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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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has actually got a little uncovered face men's, clothing and shoulder stuck. it's a kind of gun feminism. its name is camina. ah, well above put a human level, some of the whole model that of us is, was a little of up up on the job. but you know, the ones that gave me she lives in one of the most dangerous and patriarchal provinces of afghanistan, cost lacey, which time i thought, sure, no problem, but i shall did that update it. anyway. i'm glad you got the notes that she does her best to fight for women's rights. i am not going to get that donors. you know what i do? i know that the season here by her nickname, the king was
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a good call. joe doesn't really go on monday if i choose ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle towards the summit. the by the ministration pushed for a summit with russia. moscow agreed with the biden people hope to achieve remains unclear. we are told the white house wants to restore predictability and stability . what could possibly go wrong? the. the
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cross talking the potent biting summit, i'm joined by my guest, daniel nick adams in lake jackson. he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity in awesome. we have glenn diesen. he is a professor at the university of south eastern norway as well as author of the new book. great. how are politics in the 4th industrial revolution? and here in moscow we have maxine switch golf. he is the director of the center for advanced american studies at moscow state institute of international relations. are a gentleman, cross talk rules and effect. that means you can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate, let me go to daniel and lake jackson 1st. i have a simple question. it's really short. why is this something happening in the 1st place? ice, after all, ever since it was in announce, i still haven't figured out what's the point of it go ahead. daniel. well, in washington isn't a prison of its own making us relations with russia or have been a disaster. and there's really no easy way out. the short answer to your short question is there needs to be a summit because of what happens recently in ukraine when the us was provoking was
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coding zelinski to make a move to make a move. and russia responded very quickly with 75000. well, i'm trips in the united states, realize, oh crap, something, something serious is about to happen. and days after that happened this when biden called and said, hey, let's have a summit. so it's, they need to find a way to back down from what they've started. okay, glenn, weigh in on that here because i think that's very, very interesting. maybe for, for once in a very long time, they realize how bad things could get by provoking rush it through a proxy like ukraine. or are there other reasons in your mind for the summit? because daniel gave me a good one, is that a good enough one? go ahead, glen. well, i agree with daniel that the crisis and ukraine was spurred this effort by binding the coal for the summit because holding the costs in 2014, you know, you were the means agreements. us the reached agreement for political settlement, however, was never happy with the terms of the agreement. that's the washing spent 7 years
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trying to ukraine law. also, mounting is great economic, political, military pressure, and russia couple of course with this information more. so the objective, renegotiating the means agreement, obviously fail. russia responded to the build up on the new terry forces. so what we instead now see if russia has really cemented its red lines against further native expansionism on its western borders. and at the same time, it has innoculated itself from further sanctions by re wiring economy increasingly towards china. and i guess this is the key public. one of the ukraine gamut has failed. but 2nd, china now emerging of the real principal arrival of the united states. so there's the fire in washington to try to stop pushing this to your ation join us together. i deal with them apart. and again, there's a lot of indications this being the key fema by miss chip. i mean, now we've been having some of the new k m, the main goal there. so they're also to mobilize their p against china. so guess
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next in line this, russia, and then we'll resend the kind of the objective to make russia takes a bit away from china. but again, this is united states was intensified as this development. okay, well max, let me go to you. i mean, western medium politicians love to talk about russia, almost none of them know anything about your country. so i mean, collectively what we've heard so far is that they overplayed their hand. washington, i mean over the plate overplayed their hand in ukraine and now in 2021 in the summer of 2021. 0 my goodness. rush in china are getting close together. i mean, you know, any blanket you are, no. kissinger you are no bismark. ok, i mean, this is a catastrophe that is self inflicted. here give us the perspective because it's very rarely given in western media. what is the perspective coming out of moscow? go ahead max. well, i think there are 2. there are 2 things that policymakers in moscow,
