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the moon, the the in the headlines, the sob internationally can make form in some petersburg, biggest event rushes financial calendar and his, its final day final few hours. now, guess of heard from keynote speakers, including president posts in who covered topics from the upcoming summit. with joe biden, to the old string, to pipeline project, to discuss no bullet relations. and we need to find ways to regulate them because they are very low points at the moment we have for vaccines. and the accomplishments of our sciences have got wide recognition across the world. our partners have made a choice to the north chain to project. the 13 go on trial in france for soluble stalking. a death threats against a teenager who insulted is raising debate about freedom of speech in the countries
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in the roseburg, which really came from about the rising number of illegal migrants that are attempting to cross the channel to britain. the calls in the u. k. for the asylum seekers to be sent back. i hello for me, kevin, over the the team here at out in the national this saturday. thanks for taking the time to check in with us just in one in the afternoon. moscow time know this 1st, then a top level, international economic forum in the russian city, st. petersburg. it's approaching the finish line this saturday. guess already heard russian president vladimir potent giving his views on domestic and global issues. i'll teach elementary kids, got the highlights of the president's speech, the 1st face to face global business event, the here in the russian northern capital at the st. petersburg international economic form, the biggest international offline business gathering. since the peak of the pandemic for the 1st time we heard the russian president talk about what he expects
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of his upcoming summit with joe biden. they're meeting as president for the 1st time. you get the machine, we plan to discuss the relations and we need to find ways to regulate them because they are a very low point. at the moment we'll be talking about strategic stability, regulating conflicts in the world, hotspots disarmament, the pandemic, and the environment. it will soon be exactly one year since washes 1st vaccines put an agree was registered for use in this country. and the experience in the use of vaccines has allowed one of our to talk about what he called impressive success by russia. scientists not a single loss of life as a result of the use of any of the for vaccines made in russia. metrics on the delivery in russia, as you know, makes his own contribution to the fight against corona virus. we have, for vaccines develop domestically and the accomplishments of our scientists have
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got wide recognition across the world. sputnik v has already been registered in 66 countries homes, more than 3200000000 people. i would like to highlight that we haven't just used our unique technologies, not just created capabilities for manufacturing vaccines in russia. rules are helping other countries to develop their own production capacity. and something else we found out from president polk. if you're not a citizen of russia, and for some reason, you don't have access to vaccines in your country soon you will be able to come to russia and get vaccinated if you pay money. of course, a lot of our potent pretty much gave the green lights to vaccine tourism. so to say, when you, we are just covering our own needs for the widespread prep of people from other countries coming specifically to russia to get the job against corona virus. in this regard, i would like to off the government to analyze all aspects of this issue by the end
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of the month in compliance. of course, with all safety measures and sanitary requirements to organize the conditions for phone citizens to get a chance to have the vaccine on a commercial basis. then another leader who took part in that discussion was austria and chancellor sebastian kurtz. he thanked latimer, potent for russia's efforts in fighting the global corporate pandemic, and also for the proposals that he has been making for the export and production of the japs. mr. curts also said that he regrets the fact that the european medical agency husband, too slow and approving the use of these putting jap sort of came in. it doesn't matter where back same comes from, from russia, from the us or from china. every bit of success in the 5 guys, corona virus is a shared success of the entire world for the good of all people. and therefore, your politics should not stand in the way of those developments breeze from russia to germany and other european partners has many enemies. the us in particular,
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however, as we found out from chancellor kurtz, austria isn't one of them. in fact, vienna is highly in favor of the projects that will give your opinions cheaper gas . now one of the biggest headlines that came out of the form was lot of our putin's announcement that the 1st string of the pipeline has been fully completed. just as the st. petersburg form was in full swing usual, new for germany green policy is in favor of taking american liquified guess. but if they are really green, they should know that 70 percent of us gas is produced by hydraulic fracturing. motive not for the environment and the conclusions are as follows, and guess is more environmentally friendly. cleaner, cheaper, more reliable partners made a choice to the north stream to project. anita also said that the claim that russia is ignoring the global efforts to fight climate change is an absolute mis,
