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by her nickname, the king was i got it reco much other. that was really good. i . i know stability or predictability from america. vladimir putin regrets the state of relationship with us. in an interview with nbc, i had them his 1st summit with president. pardon, that is how stability is achieved. it cannot be achieved by imposing one particular point to view the correct points of view site and in turn calls and put in a worthy adversary. yet avoid giving a direct answer as to whether he's still things putin as a killer. and joe biden promises half a 1000000000 doses of cobra jobs for poorer nations, but it seems they won't be available for everybody. we look at how washington is
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favoring allies over folks ah, broadcasting la, direct, more studios in moscow. this is our enter national. i'm john thomas. certainly glad have you with us, enough stability and predictability. those are the keys to international relations according to vladimir putin in an interview with america's and b c. news. and also said that the u. s. had failed to play its part. he was speaking ahead of his 1st summit with president biden on wednesday, where critics predict awkward conversations and doubt if relations can be repaired . however, earlier, the white house, also called for stability and predictability with the kremlin, are typically katrinka looks at weather. that means the leaders are on the same page. a day before histories made in geneva, latimer potent latest comments brought a tricky debate into the spotlight. which superpower is worse, said de,
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stabilizing the world, or if any of them are doing so, the u. s. politicians in media for years have been trying to convince it's russia's bad and that moscow must be held accountable for president putin though for the explain why he's confident it's the other way round family, a globe in the middle of the machine. you, the most important value in international relations is predictability and stability . and i believe that on the part of the us partners, this is something that we haven't seen in recent years. what kind of stability and predictability could they be if we remember the 2011 events in libya where the country with essentially taken apart, broken apart? what kind of stability and predictability was then there's been talk of a continued presence of troops in afghanistan, and then all of a sudden boon troops being withdrawn from african it's, it's got it. this predictability instability, again,
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what's now event in the middle east, is this predictability and stability. what will all of this lead to, or in theory of what is stable and predictable about that? it's kind of us, my us counterpart. and if you want, i said to leave who will replace him? what will happen when he's replaced with somebody and he'll be on for is old. the answer is, i don't know you well, if you don't know what will happen next, why change what there is? it could be a 2nd, libya or another i've got if we need to, we will this note little sit down together to look for compromise solutions that are acceptable for all parties. that is how stability is achieved. it cannot be achieved by imposing one particular point of view, the correct point of view, whereby all the other ones are incorrect and that's not how stability is achieved. at some point b and b, c journalist said he's got quote unquote,
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a weight of evidence. a long list of alleged state sponsored cyber attacks by russia. among other things, he listed the 20162020 votes in the us, as well as hacker attacks on coven vaccine researches to which the russian leader responded pretty much getting back to the same old finger, pointing that the u. s. elite and journalists have been up to, doesn't equal to actually presenting facts which prove guilt. he's can, we can give you. and i see that the american relationship is always been a victim of the vicious political infighting within the us. we see it's, we're well aware that we've been accused of all kinds of things, election interference, cyber attacks, and so on and so forth. not once, not one time, did they bother to produce any kind of evidence or proof, just unfounded accusations. i'm surprised that we've been accused of provoking the black lives matter movement. that would have been a good line of attack,
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but we didn't do that. it makes out unusual for some viewers who are used to the u . s. narrative, but the russian government is actually ready to work together with the americans on cyber threats and wants to outline the rules of the game and some sort of legal framework. the question ahead of geneva, though, is whether joe, by, well, go for it or just keep blaming russia, promising more consequences, something else. the us president is keen to challenge the kremlin boss on is what the west sees as issues with human rights in russia. well, it almost looks like the nbc corresponding himself had a plan to take up that challenge instead of mr. biden. and it all led to quite an exchange with constant interruptions and mr. prudent, even stressing at one point, don't gag me. let me ask you about human rights, an issue that a president biden will raise mister president,
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and he will raise the issue of alexia. talk with the person nation. nominate russian jail. mister president, why are you so threatened by your position? who says that i feel threatened by a position or will threaten by opposition? who told you that i'm scared by opposition? is just lawful both in the united states. the law on foreign agents was adopted a long time ago. it's in a peroration and sanctions under that law, a much harsher than here, up to and including imprison that you're talking about, you know, better than the other if you must, the patients. and let me finish saying what i mean to say, everything will be clear to you, but you don't like my answer. you don't want my own to be heard by your view is, this is the problem you're shutting me up. is that freedom of speech, is that freedom of expression? is that freedom of expression? the american way medical? can i ask you to make just ask you a direct question?
