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had to face was not having a face at a low patient life. accepted accept the fact that i made that appointment. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets the, the us on feels the possibility of another round of sanctions against russia just 4 days after the volume and some of the engine. and in spite of the optimistic messages from both sides, also in the stories that shape the weak moscow said grim record, the daily number of covert 19 cases stores to all the cities mer has amongst the rough, the new measures a region of central italy wants to welcome tourists to have received brushes. sputnik be shot stuff the might a lot of approval so far from the european medicines agency. a regional counselor
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spoke to archie. we all know good works and therefore just propagation. creation of the european union's policy towards the russian federation. devastating floods leave one person dead to missing and 24 injured in. southern rushes, crimea, province authorities declare a state of emergency or correspondence reports from the region. so this is what some of the streets here. and y'all to look like right now. i mean, you can hardly call it even a street, you could probably take on the store and go on a canoe or something. i with the top stories from the 7 days and right up to the moment developments to welcome to the weekly an rti. i'm, you know, neil, the u. s. government has said its drawing up yet another round of anti russia
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sections. it's happening despite largely off beats messages having emerged from the potent biden summit which took place just 4 days ago. russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman has condemned the move saying moscow will be forced to retaliate. we have always given a consistent response to legal action something united states. it is strange that some people in washington enjoy this obstacle course so much. american idealogues have revealed themselves. they need all of the fuss around a supposed poisoning as a tool for solving the problems of their own non competitiveness. it is a surprise and, you know, given the latest twist that we're seeing right now, it seems that you know the relationship between russia and the us. they're not going to improve anytime soon. in fact, they can get even worse because jack salomon, the u. s. national security advisor has just said on seen and that they did. the biden's administration is preparing new sanctions against moscow. we are preparing
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another package of sanctions to apply and these case as well. we've shown all along the way that we're not going to pull our punches whether it's on so or waynes or elections interfering, or na valley when it comes to responding to rushes harmful activities. it will come as soon as we have develop the package is to ensure that we are getting the right targets. and when we do that, we will impose further sanctions with respect to chemical weapons. this comes on the heels of the geneva, somewhere between vladimir putin and job bind, where they had their 1st face to face meeting since the american president took office. and you know, both sides hailed as talks as constructive and overall positive. and even though there were, there wasn't any major break through, at least it seemed that 2 leaders were committed to try to improve the poor state of the bilateral relationship between russia and the us. and which is just days after the summit, the senior american official announcing that they will prepare new,
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that they're going to prepare new sanctions and not just with regard to lexia and the valid. he also reaffirm that they will continue to impose several sanctions against companies that are related to the north stream to gas pipeline. so on, you know, that's a stark contrast to how the russian side acted after the summit in geneva, my reputed, for instance, he all but defended joe biden, amid allegations he's facing at home, that the u. s. president might not be in his best, physical or mental shape. you know, he's often seen not being able to read properly, probably teleprompter or, you know, losing sense of direction. but let me put in after this summit, he basically talked joe biden up, your billing, you could give mister. there was no hospitality from the country meeting was very constructive. our views differ on many issues, but i believe both sides have shown a willingness to understand each other and to bring on differing positions close
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together. image that is being drawn by the media kind of low you into a full sense of security. but there's no reason for that whatsoever, because biden is a professional, and you've got to be very careful with him in order not to miss anything. he doesn't miss anything, i can assure you. so i can tell russian officials, policy maker, they can feel a bit confused after this about face jack sullivan, the us, the, the national security advisor. he talks about new anti russian, russian sanctions like, you know, the summit never happened. and you know, it is especially bizarre if, especially if you recall what the americans talk before the summit. so they were talking about predictable and stable relationship between the us and russia. that's something they are seeking. and what they're doing right now after the summit, it doesn't necessarily falls under the category of predictability
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lie, spoke with independent journalist martin summers. he thinks the upcoming sanction show the extent of the anti russian lobby in the us. well, i think it shows disarray. only us side, it was always going to be very difficult for boyd and to make any kind of concessions, because there's a huge lobby inside the united states based within the sort of security operators when the media here were determined to sabotage constructed relations between russia and the west, the faction which you're pushing for sanctions. they weren't very happy perhaps of the meeting, took place at all and therefore no carried out master nations in order to prevent anything positive coming on today. on the same side as the source gets a free media, it makes just common sense to saw. she talked to each other. so of course we had
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the meeting last week, but i can't say on terribly surprised to see that the, the reiteration of all still, etc. which is now become endemic or presidents put in and biden spoke for 3 and a half hours in geneva on wednesday. and our team was there in switzerland following all the developments. here's a quick recap of how the day on for the the i i have no illusions following the meeting, either old or new. there can't be any illusions at all by and sat in vain russia.