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and invite an international investors and business to take part in the new green projects that are being launched in russia. yeah, those eco friendly projects, the russian president mentioned the rest of may be worth tens of billions of dollars a year. so no surprise, green business has been more of a dominating topics during the forum. we got a chance to have a quick word, jim rogers, the american investor, and sing pul based, financial commentator, who shared his view on russia's investment, a look at the moment. oh, russia. yes. is cleaner and cheaper, cheaper. remember people care about cheaper now? and so this is a great advantage for russia and, you know, the america has tried to stop it. and the european said no, no, no, we want, we want, we want cheap, clean gas. so it looks as though russia has coming out ahead with the sales, and it's going to be good for russia. it's going to be good for you are going to be
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good for everybody except america lot going to be good for america. america wants you to be dependent on america. that's why they say, don't buy from the russians. don't buy from the chinese to listen to us. no, i don't think. i mean, i don't know, but it look, you know, the 1st phase of the pipeline is finished. now, and it looks as of the 2nd phase is going to be finished soon. it looks as though that the europeans have decided will take the risk. you know, it could be anything you can any kind of risk, but from what i can gather is cleaner, is cheaper, and it's going to have green is very popular. now, our director of russian company called foss agro fossa, grow is the only fertilizer company doesn't have heavy metals. it doesn't have cabman. nature gave it to us, but it's a fantastic advantage. and it will help russia a lot to help the stock to and people realize more and more that this is
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a clean company and a clean country. oh, i hate to say it, but the american dollar has political problems because america, if they get angry at you, they sanction you and you say you cannot use the dollars. well people say wait and wait for an international currency is supposed to be neutral. that's not good. and so for political reasons, people looking for competitive and for economic reasons. i don't like saying any of this america's largest debtor nation in the history of the world. but that's not good if you have the international currency. so people are looking for a change, and i can certainly understand why the russians would start to diversify more and more, as i said, for political and economic. but if, why she, if somebody in washington, he gets angry at you, you know, put sanctions on. so you're wise to diversify and have a plan b,
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everybody should have a plan b. i have a plan and be and i'm an american. so i know you have to be careful. always good. have a plan to be mean. tom looks out a boy because civilities was postponed to brazil for president silver, who shed some light on washington's pressure on brazilian not to approve those russian jobs. despite that there was news in on it earlier today. saturday, the country's health authority finally gave the go ahead to use this putting the vaccine. i can tell you that full interview is being, it will be coming up here at some point later on to morrow, and he will tell you which it is. i'm greatly interested in vaccines from the whole world, from any country, including sputnik v can, many brazilian officials are fighting to get the vaccine and i've placed orders for it. but there seems to be a problem with production and distribution. and also with this acceptance here in brazil, but many people are suspicious that there was criticism from former president trump . and there is documented evidence of this that he recommended president both and
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not to purchase the russian vaccine in the same way that they heavily criticized the chinese vaccine. if the brazilian president was really committed to the people of his country, he would have talked to president putin. he would have set up a bilateral committee with russian, that brazilian export. and we would have sold the inoculation problem a long time ago. however, the president does not take any measures and the truth is that they are under pressure. i cannot prove it, but it's largely visible, but there is a political impediment to purchase russian vaccines in brazil, this ignorant attitude has to be eliminated. so we can have all of the things in brazil including sputnik which from what we have been hearing from experts, is a high quality cobra vaccine. brazilian people certainly want the russian vaccine, the national congress has already. you know that if the russian vaccine is approved by other countries, it can be approved in brazil. the agency that supervisors health in brazil and visa
