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ah, the ah, i use ah, with
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the news. ah, me. hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one, the iconic ann margaret, my boyhood crush. she's got a new film i called queen bees, ellen burtons, and it looks like, well, it's like mean girls in an old folk song, but i will put it there and we'll extrapolate more after the break with then
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margaret. dennis miller plus one. hey folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. what a thrill for me. my main boy hood crush, the great and margaret with us, i think she has done more to popularize the hyphen than anybody in the history of this class. a great actress icon again when i say i con, again, throw that around. sometimes they hear people pronounce iconic and i go, well, they're ironic. iconic was actually a senior dancer denominator for academy awards, 15 golden globes. and emily, you, sir, with the funny the story with elvis, and the duke and steve mclean and you don't notice the other guys that will tell you about and star power and are related. so look, so funny,
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i just was watching the eclipse they have available to clean these. and she'll tell us about it in detail. there's one part of it. i hope they're not me girls, they must try it out sweet at the end. but it looks like the last, the movie you can see it in select theaters and it's available on demand. i present you and margaret, how are you? i am just fine. just bad. yeah, i was lucky enough to meet and, and her husband roger, one night back stage of the show i did with raleigh and was done and and when i was getting prep for today, i just started to read everything and it leads you to one thing that leads to the other, and i remember how much my sister loved 77, sunset strip. i went back and i was looking at roger. so had so, and then it blew my mind, the cagney connection. i had no idea that's one of my favorite movies. men of a 1000 faces, he placed crate. okay. well tagging the re lawn cheney son at $21.00. and i think
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bob evans as a weird cameo and there is a big fall berg too. but tell me about 1st meeting, roger, i say you guys were so fab together. when you 1st met him, the 2 of you, i can't imagine more striking. couple on the planet. oh, my goodness, you know, actually we were married. 15 years, we were together 53 years. wow. ah, yes. i loved every 2nd image. was she? oh, she know. right now it's been so long. i can't remember exactly how we met. i think is service go. i was doing a movie and he was doing an act at june lou bush near that tiny place that everybody played
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and so hungry. i mean, i mean the hungry and he called and asked me to come and see him. and of course i worked with my cell man and my assistant director and well, the next day let's see. we took a drive to i don't know where, but it was every single day after that. yeah. well, when i met you too, i remember thinking there's a couple, there's a couple in love. it was very sweet to meet you. but you know, and it's funny to me when i think about how hard you still work. i looked at this movie as i clean these and lessons establish you can, but you still working hard. i guess it's the sweden, you swedish people,
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are they bus 30? we do work hard. use our strengths. very, very vital. when i saw the trailer, i saw ellen's in it. ellen vers then, and you can't explain to the folks what it's about. it's such a cute premise when it's in a senior citizens home and you know, in senior citizens homes, the women are 10 to one. so when a guy comes in joe, why would you see you? digitally? it's very sweet and i think it's a doorway. think it's funny and it's warm. yeah, it looked very touching. it looks like when ellen comes in the cheese, they're on some temporary assignment or something. and naturally there's always i
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clicked in any sort of organ station. she has been accepted, but you sense that eventually she is welcomed into the sisterhood. definitely, definitely. and i certainly did not know how to play cards, but i had to learn and i was just perspiring. wow. can i get through this? well, yes, i got through it. i think it's going to be great and i'm so glad that this is one of those films. it's a feel good film and i'm finding the feel good home feelings when you're alone. don't. well, because work as well as french theater with people. it's nice to be with the collective when there's a warm feeling. so it's good that this one select theaters and on demand. but i want, i want to change my boyfriend in the film is christopher lloyd. he lives
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up here to me desi or i didn't even know that. well, i will in speaking of saying, i had dinner with bo bo and john the other night. but derek and her, her husband john and they said the send you the digital to them. all right. 5 we're talking to margaret once again, the film is queen bees and you'll see it and select theatres soon. and the film is out on june 11th, and it's also gonna be available on the man. well, where do i start? i love the story and when you 1st got here that you went to the radio city, music hall, is that an apocryphal tale? or did they take you there? on your 1st day when you were in new york? gaddy met his mother and i came from sweden and daddy had already come here 5 years before and it was during world war 2. and
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mother had always been showing the pictures of my father. and then where we came, he was on the dock and he looked so handsome and at that to dora and smiled. and i will do so through the excited my gosh. then daddy took us to radio city music hall. i'm from a village car wash ravine, which is i was there a couple years ago. age now there are 98 people. okay. windy a and i sleep new york city and ah, sitting those chairs of beautiful chairs. there are i don't. so
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my gosh. and then he didn't know what we saw, i guess. well bone wonderful memories. you know, and it's so it's so funny when you think about a little girl with an, a scant within 10 years, you're the center of it all. i mean, i maybe maybe tens a little longer, but bye bye birdie. all of a sudden it just explodes and i know everybody likes the good things in life, the fame and all that. but it also must be a weird adjustment for somebody from a village of 90 to the to be the epicenter of hollywood. that must have been so fun and it, she was bewildering. oh. and
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you know, before my mother and father lied came to america. when to mean and did a large job, roy and charlotte, david hare, it just all is just an idea. so blessed so blessed. well listen, its been such a great ride when you think about all the people you've worked with. i was watching train robbers not long ago, and i'm telling you, i think that i think the big man was seriously crushing on you. there's so many tender scenes that are on play get. oh, i've never seen the duke let us guard. with that he seemed seriously and never to view it. oh oh, it was showing portable that he was so nice to my appearance.
