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by casino loaners, the dank is shooting revealed wet the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the spanish in the american public, barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money and las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to. here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people. by going to say that they will take an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. the
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ah well the senate has finally released its report on the january 6 right at the capital will get the low down from fair in front. zach if congressmen against congressmen as democrat, eric swore well, soon as his republican counterpart, mo brooks over what swell says, is incitement which helped lead to the january 6 capital riot liner will be here to tell us what that suit is all about. anthony found g. i mean, is there a more division of figures still serving in government than the good doctor? 2000 of his e mails were released. and depending on who you ask, he's responsible for the cobra. 1900 pandemic, or he's a national hero, shina expert and movie producer chris fenton joins us with his take on. we are found, she fits in and it's pride month. and the world that professional sports is going to make sure that you know about it. it's happening is tv ratings for sporting events are dropping, while years in leagues become more outspoken on social issues. natasha suite. we'll
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take a look. i'm see balls burg in for scotty. no use on today's edition of news news use right here on our to america. ah, alright, intelligent failures, miscommunications, warnings, not taken seriously. that's what the new senate report details. what happened on january 6 since then the f b, i reports, it's far from over when it comes to this investigation. this tweet showing reports that the f, b i and capital police are resting on the average 3 people a day who were at the u. s. capital on january 6, with dozens more arrests to come. also coming more and more members of the capital police department are turning in their resignations. so did this report find out exactly who was responsible for the events that day or t correspondent,
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fair friends that joins me now with the details fared steve. this 127 page report is the very 1st time that we're seeing an official timeline of everything that happened on january 6 from the events leading up to it, as well as what happened that day. now the biggest take away from this report or the colossal intelligence failures. you see the conversations that one out of the department of defense, where there is a 37 minute period that's completely unaccounted for. the report also showing that the capitol police, which is a department of more than 1800 officers less than 10 officers, had the training in dealing with the situation like what happened on january 6. and this is the 1st bipartisan review of the events of january 6 very well could be the last sunday, the investigation of the january 6th at the us capital shows there were clear warning signs and some supporters, including right when miss group were planning on the capital the report highlights
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major missteps at nearly every level of government from the military to law enforcement. the report highlighting 3 crucial problems with security. intelligence officials had a hard time pinpointing warnings online, as well as on social media, which kept the us capital police in the dark because intelligence at the capital is decentralized. however, capital police were warned about a surge of hotel bookings in the area. a surge of people most likely to attend former president donald trump's rally on january 6th. the report specifically break down what was going on that day among the us capital police. what was discovered? the capital police chief was trying to get approval by multiple agencies for the national guard to come help. frantically calling members of the police board along with the house and senate sergeant at arms in the future. the report recommends the capital police chief be given more the police to be able to call in the national
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guard to declare an emergency and not be required to go through the capital police board if you'd like to report. however, just in detail, the events of what happened before the crowd descended on the capital. nor does it address whether or not former president trump had any responsibility for what happened. it doesn't address any of those things. so that is the push or democrats of why they believe $911.00 commission is necessary to both look at again, the security failures kind of massive failures at every level of government here. that's why one democratic representative, eric swallow of california is taking matters into his own hands. slapping a lawsuit on another house member, republican congressmen, mo brooks of alabama, seeking to hold him partially accountable for the events on january 6th. why did america have, why, we're going to carry them right to you?
