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ality series on bravo, 9 seasons. this has been on folks that is a double life. that's a buddhist double lifetime. in reality television, please welcome reservoir. hi. how are you, my friend? i'm doing well dennis, thank you so much for having me. well brother, you were so nice about me and my wife, we've been together so long and you're in love, right? how long you've been, how long you've been with your husband. about 10 years. so i have so much respect. my parents are divorced, so to interact with people who are still with their respective partner and making it work. i just, i have a lot of respect for it. yeah. but it's the thing of it's stuff of life working together. i love that part of it. you know, it's, you know, i, when i 1st met my wife, i'm sure you know, you meet your husband, you think, you know, initially there's a whoa. and then i love the fact that it has a great,
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even more important. second act where you work together, your age, kids to stay, you stay in love, you work through problems. it's just to me, it's the stuff of life. absolutely. a man. let me ask you about the, the show i watch the show sometimes, and i always think and you seem grounded, but then you must have to get a mind shift since you're doing the show and click it down a little when you're in your real real life because the, the shows can be, they could be upsetting their mental health at some point and i think, you know, they are and you're 100 percent. right. i was blessed with a mother who from jump would tell me and check me and make sure she always put me in my place. and let me know that the blessed life that i had growing up in beverly hills with affluent parents. that it was not like that for everyone.
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so i had, i came in during the are ago if you saw the movie, you know, i got here during our ago, we were not the most liked people. so all of those things just help me get a real like footing being gay, half jewish, half muslim, trying to survive, you know, post islamic revolution. you know, i was just trying to figure it out. yeah. i you stories, look it around and think, well, the shaw, although a weird guy wanted to get laid on this part of his life. and then the ayatollah had to get to the next life to get laid. and i always thought there was a big difference between the country before, after as dead, if, even if you want to dissect it, even one layer, even one layer. but below that, if you don't know anything about that, just looking at them a statically, usually the one that i'm going to follow as
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a youth think he's going to make things better for me, is not the old guy. you know, we're in the firm and it's usually probably the more progressive western one. but, you know, well let's and country. i am a quintessential westerner. i don't know that much about iran. i always think of a woman's place is probably shut through the very moody movie. then i know it can be all like that. i love thinking about your mom, the playing such your moms, the muslim and your dads, the jewish parent. yes. and which makes it and are see more on because neither side believe you're really the one because in islam you need the dad and in duty isn't you need the mom. so i was getting side from both sides. now, how does the guy that is such a bloody, his insight into the, the awkward thing that you're kind of straddling there, but where are they both very loving. i mean,
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were they both loving to you that both were loving but you know, it was back in the day. i'm 47, so people weren't as woke and you heard little snide comments and it always just kind of made me perfect for reality tv because i always was hearing the little snide comments plus i would get. i was always worried that if they either side found down, i was never like fully represented on either side anywhere that i was worried that if they found out that i would be wrap. so i was just trying to like, hold you know, what i, i look at the times, we live in and off times. i shake my head and thank god, it's a madhouse up there. there are other times where i think, no, no, this is about the same as i've ever seen it. when i think about young kids, gay kids who know that something's different and then the rest of their classmates know that they, i know they still have to live in some fear or if they choose not to tell their
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parents. but i must admit, it must be much more welcoming that it did. you said you're 47. think back. i don't know when you 1st find out. i assume you know pretty early on. think back 35 years . it's easier now to be a young person isn't dennis everyone. this is reality television. the one thing that this shows enabled me to do is be there for people who decided, you know what, i'm going to use this guy as maybe just a crutch for the years that i'm in high school. i actually have kids that went to my high school that hit me up on facebook. busy pre instagram and contacted me all throughout their academic life during high school one day thought it wouldn't get better. and i didn't have that, but i believed somehow, i believed that my parents coming here that that was the meaning for ad. so somehow i believe. and i just thank you for allowing me to do shows like this and talking
