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[000:00:00;00] the kremlin rubbish is a new un security council reports obtained by the new york times, alleging that russian army, instructors in central african republic, courage atrocities will go ahead in the program. a potential death blow to the u. s. case against julian san jose. washington's main witness appears to admit in an interview with icelandic media that he gave false testimony. we've got live reaction on bob story coming up and moment content that sir confirmed in miami after the collapse of an apartment block on thursday. scores of people remain the thing emerged on engineers. raise the alarm,
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move this ability of the complex ah 247. use live for moscow with this. these are to my name's union o'neill, and you're welcome to the program. treutlen has blasted reports alleging abuses by russian military instructors in central african republic. it centers on the reports by the un security council obtained by the new york times to 1000000 thinking among russian military advisors could not and did not participate in the killing. so, robberies. this is another lie while a pretty strong denial to some pretty serious allegations. the charges have all that russian mercenaries deployed in the central african republic killed civilians
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. they looted homes that even shot at wash. suppose in a mosque we're hearing this via the new york times from you and investigators who penned to report that's already been submitted on already in fact, very intimately discussed by the security council. now these legit abuse and atrocities really are said to have taken place in january and february of this year during an operation to dr. rebels out of several towns. now what is the proof full of power that are photographs and witness testimony? all of that is at the moment on available to us now is was mentioning that the are indeed russians in the c a r y, where the country has been going through tunnel since 960, when it 1st gained independence from france. but really tensions fled in 2017. that's when the rebels gained the ground violent spite, thousands were killed. hundreds of thousands were displaced to the government, turned to rush up to help. and it invited instructors was less than $550.00 to come
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and train the local army. and, you know, she gave its blessing to that mission. it has its own peacekeeping forces in the country to. so laska says it's train is not involved in any military operations. there that for security and training purposes, they also provide a pass and protection to see a leadership. so you can see a number of foreign actors in this one country and out very conflicting reports as to what each actor was actually up to the sky. when do these allegations actually come out? well, when this news broke, what's interesting is that russia's deputy ambassador to the un denounced it as an anti russia political hit job and not the fast one. so she referenced me to reference to constant dubious attempts to be spread. russians in the central african republic, especially with an american and french media use anonymous sources last sort of more the general backdrop, most recent evo, sienna, and also published an article that had a code of the you and, and report. so again,
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firing out civilians the binding of homes, so also instances of rape and torture, apparently based quote, no call. who claims have seen all of this. the personal information of those locals has been changed so it's almost impossible to verify. so also one cap, one side of the story. what's interesting is that when the other side of the story is not just russia, as we've heard, but so the un backed c a r leadership. the president of the republic would like to point out that cnn and sentry did not visit the central african republic to confirm these facts. the cnn report is a deceitful and defamatory report based on rumors circulated on social media. now while, as we had seen that might not have visited the c a r to sort of see what's actually happening on the ground already correspondent konstantin roscoe did. and this is what he found moving forward in disability to talk to the local. and they were like really severely brutalized in, harassed by, by rebels in less than
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a month. and village was freed. this man as his father was murdered by military because he received the money thing. it was not much you can take from these people . this is what a typical village house looks like inside jargon ramp. the only furniture is small that the children sleep right on the floor. those stupid asleep when the russians came, what did they do here? no problem. we came to protect. how did the russians have they been oppressive? no, we haven't. well, how those was or indeed the was of the see president himself fit in with the findings of the un remains unclear. but one thing is absolutely clear. and that is that according to moscow, these latest explosive claims, in no way reflect reality. when the head of the union of officers for international security, a peacekeeping organization to see isn't surprised by the negative international
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media coverage of russia's work in the country, especially when it's successful. the glad you got off the show a lot. the key thing is the word allegations you can actually lead anything you want, but in fact, we've been hearing so many things about the current times in the republic that actually have nothing to do with the reality of the presence of our instructors in the central african republic is legal due to the governmental court, the head of the republic asked our government to provide the country with civil instructors for teaching the national army john dom re, am please. we know that currently everything that's achieved by russia is perceived critically. and of course, all mass media that operate under someone's umbrella place, right there is fake. so the situation in the republic is absolutely peaceful by now . the government is very happy with the presence of our instructors back. and they also all spread increased the contention with the main witness in the u. s.