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did you order, alexia volunteers, assassination? of course not, we don't have this kind of habit of assassinating anybody. that's the 1st thing that or 2nd. so i want to ask you, did you all do the assassination of the woman who walked into congress and was shot and killed by police officer when he sees a whole bunch of questions were about china were actually i should say about the problems the u. s. government has with china like bay jeans, reluctant to take part in arms control talks, china's aircraft carriers and the way the chinese government's treating national minorities the way mister poop read into these was quite surprising to the corresponded. he said he could feel how much the like to be us would love to break russia and china up and added that such questions also had absolutely the same purpose. not a chance was his response. moscow doesn't see china is a threat,
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won't metal and its affairs and will keep up the friendship. author and russia analyst martin mccall. he believes the white house establishing trust is a prerequisite for constructive talks. relations are now did all time low. and if you go back to 1985 and go mature, went to geneva. many women and skeptics saying, well, gover job was going to just to parade shelby views and so on. and he's had new ideas in his head. we actually, he changed the future of the world from geneva, so therefore, of geneva has, has history and vitamins where biden knows that put into a very, very experienced doctor, very experience. and in that interview, he was quite aggressive and he will be aggressive in geneva. he will not tolerate bite in castigating him, and what he demands for biden is 1st will respect. and secondly,
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if you give us respect and we can start negotiate because we need to start shaving, we need to start talking about present moscow and washington d. c. i'm not talking must start talking again because they're both very, very important powers and put in more. and so the americans during the nato summit, president biden was asked a bunch of questions about president putin and their future meeting, answer one biden highlighted, putting intelligence and strength. i had met with him. he's bright, he's tough. and i have found that he is a, as they say, when he used to play ball a worthy adversary. well, we just heard joe biden say that on wednesday he's planning to meet a tough, bright, and worthy adversary. now, those are certainly not the same words. he's used to describe the russian president
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in the past will recall how earlier this year he referred to russian president vladimir putin as a quote killer. and those are not words the world has quickly forgotten. however, he seems to be changing his tone a bit in the lead up to the important meeting scheduled for wednesday in geneva. this is what we've heard from joe biden weekend interview. vladimir putin laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a killer. is that still your beliefs are that he is a killer specially the 1st question i'm laughing to, they actually well look. i mean, he is made clear that the answer is i believe he is in the past, essentially acknowledge that he was or certain things that he would do or do. but look, when i was asked that question on air,
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i answer honestly. but it's not much of a, i don't think it matters a whole lot in terms of this next meeting. we're about to have it also heard some tough talk from biden as well. biden said that he sinks to hold russia accountable for harmful acts. now, washington and european allies frequently discover harmful acts that they blame on russia often there is not very much evidence to confirm that, but regardless, we also heard biden say that america does not seek a conflict with russia mixed signals, certainly. now the issue of ukraine is quite important at this point, biden is said that the united states does not seek to bring ukraine into the nato military alliance. that would, of course, bring american rockets right to russia's doorstep. pollutant has referred to that as the ultimate red line, but just days later, we're biden's saying that he has not ruled out that possibility that a they might consider bringing ukraine into nato. so,
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a lot of interesting mixed messages, perhaps biden is alluding to previous strategies employed by the united states when negotiating with russia. here's some of what we heard. i verify 1st and then trust, you know, when we, when you write to treaties with your adversaries, you don't say i trust you. you say this is what i expect. and if you violate the agreement, you may then we the quote, the treaties off the agreements off. and that's a subtle hint to the words used by ronald reagan. and he has meetings with gorbachev that also took place in geneva. now the issue of nuclear proliferation is also going to be on the table. that's an issue where the states has long had the upper hand. so many are looking ahead to the very important meeting coming up wednesday in geneva, wondering if biden is up to the task, if he will measure up to some of his predecessors who have negotiated with russia. all eyes will certainly beyond geneva, it's going to be a very big day or