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about the actual benefits of being a reality tv as opposed to like yes, i love golden marble. and yes, please say in a lot of ways when it comes to person and knowing that you've own real estate in california, you probably had a rich person neighbor in the vicinity. so you know, a little bit about pros in but the fact that i've been able to help us, you all means so much to me, rosa. think about that blows my mind because you really cannot judge a book by it's does jack at anymore reality tv? granted. it some boys it's. it's like a, a narrow portal like a star gate, but think it dense kids who might not be in the high ard. they see another man who's gone through this and a young boy, my cell, god, what do i do? and oh, look presently he's on the other side of it. he's got a good life,
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he's in love and married. what a gift that is for you. thank you so much. it has been it really some of the mistakes that i make your life. i get the big oh well actually i've got a couple bonus points this call love, so you know, maybe not so hard on myself all the time. beautiful. i love the bracelet, so let me see those for a 2nd on the right arm. either looking good. yeah, ha, you know, holy never can. my brother it's, it's sort of to market. now listen, just let's talk was split. let's take it from. we talk about media stuff. let's talk about the marketplace right now. as a realtor, have you ever could you ever imagine it would be this hot browser? i mean, i know there is a house i lived in a suburb called to luke a leg and there's a 3 way the 134 and there's just beautiful house. it was 2 away from the freeway
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listed at $999.00, and i said no one's going to buy it. it's sold for a 1000000 and change the guy that bought it for a 1000000 and change decided 37 days later to put it back on for 12, and change. and i thought, surely no one will buy this house again and surely came along and said, i don't know what you're talking about. my name is shirley, and i'm by and that's how the house is selling those houses in my neighborhood that have a notice of demolition. on the house, the developer is willing to sell you the house at the inflated price, including the profit he'll make when he flips it, or if you want to cash him out yourself. but you'll go and feed this house that you're going to pay an inflated price with a notice of demolition on it. wow. that's how gangster it is out here. now, brother, you could build a house in the media step on the 134 and you could probably get
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a 1000000 for right now. it is. yeah. listen, i saw a story near me, adam levine, the kid are saying, i'm not that hip. the maroon 5, but i know he's a judge. he buys a place in april for 20 to 8. and just last month, 4 months later returns for 28000000. i mean it is unbelievable. one. now listen, i can understand that in big major urban centers, some people are starting to feel that it's breaking down that it's spraying around the edges and they're getting out. what's the thought, the why is the market exploding inside the environs of l? i are people getting into more exclusive areas or what's happening. i don't understand the l. a market as much. so the l a market is insane. inside the city is insane. truesdale from the time i moved here, truesdale was like, oh, who wanted to live in truesdale and then the mid century bloom happen. house isn't
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truesdale or like a 1000000 bucks on one of their 10000000. now, in the flat, in the $500.00 block, you could buy a house for a $1000000.00. if you're the 1st house, north of santa monica in the beverly hills, the flat, just on dirt, you're looking at 6000000. it doesn't matter any more. like money, it's so cheap. no, there's nothing for sale. rolex is or like literally people buy jewelry should be up. if i give you an idea of your old rolex, if they're triple in value, anything my old mercedes, that is, i'm not kidding you. i tried to trade it in before the pandemic. i got a horse, this old mercedes, i was giving the side i because i didn't like it anymore. cut to the pandemic. it went up 30 percent. i think they came and picked it up and i was way me by, by to the mercedes that i was side. i. and during the pandemic, while brother, we're in a new gilded age. let's hope somebody in the crow's nest this. keep an eye out for
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the iceberg, because my foot again, if we're not watch and listen, i want to talk bored reza, about how he's playing this real estate thing. what's the i want to know? listen, when you've got buyers out there, that are rabbit. how do you play at the play it? cool? do you let the game come to you? we'll talk a little real estate shop with our guest. reza far ahead and he is from the reality series shaws of sunset in its 9th season on bravo. more with reza right after this, dennis miller flush one the, the paring and found introducing and found to to a family when a new mother is going through that process. yeah, certainly tremendous cause for great joy,
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but because it's an event that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. ah, i use everything we associate with modern life has been digitalized. in fact, we live within ecosystems created by big tech. they decide what we can see, what we can buy, and even what we can say. the systems no longer serve us, they actually control us. is there a way out from this growing dystopian?
