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the i don't want you to use an optional and the headlines on this sunday trove of secret documents reportedly founded a bus stop suggesting that british royal navy was looking for a reaction from moscow. off the, one of its watch has reached rushing waters in the black sea on wednesday. the incident triggered a warning cry from russia including warning shots. moscow threatening, severe consequences if the u. k. does it again the tech world real to the death of anti virus software pioneer john markovich was found dead and a spanish prison installed in what of florida calling a suicide he had previously treated. he would never take his own life.
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dozens of criminal cases are opened and hundreds of web pages removed. it says russia that holds a booming fake vaccine certificate market on the program. correspondence found out the risks of trying to score one for himself. and so they put all the information that i gave him that they name date of birth. but how will you do it? we have our own ways, the sky works. so you will know for sure that we did our work. ah . all right, with the top stories of the week, the main headlines of today. welcome to the weekly, it's on the international the b, b. c says it has obtained exclusive access to almost 50 pages of classified documents containing details about the route of the roll navies. h m. s defender, which russia claims breached its waters in the black sea on wednesday. according to
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these files, the vessels passage was deliberately aimed at provoking a response from moscow. russia has granted a provocation and just a bit earlier in the program, i discussed the whole thing with our season. but i got the well, a lot of questions being asked 1st and foremost about where these documents were revealed. and that is a, been in kent, behind the bus stop. and a lot of people asking questions of whether this was staged or not, some sort of government stunned to pass this information on to the media. i mean they, they've already said the b, b, c. that the documents allegedly belong to a high profile official. what was he doing at a bus stop? first and foremost, secondly, you did the papers, they read like a press statement. press that when they cover many things from of god, just on to, to the relationship between britain and binding the united states. what we know now is that fall from the peaceful sailing operation. they professed that the time claimed that the time they gave these a military operation. they. so all detroit,
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it was called this mission. and they, they looked at a number of number of routes that they could have taken a safe one from ukraine to georgia. all one went through russia's territorial waters. now, in this case, they pick the most confrontational, one, an alternative route, was considered, which would have kept h m, s. defend well away from contested waters. this would have avoided confrontation of the presentation noted, but ran the risk of being portrayed by russia as evidence of the u. k. being scared, running away. when a mess defended ended, russia has or waters they were very quickly. there was news from the russian side that this was happening and incident was on the way that they were warning the vessel, but that it wouldn't change because the british claim something outs entirely. so according to their version, there was no new one following them. those new radio warnings there was vases very
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quickly. the truth much, please change your order. those were probably this was a deliberately, by the navy was your spectrum as a friend i continue to show the true car is in her. julie walters, you know, was within 12 miles we could see the east side is, i'm not sure i call fucking or shit. well as much as russia but moscow having a strong reaction to this is not true. oh yeah, absolutely. because at the time when buster said look, what are you doing? you're going to talk to a voters. they some in the british military, as i say that some of the basset to explain what, what the head was. and the brief these,
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instead of answering for the or explaining what they had done, they came out the press off the government and said that, no, it was all russian misinformation and the laws that there were no warning child again being father wasn't violating anything. and it was peacefully sailing to international shipping lives. obviously, this, this latest incident of the secret documents being found in the been and then found by someone who has a habit of ruffling through beans and puts it into the b, b. c. obviously this is because caused a number of jokes and love here in russia. in fact, london has demonstrated another provocation and around of lies to cover it, the double. 07 agents are not the same as they once were. and now a quick riddle for the british parliament. why do you need russian heck, his, when there are british bus stops? at the end of the day, burton has made no secret that it is at the forefront of this effort. this campaign to contain russia to encircle it, be by itself power,
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as we saw in this incident with, with military hardware, very sophisticated military od with. and they're ready to provoke incidence, to, to risk provoking incident where a lot of people could be heard and escalation could happen. and your boss johnson himself sort of gave away how they perceive russia. the russians have said that our rejection, though they thawed warning shots up beth faced lies. well, they're the bad. but it does go to show the bad news of the pandemic and all the trouble that has caused isn't enough. absolutely. they wanted something else to distract people, whatever it was, i don't think we've been achieved. what it wanted with this done i life now you michael maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the office of a secretary of defense. great to see you today. thanks for coming on the program so
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quickly. it's kinda hard for me to believe that the u. k. wouldn't have known that this kind of act would have caused a response perhaps, or a provocative response from moscow. what do you think? of course, i think it was a test and again, thanks for having me. it is a, it clearly is a test coming just after the nato conference, and it clearly shows the one that bind also attended. it clearly shows a demonstration by nato, to ratchet up tensions with respect to ukraine. and when you also consider biden's people, particularly victoria newland who was the instrument for the crew that led to all of this chaos and ukraine. it's clear that this is an effort once again by the united states, in concert with nato countries to push push the envelope as it were on, in terms of ukraine's ukraine. not even a member of nato, yet,