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you say, god bless america not by begin said de brooks, who spoke at the stop the steel rally, was nowhere to be found to be served with the law suit prompting the law suit to be served at brooks, his home, the congressman tweeting, swell. well, finally did his job served a complaint i my wife, horrible swallows team committed a crime by unlawfully sneaking into my house and accosting my wife, alabama code 1st degree criminal trespass. you're in jail, find more to come. now for those law suit has a few more names and besides representative mo brooks squabble also includes former president donald trump, his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, as well as trump son donald junior. now the suit specifically sites, the stop the steel rally that happened before the capital riots. trump says he holds absolute immunity and called for the last 2 to be dismissed in his own court
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filing for news hughes, i'm fair and fraud sac. okay, joining us now is legal and media analyst line of line on media line or welcome just a quick follow up to a foreign excellent report there. you know, the media and the democrats keep calling this what happened on january 6 and insurrection, but that report, that bipartisan report never uses the term and that was done on purpose. and no one has been charged with all the arrest the fair and talked about. no one's been arrested and charged with insurrection, not one person. you know, steve, these, these words matter being sick and having cancer is a big difference insurrection, sedition treason, right wing, national is right when you throw these words around and after all the while they become part and partial of the story. so just to be clear,
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there are many of us who have been following this. we would love to see an insurrection prosecution just to see what it looks like. i don't think there's ever been one, because if you read specifically what it is, we're not sure. let me say also one thing. have you ever seen an insur when you think insurrection do you never do normally see of the think of as many american flags in an insurrection? let's really go back. and so what this is an action against the country, the grant, there's false flag and that sort of thing too. but, but if you listen to the words themselves, there's something you know there's, there's a big difference between, we're going to destroy your country and god bless america. let's take, you know, you must listen to this. and if you say, well that doesn't matter, let me also say please, if i took the words of maxine waters or anybody else and put them in a multiple choice is a tell me what, maxine waters said, and what more brookside or anybody else you couldn't figure out and where, where steve is this a cus,
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prosecution for all of the n t for cases that basically showed a coordination of effort that i saw here were new york that you couldn't believe. so right. and i and what they do in portland going after going after government buildings courthouses expressing disdain for america, to me, that's closer to an insurrection, but let, let's leave it there and, and other media ploy to, to, to pin trump, supporters and trump. as you know, these evil people. now this is a bizarre story which, which foreign referred to. and in her, eric swore, well, california democrat suing a number of republicans, including donald trump, rudy giuliani, and now alabama republican congressmen bo brooks now swore, well, we should note had an affair with an alleged chinese spied by the way. he's accusing brooks and others of bearing responsibility for the, the capital riots. so please explain a few things to his line of 1st,
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what give swan well standing to file this suit, which is a civil suit? does he need to prove that he himself suffered harm? that his civil rights were violated. if ever you want to read something, it's a felon the blank. try a civil rights violation that by virtue of a listen to this, i'm going to say this, as we say in the light, most favorable to the plaintiff. i'm going to read, in essence the charges in his favor that because of the concerted deliberate efforts. so president trump at now because of the specific intent that they had not to raise a little hell, not to read no charge of the crowd, but to deprive eric while while of all right. good luck with that. now when the actual discovery process starts, if fish, dear god, please, where to go to trial. and eric well has to take to stand. he's the plaintiff. and
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you started talking about impeaching in terms of the evidentiary. mr. swan well, are you the same? eric, why? well, couldn't this be done? have you yourself done granted immunity? i mean this, this would be something that i dream, but i read the complaint carefully and i swear to you it, i don't know in there in the light most favorable to him how he could possibly be even remotely successful. but it goes to show, see, there is a difference between saying, let's go want to do subbing. and i want you to go, and i want you to deliberately disrupt the electoral. in short, traditional active. but that is what that listen. they didn't charge you folks with arson, you know, for good reason. now, insurrection is not a, an all of the above fill in the blank type, right? you're right. why?
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so let me ask you though, because this guess even even more bizarre as, as fair and also alluded to a trump junior and donald trump and julie, i know they all serve papers awhile ago, but he couldn't get mo brooks served. so swell team did it. the other day, but now mo brooke says, they day they trespass on my property, they sneaked into my house and they served my wife and he wants the person who did it to be arrested. does any of this matter in the, in the case it's while well, in the suit, that's all the while well, is putting forth how the papers were served. yes, this sounds like a, like a bar exam or a line exam law school. if you, if he could make, in essence what would be a limited appearance, where he says, listen, i want to challenge the sid the sufficiency of service. i want to come into a court, and i don't want to in any way invoke here is pictured or mature a section, but i want you just for purposes of you didn't serve me well, you know,
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they're going to do. they're going to end up serving them. most of the time. you don't fight it. it does go to show you how drastic this is. and frankly, most of the time, there's substitute service lawyer said they bring it to me don't, don't, don't change. it doesn't look good when you're chase down, you know, when you're caught at 3 in the morning coming out, you know what that bark look, coming out, you know, during the watergate thing. but, but what this is going to show you though, is how ridiculous this is. and i do hope that is played out because let me just say to be very safe. to be clear. i am not countenance seen or agreeing, or dismissing or say it's no big deal. what i saw there was horrible. you don't do this, this is the capital, this is a tabernacle of liberty. but there are so many things that have happened that have been rude and is courteous and subject to, to federal laws and specific laws pertaining to these, these institutions as well that do not rise to in sir rhetoric to these people one
