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god, to bye, bye little bye. now. bye. and then you guys mean, i love what what i mean? yeah. i or she, europe leases the latest technology in a bid to render its borders impenetrable to migrant says blocks southern states to bomb tougher action amid a spike. and newcomers, well, business leaders gathered in the russian cities in petersburg this week for the 1st face to face global financial event of the key speakers included the potent who among others announced plans to develop her vaccine tourism industry troubles in a special report for you to the central african republic where russian military
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advises help government bring the country's brutal civil war. to an end in mind that sounded serial might be going to destroy the ah, there are 2 international the weekend we're good day for me, kevin. i just had mid day here. this is the weekly now run to the big stories and brought you over the last 7 days. and 1st europe's working to prevent another wave of illegal migration on thursday. the french problem is the visit to june nicea where he stressed the need for a cooperation to control illegal crossings. that says, southern states to mom, tougher action from the blog to deal with migrants after a spanish enclave in north africa saw thousands cross from morocco and growing numbers. a new come as disembarking on italy's land produce ireland to little going
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to italy will continue to play a role in terms of resources and training capacity. but i repeat, we need a rapid and concrete action from the european union at a me see, it is unacceptable. for a government to say that they are attacking the borders in this case, springs borders that they are open in the borders so that 10000 immigrants could enter spanish cities such as c, u to in less than 48 hours because of disagreement differences, and discrepancies in foreign policy. meanwhile, border security has been given a high tech, upgrading, grease, where gods will be using long range acoustic devices along the frontier with turkey . in the way to sho davinsky look to the message that was sending them. saying you struggle to find a solution to illegal immigration is a bit of an understatement. it's page money to countries like turkey to take people back. it's school bold internally who is responsible with the much touted doubling
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rules. meaning it was the 1st country that a migrant arrived in. even places like italy and greece to shoulder the burden beefed up to the buddha management agency in a big hole back the tight. but as each solution has failed, the pool has gone back to the drury board, now is travel is up again, following the pandemic. you're going to be clear, likely or not welcome, a long range acoustic device. in 13, or 5. the noise is just one of a plethora of new techniques being using grease. the idea is to make sure that any migrant trying to cross illegally from turkey, no, no,
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to you must meet with new systems like the sound cannon, anomaly vehicle. we can prevent illegal entry, united defense has been constructed in the areas where we had the biggest problems and the automated surveillance system will now provide us with an additional weapon to deal with distress. so the operation towers are being crated with long range cameras. night vision sensor or able to identify any suspicious activities a lie detector is a virtual food guarding to be vote, and also be piloted the e u attempts to find a solution. and if all else fails, anyone attempting to cross the board that will face the huge. see you the idea of building a wall to keep people out is you going go from thing is included such plan between the us and mexico. the you raise concerns in europe, we have a history that has told us that every time that once invests in divisions and
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was you might end up being in a prison. if you build all worlds around you and we have any history on the tradition and an identity based on the fact that we celebrate, when wolves are broke down and bridges are built fast forward, if he is late and europe is playing, coffee catch, hemming itself in human rights groups say that these new developments, all worrying, when you put buyers, find another way. these ways normally are depending on smugglers. this weighs more dangerous and more and more suffering. so you have many people who know very well just by trying to come with it being the neighbors their life. and when they don't have any other choice in life, they would make even that difficult for them to see people are going to lose their lives. people for the dying outside of the board is sure. but anyway, you know,
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cancer, sleep wise, he goes to sleep, but i'm not dying. you know, doing that just dying for this is something that instrument. it's something that you need to stop and it is something that you need to change. of those are suspicious that measures such as the ai powered lloyd detection, are essentially being tested out before being rolls out. why? we are seeing the borders and in treating for nationals generally is that it's often a testing field for technologies that are later than used on european as well. and that's why everybody should care in their own self interest. what is happening at the borders you is under pressure to show that it's doing some things, but that doesn't mean that it's getting it right. you migration policy failures
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were recently highlighted by the un, which says that it was putting human rights at risk. countries are increasingly defending their food. as all was approx 27 members. they still continue to argue among the 12 and an e. u gratian on this island, it's still active. reach georgia tv ski o t, paris the russian cities and petersburg coast. one of the biggest events to the business calendar this week, i guess, heard from keynote speakers, including russian president vladimir putin. it gave his views on domestic and global issues in portraying comes across all the highlights for us from the 1st face to face global financial event of the year. here in the rushing northern capital at the st. petersburg international economic form, the biggest international offline business gathering since the peak of the pandemic . for the 1st time we heard the russian president talk about what he expects of his