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the 2 perceptions of russia, that policymakers and moscow distinguish when to look at that white bite and ministration proposed the summit. one is the perception of russia among the american political class that sees russia not as a pure competitor to the united states, but as a mere kind of spoiler in the international system. and it distracts the united states from confrontation with china. distracts american attention and resources. so it's important for them to make this confrontation manageable. as many people mentioned, the 2nd perception, however, is the one that was aired by the american military and intelligence community that does see russia as a key threat to the united states and 3 particular domains and nuclear arms and hypersonic arms space and cyber domain. and in these 3 areas, kind of make up for the new strategic stability. and that would actually work very much by administration. so they want to make these domains manageable predictable
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in terms of how russia, you know, operates in these domains. so they believe again, as, as many policymakers in moscow look at it that it's important to put these domains under control to put russian capabilities and these domains under control. and ensure that there is no risk of direct military clash. but continued this confrontation on this kind of ideological political and economic pressure levels. that's very, very interesting is if the washington can manage russia. i mean, i, again, i, this is kind of this perception that they can snap their fingers when people are going to line up an order. i mean it, that time a is over. it's been over for a very long time here. daniel, they're coming. this is coming out of weakness, they don't really know what to do. i mean, how to manage russia in those domains. i have no idea what that supposed to mean. i do know it means a lot more defense spending. that is for sure. and the more and glenn's point, the more of this attempted management be controlling behavior. this is cold,
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war language is ridiculous. here the more russia is going to reluctant to turn to reliable partners i. e, china. so it's a self defeating exercise. go ahead, daniel. well, i think a fundamental see change occurred just a few weeks ago in alaska. and i don't think it's in digested completely, which is when tony blinking came in so sorry, sat down with the chinese delegation and started let lecturing them about the international rules based order. and yet she was having none of that. he basically said, you sit down and listen to us, you're not going to negotiate from a position of strength, which is the u. s. is, you know, sort of world view and that's what biting think he's going to do tomorrow. you're not going to do that. you're not going to lecture us, we see through you we see past you, all you do is go around the world, breaking things, destroying countries, people and we're just not having it anymore. and i think that was a sea change. that was the beginning really of the end of the u. s. empire,
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maybe the middle of the maybe the end of the end of the u. s. empire. when that happens, you know, a, glenn, it's very interesting. people have asked me often about the the anchorage fiasco again, self and do self inflicted. what if they tried to do it in a, in, during the summer here and i would just turn around and say, doing a saw a freedom of speech. i would have what's going on with julian, it's like, oh, and you have all of these hundreds of people and consolidate you. confinement per loitering, january 6, and you know, so a lot of them don't have lawyers. they're not given access to evidence and being compiled against them. and you talk about the rule of law. i mean this daniels point to be you can't lecture other countries on these issues anymore because it's hypocrisy and puts at the end of the day. that's not what this is about as opposed to how to states and the international order is supposed to function. it's not about a trial and in a 3rd country here, i mean,
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they just get way over their skis here and they get the purpose of the thing. all of us are old enough to remember what some it's really were about. and they were really well prepared for, and they had a reason to meet, but they don't really have one go ahead, glen. well, fortune wants to lecture russia about his domestic affairs. then obviously there are lots of russia can lecture united states about, however they have a mechanism against this in the united states, but it's a brussel points out and he see or attempts to hold us my same standards then washington will argue this is what about them we suggest are unjust, and i will point out that this is very much structured accordingly. because when the united states approach and tries to lecture russia, be aware that they really do the refer to international law. because in international law, principles such as an equality where the same rules should apply for everyone, instead you hear the words rules based international order repeated over and over again. and this is
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a big difference in the rules based international order. they include the so called idea of democracy, human rights, but is applied to promote sovereign inequality. that is, united states should have the prerogative to the fair in russian affairs. russia is not be allowed to trend us. you know, the us can intervene in other countries. russia came out and the u. s. can ignore international law and un, if it's deemed to serve this value while russia came out, because it's not been to be the champion of human rights. so this is very much an idea about human rights and democracy should be a way for the united states to interfere in the rush of the chairs, but not all the way around. and so it's quite important that this summer article is set up for, for mutual criticism. rather, it's lecturing another i just like a point. $11.00 interesting remark which is at the g 7, g 7 summit now and you k, this finished and, and, you know, had their final notes in the statement. they warn russian not to interfere in
