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the, the, the, the american investigators recover millions of dollars paid to hunkers, who attacked a major us pipeline operator last month. the breaches being widely blamed on moscow ratcheting up anti russia rhetoric ahead of the putin. by summit next week, we're actually the new k awarding foreign property investors to avoid buying in britain as being offered worthless, and unsafe real estate. they say often with hidden costs covered in the kinds of flooding. and that's the grams of power. touch the video of an american father and daughter speaking again. critical race theory has gone viral. receiving 2000000 views on twitter becomes amid and ongoing debates in america about the role of c, r t in education of politics. how we treat people is based on the they are and
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if they're nice in tomorrow, ah you watching on t international thanks for joining us. investigators have recovered millions of dollars in run some money that was paid to the dark side, hacking at work. the group admitted carrying out the tank last month on america's largest fuel pipeline operator. the colonial pipeline company that resulted in fuel shortages in several states and is being widely blamed on russia. department of justice has found and recaptured the majority of the ransom colonial paid to the dark side network. in the wake of last month's ransomware attack, we have joined other government partners to expose a cyber tool developed by the russian g r u. now once again,
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fingers are being pointed at russia without evidence. now, it's important to note that the colonial pipeline hack which took place caused fuel shortages all throughout the south east united states at the time that it happened . joe biden came forward and said that there was not evidence of the russian government being involved so far. there is no evidence based on from our intelligence people that russia is involved. although there is evidence that the actors, ransomware is in russia. they have some responsibilities to deal with this. we also heard from russian officials who made clear that they were not responsible for what happened. and these allegations being heard in us media were simply unsubstantiated . now from what we understand the white house has indicated that these cyber attacks will certainly be a topic for discussion when present biden and present to meet on june 16th in geneva. now there have been some rather cheated words from various us officials in
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the lead. up to that meeting, we would prefer to have a more stable, predictable relationship with russia. we've made that clear, but we've made equally clear that if russia chooses to act aggressively or recklessly toward us or toward our allies and partners, will respond. you really have to treat russia like it's virtually a criminal enterprise. they, they harbor criminals, they, they, they don't appreciate the rule of law or any kind of level of personal freedom. and i do think we have to push back. now the meeting that is coming up, the summit set for june 16th is certainly widely anticipated and we're hearing quite a bit of intense words that are in and it probably to set the atmosphere. worky leaks revealed that the c i, a hacking division is over has over 5000 registered user users. and then a recent report in newsweek magazine revealed that there are some 60000 off the record department of defense. people working. some of them are
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working in hacking, some of the more working in other areas there. there are people who are not in uniform, but there are tens of thousands of these people who are being employed to do who knows what. so i'm hoping that the media will change, it is tone will start looking for evidence and, and instead of throwing to insight friction between moscow and washington will looked along the long picture where it's in the interest of both the american and the russian people to have cooperation and to reduce tensions rather than inciting, more tensions and hostility video of an american fall. the daughter joe, speaking out against critical race theory, has gone viral on social media. comes admitted ongoing debate in the us about the role of c, r t and education and politics. it doesn't matter if you're black or white or
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anyhow, doesn't matter if you're black and white. brown. yeah. right. black in how we treat people is based on who they are. and if they're nice to see this is, this is our choosing. think right here, critical race theory wants to in. now we might, you not going to happen, although it is called the 2000000 views on twitter. the theory itself was put forward 40 years ago. it essentially suggests racism is systemic. not demonstrated just by individuals with prejudices. c, l t has been widely criticized. conserved is called for a band only being taught in schools. my colleagues in an ill spoke to the mom behind that video, you saw the korea. sure. i just think people are waking up to what's going on in the vision that's been going on. and i think people are tired, man, there are teachers that are tar that are writing, meets people going up the school boards now. yeah,
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i think people want to stand up because they see that they're trying to brainwash our children into seeing each other for the color they are and not the character that they are. how would you describe corey, why critical race theory as proof, so divisive? i would say when you tell any group of people that their whole pressures, because of the color of their skin and you tell the other group that they are a pressed because of the color and they're seeing, you're going to find push back. you are going to see people standing up. we know what martin luther king said, right just by the content of our care, not the color of our scheme. and when we see people trying to implement that into our schools, on to our children, you're going to push back. you haven't held back talking, but black lives matter either. you said the movement is for the destruction of america under families. can you just open up and why did you say that? well, the co founder said she was
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a marxist. so we know what marxism leads to and that's communism that socialism. so for me and for america, that's not what we're about. activists in the u. k. are advising foreign property investors to steer clear of britain. they warn developers are selling unsafe real estate covered in the tons of clothing that lead to the grunfeld tower tragedy. often they say this is on the worthless will, comes with a host of hidden costs relating to safety. then fox, the creative, an online map of problem properties, explain the situation to us. the u. k. as of now, none of the building and none of the lease holds particularly new builds can be trusted to be purchased. because why find in the range of buildings vass ah, unsafe have issues and ultimately because of the 8th of the us,
