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for this, this i'm show business. i'll see you then the me the headline stories this, our president rails against nato expansion, the treatment of russians in your brain and a wide reaching interview ahead of his stomach with joe biden next week. also ahead and european parliament give the final approval for a cobra digital certificate. seem to free up trouble, but fears remain over widespread fraud. softer a french nurse is accused of giving our faith vaccine certificate on the f. b. i hailed a global sing operation, a massive success with more than $800.00 suspected criminals arrested, or the ease with which the agency top 3rd tech raises a host of privacy concerns. pretty much all communications
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apps can be used by law enforcement or by intelligent services, despite on average people ah, revenue are tuning in from across the globe. this are welcome to moscow into our teams or national are a top story. the expansion of nato. russia is relations with ukraine, just a few of the topics touched upon by vladimir putting in a wide ranging interview on russian state tv. on wednesday, it all comes head of a much anticipated summit with american president joe biden. next week or more in this, i'm joined now in the studio by our senior correspondent, iraq at garcia who was following the interview. issues were up surrounding you credibly for a significant portion of the set done. what were the main takeaway? well, vladimir putin spoke at length about nathan expanse, but the,
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one of the things he talked about was this new indigenous peoples law that ukraine is looking to doped at sitting in draft form in ukrainian parliamentary chambers. but for now, these glad me, putin says extremely worried, because essentially a little background. this vision is people's law. it specifies 3, it's misty's ethnic ukrainians. crypt checks and cried me and taught us as being indigenous to ukraine, and it affords them a host of various protections, legal protections guarantees, so that they will be deprived of their homes. they will be deprived of their land. they'll be represented officially on a government level. they will also be protected against the deprivation attack from their cultural identity, symbols, beliefs, and values. the issue is that no other nationality is being no other
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community is being offered. the same protection, despite the fact that all the people in ukraine are ukranian citizens, they have the passport, they're legally gradient citizens, bruni. a part of the population will be afforded all these, all these protections and russians who there are millions upon millions, all the new grade will potentially miss out. and all of that will be fair game for whatever censorship committee ukraine comes up with. i've seen this draft and one of the articles and it said that needs to be discriminated against the general legal principle that whatever is not prohibited is legal. does that mean non native can be discriminated against when is that includes russians, but also romanians goals and gary and absolutely unacceptable. and he's out of line with basic international human law. it's not for everyone but promotions. it has a special significance. the thing is, millions of people living in ukraine identifies russian. that's according to the sense of conduct during the soviet era. and i don't think much has changed and then
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no more want to be a 2nd class citizen. and that will lead to hundreds of thousands of, or maybe even millions of people leaving ukraine or changing their nationality and legal documents. it will be a huge blow to russian people in general. and we certainly cannot just ignore that . there's also awkward direction president mark because it's gotten centuries ago ukrainians if you awesome the identified as russians, i did defy the ethnic russians and their culture was deemed and see the same as russian culture and the thing here. now, if you, you've heard what vladimir putin had to say, but there's an enormous number of questions that one conduct, for example, what are the kids of mixed heritage would say an ethnic ukrainian mother and russian father. what did they, what do they say? which side are they big because they can pick ethnic russian as their father was and they lose out all these protections, or they can pick their mothers at the city and you know,
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they'll be afforded these low, luxurious protection. so there's a whole host of questions that must be austin. vladimir putin said that the practice is being carried out undertaken by the queen. the government reminiscent of those done by the methods of nazi germany to dividing people based on a necessity of holding some huge protections, discriminating against others. and the interesting thing here is if you, if you go to google news for sample and just type in the indigenous peoples law and you quit as almost as virtually new coverage in english, there's virtually, so nobody's, nobody's touching this. not very good remarked he. he said, you created sheen as, as a base of operations against russia. so a bulwark. so it's sort of the hold off, rush to contain russia. and because of that, and just because of that, all these people, if this had been, if this law had been any other country that be a huge, you know, outcry outrage. but because if you create and because it is seen as standing
