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is happening in jail politics of the finance, stacy? well, the volcanic eruption is happening in the mind shift that is happening. and the mind shift that is underway is showing us the difference between good money and bad money. so the good money is bitcoin, and we're seeing that change the mindset of the people who adopt it like el salvador and like all the other latin american countries now that want to also adopt bitcoin. like the hedge fund managers, like paul tutor jones, who's out on television banging away on big coin and talking about the relentless optimism and the positive future. and how honest it is compared to the dishonesty of let's look at the bad money. the 1st chart, federal reserve balance sheet, top 8 trillion dollars for the 1st time. this is fed data and this is a sort of thing that paul to jones is going on to the mainstream financial press to
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talk about as that it's not honest and he's afraid of it. the volcanic eruption of inflation, you might say good. my manager speaks with a great deal of can 2nd, because it helps execution doing trade, talking with traders, you need to get your point across quick get orders and fast. so a positive john speaks with syntax that is compressed and he says something very simple. and yet speaks volumes. he said look, the fed isn't doing anything about these rising prices for stop. yeah. ok. so that is just saying very clearly that the fed causes inflation. the feds not going to stop inflation. and he's scared into safe havens, principally bitcoin. when you listen to the fed talk, they don't even talk about inflation. in fact, they only talk about the flash and it absolutely double speak 984 george orwell. nonsense. from the central banks and professional money managers are like, okay,
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i'm checking out of this game, it's rigged too badly. i've never seen a rig this bad. and the only asset that makes any sense is bitcoin. the fed balance . she is now 8 trillion dollars. and then let's look at the questions that this guy is asking here. while the focus will be on job openings in jolts, which is the index of, you know, labor trends. as always, the more interesting stuff elsewhere. and this case quits. never seen anything like this before. why and why now? asked jeffrey p. snyder. this is jolts data, jobs data and the labor market trends. and what they're trying to showing is a huge surge and people quitting their jobs. a lot of it, you know, the headlines in the financial presser about, people of the corporations are starting to reopen their offices, and people don't want to work anymore. they just want they like staying at home and
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said, so they're just quitting their jobs. that's one factor of many. so if they measure of their monetary unit is elastic and is ever expanding, then the people who are taking that for work are revolting by not going to work. if you're trying to build a house or something like that, you would use a ruler or a tape measure and everybody working on that house understands a 12 interest equals a put. but here in the fed, they're trying to say, we're going to build an economy in our definition of the building block of that economy. money. nobody knows, has the same definition. every single member of the federal open market committee has a completely different definition of money. they have a different definition of what the money supply should be. they have a different definition of what the purpose of the fed is. and the result is they just print by the trillions and then hope things go in the right direction. there's no policy other than hope. and so the average worker saying, wait a minute,
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how about if you just send me that money, i'll stay home and wait until you guys figure it out, but i'm not going to go to the job for minimum wage. if you're going to pay me double minimum way to sit here and watch tv any down, it's pretty much that's what's going on. yeah. in terms of that balance sheet of 8 trillion dollars, it looks volcanic, it could blow at any moment. paul, tutor jones, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world is betting that it will blow and that he's buying a safe haven of bitcoin in terms of why everybody's talking about the volcano is because the, the president of el salvador, now you kelly he was recently, you know, responding to the fight about bit coins, energy use, and he said we have all this geothermal energy. he called it volcano energy and that we could use this to mine, bitcoin and the 2nd half we do talk to somebody from nearby guatemala, which also has some volcanoes. and there,
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you'll see the relentless optimism and the can do want to work. want to build cipher funks, build cipher punks, right, code, right? and so they just, there is so eager to build and create and do. that's one way. now look at this world of fields and these people in america, quitting jobs. now let's look at what is happening in china. chinese use are joining a mass movement to quote life lat, after watching their friends or themselves to death. the movement of the moment for young 20 somethings in china is lying flat, which advocates for lying down instead of working hard and keeping up with constant competition. lying flat rejects the 996 culture that encourages people to work 12 hour days, 6 days a week. this is another example of a population mired and money. the chinese joanne is printed by the trillions and has lost all value. and the government is trying to dictate values through the
