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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  June 24, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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my emotion learning mental stories. and i was in the course of action just for orfa. gotcha. that i should been good. we think he might be a soldier off the boot. she's wearing your twitched up. took a puzzled look. when you was little young on this, you're still watching for us to buffalo. i doing the breathing and then take it in the hill. and i don't know where it goes back
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to. to bring that i need to be reached. they were just diamond fields, rector, mark dragon agreed. a vision should be me. hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one. i love talking to comedians and we've got a great one heather mcdonald's here. he's got a podcast called juicy scoop with heather mcdonald. and can you believe the numbers on these podcasts? she's been on 5 years now. she has over 100000000 downloads. you know, why? because it's funny. it's hip. and it's why said that. mcdonald right after this, bench miller plus one the hey folks,
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welcome to dennis miller plus one. i always like you want to have stand up comedians on in, in this case podcast or to because they know how to keep moving log stand ups live on their wits and you can be on stage. sure. and 15 seconds before you better get the 1st lab so i always feel safe when i'm with a stand up. she of course, has heather mcdonald, best known from well, i'm single podcast now, but for 7 years i think she was on these top rated show chelsea lately with ms. ambler and she wrote produced and appeared for the duration of the 7 year. currently the host of her own podcast juicy scoop. you see the logo in the background. i know it says juicy coo, but just pointing out this letter. thank you. thank you for saving me there. the host of the other mcdonald podcast available while you get your podcast. and how do i have to kiss the ring right off the bat, 550 episodes,
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and folks get this, this boggles the mind. 100000000 downloads. bravo, bravo. thank you. well. busy thanks, you know, i really grateful i started doing it when i did, which it'll be 6 years in july and yeah, there are lots of times i thought about quitting. there were lots of times that i was so sick of it and there'd be like an opportunity that came up and i'm like, oh my god. yeah, i'll just take that writing job. i'll just, you know, and i'm so glad that i stuck with it this whole time because it's really paid off and i really love it so much and just appreciate the freedom of having a successful podcast was an, it's an a femoral world right now. it's like wild, caring oil wells, you know, way back when a lot of people are thinking them. and therefore, i think the listenership wants to see some stick to it. this some tacit agreement
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that you're not going anywhere tomorrow before they jump on board. i think that's the nice play. sure. and now as you said, 5 or 6, you know, what is your 5th year down the road? yeah, exactly bad. and i am getting that, you know, i, i feel like, you know, i am grateful for. i am in this career, but i never had it easy like as far as like things he handed to me or every time i, i just remember telling a story recently that i was dating this guy before. my husband obviously warehouse david guy now and i had a husband but and he was just like got some ban jadae even to so many additions. what are you gotten any? and i go, no, i go, i never get. i never get out, but i'm always excited what i have a call to go prepare and get to and learn a line and try to find parking. that's like still a really exciting day for me. i never expect to get like, so when i look back at my whole career, it's like,
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it's finally nice to like have people kind of appreciate that. i, you know, they do deliver content. i've never missed a tuesday or thursday whether it's new years eve or christmas. i've never taken like a month offer. acted like it was a limited series or any of that. because actually i learned it from youtube where i once did some like streaming rewards, like maybe 70 years ago. and i didn't know anything about the youtube world, but they asked me to like presented award. so i was there for the whole ceremony. and i was watching all these youtube ers get awards and, and, and say things. and so, and they get up there and they said, yeah, it's really hard to be consistent and come up with content every week. and i still there, when i started doing the podcast, i was like, you know what, you have to be consistent and provide the content and treat your audience. you know, appreciate the audience because you don't need to have a 1000000 people. but if you have a good amount of loyal followers,
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it really can keep you go and keep your shows full when you go out on the road. and that's really why i started to do. it was just a way for people to get to know that i was coming to their town. you know? it dovetails beautifully. they start to trust you. they get used to you all of a sudden on your part because you can mention you're going somewhere that go good season. first, i made it to such a you can see where the podcast system is just on fire. it works perfectly in an interesting way. you get the pound your where is it used to be had to get to town or go on a 6 am radio show to flack at. now you can do your tuesday thursday for the 3 months prior. you get there though, therefore it's, it's like a blessing. the sky boy. yes. i know. and now after like, you know, now with the cobra and none of us going on the road for a year or so. and in setting up like the shows coming up in the fall or whatnot is my age and i go and i think are like a place now, right?
