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the world is full of sharpie and they're looking for jump like mark cuban and the he falls right into it. because as i've said on this show and other shows for over a year, now narcissism in big point don't mix the website. so yeah, many and iranian media including a bronze flagship press tv or seed by the us government along with a palestinian new site. at least that is according to statements on their pages. also to come, campaigners lash out at the so called unfair inclusion of the 1st ever transgender athletes at the female event of the olympics and branding it. a betrayal of women bought another slab in the face for president micron. as his party was in french region, and the world must choose unity over division,
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and they drew the president, put him on the 80th anniversary of the start of the great patriotic war. ah, why direct from our studios in moscow? this is our international, i'm sure. on thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. now the u. s. government apparently seized the websites of a yet many broadcasts to iranian outlets, including its key international channel, press tv, and a palestinian new site. this is according to a statement that now appears on those pages, just kill them up and have more at the moment we do not yet have clarification from the u. s. government about whether in fact they did take this action. the state department has indicated that the department of justice will give information later regarding this situation, but if one goes to the website, one will find
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a statement from the department of justice and the f. b. i with their official seals saying that the website was seized. now, it, what's interesting to note is that while iran is a country that speaks the language of farsi, this statement is on the website in english and arabic, but not far as the the iranian language. it's important to take the context into account now we have joe biden and his ministration that have been in office since earlier this year. that have talked about reopening the iran nuclear deal that criticize the trump administration handling of us relations with iran. but we've just had an election in iran itself in which we have a new president with quite critical of his predecessor ronnie and his negotiations with the united states. so we have a new administration center come into office in iran. we have a new administration united states and the contacts in the moment of this is quite interesting. now, one of the websites that was seized is run by the who's easy that is fighting
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against saudi arabia, and has long been accused by the united states being iranian proxies. the other website that was seized is of iranian origin and the other website press tv is that, is it iran's official english language, news outlet, the primary voice of iran to the english speaking world. now their website is available at press t, v dot i are, but it is press t v dot com that has this message about being c. so we are waiting for clarification from the u. s. department of justice. we're also waiting to hear any statement from the islamic republic of iran at the moment. these 3 websites bear this. notice, it's not clear yet what has gone on. could this be the work of hackers? could this actually be an official move from the u. s. government could this indeed have been ordered directly from joe biden, as the statement on the website seems to hand we don't yet know homage. most savvy professor of political science at the university of tave, ron says,
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washington can have no justification if it is indeed behind the moves. we have to remember that even if the laws that are being cited in the actual announcement on the web page, even if the reason cited would be in the gym in which actually isn't. we have to remember that the, these are us internal laws and assets would be ridiculous disease and international, new size based on domestic us thought. it like the other situation would be, i pathetically, if iran would come in, sees the c n n news website based on internal uranium laws. it doesn't really make sense. and i think it's a clear violation of hugh freedom of expression. the 1st ever transgender athlete will go to the olympics. this year. laurel hubbard, who is a weightlifter, will join new zealand team in tokyo,
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but it has sparked anger from campaigners calling to save women's sports. and they say that her superior muscle mass is unfair competition. however, the olympic committee says that she has met all of the necessary criteria, but he's trying to pick up the story for us. it's official new zealand laurel hubbard, 43 who transition to female in 2012 is heading to the olympics this summer. no transgender athletes have ever done it before. for laurel, there's absolutely no doubt it is a dream come troop. when the camera zoom in on her and her team at the olympics, opening ceremony in tokyo, it will be a touching moment for the whole community of transgender athletes. i am grateful and humbled by the kindness and support that has been given to me by so many new zealanders. just before the previous summer games kicked off, the international committee revamped its guideline for male born transgender
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athletes. they were allowed to compete without 1st having to undergo gender reassignment surgery as long as they provide tests showing cause fester own levels within a set limit for 12 months. 5 years on news of laurel joining, the ranks of the n v t may be joy for some, but it stands out as shockingly unfair to others. we've heard noises in the media that the, i say are going to be revising their transgender inclusion guidelines and possibly even removing the testosterone requirement. so obviously that will then allow men to compete in the same category are nothing more than a self declaration. and i don't think, you know, anyone could say that that would be grossly unfair and set a completely unfair competition playing field for women. and perhaps it wouldn't have been so controversial if it wasn't for the nature of the sport. she's
