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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 19, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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francis in italy, us have been involved in not only interfering in elections, but in overthrowing. busy governments including pieces the democratically elected, very popular governments. of course, the cases like iran in 1953 are just mistake of all and we're paying the part priced with that ever since. or guatemala in 1954. we're paying the price for that. i but this is happening all over the planet, but he says, what does people, lou? it, well, people's do know it. the there was a recent call by the association of democracies, which that asked which country it has 50000 people in 53 countries who poses the greatest rep to democracy in their countries. 44 percent said the united states. 38 percent said china 27 percent said russia. so biden's
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question is a little bit misplaced and very, very ignorant. i think he doesn't know. he has to know he's been involved. he was against the vietnam war. he initially he started off fairly progressively and have some good things in his background, and he's not been all bad or all wrong. and these issues here. so of course, supported the invasion of afghanistan and the invasion of iraq. but then he oppose the troop build up. when he was vice president in afghanistan, impose it oppose the us lead nato operation there, overthrew gadhafi and libya. he apparently even opposed timber sycamore in syria. so he's been actually just tell us about timber sycamore in syria because i know the syria came up in the bio computing meeting as regards this so called humanitarian corridor. obviously viewed by many in the global south as a, as a enabler of prox is what, what was the timber sycamore?
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if you go through the early analysis in media commentary about what was happening in syria, there had been a 6 year drought. and there were some pro cast because the farming sector was really devastated. people were moving into the cities, so there was some protest, but it was very, very minor broadcast. and as you read the articles in time, the news make stressful is always the emphasis was where our spring was occurring in several countries. it was not going to hit syria because there was no strong opposition in syria. it was at that point that the united states started to give legal aid to the islamic extremist. and the united states bank rolled funded and really pushed forward this massive operation that ended up being the opposition movement in syria. the whole thing could have been avoided as syria was not about to explode there, but the united states help you with that. and now we've seen the devastating
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consequences that operation in syria i being a bit unfair to britain leaving the british b. b. c, admitted the british aid also and disappeared apparently into al titling groups. he said there was a 2nd whopper and present we had also related to make a 2nd whopper from biter. was his comment that the united states is different from all other countries because the united states was founded on an idea on a concept. and that concept is said was freedom and human rights. and that's why he's got to bring up his question of human rights. any american president would do? so he said, because it's part of our dna. maybe there was an idea. maybe there were some people who supported human rights, but as historians know, us was founded on enslavement of millions of perkins and then later
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african americans and founded on the massacre of the native american population that was not really human rights. the way i define human rights, so maybe nobody told by about the 1619 project. maybe nobody informed biden of the last 60 years of historical scholarship in this country. but clearly this kind of simplistic ideological interpretation analysis is not going to do anybody, any good enough america bashing. give me some put in mythologies. well, had his own is own that trips into la la land. prune said that. he talked about cyber and he said, the fight, the biggest vendors on cyber, where the united states, canada, latin america, and britain, apparently russia even make the top fly. you know, so that's absurd,
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non clear there. whether you means from the soil of those countries which you put in was very keen on emphasizing, i suppose moscow after all host the whistleblower edward snowden. so i don't know whether the russian government advised him, but the mass spectrum, surveillance and hacking revealed they snowed and appears to be of a different order. yeah, that's very, very different. where they were, that was more in the context of this ransomware. i don't think he was talking about governmental hacking and cyber operations because as a bomb is said, united states is better at this in anybody. and so on that level. russia has a worthy competitor in the united way. we believe in fair better than anyone, then how is it push and go trump elected? i mean, i us that facetiously obviously, but it is a given and certainly was amongst the nature nation media. press cool that what the intelligence agency said, even though if you read the reports, the evidence may it,
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it is not conclusive that russia interfered with the u. s. election interfered to stop by and being elected. this was a given that, that is part of the general consensus in the united states president has acknowledge that he preferred trump over hillary clinton back in 2016. and i think that many my russian colleagues now believe also that under trump, things got much, much worse for us, russian relations. the other thing that i thought was most egregious was his response to the nevada, the question. and that's why he brought up the capital riot, the insurrection on january 6, at a set and compared nevada, the supporters to this fat violent, fascist bob that invaded the capital, trying to overturn the results of the fair election. and to lynch,
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not only mike pence, the vice president, but searching for legislators to also murder mean this this to compare the volunteer supporters peaceful protestors who are against corruption, which is fascist mob is such a leap into incredulity and it gives the u. s. media. i'm not sure if he cares about that or not, but the us media has had the opportunity to discredit what it says based upon the success of what about ism, instead of answering the question about in the volley, which he tended to do. many talked about the congress declaring russia anatomy and the ball, the volley being a foreign agent. mean if he wants to make that case, that's fine. but to go and these other, you know, trying to talk about all the bad things united states, does everything confronting the bad things that russia does is not going to get us