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oh my gosh. well, you know how tall he lives and why she would. i mean, when he asked me, i just, where did i go? miss, so wonderful to me. i wrote a quote, you said they said elvis elvis was an animal, a very interesting and fascinated by him and i've read everything about him. tell me, tell me your thoughts about the young boy elvis presley. alice is very funny. he had a great sense of humor and he always teased me. so when i got a high board, i put him in and
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and then from there and the work gets so good. i think at that point everybody knows us such a superstar dancer and some of the work when the work gets more in depth. boy, did you answer the call is i saw magic somewhere in the last couple months and anthony and obviously carnal knowledge. i just finished a great biography by mark harris about mike nichols, and i must say that film is stunning to me and it must have been very, very invigorating to be in with those. those cats, they knew what they were doing. didn't name oh yes, yes. oh boy, that was, that was really tough. well, i didn't show you were a seamless and you know, i think a nichols he must have. did he have a student notes? was the super, did he let you do your own thing or tell me about his craft?
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when he made you think that it was your idea to do something? i realize that and also, i mean, jack are so wonderful. in this scene that he was yelling at me, he went home was there and justice bouncing added. oh my gosh. oh, yeah. those guys, when they flip a switch, i saw a great interview with virginia mail once, and she was talking about why he was cagney. and she said, when you flip her, she said i went from a guy that i was having lunch with the said who i loved to be literally scared, witless of them guys like nicholson. exactly. they knew how to throw that switch and get super intense. yes. absolutely. when we get back, we're going to talk to and about or early on way with the beginning of the career.
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she has such connection with george burns in specific in jack. i don't want to add specific details, but i just want to know what those 2 are like. they seem like such lovely creatures . the, the film is called a queen bees, and it's in select theaters on june 11th. and they also will be available on the on demand spec with ad margaret right up to this dentist bill or plus one. ah, ah, i don't know. i mean there's some fits in there were rescuing the food that they were scabbing or, or where were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best by march 21st, which is in 2 days. all of these potatoes, pianos, onions,
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all of these came from waste round sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so it makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it, because then that person is not going to buy it. one of the worst have a mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas where many say elected officials are controlled by christina learners. the vegas shooting revealed what the l v m p. d. really is and now it's part of the spin machine to the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful
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showed that true colors when the pen demik had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to. here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the biggest residence to be the control group to the shiny facades. conceal a deep indifference to the people by it's going to be saved if they were to take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. hey folks, welcome back. or obviously with the iconic and margaret, and as i said, i have to be your biggest spam. so pardon me at home, which are watching and thing not know so much about it's group being a nerd. yes, i do because i'm such a huge fan. and her new film as queen bees can't wait to see it. it'll be in select
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theatres on june 11th. also available on demand. we were talking about some of her leading men during the 1st segment. but i think it the beginning in a mentor way. george burns played an important part, didn't and mark, oh, mister virgins. oh my gosh, i hate doing any pe he just look and i say he discovered me and i was asked to go to his office and then we went to a place one of the studios there at the top of the piano and i was with my guy smith,
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who was part of the subtle toes that i was with from northwestern. and we did 2 or 3 numbers and he was sitting there and he wanted me to come with him in his show. $19619061.00 right at the sierra. and i was so excited. i i saw, oh my gosh. i gotta get something incredible looking. i got and he spent a lot of money on this outfit that was red velvet jacket and red velvet pants. and i thought this will be nice,
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i hope so. we went to vegas and the address to her, so i did the number in that outfit. and mr. burns said, what was the number the office that you are you saying in ah, the other day? could you put that on please? it was a light blue landfill letter which was leased and some black, shiny leggings and a said put down. okay. and put it and he loved it. i want you to where that. okay. then all of a sudden doing those 10 days, oh the send. the way to says we're saying, you know,
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i don't know. i don't know about that. why does she were like a dress or something? so i put the address on and that was the one i wore and the jack benny show. oh, it was crazy. it's just crazy and believable old stories. well, that's what happens. we were talking about 61 there and she got her new film. by the way, i loved the fact that when you were in north western, you studied geriatrics as we now have a queen, which i think is but very a trick set. it is a long circle on broken bar. good. will be on theaters, june 11th, and that will be available on demand. it seems like a very sweet ellen burst and goes in the girls hold her baby, welcome her in high jinks, and it looks like a lot of a lot of fun. you know,
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it's whenever i see your resume and, and i think about one of my favorites over the years and the williams, i always loved dandy williams. i thought he was such a great singer. see, he's seen obviously, i don't know, i'm such a nice man and i know you and andy worked in branson a little, tell me about your memories of and the lovely guy. oh my gosh. yes. my manager at the child was fear cassette and pier and andy were great golf buddies. so i had met him before and he just he and i just left alive and he, he also teaches me everyone's telling me could i tell you something that's what boys do with girls that they're crushing.
