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yes, to shape out these things to come to africa and engagement equal betrayal. one to many find themselves world apart. we choose to look for common ground. the in the headlines of this monday here were not to the national thousands of criminal cases opened on the hundreds of web pages remove as russia battles are booming, fake vaccine certificate market, and find out the risks of trying to obtain one for himself. so they put all the information that i gave them, the faith name, date of birth. let's face it, i would scan and i've lost my money, sexual abuse claims surround, and you find that migrant detention camp in libya, one teenager from somalia going on record about what allegedly happening to her and
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4 other girls to the american public is left divided by 2 statutes of george floyd unveiled on the eve of june, 18th, that's a new federal holiday marking. at the end of slavery, we put the issue up for debate. there are many african americans who are, are much more deserving. this man was basically a drug addicted criminal. i'm actually george floyd isn't being lifted up town every year old, but a reminder of the institutions in this country that are systemically raises. ah, well, lots of headlines for you today on this monday program. i'm real research, this is nancy internation. most goes not reporting more than 7000 new covert infections, and the russian capital broke its all time record for 2 days straight last week of 9000 cases each time. the capital recently made jobs mandatory for certain sectors
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which could explain why it's fake vaccination market is booming right now of corresponding questions in a rush coffee, i found out the risks of trying to school one for himself $35.00. that's how little a fe, coded vaccine certificate would cost you here in russia. now, not only are they cheap, but the market for them is huge. so i went on telegram and found land of anonymous groups that are offering you what at 1st glance might seem as real prove that you were inoculated. those certificates even have hospital stamps and doctorates a signature and a fake one of course. but that's exactly what i was looking for. so i went with the taliban group that was the quickest to respond and i gave them and made up name, date of birth, etc. and they sent me back a picture of what the final certificate would look like. here it is. so they've
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already made it look. so they put all the information that i gave them, the faith name, date of birth, be address, and the certificate has stamps and have been dr. a signature, so i gotta give it to them. it really looks like a real one. i know, at least to me, they were polite and i didn't notice anything fish. hello. i would like to buy cobra $900.00 vaccination certificate. how can that be done? option $140.00 for certificate, not registered on government website. option $2180.00 for certificate registered on government website. how will the courier deliver it? how does it happen? a young korea will pass you the certificate in a yellow envelope. like a package from eli express, you know, from what i've seen, the business is booming. these people are even trying to learn new customers with discounts and special offers. they sent samples and even worn against scamarus,
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he'd take your money and disappear. and in fact, that's exactly what happened to me. so i transferred the money and we agreed to meet at a metro station, but they do me up the well, i think there is no point. me wait any longer because let's face it. i was scammed and i've lost my money. even if i had gotten the certificate, it wouldn't have helped me much. you seen russia when you get a covey jab, a record of years on a government website called go slugging without this? any printed document about vaccination with all the stamps is just a scrap of paper. but if you're willing to pay more the same people promise they can hack the system and get you a real working q r code. that'll prove you've had the vaccine, even if you haven't, nobody. hello. do you provide vaccination certificates? yes. which one do you need?
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the simple one or with registration on casa st. louis, i need the one with the registration on the site. what information do you need from me? your name, address, and date vaccination which you need on the certificate? prepayment is 50 percent to putting your date on the government side. you pay the remaining 50 percent. so is it official? yes, of course. completely official. you will get a q r code for the government website as soon as we finish it. but how will you do it? we have our own ways, the sky works, that's why we're just completing the payment after you get your q r code. so you will know for sure that we did our work while the cameras i talked to were very discrete about their methods. but we know there are confirmed cases of people get in the vaccination certificate registered on the government website without actually taking the jap. that scheme is more sophisticated and it causes way more around $300.00 us dollars. and it requires that corrupt health care worker
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who has to fill in patients data without seeing that person, and then throw away an on use jap for the record, which, you know, among other things is a waste of all the vaccine is opened and poured out just in case there is some southern inspection, it would be difficult to explain where this dozens of extra vials came from. because all the vaccines are numbered, russian authorities are trying to crack down on the fraudsters and we know of 24 felony cases opened up in the last few weeks over forged vaccine certificate on top of that rushes internet watchdog ross. com. that door is forcing score is a suspicious website and telegram burbs to shut down. but the black market is expanding its reach, especially now that covert jobs are becoming mandatory for most workers in moscow service sector transferred in education. and russian officials claims they are out of options here. the country now deals with the delta various which spread faster.
