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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 21, 2021 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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i lose me. ah, ah, i hello and welcome to cross stock. are all things considered? i'm funeral labelle, the pollutant biking summit has come and gone by the real message on his european tour with his galvanized washington's outlines into some kind of anti china alliance. did he succeed also the january 6th, right?
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the f b i and the arc of history me to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, jordan, some you all we in budapest is the podcast or at the goggle, which can be found on youtube, grumble, and locals. and here in moscow were joined by dmitri bobby. she is a political analyst and editor at me, internet media project, or a gentleman, cross, capitals and effect. that means you can jump anytime you want, and i always appreciate it. okay, that's good to start off with being my here in moscow as well and team and you and i and george discussed the content of what we were going to do on this program yesterday. and you sent me an email with some comments and you said we should title this program, china. europe's unwanted enemy. why did you suggest that it was very interesting? go ahead. well, it's absolutely clear that you are being conscious,
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especially german, you, which has a huge economic dice, you know, to china at east european countries away. sure, absolutely. do not want to have a confrontation with china. these countries are not interested in the anti chinese rhetoric and war, chinese actions, which are basically forced on them by washington. i mean, some of these countries don't have to be persuaded to be anti russian. i think it was a huge mistake. you know, when the russian foreign policy for many years states that somehow the united states is more hostile to russia than the european union. there are some controversy in eastern europe, which are certainly more at russia than, than the united states. but they don't want to fight china and, and when, at the last, the recent need to a meeting sharing, that was the fact to declare that anymore. let me quote that china stated the
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patients and the surgery of behavior present. systemic jenny, just to the rules based international, all the errors relevant to nato security. get out of cold in they don't language that means chinese and him because cool presents to stay with chad and just and also it's a big lie because in what way can china throughout the nato military military. and they do as many times stronger than china and chinese, located in the completely different part of the world. and china, during the last, at least 40 years, china did more than baydar the congress. it did not take any territory under its control. it did not do more critize, a foreign nation. it was not involved in nation building and steal, you know, chinese viewed us, hostile by the states and certainly reminded me of the situation that you know, we saw during that won't work too well. nancy, germany,
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awful allies in europe such as equally as such as congress, but just been them. they were more interested in the outside your would you and then establishing german hold on. i mean, fans wanted to take better care really. there is next to them, but they didn't want to take plenty of crap. you know, it deleon's wanted to have some part of greek territory and they wanted to cut you slot side, but they didn't want to die on the won't force them. i mean germans for the beans to participate in the seizure, but any group and germans forced us to die. so when you, when you're surrounded, hostile i go and you're going to, what would you say got a lot more than they bargained for rules based order. we just read that quote, george, i wonder who wrote that down the rules based ordered tour. ok. now one of the things i wanted to do this george, because i think it's very, very interesting. number one, joe biden is present. america is back. well,
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not everybody wants it, even with it within the, your a, p and union within nato. once once america, back the way it was before and see what's happening in the way i look at it is huge . cleavage is big, it's very small now, but it's going to grow and grow grow because the us is the master of nato undoubted . okay, what they want they get. okay. europe in union is different. ok, you can, you can have this threat. inflation is imaginary threat. you know, we have to spend all this money because of the russian threat. but when it comes that you cannot mix here a little bit more hard headed and sober, okay. and just as demon pointed out, i mean, why are we completing these all things together? and then china is the, the obvious and it's not obvious whatsoever. go ahead, george. right? no, i think there are many issues. there's without question, what's the issue that nato is continually looking for
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a new role. so it would be one step ahead of because, you know, thinking about, well, what's the next rent that we can justify convenience, but the communicate that was issued, the other day was still basically focused on russia, russia, i mean, the paragraph off the bar about all the terrible thing brushes done, all the terrible press, russia, rushes, cheating, russia, violating this and so on. so yes, china is mentioned, but that comes down to like paragraph, 50 bible, something. and the language is much more circumspect. you know? yes, giant, a challenge. really have to look up on it. but then the china is cooperating really generally with russia. that's the point, george. don't you think? i mean, because nature is essentially just a propaganda operation. ok. and so it slowly, but surely there,
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it's the overhead window all over again, getting essentially what they want to do is they want to wait china with russia, they want to see them is inseparable. the more they do that, no more russia guy will come together with these people don't seem to have any near sighted understanding. well, it's very, it's very much like these 2 powers of threats to the rules base order. and they even mention of like, well, china is a challenging the values based washington treaty, the treatment that setup so. so there is a, now there's a question. the united states sees china as a major geopolitical rival. it's an emerging economic giant. and the united states really doesn't like it because they feel the china will become the economic or financial power in the world in the, in the coming decades. that will be the end of the dollar's role in the world. well,
