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the world is full of sharpie, and they're looking for jump like my cabin and the he falls right into it. because as i've said on this show and other shows for over a year, now narcissism in big point don't make we start off this week with the major oil and gas fields being made, being allowed to be made around the world. well, that's, except for here in the united states, this as a future domestic growth has been practically shut down by the, by an administration, in regards to russian construction of north term to russian presidential spokesman dmitri pest golf set on monday. but they will continue to work on the completion of the project with it's european partners, our expert to join us to talk about why the u. s. is not following the same protocol as other oil rich nations. and if that means americans are going to
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continue to see their gas prices rise, you know, also with rising temperatures and parts of the united states could be facing the worst drought over 1200 years. and summer is just beginning meteorologist. denise isaac joins us to discuss if there is relieve insight and if this could be assigned for other major weather movement in the future. and have you been able to walk the streets of a major urban city in america? well that since the travel restrictions have been lifted, well, if you have, i bet you've noticed the number of homeless on the streets have increased and mental health facilities still being limited. those battling a various mental disorders are finding themselves out of place to go. we're going to bring you the latest and if anything or any politician is actually doing anything to help the situation. now speaking of other situations, i remember last summer when protest against the death of george floyd broke out with them turning violent and even destructive. now a year later,
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the majority of those arresting charges have been dropped by the new york district attorney. is this fair to those businesses and people who fall victim and would have an effect on future race conversations? guess what, we're going to give you the fair $360.00 view. i am scotty. now hughes and all of these stories on today's edition of new views. he's right here on our to america. ah, ah, saudi arabia, company era, co announced that they will be investing $15000000000.00 and another major gas and oil company out of india called reliance. now all of this is following this around code representative being pointed to the ryan's board. awfully convenient. now at the same time, or aaron co announced a $12000000000.00 pipeline deal with china. now push that aside. this work on the north stream pipeline is continuing with a partners despite you know,
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all that anti russia, rhetoric where seem to be awfully present in the press during the g 7 summit. but all that's going across overseas here in the united states, the only element of gas blowing seems to be the price of the pump is following up and with the bite and ministration. reversing many of the trump administration policies, which helps keep price as low. you know, many americans are starting to wonder just how much they're going to have to pay. so to help us discuss who brand steve gill, a former us chair official under bush and plan, thanks for joining me steve. they study ok. so i want to start with these recent moves by ramco and saudi arabia. what does this mean? it's not only about the oil, but it's also about influence, especially when you have saudi arabia tying themselves so tightly with china. while a 1000000000 here in a 1000000000 there, and soon you're talking about real money and you're exactly right. it's not just the oil. it's also the natural gas that is a part of this function. and while they're, it's like a kid on
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a teeter totter while we're going down, they're going up, and it's not just driving their influence up. it's also driving our gas prices up, which adds to the price of everything at the grocery store. it adds to construction costs, everything goes up when petroleum costs go up here in the united states, and it's just further exacerbating our ability to come back after the cobra debacle . well, and i think a lot of americans probably just say, you know, we just want to take care of ourselves, of everybody stay to their own region able to handle their own. we know that he has the oil has the power. so this is all happening, which i find to be very interesting under the same time that there were getting this impression of the international energy association is actually pushing forward to open up and to loosen up and increase production and opec. while some of the brands we know of here at home, like exxon and shell, are being forced to cut production by the, by an administration. so does this mean, do you think that the u. s. is going to continue to see sky high oil prices considering where it's shutting down, while other countries are opening up while we're going to continue to suffer
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because it's not just the keystone pipeline that the by did ministration is shutting off there also shutting off expiration and development in alaska and alaskans aren't too happy about that as well. it's also the jobs that are lost when we cut these industries out. again, we're cutting out the fracking, which also produces oil and gas in places like colorado, nevada, and others. it is a devastating impact both in the job in the economy arena and what we pay is consumers at the pump and in the grocery store and everywhere else. you know, there's a reason when you go to the middle east. you see folks in saudi arabia driving diamond encrusted b m w's and mercedes. because oil produces a lot of profit. we're cutting our profits at the same time. they're profiting by increasing what they're making all over the world. well, we're not only, as you pointed out, cutting our profits, we're cutting our influence in other parts of the world as well. but here's what gets to be steve. you know, this keeps coming saying we're going to rely here on renewable energy here in the united states, better for the environment i get it. i respect that. however, we're far from that point where we can actually be reliable on renewable energy. so
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if we're not getting our oil from here in the us who are reliant to it, isn't that sort of giving the power over to other countries when we could keep it here at home? well, it's not just the profits, it's their ability to export their oil. and again, we talk a lot about the, the imbalance of what we purchase here in the united states. what we import versus what we export oil and gas is one of those big products that has a big, again, teeter totter effect on those global economy. and keep in mind, it's not just the oil and gas that we used to put in our vehicles. it's also the petroleum products that are used in the manufacturing process as well. we're making those products more expensive because we're going to have to import when we were, and that ex border of oil just just a few short months ago. and again, you look at all this, this push towards the renewable energy, whether it's the wind that we counted on until, of course, that stopped producing the energy we needed in texas. and when you've got all these electric cars on the road and these demands that we're going to even move more of them more quickly. where do plug those in?