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messaging of propaganda, the same as america uses propaganda instead of the market to create price signals. and the economy is crashing and foundering. the same thing in china. whereas i'll salvador say, you know, what big can give us a chance to get out of the yoke of the m f and the central bankers. as a matter of fact, i'm talking in ways that have encouraged them to talk with bankers to create these volcano bonds to pay off the i m f completely and escape all central banking completely. and they're going to see the gdp of el salvador triple is going to go from 20000000000 to 60000000000 property prices all ready on the move. and they've got people now moving to el salvador to take advantage of this burgeoning, incredible, utopian big coin country. that is a good setting, an example for the entire world. and let's face that, i predicted that you'd end up with hash wars. what i call task force starting 3 years ago, that instead of countries banning bitcoin countries would embrace bitcoin,
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hord bitcoin, mind, bitcoin as a store of value. and the game theory built into the big protocol means that all india is now talking about this. and that's of course, $1000000000.00 plus population with multi $1000000.00 g d p. so what we've been saying is going to happen. el salvador fired the shot for a global adoption of bitcoin. and it's countries like the u. s. or china, where the population was lying down there on protests. they're not working. gdp is collapsing, you know, they could be left behind. right? well, importantly, also the element in this that i want to point out is the can tell you narrow effect . and the global oligarchies controlling the, you know, the very global economy, right. it's the multinationals that are united across the world, but the multi, multi, multi 1000000000 our class are all united in one sort of class. so i'm going to
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look at that sort of atlas shrugged moment in this life. lat mote movement. because the dawning on the population in the economy of china. what they're noticing is that the notion of a meritocracy is bogus. and you see that that's why they've decided instead to just lie down. if i, if i can't actually get ahead and it's all fake and it's all a hoax. well, i'm not going to work at all. essentially. john jang, a 27 year old night owl told insider that he did not start out wanting to join the lying flat movement. but his struggles to conform to expectations, particularly through university, made in one of its most ardent followers. quote, sons of business, men and daughters of officials got a head start that it was equivalent to an entire laugh or 2 around the track. i think it is the navigable that people like me would lose the race. so that made me think, why do i even try?
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so again, this is like the can tell you, in fact you see that you see that across america in the past year as well, that people are the unrest of spreading because of, you know, the inflation, the supply chain disruptions. but the dawning realization that the something not quite right. obviously you could, you know, move the crowd to whatever way you want. and that's why we have a lot of these, you know, all these weird theories being presented in schools as an explanation for what is causing this problem when it's just the same simple fiarty structure, the, the bad incentives within it that lead you to the conclusion that you would just rather lie flat, then get up and go build. right? this is similar to the collapse of the spanish empire. you remember, spain went around the world and courted gold from all over the world. and it created a population that was bifurcated in this way,
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extreme wealth at the very top and ultimately led to a situation where everything that needed to be done from a day to day basis collapse and the empire collapse as a result. yeah, well this is a paper money version of that. yeah. because what had happened, and we only have a few minutes to go into this of course is not totally accurate. but what, what part of, what happened with spain was only interested in the gold wherever they were in the new world. i over here in the americas, whereby places in the caribbean that didn't have gold, they allowed the dutch, the brits to colonize those. instead, rather than fight wars over it, they were like, well, we just are interested in the gold, so in columbia or the peru and, and those sort of places we're going to occupy there and put our attention next. and they let the whole sugar trade, which help though, you know, places like the u. k. build a huge empire. and that we had the can tell an effect in spain as a result, they,