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i don't, i don't have to get through the night before anymore. and you know, fly in from l a to new york, have 3 hours or sleep, get up at 6. do my hair and makeup because they always now film. want to take a photo and do a bunch of presto. ted been try to take a nap. and then go do my to show like no more of that. so i'm thrilled just to of and i always would do it because i was like, oh my god, if, unless i'm sold out and even if i was told out, i'd be like, well this is a big radio show. let me go. and so it's nice now that like, no, not less that works out and i want to do it. no, i don't have to do those morning radio shows anymore. we're talking to other mcdonald juices with heather mcdonald. is the podcast, 50 or 100000000 downloads? give me the lay of the land of the podcasts. what do you like to talk about on your tuesdays and thursdays is like the talk at the beginning of the view and stuff like that. those hot topics? well, you know, it's really great is that in creating your own show,
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you can kind of change it to, you know, like so i chose the name juicy script because it was something that i always said like, gimme the juicy scoop, you know, and it's really great now and when my listeners write me and they're like, oh my god, my husband, a firefighter, and he just got home. he said, i got some juicy scoop for you. you know, like, i'm like, oh wow, i like getting everybody out. and so i just, i was like, you know, i kind of modeled it after producing chelsea lately in that it's hot topics and things like that. but then, but i also was like, you know, if there's something really juicy or crime or i'm obsessed with something, i just wanna be able to talk about that too. or if i have a guest on, i don't want them to feel like they have to be funny. our show is very comedic driven. like you practice your jokes before you went on and like, i just kinda like love and it helped a lot with my stand up to. it made my stand up more free to doing this all the time because i was a little more memorized before you know. and so it's really just high. it's like
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gossip hot tub is anything i find. you see my philosophy the shows i'm interested in. if i kind of want to talk about them or recap them whether the reality show or or whatnot. i make it said if you didn't listen, you could still enjoy it. i do impressions of the people like in it, act it out. and then i have guests and comedians on, so like sometimes i'll have a comedian on and, and it's a good front of my bill just to the whole show with me from beginning at another times. ok, that's only going to be a 30 minute interview. i don't like really stick to something and then if there's a show i was really into the 1st 2 seasons and now i'm not. i'm like, no isn't paying me like i don't have to talk about anymore. i don't really care about that show anymore. like you guys and my fans can still talk about it, but i'm not interested enough to keep it in my show all the time. so that's what i really love about it, you know, and then just finding the people, i book it all myself and we do it all ourselves here and film it for you tube and
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it's been, it's been good. well let's play the home game while they got that i find which seems to be in the listen. i got by and large for cancelling people, i think, well, but there are some instances. and i think urging a teenager to kill enough is one of those instances. and i can understand why a company would want out of business with i. her name is christine tig into the married to john lodge. and like i said, there's a whole bunch of stuff that they cancel people who are and i go forgot 6, i can't believe you. notice that much. let's get to the point where you want them ended over it. but man, if i was a company and i was selling cook her and my spokesperson and encourage the 16 year old the killers, i'd say listen, we got to move on. and that's, that's, that is about as bad a form as it gets your thoughts. well, what's so interesting about this is i actually did interview courtney started,
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the girl who's she told kill herself and she were dm's at 16. and this girl had a really, you know, her life was very she, i just interviewed or like maybe 6 months ago. and it, she was this younger all she, this is her 1st sex 1st boyfriend, the 51 year old actor. the parents allowed her to marry him. i mean, she was literally 16 with a 51 year old guy. and he was such a desperate actor. he sold all these stories so they were constantly in the news because they were getting paid for it. and she's the 16 year old girl and people were like, who are they? this is where to making fun of her, which i, you know, i remember that time we were like, what is up with this? this is strange. but for chris, you like christie would take these things that everyone would maybe talk about and just take it to a really mean ugly level. and courtney brought this up a while ago and people have been bri up crissy, kegan's, tweets and things for