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do we have energy fairies that are going to be replenishing the electricity we need? or are we going to have to be depending upon more energy production to be able to fuel the electricity we need to fuel, no pun intended, the electric cars, nobody is thinking this stuff through. or if they are, they're not thinking it through properly. well, i have to think there's some pretty smart people and so these mistakes are not just being just, you know, completely going server. they know that that money is going to, that production is going to come from somewhere. the question is, what also comes with it? now back here at how louisiana just said, no, the president binds paws on the new oil and gas leases. they did this through the justice system, actually a judge there, louisiana. do you think we're going to see more states looking for ways to get around the president? no go policy. yes, i think you're going to see louisiana. i think you're going to see alaska continuing to follow suit as well. you gotta look at colorado where they don't have a republican governor. so maybe paula and the democrats in colorado will see their jobs go away because they're not willing to fight for the fracking industry in that state. look what's happened in places like west virginia,
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places like pennsylvania and south east ohio where the oil industry is a part of it. but it's the coal industry that these anti energy folks in washington have devastated in its turn. states like west virginia, pretty doggone read because people will vote their pocket books. they will vote who's putting them out of business eventually. and i think for republicans, they have to look at places like out west in nevada, in arizona, in new mexico, in colorado, where the fracking and oil and gas industry is seeing a negative impact. and that could have a political impact in the, in the next 2 to 4 years. well, and that's why i want to take this back to where we're talking about more probably on the international scale. you know, we talk all the time about the monroe doctrine, where we need to keep our policy right in our backyard down kind of goes with oil and gas. president biden got a lot of actually pushed back to the fact that he said that he was going to let the nordstrom, nordstrom, pipeline construction continue. do you agree with that? in this case? you know, trump got involved. got his nose mark,
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should we not let countries make their own deals in regards to oil and gas? if it does not involve the united states, in fact, we have the ability to do it on our own here at home. well, there wouldn't be anything wrong with the, with the pipeline deals that other countries are cutting if we weren't cutting our own throat by stopping our own energy production, stopping our own ability to produce and it's not just the energy that close to the pipelines we haven't built new refineries to take it from, from oil, to gasoline, oil to other products in a long time because we can't get past some of the environmental regulations that are in place. we are cutting our own economy. we're cutting our own jobs while we're claiming that we're going to help clean up the environment and that the green new deal is going to stop places like india and china and others from continuing to pollute like crazy. when all we're doing, cutting our own economic throats and, and again, it doesn't matter what the other countries are doing to benefit themselves as long as we're making decisions to benefit ourselves, our consumers and our families. and what's funny, steve, those other countries are beefing up right now, america scaling back in the other countries rather saying they might want to
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participate there actually continue to grow their economy. so then i think, you know, it helps everyone. thank you. see for job don't overlook the national security impact world war 2 was started because the japanese had to have oil. so oil is a commodity that has generated wars in the past. we need to make sure that it doesn't. again, we've seen it in the middle east, we saw it, and world war 2, we're on a precipice of national security, not national economic issues as well. well, and that's the other element. we've waged many wars over oil and energy and fast. unfortunately, we've had lots of battles other countries have seen, and once again, is it really necessary for the us to engage and we have that ability here at home already. steve, thank you so much for joining us. thanks guy. when we return critical race area has been around for over 40 years. however, recently there has been a strong push to make it a prominent part of your child's education. but will this unify or divide the country more? well, we're going to give you the $360.00 view with our panel after the break.