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a barbed wire and a massive police presence enveloped brussels as it played host to the nato summit. and just $40.00 ahead of those highly anticipated talks between the russian and us leaders. the alliance said a pretty aggressive tone and named moscow among its major challenges. meanwhile, the u. s. president has said, america is not seeking conflict with russia, but would respond if moscow quote continued its harmful activities. here's our, your correspondent, peter oliver. well, it was a longer than expected meeting at the end of it yet, stolen bird, the nato secretary general said that the alliance faced multifaceted threats. it was clear from the communicate that they put out on the statement begins, the ultimate gave to the press exactly who they believe those multifaceted threats come from russia mentioned $63.00 time china mentioned 10 times. in fact the, they say secretary general saying the lions members need to think twice about not only the the business dealings they have with china,
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but also the security relationship they going to have with china as well. a lot of focus as well on the relationship with russia, in relation to the upcoming meeting between joe biden and vladimir food. and our relationship with russia is at its lowest point since the cold war. and moscow aggressive actions are affected to our security will keep over the fence . a strong wind remaining ready to talk sinai's rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, with more warheads and a larger number of sophisticated, sophisticated delivery systems. it is opaque in implementing its military modernization. it is cooperating militarily with russia, including through exercises in the you to your advantage. ero walton berg described nato is the world's most successful alliance, quite in contrast to how glad to me at food and sees it. he's described nate,
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so as a relic of the cold war and said that nato, a message seems to really be the message that washington wants, as opposed to the message of all of the members of the alliance, jo, bike and was speaking at the, the nate. so conference that took place at nato headquarters in brussel to the rolled into town. he brought with them an awful lot of security. we've had helicopters hovering overhead in brussels all day snipe is on the roof. bob wire and manhole covers welded shut. all part of that security operation, the us president said that he believes that nations need to rally behind democracies. however, a poll taken globally showed that only 17 percent of those aft thought that the united states was a democratic leader globally. we gauge the temperature of those in berlin, in london and in paris. it easy to the power of the people, the power of
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a bunch of people. things like one animal are an obstacle against thinking that the u. s. is the only and probably the best democracy in the world. i think they were missing a kind of let's say response like, sense of responsibility of the us for being the democratic leader of the world. so i think that's why probably 80 percent that know and that there was a chef, but i still believe they are just because the incredible power that they did you look in your home, it's difficult to compare countries, but i think that no country has a stable democracy, this was clear in the united states and the trump and the same could happen here in france. so i can't say that the united states is the biggest democracy in the world, just like i can't say the front of the biggest democracy in the world. you know, going to be almost as if, as we saw her things for under trump with a show of migrants at the mexican border global warming, the corporate crisis, not just states is not a good example for the countries. well,
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joe biden will stay in brussels on tuesday. well, be holding meetings with you leaders. then he heads here to geneva for that all important summit with russian president vladimir putin. while relations between moscow and washington are as frosty as they've been since the cold war. one is coming after short break. this is our to international. oh, i use driven adrian shaped bankers. those vision in me dares
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thing. we dare to ask me any more big boy, 4041 back to safety. were at the 1st floor conference and frog in 2011. there were about 40 or 50 people there. here in miami, we got 12000 tickets, all the router, some estimates what a 45000 mat out, a sick way get set to go global. they go over the global drive and put all the circle back out of business. the mattresses are to international. the number of daily coated cases is rising in some nations of central and south america. one of them,