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case against julian russell and has admitted he gave false testimony. speaking to icelandic newspaper, he said the wiki leaks funder never asked him to huck any computers or phones. it's potentially a major blow for washington, with some seeing the admission of fatal to america's case against us arms among them fellow whistleblower edward snowden. this is the end of the case against julian sanchez. if biden continues to seek the extradition of a publisher under an indictment poison top to bottom, with false testimony, admitted by its own star, witness the damage to the united states, reputation and press freedom would last for a generation. it's unavoidable for the better part of a decade. the united states and its allies wanted sonjee. they came up with allegations and grand juries and smear campaigns to get to him. we knew that what we didn't know is how many of america's charges against the sods charges that could
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lambda signs in jail for 175 years. a reportedly made up the main witness and the charges against the assange, the extra decent request for the u. k gave an interview to stand it and i standing publication. his name is siegel do in youth for different and he apparently has a piece of work charges were piling up against alderson with the sunday co authorities for massey fraud, fortress and theft. on the one hand and for sexual violations against under age boys, he had tricked or forced into sexual acts on the other. during his time as a volunteer wiki leagues way lied and claim to be almost none, but 2 after a sons. he said to have robbed them of $50000.00 in donated funds and stole hard drives, packed with documents. when we really started asking questions, guess who he cooled photos and saw a way out on august the 23rd. he sent an email to the u. s. embassy in iceland
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offering information. the prosecutors and f. b. i were quick in responding and within 48 hours a private jets landed in reykjavik with around 8th agents who quickly set up meetings with thordis and thought that was willing to say of my systems. he admits the lying about that, but that is all ready to break into government systems. he admits the lying about that, but that is all ready in the charges against the savage. right now this activity was since include attempts to hack into the computers of members of parliament, a record that conversations, in fact, thought us and now admits the student that the sons never asked him to hack or access phone recordings of m p. 's. moreover, the british judge reviewing the extradition request agreed with the charges charges, many of which are now said to belies, such as when thought this and claim that he accessed a police vehicle database legitimately while working as a volunteer for rescue services and blamed it on assad more deceptive language
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emerges in the upper mentioned judgments where it states a thumbs use the unauthorized access givens him by a source. it's access the government. websites of iceland used to track police vehicles. there was more much more about stolen band fall than hacking, all of which was twisted by thordis and, and the f b i who must have known how unreliable he was. but what one wouldn't do for immunity? yes, the f b i offered for the son, immunity from prosecution for all the things that they knew he did. furthermore, the f b, i told him it wouldn't share anything with the police. you think he learned his lesson? it's this, the offer of immunity, had encouraged thoughts and to take boldest steps and crime, he started to fleece individuals and companies on a grander scale than ever forgery. bo kraft, vice shell companies, and much, much more. this is the main weakness and the prosecution and persecution of julian
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assad. this is the best that they could do if verified these interview will be a serious blow, if not the dennis of the case against the sarge. the case that has riled rights and press activists for years, in case that may well criminalize journalism, as we know it, and the case that will ma america for years to come like what are they most good luck with? we remember that the judge prohibited the sundays expedition only because of his carry a health danger might commit suicide and us prison. at the same time, she essentially agreed with the argon and fabricated by the us and based on the testimonies of a person who as we know, said himself that he's testimony was fictional false. and of course, this must have consequences for the extradition presentation for fuel. but i think the finding that the ministration must once and for all right, this case often
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a criminalization of generally united states doesn't look for justice in the judy and it looks for revenge and guns. revenge against the journalist who help us to reveal its whole crimes. and that's why they will use any means possible to punish julian assault and make an example of india that no one else will dare say that they can see. well, to get a reaction to developments were joined live now in the program by independent journalists. taylor taylor, welcome. just how much of a game changer are these revelations in the suns case? do you think? well, this is the latest legal irregularity. in this case, there has been a number of irregularities, whether it be with the investigation into which leaks enjoy and it's on, or just the way the case was tried. in general. i covered this case extensively in london, and that would be a tradition hearings. and i could tell you that we really struggled to cover the cases journalist. it was very difficult,
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professional and job servers whose job is to monitor the case at a very, very difficult time. not to mention the fact that the us government, the prosecution struggled on a daily basis to present its case and to present the facts. because the facts are clearly on the side of the defense. and let me just say that this is extremely embarrassing for the united states government. the fact that the u. s. d o. j collaborated with a convicted criminal cds or darts in the history of fraud embezzlement. and even if a child predator convicted, child predator, it is just so shameful. and it's so embarrassing to the u. s. d o j. and also the major question, the integrity of the investigation into which leaks as well as the integrity of the us government, the d o j, and the us intelligence agencies. if the article is verified, is there any possible way that the u. s. can still push ahead successfully with an indictment. i have asked myself this question many times when other revelations,