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to bring down the government or in the light most favorable to them as crude and is boorish and backwards is do they want to maintain the government? do they think as crazy, this sounds that they're actually defending it. and also right. do you know how many people, steve are still being in jail right now that we have that are accounted for that to be discussed as well? yeah, absolutely. because they were just there and that's not good. quickly, 30 seconds. your prediction on this one. can the judge has accepted this? i mean, he's let it go forward or that hasn't happened yet. and what do you think is eventually going to happen? and what's been filed shuttle settled, something proper, nothing. it's almost like killer kind of a pro forma. yeah. yeah, yeah, nominal damages, it's all for show. but, but if there is a god, and if god has a sense of humour, it will be a trial. can you imagine that to say that that bench you have trump from junior and
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rudy? we will have, we will have hours of conversation on there that ever happens. lydel. thank you, my friend, always appreciate it. thank you, sir. why folks hero or crooked politician to leaked e mails from doctor anthony found your putting the good doctor in an unfavorable light and we'll discuss with our guests coming up next. don't go away. the news . unfortunately,
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we are witnessing a trend in media and they go from one news fiasco to another. the weapons of mass destruction story though russia gave hoax. hunters laptop, basket bounties pale and now the possible colbert lab leak story. now, why does anyone in their right mind even tune in any more one of the persian goes wealthiest country is, has spend billions of dollars on state of the art stadiums. well, look at this. the stadium is really taking shape. you can see the bowl and most of the stands now, when we were here a little bit over a year ago, at the same construction site, it was just a foundation and a few metal structures. so it seems that time why this idea to use shipping containers as building blocks has definitely paid off. i mean,
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they're easy to assemble and easy to dismantle, just like playing with lego the, for the 1st time in world history, the stadium will be billed from shipping containers. and what's more, it will be completely dismantled to have for the turn in the news . ah, where did the covert 19 pandemic start? was it in a war on lab or was it from that's what did doctor anthony found you know about this? and when did he know it? and did he help direct funds to the kind of research that could have started it all? here now you give us his perspective on voucher in china and the virus. it's chris
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spent in author china, expert movie producer. and his book is out there folks. it's called feeding the dragon inside the trillion dollar dilemma facing hollywood, the n b a and american businesses. chris, great to see you, sir. thanks for being with me. yeah, thanks for having me on steve. i was a pleasure. all right, so let's start some, 2000 a vouchers. emails were made public to a freedom of information request. and depending on who you listen to in the media, you know, they show, they say no smoking gun or they reveal that found she was being less than honest with the public. throughout the pandemic making things up as we went along. what is your take on what you've seen so far? what it found? she know, what does he know now? well, it's interesting. i mean this, this discussion has been ongoing since 2017, when mad passenger shed light on what was happening at the harm lab. and then josh rogan wrote, a fabulous book called chaos under having that came out recently. that really gets
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in depth about the, the rank core and the politicization of what was happening at the beginning stages of the kobe a crisis. and the fact that this whole idea that one side of the eye or the other can common dear particular argument and try to blanket over the other side became absolutely ridiculous. i mean, we know for a fact that 99 percent of the circumstantial evidence points to the fact that the hon lab is probably responsible for what happened and created this global crisis number one. number 2 is we should be figuring out what exactly happened in a non partisan kind of way. i mean, i look at it and i grew up the son of an engineer for pratt and whitney aircraft, the f. f. a comes at things in regards to how they problem solve to make airline travel safer. they do investigation,
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data collection risk analysis in informations sharing and it's never been a democrat or republican issue. it's been something about how do we tackle the challenge and do it now? that's what needs to happen right now. and by the way, our biggest rival, china is behind it. so we have a big issue with this in regards to many geopolitical issues. yeah. you're, you're, you're correct. and in fact, donald trump, i believe it was on saturday, during his speech in north carolina said that china should pay reparations for what they did to the world. and don't forget, very early on. trump said that the virus escape the war and lab meanwhile, found she's out there now saying don't pressure china. it's in their interests to get to the bottom of it. you gotta be kidding. it's in their interest to get to the bottom of it. so we'll china pay one way or another. well, look, i always look at china as if everybody has these big northstar aspirations, but they can never figure out the baby steps to accomplish to get there. that 10
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trillion dollar numbers is, i mean it's a great idea, but it's never going to get there. but let's use the fact that all the tides are turning towards the chinese and being responsible for this outbreak and what happened to the rest of the world. let's combine that with other items of leverage in order to produce certain short term changes that lead to long term goals. for instance, we are 250 days before the winter olympics that happen in beijing. we should combine the fact that they are at fault, most likely for this cobit outbreak with various other forms of leverage. so that you know what you got, you got to abide by the certain demands that we have, whether it's provocation that has to end with taiwan. to full openness in regards to research and investigation, what's happened in shin, jane province to w t, o re designations, etc. and if you do all that, we will show up to your fancy dinner party in 2022. i think it's out figuring out
