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as a korea professional thought is much tougher on some than others are year old myers by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl. the price paid to, to, to achieve really was, was how to read in the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girls. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office, i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's going to start linking all this together. there's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming. is that documentary? i see it on r t the the
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the, what are the mirror now? one, julie, ma'am i can get in there. are you on the largest recorder? hummadi duncan, we will not to heal. our love are help. yea, yea. yea, she made one the next one to begin with the conduct of not because the car up new kids similar be to see them or not. i think i might get through on this order, but the i got to see about getting a lot of boy nice when i got home john,
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when you get possibly. 7 done sometimes but. 6 i did send it to me the ah, ah not many people in india or as famous as her. she's done in feature films, documentaries, and she's received international awards. her name is somebody. she's the leader of the pink gang for in hindi. the go, lovey guy the violence against women is
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a major problem in india. the worst and highest profile cases have provoked mass riots. for example, but 2012 case of a gang rape in delhi stood out the range all over the country. the sample is part of the solution. she doesn't pass laws or conduct rates. she helped in other ways. she tell us the country to meet. listen and talk to people the made on online to hulu. ma'am, i couldn't get any of the largest recorder to be a low man boy to get a good buddy. man, that's it. but i was scared by the photos and the
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name and a rod turned to try to give her again to give it a minute to get those give you to warm. would you like me to order that i'm against the board. that was done on my side, they couldn't go to my would cause i did that. i gave the did it by the name of the nobody knows give us or someone the one on sunday the someone just didn't get older skin bother me to pick maggie or somebody pal. he has similar or even worse stories at every pink gang meeting. i just, oh i like. yeah, going by the i think the linda linda celebrity than the,
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pardon me. the one good old a buddy of mine. ha ha ha ha ha ha. now, the bonded comedy on my side, he be able by hand all the body from federal vol lives on from the outside. it might look like a cult gathering, but in reality, what they teach here is really quite mundane. people come to talk and to discuss common domestic problems. but he did with the sub one day, a lot. made some modality, kamala lobby, gang, can nancy, born in the mid done in the lobby, gay? the germany be assigned to him? i don't p the money. select uncle, but i may bottom up in the middle golf. i will not think about it. that tough little got it,
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but for many do not damage. some i have to, i don't know would sit by the side committee will not be bought by the bucket full don't they will to but the school many kids with the job my day out of today. but he, in on him when he got leave the money, the nominal kia can be called no model woman made me to soccer. they had me get out all the way up new kids, similar from the beaches, people out tomorrow. i think i might all get on with my daughter tomorrow in duncan, for the 40 on this order, but the newport news will him. i just wanna jot him. i don't see, i gotta allow the use
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in my notes to got it. but why don't, madame music is gone? i'm doing the at the side, the automated lawyer, the monday to the dorm, to get that i have the last monday on monday could be one, day 3, and a good day. i'm sorry, but a way to deal with my auto mail ticket the day peter give out the snake. jakey don't hear from tampa. sounds good. i need to get a quote on my game tonight. autumn does. i'm good job. my bill is 20 feet a man. all kittens golf. he's in my god i gave her,
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gave to me or give me a quick but i love i love door to carlos cuz on the weird the images are live in a month or 2 and the 4 digit. but danny, i'm going to thing to do what it would be would be to on monday be what if some pat pal was leading a gang of men, he government would have plenty of reasons to worry. thousands of uniformed followers all over the country. each one armed with traditional battens, but the pink gang leader only teaches indian women self defense. i think our kids will lobby dinky bringing home lackey then this event there was a total house on a hospital g modest to stop the local st banking company that i you up in the lot.
