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right now can have pizza and beer ca, midnight, but not after that the what i got locked up last year for the times. it's pretty she had the baby boy like our hard prison man when i got home
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father. hello my dad very much. like i'm kinda saying good news, a lot of people out of the windows and every time i'm in public, a lot of people shake my head. my dads stuff like that. you bro, definitely sees. well, it says role model wants to be like him in myers everything. about his day care fun is really strong. i know that will been through
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a lot of things. i think he probably just said that he went to jail. he did sing years like that was probably just straight for yeah. did seniors and joe away from murder there, meeting him now. i was just like, well that was the past, but how did you overcome all day for judging for him? honestly, he's a strong, mentally, strong to overcome all day in such as deal with in, in come out a good person. the the when he 1st moved up here, if we had,
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we were in a town or something really the front door wide open with ours get in and out. we had no fears that dal changed pretty fast. i of devices that helped me. you know, what's going on around my place? 247, the cream trip wires. i know somebody who was around my house. i put up motion detectors. i'm not going to tell you where they're at. each one gets out their own signal, so i don't want the house will explain to me i can tell sound of every car that's associated with this road. i know exactly who it is without looking outside where i am and things going around me. i put things to where i can get to him,
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no matter what situation developed really being no day or the middle of the night. ah, i'm afraid i show them at time to hit my wife. afraid i'm laying there, sir. i wake up screaming. i wake up, last dreams are horrible. i can hear myself talking. i know i'm in bed, but i can't sher me. i see things that i have to rationalize. is israel? i see images on a wall. i see people standing already. i me the guy fail looking at those current journey shade her. so i stand under
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me, you know, my dream and again that's a scary part. is waking up in reacting to something that isn't real. how i me react to it. yeah, it's very nice as a different space. i really live this every day. the people look at i've got some really good friends that were everything doing people make comments day. kevin,
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how are you doing today? he's gone is some time in a little bit. have handlers we've been married 25 years. her life is pretty much right around here. it really was 6 we sure were in the on the highway for almost getting it when i took when live it that dog and i feel me
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parties 14 and was 15 years is all the born with it. and we spend that much time going on. i've never had a thing or a were in so devoted to me. he would give up his own life for me and i 2nd we're hard. he's going to go right up here. i got cedar tree down over here. and i'm going to pull it up. i'm going to make bench right here. i got this crushed marble. well done, i'm going to frame it and cover it with a white marble rock. this is what i've been working on. i'm
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a pain all is flattering in school. i use the most in depth, soul searching and pondering center. i are just like this. there's no phone, there's no tv this my quiet place and i spend most had time researching on harley my family. and of course, that happened here that there was away the
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looking to was looking through with i think his father wasn't there. and when i looked into it with the thing is mother didn't care what i'm looking through with the thought death and destruction. when i looked into it with eyes i saw suicidal, but before looking through was sitting down in a chair and he's saying is money to get him here to variable was his mother believe there was really working looking to was the thing is little care with her so i thought to myself like was number is this is because i want to give you money, but the week when switching, he was every kind of funny. so i say the weight or the crack, he said no, i need somebody to get me there. and bang. i looked into was the say the truth, sharon, he looked new to smirk like, man, was you even karen? i know the story also. well, when i was age i see using myself said the father the so i was raised by the streets. i'm a grilled cheese sandwiches over care. see he was a high school dropout. i experimented with drugs i did put in terms of revenue and
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neighborhood sophie out of the house on a block. and they've been dashed from the cuff until i got caught, and i just sit in the court. now back on the street, this isn't a true. i'm here to bring hope to fully though you it was me you want to help. so i look to see what i look and see. i thought image a myself, me ah, me. 2 please come back into the community regardless if you want to help and people may not want to embrace you. forgiveness is a lie to a person and need to forgive the new
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kid without history. and then when time you days and when to see the whispers in getting the shooting. and if in that way passing me dear, we were friends on a free inquiry growing up. he definitely wanted to murder and it scared me to know that this guy killed his guy's brother. and then it was hard talking to him in talking to him until they talked to one another when he was in the shop. the name is, i know i thought for a minute, i was like hugging me a 2nd, i was going with up the gas, which i don't want to say now i want to halting. we said that way. i said, okay,
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i was about, hey, they said, i forgive you and the face of beginning were, you know, exactly, with what of the mouth. i know him, he wanted to kill will escape me even said his day. now. you know, i'm talking to you and i'm telling you from a heart. but these are 2 men to any given time. he could feel some kind of way in any given time, the people, i had a still agree with this. there people are headed look to say ok about what he said . that was my best friend. i don't care about what he said. that was my nephew. ah, ah, the conservative republicans near once will use against biden the same tactics that republicans had to see common from democrats to consume.