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anywhere. i know it's sounds like a pitch to me. putins advisor, you know, might be struggling to tony trump, people, but of course nevada me in fan is appeared to cool muslims cockroaches in need of extermination and has said that the booting government is weak and should have invaded ukraine. and that seems to be redolent of the kind of rhetoric we heard from some trump supporters. i'm not defending a volley. and i know that volleys popularity is very, very minimal. and it support is very, very low inside of russia. and that's why i think it's a big mistakes for putting to to make him into a martyr. i think you latin of, on the speak and the volley has an actual critique of corruption. and that should be acted on. corruption is not in the interest of the russian people, and i know that the bad friends who are, are favorable to our,
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to my russian friends who talk about not applying to my scouts, they have not having their kids apply the moscow state university. because there's so much corruption involved in the admission process. this affects people throughout russia has no corruption to the united states effect people here. what is the lobbying effort in the united states? what is the defense contractors with their big machines getting these multi 1000000000 dollar contracts, 1000000 dollar contract to build this new ground based missile system in the united states? i mean, i'm happy to condemn what going on the united states, and i'm happy to condemn levels of corruption in russia because this is not the interest of the people in either country. so i think the volunteer should be a voice there. he doesn't pose a rep pony, he's not going to get elected dog catcher. but by making him a martyr this way, not only does that make him look bad in the eyes of the world,
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but it also elevates yvonne the stature. so i think this is a big mistake, peter, good night. thank you. she was going to talk to you after the break just hours before putin met by an in geneva, u. k. u s. u. israel bummed received because the sign of all that more in the middle east, we speak to the bestselling, reframed of the israel palestine conflict. anthony lowenstein, told him all coming up to going underground. ah, these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger. survive something and survival was the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation accepted. i accept the fact that i made that appointment. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories
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behind the bullets. ah, financial survival guide, daisy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a joy and your grief. i'm grief on face of the fight. walk 3 broad. think thing with joy. that's right, fail. waivery ah, conservative republicans near once will use against biden the same tactics that republicans had to see common from democrats to consume. so they would accuse biting of being too solved indecisive, of electronically agenda. not tough enough
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with who to and definitely they will try to sabotage some of the agreements that have been reached. geneva, the the welcome back today marks 9 years since wiki leeks, founder and publish a julian, a sorry sort refuge in the equitorial embassy in london. you can watch our interviews with him on our youtube channel today, according to the us. he is being tortured in london in a week when even concern so called mainstream media like cnn, met with the department of justice about press freedom in the united states. and as u k, u s u armed israel bombed gaza so recently the side of the destruction of a p and al jazeera and joined from sydney by independent journalist and author antony lowenstein,
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who has been an east jerusalem for the best part of the last decade. and c, thanks so much for coming back on. so yeah, with now is all this geneva meeting? we get orders by bennett, the new israeli prime minister to bomb garza in response to the balloons from hamas . it seems to be forgotten by the time the global agenda moved to geneva, but you will take on the been a decision, it sadly on surprising or one of the remarkable things that so much of the western media coverage which equally those who are still writing and netanyahu and i'm still one of those people. is it been? it's record, which i'm guessing you looked at. your views will be aware of his remarkably similar to netanyahu. in fact, in some cases, even more right wing. and in fact, many cases the, he wanted to go even harder against this is bennet. so, you know, it's a classic example here of so much the media coverage about these issues plays up when there's a so called war or conflict for 2 weeks, a week or whatever it may be,
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and then disappear. and it almost seems as if i remember during the race enough, claire and violence, the new york times had a headlines, something like after a long period of quiet violence plays up as if somehow, every day. and there is a quiet, relaxing day holiday or every day in the west bank occupation is not incredibly difficult. violence and challenging. i mean, the occupation is violence every single day when i live in a jerusalem between 20162020. and i've been spending a lot of time over there in the last you said 15 years, i was saying every single day down the road from my house. where these l. c. names are likely to be forcibly evicted any de rampant, far right jewish fashion, which is what they are. sometimes there is rarely often they are american. sometimes they're straight in. you have complete kind of launch to not just access and get and live in the homes. i saw at times remember this amazing image. it never leaves me from 2009 when one of the previous rounds of expulsion and there was
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a palestinian family literally sitting on the couch outside their home on the pavement. and jewish precious had been allowed to moving in front of them. this is happening all the time. we should be clear minded about what the likely new israeli government need. yes, there's a more interesting coalition that some elements and less. right. the netanyahu coalition that's true. but on the case she is now keep patient continues and give you a livery, the great israeli journalist, and it's right in the column a few days ago that yes, antonia who are not going to be crying and he left. but let's be clear on that one . bennett stands for and my dad repeated repeated the foreign minister, the likely new prime minister apparently in 2020 great. both of them have expressed for years of belief yorkie patients should not. and i think someone did account recently that a 12700 out of 120 members that connects it essentially believe in jewish