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a couple years now. but it's always interesting when it takes one person like candice to put it all together and really spell it out and, and have a larger presence. and these other people and even t m. d report on it like a couple weeks ago that courtney had had brought it up again and and then you know, we see all the other awful things that she said about other people and and so yeah, with that with this on like so it and what was the deal with a baby you know more than i then she like remove like 60000 tweets, like in the past year because people were saying that she had written some really creepy tweets about children as well. well listen, she's acknowledged troll, she said, and she's trying to make the segue into a grand dom of branding and you've got to go back and do some coverage. you know,
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you've got to cover some footprints there. ordinarily, like i said, i think they're starting to get a little bit of allowance for things that happened years ago. but these are so agree just i just stay. i can't fathom it. i it's like i said, the girl, i don't know her life at all. i'm not that into this, but when i saw that we divide say kill yourself and i thought, yeah, i think i'd have to move on from that one to, well listen, there's a new, there's a new piece of jargon out there, juicy scoop. and i'm a purveyor of a to that i met heather mcdonald. alright, we'll be back with the mcdonald. we'll talk about her. i think there's a novelists in this business and i think she's been married to a man for a long time. she juggle with the well a top rated podcast and stand up comedy. we'll talk to your other mcdonald radar. there's a blur, plus one look forward to
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talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence real summoning a demon. a robot must protect its own existence. while it will say on the show is and you've got global hash war because i call the countries are now competing to accumulate the most bitcoin as part of the game theory that's built into the incentive stack. that is the magic of bitcoin and was
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unpredictable who exactly would take the 1st step and we had talked about possibly japan possibly around. possibly. russia turns out that nel, salvatore is taking the 1st step toward a big point standard making bitcoin legal standard the take folks welcome back, having a great time with heather mcdonald, you know, of course as the host of the juicy scoop with heather mcdonald, podcasts and folks let's face facts, they're more podcast on this earth, and there are people on this earth. but this one's made the 5 year mark now and it has over a 100000000 downloads. think about those numbers. and course she served tenure over at chelsea, lately on e for a long time to. and there i was just talking, you know,
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you make stand up the hardware. i think we were talking about bill gates in the previous segment even very for a long time to the same guy and raise kids. and i was wondering, is it as intricate a juggling act as they say it is? or did you find it was just organic and smooth to some degree? now it's done. you should add the new law right before we started. now. my husband does produce the podcasts with me and has been part of my business for like the last 5 years. and which is great, because when you work with your spouse, you really, it is the greatest, pardon, could have, you know, and it's like when you start to kind of get, i was like, why don't you just manage me. you know, like, i've had all these agents, imagine that managers all these years that are screwing me over, at least i know how you screw me. you know, we've been married long enough. so i'm like, when you're smart and we have the same interest, you know, it's like,
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i know you're not going to give my gig to or my contact to what are your other clients? cuz i'm the only client so but you know what, it is, anyone that works with their spouse. it, there are peaks and valleys and there are and it does get better when you get out the thing you make the boundaries. and then the success is that much sweeter when you do it together. but throughout the years in before working together, i mean i was very lucky and that he never was like, don't take this, this gig or going out with friends again or anything like that. he always was like that's fine. go do the stand up, go work for chelsea, go. oh they're doing some you know? oh it's a girlfriend's birthday. like i just never had i just, he wasn't never jealous. there was never any of that. and so i think that was like the best thing that, that made it work. now that my kids are, you don't, i guess it's 27 years like gates are in your instance 20 years folks are going to
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make the run with somebody. you better look over at somebody who's obviously beautiful, smart makes you laugh and it's convivial, it's too long to run. somebody who's a buzz kill. yeah, and i mean, you just kinda really have to be on the same page about the big things in life. you know, and you know, through so throughout the year isn't going on the road and stuff. i always would just go on the road for like, you know, 3 days and come home. so i never was like on a real like rock star cure where i was gone for my kids for you know, months or anything like that. now my kids are older and yeah, i feel very, i feel like i get it like my stepdaughter who we raise is graduating from college. my son is graduate school and going to college in the fall and. and then being married, 21 years this memorial day, i do feel like they're all like, you know, there's a lot of females channels there, but there are many that are still married and a mother. so like,