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against russia, no one will say a thing. and indeed, judging by you know, google news when it's saying anything you touched on nato. and i believe that's a bit ukrainian aspirations to join it, which isn't happening for the 1st time. what were the russian presidents thoughts? while he, he remarked about what it means, what it means if nato accepts your grade. if ukraine joins nasal there's, there's practical, there are practical consequences to that happening. for example, like me, putin said they, they say now the ukraine should be accepted because of russian aggression. ukraine should expand because of russia and aggression. but let me approval remembered 1020 years ago when the russian in the west, but friends and not to do so, the west. i didn't stop nato for expanding twice, twice towards russia. and the problem, the problem now, he says, is the phone for russia, that is
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a red light. because if need to infrastructure needs of troops. and god forbid, nuclear weapons are stationed in ukraine rather than poland and romania. the time it takes to reach for a missile to reach moscow, which is measured in minutes, gives down by 30 percent. and the same as was a red line for the united states when russia put nuclear weapons in cuba. it is a red line for russia. if need to put nuclear weapons, for example, in ukraine, nato expansion and his infrastructure getting closer to us. his borders. this next prima important issue for the security of all washington for country. it has an article significant. why is that? when pull into romania became nathan member states, they quickly agreed to americans. mr. defense systems been stationed on the territory, but the launch pads used for those systems can also be used for offensive weaponry, which can be central russia, including moscow within a very short timeframe. 15 minute. imagine if ukraine was to become a nato member,
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it would then take 7 to 10 minutes. if such missiles with stations stay near article of ordinarily withdraws to reach moscow is not the red line for us or not. had happened before one of the major reasons relations between boucher and the west fell to level they're at now is because of the native the us as the missile shield you. you may remember there's a lot of talk 10 years ago before the united states move those launches to, to its eastern frontiers. and the united states said that they are purely defensive to protect against threats from iran, from north korea of all places. but the russians maintained back then that those se mythos could be used offensively. they weren't simply, they weren't simply miss out. that could target the other means of anti missile, but ballistics. you, they were also offensive weapons that could be launched land to latin surface to surface. and indeed that is what happened. we saw the united states then use test
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those launches, uses launches to attack ground targets. so in that sense, russia feels that its concerns were justified, and this is, this is happening again, another red line for russia, that is, that is being costs. but let me also spoke about need to ukraine seeming what can be, you know, fairly objectively called obsession with joining nato. because he said that there is, there's a lot of, there's a lot of humor surrounding friends, aspirations, how desperate you great is to join, to join native, the reason phone call between jo button. and let's give the, the president of ukraine, where they have written statements after the phone call deferred. lovely. so the, the, the americans claim that they talk about security and fighting corruption and the craniums claim that they also jo button also said that he would, he was in support of offering the ukraine a roadmap to join,
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to join nevo. and that turns out to be apparently false because they had to remove that lot. the americans came out and said, we said no such thing. and there was, you know, there's a lot of jokes in the russian press about this. and vladimir putin said the he for one wasn't laughing. the, this is not allow for not because what could have happened during that phone call as the ukraine was told, but potentially in the future they will be given, given these who membership, but now it's not a good time to talk about it because of like me and jo biden's meeting in geneva, and instead the ukranian president blabbered about it, and perhaps he was told to you to remove it. anyway, vladimir putin says there are no guarantees that ukraine will be joining naser. and if there are no guarantees, then each should be seen as a potential avenue to potential future for us in which ukraine joins nato. and the red line is crossed for russia. taken us through all is
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a very interesting sit down with president putin tonight on russian estate tv mark as the thank you. but let's move on to more world news now. the european parliament has officially approved the coven 1900 digital certificate scheme. it will allow travelers to cross borders within that you with arch quarantine on additional testing. the certificates will work for both you citizens and foreign nationals know that digital file can also be issued in paper form and indicates if a person has other negative p c r, test a vaccine or has recently recovered from corona virus member state self until july 1st to implement the system with several countries having already started, while a system is being ruled out, there are still major concerns about documents being forged. in the latest case, a nurse in france has been caught giving people faith certificates of an official bucks, a nation center r t. charlotte to ben ski tells us more from our it's