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venezuela says us sanctions are stopping it from getting vaccines by blocking a $10000000.00 payment to the global kovak scheme. and meanwhile, the caribbean nation of trinidad and tobago has received just 80 vials of the cove job that is enough to inoculate only 200 people in a population of 1400000. separately, joe biden has pledged half a 1000000000 doses to poor nations, but as actually it was done of comments. the promise comes with a catch. the time has come, our lord and savior from cove. it is here after months of holding. joe biden is ready to break america's vaccine coffers and grace. the unfortunate ones. generously united states will purchase a half a 1000000000 doses of pfizer, coven, 1900 vaccine, to donate to nearly 100 nations that are in dire need. in the fight against the stand, emmy a virtuous act of philanthropy. but as the right hand give us the left one,
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take us and take of strictly from those countries who have been quite naughty in america's eyes. as the vice president delsey rodriguez just announced, venezuela has paid of all its commitments to the coven mechanism to purchase vaccines. however, the bank is arbitrarily blocked the latest payments, and they are under investigation. crime. this kovacs is a you and back to initiative aimed at equitable access to coven 19 vaccines. no one is safe until everyone is. the un is preaching, but the us apparently is putting a spin on the rule because define every one. even lose of mathematics have exceptions may be this rule should to be nice to the us or never get vaccine. and even if you somehow manage to brew your own concoction like q, but did, they still can get you? cuba needs roughly 30000000 syringes for the mass covey vaccination campaign,
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and they're short, 20000000. cuba is used to surviving on the americans hydraulic press of sanctions, but one would assume a global pandemic is a good time to be the bigger person. and a said dominance throughout tourism, but apparently not. iran has been ringing the alarm along with venezuela and cuba accusing the us of the same thing, bothering them from obtaining vaccines. we signed a vaccine agreement with a country, but the americans blocked it. they americans came and put pressure in the companies that supply parts of the vaccine from abroad. and block 10000000 doses of vaccine they were supposed to import into the country. so what do you run? venezuela and cuba have in common, apart from horrid coven 1900 statistics. well, the question is so rhetorical, it's borderline vulgar. they're all the bane of america's existence. and there are voices inside the u. s. very much opposed to helping such nations. i strongly
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disagree with the biden administration on their global vaccine rollouts. we should help our eyes 1st, instead of letting a 3rd party decide where vaccines should go, since there are not enough vaccines. should we help india or iran? we should help india 1st. what happened to the us, shaming others left and right for using vaccines as a geopolitical weapon as they see it. we are concerned about the use of the attempted use of vaccines as a means of diplomacy by russia and china vaccine diplomacy that undermine sovereignty. well, it's only bad if somebody else is sharing their ceremonies with other countries. washington is the only power allowed to view their jobs as a literal arsenal. just as in war to america, the arsenal of democracy in a battle against coven, 19 pandemic. our nation is going to be the arsenal of vaccines for the rest of the world. so you better believe an uncle sam,
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the all mighty. it'll be quite unfortunate to have the plague on both your houses otherwise onto st. petersburg now where there has been an upset at the european football championships. slovakia has beaten poland to the one in their opening game of the terminal mate watching it for us was like the shasky. well, i believe it is. it is absolutely deserve victory for slovak. here they went into this game as clear under dogs, but eventually they didn't really possess the ball. they didn't really create lots of chances, but they created enough to win. this game cannot diminish the quality of how the polish can play to play very well. maybe we're a bit unfortunate at times, but nevertheless never judge the way it us lavaca is deserved when of this one. it's a 21 score and maybe the 1st sensation of the euros so far, got to tell you the atmosphere around this game has been much, much louder than the previous getting hands in petersburg when belgium was playing
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against russia. both the poles and the slow box have brought a lot of noise into the venice of the north. we were roaming down the streets and the emotions were very positive and very loud. maybe not quite comparable to what we saw 3 years ago in saint petersburg during the world cup. but phil, this was quite a show in central streets and also on the subway, i went on a train with a couple of smoking fans and they were absolutely berserk in that trade and singing songs and spreading the positive vibes. well, they didn't know they would become win as eventually in the game, but that's the case in the long run. now let's listen to what the fans of both slovakia and poland told us in the streets of saint petersburg, iowa, iowa football, i lost love like yeah, i love every single disconnection through their russia. i'm the football players and everything. yeah. got you but it was can you most get? yeah, shot would you need the slot? lucky. yeah.