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so yes, no question. i mean this happened already on the obama. 4 how much was some of the trunk? you know, the united states wants to pitch the hostility towards china, but the europeans, they are essentially a regional. how they are all regionals. they don't think globally, i mean, yeah, russia, they can think about, but there was a history there. and of course as dba, pointed out them in those, all of those states that are absent, rabidly, anti russian in the baltic states and poland. they can't really get wrapped their heads around china. i mean, china is nowhere near europe. and so it's very hard for them to go along with this, even though the united states. but our question is trying to push them in this direction. you know, again, if we make the juxtaposition to the cold war, there was virtually no trade between the west and the soviet union. i mean, it was just as one of the conditions here and, but there's no call more. we can use that term that washington wants to push the european store visa be china. well, they,
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china is be use biggest trading partner. ok. and again, we can go about, you know, a breads that are bad and all that. but trade is not a very bad, a real ok. and europe, as a company is trying to pull itself out of this. pandemic needs trade and china was very much well good. they can be both ways the same. and that's why you have to have it both ways at the same time and completely impractical. well, washington keep saying we will make russia pay a price. you know, that was their slogan for many years. now it looks like 1st they made that you pay the price because it wasn't tonight the stage to impose sanctions on russia and for whom these sanctions are really, really painful. it was the eel, which has, which is the biggest trading. russia who lost billions, you know,
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at least by billions for most on the, on the, and the russian sanctions in the 1st year, you know, and later there were more and more horses so that you will pay the price. and with china, that price is going to be several times higher than with russia. but you know, it's a lesson you have to learn from history when he would join and chris, you, extremist, i told you unfortunately, the people i victoria knew the people like john brandon, they have an extremist, i go to the moment when you use with them. you lose, you should prepare for huge osis, poland, obviously a one night and stage to help them rush. besides that, that was their idea. they wanted to be strong, you know, with united states because of okay, they were not the space behind them. and they're not, the states is now canceling, they are possibly like serious deals with china. that's what is happening. you know,
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and with greece, it's a moral guess because greece is bay very much the with chinese, economically. they sold them all their ports, you know, in greece. so in did is going to be painful. and the problem is that this is the price or ideology. i mean, also this is the price of life. i mean, look at the way american liberal press. got me, is it, you know, i almost woman and washington post max boot by the why the smoke off would you space by them knew how to deal with the kremlin strong when she did it much better than trump was seen, but then call it, i mean the whole idea of present in by the media has some kind of a boxing match in which joe has to stand up to last. you know, that's so stupid. but that was the, the main thing was the media in the last 2 weeks. i mean, sure, i didn't,
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i didn't realize it, max boot rice for the babylon. b or the onion because i read the article. thank you . deem presenting to me is completely satirical. i mean, if you didn't know better, you'd say this is a joke, right? yeah. well i think the, the big like mag boots have a problem on their hands. they spent the last. 1 5 years, making these claims that trump is a trade the companies selling out the country. trump is working in trump is treason the any, any just buy from toward russia even even what he's imposing sanctions. we're where he's picking out. diplomats is really secretly applaud by the throw us off the sand so that they've been battling this is not there yet. now they have bite and then you know, they rejoice the trumpet to beacons or he's there man. any being friendly as the
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russian than truckload. double back and come up with some convoluted nonsense as to why it's ok when buying does it terrible when in front of it. so, in the last 20 george, if trumpet had the same exact summit, which he would be a traitor. by having the way his experience is a noble democratic diplomatic leader, it directs boot. does actually show the incredible bias and how dangerous that bias is when it comes to the american foreign policy. it's, it's all about their perceptions and the echo lima, their ideology. i gentlemen, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break, and after that show break book in the, in our discussion on some real estate or join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business,
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i'll see you then. me. always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering questions. just ask for an attorney. to survive and interrogation, you've gotta be ready. you definitely don't want to be going to trial in the jump suit, one cups. you're more likely to walk free. if you're rich and guilty, you are. if you're poor you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice, usually going to date yourself a whole look forward to
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talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders, given it by human beings, accept where's the shorter? in that conflict with the 1st law show your identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning the beam and a robot must protect its own existence with the welcome to process. are all things considered? i, if you don't live else remind you, we're discussing some real news and this is the home addition.