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competing in the right in weight, lifting every gram of muscle mass matters, maybe and this sport more than in any other last year. a study by you can sweetest scientists found that when it comes to lifting barbells, the male performance advantage over woman was 30 percent. however, even when transgender women suppress this test her own, for a year, the loss of lean body, mass, muscle, and strength, was only 5 percent. it's also a fact that laurel hubbard hadn't competed internationally before transitioning, but has already won a number of battles as a female athlete. and so some critics of the new olympic reality have gone as far as blaming the i o. c for betraying woman. the i o c betrays women,
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women are not a hormone level. know, are we self declaration of female gender identity? shame on them. and speaking of those whose desired podium finishes could be lost or lowered because of lorell hubbard's performance. belgium's anna vin lincoln 27 called the transgender athlete inclusion in the tokyo weightlifting light up. a bad joke with all due respect to trans genders. olympic officials, though, have defended the decision. we do know that there are many questions about fairness of transient athletes competing in the games. but i would like to take this opportunity to remind us all that are all has met all of the required criteria. and she's not the only one lawyer and trans woman, stephanie hayden says the c decision is well rooted in science. you've got support, you got governing body. they have access to science, they have access to data, they know what work for them. now where a lot of people go wrong,
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is they just assume that somebody, in this case it was male borns, now transgender female doesn't change. and i think, why did he, they forget to take into account hormone levels reduction in muscle mass over many years. now, what do we do here? do we make evidence based decisions, or do we make prejudice based decisions? that is the simple question. oh well probably there's never going to be an easy solution to this and do expect more debate. the closer we get to the metal run off . and if you wanted to share your opinion on this story, you can let us know what you think r t dot com. the friendship president has received another slap in the face this time though, to his reputation after a shocking performance and regional elections and manual microns party, only got around 10 percent of the vote. in the 1st round as our cheese sharla
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davinsky reports being addressed rehearsal ahead of next presidential election from seas regional voters illustrating just how tough that battle ahead is going to be both manual macro and and marine appends. parties failed to show that they, with a heavy hitters for my calls republic on the move coffee, the results were particularly bruising. even party inside is can't deny how bad they sees, not going to minimize what has happened. it's a slap in the face. this is a democratic slap in the face, and it's due to a very low election turn out. all t doesn't condone violence, but what happened to my policy has been particularly brutal in several regions.
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that party, it was eliminated from the 2nd round of voting, offering fail to reach the 10 percent threshold needed the vote, even saw government ministers being knocked out. it's something of a surprise blue for my call and this is personal popularity. the theme, the surgeon recent month, it also shows that his tooth bronze, which just took place, which was seen as him trying to sure up the boat ahead of the election. didn't succeed. so roy has his policy failed to connect with voters. it shows it's even he, it's even not much more unpopular that it was supposed to because he's, results are, are, does it say vote against him for last year, a lot of misconduct. and that was shown by the yellow as movement on by the fact that the government didn't react to do all the situation is going
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worst and worst. and the only way to government behave with our organ. and, you know, i mean people don't like our own goods. so day it shows the government is complete and micro, especially completely disconnected with the whole society who all record the tension levels off sending premises through the political landscape more than 2 in 3 people didn't cost a ballot that shows b. b, i don't believe any more in political class, you have to striking workers who bird collectively there and an extra cars. so now you have a lot of people showing they don't vote, they don't want to vote. they don't believe in any political party in any political liter. people don't vote, not because they are the police decide,
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but because they don't believe in the existing institution. we're also disappointing for marine pen party had been hoping to show that they were the urea can tended. while over all the national radi took just on the face of the boat. if need talk, the polls in one region, these results loc, as significant drop in support from 2015. the big wind is from the 1st round of the voting would the republican party that is not good news for president mccall who has increasingly shifted his politics to the right. and essentially has been basing his strategy for reelection next year or more thing up. the very it is a revival of the republican party throws that up in the air and shows that michael has failed to read his policy in the french. so i key, while many may see this is being a contest next year between mccolan pen,