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supremacy, namely that they should be knowing the occupation. so will those jewish groups and eric era excited and hopeful that the removal, nathan, the, i will make their battles easier to convince politicians or jews that there's a new fresh air in, in israel. i hope that's true, that there is no indication of why it would be based on the people made up in these rarely government today. well, in fantasy, the jewish supremacy is in trying to the, in the national law, which is the law of israel. we had been it's drop strategist, georgia bumble. and he said that bennett is a pragmatist. in fact, he, he spoke of how ariel sharon, so infamous for the massacre of refugees in beirut. look out, he soon became a piece make a to could been it not be this new piece. make it because that's what happens to israeli politicians. i mean, as i said anything,
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it's possible. but the idea that for example, ariel sharon was a peacemaker. i presume he was he referring to the removal of settling from garza, which was something to be welcomed in 2005. but let's not forget that the aim of that was to entrench the west bank occupation and been it for years, has expressed literally 0 vision interest desires in the occupation if you desire and factors to an x, the west bank. so the only way the situation will change on the ground, there are any use rally activist or posting for that, and that will tell you is outside pressure. there is no current outside pressure that is likely to once a pressure israel. so in this the e u. is useless and mostly complicit america. we know where they stand. mostly our countries happy to be friends with israel received arms and weapons from israel. where's this pressure going to come from outside? well, break down britain, the european union, russia, china,
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all opposed the settlements and support the un resolution that was the year year and americans claims under bought and i applied for as well. and what's interesting and just this week, which is a slight sign of progress at tone to suggest i'm completely pessimistic. i'm actually not. is that americans for pace now which is as honest organization, growing them as a groups like this are saying the need to be some conditions on us aid to israel, that israel continues to kill palestinians to expel palestinians from the from east jerusalem from gods or etc nathan, the condition is on a and that was certainly a position that many people held on the fringes for years, but not in the mainstream. yeah, and on, on the interview said look, you know, us money doesn't bank grow the israeli state is level one percent of gdp. israel can survive in any case, i just want to get on to something that maybe you can illuminate me on because
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we've had a hood barrack on the program. we've had, you know, different israeli politicians. whenever i talk about the nuclear weapons program. they can't talk about it, is that just explain why they're not allowed to talk about the weapons of mass destruction that israel have given that of course, the world was looking in geneva, about nuclear disarmament between biden and pigeon. everybody knows including them, that israel as anywhere between $1.00 to $400.00 nuclear weapon to see only known in nuclear power in the middle east. why don't they want to talk about that? because there's this idea that's been established for decades, pretty much since the beginning that there was somehow and a strategic benefit. the not acknowledging you have the weapons, but oil cycle enemy, no, you have the weapon. i mean, in this day and age in 2021. it's an absurdity that israel still doesn't know if they have nuclear weapons. we all know they do nuclear free. well, the nuclear free, middle east, main only say israel should have no weapons, but no one wants to seriously talk about that. well, not certainly,
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those are in town. why. why do you think that is, i mean, presume, be the installation that demona need servicing by international contractors? maybe. i mean, why grown holds on this program saying, look, i can talk about that. or, i mean, usually deterrent means you tell people you haven't of the, you don't get attacked. but everyone knows they habits. i mean, this is the point. i mean, why i, arguably, i'm not sure i'm very adult. so there's not necessarily adults at all and be, i think there is a sense in this, this comes down to how israel is allowed to double standard on virtually every shape on every single country that the u. s. gives a to, in theory, at least on paper, checks and balances. not, not for a 2nd. it's not actually reality. i know it doesn't, but in some ways it should. when the israel receives $3.00 to $4000000000.00 a year, which includes bus numbers, the weapons and i might been advised them, might say that the usa has knowing pat, that's absolute nonsense. this is not just about finances,
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it's actually about far more than that. it's about diplomatic military, and i would argue political cover for the israel does. israel knows that as soon as america wants to change the policies there they could. i mentioned getting, let me before he's often said publicly that if america wants the occupational engine a way to make the needs to be serious pressure on countries that are supposedly friendly with israel, parts of the your country, britain, to be far more forthright decided israel, you can talk credibly about wanting to eradicate non existent iranian nuclear threat or other countries that micro nuclear weapons in the middle east. well, you have nuclear weapons yourself. i mean, most countries, when i have that kind of love. yeah, well all the talk about the uranium elections in friday is being this change perceived about nuclear policy. obviously israel, as you say, neither confirm nor deny they have nuclear weapons. and the whistle blower motor gave a new kidnapped in london for revealing nuclear weapons. can't talk to us because
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he's not allowed by israeli authorities. you tweet that recently. and i had someone else effectively detain mohammad how lobby, who is he and why? why is he in jail? he was the head of the, the palestinian garza. he was the head of will vision, which is an international n g, a christ in india. he was ahead of that in gaza for number of years. and about 5 years ago, he was arrested and charged with allegedly stealing tens of millions of dollars from well the vision and other organization 0 evidence has been presented to prove that he's been in jail for 5 years. in israeli prison. he was tortured. he's lost partly saw one of his eyes he had, i think now it's close to 200 so called dates. in course it's been literally no progress about his case. it's one of the longest. if not the longest k israeli history, he was offered a number of years ago,