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one ratings on our valued, they were pounds, you know, they can't be sold again. so we want people's particularly from overseas, tend to be very careful with buy in buildings, especially from the major developers, are still marketing overseas. the clattering scandal received worldwide attention when grunfeld tower in london went up in flames in 2017. the fire, which started from the fridge, freezer on the 4th floor, spread rapidly because of the climbing. it took almost 24 hours for firefighters to contain the blaze. 72 people lost their lives, or they show their interest. actually looks at how the government has been handling the problem almost 4 years old from the grunfeld tower tragedy. the government is still trying to learn from mistakes, especially as thousands of homes across the country are still covered in the very same material. grunfeld was the deadline to apply for funding to remove the closing, but already many of how to fit to build themselves to keep their home safe after
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grandchild. in june 2018, we will immediately have to pay for waking watches. we are still paying for waking watches. so now you know, our service charges have, you know, skyrocket church. we are facing another bill of so far the seas around $33000.00 to remove the planning but i think it's more we are really, really struggling. i'm a pensioner, i'm 76 and all my savings for now. and i can find work students, append the 1st phase of the public inquiry into the grunfeld tower tragedy that came the lives of 72. from the having was the principal reason for the rapid spread of the fire. but to give you an idea of the scale of the ongoing crisis currently around full point, $6000000.00 flats are still considered dangerous due to the material on them. also
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making them on sellable. and while the government has agreed to come up 5000000000 pounds, that's only a 3rd of what's actually needed. and a legal amendment protecting homeowners from half the bills was voted down by the conservatives in april. we have demonstrated, certainly have been to, you know, we are still in talks with the bill barret to build up have we, you know, what these properties in? good faith, have to foot the bill. we've been to m p. 's and even the opposition leader tried to, you know, put forward a bill to chased of these whole loss, but of course, the conservative as well to the down. so we're back to square one. the government insists residence being shielded from those call. building safety remains the responsibility of the building owner and they must take swift action to remediate
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safety issues without putting on costs to leaseholders. our priority is making sure residents are safe in their homes as quickly as possible, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that remediation work backed by government funding is completed to the highest standard. but none of this is stop the government from taking out foreign investors and selling off those dangerous buildings. unsurprisingly, then closing outrage among those effected i did a bit of research. i couldn't find any project that kind of shows you how many buildings across the u. k. over my or anything like that. and i would quite confirmed that this information was publicly available. you know, you might get to build in the haven't got to read in yet. muncie by the rhetoric can change and you will be liable for the costs. besides breaks in man that we now pay 61000 pounds a week for 2475 patrols, certainly not in the interest of the british economy in regards to received
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by it effects the maybe one or 2 buildings that have the issue. they will think it's ok, i will be safe with a new bill. if we can prove from our ma that people are registered in buildings on you bills. you know, they are all over the country. they are different heights, different edges. we are proving that this is a nationwide problem. portfolio is all new from the grunfeld tower tragedy. and still thousands of people are going to bed at night scared if another tragedy is simply waiting to happen. to edit saucy all to london nations stick and echoing a nancy rallying cry that saw rushes foreign ministry seas ukraine's new football kit for the road. 2020 championships start later this week. the front of the kid features a map of ukraine and include cry mirror even though the peninsula rejoined russia
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in 2014 and below the color. it displays the slogans: glory, to ukraine, and glory to heroes associated slogans with the country's pro nazi paramilitary troops during the 2nd world war there frequently as low slogans heard the far right demonstrations in mid a spike in nationalistic sentiment in the country. oh yeah . this. yeah, this is foreign ministry spokesperson. there is a harvison that says just have no place in spoke. this is another, it's hand by cave state propaganda to consolidate in the public consciousness. a slogan that many korean brought associate with the ukrainian insurgent army lead based upon bundy era and their crimes. during the 2nd world war chrome, it continues to be a stony issue between moscow and kia. historically, russian residents voted overwhelmingly for reification with russia in
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a referendum. the ukraine still considered crime in to be part of its territory. and he would be involved governing body way for insisting crane 02020 kit does meet with the organizations rules that despite the thing in the charter, quote, provocative messages of a political, ideological, religious, or offensive danger. all band. we spoke to sports columnist, ella moore, who says ukraine's created an unwelcome distraction for his place. there's no point order and you're trying to kind of get attention or flat. we took several pretty bad before was because they're not going to be certain door like yours is yours. every country, every country was kind of who we wanted to try and showed themselves and kind of lacking and as well as pushing forward to go there. so you've got this, you know, i guess you could say like, this pretty election for showing off when another nation's or not for sure. or
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there are 2 nations. so that might be the case in the case ukraine. right now, i think this is a really bad move the ukraine because of this and also better, i don't think the most right thinking and intelligent fans, we backing ukrainians on this world news, pakistani authorities a clearing the wreckage of a deadly train collision that occurred on monday in which, more than 50 people died, heavy machinery was brought in to remove the mango carriages. soldiers stood guard accident happened when a passenger train derailed and was then hit by a 2nd trying. the canadian protest is toppled and beheaded a statue of interest and ross in one of the architects of the countries controversial residential school system. the son she was erected on the university campus that bears his name. the protest was in honor of 215 children. this remains
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were found the site of a former residential school for indigenous canadians and several cars were destroyed after law sing. coal opened up in a car park that was outside a medical center in jerusalem. the hospital had those says no body was injured. we thought excavation work of tunnels at a nearby mote away may have led to the collapse magazine reveals germany's health minister wanted to distribute unusable masks, the homeless, and people with disabilities. after spending more than a 1000000000 euros on a launch consignment from china last year, bringing the full story after the break. ah no. when i was shot, the wrong one, all just don't. the rules?