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upcoming summit with joe biden. they're meeting as president for the 1st time. you've got the machine, we plan to discuss banana relations and we need to find ways to regulate them because they are a very low point. at the moment we'll be talking about strategic stability, regulating conflicts in the world, hotspots disarmament, the pandemic, and the environment. it will soon be exactly one year since washes 1st vaccines put an agree was registered for use in this country. and the experience in the use of vaccines has allowed watermark to talk about what he called impressive success by russia. scientists not a single loss of life as a result of the use of any of the, for vaccines made in russia. metrics. so if you didn't, russia, as you know, makes its own contribution to the fights against corona virus. we have, for vaccines develop domestically, and the accomplishments of our scientists have got wide recognition across the
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world. sputnik v has already been registered in 66 countries homes, more than 3200000000 people. i would like to highlight that we haven't just used all unique technologies, not just created capabilities for manufacturing vaccines in russia. rule for helping other countries to develop their own production capacity. something else we found out from president, if you are not a citizen of russia, and for some reason you don't have access to vaccines in your country soon you will be able to come to russia and get vaccinated if you pay money. of course, a lot of our potent pretty much gave the green light to vaccine tourism. so to say, when you do it, we just covering our own needs of the widespread practice of people from other countries coming specifically to russia to get the job against corona virus. in this regard, i would like to off the government to analyze all aspects of this issue by the end of the month in compliance. of course,
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with those safety measures and sanitary requirements to organize the conditions performance that to them to get a chance to have the vaccine on a commercial basis. then another leader who took part in that discussion was austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz, he thanked latimer, potent for russia's efforts in fighting the global covert pandemic, and also for the proposals that he has been making for the export and production of the japs. mr. curts also said that he regrets the fact that the european medical agency husband, too slow and approving the use of these putting jap sort of came in. it doesn't matter where back same comes from, from russia, from the us or from china. every bit of success in the 5 guys, corona barra is a shared success of the entire world for the good of all people. and therefore, your politics should not stand in the ways of those developments. question need also said that the claim that russia is ignoring the global efforts to fight climate change is an absolute myth and invite an international investors and
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business to take part in the new green projects that are being launched in russia. not a big names talk to us. we also spoke to hungary, forum and associate, his views about a covey, 19 vaccine partnership, maybe with russia. you don't get a commission made a big mistake at the very beginning by considering vaccines as if they were issues of ideology or geo politics. and they made made a mistake regarding the, the contract as well. because if you look at the united states, the united kingdom, israel, they've been using best vaccines as well, but they received much more at the beginning, they were able to, to start their vaccination campaign watch was much more quickly compared to the european union. so there was a big mistake because timing, timing was very bad. so that's why our experts have from to russia and i have gone
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to china as well. so after a very thorough and very long procedure, they have given the emergency use authorization. so it's not that we would have started to use your or the chinese vaccine in a blind way. it was not the case. there was a very far old procedure to look into it, which was the 1st term vaccine we signed contracts about and the russian. 3 direct investment fund has already completed the deliveries together. 2000000 jobs have arrived and they are basically completely vaccinated and delivery from support. and that's a lot to be on the top of the european leak in this regard and to be able to open up. so i'm very happy to see here, so many people, i'm happy to see your life coming back to russia. and if you come to hunger, you will see that this is basically a similar situation on the back in hungary candidates prime minister friday urged the catholic church to apologize for its role in the deaths of children,
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residential schools for indigenous people. the remains of more than $200.00 children. some ingenious 3 were discovered an unmarked burial sites at one former institution. thing is going to be a really important moment for all of us, particularly catholics across the country to reach out in our local parishes to reach out to bishop's cardinals. and make it clear that we expect the church to take up and step up and take responsibility for its role in this catholic entities are being blamed for not providing records from the schools. they were operating half of the residential schools in canada at the time run by the catholic church until the late 19th sixty's was funding provided by the government. new findings, once again though, for the country now to confront the risk and often deadly policy of retraining. first nations, people says, could taylor had this disturbing report in the week?