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yeah. but then we have the house. you don't really know my stuff to put it so yeah, you read better boot. yeah. you read a book? well, as you can see, the vibes have been very positive from both sets of fans here in st. petersburg. this comes with a little bit of a pinch of sold. of course, the security has been very, very high, keeping in mind what happened in 2012 when the polish and russian fans class in warsaw during the year or 2012. and i've seen also russian policemen working alongside polish, policemen in collaboration to prevent any kind of champion. the fans are all around the football team here. anyway, i also have to say the corporate measures are not going anywhere as well. the i've been tough measures and st. petersburg over the last 24 hours. no food in the fans, or been served right now. but all and all the fees to football continues. keep in
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mind, watch our broadcast here from say, be the book will bring you all the details. on the grounds. the top european medicines agency official, has suggested ditching the astrazeneca cove, a job for all age groups because of concerns over blood clotting. some european countries have already suspended its use are to you shall, davinsky has more. well, this is the latest below 2 astrazeneca and confidence perhaps in the drug. this is a senior official at the europe. medicines agency who is now suggesting it should be ditched for all age groups that many countries have put restrictions on the use of astra seneca, many only giving it to old age groups after those links with possible. very rare, but free to blood clots. now this warning comes from marco cover, larry, who is the head of the use drug related conveyed task force. so he was asked a very specific question where the health authorities should avoid giving
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astrazeneca to those in the older group over sixty's. this is how he responded. yes, in many countries such as france and germany are considering it in the light of greater availability of m r n a vaccines. now, just to point out the e m. a official position remains the same when it comes to administering astrazeneca that it is safe and effective in the fight against coven 19. however, those links to those rare but fatal blood clots have seen a huge problem in the confidence of many people in that job. people across europe saying look, we're not going to take it of the countries, of course, putting those restrictions in place. one of the latest is italy who is restricted the use of astrazeneca to those over the age of 60, and that comes after the death in the last few days of a t. danger in, you know, the 18 year old, died off the suffering from a brain hemorrhage and also from abdominal blood clots and very serious effects to
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astrazeneca that she had though this is a girl called camilla capachana connector, who was 18 years old. she is known to have had some underlying health conditions already. but the surgeon who operated on her in attempts to save her life, said even what he saw shocked him. i had never seen a brain reduced in those conditions by from both his so extensive and so severe. all the venus sinuses were obstructed by some, by a scenario i had never seen in my many years in this profession. from the picture i saw the girl head. it is clear we are facing something, not normal. now the m a is consistently reviewing astrazeneca, updating it's advice on possible side effects. in the last week, it's identified yet another side effect. this is a very rare blood condition called pillory leaks in drug. and basically what that
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means is the tiny capella reads, the blood vessels in our bodies would leak out fluid which could cause swelling in limbs, such as the arms and legs, and also can cause a thickening of flood. so that is now in the side effect that has to be listed on the asterisk and that could job without being administered. all of this comes, of course, as the european union and the astrazeneca makers been battling out in the court. so the allegations astrazeneca breach the contract by failing to supply the number of doses that it should have to the you as presented to says the problem is, were caused by manufacturing. so there's nothing that they could do with the e, with calling for millions of years in compensation for based on the verdict, if you will. not. now, in the next few weeks at the latest, so concerns about astrazeneca, about the idea that it shouldn't be administered. the other drugs should be using said, though, are only likely to cement this view for many across the continent that astrazeneca
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is no longer trustworthy. 30 minutes, that's when i'll be back with another full fresh selection is to fit our trash me. ah. join me every 1st on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the las vegas was the last resort. it was like tombstone territory, where all outlaws go to die. the mob was real generous with everything they gave, the rooms away the drinks away. the only thing they were concerned about just making money on the gambling table, food and ro.


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