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yes, to shape out. the thing becomes the aptitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, depart. we choose to look for common ground driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask me. ah ah
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ah. back german government seems to learn from previous mistakes, allegations of corruption of a mass purchases last year. the german health minister now again involved in a similar scandal with details is peter oliver. german health minister, yen spawns in hot water again over his handling of the covert pandemic. this time, it's in relation to allegations made in the news magazine. there spiegel, the article alleges that the government was planning to dish out masks, and p p that didn't meet you standards to vulnerable groups, including the disabled, the homeless, and those receiving welfare payments. the center of this all masks, and the claim being that these particular ones were purchased in spring 2020 at the
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height of a global p. p shortage for the princely sum from 1000000000 euro from china. the problem being, they didn't come up to the code required for use in the european union. the health ministry here in germany has denied all of these allegations. cool not. and these are corona, virus protection mosques, and would have helped protect people against infection. they were tested several times according to the procedures from the institute for drugs and medical devices in german certification organizations. they were validated as offering protection against infection. politicians from other parties, particularly when there's an election just around the corner. want to see mr. spon appear before them and answer some questions. once again in span, wanted to get rid of useless masks by trying to give them to groups and meet in our society. that is simply impossible to be can terms of cynicism and is absolutely unacceptable. that of all people with disabilities,
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the homeless and recipients of basic income support should be supplied with inadequate masks shakes me deeply. i expect an explanation from spawn himself and a comprehensive clarification of the allegations. it no longer seems to matter that the health minister, once again seems to care less about the health of disabled and social disadvantage . people when its own failures are covered up. and once again, it seems to doesn't much that have been some is burned. while the idea of inferior must for the poor and needy has more than a little bit of a, let me take feel about it. the health ministers boss is standing by her mom. when i see what is happening to yes, it really lacks any factual basis. we have to pose it now. the thing is, chancellor miracle's health minister is no stranger when it comes to controversy throughout the pandemic. he's been in and out of the newspapers here in germany over his real estate dealings, including the purchase. busy of a $4000000.00 euro plus mansion in berlin, as well as an extensive portfolio of over holdings. while on his watch,
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allegations of fraud have been made at some testing centers. where the number of tests claimed to being carried out was far higher than the actual number completed . $660000000.00 euro was paid out in april and may centers get 18 euro per test completed. leading to more questions about mr. spawns leadership of the health ministry after the masks. now the tests, the failure of management by the health ministry has taken on unacceptable proportions. the health minister is said the allegations of corruption or fraud will be investigated fully. while the health ministry has said that there's no truth to the story that they were planning good masks for the halves and bad masks for the have nots. but that doesn't seem to be good enough for german lawmakers who are demanding to see again spawns in the pond. the stag, answering their questions some time in the very a future teacher,
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oliver artie berlin, supporters of gillian assault. as you're trying to raise global awareness of the whistle blowers plight ahead of next week's russia. us summit in switzerland activists, a set of temporary monument to the wikileaks found alongside ones of edward snowden and chelsea. money on the shores of lake geneva. they also held a news conference calling on president bind america's hounding of songs. his fiance was among the speakers and is a criminal operation, a criminal aberration that he is in a prison self, in no same world, should join us on, in a prison. so for revealing the state crimes concrete evidence of state crimes, the same state is trying to extradite him and so far has kept him in some form of deprivation of liberty for a decade. genie in the song you're currently in belmont prison in the u. k. and
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prior to that, spend 7 years hold up in ecuador, an embassy in london. he's wanted in america, multiple charges of espionage for leaking thousands of files that included war logs from iraq and afghanistan. so if you can refuse to expedite into the u. s where he could face life behind bars. also present at the press conference in geneva was the un special rap alter on taught ship, who told us the world needs to take us on the case more seriously. it is time now after 10 years in arbor detention and 2 years in detention in the united kingdom for the world public to wake up to what is actually going on here. if anyone watching this change to, to my phones is a racist, a hacker, and by the traitor, please know you have been deceived. it happened to me in the beginning, and i would not be surprised if like, status watching this are of this opinion. it's not their fault because they have