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the hey folks, welcome back to dennis miller plus one and are plus one that i very genial bloke. i dig this guy, which as you do on the shows, but i like his upper veterans reza, far as a real estate agent tv personality, you know, best for me. obviously the reality series shaws of sunset and season number 9, currently airing on bravo. and i just wanted to ask you a little tactical stuff when it's, when it's a market that dried up rez, i guess you have to be a little more supplicating. is there an insouciance you have to convey now that it's a very hot market? you have to play a little harder to get or how you plan it. very realistic. the conversations i have are very blind and realistic. i've been doing it since 2001. and if you're
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not within the realm of reality, because i like leading with facts, so i'll send them a little grid, either a radius or in the neighborhood, or show them based off of listing price. and what things have actually closed that, what they can expect if they want to get this property. and i, i lead with facts and knowledge. so if the person is thinking, you know, they're super ambitious or they're going to get some sort of deal. it's completely unrealistic and i let them know and i pass them along. rather i dig that approach man, because whenever, whenever i'm in a place, let's just say this in l. i. now you can't build a wood burning fireplace, but you could still have a realtor blow smoke up here and it's off putting when you know you live in a pretty sink set of parameters. as far as procuring a property, it is what it is. fax or fax, then it doesn't matter when it comes to real estates,
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it doesn't matter what i'm doing. i like to get him formed. you know, i do a little due diligence. i'm into astrology. i know you're a scorpio, so like it just let me know some stuff about a person and i love that and stuff now and don't worry about it. let me ask you this. i can tell you just smart guy. and whenever i meet people who believe in astrology, i don't diminish it, but what effect can the placement of this doors in the night sky have on distinctive personalities? i'm not, i'm not being disparaging. i'm asking. how do you not that play love? thank you for asking the question and i'm going to share 2 stories with you. i have a love and passion for astrology because of the study of kabbalah. i had the chance to study kabbalah for awhile and i was very fascinated about what the teacher was saying about how i lead in my life, because of who i am astro logically. and so it was very fascinating and i found it
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to be true about me. and so i literally my whole life before i met this cabala teacher, i had this nightmare, dennis, that i would wake up. i was in iran and this was post gidgit betty moody going, and i wake up in iran. i'm dying of aids. i don't know how i got to iran, and they tell me that when i left america, they made a mistake transcribing my birth certificate. and technically, i'm not a leo. i'm a virgo, i'm wandering around the street to be ron dying, a full blown aids because i grew up during the pedroza more era of mtv. when you got it and then cut to 2 years later, if you were lucky you died. some people died quicker, so i had a lot of anxiety. and in this dream i was walking around iran dying of full blown
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aids. but the only thing i was upset about is my whole life. i thought i was a leo and it was such a part of my identity and that was my like, that is such a part of who i am. and so i asked him to pass in florida, and so it's interesting to me and i find that i lead in certain ways in life. and if i may be so bold and present to it, i'm going to ask you a question. now, do you find yourself when someone is dishonest with you, specifically you as a human being it triggers certain things about my score, your friends or relatives. whereas i can be a little more forgiving. yes. when you train, you lie to a scorpio. that is one of the things that a lot of my scorpio in the world feel is very important. it's hard for them to overcome. bell always be like me. oh brother. you just nailed me right there. i
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mean i listen, i honest to god. if somebody said to me what, what things are go along with a scorpio, i wouldn't know that, but you've just nailed me. i have a, my wife always says you're so black and white on things and i go, you know, honey, i didn't ask for that. it's just when i, when i know somebody has, i don't dislike them. it's just there in my head in that way. now i can't stress mine. absolutely. and i, and i have so much respect for people because i know that about them. and it helps me, hey, i'm an honest guy, so i can mess with scorpio very easily. but i know that about i am fascinated that you, carl young would say i'm going to need a day to figure that out, that you had a dream where you buried the lead of being back in post solar with full blown aids . and the thing that you were upset about was your true mind. you not thought it would be a bad thing to have h i v or aids, but i don't have either one,
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but i grew up with the fear of it. so like, you know, eighty's re do it and so it was just my fears. it's one of the things that resonates with me and i'm not my scientology is that i've read some of it because i'm curious about most things i hear. but i, a lot of, it seems so crazy, but the one thing that always resonated with me is you're talking about that fear that stays with you when they talk about the n. graham e n g r a m. and then they audited audi. i don't quite understand, but they talk about a, as an emotional memory that is there in your hard drive for the rest of your life. and if you don't recognize it and you know denuded of some of the strength that always affects you, that's it. and grabbed that, the something that sticks with you like that i'm fascinated by that. well look at you all interest. spect i come on thing. good. i don't know this cat shows that well shaws of sunset yearly. this is going to be supposed to be going to tell me
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about some new career or marble. i don't know about the buyout. if you're trying to yield something or like gold leave them. i often think you see trumps bad trump tower of the thing. he must have a little persian and a because when it goes into that bad, bad every, i'm shelly, she has the best friend or a deck someone in his life is purging. we're having a great time with my new best friend reservoir and you know, i'm from the reality series. shaws of sunset and brother. you've got to come up with this memoir. now ours is still in is memoirs of again, shaw is it? is it in the pipeline or is it i'll only it's, it's totally in the pipeline, although i'm super ambitious and i think i can do everything. i did get a ghostwriter, so i wouldn't be like one long run on sentence. and we had many sessions. i gave