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a worrying discovery which raises questions about how wide spread this practice may be a nurse who is working here with this and see could be vaccination center has been suspended of the being accused of giving people full certificate showing that they had the job. one member of staff who worked with her said that she had witnessed dozens of suspicious appointments i observed for 2 or 3 weeks. she said to the 2 other nurses, some people will arrive and they're for me. she led them to her cubicle. normally there are 2 nurses per cubicle with a screen for privacy. this time she asked her colleague to go out. this happened with at least 10 people a day, but in reality, she wasn't vaccinating these people. they left with the fraudulent q, r code, presumably to go abroad. that she was at the door with colleague saying that there was no evidence that any of the basic steps to carry out an injection. had in fact,
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been carried out. usually people who get vaccinated have the skin disinfected with an orange product. the doctor wants to check whether these people had been vaccinated and there was no trace of the disinfectant. no di know, dressing the nurse had been working at this center since january. she has now being suspended with the hospital saying that her actions were quickly spotted . but it remains unclear just how many of these false coup it's certificates may have been issued. and whether or not the nurse received money for providing them. now the fake covey vaccine and test certificate market is huge, having grown exponentially during the health pandemic, they're all more than $1200.00 vendors in the world. vendors were supplying from all the countries in europe, spain, france, germany,
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switzerland, sweden, as well as mexico and destroyer after vaccinations. the next step was the certificates and negative tests. many of those aiming to bypass the system a said to be the racks is the vendors have mainly been identified on the dock web. so a t that a nurse working in a could read vaccination center could also be running. a racket is particularly concerning. take left, it's unacceptable which she did do she certificates and boots are the same risk rubbish booked and nurse shouldn't handout fake specific gates to put everyone in danger. and we miss you mention it as well. i think it's all about the money. i think it's an isolated case. first of all, we don't really know for sure whether it's true or not. it's not been confirmed to the fact yet this woman hasn't been taken to court or anything yet, but i don't really know. if it turns out to be true, it's shocking for short. they can vaccinations endangered the life of other people
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we've. yes, you know, it's clear she shouldn't have done that. there is no doubt about that. i find it shocking because we're talking about healthcare walkers. so we're, you pressure, i'm so drill it, it won't solve the problem and such things happen. we need everyone to get to knock elated. i'm a to to and i was fighting to get the accent. this undermines the safety of all the people. yes, of course those people should go to prison. and he said, you know, i think it's unacceptable for enough to do such a thing to act like that towards others towards those who pin vaccinated and those who have not. you just don't do that. even more worrying is that this was on the justice front is about to use restrictions even more as the controversial health pass kicks in. the only deer is that those who've been vaccinated will receive a certificate like this, which contains one of these queue or codes. those q l code to be essential for
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accessing large events. so even for showing that you've been in late for travel in return for perhaps a simpler journey and possibly new quarantine on arrival. so the idea leave q all codes could be obtained and the false pretenses from a nurse working in a registered vaccine center could make a mockery of the whole system as how can you trust what's real and what fake show like even sky or t. paris which keep the program in paris, solicitation workers, there are stormed a district mirrors office some hours ago during a city wide strike. the . the are protesting labor reforms which according to trade, unions will reduce annual leave while increasing working hours. the mirror of the
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district has called the demonstration totally unacceptable. fierce anti government protest has become a frequent sign during emanuel microns presidency. during his latest public appearance, one demonstrated a little too close for comfort. the i'm delighted to welcome live onto the program law journalist on political commentator on elizabeth mood, say hello and welcome. how does this latest protest tell us fit within the wider context of what's going on in france at the moment the, the yellow bass, the, the pension reform protest, and im a few this is something a, this demonstration is really something very specific and it's got to do with a special status of a few hours, which comprised the 7 days work and the thought,
