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myriad of conflicts and disagreements and scandals and disputes between the 2 countries. success here is them learning to talk to each other and agreeing to address whose concerns that have fisted unattended for years. aside from the luxurious library, there are many other rooms in the villa. this meeting room as well for a wider format meeting where both joe biden and vladimir putin will meet with. all the aides is also telling that both men would come here in such high profile delegations at a time when booth have enough to deal with at home. it gives to show that the equally interested in repairing relations. the arrival of both leaders will be a very formal affair. gordon, the cameras vladimir putin arrives weights inside barden arrives inside, then the 3 presidents, the present, switzerland, russia, and the united states. come out here for a family photo that it's off inside for business. well,
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that's the way it looks here in switzerland for now. joe biden. is there blood me a potent is chad we we just thought we've seen the handshakes we found to business right now. we'll be back a little later with all of the latest right here on our tea from geneva. i ah ah. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . oh, when i was wrong. why don't i just don't the room? yes to fill out the scene because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, depart. we choose to look for common ground towards the summit divided administration, pushed for a summit with russia. moscow agreed what the bite and people hope to achieve remains unclear. we are told the white house wants to restore predictability and stability. what could possibly go wrong
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ah, hello again from the moscow news about the international i'm calling bright with some of the other world stories that we're across for you this wednesday. in fact, news close to the home here in the russian capital. the mayor of moscow has announced mandatory covert shots for service sector workers along with transport and education staff that software recent surge in daily case numbers. let's get the latest right now from correspondent alien for trying to. hi there really. what exactly is the bad been saying? call hello there. well of there you have it. the rushing capital hasn't least a real war against colbert, so let me just go through these places or organizations where more than a half staff members, 60 percent, to be per site will have to be vaccinated. no matter what, after this decision, after this announcement by the moscow city authorities,
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so that that is cow phase restaurants, bars. so the entire catering sector, theaters, museums, libraries, jim's beauty salons and spas transport facilities. the department of banks where the staff members deal directly with the public. so pretty much these are all the organizations and places that are all about customer service, where the staff members deal with the client directly face to face. and i can tell you that the washing mayor has even said deadlines. now when it comes to the 1st component of the vaccine, that has to be july, the 15th, and the 2nd component is supposed to be received before august the 15th. so we're at 2 months away from these 60 percent of service sector staff members when they're all fully vaccinated. now here's how the head of the
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russian capital justified this announcement this decision. let's take a listen. it's up to each person, whether it's vaccinate or not. it's their decision as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get into contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. if you work in an organization that serves an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business, no matter what personal protective equipment you use. ok, most places around the world are pretty reluctant to do this. this means moscow is one of the 1st regions where cobra vaccinations and are mandatory. why did the government take such a strong measure while call and you see throughout the past 4 or 5 maybe been 6 months? the situation with new corona virus cases in moscow was quite stable. i kept watching
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it everyday was about plus 2000 plus $3000.00 cases for a city as big as moscow that was just a drop in the ocean, i should say. so very stable, but mid june, only a few days ago we saw that curve go up on sunday. that was more than 7000 cases dead. it drop a little bit to almost $6000.00 cases, but still that's a significant spike. something that we have not seen since the end of last year, pretty much i can tell you. so this led to a situation in which the moscow city authorities clearly had to act only a few days ago. new restrictions have been and now it's actually, these are all really old restrictions. we've seen them before, but they were lifted at some point. that is, for instance, that bars night clubs. now i do believe i'm going to cut into an alias saying that we're going to show you what's happening in geneva and that some it's between a president posted and bide. and there are the 2 leaders sitting in the library of
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the 18th century, the viola groans which we had to look round earlier on it all corresponding more out of the no one's expecting major breakthroughs in what's likely to be many hours of talk between those 2 leaders they've met before. of course, this is the 1st time those to have met of leaders of that respective powers and russians relations. a lot of issues accumulated. that is why the highest lab they'll be taking the time. and only that meeting with a lot of ground for them to cover. as i say, there won't be many breakthroughs in what's happening. but as we've been saying for quite some time, now russia, us relations have been in the doldrums and that's putting it mildly for quite some time. so the hope is that the very least that will be able to turn the corner in the level of frosty. let's take some heat out about the relationship the the the