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western countries and then followed by a comma. and then along the list of western interfere, these russia dictating, they should organize their site. so the company in the pocket is being on the mental to the rules based international or now because they're ideologically, they're ideologically blind. ok, they can't see their own hypocrisy, their own deceit. i would even say, let me go to max here, but you know what? the biggest problem is, is that they're frustrated to bite and people are frustrated. the deep state, the media is it rushes in a position to say one simple word? no. and they can't get around that max. yeah, i think the biden actually called this concern and one of his press conferences after i think g 7 when he was asked why, you know, president putin does not change his behavior given the amount of sanctions. and he said that's because he's latimer pollutant. right? so i think there is actually patient within the administration. that's a watch of things that they may be trying to impose during the talks in geneva
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tomorrow may simply not fly well. and if indeed, that the russia, us some goals of the way that the, the, the american chinese talks went and alaska, that would, you know, the russians perhaps would be more kind of polite in their response. but it would still be very uncomfortable for before the administrate straighten. okay. i have to jump in here, but i mean, i think, you know, i mean let me live rock did give a good dressing down to burrell from the e. u. i think that could happen if that were to occur gentlemen, we're going to go to a short break, and after that sure break, we'll continue our discussion on the biden summit, stay with our team. the the, the global
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geopolitical game has its called sometimes rest upon the foundation and us dollars and primacy. us dollar a world reserve current. now you've got a major in russia outside of the dollar. they give them away to maneuver in a way that no other country can, but all other countries will end the late in the end of the ability to maneuver outside the dollar. it's an incredible freedom that they now have no extreme to being completed, bypassing ukraine, delivering energy directly from russia to germany, is just the 1st of many, many, many, when who know, you know, borders and the blind number please emerge
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. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people judgment. 2 come crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in the welcome back across stock where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle, to remind you we're discussing the potent biden summit. ah, ah, okay,
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let's go back to daniel. daniel, what are the motifs that we've seen since the end of the cold war, but particularly since the 4th regime change of the democratically elected government and ukraine in february, 2014 is it. you see this motif with politicians and the media is that, you know, they have to find a way to give a, put in a way out, you know, get it, you know, get him on an off ramp. so from this bad malign behavior, but it doesn't work, it has, it hasn't had any impact to quote unquote, changing behavior, which is such a condescending way of approaching it. is there any possibility in, in the next, during this generation to readdress the us russia relationship because i'm really at a complete loss because the way it's structured right now, it was like a simple thing like giving back the diplomatic compounds that were confiscated for
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no real reason, but even giving back those compounds. that's appeasement. okay. i mean, it painted themselves in such a terrible corner that they actually kind of just put themselves into some kind of suspended animation because they have just been there's no avenues to move forward because then you're just called a traitor, or a potent puppet. and you know, and then that's, these are 2 very important countries. ok, how do they break themselves out of it? or is it just really hopeless and we just have to move on where you are, right peter. it's an absolutely toxic environment in washington. there's literally is no wiggle one. this is a prison of their own making if 5 were somehow, for example, on the iran situation, if, if biden were somehow to ease up on sanctions, you would have members and senators from both parties screaming, as you say, appeasement appeasement. the u. s. foreign policy has locked itself into a prison. it can go nowhere further, but forward toward its own. do my radically,
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and it's interesting, you know, you said something very profound earlier peter, which was very simple. the ability to say no. and that ability to say no is something relatively recent and relatively new, and it came about because of washington's own behavior toward the rest of the world . washington has made itself irrelevant by sanctioning everyone else the world body politic has had to find to send out new snaps the new sinews and new modes of communication. the u. s. s. port, russia and china together. the u. s. has put iran into that axis. everything the u . s. claims to be fighting against it's actually promoting overseas, which makes me wonder, are they really that stupid or is this whole thing just a big game, to keep the military industrial complex, churning and churning and those millions of dollars going into the pockets of the well connected inside the beltway, i don't know the answer, peter. i think daniel,