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and it's harder for scammers are sensing this and getting ready to line their pockets. but one should not forget. but if you opt for a fake certificate, instead of a real shot, you risk either in losing your money the way i did or what's worse, getting the wrong side of the law. and then there was the matter of deadly virus that you are still not protected against the market of fake certificates is a global one. in germany, a special police team was set out to combative frosted. serv also been replicating american vaccination cards. a cybersecurity firm checkpoint estimates there are more than a $1000.00 of fake vaccine documents on the doc net. we discussed the issue with martin daughter, a member of germany is left party principles documented for back to nation. this is endangering people emphasis and accept in the festival. but i think this is just the result of politics which doesn't lead to equality and the possibility to be in
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germany for example, if you want to get back to not everybody wants to be seen can be. but sometimes you have to wait for like 3 weeks or 4 weeks or even longer. so i think this is 2 sides of the same metal. the state has to care for medical care for the possibility of a scene for everyone. and the people themselves. they have to, can have been allegations of sexual abuse at an e. you find that micro camp in libya. here's the testimony of one of those that you have to offer something in return to go to the bathroom to call the family or to avoid beating. it's like we're being held by traffickers while it's not the 1st time a suffer from sexual attacks. this is more painful as it was by the people who should protect us. will be allocations, are really likely to cause some concern and really raise questions for the you. and that's because it partly funds around 29 if these detention centers in libya that
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that teenage girl from somalia who made those allegations says it's not the 1st time she'd been subjected to sexual violence. and that's because she had already suffered at the hands of human traffickers, human traffickers who were well known for torturing and abusing migrants to troy and leave the northern africa. she was to get to europe. and she says that when she was liberated and taken to one of these detention centers, she thought her deal was over. but sadly, from those allegations, it was far from that. now some human rights group say that these centers are known for being rife for sexual abuse. sexual violence and exploitation are rife in several detention centers for migrants across the country. women migrants reduced to sex, slaves and libya. the dangerous journey leading to libya are not gender neutral. victims of trafficking and slavery deserved internal protection,
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whether migrants or refugees. in fact, an own report which is written back in 2019 highlighted the massive issues in these detention centers. thousands of men, women, and children remain arbitrarily detained in d. c, i am centered in libya, mix migrants in overcrowded detention centers a reporter to suffer from various abuses and deprivation, including forced labor torture, sexual and gender based violence. this raises the bigger questions about the zone role in this cycle of gender and sexual based violence because the he was helping to fund the libyan coast guard, which is working to intercept migrant boats before they leave the coastal waters of libya. now just this year alone, around $13000.00 men, children and women have been intercepted, many of whom have then been taken to these types of centers for processing or kept
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for longer periods. now the u. n. h d r and others such as m s x, they are advocating for the release of this teenage girl who made this allegations and those other girls that she said were also abused at. but the reality is until that happens, these schools and possibly even at many more fear that they torturous or deals fall from over when they make simple a basic human request to go to the bathroom that they could be subjected to this type of sexual assault. and violence, something but clean. nobody can deem acceptable. americans divide it over to new statues of george floyd. of course, he died during the rest by a police officer last year a one boss who has put up in new york for june 10th. it's a new us holiday marking the end of slavery. george floyd's brother, who was at the unveiling of the monument called his killing
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a sacrifice to the cause of racial justice. a couple of days earlier, another statue of george floyd was presented to the public in new jersey. now it's been 13 months since the death of george floyd in minneapolis and event the spot months of civil unrest in america and beyond. a police officer, i was convicted of his murder in april. he's due to be sentenced next week. the new statues have been widely criticized on line with some pointing out floyd's own extensive criminal record carrying down statues of our nation, founding fathers and putting upset use of criminals. there are many worthy black people to put up statues of but a violent criminal. he was killed while being arrested is definitely not one of them. some people really building fame, political careers and pocketing money of the name of george floyd. why do i need to know who his brother endorse from new york city and why is there a statue of him in brooklyn and jersey?