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oh, i use ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah ah ah, ah. hello, driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask in
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the critical race. terry debate has a rig nodded a conversation and we have tried to cover it. and this continuing push to integrate the academic concept education system. however, in combination with the making of june change a federal holiday, are we seeing steps in the right direction for unity of all in the united states. this as a recent barrel clip of ty smith and his argument against instituting c r t. and it's a local school said this deliberately to see why, why you got to you because he why? partly why? oh, the black people are all down. but how do i have to know the degree the senior open? so who is right, walter? scott, we have a concern. come to her, molly, cab dual and new journey's chief of staff, a j. swinson giving as the 360 thanks for joining me. thanks. got it. thank you.
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so i have to start with you. are you happy with where the conversation regarding race relations in america is going right now? you know more going to have some, we're going to need more time to figure things out to and some of this unity and divisiveness that's to be expected. abraham lincoln said that if we release african americans, we release the slave. how are they going to live amongst the people where they were in place? so this was expected, we knew that it would take time for us to come back together and he'll, i think our country has made major, major advancements in that area. are we finish? no, but we've made great progress and that should be celebrated. and we should stop any attempt of the left to act as if this is still the k k k run. why the perma says country that it was back then? well leaking address, and then aged comments. you know,
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do you feel like projects like the critical race or which by the way, have been around for more than 40 years or just now starting to come back into the headlines that they're actually bringing accuracy to the present reporting of the past, which i'm all for or is there more distortion to fit a political ideology which some have criticized what it's been teaching? i think both people on the left and on the right are actually conflating 2 things. so what is a national conversation is about critical rates theory. but what republicans are and conservatives are really objecting to is what they call anti races training. the anti races training is exactly what we saw last year with this miss oni and decided to pull a flyer that they pulled out. essentially, it was title, some assumptions about my culture. and in those assumptions, the white culture we read things like white white people, for instance, are more objective. they have, you know, believe in nuclear families, individual lives and things like that. they actually pull that in response to the
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criticism that they got from donald trump at a time. so really what we're, what we're publicans are against is anti racist training. but the national discussion that we're having is that is critical race theory, anti race training, borrowed from critical race theory, but in of itself is not critical rates theory. if that makes sense, i know a lot to unpack it on a clarification on it. and i think that's a conversation that is happening, but a lot of this comes from what the events of last year we've been talking about this obviously for over a decade. but it's really seem to be a common conversation. and like i said, we just have the federal holiday appointed. so a j one years is major riots broke out in minneapolis and beyond. do you think americans still incendiary today as it was a year ago? are these conversations in these steps forward? actually helping and saying ok, let's handle this a different way and maybe we can see some productivity happen. well, i think unfortunately we've seen in the past, right,
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not typically bring are abroad about last in change. what happens is a politician, i will seek to pacify people. we have not seen anything monumental, anything that would actually address any of the issues that we have. what we've seen is pushing diversity training, what we've seen as a june 10th holiday, which although i think of the positive thing, it's not solving any of the issues that people are complaining about. and i want to point out that a lot of these issues are local issues. and as far as critical race theory argue, yes, a lot of those anti races training of borrowing from critical race theory, which is encouraging people to focus on race to go again. meritocracy, to go against anything that has traditional values and who am said overhaul our system and to preach systemic racism to children. how is that helping? and yeah, joe biden is pushing c r t training into our public school system. so everything
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that's happening right now is only going to make the situation worse and is not going to prevent any further writing or issues. well, emily, talking about what happened in and i hear what you're saying on this. you know, the district attorney in new york has dropped the charges for over a 100 looters from last numbers. right. there are new york city mayors are running on that issue alone. merrill candidates, you know, i don't see this is a race issue except the rise for racially charged in the fact that the da dropped it. do you think this is a right move and how do you think this is being perceived outside of new york city? but the rest of the country when they see business as being burned down to the ground and nobody being held accountable for that action. yeah, so remember around this time, last year at the height of the riots, the conversation on the left was, well, these are just businesses making rebuild. there was a lot of defending every, essentially, every single thing that happened. and you had candidates like comma la harris at