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but for a long time and still working specifically for the city of areas and incredibly favorable conditions, what we could set true and here that you curious because i going to they didn't even work the legal 35 are what we can from which is the shortest week in europe. but no annual labor time will go up from 1552 hours to $1607.00 out to bring them in line with the rest of the country. and they don't like it. you say no, this is the government says that we have to say on government spending from the country that that spend 57 percent of gdp on on the i'm a parent public or state expenditure teaches universities, civil service and such for the city of parents and bloated in terms of civil
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service and it's not just essentially resistant to change that has to also be the sort of during the war between the mayor of paris and he does go on the president mccormick wants to streamline the finances of the country. he voted the cobra crisis. the curve is quite that much more difficult because we spent so much in follow in keeping people in jobs in helping companies that had to close the several months. but now is upside to essentially cost a full category. if that was very interesting, a lot bubbling under the surface, there isn't there. and we can talk can elizabeth about french politics without mentioning yesterday, slap in the face. what did you make of it? of course, it shouldn't happen, often condones it, but does speak of a big frustration with mach crowns. policies are not, there is frustration. i mean, you have not the contradictory messages, because on the one hand, there's been a pull and loan pull and it doesn't look like the previous one. that's 50 percent
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of all satisfied with president mccooler favorable opinion. and we're going to see next week whether this goes back into the sort of average, which is around 35 percent loss can go with. and this is just like because of the end of knocked down. but he's no, he is very popular with people with whom he isn't popular. and he still has a fairly important rump of people who will support and he's very polarizing and divisive. and anyway, the man who is people both that he's an extreme right militant that he's not really billions on the same. right. but essentially this is somebody who spends a great deal of time in his basement doing video games, online role playing games. and he came in, he has an obsession with middle ages, they use a very old crusading, a cold war, the and then he's the president. many reason because this is actually for right now,
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he started his presidential complaint for 2022. i was calling to see if the working class vote goes further against them. it's not looking good. you got the regional election to the presidential elections and you've got they like the national rally for one, seemingly making certain gains in aspects which i would imagine would worry his movement. i think they all were especially worried because the regional elections are thinking about for them because they have never all through the created this movement practice out of in 2016, 2017. they don't have all the path to, you know, the mystical elections. the local election that would give him the kind of counsel that would get reelected even when he left popular than he would call for 5 years ago on the 100 and then the presidential election. they're all whole the so when over most put multiple candidate thought is much more now who want to get now
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got old that give him within the margin of error to 52 percent for him. 48 percent for ha. and considering the size of the sample, it is within the margin of error. so yes, you were it. it's an interesting 12 months ahead. that's for sure. i'm elizabeth mood, say, political commentator, journalist, thank you very much. austrian police say they've arrested 81 people as part of a global sting operation led by the u. s. the f. b, i is claiming to have caught more than $800.00 criminals worldwide, including arms and drug dealers by tricking them into using an encrypted aside from austria. raids have taken place in more than a dozen countries, including a street where federal police worked alongside us intelligence the up called anom was run by the f b. i know security forces apparently got senior figures in organized crime, to use and promoted and allow the intelligence agency to monitor communications
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between gags, the f b i legal to shake in austria has hail this thing a major success. this operation demonstrates how the f, b, i and our international law enforcement partners can come together to successfully combat trans national, organized crime and drug trafficking activity partnerships of the key to law enforcement. success has no one country or agency can tackle this problem alone. a lot of sloughing on the back there, but the operation almost broke down earlier this year, and anonymous blogger posted an article calling on people to stop using the app over safety concerns his blog was later shut down. meanwhile, australian officials have defended the legality of intercepting those private messages. the country's police commissioner rece kershawn. these is the 1st time a law passed in 2018, has been used to intercept telecommunications. however, former seattle is john kerry, aka told this program the way the authorities to skype public helps us being secure