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i do feel like it's a unique career, but i also feel when you said like about men and women, i just feel like with female comedy. i never felt like, oh do who i am the girl i kind of felt like, oh good. i stand out because there's less girls, you know, so but then also in the last couple years you kind of realize my generation. well, we put up with a lot like a lot of because we would just be like, ok, weirdo. ok, creepy guy. you know, all right, i won't embarrass you by ever pointing it out, but you kind of really creeped out and then we would just go on with our thing. so it is, it is kind of, you know, it is different being the woman, but i always felt like it was that much for fun. and i always, i was, it was like, during this time i wanted to always highlight the men that were so great. you know, said there were so many great standard comics and club owners that were really great that made sure that you know, this is
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a different headliner than last week. we need to make sure that, you know, we have an escort to the car that she, you know, say, and there's a lot of great guys like that too. and really highlighted like all the awful dicks, you know, and it's like, well, there's a lot of guys that have been friends with for years and never had on me that you know, help to write jokes and you know, we worked on the road together. and so, and i think a lot of women would say that to, but i think like the media, we only think like, oh my god, i find that the biggest drag of the hash tag generation is the blanket disparagement. let's face facts, every step for every x color creed. i debo research help create. i can't believe a boring it is when people just start castigating a group at large. it's just so you think really, can you actually believe that i've been on the road though?
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i have to say this about comics after having spent close to 35 years of my life on the road. the amount of true idiots and malevolence that i've met pales in comparison to the people that i would be on the road with and just how and have camaraderie and esprit de corps. for me, at least i had many more cool people in the road than i had it. it's not that there were in idiots. yeah. i mean it's, it's, yeah. so it's, it's absolutely what you're saying. it's like, i'm raising 2 straight white mails. you know, like there's gotta be a place in the world for that. you know, like, you got to, you know, we're all think of it. it's like, well also know that they're part of our world too. so i like to just kind of like make fun of it. and one other thing i noticed is when i was, you know, doing my show shows are not political at all. i, you know, really, there are certain states i can feel a little more relaxed in when i want to talk like i'm just like we're in texas and
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then it's, hi, this is only for texas, this is only a joke. you realize you could talk a little earlier, but basically it's not political but also it's like a safe place for guys because i was noticing that the female comics that were higher profile than i were quite male bashing. and i was like, hey, i want people to know like my act is really it's edgy, edgy in like a sexy, funny way. and, you know, i talk about my husband marriage and, and i always noticed like, it was, the guys that, you know, were laughing the hardest. and so one time i, i noticed my audience members, the girls were saying, and i have to dry and i'm dragging my husband and i go why you're saying that you're dragging your husband to my show. you're not helping the cause. i go if your husband brought you home tickets to see chris rock. you did your hair done. you'd be all excited to go. you wouldn't say, you know honey i don't really like male comics. you would like if your husband likes you, that he likes you cuz you have a good personality. you like me,
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he's gonna like my stand up. and now ever since i just said that like just trying to educate him my people. i have like half men now, and it's a great show and it's like, give the guys a little more credit. they don't only have to like the person that looks like them on stage. you don't only like the person that looks like you on stage. know like, you know, and i noticed that so much more now that my audience used to be more female and now it's really, really mix. and i think that's, that's what i want. you know? well folks, if you're looking for some hip informed, funny pragmatism, i think you just got a good taste of it there. and that's why i guess tell mcdonald is up north of 100000000 downloads on the juicy scoop with their mcdonald podcast. i don't like like a little dog, but occasionally i need a break. i need to go to a club and you get pummeled by a pro who knows how to make me laugh. i need to see