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the time who was actually encouraging people to build out those who had been, were actually arrested for causing these type, this type of may. and so the idea that they are now not deciding, not to charge of releasing these 100 or plus looters. that's not surprising because the narrative that democrats wanting people out there is that businesses can rebuild black live can, is the greatest grist that we've seen over the past year. at the same time age a, those businesses are not rebuilding, despite all the stimulus funds we're seeing there was already a hurtful economy. how much damage should this do within the own communities that were damaged? we're not seeing those places being able to open up. in fact, they've already been targeted before. is this going to have a long term effect in the negative? and maybe this is why it's better to have a conversation like what we're seeing, what happened with june 18th, as well as even the critical re, some of the anti racism conversations going on in schools? well yes,
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$1.00 to $2000000000.00 they're estimating have happened in damages of the largely peaceful protests. we have to keep this in mind that you're incentivizing the wrong behavior. like i said before, ryan have not brought long lasting change in the country. they've brought things that pacified people without anything that really actually changes the issues that we have. are we seeing real police perform being passed? not yet. are we seeing real things happen that needs to happen as far as economic revitalization? how many black own businesses were destroyed and the riot that will never reopen. so the image of these riots far supercede, anything of that could come from it. so we need to ask the democratic politician to stop incentivizing writing and destruction and to get to work facing the system that they're constantly complaining about. well, i think one thing that we need to focus that we don't focus on an african americans actually the most diverse country in the world. there is no gold standard in
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history on how to integrate all of these multiple cultures to live in unity. and it was not going to be done overnight time. we'll continue to grade how well the usa has handled it. thank you both for joining me, a j. emily. they've gotten fat and now is major urban cities start lifting co restrictions. and they're starting to slowly opened back up . what's also going up, well, crime, especially in new york city and the surrounding neighborhoods. now the fear of crime could be the prime factor on the ballot for new york city. next mayor archie fair in front details, how mayoral candidate, andrew yang says a fixed crime, you have to fix mental health. first, i will fix this new york as new york city. welcome back residents, tourists and office workers. hotels who are housing the city is homeless, population said goodbye. now city streets are once again, the homes for the homeless families are leaving as a result in east harlem,
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the neighborhood has been changed on the west side, the neighbor, it has been changed. we owe our people and our families better than this, and i'm frustrated by the political nature of these responses, democratic mayoral candidate. andrew yang who once vied for the presidency back in 2020, says he has the answer. and he's not worried about being politically correct when saying it was when we're talking about the hundreds of mentally ill people. we all see around us every day on the streets and the subways. we need to get them off of our streets and our sub ways into a better environment. nearby atlantic city who has seen a surge and juvenile crime has put in place a move you'd see by parents dealing with a rebellious teenager. strict enforced curfews or face a $1000.00 fine. the mayor announcing every night at 10 pm, sirens will sound to mark all those under the age of 18 to go home. we often have a diet downstream mindset. fighting crime is both intervention and prevention being
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gone from a pandemic of cove it to an epidemic of gun violence. we have to use every tool in the tool box. so yes, i want to buy back guns. sharp attacks were traded from the candidates to yang, calling him cruel. his comments really disturbing. another saying this for cat is a greatness, non answer. all of our debate about one specific idea that one specific place, but yang says he will double the number of beds available in mental hospitals, which is gone down in new york by 14 percent. adding there will be no recovery until it's resolved. after receiving harsh criticism. yang double down. yes, mentally ill people have rights but you know, what else have rights we did, the people have families of the city. we have the right to walk the street and not fear for safety because a mentally ill person is going to lash out at us. yank started out as a front runner and the mayor old race, but saw a slip in recent polls, but some political experts. thank yanks,