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similar to this have come out specifically with regard to us intelligence, spying on a staunch while he was in the embassy, the case still went forward. however, i am very hopeful that the body and ministration will do the right thing and will see the fact that this continued prosecution is wrong, especially when the body and ministration claims to the end. beside the 1st amendment. and really it's telling the rest of the world, the united states government values free speech into free press, the button administration much, much separate itself from trump era attack on the free press by ending this case. and i have to say that all major civil liberties, organizations throughout the world in all major publications, in the united states and media organizations are calling for this case to be dropped and 4th orange to be freed. i do want to make another point here that each day that juliana staunch is sitting in bellmarks prison in each day that the united
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states government continue to prosecute this case is just one more day that the united states government betrays its own constitution. you alluded to it, but when i said i'd lived taylor, it's quite staggering. the witness was apparently offered immunity by us authorities for a host of crimes. so essentially you've got the justice department dealing with a man facing some pretty serious charges. what is your take on that aspect? again, it points to the corruption of our intelligence agencies and it also shows how badly they want to prosecute songs and how badly they want to basically eradicate the 1st amendment. something that the us government prides itself on. so it shows a very concerted effort to target julian assigned, and while the does obviously poses a threat to press freedom worldwide. i also want to make note that this is a human being who has been subjected to torture for over a decade. i recently sat down with juliana sanchez father, john shift and,
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and brother gabriel shipped in. and while they are going strong and they're really pushing for their loved one to be freed, i have to say that this has deeply impacted. not only julian is staunch himself, but his family members as well. and his brother told me it's heartbreaking to see him in this situation. and the us government, one of the part of our constitution, we say that we shall not allow any cruel or unusual punishment. and here we are doing just that to a journalist and a publisher. and keep in mind the same journalism that one julian assigned to numerous awards is the same journalism that has many prison today. i don't think it's high probably the service is a bombshell development again, if verified, why do you think therefore it hasn't been more widely covered in the mainstream media? i think because over the years, of course, there has been an effort to sort of down play the ongoing torture and prosecution
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of a song. but i think it's important to also note that within the past 2 years, since the prosecution of a staunch began or his ref really back in april of 2019, we have seen more and more people, grassroots, as supporters come up in support of julian to staunch and we've seen more and more people in the mainstream press in the united states, condemn this attack on the 1st amendment. so while of course, we would like to see more coverage of this very serious new revelation here. i think that the, the sentiment regarding a song has grown more and more positive over the year. just finally, you hoping, falling his case for quite some time the ups and downs more down than ops. of course for julie nathan, what does the future hold for me? do you think? well, the defense did win this case,
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the u. k. judge vanessa brit or block the us extradition request on humanitarian grounds. and this is typically because of a sanchez, mental health, as well as the very, very poor conditions in the us prison system. so while the extradition request has been blocked, he is still in belmore prison, one of the worst prisons, if not the worst prison in the u. k. because the u. s. government has appealed that decision and we are now just waiting for a u. k. court to make a decision as to whether or not they will accept the us ground or appeal. speaking in the faith of julian assange independent journalist taylor who talked live on the program. thanks. taylor. thank you. i british state secrets were apparently ditch to earth, a bus stop and can't. according to the b, b, c, the broadcaster said it was 100 the files by someone who wants to remain along the documents relate to the recent journey of the royal navy's
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h. m. s. defender russia claims the destroyer breached its waters in the black sea . last week. moscow was left less than impressed by the bbc's bus stop scoop. in fact, london has demonstrated another provocation and around of life to cover it, the double. 07 agents are not the same as they once were. and now a quick riddle for the british parliament. why do you need russian hackers when there are british bus stops? on wednesday a russian patrol shed fired warning shot at h. m. s defender and had sailed within 20 kilometers of the crimea coach region regarded by russia of its territory. the u. k. the insist the vessel was in international waters. according to the bus stop trove, they destroyed roots and been deliberately chosen to antagonize an alternative route was considered, which would have kept h m. s. defend well away from contested waters. this would have avoided confrontation of the presentation noted, but ran the risk of being portrayed by russia as evidence of the u. k. being scared,
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running away. human rights activists on former british and buster to his biggest craig murray believes the whole incident, including the discovery of such top level documents is nonsense. i've been this other music. you know, i find the idea that these documents accident the left bustle, but then to be given to the b, b, b, b, c, the state topic and organization that already was handling the story on behalf of the government is paying the amount it's also quite amusing but the leaked document documented the key documents regarding the defender has a map on it, which shows to turn into one which deals clips, insides, territorial waters of crimea. and another one which stays 100 miles away was in fact all the things that had to do was not stay
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a 100 miles away. it had to stay one mile away and stay side to the toy waters. but it could have gone through to whence and by a tiny, tiny diversion, of course, stay just outside, told waters and they would never have been any into them so plainly, the idea that this was to alternative boots being weighed up it, it's an awful, it's been time, nonsense, and parts of this, this whole propaganda, it's because that's simply what they said ahead after the break with the check price, then branding. transgender people disgusting. european leaders inviting, hungry to quit the block, retail, g b, t stands. unity is not a word currently associated with the new more and not shortly. ah ah,
