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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 16, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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the well phase of the decades of images and was that we've had we're going to have to see what all the images was going to be added to that video when they come out today. and in fact, i think we're getting was that president putin's press conference will be in around an hour and a half president. boynton has also confirmed that his will be in 3 hours. so looks like they are guessing that slowly we will of course be taunting by with up to date everything that comes out. but in the meantime, don't go anywhere you want to break really wants you to join him in the studio. moscow. that's all the news in the world. we'll see you soon. the me, ah, ah.
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ah, i the ah, me the global geopolitical day, as it's called, sometimes rest upon the foundation and us dollars primacy. us dollar
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a world reserve current. now you've got a major brush to the outside of the dollar. that gives them a way to maneuver in a way that no other country can but all other country and the late in the end of the ability to maneuver outside the dollar. it's an incredible freedom that they now have nor stream to being completed, bypassing ukraine, delivering energy directly from russia to germany, is just the 1st of many, many, many when the, the, the, the ah,
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hello again, this is r t bringing you a full hour of news from both the geneva summit and also the other global stories that we're keeping watch on for you this wednesday. in fact, now, stories close to the home and 5, the mayor of moscow has announced the mandatory cobit shops to 60 percent of service sector workers will be in place along with the transport and education staff as well. it's after a recent search in daily case number's here and it has the story of the mayor is pretty much making it clear that the russian capital has unleashed a real war against covert. so what are these places and organizations where more than half of staff members 60 percent, to be precise, will now be subject to mandatory vaccination that is kept phase restaurants bars. so pretty much the entire food industry beauty salons, jim's spas. besides this theaters, museums, libraries,
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also transport facilities and the department of banks where the staff members directly deal with the client. so wherever the worker is meeting the client face to face, now this falls under all these categories. and like i said, 60 percent of the staff will have to get the shot. and the mayor even set the deadlines for these organizations that will have to provide their workers with the vaccine. now for the 1st component, that will be july 15th and it will be august the 15th for the 2nd component. now you might want to ask, what about the medical exemptions? well, the moscow city authorities are making it clear that nobody has forgotten about them. so if for this or that reason you are exempt, if you have allergies, if you're pregnant, if you have the chronic diseases,
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that isn't something to be matched with the vaccine, no matter where you work at exemption means no job and also have to tell you that for now, this is only a rule that will be applied to the russian capital, so it's not yet happening on a federal level in russia. now we heard from the head of the moscow government to the gate to band, and here's how he just defied his decision. it's up to each person, whether it's vaccinate on, not his their decision as long as they're sitting at home. but when you go out to public places and get into contact with other people consciously or unconsciously, you become complicit in the spread of the disease. if you work in an organization that says an unrestricted range of people, then during an epidemic, it's definitely not just your business, no matter what personal protective equipment you use. and there's a lot of reluctance in most places to do this kind of thing. this makes me oscar. one of the 1st regions where coven vaccinations
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a mandatory. but there are very serious reasons why the government is taking such a strong measure on that. well, i can tell you that for 4 or 5, possibly even 6 months, the situation with the new corona virus cases in moscow has been a rather stable. i remember looking at the numbers almost every day. it was was 2000 roughly. they plus $3000.00, but again, if you think of moscow to massively huge city, perhaps sounds like just a drop in the ocean. but then in mid july the curve started going up. 1 a got all the way to more than plus $7000.00 cases on sunday now would drop down to a little under $6000.00. and clearly that is a very impressive spike. these numbers are the ones that we haven't seen since the end of last year. so that's why moscow city authorities had to take action only a few days ago the announced that the bars die clubs, restaurants will be working during the night. plus,
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the russian capital authorities announced that moscow will be pretty much on a holiday till june the 20th. so days off for most muscular lights, but it seems that this wasn't enough. so now there announcing this partial mandatory vaccination, but the word mandatory may sound scary for some. what i have to tell you though, is that the moscow city authorities are reminding about the fact that workers and some of the sectors, for example, doctors and teachers. there are already used to obligatory vaccines from other highly infectious diseases like measles, for example. and such practices have existed for decades, if not centuries, and this is just another addition to the list. now they will have to get the covert job. now in the meantime, my colleague was talking to you had an opportunity to ask all the important