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there were going to be increased nato exercises with ukraine. and this, this is just a provocation. it's meant to put moscow on the defensive and it's, it's play and it's really playing with fire at this point. can we, you think we can read anything to the fact that the b, b, c, and daily mail just happened to be on the ship at the time. but do you think that's a bit of a coincidence? maybe it's not unheard of for press people to be on board. sure, sure. certainly it was an attempt by the u. k. to see how far they could push pushed matters. and i think that the rush response was appropriate, considering that it was in russian territorial waters. even though those particular russian territorial waters is not recognized by the international community as such because of the nature of the dispute following the, the coo and the ukraine. but it's nonetheless,
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crimea is part of russia now, de facto. and that's just the way it is. and, and constitute russian territorial waters as a consequence. and as a result, they have pressed people on board reportedly then that's, that's the, that was to show the extent to which they could push moscow without some kind of reaction. well, they got a reaction. what do you think? do you think in any way london might be? it might have been surprised by moscow's reaction here. bye bye bye. that is basically shooting warning shorts. across the bow of the defender. there are reports of russian jets that were dropping bombs into the sea as well to basically force. busy the ship to divert you at a, b, b. c correspondent who reported from the ship. the russians are shooting, i guess, warning shots in front of us. and then you put in london saying there were no warning shots. the russians didn't do any of this. this is, this is all russian misinformation why he has such
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a disconnect between the government and what the b, b. c reporter said he was actually on the ship at the time. i think the government was caught off guard. i think they were not expecting that. but i think they're not taking moscow and certainly, mr. brewton comments seriously that ukraine is a red line. and if it's, if it's broached, they pay the consequences. and i think that they were testing that and, and i think they were clearly caught off guard by the reaction from moscow and, and we'll see if it happens again in the very near future. but it's clear that nato is wanting to up the ante with but with respect to ukraine, it's not going to become a member of nato. but it just the mere fact that nato is interacting with the ukraine. i think as that's dangerous precedent and the same with ga, ga, if you recall, 2008, the united states had just completed military maneuvers in that country. they had
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even gotten their equipment out and then the georgia for both the russians to, to attack and as a consequence, in 5 days it was over and, and they haven't, they've all, they also were trying to be members of nato. so we see the game, perhaps dream played out time and time again. history does have a tendency to repeat itself. michael maloof, a former senior security policy analyst at the office of the secretary of defense. many thanks. we appreciate your time. thank you. thank you, roy. so the tech world is reeling at the death of anti virus software. pioneer jordan mcafee, he was found dead and his boss alone, a prison start on wednesday, just hours after spain's national court ruled in favor of extra i think him to america. now over the years, of course, he's got a bit of a reputation for his antics and regular challenges to the status quo in the us. so want to use it to retrieve power. now takes a look back at his life. john mac,
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he was a caller full personality to say the least. a rabble with a biography that reads like a hollywood script. eccentric millionaire computers, viruses, anti virus software, crypto currencies, drugs bo chases, paragliding promoter of numerous conspiracy. theories, us presidential candidate, officially accused of arms smuggling and even murder. these were all parts of his life, which ended in a no less unusual fashion in a jail cell in barcelona. mere hours after a court agreed to extradite him to the west, to face tax evasion. charges now the theories are pouring in. was it a suicide to draw negative attention to the government? was it even a suicide at all? which is the official cause of death given by spain? guessing subtle messages from us officials saying in effect, we're coming for you, mcafee. we're going to kill yourself. i got a tough through today, just in case if i suicide myself. i didn't, i was whacked. check my rights,
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all. i am content and here i have friends, the food is good, all as well know that if i hang myself, i'll epstein it will be no fault of mine. some social media users point out washington certainly considered him something of a nuisance. he was actively anti establishment, tried to get elected president of the us several times representing the libertarian party campaign against corruption in the us tax service. the rest opposed government financial policy and was a big advocate for crypto currency. after he was arrested in spain, he claimed all the charges against him were politically motivated. and like 2018, i announced i would run again. and i also announced i would target the i r s and it's corruption. and 2 months later, the iris filed charges against me. i believe the charges are politically motivated, although he did actually skip paying his taxes. but he had his reasons. i have not file a tax return for a years why one taxation is illegal to pay tens of millions already and receive
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jeff services. 3, i'm done making money. i live off cash from mecca. yank, my net income is negative, but i am a prime target. the i r s here i, he even went as far as to compare the i r s to a government enforcement agency. i can, so the german s, s, the one with the enormous power of the i. r s. a madge isn't s s like intimidation on the government during prohibition. when drinking alcohol was a crime unable to by legitimate alcohol, the public relied on family stills from destroying stills. it now destroys us, while it's questionable whether these opinions were the primary reason behind his arrest. he certainly did turn heads with his assault against the establishment he so despised. among those assaults were accusations that the government was conducting mass, electronic espionage. our government is crazy and paranoid to department of homeland security, an agency which was created to protect us mixed, and the enemies as directed activities within the country. now it demands that i,