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by the way, that was a joke. well here's the main take away from the day. the leaders are great to hold consultations on the strategic stability and nuclear arms control. they also discussed a possible prisoner exchange and agreed to return their respective ambassadors to their posts. there was no breakthrough on cyber security, though they agreed to start regular consultations on the issue as for stumbling blocks and died and raised concerns about human rights in the other country. they also failed to come up with any concrete action plan for new crane. i was mentioned, our team was in geneva with peter saskia. fronting our coverage a long couple weeks. i'll hold on high. i'll go around. of course the big russia us summit was building now it's over. don, president, fight, and president putin. they sat down, they talked, i'm really the bottom line is look like ties between the 2 countries are better
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today and really looks like the best you can. hopefully we're never going to move mountains in terms of the problems that exist. but what we have seen them say that they'll read ignite diplomatic relations, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not to say that, but at some point it's going to happen. we'll see a rushing in washington us, some of that back in moscow. the very basics of diplomacy when it comes to just how they viewed one another, we heard from joe biden and saying that it wasn't ever going to be friendly, really. it, but it was, it was, it was certainly positive. and we heard from me saying that it wasn't again, it wasn't context, the wasn't somebody school remote point that we don't know when a profi, the job wasn't to get one or someone out. it was st. pete to become and just been communication, able to have an open frank dialogue to dissolve to in the future. and to do that
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without any hostility. and that's what we heard from your billing group. mister, there was no hospitality on the country meeting was very constructive. our views differ on many issues, but i believe both sides have shown a willingness to understand each other and to bring out different positions close together. there wasn't any, any strident action taken. or we disagree. i disagree, stated where it was where he disagreed, he stated. but it was not done in a hyperbolic you atmosphere. both presidents have now left, 3 watched both aeroplanes fly away. we've actually got a pretty good view and it comes to plain spot. i mean, i know the geneva runway, like no one else travel you controls gotten nothing on may. the lucian 96 isn't blowing. busy 747, therefore i can see them from about 10 kilometers away out of new stream. but actually the security has been something so note, but for the soldiers we saw the police. we saw the boat, so we're going mad on the lake, the sunset over the lake,
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just behind to see your engine, even city looking resplendent. it has been roasting, but i want to say it's pathetic fantasy absolutely perfect for the heated tools and i think they probably walk heated. biden himself gave an unclean that there were some things that he was not willing to negotiate. personally. also, you know what, we have different views on this. we don't have to look i to i but we still have to protect our own people and protect global security. now course, the best place to tell us everything about, especially president putin's press conference, was more at god who himself was literally in the hall. i believe he's got a chance to all president putin. a question himself, the be difficult questions that's vladimir putin face, that which joe barton had the good fortune to escape. what questions about the opposition? so that we're putting the pointed out that the protesters rested following the
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events in capitol hill that they faced as much as 25 years in jail for the 5 years in jail, for a political protest that the 2 bodies said that this new comparison to because the criminal, but lex in the bony, who was convicted in serving a 2 year sentence for the violation of his early release. so he was convicted by russian court and vladimir putin. he says that you do, americans are comparing what happened on capitol hill to the treatment of election yvonne and saying there's nothing in common before the nation is just, you know, going on non systemic opposition. and the citizen you've mentioned, this person knew full well that he was violating russian law. and he knew full well that there was a warrant for his arrest. nevertheless, he came back to russia and he deliberately wanted to be arrested. so he did what he wanted to do. what else can we say here?