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i've been lots of people up not up and i got margaret up in the hot margaret. i do go wrong. i don't think i'm i'll be thought i have been so i like and how i got even bondsville making a big party about my dilemma is some got done. well. yeah, i'll call you. i'll be mighty something may oh doctor let you won't be sorry. i'm going to stop and i will call it, but i've not gone la, la jolla, i'm are lucky then that's all not yet. but how many do this if you will, lin him and they come, he won good. you might, if they, hey, you take a mile up or not. they had one quarter. i see one thing. yeah. my sample pound is no feminist. women's rights activist in the western sense, earth is a kind of folk wisdom and the fighting moves. she teaches more like tricks that can be used in daily life. for example, how to use an opponent's power against them. first yield and then push back. but be
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open to me, got a job. i hope this is sad for her daddy. her other i have got the fire daddy kelly, but the bottom you go ha ha ha. nissan value by now i got out of cut off from a bad one. the me cut out, but the other problem it's got to tell you how many of you want to mash any other explaining how and sometimes got i got them saying that it's got to be done that because the teenage girl in the north of india was gang raped she later died from her injuries in new delhi hospital. the statistics show that more than 16 women in every 100000 in india have suffered
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domestic abuse. most of the problems sampan pal is approached about the don't involve violence per se, but routine family issues. for example, a husband with a drinking problem who borrows against the family home. that's the type of story she usually has. a yes. i'm not going to go to i actually did, i was actually the money up now i gotta see car clinic, i will will. i'm not going to be here. i might not be got a car, but when would you guys know when i did it before? when i got to see jim in the beginning region who made a month with
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a boat quickly made him go in and got me to see me at any last minute. put it, but a lot of that. so of him legal made it some. but the why didn't do, would you say, would you did say i was watching are good german, but there are too many p ma'am, but a lot of say 40000 or t p young. they have me up and they have got to keep up the top of your house. i do some i have to buy let's all my now and then i will. how do you start up by the economy? the economy, but i've bought it go to do hummadi,
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hulu. live my life guilt and trust me when i got to get back because he had the war ottoman, the other little group was off on the was the name on the was it or you know, people name my son. my now because a lot of lucky was auto. yeah. he by now my mike, he had all of my be the big one that he had the why did they only got the phone jody, jody. she should be calling on the bottom. i was told to report it if you needed needed my knowledge maybe bottom beside the bottom
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bottom. if you made it may go now monday. ah oh i i need an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten to wipe out an american we do everything in our power to project in water escaping climate change poses the same threat right now. alaska has seen some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world. we lost about 3535 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring it is bad and that means the river is $35.00
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pounds. then learning was year before, i think we're part of america, the 3rd from or america for worse summer solutions. that's right. we look at the problems and look at the solution. and today we've got the one and only marshall auerbach is the market analyst, the levy institute researcher and tragic follower of the toronto police. but maybe this is they, are they want to stanley cup the i don't know. i mean there's some fits in there were rescuing the food that they were not scavenging or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, holla, panels,
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onions, all of these came from waste ground sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people in our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. the in the every leader needs a trustee, assistance in the pink gangs case. you might expect to see a girl at some per pallet side, but the pink gang leaders right hand is
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a man who she once helped the piano from london just to get out of town for the new camelot equal to call us. and they say no longer made a lot of people are going to get better so we can make a bother you about the federal cc her escape to escape that got the last key george about not a month to think that i want to hear have i let law studies ok sort of got to get out. got a lot that a key piece nearby. bottle gray come in
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a to go and he says that god on monday your boss many common but chinese you don't get it done. me that i walker neela gave me got my name, my name. you don't need to be read on. perfect to be on monday. we can send you money. get to do with doing the gentleman. you've got to get a walk. may i want your name on the why that would that a bad job makalya or mr. to make one the sky about maybe a couple of thought. a automated with dining with a lot of key are dogs and i did it, but he will. level job is that okay, i'll just give them it up but just to get them to see the children involved in
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a woman was forced to walk naked in front of a crowd of them badly beaten local residue. i suspected her of murdering a let me look up and remember, you know law school them because he had told me then again but valley is not a typical robin hood who fight to defend the por, she's on very good terms with the authorities to go along further with a bet on and by light legal inquiry, them just about on the come out a domain name. little my name is chuck is that at the start were