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whenever they found a huge pot of gold, you know, the whole, it would have huge inflation. nobody wanted to work. everybody had money with, right. so it's lack of diversity. but in the version of paper money, so in the u. s. in the u. k, around the world in china, the have the people who are close to paper money creators and central banks. and that's all they're interested in in ask the price assuming higher based on 0 percent loans and free money. and now they're all this empire. it's a global empire collapse of paper money. and al sabah to are now is sent to absolutely crush it, which is amazing. but again, you know, comparing the mindset of the 2 cultures of in the good money and the bad money. most people live in the bad money culture that, that, that's their society. they haven't found back when they're not hopeful for a future. they're not actually not even hopeful. they're building a future like obama, with hope you're hoping this guy maybe prints enough money for you,
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helped you out so you could just lie flat at home. but this, this notion of just like flock lie flat and shrugging your shoulders and saying, well, i'm not going to participate what, why bother building? we don't know what we're missing with that, but it also kind of reminds me of that planking movement. yeah, i was thinking it was something for me a couple of years ago before flossing. and after coney 2012 there was another strange thing and now i remember it was called planking. yeah. so, i mean these people are in the lying flat movement. there are seemingly like it's a, it's a culture, it's there. this is their thing. they're doing this and they're just like, not bothering to get out of bed in america. we also, well, yeah, in america europe, we also have the supermodels who wouldn't get out of bed for $10000.00 or less than $10000.00. and now you have these kids who get out of bed. even for a cupcake. right, then the incentives are destroy, bitcoin, the incentives are built in such a beautiful array. and with this current car,
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cheesy and elegance, almost like the sistine chapel of money. that it just inspires people to like, you know, change their behavior. remember, you don't change bitcoin big point changes. you and it's changing el salvador. it's changing the company micro strategy home by michael sailor. it's changing. paul, tutor, jones. it changes almost everybody in the world except peter. sure. all right, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way the me ah, me one make no certainly no borders and the model number please has emerged. we don't have a therapy. we go to the back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready
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. not a joke, people judge, you know, come crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together in these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger, survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had, the face was not having a face at a low expectation that i accepted the accept the fact that i made that appointment
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. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. ah, the near ones will use against by doing the same tactics that republicans had to see coming from democrats after consume. so they would deck, used by, you know, to be into a soft, indecisive, electronically agenda. not off enough to be and definitely they will try to sabotage some of the agreements that have been reached. geneva ah,
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the me welcome back to the guys report, i'm as the guys are still at miami bitcoin 2021. you know, and companies conferences. i usually find one, you'll amongst the many, someone comes to me and they start talking and i listen and i'm like, oh my god, something's happening. i would like to introduce you to lena. how are you? i'm doing great. alright. from guatemala right next door to el salvador. 7 yeah, there's a huge story going on. i know there's a story going on because jack waller's is down there. is app remittance, essentially with strike and the place is gone crazy. what's happening? tell us you're there. what's going on? well, it's a pleasure to be here. yeah, we went down to see jack and mike peterson and be mid point beach last month. so. so to help them grow what they're doing and wanting to see everything that we can do to bring it to guatemala. next are my mission and our mission is to make the
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central america the 1st hyper big one, eyes region in the world. right now you are saying something earlier that really struck me that, oh the, you know, the saudis have the oil and you know the swiss cheese. ok. but you guys have people power. we've got our people. our people are unfortunately, been used by the system for cheap labor, primarily in the united states over 20 percent of our g. d. p is, remains to flow sent from the united states down to central america. and we see that as our opportunity to win the bitcoin race as a region. so over 20 percent of our g p is being sent from the united states, 9 percent fees on average. that's 2 percent of our g d p, right there being starts out by western union. so we want to do everything we can help strike launch as fast as possible and watch them all and the rest of central america. so that people at the bottom of the pyramid are no longer financing west