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the alright, let's go back to georgia in budapest, georgia because it slowly but surely being revealed as we approached the january 6 trials, i mean, hundreds of people potentially are going to go on trial here. and it's being revealed that a lot of there is a lot of unnamed co conspirators and well people wondering, hire their names redacted and is it because they had contact with the authorities to be f b i specifically. and that is very, very trembling. but what's even more troubling is that the legacy liberal, liberal media points to the bank? are you saying where you might be a conspiracy conspiracy? there is for asking those questions. the media won't ask those questions where left to ask those questions? go ahead. george. yeah, it's very interesting because what has happened this week is
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a sub see change in the story of the events of january, the se. and it reminds me of what happened some point in 2017, with the trump russia story. when debbie nunez suddenly disclosed that the f, b, i, so valence warren of caught the page, was based entirely on the steel. don't be a bit of a shocking disclosure and of course the legacy media and all the pundits and all the x f b. i is the absolute nonsense from garrett. this is not how the f b i operates, does not the operate. this is total and then we got the inspector general report. pretty much confirmed everything that devin noon. there's something similar happened this week with this story in revolving news and then call some to
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get out and the significant blend, greenwald and it's now really very serious question. which is there are, there are always people mention in the indictments on indicted co conspirators. and then mysterious person, one person to person 3, who for some reason, even even though, according to the charging sheets, they played a very active role in the events of julian. for some reason they haven't been invited. so therefore the next question is raised. to what extent did the f b i know what was going to happen? who you are most, there's a extent was the f b i itself actively involved in instigating those events in driving those and in actually causing that arrive to take place. whereas the people actually were there on washington on that they didn't want this riot story. and of course as you say, the legacy immediate is gone haywire. now how can you get these people have
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a fair trial if they cannot say well, so you can say is name person a ok? how? but that, that's my, that's my alibi, that's my rooms. this is the contact i had them. no, no, no. the state says, you cannot, we build a name that is a kangaroo dealer. the thing that is, so i think, you know, because so much has happened over the last few years, isn't it? people, again, prior to trump going down the us later, we could buy that is a benchmark as they pick the, the press had emily, a pretense of an added to adversarial relationship when the intelligence community with the, you know, with the cia fast forward to today, they are covering up for them every step of the way that you can not interrogate the people in power. it is terrifying and for people thinking about it because i mean, i have monitors at work. i see what i'm seeing in and in, but some you say with their off,
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i mean it's all january thinks i mean in their building up to something here. and it looks like there is a major cover up. we need to lean, learn more. but i mean, this is very, very destructive, where the media is just merely the mouthpiece for the people that they were, you know, technically, professionally supposed to keep an eye on. go ahead. well, that's why i call president obama, the worst president in us history. you know, it was on his watch and, you know, for many, he was a democrat, you know, almost just president, it was under his watch that f, b, i and some special services started to be directly involved in elections and, and they were questioned about elections and about their agent use to patients. it became clear that these people are the response when i think which is important here in our president, would you mention the january 6? storage is press one and i know that. so people on the left in the united states
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took it back. you know, we've had some criticism from peter coasting, for example. i think, well, you mentioned that he was not thank you know, the right to stand or that have to stand just it's a feeling of many people in rush. i remember 1993, you know, that was the last time and something like january 6 in russia. and of course, with very badly when we saw this man, you know, a lot of the security people who just showed that the woman who was not, you know, was not drafted in him, was probably misbehaving. but he called bar give blood just shot her dad and there was this video and now people can 1520 years even though they did not current anyone and almost are not involved in violence. that's why people rush out. they can embed, it has nothing to do with the russians being pro republican or democrat, you know,
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they did, they don't think that way. ok, the bit georgia mean actually, babbitt, i mean, you know, when there's 14000 hours of footage we're told we've seen snippets of it. and some of it from what i have seen encounter contradicts the narrative that the liberal kind of legacy medias portraying of what happened there . but it seems to imply the prosecutors need a lot of extra time. okay. it seems to me that either, you know, they have a blockbuster case or they have no case at all. okay. and they're trying to create one because we never find out how ashley. but babbitt died then this whole thing is a bars from beginning to end. yeah. yeah, it really is. and i mentioned the 14000 hours of footage, we could even the defense counsel on behalf of the $480.00 dependence on not