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canada, a shining example of maximum woken us. a place where there is no mankind. there are just people is the love that's going to change the future of mankind. so we'd like you to, we like to say people kind, not necessarily mankind, more inclusive. turns out though, the beneath the glitzy slogan of inclusive a t law is a project past. harrowing use has emerged in british columbia of a mass grave of 215 children. indigenous children who are ripped from their homes and forcibly enrolled in one of the largest indian residential schools. the news that remains were found at the former. com loops residential school breaks my heart . it is a painful reminder of that dark and shameful chapter of our country's history. i am thinking about every one affected by this distressing news. we are here for you.
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the residential school system was indeed dark and shameful set up by the government and run by churches these what educational facilities for fast people need. they want really, they were in dr. nation camps into european and christian ways of living native languages. what bond and traditions frozen out reports reveal, but children were under fed, under clothes and often house and sanitary conditions. to the extent that one medical inspector wrote 24 percent of previously healthy children began tying in these facilities stories of abuse, physical, emotional and sexual, were rife. 2 8 8 8 the i. 8 do you mean fear was that it wasn't you today that was going to be the
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target, the victim. you know, you weren't going to have to suffer any form of humiliation. he learned not to cry anymore. get harder. and yet you learn to shut down. oh, the, i couldn't talk a word of english. i talked cree and i was abused for that hit and made to try to talk english. i lost my language. they threatened us with a strapping. you spoke it. within a year, i lost all of it. with. 8 i used to him, i tried to trying. 2 to print school to take him to the hospital, he didn't. after about 2 weeks, my brother was in so much pain. he was going out of his mind. i pleaded with the principal for days to take him to the doctor. ah, they started to actually take advantage of me and abuse me, not one, not too many,
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many people for very long time until i was 16. i held everything in and didn't tell anybody for 20 years. and they had no one to tell because they were slated from their families and communities all to make them true. canadians prove a century the central goals of canada's aboriginal policy would cause aboriginal people to cease to exist. they stablish ment and operation of residential schools were central elements of this policy which can best be described as a cultural genocide. the scale of this cultural genocide is startling. a 150000 children over a 130 years. and if you think it's ancient history, it's not. the last residential school was shot in 1996 over 4000 deaths by miss treatment, neglect, and disease with families often never learning about children, fate, many atrocities and consensus which you know,
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are unbearable to here. and you know, for us, you know, we, you know, to learn that your potential find, you know, from the professionals that were brought in, you know, we are very much for that. the past is a dark place filled with unforgivable moments. it's an inescapable part of life. but to rebrand yourself is the bastion of humanity, as a motto of inclusivity that preaches to others, how they should live, while the bones of oppress children lie beneath your feet. it's nothing but an example of the hypocrisy of insincerity. so often embedded in the work of the western world. so using the white people kind might food a guilty conscience, but it will make the skeletons in your course, it go away. you know, it's all well and good for the federal government to make gestures of goodwill and
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support regarding the strategy. but as a community burdened with this legacy of the dark, dark chapter of canadian history and the federally mandated indian residential school system. there is an important ownership and accountability for both the columns and all the communities and families that it has affected. and you know, there's still a lot of work that needs to get done and you know, and a lot of things that are still happening. and what looks like, you know, some is already well accounted for in the, the, to the reconciliation final report. but there are other aspects that are unique, which are the unique needs of communities as well. still ahead in the sundays weekly from our with me, kevin. and we've got a special report for you from the central african republic country ravaged by civil war. we look at how russian instruct is helping to end the conflict
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the join me every thursday on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. oh, when i was the wrong one, all just don't the rules yes to shape out the same because the attitude and engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves will depart and we choose to look for common ground in the summer
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solutions. that's where i would look at the problems and look at the solution. and today we've got the one only marshall auerbach is the market analyst at levy institute research and tragic follower of the toronto police. but maybe this is they, are they want to stanley cup? ah, this week his 3 russians into local police officers were killed by an improvised explosive devices. the central african republic battles rebels in its brutal civil war. moscow has been helping the government there by sending instruct his small alms in compliance with you in resolutions and a conflict with luxury been ignored by world world media in march. so you and human rights group expressed alarm. the nation's increased use of private, military and foreign security contracts. as the agency says,