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where the leverage is with this and getting something accomplished in the short term. yeah, that would be the thing to do. you. you would think that that would be the case, but not everybody's interested in what and what you just said in getting out accomplished now, you know, most of the media they've reached the found she's defense, as i mentioned. so some granting him sympathetic sympathetic interviews where he could sit there and say anything he wants. but interestingly enough, and as a, as an author with a book out there, amazon scrubbed his new book from their side. and there are increasing calls from republicans that he be fired from his position, even though the white house recently said they see no circumstances under which that could happen. what do you think the future holds for fallacy? i just think the public is even people who don't know are sick of him because he said so many contradictory things, sometimes from one week to the next. well look, it's easy to sort of, you know, monday morning quarterback,
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this whole crisis. obviously lots of things could have been done differently, but now that things are being disclosed that were quite frankly, cover ups or things to cover certain people's own responsibilities that they should have been taken care of. i would say that the voucher is definitely in the hot seat and we've seen this with several other politicians or leaders have government agencies in regards to this latest crisis. so i'll be curious to see how things play out. but in the meantime, we've got to stay focused and try to figure out exactly what happened. no, for sure. and then utilize that to make sure this doesn't happen again. and then on top of it, knowing that all everything's pointing towards the china direction. i think we have a real opportunity for leverage here to get something done and accomplish that. rebalance is the relationship between the us in china and with our western allies and makes things much better. well,
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it's interesting you say that because to your book now feeding the dragon will the dollar remain the driving force and, and how hollywood the n b a and the other businesses that you mentioned there in the subtitle in dealing with china. what, what will that remain paramount, or will these hypocrite seekers of justice start carrying about human rights for the chinese people and start carrying about the origin of the virus? well, that's a great question. and amik, i'm a capitalist at heart. i love free markets and i will say that the buck usually is where it stops. but here's an, a situation where our national security r e can amik security interests are being compromised by the way. we've pro promoted this reckless form of capitalism under the disguise of global list intentions. and i would say that it is undermining the foundation of our democracy . and we need to have a strong nation in order to foster
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a really strong form of capitalism. so i would say patriotism before capitalism needs to be the motto. that would be the optimum way to do things, but i fear that's not what we're going to say. great talking to you, please come back and great. the great success with the book. always a pleasure. thank you. i folks, as we have seen the world, the professional sports has become more political than ever over the past year or so. and some say that it may be responsible for the dwindling tv ratings. so it comes as really no surprise at, during june pride month. political activism is on full display. natasha suite has more that's very steep. you may recall the controversy over kneeling and the national anthem and football. well, there's more political statements being made in the world of sports, sports teams, including the national football league, or kicking off pride month flooding their social media accounts with rainbows. according to news busters to san francisco, 49 ers are holding a virtual pride conversation. and the san francisco giants for the 1st major league
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baseball team to support pride logos on our uniform sleeves and hats in their recent game against the chicago cubs. some on twitter questioning the move, wondering what pride has to do with sports. this post receiving some 16000 likes, but after path political controversies, some are wondering if sports taken stands for either side is actually hurting ratings. while many people use sports as a way to unite and get a break from politics, some. ringback question of these opinions are part of the reason why sports teams are seen a dip and ratings reports indicate league ratings are more than 20 percent below 2015 levels. that was the season before a quarterback call and cap or nick began taking a meet during the national anthem in 2020 s pans, money and football. so a 3 percent decrease. cbs sunday was down 4 percent fox, sunday down 6 percent fox, thursday night football. also down 6 percent and nbc sunday night football down a whopping 16 percent. and this was during the pandemic when more people were
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increasing their screen time while they nfl and b a and m l b are showcasing their support for pride month in the military, and the ban on most other flags besides the american flag will remain in place the trump administration policy focused on not allowing what the white house be as hateful symbol to be flown. this band includes 14 flags as well as the rainbow, flog, we're putting for new hughes and tweaks r t. all right, thank you, natasha. you know, as a big sports fan myself, i'm torn often. do i care enough about these players who have offended me politically? who have gone out and said social justice, social justice. but then they, they champion china. i'm talking about the n b a there. you know, majorly baseball wouldn't allow the new york mets to where 911 memorials sticker on their uniform or even on their sneakers. but they allow all different kinds of things in major league baseball such as what the giants did for pride month. that's what bothers me. as a fan and in certain instances i turn off, i turn off,
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i can't watch. anyway, that's it for now folks. i want to thank you for joining me tonight right here. a news views use and you could catch more of me on the press on the whole of the press right here in north america friday, evenings at 6 30 pm eastern time. and anytime you can watch this show and more on our portable tv app, download the app for your apple or android device. today, i'm see balls burge in for scotty. see it next time. ah, no. when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves, well,
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the part we choose to look so common ground in the i don't know. i mean there are some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were not scavenging or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best by march 21st which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, paula daniels, onions. all of these came from waste brown sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it.
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the french president gets slapped in the face while trying to get up close and personal with a crowd of supposed supporters in the south front germany schools on the union to abolish individual members, veto power on foreign policy, meaning dissenting voices. a small you countries could soon be silent. the us vice president visit lots of america to spread the word that my goods are welcome to monitor the by the ministration denying that is a crisis at the border. to folks in this region we're thinking about making that dangerous track do not come i.


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