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so they would accuse by didn't know if would be to solved indecisive, of electronically agenda. not off enough with who to definitely but they will try to sabotage some of the agreements that have been reached. geneva ah, me one of the worst in mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners. the dangerous shooting revealed what? the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the spin machine. most of the american public
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barely remembers that it happens that just shows you the power of money las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to, here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the biggest residents to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people by going to say that they would take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine. it's a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. when i was around him every day, i would feel different. some days i will feel like i hope, you know they are today and other days i'm like wow, getting better at it because no matter what his brother go, no, we look in a picture and be like just a guy to kill my brother. so that's not easy test,
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but here now when matthew died, taylor was 8 years old. so trying to figure out his emotional state and what he was actually feeling was difficult. what kind of guilt does he caring about? this was always a big concern of mine. and so we spoke of it to him in terms of being an accident. for many years, we didn't have any type of weapons, shot guns, hand guns, rifle,
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and everything. got rid of all that. the, when he was about 12, he started expressing, again an interest in wanting to shoot when it would come up in those moments. how do you, how do you feel? you know, how, how do you think are you, do you think you're ready for that? and we've, we've shot a lot since then on the i believe that the mind informs the emotions and this is why i chose to shape things for tailor the way i did and, and give him the information that i did so that as he came to understand these things, his feelings would follow, and i believe they have the to me,
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it was important that he comes through this on the other side. okay. the yeah, that's pretty much about the anesthesia about do you have any questions for me now about the surgery? no, no, i have total say so now think your total face away with
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okay, thank you. the christian beginning is now a 47 year old woman who has suffered a gunshot wound to the mandible, upper neck and mid face period. she has gone through numerous reconstructive surgery and currently has a mature bone graft in place, set of house by a potato mesh period. today she requires a placement of 5 integrated pictures removal of a foreign body, as well as the pad and have her graphs the we probably see $50.00 to $16.00 gunshot wound clinton per year, which $1012.00 of them require major reconstruction. they are what we call
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a functional is to displace tissue or to basically remove it, blow it away if you will. a lot of individuals who come to us with gunshot wound, they want to be reconstructed to what they look like 10 years ago. and so always told them reconstruction to the job that it's reconstructed, it's not normalcy. every reconstructed tissue is never is good as a natural tissue that with loss i
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there for taken by the life. and i think he did that because of the person i'm to come in to gave me by forgetting for i would that it was i really impactful as he knew. and as i wow, i think everything was ok. and i think in this case there are a desk and we are name we maybe try to do is educate our community about that issue. about how you deal with it. with their forgiveness empties. are you able to him to self and still live your life and harbor so much anger and frustration that he we grew up believe in a lot of districts told us that we had to behave a certain way that we could backdate from a conflict that we could apologize to another man,
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like all those things were wheaton action towards you don't deserve reaction. sometimes you just had say, you know, what i mean is ignoring and letting go. because you know, any given moment, these situations google harbor, we really want to live in that same. so we know that when we grew up with this bobby, it's up to this right to check with his hers. given this is really for yourself. first love to go around harbouring a lot of emotions and anger and frustration and a heart if i didn't, they can't live my son. so that when i'm laid on me, i will not help myself accountable myself account. i wasn't a good file but that still in my boy to the day you let it out. you must that in. yeah. to have that in you going to be
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the last my team much violence understand what people say. you never want your child. i guess like one of the most part is building world and then to know that person life was to and then they have to teach myself a long time ago when i started transformation, that's the reason i wanted to take my life. forgive myself. the window and
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i never really come to like the same person i guess on the one you can only help and feel alone or something like that happens. and like you're the only one out there that's feeling this way. i could feel the there's all different types and groups in my class, andrew and a sound different from other people. enjoy a understood me more than the others did. so yeah, that's what i told her. i don't think i was the right decision. make a box, make a bomb? yeah. me and tiny met in 6th grade. he was about half the why height? i just nicknamed him tiny. like we need someone to shoot a gun. usually a tiny that's kind of his position and he our cast the people the
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saw people would say like, oh goodness, your brother died. so why do you still own guns? certain you have gotten rid of those a long time ago? and my answer is no. and guns fascinate me by how like the mechanics of the stuff. that's always why i'm fascinated with stuff like this and like mechanical stuff like that. but my idea of guns has not changed in the fact whether i should own them or not, is changing the fact of safety. today, we're going to go up a banana. that's my nana. because you know why not the idea of taylor being involved now in things when he wants to go shooting.
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when i know that one of the experiments that they're going to do is going to involve an explosion. one of the things that are rely on is that for years i have poured into him safety digging in perfect. i do know that tiny held the gun. no knowing how to blow it in it. he has guns all the time and i trust him to be around me. i'm not like yo put that down. you're going to going to kill someone because in the and he's not a murderer. it was an accident. you can like put in the clip of like him like getting blown up. i think the accident happened because that was god's timing for matthew. and i do believe that's how god intended it to happen. that's what he, what down in taylor's taylor's book, a life we don't really know whatever is going to come out of these
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explosions, each explosion that we do. we don't know what's going to happen, but i trust god that whatever happens, it's going to be his will and his timing for us the everyone. alright. oh great. so satisfying me our last walk
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is a 1st dog i've had and 40 years i raise from a navy child hi, this is kevin leonard. we have a scheduled today for my dog. i get everything ready to go and i kind of like to get this, but you know
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me join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . ah, phoenix has actually got a little uncovered face men's clothing and shoulder holster. it's a kind of a gun, feminism. its name is how camino i bought it up, put a human,
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some of the whole mother that of us. it was up on the job, but you don't want me. she lives in one of the most dangerous and patriarchal provinces of africa has done cost. why she which time i miss that? sure. no, i shall. did that update it? sure, i'm glad. yes. that i've got, he knows that she does her best to fight for women's rights. i am not able to get that done as you would. i do know that she's known him by her nickname, the king. that was good to reco much. all that was really good on the i
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the, the ah headlines. the son today is america celebrates the end of slavery, and it's all the supreme court rules. us chocolate, johns called the sued for relying on child labor and african farm. the canadian indigenous people are granted the right to use that traditional names of the fish documents that an indigenous rights activist tells us it's not enough to make up for decades of cultural genocide. the government. oh, oh my, you know, it was the government who made the decision to take the kids to pay for languages to take their cultures to take.


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