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a bryan reagan or other mcdonald walk out of the place, go jesus, i'm in trouble about her lap so hard. i don't always has to come out informed and wiser, and that's no comedy clubs. they go to comedy clubs to get pummeled by a pro. that's the last. it's the lapse. yeah. it's an escape. you know, it's like it which is great. and so yes, if anybody wants to see me, you just gotta have them at dawn dot net. i have a bunch of dates all over the country starting now until the end of the year. excited to get out there and go again and. yeah, everyone's always had they, when they leave and i'm having so much fun doing it. i almost feel like the break with good. the stand in the break from stand up is always kind of good because you're like, so happy to get that out there. it's fresh, it's free. you can't do any jokes that you were doing for because they're too old and they're not. so it's for the stand up. it's like, it was
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a little joke. so whether you see me or anybody else, it's going to be a great experience. yeah, i think a lot of comedians, figuratively speaking there at the nor career was that rotating beach paul, you see on your computer when it's frozen and this covert didn't do anything else? shouldn't h you poured out of all power sources? rebooted? i don't value but my i've been cracking lately thinking to jokes because for a while there i was just a little bleary and i was well bummed out and then i got a little angry. and now my head getting clear again and boy, it's coming out pretty fast and furious now. yeah, that's great. where you go and i saw miami and prob, coming up, i was thinking, well, the a bit. so that's a good game. the improves always do it. right. miami, a fun time. your head and there. i think i don't wanna pressure on the dates, but i've got them. here's some. yeah. you know, when you go yeah. june 17th 18th 90 is is the miami m process. i just announced october 1, 2,
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and 3 at the irvine in prov. and then i have a bunch of dates. we're waiting a little bit to announce them because they, they're so close to being able to do full capacity. they'd rather just put them out and sell them as that way. so i'm just, if i can release them as i go, i do, and then the rest are coming, but i'm looking forward to the to the fall a lot. i think it's a really fun. we need to get back to full capacity, reminds me of a great story there. i have to tell you about the cat, jerry prince, who used book concerts and he wanted the book, elvis, and the colonel said, well, we'll go with you. if elvis never sees an empty seat, so the 1st calling to do it, i think it was in on a little lower somewhere. they hadn't completely maxed out of that last row at westbury. sometimes there's just a few seats that fall between and for a job and so worried about the workman come in and unscrew the see. so, so, okay, and indeed there we go. and there is
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a clever concert promoter right there. yes, absolutely. and it does. it does make you that much more thrilled when you know that it's sold out. so yeah, flush love it. well, listen folks, you better get them soon. she's told you about a couple. the dates june down at the by emmy and prop irvine in both beautiful clubs. i think last don't isn't irvine said dave chappelle there and it's a perfect place to see a concert, you know, or from chelsea lately. but now she's the chelsea. it's the juicy scoop with heather mcdonald podcast on for 5 years now. and the, the in the fandom is growing. so be there or be square heather, we appreciate your time today. kiddos. nice to meet you. thank you so much. all right, heather mcdonald, this is dennis miller plus one. the the
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russia, china relations are strong and getting deeper. we are told this is dangerous for the washington lead world. is it? why are moscow in beijing moving closer together? is the miscalculations of the washington consensus? have anything to do with it is that china, russia, a liar made in america is socio gotcha kelly city. good. can you just see whether the newly mean russell but i hope so. but over the, over the years, they sort of being able to learn a lot of stories going on in the course, which mrs. option is for barbara. i
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position me. we think he might be a soldier. if he's off the boot, she's wearing your twitched up, took a personal opinion was on this, you're still summarizing, please point to buffalo. i doing the breathing technique and then take a pool in the hill and i don't know where it goes to to bring that. i need to read a dime, a field trip tomorrow, just didn't read a vision. she gave me the,
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the the headlines this hour, russia, ones of severe consequences if the territorial waters are violated again, after you can worship, reaches its black sea borders, anti virus software pioneer john mcafee, is found dead in a spanish prison. so what authority say was suicide, although he had tweeted that he would not take his pen demik seen the number of super richard joining the millionaires club, shoot up as a report, find the firms profiting through the crisis. don't spread wealth to ordinary down. those are headlines and other looking about in our time this is our international.


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