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with me ah ah, i use as we do at the end of almost every quarter, we got to like look back, look forward. where are we in all this crazy world we live in
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the moon? ah 23 minutes into the program. welcome back. 10 people have not been confirmed dead after the apartment complex collapsed in miami, on thursday. more than 150 residents, they're still missing as well. r t corresponding john hugs in miami, he talked to the pro murder this. it continues to be a search and rescue operation. it hasn't switched to a certain recovery operation. so obviously people are holding out hope that perhaps rescuers will find any and all signs of life. but that hope is really for a miracle at this point. and earlier we did speak with some people here about the ongoing operation about the overall atmosphere. and my grandmother, she's lived here since 2001. and the last time that i spoke with her was the day
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before the collapse on the phone. i'm praying for the miracle of the millennium, where my grandmother is alive and well underneath the rebel against the odds. i'm concerned about my mom. i wonder if she was pleasing. i wonder if you couldn't call any of our phones on the voicemail. terrible try to do. i mean i came out here basically to lend moral support, spiritual support, but it's crazy, obviously. while hope remains, it's really hope for a miracle and a law with miami dade search and rescue crews. there's also crews with fema federal emergency management agency, also investigators from washington d. c. federal investigators, rory are on the scene working with local authorities and investigating how and why this happened. that at this point is looking like a confluence of factors, a perfect storm, if you will. there was it back in 2018. a structural engineers report that was
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commissioned by the condo association as part of their re certification process for this building pointing out structural deficiency structural degradation in the building problems with the concrete, basically crappy cracking. and along with that report, there was also in 2020 and a report, a study done by florida international university environmental scientist at the university, pointing out with shifting erosion and soil and basically san loved land subsidence . as he pointed out, in this particular building, the champlain tower south was right basically in the warning zone in the red alert zone, as he said, as he reported in this study. so there is a number of contributing factors leading to what is now a catastrophe. a check president has brandon transgender, people disgusting as they're committing, and his words, a crime of self harm. his comments came while he was being quiz to renew law passed last week and hungry,
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aimed at holding the spread of l. g p. t. content in schools over to i can understand gays and lesbians, but what i don't understand, it's all a transgender people. if you want to go sex change operation, basically committing a crime of self hom, these people are really intrinsically disgusting to me. in the new hunger in legislation on laws, the depiction or promotion of l. g b, t, material to children at buttons, the sharing of content on homosexuality or gender reassignment to people under 18 and sex, education lessons, or in films or advert. it's part of a wider law presented by the ruling hungarian party to fight sex crimes against miners, which include much tougher sentences. the bill was passed by parliament, although some opposition politicians boy counted the votes. hungry move has provoked the anger of other members during the summer last week. many of the blocks leaders condemned the law even suggesting hungry should quit the union budapest
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dozens, acceptance colonies. these letters something holler, mike. i said to make your man, if you don't like it and you can't comply with that, there is also an alternative to get out of the union. the hungarian bill is a shame. this bill clearly discriminate against people on the basis of their sexual orientation. and it goes against all the values, the fundamental values of the european union. i am defending the rights of the whole sexual guys, but the slope is not about that. it's about the right of the kids. and the parents, the law is about that to decide what kind the way the parents would like sexually educate the kids exclusively belonging to the parents. that's the law about one of the law. it's very sad if you're a backbone, which is the respective laws and values, has to be guaranteed by judges and no longer by politicians. this is not a good sign for europe. means there is the division between members states but
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within member state. and that will always be at someone's expense, and i regret that a former austria and minister of foreign 1st curren can nestle told me, deep divisions have formed within you states. hungary is an interesting case. to me it's a kind of micro caught some of the many other fraction friction lines that we have been observing was in the european union. i don't see hungary quitting on your the other 26 chicken hungry that will not be the case. but what we see definitely is this partners atmosphere that is there, and that is, that has also a dre got inter alia, chancellor mackerel to say, well, we should rethink the need to petition when it comes to foreign policy. because the founder is position with regard to china with regard to other foreign policy. if
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you and there will be i could imagine all rolling playing against the rules by your opinion, maybe even from other member states. because as we have seen, 14 you, lambert signed the petition against hungary, but in central and eastern european states, somehow tacitly implicitly slipped out a hiding with hungry. the thoughts of car incandescent bringing us to the end of this news block. don't go too far, though more great programs get going in moments live for moscow. this is your, our team. ah, me and i make no, you know, borders and the blind number please. as
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emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people judge crisis. we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges to response has been massive. so me, good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together now. oh, when i would say wrong, why don't we just don't rule out. the thing


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