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raises serious issues. i think we should all just assume that our communications, even our encrypted communications, are being monitored pretty much all communications apps can be used by law enforcement or by intelligent services, despite on average people in these organizations like an essay and g, c, h, q, and cia there they're working on things that we we can only imagine we can only fantasize about. we have no idea the scope of the technology that they have access to. and so i don't think it's ever safe for the average person. the reason that they say they do it is that it's to keep us safe. it's to allow law enforcement to collect information on possible terrorist attacks or criminal activities. but that's not the way the constitution works. all platforms
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are compromised and that's why we should always be so careful. in our private communications, the news keeps rolling and 900 seconds. busy to close the unfortunately, we are witnessing a trend in media and they go from one news fiasco to another. the weapons of mass destruction story, the russia gate hogs hunters laptop back in bounty tale, and now the possible colbert lab leak story. now, why does anyone in their right mind even tune in any more driven by dreamers shaped by those in
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me dares think we dare to ask me. ah ah, let's start the program back with some pretty big figures. a new report has revealed that the u. s. accounted for over half of global spending on nuclear weapons. in 2020, it was published by an international organization pushing for disarmament. washington splash died $37400000000.00 a nukes last year, and that is more than the combined total of the 8 other nuclear power is represent
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5 percent of americans. total military expenditure on average, the u. s. is spending almost $71000.00 every minute on nuclear weapons. the crone of respond demik has done nothing to reduce the global appetite for nukes last year. the world's 9 nuclear power is spend $1400000000.00 and we're on them compared with 2019 co founder of the stop the war coalition. chris 9 am. so this is why he believes the high comes as no surprise is a reordering of the world's system right now. when moving from a system, a situation in which the u. s. was massively dominant. what was called a unit power world, where us the u. s. has the unchallenged, please, the world to one in which its power is being challenged, both but, but mainly by china bowl said via the emerging economies in,
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in important regions like russia, like and so on. so this is kind of reordering of the world system and any moment of the reordering is a very dangerous moment. it's a moment when particular local conflicts can suddenly take on an international significance. i think in those circumstances, you know, it's not surprising to me that we were seeing a kind of a re armament or an accelerating armament of the nuclear powers. a moscow court has outlawed organizations funded by a lexi, nevada, me. the court ruled out the russian opposition figures, political network was extremist, to get more in the story, less cross live. now to our correspondence earlier, patricia ohio took us through it. you didn't hello there. well, the russian prosecutors have been highlighting what they're calling the extremist nature of the organization founded and led by opposition. activists like seen the
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volley according to the russian authorities, the anti corruption fund, and so called the volleys h q's labeled as foreign agents in this country. were often being behind on lawful demonstrations, rallies and other kind of unsanctioned gatherings that eventually led to unrest and also violence in some cases. so these are the key reasons why the anti corruption fun as being fully banned in this country. earlier members of the fund announced that they were wrapping up the activity of their network in its current form due to the enormous pressure that they were experiencing from the russian government. i like seeing the volley himself is currently serving a 3 year sentence for violating the terms of a suspended sentence. that's something that he received earlier because of
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a fraud trial. now, i can tell you that the western governments are accusing moscow of being after alexi, the volley, and the organizations that he was running for political reasons. and this led to many cracks in the ties between moscow and likes of the you and the us. however, the russian authorities are maintaining that they got all the reasons for legal action against the prominent opposition activists and the anti corruption fun. and that is fully in the russian legal framework. and that's only something that's happening as a result of criminal actions by mister devali himself and his political network are correspond ilia, patricia taken us through that. thank you. more great programs just around the corner. we are going for the shores the bricks 1st to do stay with this. thank you for doing.


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