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questions when he was speaking to the top doctor add to the most important colbert hospital in moscow. and he described the urgency, he described how bad the situation with colbert is right now. not only moscow, but in other big cities of russia as well. there still is actually what's really happened. why do we see such a spike in covered cases when the states another? well, we have loosened up too much as a careless attitude, personal protection, face masks, for instance, of social distance and deal with all the rules we've been closely following over the last year. i think people just got really tired of it. so all these factors together resulted in a surgeon covert cases. the call it a 3rd wave if you will. it happened. it's a fact. a mask is not only your protection, your safety, and it's also your responsibility toward society. to some extent,
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it's the same story with the vaccine. it's a sense of responsibility for reducing the pressure on the health care system and reducing the number of severe cases. i'm deeply convinced this situation could be solved only by mass vaccinations. this could bring our normal life back again. still land. what do we know about this new indian strain yet? it is no. i know what i see on an everyday basis over 200 patients admitted to hospital every day. yes, every day. it's like the big days. it's even more with the peak of the 1st 2 waves . they need to go. they say it's his syria. everybody is panicking. it's a big pharma conspiracy. so they could make profit out of that 7 in bunch of junk, more shuttle if it was hysteria. the old assembly covert hospitals and additional re animation services in the city would have been empty. and all we know for a fact is that over 1500, the severely ill patients are an intensive care. over $500.00. i don't ventilators,
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we don't see this picture with the flu. my message to everyone is that only vaccination can prevent this situation. we have asked the people in the streets of moscow what they make of the slated decision. some people are happy about it, some are not welcoming that at all. so there's a whole variety of opinions still deserve the job. if it's obligatory, then i have to get vaccinated, but if it's voluntary, then i'd rather refuse. i'm scared and makes me to do really the main thing is for less people to get sick. if that helps, then i'm all for it. many people don't understand that this could be necessary, but for now, this is a very questionable story and i'm concerned, i think everyone should make their own decision. is there personal health? after all, i will not get vaccinated. work with masks and gloves. we get this constantly. yes, we do and so far. thank god. then negative some scientific insight next. and simon
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clark, who is a professor of micro biology, had reading university in the u. k. welcome back to us international. good to have, you know, it's quite a drastic steps moscow's taking here. this is a large sway that the cities working population that are being told you have to get vaccinated. how justify, do you think it is? well i figure find the, the number, the numbers growing and they will bump along and we'll see them go up and down in the coming weeks and months. i think that some people will really begin to start to demand this from me, from municipal workers, from people who are doing essentially by the state. and we're already seeing it. you're seeing it in, in moscow, but we're seeing other parts of the world as well. so i think we're moscow leads others will follow what about the impact of having taken a vaccine? people can often get sick for a few hours or a few days to say that splitting the vaccine, which i've had, i was laid low for a few days of colleagues of any just had a headache for
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a few hours. he said no side effects. if all people in the service sector get given a vaccine that potentially means a large section of people are going to be too sick to work, isn't that itself carry rift? well, that's something that managers will have to factor into into that calculations. but you could argue that it is a small plot price to pay compared to letting that cove it spread through the population and check, i mean that that would be an even bigger drag on things. it's all corresponding said. there are, of course, exceptions to taking the vaccine people who are pregnant, allergies chronic illness is a such. does that mean that that could be a huge section of people who could find loopholes? no, get the vaccine. does it mean that they're going to have to face a big decision that their job is no longer terrible if they can't? well, they don't really loophole. so i think it sounds me quite clear that if you've got a genuine reason not prob vaccine, you will be forced to and that should, that's
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a common sense of right thing to do. but there will be some people who would try on, undoubtedly, but i would recommend people to have the vaccine back seat that all my friends and family have to if this move does prove that it brings down the infection rates. if we start to see daily cases going down, do you think other cities, other countries are going to be looking at moscow and thinking, i know we want to open up, but now it's time to really take some tough decisions and nobody has to stop the spread of notice kobe, but also the need to variance to keep developing the entirely possible. i think, you know, we need to start to look at maybe don't making, making compulsory people vaccines but encouraging them in a more firm way to do side and explaining to them in a more rigorous way as wise to that and everybody else is advantage. i did notice also that in britain, the 7 move taking place isn't that for people who work in care homes that they are