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tough on crime stand. could turn out more voters who have until june 22nd to cast their ballot for news use hughes. i'm fair in front, zach. ok, so drought is nothing new during the summer, especially in the west. however, with a tropical storm over the weekend, dropping almost 20 inches in the southeast is this is sign of a future weather patterns that help us forecast what this can mean for the upcoming year. we bring in meteorologist denise isaac, thank you so much for joining me. denise, it's a pleasure, scotty. pleasure to be here. and as you mention, yes, there drought conditions in the was something that's very common, especially over the past 10 years. well, not hitting your thing from both. this is an add anything abnormal from years past, but that being said at the same time, you do have this idea of a tropical storm from the golf, having it a little early for it and are we? is it kind of interesting that we're already dealing with this drought so early in
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the summer season? what yeah. what's very unusual is a triple digit heat that has been impacting the western us. so early this year, usually it happens in july. and once you add the lack of rain, well that certainly doesn't help that allows the situation to worse then. and we, i do have to point out though that drought and he waves aren't the same thing, same thing, but they are related. so one that land really drives out with the lack of rain, it tends to warm up faster. so that's why we're seeing the triple did it heat that will continue. and not only that, my main worry for though living in the west coast are wildfires because of the heat build. the soil drives out. we are expecting wildfires to spread a lot faster, left and right. and currently we're already have a $46.00 active wildfires and 11 fate west of the mississippi river. the flooding
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that we saw across the south east due to tropical storm claw, that, that is unusual because of the time of year scotty usually we get a fee storm in the month of august. it is a normal to be a storm. second or 3rd week of the hurricane feed in hurricane season started june 1st. but it is not a normal or it is common to at least get a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico because this is where conditions are favorable this time of the year for tropical development. well and denise, it's really interesting because i feel like the weather has actually been a headline since the very beginning me, let's look back at texas. you had that snow and the freezing which they never got snow at the beginning. now we're seeing this happen. i mean the largest route and what 1200 years, they're saying tropical storms el nino nor'easter, we've been able to see in the past. are there any weather patterns which you are already seeing, which could be expected as we continue throughout the summer in the fall? well yes, the pattern is changing and this year just like know a forecast that
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a very active hurricane season and that's something we can to, you know, we can see with cloud that the storm forming only the 3rd week of june. another thing i'm predicting or at least meteorologist or predict it is that this summer the heat will continue to the west and the central plane. you will continue to pretty much bake while the northeast will get a break from the heat. as cooler air will come down from canada, so those are the trends or the patterns we are expecting this summer. so those living along the coast, please be aware. you must be prepared for a storm because you know it can develop anywhere and it only takes one. denise, thank you for the advice i agree. and now let's help with technology continues to develop will be able to find ways, cuz this is nothing new. they happen every year. let's find ways that actually help citizens deal with whatever, whether crisis they are known for within their area. thank you. denise,
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you're very welcome. that's it for today show in the meantime, follow me on twitter at scott in hughes. we mean to bring you the news and we will try to do it the best we can fair coverage. every time you turn in, thanks for watching. ah, ah, you said you had to finish that. he didn't that can. if you knew who better than the remain, russell, but i hope so. but over the over the, the book called up just sort of the motion learning and mothers stories that was in the course procure mrs to mrs. for bob rhodes, i
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possession we think he might be a soldier because off the booty wearing your twitched up took a puzzle. when you wasn't done young on this, you're still in the summer watching priest boys. ah, always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering question. just ask for an attorney to survive and interrogation, you've gotta be ready. you're definitely don't want to be going to throw in a jump. so one cups you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty when you are,
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if you're poor and you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice, usually going to date yourself a whole headlines . this are the websites again many and the rainy and media, including her on the flagship press tv, the by the us government. so according to statements on that page, it also come campaign is just the so called on fire inclusion and the 1st transgender to the female event, elim takes funding to trial of women and another slap in the face of president micron. as his party films and the french regional elections also become world must choose unity division and hatred says president, normally a cheese on a verse free of the star. the great patch. cool for russia.


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