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this is all nasty to me. aliya my colleague, a unit, a neil, he discussed the issue with a social commentator and a political activist. i think it's a big mistake on the part of people who are really just virtual virtue signaling to make this man into a hero. there are many african americans who are much more deserving, who are doing positive things in the community that you could make into a hero and a role model. this man was basically a drug addicted criminal. i would hope that sister melanie is death is upset and more joined me and calling for the removal of the 4 white men who would have been convicted of committing war crimes who are currently on the most mount rushmore mountain on stolen indigenous territory. i would also hope that sister melanie would be upset of the fact that there were slave owners, greatest of african women and genocidal maniacs, who currently are represented on us currency. i'd rather see
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a statue of conduct the rice, a clarence thomas, other other black people who have done positive thing in the black community. i don't, i don't the statue of george or somebody who did not do positive things in the black community. i don't, i don't see it as something positive. i'm actually george floyd isn't being lifted up as a hero. but a reminder of the fact that institutions in this country that are systemically races, including i'm a police force that was acted to assist with the factor of indigenous land. and the capture of black bodies who escaped bondage is why we are erecting the statues. one of the main features of last year's protest we spoke about in, in this program was pulling dine statues that cause the vision. a lot of rage, a lot of hatred out there, wasn't there. why put up more of them? i don't think that we can complete a statue of george lloyd to a statue of, of say,
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robert e lee or, and andrew jackson, george floyd, had nothing to do with the genocide of indigenous people. this act up and didn't plan and the enslavement of defendants of africans. i don't think that it actually does anything for black people to take the battery down. i think again it's just it just virtue they're going and wiping out history. i don't think it's a, i don't think it's a great idea and i think it just, it's a symbolism. i don't think we should, the reductive of the trauma that it causes indigenous and black people to see statues and st names named after the people who killed in slaves and kept them black people really, that emotionally weak that it's, it's traumatic to see the batteries i've been to the black, the 3 museum and philadelphia that that period was not traumatic for me. it was, you know, but it's certainly was not for me at a quarter past. here in moscow, emanuel microns party got what's being described as
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a slap in the face. this in the 1st round of frances regional elections, early results adjusted, came 3rd or even for the most regions. however, the vote was also significant for his extremely low turn out with 67 percent of voters staying away from the polling stations. french president's party managed to gone only around 10 percent of the vote, which is about a half as much as as rival marine la, penn national rally god. the 2 are expected to be the face of the next presidential election in about 10 months time. we spoke with a french political analyst, alexi pooler, who told us what these results could mean for the french president and his party. this is done, this vote reflects a feverish state that has gripped the executive branch of government including a manual micron and this national vote is the only way the french have to say stop or go on back to manual macros policies tonight. they said clearly enough, we don't want that any more. in terms of ministers,
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5 ministers who did not pass the 1st round, our historic. this is a snap in the face. this is a historic vote. what does this mean? this means that macros party completely failed. it simply does not exist for the french. this is a media policy. it served as a vehicle for manual, my chrome to become president of the republic in 2017. but outside of that, it does not exist. and another european leader was also facing a bit of a hard time, as the swedish parliament has just voted through a no confidence motion against the current prime minister. a social democratic stephane that love young is the 1st prime minister in the country's history to be ousted in this way, is due to his government's plans to deregulate sweden's rental market. this has been hit hard by the pandemic. now if he refuses to resign, the country will face snap elections just a bit later this year. or i still become here on the program and i see international the white house has revealed is preparing more sanctions against
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moscow. this coming just a day or 2 after the geneva summit with the food and bite, which was hailed as positive for that story. we're back in about 63 seconds. the when i would show the same wrong one i'll just don't yes, to shape out the thing because the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well the parts we choose to look for common ground in the me
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ah, i will. i will the right now 2020 past the hour here at moscow. the u. s. government says it's drawing up yet another round of anti russia sanctions announcement was made on the same day that the russian ambassador finally returned to america almost 3 months after being re call to moscow amid arise intentions. it comes as
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a surprise to many given the largely up beat messages at last real big day, a putin and bite the summit in geneva rushers. a foreign ministry spokeswoman has said moscow has no choice but to retaliate. we have always given a consistent response to legal actions of the united states. it is strange that some people in washington enjoy this obstacle course so much. american idealogues have revealed themselves. they need all of the fuss around supposed poisoning as a tool for solving the problems of their own non competitiveness. the new sanctions are said to be related to the case of russian opposition figure likes in the valley, but also targeting russian companies engaged in the new stream to project upon his arrival in the us, the russian ambassador noted that despite the recent positive summit, not much seems to have changed when it comes to american policy. the not is not the result. everyone was expecting the summit. i don't believe the sanctions can stabilize relations between countries. dialogue must be restored. first of all,
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back in geneva. unlike many of my colleagues, i spoke very carefully about the outcome of the summit thing that's, i believe in actions not words. i said that we should wait and see what our american colleagues do. it's thought they have chosen the path that does not lead us to the positive outcome. the both present thought we have very serious issues, but we are ready to talk constructively, to solve them. meanwhile, the white house said it will take up to one year for washington. to decide whether it is even possible to have a strategic dialogue with moscow. adding also that is quite hard to imagine russia as a friend in the future. we spoke with independent journalist martin summers who says the upcoming sanctions reveal the cloud of the unsee russia lobby in america. well, i think it shows disarray only us side. it was always going to be very difficult for boyden to make any kind of concessions, because there's a huge lobby inside the united states, based within the,