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been deceived by this official narrative. if you think that you've not been deceived, it proves that perception is working. because obviously once you know you've been deceived, it's no longer perception. so we have to wake up, scratch the surface a little bit of this, and look at what's playing out here and to see the truth and know that this is not a story that's concerned. only julie, my phones concerns every single one of us and our children regulated in france of issued a landmark ruling against google. the keys, the us tech, dont have gaining an unfair advantage of arrivals in terms of online advertising. now google has to pay up to $120000000.00 euros and settlement for an anti competitive behavior. and they show that the sky picks up the story. it may be one of the biggest tax companies in the world with revenues that far exceed the economies of some countries. and google has just taken down a peg or 2 in what we described as
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a historic decision. the california based company has been following 220000000 euro quite frank, that comes off the google was found to abuse market power for its own line ad business. the decision to sanction google is of particular significance because it's the 1st decision in the world focusing on the complex. oh, great make auction processors which are the online ed businesses relies, the french competition. regulators said that google uses position as a tillman and internet advertising company. in the world to hurt new, publishes and others who sold internet ads. you see to give it to business preferential treatment by under cut, the competition through having to miss you. did it did anything wrong, but it did say this in a blog post. we will test and develop these changes in the coming months before
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rolling them out more widely, including some on the global scale. it's the 1st time google has found itself having to cough up a large sum of money to settle cases just like this in 2019 it was find 150000000 years of being found to abuse its dominant search position bisecting what was said to be paid can difficult understand operating room for add platform, and it's not the only tech joins that's currently under scrutiny. facebook is also being investigated. facebook alix vos trips of data and activities of users will look in detail at whether this data gives facebook and view competitive advantage. russell is currently looking at reining in the rise of the tech joint, and they seemingly indomitable influence and power would be digital mock,
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exact known as the d. m. a. could force companies like google, amazon, a facebook, to change their business models to ensure a level playing field for smaller rivals. but some countries say that the d m a lack, any real bite we have to strengthen and speed up merger control in particular towards sits in deep keep up platforms. the importance of the digital markets for economy is too high to rely on. one single pillar of enforcement only, therefore, allowed to control to be played by national authorities in supporting the commission. that concern means that those countries, as well as others in the, in the, were intended on taking regulation of the tech joint into their own hands, called via pitts. i'm you all for one and the one for all more so that we're often sold now until they get their act together and find a way to hold sway with these companies. the reality is that the find is, is incredible, is the numbers may seem to the likes of, you need apparently
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a drop in the ocean of the colossal revenues that they are generating. solar boesky are t harris. appreciate you company this morning here on our team to national over to with updates in 30 minutes. oh, i use the summer solution. that's why i would look at the problems and look at the solution. and today we've got the one on the marshall auerbach is the market analyst at levy institute researcher and tragic follower of the toronto, may i please, but maybe this is they are they want to stanley cup the me
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the this is boom. but the one business show you can't afford to mit, i'm branch of boy washington coming up. global interest efforts have scored a major win in europe as grant has hit and google with a huge fine over at advertising practices. straight ahead, we take a dive into the latest ruling and what ripples that could have throughout the tech industry. then we look at new efforts from g 7 nations to crack down on the toria tax dodging firms. we bring you analysis of the proposal from the group of the world, the wealthiest country, and china as important number to have surgery the globe has begun to recover from the economic damage of the coven,
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1900 pandemic. later on we break down the latest figures and what it means for trans pacific trade we showed that was dive right in and we leave the program with a new find issued against google by for instance, anti competitive watch doc. now this find costing nearly $270000000.00 is for google abusing its quote dominant position in the online advertising business. isabel da silva, president of the french competition authority said in a statement. the decision is the 1st in the world to look at the complex algebra algorithmic auction processes by which online advertising display operates. so what exactly is google doing that the french authorities are trying to bring to an end? well, joining us now to discuss co host an investigative journalist, ben swan. now ben, let's start with the find here. so can you break down these anti competitive practices? what exactly is google doing? yes, so essentially what the french authority is saying is that google has kind of these
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internal ad.


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