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the, the, the, the, the, the we've got a top team in geneva right now to keep across our special ratio of about some it's live now to saskia taylor and peter oliver clock. we had just a couple of moments ago on web back because that's just too much to show you just look probably on your screen. so you can see president bites and sitting where the president to 10 out of course, the section of state and russian foreign minister for all those ready for key
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figures. they will be the ones who are making decisions who be walking through what looks to be quite a long list of grievances. a lot of things are not agenda that is called the library correspondent, my gods. dad was there yesterday and it was when he came on yesterday, he was talking about the live, who thank you rated in history, you've got to let the found books about everything. it's been home to so many important conferences. they're saying a few words right now. we have heard from vladimir cruz just briefly to thanks joe biden, who was the united states, of course, that they said they needed to have this summit. so he's the per you at the russian president. thank to us count default for making that 1st move to also to try and find some kind of reef. no, i do want to say restart the bus. pass a, well, that's what i can say, because we've had that before, some kind of re ignition of diplomatic relations because there are no diplomatic relations as it sounds at the moment. you said the foreign secretary, so the secretary of state antony blane. can that alongside said gala from there
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also, old wall horses went to moscow and washington diplomatic situation said gala, from seeing the foreign minister now for longer than i can even remember. and anthony, blinking cause has experience when it comes to to so to the soviet union, particularly to business deals as well. with that. of course, no seem to represents one of the big issues that being facing them. anthony lincoln wrote a very big, very good book about the relationship between the soviet union and germany when it came to a gas pipeline community. so with these that will, you know, times change, but if you experience and not experience, i didn't miss her. i thought by biting said that face to face meetings, a very, very important to you. i was talking about little bit with a guest yesterday. these 2 have a slight eat, come out to us, relate ship. they actually foster mat in 2011. joe biden was the vice president, president putin was then prime minister out of court fight and said was that he
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likes to read now to not support that you basically looked into pritchens items. i don't think you have a soul. so these are to go off to a bit of a bumpy thought. whether some friendship will blossom, i can get caught unlikely, but clearly both sides recognizing like bite inside the face to face is a way that you can hash out those issues. yes, well there are plenty of those issues to shout in fact as well when it comes to what they going to talk about. it's where to start. that would be the main place to what do you start with? many, i would say, but i think that you need to have especially in a relationship with got so much history. what that's clearly so much disagreement need to have them to call them 1st column needs to be things agree to disagree. i definitely think that it not is going to be human rights, i think then the 2nd column, you need to have things like ok, these approved to be problematic issues, but what can we do? you take little step. i take a little step time. we meet a compromise in the middle, but one thing that obviously i've been also following a lot is i think regional stability here is really important. the threat of
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terrorism. it's obviously in both countries interest to make sure that i ask for example, in areas like syria and i've kind of stone doesn't come back to life for russia, especially at a border security. you know, it doesn't want to risk coming through to countries like with breakfast on subject on a kick off into russian territory. so it's about why they can find cooperation in syria . that's also going to be an issue in theory also of course they help the issue of humanitarian aid, both sides. they, i mean, they do have a different vision of what direction, for example, syria should go in russia, as we know, support the president of russia was invited into, to help with the content that's the biggest you can call to united states was not under the, the well, the conventions of, of different, of the international law and us is the legal law. he said really are only 3 players who should be that because they wouldn't buy to buy the kaufman,
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everyone else should not leave. so we're going to try and find a compromise that also how that going to deliver aid. because at the moment, in fact, the very pressing issue that really should be raised in mid july. a un resolution is set to expire and not resolution allows for an age corridor. busy between key into northwest and syria, of course a to the central both. i'd say we absolutely need to get medicine and shelter food to these people that they agree. perfect. that's a good start. but how about a gets that it's different america wants to keep going to corridor all bought us. we know russia wants everything to go through the government. it says any attempts to bypass it is either just smiling. i saw the government also your me, you've got the rest of going to form into the hands of paris. well, that's the reason. because the u. s. banks, the people who want to overthrow based on milton ra, rapid grand, any means any age going through that actually going to supply those through the government thing. they're all you thing. i also, you know, they're all real,