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the sort of security operators and the media who are determined to sabotage constructive relations between russia and the west. the faction which you're pushing for a sanctions. they weren't very happy perhaps of the meeting, took place at all. and therefore they've now carried out their machinations in order to prevent anything positive coming on today on the same side as the sort of gets a frame. yeah, it makes, it's just common sense to saw. she talked to each other. so of course we had the meeting last week. but i can't say on terribly surprised to see that the, the reiteration of the whole still, etc, which is now become endemic. after 17 years to detainees held at guantanamo bay without charged shipping, granted the right to be transferred to other countries. it's after review committee concluded that neither man holds extremist beliefs. detainees were handed over to
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americans in 2002. they were accused of supporting al qaeda records indicate that one of the pay was tortured by the c, a. c. i excuse me. this during interrogation in pakistan of human rights groups are branded conditions at the give them a prison as cruel and humane and degrading. the decision brings the total number of those approved for transfer to 11. it remains unclear when these people can actually be repatriated at the move requires diplomatic security arrangements with the recipient. countries and some detainees permitted to transfer under the bomber administration, are still being held at guantanamo investigative journalist. so dave, linda says it violates a raft of laws all the way back to george bush and dick cheney, and through the obama years and now and through the trump years. and then through the start, the button administration. all these presidents have been holding these people
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claiming that they are unorthodox on official combatants and are not treating them in accordance with the geneva conventions rules of war. the u . s. code of military conduct or the us constitution. it's totally illegal to have them held for nothing and, and they keep justifying it based on this 2001 authorization for a use of military force that congress passed to initiate the lower of the war on terror. they call the war on terror, which isn't even a war. emergency services are dealing with a devastating impact of flooding in crimea. it's left or one person dead, at least $43.00 injured. one person still missing. almost 2000 people were evacuated from their homes and egos. donald is still in the region.
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days after the flood, dozens of households remain in the firm grip of the catastrophe. here in southern crimea, people spent decades building up their lives here. and what they used to call a home now looks like this. so this house, it was built on top of a river bed that runs into ground. one shower was started a couple of days ago. this river bed got clogged very quickly with boulders, mud, and well of a dutch. so the water, instead of running under the ground, it ran through the house. it is completely destroyed inside now, and there is a serious danger that it could crumble if it begins to shower. again. i will tell you when i came here for vacation and out of the blue, these happened. it rained the whole night, and in the morning and the hostess of the house heard the rumble because there was an underground river running beneath the house. with 1st thought kits were being noise out there. but she told me no. is the flow of the water pushing rocks and boulders under us. and then within an hour everything was flooded. my room was on
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the 1st floor what are gushed in and blocked the door. luckily, i could get through the window. there will be no rebuilding until the water levels go back to normal. it's simply impossible. now the good samaritans from all around the peninsula are here, lending a much needed hand. so this is one of the smaller towns in crimea, but well, the flooded didn't discriminate, but this place, it demonstrates very well one of the tactics used to minimize the damage from the flood. basically this stream of water over here, it comes all the way from the mountains and people here they are building, make shift dams to basically re route the water away from shops, homes, you name it, civilian infrastructure. and there's plenty to clear out some parts of the area look like locations out of robot watch movies, straight cars randomly stuck in the mountain side is a feature of this place. now,
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there's no estimate as to when they will be cleared out because the water is eroding the. so one careless step beyond this red tape could cause someone's life clearing of the mess and rebuilding is not the only challenge faced by locals. the flood brought other hardships until the bitter irony of the situation is that in this flooded towns as a shortage of war, tim of drinkable of clean water, the lose as crippled some of the pumping station. so people have to rely on these trucks. the girl cloud is not without a silver lining of hope, though the beaches have already defacto reopened, reminding everyone that normality might now be within reach. i'm a get done of reporting from crimea r t. police in essex in the u. k. r. ditching emoji. he's not out of fear of looking like boomers by using them, but apparently because of a sexual harassment concerns
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the need the the the ah, the total nonsense, you're texting a friend or a pal and put a little kiss or heart and all of a sudden that's inappropriate, and it's being policed by bosses. if the police need to be given special protection from themselves, then they probably aren't in the most appropriate job when needed to stand up to criminals. and those who really do intend hom yet again,
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the police didn't forget their primary job is to protect the public, not themselves from each other. they demonstrate the difficulties, all social media. i'm policing at the moment, and i think everyone's getting those also problems. because no one knows how to deal with it, it's very difficult for me to think of too many situations where am i gonna really upset someone? and i would say is a place up so you should be able to deal with that for goodness. but on top of that, i think the police are trying to promote professionalism. i think the police and the last 510 years have really gone down with their professionalism. or there's a program for this half hour here live on arte international. thanks for sharing some of your monday with us here at moscow. nearly half past 2 in the afternoon. we're back soon with more of your stories. the
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah bill you're submitting. i will go out with the city and i jeopardize. sure. so i mean i can get them so me as much doesn't need to be sexual pleasure.


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