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being told you have to get a vaccine or you can't stay in your job because we're working with elderly and vulnerable people. it's the way ahead that you have to look at either certain jobs or is it geographically where people should be maybe forced to think about getting the vaccine, who graphic leaving it backwards, that if there's a particular day outbreak, then that's the case for doing it. but within certain jobs, i've seen this coming for the past few months. i'm not at all surprised by this. we've already set a precedent in the u. k. because if you work in the health service and you come into contact with, with patients, so with patient blood, then you have to have a head fight this b vaccine. there's no way out with that. i don't think so. we've already set the precedence in the health service, you could be forced, told to have a vaccination and i think that's where we come next. i should say the house service stuff is not being given this compulsion, but i have to say, i think it's probably a matter of time. people of course don't like being told what to do, do that. and as we're saying,
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there's that incredible pent up frustration of people wanting a whole down to be the one that lives back to normal. if people that then told they have to get a vaccine that they have to get an okey later to the time when they're still all those ridiculous conspiracy theories out there to is there a day to think undermine trusting government's handling of this ongoing pandemic which is no error over yet, why governments on capital and yes, that's possibility that it will stick it to see. and scientists like me to explain to people why it is necessary and always unpleasant restrictions that we have to deal with, which are the main, at least in the morning. convenient, and anything else for ordinary people like me. then this is the route to get rid of them. well, that's why we start to see some positive shoot soon. okay, for now professor simon cloth from reading university in the u. k. really good to talk to you again. thanks for joining us. next israeli war, platen said struck garza for the 1st time since last month. devastating conflict.
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the israeli military says it destroyed several ballots and targets and responds to awesome balloons sent across the board at $55.00 to say those devices caused around $25.00 in open areas in southern, in israel. although no injuries have been reported, the latest flare up has cost doubts over the fragile truce between israel and mass . palestinian anger was sparks by israeli demonstrations into roseland, where more than a 1000 delta nationalists bearing his ready flags pulled into the old city. there was celebrating the postpone jerusalem de mocking the captured of the city in 1967 . this light is flare of the 1st since i knew coalition government took over, of course on sunday night. i was thing benjamin netanyahu, after 12 is empower as prime minister, while corresponding policy reports next from jerusalem. what you see happening right here is the annual jerusalem day celebrations is a repeat of what happened 5 weeks ago. but at that time,
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just moment off to the day march thought my sidewalk had some gauze triggering and 11 day conflict, and the march was disbanded. it is now happening 5 weeks later. but as you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of young to have one quick break. it will capture the weights to more during the 6 day war of 1967. however, i would be greatly some pallets finance, calling this case and have not had wars bon appropriate. you have more than 2000 police and security officers on standby. the entire area has been told i'm canning here in front of damascus, which is. and this is in an effort by these people to try and prevent any kind of a conflict from taking place and not applied cases yet on a way to the gate, which would be likely to be all. and then from there they'll make the way to the
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weights and wall. this is my country. i'm not going out and i'm not training anyone . i'm just walking with aflac and singing and dancing. why, why is it important for you to do this? because this is jerusalem, this is jerusalem, and we lost a chance on your musician. i am with bon falling all over the show and this is our place. we are here to raise our flag in our capital city. we are proud to raise our flag in front of all of the arabs in the world. now the police have arrived to push the shop owners gathering on the side of the boat further away to try and tell him the tension, but the mock protests, but they certainly anger and frustration. it's beyond cation, it's a dictation will kill patients in order to didn't want to see, and that we are so good if you are under our so good, anything that we do not, we do not accept it and love to hear that
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when we play here, they have no respect for us all the time. they come here, these races, they make problems for us. it's not the country of israel, this is the country of palestine. where am i angry? because his broken look at these dogs. i didn't no way in the world. they come from to take my home on my mother's life. no. today has gone off with any kind of passion which might be a wedding. so the new government up not been it. but the reality on the ground is that you had to, we should re lease on one side of the road behind me. and then if we move across the road here, you have an arabic grey leave. those that are out in the area just standing and watching the 2 side separated and corruption ran rampant across europe during the pandemic. according to a survey by global corruption,
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watchdog transparency international and 3 quarters of the 40000 respondents. so the situation is getting worse. the shot to do better in our report. a new report by transparency international has found the view of national authorities and institutions is 44 with more than 60 percent of those who took part thing corruption in the government was a major problem. but of all the issues faced by you citizens, one of the sole cust elements was access to health care during the 19 pandemic. the report describes that as being a hot spot for corruption. wherever you go, you must pay up. and if you can't pay, you died before your time to join me and me. something happened to me several years, but i had to pay money just to be seen by doctors. they would not touch me, otherwise you pay you move forward. you don't pay, you are left behind. the people said they paying the bry perfect health care,