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but every year isn't depressing issue, but a pressing issue globally that we're facing right now with the pandemic apps, we have heard from joe biden talking about vaccines in particular at the g 7 in cornwall, and notable by its absence with russia and any mention whatsoever, splitting the vaccine not mentioned whatsoever. certainly vaccine, incidentally still not approved by the european medicine's agency means that people like myself in berlin. we can, we can get that to you. i think you can get it in hungry and ins. ops in the czech republic, that's more of a guess than a statement, but certainly you can receive it in an office as well. you can receive it. so some european countries have full. they just can't keep it out. so when it comes to giving vaccines and take me thinking about european countries because they're wealthy countries, but the help that these 2 nations can provide to developing countries who haven't got a vaccine between them. you know, we saw the united states pledge 500000000 doses to kovacs or so great. close to
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a 1000000000. i think the g 7, they agreed to guest who could walk away with something. there would be a concrete, a tangible result if they agree to it for the club. good if they agree to even development between lubarski, between research institutes in russia and in the united states. because both countries have shown that they can develop these vaccines. they both have long, strong track records when it comes to medical science. that would be one of those areas, perhaps that you could see some progression put. we aren't expecting them to pull up many trees during base. this is the baby steps towards potentially getting may be an agreement further down the line. if they're still talking to this meeting, everything will be seen, or at least if they're talking with buses in the countries that would be seen as a big. so i definitely agree. well, i mean, there's just some of the things, obviously we're going to have to see, i'm sure we're going to get some idea of what they did agree on what they disagreed on. what would they would the main talking points that's going to be at the
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separate press conference at the moment there is no joint press conference. well, of course be here, but i think we're going to let them go back to business. and i think we're going to take a little bit of a break from the beautiful view and i think i think colin, it's way to cross and breath of wind get it. make that makes it a lot better. i can tell you we have a beautiful view, but i can tell you the fact. the 50 is lathered on this boy from the north of england face right now. okay, both. thanks very much. we'll leave you on your swiss penthouse, terrorists, no jealousy. here. honestly, thanks for that, we'll be catching up again in a few minutes from now date back to some other global news stories for you now. the fragile seats, 5 between israel and palestine, has been tested after an exchange of fire explosions. rocca or after israel mounted, asked for the 1st time since the end of last month's finding those strikes were in response to austin balloon sent from gaza over the border. fire fighters say that
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the balloons caused around 20 fires in southern israel. palestinian anger was followed by israeli demonstrations in jerusalem, where more than a 1000 ultra nationalist bearing israeli flags poured into the old city. they were celebrating the postpone to jerusalem de mocking the capital city in 1900. 67. this latest flare up the 1st since the new coalition government of course, took over on sunday night as thing prime minister benjamin netanyahu. after 12 years, our correspondent policy, i have selected from jerusalem. what you see happening is the annual jerusalem day celebrations. a repeat of what happened 5 weeks ago, but at that time, just moment off to the day march thought it must find, walk in some gauze, that triggering and you live and they conflict and the march was disbanded. it is now happening 5 weeks later. but as you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of young to see why we come celebrate.
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israel capture all the way to more during the 6 day war of 1967. however, i would be trading in paris finance, according the cation must have wars that it was on appropriate. you have more than 2000 police and security officers on stand by the entire area has been close. i'm channing here in damascus, which is, and this is in an effort by these people to try and prevent any time or come pick from taking place and not the cases are yet on their way to the gate. would you be likely to be all and then from there they'll make their way to the waste and wall. this is my country. i'm not going out and not training anyone. i'm just walking with a flag and singing and dancing. why? why is it important for you to do this? because we just resend them. this is ruth and i'm and we lost
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a chance on me. we shall. i am with bon falling all over the show. and this is our places are home. we are here to raise our flag, our capital city. we are proud to raise a flag in front of all of the arabs in the world. and not the police have arrived. he pushed the shop owners gathering on this side of the road, further away to try and call him the tension. the michael being the protests, but they certainly anger and frustration. it's beyond publication. it's a dictation who appeal patient in order to think that we are so good and you are under our so good. anything that we do not accept or that we do not accept it. and we are here to hear that when we play here, they have no respect for all the time they come here, these races, they make problems. god, it's not the country of israel, this is the country of palestine. where am i in greece?