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they're both true at the same time. ok, given this professional managerial class and international relations or domestic, anything they touch, they destroy. ok. and i think it's, it's greed, it's hubris in their ideologically blind. ok, and this is what the result of it. and you know what, daniel, the world can move on. ok if the u. s. you know, once to say it owns all the marbles on the playground, you know, and walks off with them fine. there's a world beyond the united states, okay. and the d dollarization that's going on left and right across the world it's, it's again, self inflicted here. let me, let me go to the glen here, glen. i mean, why should russia care really? i mean, you know, there are alternatives to the swiss system, right now. they have burgeoning relationships in asia. that's where global growth is. 20 percent of the global growth immediately after the pandemic is all in asia. i mean, is it really worth it? i mean, to be part of their little clubs where, you know,
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they discuss critical race theory and woke ism and all of it isn't really worth it . i mean, i don't really understand most of it. i don't even, i don't even want to engage in it. i mean, it's their own self demise. ok, but they're tied up in why should russia care? go ahead? well, it used to care more because again, since at least the garbage all their russia has been aiming to integrate into what is the find, the greater a europe. now the main conflict we had in europe is exactly because we never had any post cold war settlements. as all, all by keeping nato and expansion. if nato as demand secured the architecture of europe, we maintained effectively the several, some structures. now, for a long time, russell, it was all is economy was tied up with the west, and the west was tangled ability relations with the way the only change its policy made unilateral, confessions. now, this past 7 years was definitely us going to far because now russia has
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instead begun to embrace the greater duration initiative in which a greater partnership model with the with but also is and 2 things have changed for once. we can't really dangle the greater europe in front of the russia more because it's, it's really interested in this and more so let's offer a 2nd. the less way to punish it because or the 70 years has been diversified, has called me very quickly to be mentioned streets, but you know, their main technology strategic industries. transportation cor, north and payment system. currently use development bank is across the board. they are typically now diversifying away from the united states, and this is the problem part of the problems with sanctions that during, during a long period time. other countries you learn to live without you and have a great extent. what with the happened now and one final point because i saw room in the article recently by the former us ambassador denito curt gulker. he wrote
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article about this and he argued that success is confrontation, and hoping that if only it would collapse. and the whole thing is anything but continued confrontational victory for put in. it was good for russia, that is bad for america. so this is very serious. i'm in polity that you hung be the common security rug with russia has to be beat. it's very much entrenched into the mentality and how, how security is actually considered or perceived. yeah, i mean, max, i came across a curve ball and i think michael mcfall actually chimed in as well. the worst, the better that's diploma here. but that does that goes to my point. i mean it's just one big headache. ok. you don't want us in your club, your private snooty club, then fine. there are other clubs to go to. i mean, i just, you know, we've heard that you dangle in front of them. you know, that's a treating somebody like a child that's. that's not how international relations should work. ok with great
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powers, by the way, i mean, this is the problem max is that the world has gone back to way it has been for the entire history of the international assistant system. great power competition. ok. we had in generations of the, of the cold war that did not understand that that's the way the world works now with reverted back to it because there's only one ideological power out there in the united states. it's not china, it's not russia, it's not iran. ok, one country is ideological, and that is why it's creating this log jam. i'll be international system. go ahead max. sure. i think that the you, the, the world has come back to this great paula rivalry paradigm is recognized in all the major capital. so the world i think, what is the key variable that is different today is that the power of the west has declined. that of the it's a different and it's very important factor. and i think you, glenn, and you get or point out exactly the right track here that russia has been