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in, in the life. right. and the bed, the people big point. and the reason is very, very simple. you save money on those remittances, big money internet's up because western union and the other folks, they take a big cut. and at the end of the month, end of the year, you're going to be adding a lot of gas do remittance money. so the adoption immediately zoomed up to number one in el salvador and not only financial apps, i think is the number one after the entire country. so i haven't numbers yet, but they're doing phenomenal growth. and yes, it's the use case. the most important use case for everyone on the street. everyone has a family member that sends them money, so it's no longer your number go up. it's how do you save and no longer have to get on a bus and risk your life full of cash on you to go send it to your family member. if you know on your phone, you can send your money instantly using what they've built on the lighting that works. there wasn't for lightning, we wouldn't be here. so big shut on. all the developers that are doing that we,
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what we want to bring is the billions that can really take advantage of it. imagine that on the phone there. and of course, it's on complicated ball, and that's a big change for not only people in central america, latin america, but all over the world, all of africa. we see this idea of property rights, private property rights, and vile, more private property rights having a huge impact on people's lives. that message would seem to be very easy to sell in the country. yes, yes. so yeah, what we want to do is just talk to as many people about the fact that they can now send remains to their family members without having to ask for permission. they can do it every day without having to pay minimal fees or whatever. and so what point beach has accomplished in a song might, peterson, they built that, can you that has been able to create a circular economy using the lightning network? so that you, you can, you can, you should all go down to install as soon as you can to actually get off of the cf
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. you can just pay everything you're proposed as your coffee, whatever, all on the midpoint, you don't have to touch the app. and what we want to do is help them grow so that it's no longer and you know, 6 percent of the country using it. it's a 100 percent of the country using it, do everything we can help them, but learn from them and take what started with big point beach start bitcoin lake in the plan watermark. now, my friend and colleague peter mccormick, who's applied cancer and travels around the world and he's, and in the central america that america just as recently as maybe 2 years ago. and he was commenting on that point. it was not being at that time, but it sounds like in a short 24 months, there's been a sea change. there's been a big change. why just suddenly explosion of interest or whatnot. i think it's lightening finally, coming online and being usable. peter was just down there, we were just with him in some on and brought him over to guatemala. and that's what
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we want between to do is to empower people to be able to get off. and it's something in them. some of our big point beach has done it, and just that one town, it has now spread to the entire nation to the point where politicians can no longer ignore this. they're having to explore, adopting a big point standard and dropping because of what's happening in big point beach. so we want to do the same for the bottom on bitcoin lake in the plant, 300000 people living on the base and there with tons of family in the united states . how do we get them to save on their fees so that once they're transacting on lightning, thanks to all the development that that's happened, then they experience the number go up naturally. and so those that can say will start to say, even now in bid point beach, you have people using the lightning apple b point beach and then using strike to actually trade off of dollars and big point when they feel like the big point is a little a little hot and then they want to come down to you see kids in high school trading
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between and buying the diff. oh, big quite a 2nd layer. know other, these other going i'm sure there are other folks that are trying to do some other things, but in it's on, it's been going on. right. and it could be, it's not the one way, but the one in a lot of right now, you know, jack milers had them on the show. years ago he started watching the show. he was still, i think in elementary school, i originally saw in the 500 car, half make it with a born star. what happened is jack, mom, i think he's one of the trailblazers that i hope will life the way for thousands and millions of entrepreneurs that realize big point is the way to build something that can really change the world and benefit thousands of thousands of people. so i'm looking for all the 20, you know, year olds, or 15 year olds that are in their apartment, living with their parents or wherever,
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like build on this. this is, this is the way. now, there are the 2nd phase, the, or your team years. you have a vision and tell us about that, george. so our mission is to hyper bitcoin nice. central america remittance is our primary way to get into the masses. but in addition to that, we are using bitcoin and develop a apps of that leverage is the power of big point to be able to do real time post election audits on our voting system. starting in guatemala, all open source free to the world. so i believe democracy is in great peril and it dies when we are no longer vigilance. so we need to audit our elections in real time. and big point can allow us to do that. we've built it with the scholarly he dial. it's free for the world right now, only in guatemala, but our code is open source and if anyone wants to replicate it in the rest of