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a play deal to say if you take the still you will be released. you will have a malay few years ago. about 2 years ago. you were feed on principles. i am not going to acknowledge a crime. i never committed. i've never met him personally. it's impossible for journalists to maintain, but i communicated with lawyer when i was living in east jerusalem. i interviewed his lawyer. he said, and he was a palestinian lawyer. he said he'd never seen a case more or william, the sense that he often wasn't allowed to bring witnesses in from gather. he wasn't allowed often to hear witness statements in the jack in the priest in the court, in court, in jerusalem in all situations. crazy as far as i'm aware of the state and government has put no pressure on israel to resolve this. it's kind of this fall into a black hole. we invite the israeli bass drawn to respond to the allegations. obviously there's someone else near this studio, julian assange, 9 years today that he saw a political asylum. what do you make of the by ministrations,
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continue to attempt to expedite him for a 175 year sentence, potentially married garland, the d o j, the decision to, to keep, keep that up. i mean, it hasn't been successful related to publishers and journalists to be a question, i guess i'll answer that in 2 ways. i think for a lot of mainstream media outlets with a few notable exceptions, the shameless silence makes volumes about how they view with they view him as problematic as not worthy of support. and that's deeply wrong because assigned to someone who i know not best friends with him, but i've known him for number he's, he's a straight in as many view as will be aware. and straight or citizen myself. he has an australian passport. he's not an american citizen, and australia was essentially, well must best, must the polite what i say on television as essentially given up on him. i don't care that he could write, imprison oil dar, indeed dine for the by no ministration response shows that there's no difference
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with the trauma, ministration, response and bama ministration with all its faults. and they were many made a decision years ago. you'll be with my, remember that it was not worth while prosecuting is because i was there for after prosecutes on the publications in which we live. documents appeared. i mean, it's a journalist, myself and investigative journalist work across the world is written over books and films. there is no more essential news gathering, organisation and wiki lake symbol in my adult life, bohannon and talking minutes about guantanamo iraq, honduras the drug war. i mean any, she can imagine any journalists who sears will use and quote, and appreciate wiki blake's releases. to me the shameless continued incarceration and torture of a son in a london prison with no clear indication of when the favorite way would be relief is not just shameful, but actually deeply corrupt. and what is so remarkable,
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although not how silence so many journalists about his case. it speaks volumes about how they say they roll. and to me, as i thought for number, the most journalist, if you ask them, will say yes, we all believe in holding power to account then. and what most shameless want to do is because the power that that's how they say their job. so when someone like assigns or snowden for that matter or others bravely releasing information and taking personal risks, showing us how the world actually works. you get a real sense of what kind of people they are not just jealous, but people with how they come down on issues like a sounds more than other sort of major lakes. so i am, i'm surprised by a poll with how by then has taken. if there's still time for change, i need been in power for 6 months, but the indications are non fluid. so pressure is needed, including i might add, importantly in the us by major new patients to actually
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benefited and profited from his releases and chelsea mannings, of course. so we're talking the new york times, washington post and others who with a few notable exceptions have remained. remarkably silent about the psalms case. well, the australian government says it's doing when it can stand. thank you. thank you. that's it for the show will be back on monday. the longest day of the year as the un human rights council needs to discuss his stomach racism around the world until then even joshua social media and let us know what you think about the us as long as we're not getting the the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only mostly i'm going to
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resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk. always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering questions. just ask for an attorney to survive and interrogation. you've gotta be ready to step out. definitely don't want to be going to trial in the jump suit. one cups, you're more likely to walk free. you're rich and guilty. you are, if you're poor you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice,
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usually going to dig yourself a whole one of the worst in mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas, where many say elected officials are controlled by casino loaners. the dangerous shooting revealed what? the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. to the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic had the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people vice gonna say that they will take an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is
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a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. the in the headlines, they started a here and see the national as america celebrates the end of slavery on its soil. the supreme court rules the u. s. chocolate giants can't be sued for relying on for child labor, african phone. canadian, indigenous people are granted the right to use that traditional names and official documents. but an indigenous rights activists tells us is not enough to make up for decades of cultural genocide. the government. oh, that was the government who made the decision to take the kids to take languages to take our cultures to take our name.


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