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is placing many demands and requirements on the russian vaccine. people defend that . all russian friends submit all necessary documentation because people in brazil need vaccines and we cannot give reason to those who oppose the russian vaccine. it seems to me that this is all about economic interest. it's an ideological war. obviously, the u. s. defends american companies and the u. k. defends british companies, but brazil does not need to worry about defending the us. it needs to worry about the health of it's 230000000 citizens with brazil as possible, should buy the american vaccine, the russian vaccine, as one of the chinese cuba or any vaccines with scientifically proven quality. brazil simply has to have your logic. so while the russian vaccines waiting for you approval in time, it was widely discussed that the form as a possible area of cooperation, which is especially important right now is relations between russia and the block
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is to mod, bye sanctions. we spoke to the chairman of italy's in tessa bank about the situation o clinic life regarding sputnik v, i have to say the commercial interests of our science and health care. there is a furious fight by us vaccine makers for the european market. sputnik be seen as a very strong competitor, the e. m. a fix lots of time to approve it. so it's about the commercial interests of us. big pharma. compare the impacts the sanctions have had initially and on the european union in general with how they hit the russian economy. i would say the balance is 321 in russia's favor. unfortunately, despite all the companies understanding this, there is no opportunity to change this june. the companies should not say,
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we are only thinking about business. they have to exhibit political influence. companies of such a high level are able to do that, is not something small. the companies comprise the whole economy system of italy. so she said the forms already in his final stretch today, but several key platforms are still to be talked about on the sidelines topics like modern tourism and youth development policy motels, discussions to be had as well as those that move and shake has come to talk to us, we'll bring it to you throughout the afternoon, rory over here in the coming hours. the . okay to morning davis, we can 13 paper on trial for allegedly cyber stalking and making death threats against a french team. who insulted is lab loaners, militia, least, a wave of hatred on social media in january 2020. and fight a big debate about the right to offend people's religious beliefs. charlotte,
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ben. he's got the latest from paris on when teacher samuel patty was headed last year by at your hardest a friendship school girl already informed me known for her controversial comments on line. i did feel the fire, nila said the latest of her and see is will make run. once again found herself at the center of phone line to be on sex threat. she received more than 100000 faithful messages and death threats. promises to have her trust up, cut up, quartered beheaded with images of coffins or dr. pictures of her decapitation. some months before passed these brutal killing miller had been just an ordinary, 16 year old girl for literature on social media with posts about her life and putting on makeup. it was during one of these live streams that she told view is that she was a lesbian, and that blacks and arabs were not her type in so were held that her and in
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response she said this, the koran is a religion of hatred. there is only hatred in it, but anti islam post then spoke than on the floor of online abuse, including death threats with her personal information, including where she went to school being posted on line me was forced to change schools and needed police protection video schools, an outcry hero from from the hash tags you 3 me left on the legal, but she was gonna see when she said at least those trip as well as the officer tree from the la along by the way, miles expressed regret about the form of a statement explaining that her criticism was not related to people to ideology. the impact of her post revived interface arrival, freedom of speech,
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and the right to offend people's religion. believe even president mccord wade in the law is clear. we have the right to bless theme to criticize to caricature religions. neela who is that storm. she's been described by some as being a champion of free speech. is a problem to susan relationship between the last of the sexual offences and the most in region. that's, that's true. felicia, legal duty legions. treason. would you be the one that was just a little speech? i feel like she's not a person of those say her videos will lay didn't with his lemma, phoebe and hatred and she should be subject to prosecution. duke groups that i find important to understand the muslim to exert pressure to prevent certain people from speaking about their religion. freedom should certainly take precedence,