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one of the things both leaders agreed on is to borrow job buttons, words they need to be rules of the road. so that as a rule to how both countries should behave in case they come into this agreement over something, there's a dispute, you know, outside conflict as resolve them as a civilized part was i wouldn't say fred, the talked to earlier, but they need a framework of how to behave, and so that to happen, those countries need to be held equally accountable. it wouldn't do a foreign country gets away with doing something and the other doesn't feel bad and said phrase that caused quite disturb online the here he said, how would the united states feel if it was she by the rest of the world as meddling in for an election, which much of the world sees the united states as do it. but in this rate, that may put us. russia is accused of being predictable. by the way. how is russia planning to change? here vladimir putin onto smart was going to know that when she told story he's
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given your name. when you said the with believe that russian foreign policy is unpredictable, will let me send the park back to you. the u. s. leaving the abm treaty in 2002 with absolutely unpredictable. what are they doing it for that undermine the basis of international stability in the area of strategic security. then withdrew from the i n f treaty in 2019. there's nothing stable about that. the open sky treaty withdrawal, there's nothing stable about it and almost nothing left. thank god, in the field. the strategic stability, mr. biden, has taken a completely adequate decision to prolong the new start treaty for 5 years. and you know, if you take the situation with ukraine with crimea, that's where this all sounds right. what stable about endorsing the qu, they talk when the ex president yanna cove agreed with all the demands of the opposition. he was basically ready to abandon power,
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declared new elections in about 3 months. no blood fills qu, was needed that lead to known consequences southeast of the country, then crimea. and you think it's also, predictably, no, i don't think so. what do we do at the end of the day? what happened here in geneva? decent summit was basically a trust building exercise. very few specifics with agreed upon, if any. they agreed to talk about many things to work on many things, but ultimately it is a trust exercise is about laying a foundation on which russia the united states can rebuild relations. i wouldn't say build on relations because there aren't much left to speak off there. there in taxes, whether it worked, joe biden says, we'll find out within the year. but let's see results from the, from all the tools for move the agreement for the criticism that both sides had for each other. but the message is, the preliminary. it was successful that he spent the day in the villa where those
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talks were taking place. this was billed as a heavy weight clash of the titans. perhaps we weren't expecting any major results, but certainly flocking much between 2 political, big guns. what they did say, both of them was that they talk to not just the president biden, the president, but joe biden demand, glad to meet the man when they agreed on things that they could cooperate on. they talked about those when they disagree. they made sure that both of their points were made as forcefully as they could. joe biden, the us president saying though, while it was over a record deal, it's likely that they're going to be embracing one another and swaying side to fight anytime soon. i don't think he's looking for a cold war or the united states. i don't think it's about, as i said to him, i said your generation of mind about 10 years apart. this is not a combine moment, is used to say back in the sixty's days like less, hug each other. but it's clearly not in anybody's interest. your countries are mine
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for us to be in a situation where we're in a new cold war. the russian region of crimea has declared a state of emergency amid severe flooding now left at least one person dead. 24 injured. almost 2000 people have been evacuated from their homes. are teas eager shit down reports from crimea? ah, with me. so this is what some of the street here and you also look like right now. i mean, you can hardly call it even a street, you could probably take on the store until on a canoe or something. i mean,
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just walking around here is already a challenge. it's a challenge to keep your balance alone. in fact, on top of that, i can feel large, bold as every once in a while hitting my feet and legs. now speaking of the st. well, the ground floor of the residential buildings here go on. there are no more. and this is obviously hugely distressing to the locals. so this is where the army and the emergency workers have focus their efforts right now. in 2016, this man's house was destroyed by fire. so we families started from scratch. the final touches had been made just days before the flood hit. it all happened all too fast. oh yes. i have a dog and he started acting strangely at 4 30 in the morning, so i took it outside my door saved us. the rain was so strong by 6 o'clock, the water had breeched its banks. i will call my son and we started to stop the water from entering our home. but nothing could stop it. we could only grow about documents and not fit. we lost everything. you could shoot
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a disaster like this has never happened before. i hope no one will ever have to go through what we did. it's a tragedy. i'm thinking our authorities to help us to help the people, the emergency ministry and the army have had to join their efforts to deal with the aftermath of the flood. we're clearing the drainage system, removing debris from the flood, so the water drains away more quickly. their efforts are aided by volunteers. in this school, even the little ones have come out to help to the best of their ability. stephanie festivals up all the basement was completely nodded. rescue work is pumped out the water and we scooped out the salt and mont. now we have taken out the furniture to see what we can do. years with children came to help asking us to give them a job. they carry out toys. we gave them simple jobs. so this is what a beach here normally looks like this time a year. but this is what it actually looks like right now. it was supposed to be
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the beginning of a high to receive and, but obviously that will have to wait. now, i'm again done reporting from crimea c. this is art teacher now still still ahead. the russian capital is tightening its coven restrictions due to a spike. in case numbers not story, and more few off the break. ah, i the ah,
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me driven by the dreamer shaped. those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me. oh, logan must go home, said grim record in new covert infections registering more than 9 follows in cases