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but sales at the, for the, in some countries it appears that bribery was rife, and money wasn't the only leverage for getting treatment. almost a 3rd said that they used a personal connection to receive medical attention. so please me, i'm not surprised. medical attention results for the lease, which is absolutely and acceptable, especially in have been damaged. we can't have this hierarchy of who has access to health care. no, that's good. well, this finding is not a surprise, but it disturbs me. you've repeated stays, shouldn't even be charging money for health care. i do not saying that fruit ever get read of corruption, a startling and concerning trend during a health fun demik during health crisis, using personal connections to access public services can be as damaging as paying bribes. lives can be lost when connected. people get
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a corporate 19 vaccine or medical treatment before those with more urgent needs. it's crucial that governments across the u. redoubled efforts to ensure fat and acquittal recovery from the ongoing pandemic. all of face highlights just how fragile the use mechanisms can be and could be one of the reasons why confidence in the block ability to handle crises like proven 19, has taken such a hit. recent polls have indicated how much of a problem this is with staggering numbers, saying that their confidence in the european union was low or has deteriorated with corruption, according to transparency international be seen, is so widespread, does not raise concerns, keep him, but he is about to allocate billions of euro's supposed pandemic recovery problem of the current auction east long time. problem euro is nor to own
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a in line. we to ponder makes it is very hard to change the way of thinking, measure it or the can accept the bribery, debt, etc. sure is hardly to change of thing. hold itself up as a model of integrity. the results of transparency international for romance, as challenges renew on shows across the block, the fairies widespread is content. so let's see. all see paris. that's about it from the moscow news room for now. you're just a few minutes away from my web back live with saskia pizza and the team in geneva for our special coverage, assessing what's likely being discussed right now between the presidents of russia and the united states. if we do learn of any developments in the meantime, we'll bring them to you 1st. of course, you'll see them flash up on the screen at the bottom that if there's anything to look at will cut to it live or you will say didn't know bottom corner of your
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screen, rest assured you will not miss a beat but out of life for moscow, thanks for watching archie international. mm. the ah. phoenix has actually got a little uncovered face men's clothing and shoulder holster. it's a kind of a gun, feminism. its name is how camino above put a human level, some of the whole model that it was his was a lot of up up on the job. but you know, the ones that gave me she lives in one of the most dangerous and patriarchal
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provinces of afghanistan. cost gala lacey which time i'm not sure when i shall do the average that updated on but yes that i've got to know that she does her best to fight for women's rights. i am awesome. how does that look good when you get that done? as you know, what i do know that she's here by her nickname, the king. the other, the other guy was really good one day. and i was driven by dream shaped by those vision in
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ah, dares thing we dare to ask these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger. survive something on survival. was the hardest things that i had. the face was not having a face. i had a little patient like accepting the accept the fact that i made that appointment. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. when i would show the wrong. why don't i just don't the rules?
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yes, to see out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the parts we choose to look for common ground. one of the worst, m a mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners. the dangerous shooting revealed wet the l v n p d really is. and now it's part of the spin machine to the american public barely remember that happens by just shows you the power of money and las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious
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contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people. the buyers could have been saved. if they were to take an action, absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines being in vegas as a money machine. it's a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. the geopolitical game, as it's called, sometimes rests upon the foundation of us, callers primacy, us dollar a world reserve current. now you've got a major russia to the outside of the dollar. that gives them a way to maneuver in a way that no other country can. but all other countries will end the late in the end of the ability to maneuver outside the dollar. it's an incredible freedom that
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they now have nor stream to being completed, bypassing ukraine, delivering energy directly from russia to germany, is just the 1st of many, many, many when the the the, the, the, the, the, the, the,
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the, the, the, the us and russian journalists fight in the fight to get into the geneva, where presidents put an invite, not holding, the highly anticipated something, but even those lucky enough to get inside was shoot away quickly. over the way, please shake between the russian. non american presidents begins that highly anticipated encounter with everything from nuclear arms control to media. conflicts on the agenda will keep bringing you all the action live from the venue in switzerland, in less than one minute. with russia us relations of rock, bottom and insults flying media painting the talks is there is a personal grudge match so we've been.


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