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they don't quite know what to do, so they sorta t as a preemptive measure. i think that's why they were all teasing you. i loved it. you know, it's so fun when i see it started up now and i watched a re donovan for years and it was a bit of a different term for you. but i was watching night. it was all the sudden there's, there's a margaret on the re re, donovan, that can you believe how good live and john are on that show. they are just unbelievable actors. and you had a nice arc there. my goodness. what can i say? whatever the character i'm playing, i just try to do the best i possibly can. and that's it. and i watch my movies one time. and that's it. cuz i've done the best i can. that was quite
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something. yes. what was your, what was your 1st thought and did you do pocket for miracles? was your 1st film? i think my parish for your package for marigold stage fair. like the 3rd version of it. bye bye birdie and viva las vegas. wow. when i, when i went into the kitchen with a, with the boy you talk about coming out of the box was for the big ones that are how excited. yeah, it must just, it must been fly and past you fast and furious. at that point, those are 4 big honkin. it's well, look, i am so blessed, i have no idea how this all happened. i
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don't know what i was going to say and how it happened. and this is from a fan, is you busted your tail yet, but as much careers move, anybody of that you're on the screen. you always made people feel good. and you know, you love the moxie you showed stepping up and guys, cincinnati kid with mcqueen. these are all huge guys that and you've never seen daunted. you always see game for the, for the challenge. that's why you're ann margret. that's why it happened. it happened because it had to because you are so talented. thank you. thank you very much. well, i saw people, you're such a humble person, but just as a fan out here, i can tell you when you're on screen, you couldn't take your eyes off or we're talking and margaret and the new film is
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called queen bees that will be june 11th. and i don't know what they were putting in the cafeteria food over at new tree or high school. when i see you, brian rock, hudson ro, bellamy bruce dirt was good. there was something in the cafeteria. food. oh, i just was. so i was so excited to be able to go to that school with just happened to be in the zone where i could, my goodness, my goodness. well, it was a great system for northwestern where and continued before she goes out the hollywood not in closing. and margaret, i just want to tell you that when i was young and we used to watch, you would think, wow, what a cool day me it really was driven home when you see you in vietnam so much. but
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that was so meant she, you know what i mean? you read about women like dietrich and over the years women of answered the call wreck tell you remember her over there. and i just want to say how proud i am of you as an american, that you would go over there and do that for, for those boys, it must have been daunting. and i'm no good for you. you're a match. i love going there. i went in 966968. i had gotten a letter signed with 3000 signatures of men and women who were in vietnam wanting me to come and do my show. and i want to go the next day. but of course with government, you know, you have to that a month later, i went and i will never forget that. also the years i've
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gotten i've gotten the letters from from you guys it had she me in july or denying or the training and then why i loved was guy. they gave us everything we have and i mean, you know when you ever you look at the soldier you think boy we're so bless back here with cush lives. then there's some kid in the jungle will get shot at and just thing. boy, when somebody answers the call and goes over to thank them and entertain them, i'm always touched by. that's good for you. well, i'm sure you have jen. i'm sure you did something also. right. yeah, i've done things troops that i must say when my head hits, the pillow died after that you sleep the sleep of angels because you feel like all right, i did the i did the right thing today that,
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that made me feel legitimate to beautiful feeling well listen, we've been visiting with our friend and mark rock as fred and barney's to say, but you know, or better is margaret. she is an i conic actress, singer dancer, as i said, been nominated twice for an academy award 15 golden gloves, and m a. she starred along every side with elvis john wayne, kirk douglas, steve mccoy, made them all look good. and her latest project is the film queen these that you can see in select theatres and available on demand color. me your biggest fan and margaret a nice to see you get. oh, it's great to see you. thank you. thank you. thank you. bye bye. dennis miller plus one, the the
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the the. ah, the group of 7 leaders meet for the 1st time since this started that pandemic with vaccines and climate change high on the agenda. but there's also a focus on russia and china do feel a sense of deep. so simply, 12, we have young police officers who age alone will not have documented how can not be once you k police chiefs, raise the alarm over a lock of box nations for the for submit fears. the $5.00 and on job officers out the g 7 summit could become coven super spread. or while in new york, parents declare a war and walk in doctrine nation of schools.


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