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there is always a chance, an outside i could punch seriously above that weight. one perhaps increased by the fact that the current president's party just doesn't seem to cut it with voters. charlotte, even ski, aussie paris for russia. it's exactly 80 years since the beginning of the bloodiest era, the great patriotic war, tens of millions of lives were lost when nazi germany invaded. what was then the soviet union and a german newspaper interview. president putin highlights how people have found reconciliation after the horrors of battle, and that their supreme sacrifice should be acknowledged accurately. despite attempts today to revive the pages of the past, the truth is the soviet soldiers came to germany, not to revenge on the german people, but with a noble and great mission of liberation. having lived through the horrors of the world war, the peoples of europe would nevertheless able to overcome 80 nation and restore
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mutual trust and respect. what burden began by again emphasizing the, the unfathomable, terror, savagery and devastation of the 2nd world war operation. bob rose to the invasion of the u. s. a sob, but by not to germany, but prudence prudence peach was the despite the terror, the horror of the 2nd world war, the europeans learned to respect each other. they learn to forgive each other. brands, germany stablish, the, the common steel market, then the, the common market, the european market, eventually that european union, they learned to cooperate rather than compete for resources for business, for economic prosperity. and this is something that it was who would happen when you as a sa collapse, that the east and west would forgive each other than they would lead past wrongs rest. and they would be progress. that would be prosperity. but it wasn't to be,
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it was the books movement eastwards which by the way, begun when the soviet leadership was actually persuaded to accept the united germany a session to nate. so the 10 to the main reason for the rapid increase in mutual mistrust in europe. many countries are put before the artificial choice of either been with a collective west or with russia in fights. it was an ultimatum product in 999 that have been 55 need to expansions east all of them. eastwards towards russia, more natal rockets troops, me solves jets, moving closer and closer to russia's book. given the devastation and the terror of the 2nd world war, tens of millions of people dead in the u. s. a saw memories are still fresh. nobody lives armed forces moving closer to the russian federation. you can ask all manner of experts whose fault current situation is the disagreement between nato and russia. but russia says that it was need to miss out, but i'm moving close to it,
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not the other way around. and here vladimir putin says that the security framework of the european union has now frayed the whole system of european security is now degraded significantly. tensions are rising and the risks of and you arms rates are becoming real. we are missing out from the tremendous opportunities that cooperation offers are common and indisputable goal is to ensure security on the continent without dividing lines. we hadn't heard about the dream of a europe from lisbon to vladivostok in a while, but remarked in it again. he said, we can't let pass. grievances pos, disputes govern, dictates our future. otherwise we give up. all hope of prosperity says, look, look at the past in your prosperity as always come out of cooperation. add to friendship. when people learn to work together rather than fights rather than struggling against each other. and hear like movement again, called out saying that russia as it was, is ready to participate in
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a joint european security framework. hundreds have attended memorial events across russia. they gathered at 4 in the morning the time when the war broke out. and other early morning events took place in berlin, where an orchestra performed in front of the russian house of science and culture. balloons symbolizing the victims were released into the sky. washington also commemorated the day with memorial service, rushes envoy to the u. s. who recently returns to his post was among those who came to pay respects and a special project here at r t. we have restored and colorized archive footage of peaceful life here in moscow, back in 1941 and contrasted that the stark images when war began. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah,
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ah the ah ah, i lose we're witnessing a very disturbing media trend serving an ideology and scoring political points trumps informing citizens. we have the russia gate hoax, the impeachment hoax,
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and the suppression of any debate on the origin of coven now front and center is the capitol hill, ryan. what goes the f b? i know ah, we will come back. this is our t tradition. now, a new coded variant is causing alarm in india. the country already has 30000000 corona virus cases. though the infection rate has been declining. the new stream is called delta plus and is said to circumvent the body's immune system. but scientists insist that the moment right now it is not a major cause for concern. on top, officials say that they are keeping a close watch on the strain which the world health organization has not yet officially recognized. the original delta variant produced the world's highest ever infection rates in india in april and may and back then,