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under the us citizens, fully undress before them and let them romans for the most intimate corners of our private lives for the sake of protecting us. and he heavily criticized u. s. foreign policy. we run into the terrorism problem because america has meddled in other countries affairs and acted like the world's placement for too long. while he was a hero to thumb, others saw him as a man with a wild imagination. and yeah, not everything he said and did was exactly true or generally considered decent. he did make up a story about being arrested for wearing a thong instead of a face mask faked several heart attacks, while in a guatemalan jail, had his own private comp out and harem while living in the caribbean. but like him or not, the news of his unexpected death has certainly caught the attention of many, including us surveillance whistleblower edward snowden. europe should not extradited those accused of non violent crimes to a court system so unfair and prison system so cruel. the native born defendants
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would rather die than become subject to its julian assange could be next until the system is reformed. a moratorium should remain while mcafee has lost his life. his story is not over, that he actually kill himself if he did, then why or was he actually a threat worth removing? the theme as these questions will boggle the minds of quite a few people and be the topic of debate for quite some time. most reported more than 6000 new covert infections on sunday. so the city's marriage rationing up restrictions from monday only vaccinated people can go to cafes and restaurants with jobs also mandatory for workers and certain sectors. this might help to explain why the capital fake vaccination market is just booming right now. of corresponding konstantin roscoe found out the risks however, of trying to score a fakes certificate for himself. $35.00, that's how little a fe,
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coded vaccine certificate would cost you here in russia. now, not only are they cheap, but the market for them is huge. so i went on pallet graham and found plenty of anonymous groups that are offering you what at 1st glance might seem as real proof that you were inoculated. those certificates even have hospital stamps and doctorates a signature and a fake one of course. but that's exactly what i was looking for. so i went with the taliban group that was the quickest to respond and i gave them a made up name, date of birth, etc. and they sent me back a picture of what the final certificate would look like. here it is. so they've already made it look. so they put all the information that i gave them, the faith name, date of birth, be address, and the certificate has stamps and even dr. a signature,
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so i gotta give it to them. it really looks like a real one. i know, at least to me, they were polite and i didn't notice anything fishing. hello. i would like to buy cobra $900.00 vaccination certificate. how can that be done? option $140.00 for certificate, not registered on government website. option $2108.00 for certificate registered on government website. how will the courier deliver it? how does it happen? a young korea will pass you the certificate in a yellow envelope. like a package from eli express, you know, from what i've seen, the business is booming. these people are trying to learn new customers with discounts and special offers. they sent samples and even warned against scammers, he'd take your money and disappear. and in fact, that's exactly what happened to me. so i transferred the money and we agreed to meet at a metro station, but they do me up the
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well, i think there is no point to me. wait any longer because let's face it. i was scammed and i've lost my money. even if i had gotten the certificate, it wouldn't have helped me much. you seen russia when you get a cobit jab? a record appears on a government website called go slugging without this. any printed document about vaccination with all the stamps is just a scrap of paper. but if you're willing to pay more the same people promise they can hack the system and get you a real working q r code that will prove you've had the vaccine. even if you haven't, but again, hello, do you provide vaccination certificates? yes. which one do you need? the simple one or with the registration on casa st. louis, i need the one with the registration on the site. what information do you need from me? your name, address, and date vaccination which you need on the certificate prepayment is 50 percent
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after putting your date on the government side, you pay the remaining 50 percent. so is it official? yes, of course. completely official. you will get a q r code for the government website as soon as we finish it. but how will you do it? we have our own ways. this key works. that's why we suggest completing the payment after you get your q r code. so you will know for sure that we did our work while the cameras i talked to were very discreet about their methods. but we know there are confirmed cases of people get into vaccination certificate registered on the government website without actually taking the jap. that scheme is more sophisticated and it causes way more around $300.00 us dollars and requires that corrupt health care worker who has to fill in patient data without seeing that person. and then throw away an on use jap for the record, which, you know, among other things is a waste of all the vaccine is opened and poured out. just in case there is some
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sudden inspection. it would be difficult to explain where this dozens of extra vials came from, because all the vaccines are numbered. rushing authorities are trying to crack down on the fraudsters and we know of 24 felony cases opened up in the last few weeks over forged vaccine certificates. on top of that, russia is internet watchdog ross. com. that door is forcing scores of suspicious websites and telegraph verbs to shut down, but the black market is expanding its reach, especially now the covey jobs are becoming mandatory for most workers in moscow service sector, transferred in education, and russian officials claim they are out of options. here the country now deals with the delta various which scraps faster and harder. for scammers are sensing this and getting ready to line their pockets. but one should not forget that if you opt for a fake certificate instead of a real shot, you risk either losing your money the way i did or what's worse,