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getting access to the sportage. and we can be pretty sure that, you know, given the politicization of the d o, j, that if this port age was really damaging to the, the riot as we would have been seeing a lot more of this, not at the moment, the things that we do see, people pass around on twitter, youtube, or whatever. as you say, they go against the narrative, we get the strange characters bellowing outside, so mechanical storm, a capital. and they will be told by the writers themselves. you know, he's in the book, he's, he's, he's f b i, he's an instigator. why, of annapolis and why the bus was things like after why ever you've been indicted and then you've got to gain the questions like, what about the lead is louise white supremacist groups like the proud boys and the keepers of the 3 percent of the ones that christopher ray and the other is always
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going on about how can none of the leaders has been indicted over this? i mean they supposed to take part in those events. so i haven't been back raising all of the suspicions. and then we got the ashley bobbitt, which is we're not even finding out who the person was, who shot that. and why did he do it? well, what, what i think lean from what people have been saying they know what the officer in the name has been mentioned on the, on the internet. so, okay. but, but the, my, this, this goes to a bigger, broader point because in the way that the narrative of january 6th being present in pearl harbor 911. there isn't ball disclosure. there isn't ball transparency there. there will be parallel narratives that will live for a very, very long time. that cannot be reconciled. ok, and this is my biggest worry, and i think it's the media that is driving. it is driving it all steam ahead
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because it is still litigating and judging the trump presidency with a trump resides in their brain and there's nothing they can do about it we we thought with the recent as well. and you know, so when the man leaves the stage is take it off of bob on. he's still the most powerful board in america while they're building this. it's incredible. go ahead. how fast i was like to remind our viewers that on the day one, when it happened, we said on this program that of course base attack against would not be justified. if it was a crime which was inexcusable. what these people did. the other problem, the other question is the reaction of the state and the so called investigation and how all of these turned into and you write stock fi and you know, right, start 5. if you remember, no one now even find it. now,
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if it was that dutch or indeed would needed, or if he claimed, or maybe it was most likely, probably no the not just what happened played was much worse than the what happened during that event. you know what happened played that was basically a molar boys is no follow by one g and we suddenly have 90 percent of us media strongly described by the and not expressions of us over very significant part of them are you ation and the end, the service call sequence is the fact the mon part of american paid and the, it was not russia. who did it. i mean, no way better in b r. i could be george laughing. but you know, the outside board is, and all this is going to be, you know, it's going to be a drama. they needed to be a drama. and it's actually and we look at,
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look at rush gay in corral. the progressives. ok to keep the democratic coalition together. they will do where they get their finding another narrative to corral their give, bring elements of their coalition to keep them cohesive. ok, as jo. ain't doing such a great job. ok. at the end of the day, go ahead. george, one minute, you know, question is going to be midterm elections next year at the moment it looks like, you know, we'll look at the back in history. the democrats will suffer losses. we can be absolutely certain that it will be russia alone. that would be blame for any democratic losses. i mean, it's just, it's, it's automatic. and that's, and boot is that the during is news conference. what is that? well, are you optimistic? it says, well, i don't know. i mean, it's very hard to predict the dynamics of american politics. so we really have no idea how, what by to did this week will be interpreted and reinterpret that within american
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system. so yeah, there's no question though, or the russian involvement will play a role. but you know, if we do now that the f b, i itself was actively involved in the events of january the 6th. then i think we're into quite a serious ball game. and then i think the legacy media will step in and say, this is all a very boring story. let's move on gentlemen, and want to get some good past ad here. and i want to think our viewers watching us here are the scenic, remember the the me i choose with
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is 32 question police 30 that can just keep other than the human russell, but i so, but over the, over the book or just sort of the motion learning in the senior course, which is just for you know that i should been good. we think he might be a soldier. if he's off the brute she's wearing your twitched up,
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took a personal step. when you're done young on this, you're still summarizing, produced from buffalo, i use lines this monday, dozens of criminal cases opened and hundreds of web pages removed as russia buckle de booming. take the vaccine certificate market and found out the risks of trying to obtain one themselves. so they put all the information that i gave them the faith name, date of birth. well, let's face it, i would scam and i've lost my money to the boost these claims surround you funded migrant detention campaign. libya with one teenager from somalia go on record about what.


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