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new daily cases peaked at around 400008 day. now one senior clinical lecture at exeter university's medical school in the u. k. believes it is vital to suppress the new variance. the natural biology of viruses is that they replicate. and when they replicate, they make mistakes. and sometimes those mistakes are advantages to the virus. and that advantages mistake becomes the new delta virus for example. and then it takes hold and it spreads across the globe. we always have a cautious approach to variance. variance will always arise. and in fact, the emergence of variance is a clear signal to the rest of the world, especially to the richer nations that unless and until you allow and support poor countries to suppress infections, we will keep on getting variance. so we are where we are,
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and what we've got to do is suppress said wherever it occurs, tighter rules for eating out our on the way in moscow that after city chiefs declared that only people proven to be covered, free will be allowed in restaurants and cafes. from next week, as the capital battles to curb a spike in cases with more details. here's our teeth. constantine ross, cough most dramatic change now concerns cafes and restaurants in the russian capital. so starting from june 28th a week from now, they won't let anyone in who either hasn't been vaccinated or hasn't had covered in the last 6 months and can prove the level of antibodies. now if you don't want to get a cobra jap for some reason, you can still dine in but you need to show we negative p c r a test which is going to be valid only for 3 days. restaurants were told to get ready to check every incoming customer who must now must have a q r code,
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which in moscow you get if you have been vaccinated against go. but if the owners can't organize this, they will be forced to work for take away orders only earlier. moscow authority said that at least 60 percent of that was working in service sectors, including bars and restaurants must be vaccinated against corona virus, which made the russian capital. the 1st cd in the world to introduce mandatory japs for certain groups. now. all in all they've goes to highlight how serious the situation is as local officials have to resort to drastic measures with exclusive grows and comic 90 and incidents. and moscow new cases are up by almost 100 percent. all public events either in entertainment or sports that involve more than $500.00 visitors are now temporarily banned. the cap was 1000 a week ago, but they've decided to lower it even further. for instance, moscow has already shut down
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a band zone open for the ongoing european football championship. but the reason way out if the organizers of those events can make covert free zone, similar to restaurants, which means they landed in only those who get vaccinated, who have enough anti bodies or negative coby test, then it's fine. but a for is to get such system up and running in a short space of time will be difficult. now, there are people in russia who oppose vaccination for various reasons. and now the question, if such measures are fair, the reality is that discrimination will eventually follow people without immunity or unvaccinated, won't be able to work anywhere. it's impossible, they will be a threat to other people as for now, it looks like these harsh measures are starting to have the effect. hospitals out inoculation posed across the city, have now had 4 or 5 fall increase in people who ready to roll up their sleeves. and
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according to the latest data, at least a quarter of moscow residence now have enough anti bodies to ride out this new wave . and it's still not enough to achieve her immunity, but it's a radical boost say from last week. over the weekend, heart wrenching seems played out on the texas border with mexico were around 200 separated families. got a rare chance to see and embrace their loved ones. on the other side of the frontier hosted by human rights groups and immigration reform activists event has taken place for an 8th time the in awe. whenever it's amazing because we haven't seen them for so long and it's great for people on the side. have these unity, it's a very lovely experience. i think it's great.
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ah, some of them don't book it relative. today we are exchanging money protests happening if we had a policy that you know, real ah, the president biden has promised a new fair and humane approach to manage and immigration, but the u. s. immigration policy will never be fair and humane. as long as natalie goes ro is relegated to 7, isn't of us immigration force and the suffering of migrants in mexican immigration detention center go unheeded.
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ah, i'll be back in 32 minutes with another full and fresh look at your news. this is our team tonight. me the me one the fund i make notes for borders and the blind number please. ah, we don't have authority. we go to the back seat. the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people judge, you know, come crisis. and we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in your own way. but we also
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know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together. oh, when i was the wrong, when i was just don't the room. yes. to shape out the thing because after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground. so we're all as follow sharpie. and they're looking for jumps like mark cuban and
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the he falls right into it. because as i've said on this show and other shows for over a year, now narcissism in big point don't mix ah ah hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. we're witnessing a very disturbing media trend, serving an ideology and scoring political points trumps informing citizens. we have the russia gate hoax, the impeachment hoax, and the suppression of any debate on the origin of cobra. now front and center is the capitol hill riot. what does the f b i know.


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