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decreasing. it's kind of involvement in the western or attention for the, for the was tried brave and attention for, for from western powers. it is still there, but still it's less than used to be in $990.00 s and rush has been promoting the greater di westernization or d, americanization of the international system. i think what is still in the interest of russia again, and we have to bear in mind that the russian leads are also not very monolithic. there are those who argue for absolute stronger stance against the united states and there are others who are more kind of moderate and the kind of the modern wing . and i think is interested in the quote unquote economizing of the confrontation that i'm making this confrontation less expensive for russia because it consumes resources, you know, distracts from other priorities. so in a way, you know this summer is kind of an a way for food to go and see whether there's still might be a board or final chance to you know, save some resources in certain areas of confrontation. i'm rather pessimistic that
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that may happen. but maybe that's, that's what they, they've been looking for. yeah, daniel, i mean, again, you know, this, this, the summit mystifies me here because you tend to think you would meet a summit because there's a modicum of trust. ok, because there is, you know, you can sit down and have an inter locker and have an honest conversation. but i mean, considering all of the shenanigans been going on, particularly with ukraine, you know, be the sanctions again, siri and not allowing him to rebuild. we go on and on and on here. i mean i just, i did anything that the bible says i wouldn't trust or, or his interlocutor blinking and considering job performance before the summit here . i mean, what is there any trust there at all? because i don't see it, it's a fabricated, it's gone because one side does not want to use that in their negotiations. trust.
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go ahead. well, you're right, blinking is absolutely out of his league. he is an ideologue who has very little real experience. he has a lot of experience fomenting who is he was deeply involved in the crew against the ukrainian government. but i was going to say before you mentioned that, you know, really the elephant in the room when you discuss having a conversation with biden is biden. and we, we saw the press conferences, we saw him blank out many times several times. and it's, it's kind of funny to laugh at because i think he's a horrible person. maybe single handedly responsible for disaster. it's more on iraq in 2003 when he brought the democrats in the senate in and became pro war. and so there's a lot of blood on his hands. nevertheless, it is a little bit humorous to watch, but also a little bit disconcerting. when you realize the person on top, the person in charge is definitely not in charge. he kept wandering off, and his wife had to go find him and lead him back. there's plenty of very
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disturbing video of him to sort of wandering around. this is not a good situation because you have when the cat's away, the mice are playing. the mice in this case are people like blink and very, very dangerous people. products of washington d. c. okay, but we can say with you here, daniel, i mean it, while the cats away the mice play. i mean it, when you listen to tony blink. and i mean, i mean, he's lecturing the world about critical race theory and woke ism and things like that. i saw in anchorage, i mean, they were completely mystified is, what is this guy talking about? and i'm fluent in the english language, and i had a hard time following him. okay. i mean, how do you think the rest of the world does that when you have these black lives matter flags when you have the gay pride flags at american embassies? i mean, people must think that, you know, they've gone bonkers. they use a british term. it's completely in your face and i don't know if it's meant to be,
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but i do see some backlash. and i noticed that hungary recently is looking into adopting some some laws more like russia when it comes to the promotion of homosexuality. we've run out of time gentlemen, it was a bit long winded there. i want to get my guests in lake jackson offload. and in moscow i want to thank our viewers for watching us here at r t c. you next time. remember ross stock bruise? ah me, i when i was wrong, why don't i just don't the room? yes, to shape out the thing because the after an engagement equal the trail,
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when so many find themselves? well, the parts we choose to look for common ground in always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering questions. just ask for an attorney. ah, to survive and interrogation, you've gotta be ready to stand your ground. definitely don't want to be going to throw in a jump. so one cups. you're more likely to walk free. if you're rich and guilty, you are, if you're poor you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one now. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying. if you don't take that advice, usually going to date yourself a whole the
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sort of a page and as cool. his optimism that the wraps up is geneva summit, which is your billing duplicated. there was no hospitality on the country meeting was very constructive. i have no illusions following the meeting, neither old nor new. there can't be any illusions at all. but barton seemed rather less off the summits appearing even to confuse the trump. i caught part of the prejudice truck press conference and at the end of his summit news conference, joe biden questions report. his claim that the u. s. president would change him in to teams behavior.


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