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but it is important to show respect and you shouldn't add fuel to the fire. if you understand your words, heard someone commit shouldn't happen when you an investigation was opened into me live comment, but was willing to drop as she was seen, to have been expressing a personal opinion on religion, which is not working. or hearing froze, she told us, hate, online must be confronted and exposed to an image. she does not exist. it's bad, both teenagers and adults. if you commit to crime on the internet, you would be searched for, you would be found, and you would have to stand trial. that's why we're here. it's time to understand and say that fear has shifted to the other side. the more people who talk about it, the stronger will will be if we keep quiet and put up with it, it will only get worse and worse, much more with me. but i can believe that representative of our education system say they can defend her. she was expelled from school while those who promised to
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be her if she returned or not so directed to any punishment. i also can't accept the fact that they didn't find another school for her and the military in find a way to protect her. and she had to stay at home. she could now leave a year and a half as a hermit and enter the conscious history of the 1st young girl to be protected by the police 24 hours a day with imagine her life. she can no longer walk quietly on the street. she will not be able to enter in an internship. and old doors are close for her. little trial of 13 defendant fic to threatening the teenager and harassing her is likely to once again open. old rooms as france continues to grapple with issues over freedom of speech as well as is i'm a phobia. so let's even sky all t paris elsewhere arose. brute in the u. k, and france about the rising number of illegal migrants that are attempted to cross the channel to britain with u. k. politicians, even calling on paris now to take the asylum seekers back east rallies. got the
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latest on it. a standoff between the u. k. in front of a legal migrants making dangerous crossings across the channel and take him another son. he sighed and rules being introduced by the u. k. home secretary pretty to tell, receiving criticism of making it almost impossible for refugees to come here. legally urgent action must be taken to stop these crossings. that means tackling the criminal gangs at source, doing more to stop the small boats leaving france in the 1st place. turning them round the channel and swiftly returning people who have entered the country through illegal root of entry. thus far, this year, more than 4000 people have already made the final journey through england across the channel to more than 850 coming in during the past week alone. the government now facing the question of wes, how's these micros while the claims process this week, a high court ruling found for the barracks which the government was using to house immigrants was unlawful describing the conditions their squalid,
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brooding could even see damage claims brought against itself i do not accept the accommodation there ensure the standard of leaving which was adequate for the health of the claimants in so far as the defendant consider that the commendation was adequate for their needs. that view was irrational. margaret charity say that the home secretary is exacerbating the situation by giving people escaping and oppression. no options to come to the u. k. legally. thus driving them into the welcoming arms of people smuggling gangs. if pretty patel was serious about protecting vulnerable people from dangerous journeys and explosive traffickers, she would create a wide range of safe legal routes for people to travel to the u. k. patel is simply not capable of designing a system that protects vulnerable people. these proposals or an attack on the principles enshrined and the refugee convention, hey, must the crate is not humane or compassionate, and it's not something that we would like to stand behind. and in addition, today,
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the hey, must approach is not solving the problem. it's not making thing for anybody. they say they want to stop the people's muslims. that the way to stop the people's nicholas would be to give the refugees a safe way of coming here that were people of our business. that would give people more passionate way to claim silence. not only policies that back on living, not compassionate or fast, asking us to be there because they're not achieving anything. and the government is also facing a rebellion from florida and custom staff who say they are overworked and are relying on volunteers to help carry out code testing on migrants being processed at the tug haven facility in dover. acclaim. the government strenuously denies covey test, and a tug haven is completed by contractors and not volunteers. we have never used to volunteers. every migrant arrival is tested for coven, prior to entering their accommodation, where they are placed in isolation for 10 days. with no signs of the crisis of a thing, it's unclear whether the government's approach or trying to legislate the way out.