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human rights abuses are linked to private military personnel and for insecurity firms operating with the forces longer leave who this was part of a special report. my correspondent constantine wrote coffee in the central african republic where he met members of that russian support team that are there the we're flying out of the capital bon key issue, the cd ball at the border with chad. this is our per plane by the way. we were told that that area where we go in is controlled by the government for the most part, but there are still groups of rebels hiding in the jungle and the intact convoys or out post every now and then the country looks p salt but only when you see from above ever since the central african republic gained independence from france and 960. the situation here has been volatile. the rebels might have some pretty serious defeat in the past. but there is still a very real threat in some parts of the country. that's why or ask for,
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it was absolutely necessary. you feel some sense of security only after entering the military base where the local army, stationed along with their russian instructors. but in this facility came under attack just 4 months ago in 2018. the central african government control only a small part of the country. the rest belong to brutal warlords in their gangs. that's when president for staff are shot to dera, asked russia for out with the approval of the un security council. the moscow start to stand in like weapons and instructors to train the army. but how to turn the tide now, the government claims it controls over 90 percent of its territory. you can still how many russian instructions are there in our 535 instructors. what are they allowed to do here? do they train only in the open fire? they cannot open fire unless the life sign danger or somebody shoot,
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the russian can find a bag right. have available. yes, they need to defend themselves. the russian instructor is, is d. r. are still part of the russian army, but certainly have that military experience for security reasons. they don't want to be identified and don't give their real. one of the tasks that the russians and local military carry out together is the sporting civilian convoys. 2 soldiers, a flimsy shack, a fire, and an old harpies drying over a wooden fence. that's about all we found at the road checkpoint that isn't those doing still fear in the enemy? the police here also didn't seem for a minute and at least not in the village, we visit it. it's no surprise the militants send this to the venue. they came and started shooting at the innocent people and then just disappeared over. finally, we made it to the border with camera and there is
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a rushing out which looks much more solid than everything we've seen along the way . basically, this is a stronghold where all the incoming trucks are being organized and convoys, none as horrid. further last thing. another possible and now they have rifle in the back of the car and we are warned this part of our journey might be dangerous to jo level. so i was in the passenger seat next to the driver was good. and with lighting a cigarette, which is low cost, my driver right under my nose was told over the convoy made it to no tree base of sunset. no incidents were reported this time. let me actually show you where are we going to sleep? because it's, it's quite something we can see a lot of weapons and ammo. there's someone's gun. this guy is known as godaddy, and he's been in the country for almost a year. now. there is
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a huge drip by his bad grinding. so using a to treat malaria his recently contract it. and how would you explain who in international worry or is truthful is the person who helps the nations in a difficult situation. when people need protection the, the day we're flying deeper in the woods to see. go ahead to see a gold mine in the village they were recently captured from rebels is on the south, but i, c. r is actually rich with minerals and crushes metals. but for this country, it's been both of laughing at a curse the as we flee over the thing jungle. i was sitting close to a supply of hand grenade the crew. keep them in case they're fired at from the ground and they need to scare the shooters off.
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the village we saw was typical for c r 4 and devastated people like basic things like food and clothes. and they haven't seen much of the outside world. the road that leads to the gold mine was fried a little over a month ago. some times rebels come back during the night and lay minds hoping to blow up and those re truck and seized weapons and ammo was just fast. the truck there was that exploded on my back my name. but how do we know that there are no minds that we just look range. so this should be visible. there was a tip off from logos. we saw our man crossing this part of the road last night. the military decided to check thoroughly if they had laughed,
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planted any explosives or with up oh my god, serial might cause is it a real mine issue there? yes, there is a definitely to the mind is real and then thank one belgium production. they got to destroy the tribe right there. so we have to go away. the question is a 4 is how do the warlords get situ deadly weapons? and what is clearer is where they get their money. so with come to the village of sliders work at the gold mine looks like everyone's gone. the 1st villagers here. they are still scared of men with guns. local rebels used to force them to
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work in gold mines like this as slaves and killed. those refused to do the job or were too exhausted to carry on. now it's relatively safe and people can keep the golden or to themselves the, the you are a rich man. great. how much money you will get for this amount of on the set, something done. if you missed something building up, its military is the most pressing issue for c r. now this country has vast and fertile land, enormous deposits available resources and are working in order to make this work. the violence house just constantly roscoe archie from the central african republic . ah
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when i was sure seemed wrong when i was just don't the room to fill out the same after an engagement equal trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in the.


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