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her all of my proposals and everything, but i jotted down interviews with my mom and stuff and she's, you know, trying to compile it into like a cohesive story. and it's just about, you know, the funny stuff, dennis of coming up in post, you know, revolutionary iran living in beverly hills going to school with funny smelling food and like, you know, little mary, you know, with the blonde here in the blue eyes, given me in the side i and me crying and somehow although there are people that i came up with who didn't survive and they did take their own lives and they were gay . i literally was like, oh my god and i thought that would be the end game for me, but somehow i was able to work through it. and i just want to share those stories in the hopes that someone will find them funny and interesting and find their road . rosa, i'm hard and you're out there. honest to god you seem like such
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a you seem like such an empathetic cat. if anybody out there watching is those a young person who is dealing with some sense of estrangement or something. this is a man, i can just tell that enjoys life, but also as seen, the hard side of it. and i think that should be great. if you answer people who write, you can certainly see where you'd be a great source for a young person who is a little in between worlds. as we say. and brother, you must be feeling good about yourself right now, because i think you've dumped the whole of what the quality weight off your your, your frame over the last year or 2, right. what do you down? i am at 189. dennis, i'm my 26 year old marathon wait. and while high, did you go up? where were you when you were at your i would. my waste was creeping up to
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a 40 inch. i'm a 32 now and i was getting close to 300 points . what in gods name was the food that you were reading that had you up near a tray? what was your head and the light? i mean, i think that sweets are ultimately like, you know, not realizing that if you eat like a slice of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, and you actually have both dollops of the whip cream that they put at the base and at the top. and then you eat the factory not chose and then you actually have a meal and you all of it. and then you look at the calories that they conveniently put in the menu for you. you realize, oh my god, i ate a pound and literally calorie wise. i just killed a pound. and i believe i had a. yeah,
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listen i it's so funny, reza, because i originally hurt my wrist. i took up golf and my wrist started heard. so i was trying to do some weight lifting thing. somebody told me get a little 5 pound weight and just do this. and it was fun to be. you always talk about why should lose this last 5 or 10. and then you actually pick up a 5 ton one and you think like i can't believe on cut, no wonder people get tired carrying around the next or 20 is so i know it's not heavy for a weight lifting. but when you think about that in you to lose 60 pounds, brother good for you. and if i was on my way to get a copy this morning and i saw someone who was running and they were big and internally i was like because i ran this morning, i was thinking it's so hot and you're big. and i'm so proud of you, but i didn't want like, obviously i can't be like i like good job because you're like to know the effort it
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take. now when you have because i did it, i have so much respect. when i see people that are bigger, who push themselves, because like you said, holding that one little 5 pound weight, my trainer will have me hold forties and do lunches up my block. and i think to myself, oh my god, i was almost this much. i was walking around with this. no wonder like i was always greasy and sweaty now rest, i'm always blown away when people decide to save their life. let's face facts that 60 could have been on top of where you were or under where you were. and if it's on top of where you are, guess what, you know, i'm making it to 60 probably, you know, forget the pounds, you're not going to get 60 years. so i always think it's the ultimate brave thing that somebody can do is to reach that junction point when they're life, where they're being challenged to save their life or to let their life slowly dissipate. and they choose to take a sand, their, their feet in and save their own life. good for your brother. thank you. am i chain
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or did i mean a friend shamed me and gasped and said, when did you give up on life? and i came home and looked at pictures from back in the day. and i realized he saw something that i needed to wake up to. and boom, it was a wrap. you're a good character as a, i'm so glad to meet you today. sometime i really appreciate you having me on, well, sometimes these things are about selling products sometime there by the project. and obviously there shaws the sunset and then sometimes i just thing you know that is you are blessed today to meet a good human who you i hope i know you for life. good to meet you. i appreciate dennis. thanks robin me on. all right, brother, rosa barbara, and this is dennis miller plus one i
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imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job, then it was my settled. then it was my savings, i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is testing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa america on our t better. oh, happy federal research. so there are you don't get
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a back. oh, heck, no. refrigeration came with the rest, the 7 years separately or what kind of report the ah me you know, provision on my back on i was like i was lucky you lucky
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your so you'll have a lost his bus because i just got really just got to go we will be on my way, my cell, my daughter, put up as soon as i miss it. so i said, you know what? it was you are not. so my pull up, i got almost what i'm already whatever sped up. i read me. just go to me, i mean it was, i don't know what can we tell you? i went up and i really just couldn't get it and then it's fitted to handle that one of this, but i was like, i say this because i'm we just came on my side and we can go to kind of home. i just didn't. yes. at west 3 and he thought of the thing i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought, a lot of problem, we just got to go to the
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the the, the, the, the mass rallies and statues toppled canada when dying during the discovery. the remains of over a 1000 children had former indigenous residential school running by the catholic church, while the prime minister of pope frances to make a man. i really hope that this time it will lead towards hope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly. microsoft admits us, low enforcement has been secretary requesting the data of its customers up to 10 times a day. and other news to parents of the teenage motorcycle is hurried gun test.


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