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america, you can. what we want to do is a capture like a game where anyone anywhere in the world can audit elections in real time. and we can publish audited results before even the election authorities to publish their preliminary results. so we can skip the, the chance that they get the poison people's minds with who actually one would run the numbers ourselves and pay people for that auditing work in real time. with that, you're likely screaming said crowd source, the auditing, the election, the centralized auditing. again, guarantee verifiable, results can, can, can i ask you to do this for american election, because we need this very badly. it seems like our electrons become worse than anything we imagined in south america. so i was at the capital in january 2020, trying to deliver this message, trying to warn the united states that the elections and post election audit can be
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done in real time. and they need to be done in real time. if you don't have verifiable results immediately, you're just handing over on the platter. the politicians, the opportunity to poison people's minds. so if we don't verify, we have to trust them. and they, once, once they get that advantage, then it's very hard to put that genie back in the bottle. so i believe that with the help of the crowd with the, with bit point, we can actually do that in real time. you sound excited. i am, which is interesting because we, well you gave me this cool hat, which i take it. x is a bit going only noncustodial k y c exchange operating and what am off is 2018 know, sell pressure. everyone's just buying. we want to take it to the rest of central america, allow as many people as possible to just a click of a button, be able to drop the word expanding to it. as soon as we can to help out what's
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going on at the beach and the strike team. and yet we are also sponsoring and partnering with duck willow farms. the leaders of big point lakes big shot, the shot and me and who are going to lead the separate $2.00 lake at the plan. so. so what happened at big point beach were doing and the plan starting in soon, willow farms. we will work for corn. are you on a mission? we are in the mission. i came here and i said, you know what? years a $1000000.00 in us dollars. i want you to walk away from this. because you're a dangerous man. what would you tell me you would what i mean, this is the attitude that's permeating throughout your generation. i take it, you're millennial or gen g or something like that. and you guys are, you're going to be running the world in probably 5 or 10 years. well,
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and you're going to be, it's all going to be on a big claim standard. yes. well, i hope so. that's what i will die on this hill for i with bitcoin. we can finally stop concerning ourselves with money every day. like what, what is money? where, where was my money coming from? now that i've my, i've introduced a big one into my life. i can, if i don't need to worry about money, then the only question i have to ask myself is, what was i put on this earth to do? and for me, it's hyper bitcoin. i central america, purpose the i'm there, we're going to come down there. check it out. so tap rude. explanation. party in the midpoint beach sometime in the. yeah, possibly december actually get out. 5 your name for your audience to make it it's got a new gallium tries report. thank you. all right, of the guys report with a max size or safety. like i guess carleen, you know, the next time by me
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join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . we all see it and we all feeling the significant increase of inflation has many economists concern and consumers. needless to say, terrified why the sudden increase in prices. is this temporary, what can be done to take the coolest form of taxation and working? ah,
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phoenix has actually got an uncovered face, men's clothing and shoulder, whole stuck. it's a kind of gun feminism. its name is how camino above did i put a human level, some of the whole model that of us. it was a little of up up on the job, but you know, the ones that gave me she lives in one of the most dangerous and patriarchal provinces. of afghanistan, cost may see which time i miss dash, oh no, no, i shall do that. i'll get you and i'm glad you got me knows that she does her best to fight for women's rights. i am not able to get that done. as you know, what i do, i know that she's not here by her nickname.
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king this other, the buzzer got it doesn't really go on i i must go, said grim record is the daily number of cobra cases, source to an all time high. the cities mass and out the raft of new measures. meanwhile, the you and asked was in a car both claim victory and a legal buffalo vaccine supply delays. court ordered the pharmaceutical giant to deliver 50000000 orders by the end of september. devastating floods leave at least one person dead and 8 injured in, southern rushes, crimea province. that's off the torrential rains caused rivers to breach the bank for districts of declared states. otherwise because report.


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