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in a 24 hour period. new restrictions are now being brought in, including the limiting of non emergency medical care for on vaccinated patients. artillio, katrinka can tell us more less than 2 weeks ago. the numbers in moscow were plus $2900.00 cases. and there you have it this friday, a new sad record of more than plus $9000.00 in a whole country like mexico for example. this figure is 2 times smaller, so what is going on? it looks like the new delta varian which originated in india is taken install on the russian capital. according to the mayor of moscow, almost 90 percent of the new infections in the city are the new delta variance. and because also we're going to see them. the delta strain spreads foster,
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and the worst thing about it is that the person needs strong immunity twice as many anti bodies to resistance compared to the original hand viruses. so essentially we're going through the same thing again, but with more severe consequences, the government has come to the understanding that the pace of the vaccination has been very though and now they are rushing to change that. now here's one of the ground breaking decisions, introduced by the medical authorities and the washing capital. in moscow, free non essential care in the hospitals will only be provided for those who have been vaccinated. everyone will still get the emergency treatment if it's required. if you are a patient with cancer or with blood diseases, you will still get all the necessary treatment. but in other cases for non essential care, like i said, a jab will be required. patients have a weekend immune system for them could be 19,
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is especially dangerous. it is impossible to avoid all contact with them or to isolate them. all those who can have the job for special reasons will still be admitted to hospital and emergency medical care will be provided with exception to everybody regardless of vaccination status, a campaign in the city to promote booster jabs will also begin in the near future. the moscow's mayor office announced mandatory vaccination for 60 percent of the staff in the service sector, so it looks like the rushing capital is bracing itself for nothing less but a real vaccination boom. when the bladder approved his press secretary dmitri passcode was asked about what the kremlin makes of the new spikes and the measures . here's what the spokesperson replied. don't get even worse. and he tuition is due to 3 things, the absolute nihilism. that is people failure to comply with restrictions, the low vaccination rate and the slide nature of the virus. in the meantime,
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the existing anti covert measures in the russian capital have been extended till the end of june, namely, the closure of bars, restaurants, and clubs. during the night and also a 3rd of staff members being required to work from home. in addition to that, the moscow mayor's office has also bad mass gatherings of over 1000 people. besides this dance floors and football fans, those will also have to be shut down for now. once again, i'd like to point out that so far, these are the measures that have been announced for the washing capital. this isn't on a federal level just yet, but we have received a warning from the authorities that all of this could be extended to other regions of russia if that is required. so this is a possibility in the near future as well. a region of central italy wants to allow tourists who receive the russian sputnik v cove a shop to visit the mark
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a province is urging the government to open up the entire country. to such travelers we heard from the local counselor who came up with the initiative. most everyone knows the effectiveness of scrutiny on neighbor san marina, who is vaccinated with nick, but we are not supposed to allow citizens of san marino to into italy. now, our region tends to open up to continue welcoming russians, and we want to maintain relations with russia. we are friends with russia, and we want to continue business in the tourism sector, russian citizens, tourists, even if the vaccinated cannot come to italy. and this is cause tremendous economic loss because italy attracts the loss of russian tourists each year. comes a week after the european parliament gave final approval to the new digital certificate scheme for cobra. 1900. it includes data on p, c, r, test, anti bodies, and vaccination, but only for shelter proved by the european medicines agency. so far the regulator
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has approved for vaccines. russian, chinese or indian jobs are not among them. g camerosci again, seated speaking. i'm a highly politicized issue. much you should know, in my opinion, this decision is caused by 2 political reasons and russia phobia. these are not medical reasons because we all know student works and therefore it is probably a continuation european union's policy towards the russian federation. i have absolutely no fear that we are protecting the interests of mar, k, d. e too often protects impress the conflict with the interests in the european citizens. we european citizens, but we are primarily residents of them. okay. and so we serve our interests, especially in such absurd situations. like the one we're talking about england lockdown has been extended by 4 weeks beyond the june 21st target takes after a surgeon case number's, the british prime minister has defended the moved thing. opening up now would cost
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life for week delay, we think would make even more of a difference in reducing the overall number of, of deaths. and that's why we're, that's why we're doing it. and at the end of the that period of, by, by july, the 19th, we do think that we will have bill top a very considerable wall of immunity around the whole of the population. the lengthy lockdown protesters really near dunning street in london on monday, jumping shame on you on demanding freedom. here's what some people in the british capital told us about development by everyone to do that bit say in those 6 month conference to one to be really positive. and gets vaccine back later. and then to be told that, you know, 4 weeks of things not being being i've been, it is, it is very frustrating. it to,
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i like to come out with plenty of pen is now social distance, sending going out and taking it further thinking a great idea to try and get them get more people's like i don't agree with closing for the 4 weeks. so delaying everything because maybe they could have done something before lights trying not to open too quick to people teaching inside because no one knew about the death of i in. so no one knew hi could be there are lots of people with businesses and things like that that really struggle next fully, especially in the country just now attempting to deal with the question, what does shooting and killing someone due to a person whose intentions are good short documentary behind the bullet begins and moments they close for that one. it's an intriguing watch me
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the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to defend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, in.


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