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just seen char moment. hello. she's got 2 main ways to do some blows. that miller, because i'm going to be going to get the student section. but i'm going to get to the gutter. i assume. go with a book. i'm not gonna be a lot of bulky really. you're ta shoot. we're, we're just, you know, go for your message. the little coupler, sort of how can you go to the other one as you go you got the talk are going to get a message for the student body helpline. you're the
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109 you don't was but i'm glad that i don't remember what it and i got a little randy with the nice sort of the bond money. yeah. yeah. you might think somebody would take the woman's side in any conflict, but that's not what happens. even in the seemingly straightforward case of gang rape in delhi, the pink gang leader managed to criticize the victims behavior. and they get something to me and i have gotten what think it was maybe a little kiki go t t lay bus man i put in the other one. how is some lives in the, how to mall, starting from one to be can you know, the number one you may dot one dot g u yes, exactly why i put in there, but i did up out of this are people linkage audio, but
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a mob bill need data, you the p p not the automate had gotten mixed up with what they had a document on their quote which might go to hand home nailer to 50. i'm good, even audible. nobody are the me, it's got an automated but because my dad bought a may not need a date with the name and i saw the man. yes ma'am. i don't see it. i tell my husband miguel, who rode the bus and the dog man going back to our loan. if we get to it or you know what those gave him body ma'am, which is a while to ride a bus. while all my food is on the
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subordinate, the last the and to maybe 9 me, there's already to ask me some budget by the it was really nice. understand that the customer got someone who said be via 3rd gotta you gotta keep up. but bottom line is your case one that's unless are going to be all those out. and the height on my case ought to be by hello. my name is india to question the amendment by linda about the site. i think i'm luck on got it on the new school. i mean
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dining and let me i may have gotten there and he got me. they've got me maybe bought but he agreed holding out a job. i'm not somebody say bought a car there. call my tony, i've got a nice hot, i've kind of know maybe you can open up your car. you want to go into that as in the only think i don't like the auto buildable i guess auto. now hold on the he'd be like, hey, i've got to move it peter dallas, looking about the job. listen, you know, to me only if somebody puts me on the need anyhow. got, i mean,
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i'm going. c to. c c go along with the, the, my medi the and i thought over then, but i began with the tonic con elaine that just to look them up. when they came out, the in the carla caught her eye medical of course we did not feel like i've gotten my from high thump, but 5 d the you have about them. but that the low part, nick only got a school is cool. and then you take out of this and go to school and pick guy or gal guy. but had there too much in support happening in the schools. don't always say finder in the state of registering. a woman was
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quarantined in a local school. 3 men broke in one night and they all raped by the stick. fighting lessons for indian girls are self defense class and a confidence booster. if you see a girl in a pink, sorry, welding about on rest assured she's in the pink gang and if you hama member, you'll have it both to deal with the whole, but the be for him just on me, matter will begin by now. so i had nobody to say, hey, i mean not all already saw one job, but not. is that a made up of the game that's from one me? ball, sorry, low they had made a number to be part. i had you see my luck. i didn't say what you will and what,
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what most importantly about the autumn now it's important. have you made up your, your saw him on him and when you're done cutting will be the one home. and now what i going good. got it. got it. got it. in the autumn levels, that's managing the new car sales. i'm going to fade on some but i still, my argument will be with him. i can just name it. it's just that i do most if somebody probably would just are going to somebody. finally, we will get those said, man, i'm, i didn't die, you will be on hey, when does that? that when i said the outside the map and they put me guys in my law, why? why not that? i did not. i not,
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he got the oh i when i was shot the wrong when i was just don't the room. yes to see out the thing because after an engagement equals the trail went to many find themselves. well, the part we choose to look for common ground in
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the we're segregated all along my social class. most people don't know. so when i 1st if you're born in 2 of 4 family, you're born into a minority family. if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your live chances, people die on average. 15 years older you born in the generational poverty, it's a, it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. me so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very political time, time to sit down and talk to the or i see in the story. you shake the way care not a year prevails his latest weapon to deter migrants. a powerful acoustic canon is being used to show up its board. is this the broke southern states demand for action? i made a spike newcomers also to come. we look back at the 1st face to face. global financial event of the year is business leaders gathered in some pages long. the guess was president putin to announce plans for vaccine tourism industry. and israel's opposition just to give parliament and official statements on a new coalition government on monday, which could end benjamin netanyahu was 12 years thin is prime minister
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