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don't to bear any fruit. fritz itself on the home office. these are the london you can stick around coming up from the break, left and right in the us have locked holes ones. moreover, racial issues and other subjects is studied in schools going forward. now, the late started the showing me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then in this is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe
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relation to community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth is in a world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, the ah ah, less than right in the u. s. or a battled yet again, over racial issues, lathers full states, no limit critical race theory, teaching in schools and republican lawmakers in several of the 6 do the same. the
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theory looks at the institutions and history of the us through the perspective of racism. caleb open the looks at why something gets gone too far. people who are white should be ashamed of themselves on the basis of their race. now many people may shake their heads, but apparently that you prevail among professors, that america's top colleges and universities. one academic even took it further. i wonder what strategies you've uncovered are discovered that are helpful for bringing white folks to a place of discomfort that is required for anti racist work. critical race theory is now at the center of a new cultural firestorm. there are cases of children as young as 11 who are being taught to view the world from this perspective. the many conservatives loudly object but big corporations are sponsoring this teaching. take a listen to this bit of curriculum sponsored by pizza hut. gracious teaching and
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learning is upholding the system. what are some racial differences you have notice around you? if a white person kills a black person, they call it self defense, but if a black person kills a white person, it's a murder. that's how unfair the life of life people ease. not all parents agree with this material, it doesn't matter. black or white or anything. i mean how we treat people is based on who they are and what they are in their mind. i just think they're going about in the wrong way. the message of that critical race theory sends to minorities is that you're not good enough from your own. what we're seeing is a focus less on individuals who they are and the unique experiences, but more about identity groups and putting everybody into an identity box. the national debate is now intensifying critical race theory. is it terrible audiology, you know, they say it supposed to be so called anti racist. but what it, why is being at the end of a, after all the,
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the talk saying the lectures in the course is what it ends up being is how evil white people are, how this terrible they are, and how soft in unknown in anything other races, our parents are children, they are children from this. and if they get taught critical race theory, they would say, debrief them and gave them the reality of what's going on. i think that if we have less of the elegy that is being pushed upon as we'll get back to a normal stay in society liberal, say that critical race theory is important for children. so they know and can be aware and how they interact with other people. however conservative say it's ideological left wing poison americans don't see eye to eye on this one. that's for sure. caleb mop and r t new york. following recent revelations that denmark was 8 in the us to spine its allies, noise prime minister there says washington reached out to reassure her that the
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covert activities are over. i'm glad to. the americans clearly expressed that they changed their practice in 2014. when it comes to the surveillance of their life and that they would corporate with us and others to understand what happened. it's after report that us intelligence used danish information cables to spy on top of fish hills in several european nations. among those targeted apparently german chancellor anglo merkel, the report by the danish state broadcast, it was based on prob, launched off to discoveries by whistleblower. edward snowden. noise is not the only nation tomatti answers. it also is something on disk. i just would like to say this is unacceptable between allies. i want that to be trustful relations that unite. you repeat in americans. there's no place for suspicion, but we're not. so that's why we expect complete clarity. i can more generally say that this government has the same attitude as the former prime minister, expressed in 20132014 systematic wiretapping of close allies is an acceptable still
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unclear this weekend live countries affected will take any action. geopolitical, as patrick henderson believes the spotting is going to continue anyway. you know, if the u. s. spies on its own citizens, its own presidential candidates. then what makes the norwegian premise or think that she is so special as to be conferred with special the ip status, the united states would spy on its quote, allies. this has always been the case, and i dare say this will always be the case. so the us will use this for a number of reasons. one of them is for fixing markets for trade, getting information about how countries are liaising or relating to each other. blackmail, for instance, this is always been the case throughout history and steering geopolitical relationships between nations. a good example. this is germany in russia.
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liter v, the nord stream to pipeline. this is something that the united states would not want to happen. so it's going to find it in its interest in order to spy on even its allies. in this case, if you were to find out everything else, we're talking about r c dot com, one of our social media research shays here for the coming hours would be i'll catch against him times tomorrow. my name is kevin o in for me and the team of a lovely rest of this saturday the aah! safety average for our annual summer solutions where we look at the solutions instead of the problems today were talking to simon dixon of bang for the future. he's been around since almost the beginning. he's got
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a wealth of knowledge the the, [000:00:00;00] the was i'm action returns here we're going underground. the nursing, the stories buried by the mainstream media can be able to show the daughter of the reverend doctor martin luther king junior, bernice kings weeks going underground about racial justice and economic violence.
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and the american history of systemic white supremacy that you don't see in the


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