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getting the wrong side of the law. and then there was the matter of deadly virus that you are still not protected against our principle to come here on the weekly, including we're here from the father who's become a huge online hit afterwards. run about schools teaching critical race theory to kids. goes very viral, but that story also the next story is while the come on this, this edition of the weekly enormous anti lockdown protest in london, approximately a 1000000 people show up for these stories coming up. i so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk to the for the 1st 9 months, there was no improvement in the virus. it jumped out fully made. now that is a real sign of what's called game function. we're putting in a post where to take a virus, you want to make it more lethal to expose to human eyes. mice. it makes many, many, many, many, many cycles. and in just a few months, you can get something that appears to be evolved over the years. and the fact that this, when this came out, was all ready adapted for human transmission is again, an unprecedented, ah, ah,
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good to have you with today for this program. so london has found itself the center of a huge protest this weekend, tens of 1000 some approximations, saying a 1000000 people even march to the city in a show of opposition against the lockdown. we understand 9 arrests were made. a 3 protesters were detained during the rally where people was seen getting pretty angry, a setting off class, and some people throwing objects at the other arrests were made early on sunday morning after a group of protesters dumped when you are in central london. a police say an extensive security operation is continuing the capital today, again upwards of possibly upwards of a 1000000 people marching unseen lockdown protest in the heart of the british capital for the videos going viral of a parent ranting about race studies being taught in u. s. schools, the father claims its own teaching kids how to hate each other. you talk about
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critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other. how did this like look okay. it's pretty much all going down to, you know, deliberately, pcs. why do you right here? got it better. you because he, why you go partly. so why did oh, the black people are all down and how do i have to medical to breathe? if i'm senior open, it was pretty much show people that anything that they want to achieve in america can be done. they just have to want to do it. so i want to have to actually encourage them and tell them that they can do it. but the current state right now that a lot of schools are wanting to implement into the education system is to simply have kids get discouraged that they can't do anything because their skin color won't allow them, especially when it comes to black american. they want to push this system in america to tell kids yes, the white people are better than the black people because they have white privilege and the blank people. the reason why you guys are not good is because you guys are
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still feeling the effects of what the why people did to the black people during slavery. ty smith is against a critical race theory, which looks as u. s. society from the perspective of systemic racism. a recent poll showed most of those quiz were against it as well. i tie smith thinks the concept is just about winning the black vote. as a kid, i was in a 3rd grade and i noticed that the teacher would tell children about sack lunches from home. she would tell them to get in the line 1st and then she would say, and everyone has a lunch card. you guys, i'll go to the back as the days went by every day we had lunch, i started becoming very, very upset and sat in angry. so i began to get mad at my friends because i felt like they were better to me. i felt like that they thought that they were better to me. they couldn't figure out why i was mad at them. and as a 3rd grader, i couldn't articulate the words to say to them why i felt the way that i did. so my friends, they didn't look down on me, my friends, they didn't this like me,
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my friends, they didn't think they were better to me. so when you teach things to children, they take it in as if it's truth. and if they believe that they will go out and actually start to implement these behaviors in society, the politicians that's pushing this narrative, they are the ones that actually are though they, they are creating that they want this to happen. so they want to vote, it all comes down to wanting the black boat from the democratic party. they want the black people's vote elise in the u. k. region of ethics, ditching the use of emoji is because of sexual harassment. cancer is to move, getting a thumbs up or thumbs down the the the
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the ah, the total nonsense, you're texting a friend or a pal, and put a little kiss or heart and all of a sudden that's an appropriate and it's being policed by bosses. if the belief needs to be given special protection from themselves, then they probably aren't in the most appropriate job when needed to stand up to criminals. and those who really do intend hom yes. again, the police seem to forget their primary job is to protect the public, not themselves from each other. guy, there it is. are asking you to national that is the weekly for this hour on this sunday program though. of course, a busy week for your worldwide headlines, we are back soon with
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the me make notes. you know, board is under my number, please. as emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world, leads to take action and be ready. people are judge governors crisis, we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together now
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join me every thursday on the alex solomon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the me the me i hello and welcome to join the party. public team has been around more than a year now and the damage is josh is quite health.


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