the boys' team exactly well they can try again some other time. all right we'll leave it there regina hamm thank you for that that's going to do it for us right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading the portable t.v. app so you can watch us whenever you want follow me on twitter and instagram at
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manila chan follow her gina underscore here thank you for watching we'll see you back here again soon. there's so much going on in the world don't you think when's the last time you had a real bird's eye view of. the news feed or just hours of bickering give me 30 minutes i'll take you off the low. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that lurk fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on earth politics is a species of endless and needless to the computer politicians have morphed into
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celebrity are 2 ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate power and those who attempt to puncture this vast breathless universe of to make news designed to push through the toolchain and exploitation that would be a little more up for so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche plus we must. close in command of toxic systems designed to keep us confused destructive you know where you are no match for an awakened mind they lie you win the war they lie you don't poverty they tell you what to think they're watching you are you watching
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