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because his broken look at these dogs again, i didn't know when the world they come from my home. my mother lived up know that it was the day has gone off with any kind of caches which might be a win. so the new government up, not bennett, but the reality on the ground is that you had to, we should re lease on one side of the road behind me. and then if we move across the road, you have an arabic railey. those that are out in the area just standing and watching the 2 side at separated t corruption ran rampant across europe during the pandemic, according to a survey by a global corruption watchdog transparency international. and around 3 quarters of the $40000.00 respondents, that the situation is getting worse. the shall ado belsky now report. a new report by transparency international has found the view of national authorities and
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institutions is 44. with more than 60 percent of those who took part thing corruption in the government was a major problem. but of all the issues faced by you citizens, one of the sole cust elements was access to health care during the code. the 19 pandemic. the report describes that as being a hot spot for corruption. wherever you go, you must pay up. and if you can't pay, you died before your time to join me and me. something happened to me several years back. i had to pay money just to be seen by doctors. they would not touch me, otherwise. you pay, you move forward. you don't pay. you are left behind. the things that people said they paid bry perfect health care, but sales at the for i didn't some countries, it appears that bribery was rife, and money wasn't the only leverage for getting treatment. almost a 3rd said that they'd use
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a personal connection to receive medical attention. so please me, i'm not surprised. medical attention is reserved for the leads which is absolutely unacceptable, especially in have been damaged. we can't have this hierarchy of who has access to health care. no, because this finding is not a surprise, but it disturbs me. you've repeated stays, shouldn't even be charging money for health care. i do not think that fruit ever get rid of corruption, a startling and concerning trend during a health fun demik during health crisis using personal connections to access public services can be as damaging as paying bribes. lives can be lost when connected. people get a covered 19 vaccine or medical treatment before those with more urgent needs. it's crucial that governments across the e u. redone their efforts to ensure a fat and acquittal recovery from the ongoing pandemic. all of face highlights just
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how fragile the use mechanisms can be and could be one of the reasons why confidence in the blocks ability to handle crises like could be 19, has taken such a hit. recent polls have indicated how much of a problem this is with staggering numbers, saying that the confidence in the european union was low or has deteriorated with corruption, according to transparency international be seen, is so widespread, does not raise concerns given that the ease is about to allocate billions of you re supposed pandemic recovery problem of the car auction east long time. problem, year old is nor to own a in line. we to ponder make. it is very hard to change the way of thinking, measure it, or the can accept bry, buddy, debt,
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etc. chewed is hardly change of thing. hold itself up as a model of integrity. the results of transparency international for romance as challenges renewed and shows across the block that there is widespread content. so let's see. i'll see paris. yes and desperate time. seeing some people taking some unacceptably desperate measures in a few minutes from now we'll be back live in geneva with our team, and our analysts to talk about a clean the host some that's taking place. now we've seen president biden and president putin arrive at the viola grunge. we saw the big photo up in the library where those hours of talks are going to be taking place. and those are the pictures you're gonna be seeing on the front pages to morrow is all of them here 1st. right? that's still to come. the hard work is now under way. we'll have the latest for you from geneva, and i'll have more about use headlines from moscow in a few minutes. this is our t international. mm. the
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ah, i use ah, do you guys actually got an uncovered face men's clothing and showed a whole stuck? it's a kind of s gone feminism. it's name is camina. ah, above did i put a human,
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someone with the whole model that it was, it was a little of up up on the job. but you know, the ones that gave me she lives in one of the most dangerous and patriarchal provinces of afghanistan cost lacey, which time i thought, sure, no, i know i shall do, but i will set up a new kid. i'm glad you got me knows that she does her best to fight for women's rights. i am not able to get that done. as you know what i do. i know that the season here by her nickname the king was i got it so much other than was really going on because i
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always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering questions. just ask for an attorney to survive and interrogation. you've gotta be ready. you're definitely don't want to be going to throw in a jump. so one cups. you're more likely to walk free. if you're rich and guilty, you are. if you're poor, you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seeing and hearing a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice, usually going to dig yourself a whole one of the worst ever mess. shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close
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a little of the real last vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino learners. the vegas shooting revealed what the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine to the american public. remember that it happened, but just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pen demik had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to. here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence, to be the control group, to the shiny facade concealer deep indifference to the people. by going to say that they would take an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost.
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the ah, me rather driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares
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think we dare to ask me. ah, this is our fee headlining right now of let me posted. and joe biden shake hands in geneva, that the start of a highly awaited russia us some it, will it bring the nations closer together or will it drive and even deeper, where between them off the team is lives, keep you up to date on that from switzerland in less than one minute, the world's media comes out at the villa where the us rushes some it's taking place with some reports suggesting that patience is wearing thin. and among the reporters . with us russia relations close to rock bottom man resembling a personal grudge match. we are people in new york and moscow when if things go scrappy but.


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