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the the lines from the wages go much rallies and statues toppled, canadians venting their anger at the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children and fuller indigenous residential schools run by the catholic church during the sarge marxist 50th birthday. behind bars this weekend is the key witness in the case against him, now admit lying, some saying that could be fatal than to america's legal action against the wicked expand. and a highly infectious delta strain of the corona virus plunges russia into a new wave of the panoramic. moscow makes coven status policies mandatory. be able to get in restaurants and cafes. amount of the capital put the system to the 1st
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line of fish inside a whole that free. so i get, get rid of the mask. ah, where he wants to run the well, good morning for russia. this is our to international with me, kevin know, and it's sunday, therefore, the weekly, a recap of some of the biggest stories of the last 7 days that we brought in. and 1st, canada has been seeing angus spitting out under the streets with mass rallies off the discoveries of the remains of more than a 1000 children. and 4 were indigenous residential schools, cities counseled national day celebrations, while winnepeg statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd were toppled de faced outside the provincial assembly building. the
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british royal is saying the represent. canada's colonial passed. red paint was told over the fallen statue of queen victoria, the british prime minister spokesperson condemning any the facing of statues of the queen ortiz, alex mahalo, which looks back had what led to this latest anger discovery after discovery, the latest one was on one's day 182 bodies found in cranbrook, british columbia. this is close to a residential school. they use basically a radar that looks underground. and that's where they found these people in unmarked graves. that adds to the initial finding, which happened on may 27th. and we can loops british columbia at another residential school of 215 people as young as 3 years old in one mark. great. and then of course the sketch one which was the biggest find so far, $751.00 people. so you add all these numbers up over a 1000 people found, but we have over 130 schools like this across canada.
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ah, you learn not trying. you just get harder. and yeah, you learn to shut down every day was you were in constant fear that your hope was that it wasn't you today. it was going to be the target, the victim. the program started in the late 18 hundreds and laughed at all the way up to 1996. when the last school was close, that 150000 native children ripped out of their families, arms and put into the schools. they were forced to go to the schools, the royal canadian mounted police were complicit in that they were the ones that would take the children from their families to the schools that were run primarily by the catholic church at about 60 percent, but also anglican and protestant other smaller churches across the country, the levels of abuse that we found at these schools was absolutely mind blowing. i
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just have to read something for you quickly. this is 890007 report for the department of indian affairs is called the bryce report, documented 40 to 60 percent mortality rate in the schools mostly of tuberculosis and then a 90 to 100 percent of these children. this is unbelievable. suffered either from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. we will have rates of 80 percent abuse on these 1st nations because of this legacy left behind by these churches at the canadian government, which funded all of these programs. so canadians are demanding that the government do something about this. we did have a back in 2015 a commission that said that this was a cultural genocide. they did very little about it up to now. now people are demanding of the prime minister. do something about it and the prime minister, as well as indigenous communities, are demanding an apology from the catholic church. i really hope that this time it will lead towards this hope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing
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apologizing directly for the responsibility that the catholic church shares in this part of our history now. and what is believed to be a reaction to what has happened in the past month or so is the churches are being burg, down on a communities and close to residential schools. we've heard of 5 in british columbia to and berta at one all the way at the other side of the country in nova scotia. ah. ah. the prime minister has said that destroying places of worship is not the way to go, obviously. but at the same time, canadians are looking at the situation in a much broader perspective. hopefully canada will do more. and that's exactly what canadians are demanding at this point. and police commenting on the church 5 saying
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they could be us and then could be related to the discovery of those graves kind of his prime minister. calling the alleged attacks and acceptable and wrong. we had to from the indigenous community about these gruesome discoveries. it was a genocide and you look at the whole point of the residential school was to take the in, out of the indian to get rid of our language hit rate of our culture and children died. every 1st nation person is feeling the impact of the residential schools. my grandmother attended my grandfather attended thankfully, my mother didn't have to attend, but she still feels the impacts on it on a daily basis. it is a developed country. it is a one you know, a g 7 time treat. but internally, canada, it's, we're at a point where we're reflecting internally, the grave sites are the conversation,
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but the impact of colonization, of ripping apart families. and today we are seeing the aftermath of that. it brings out anger in some it brings out frustration moving forward. what we have to do is the truth and reconciliation calls to campus to action. we implement those, we will be a way more developed country, which is one generation. there are some tough days ahead of us, but the end goal is to coexist as, as we should have at the beginning. big weekends with julian sounds you've had hundreds of support has gathered in london and new york on saturday to celebrate his 15th birthday and demand is released. it's the 3rd birthday, the wikileaks found there was spent in prison in the u. k. washington still seeking extradition to the us, where if he's guilty, he could be jo from 275. he is. meantime, the main witness in the u. s. case against him as admitted to giving false testimony. speaking to an ice landing newspaper,
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he said the wiki legs found never asked him to hack any computers or phones is potentially a major blow to washington with some saying the admission maybe as even fatal to america's case against a savage. among them, fellow whistleblower edward snowden. this is the end of the case against julian assault. if biden continues to seek the extradition of a publisher under an indictment poison top to bottom, with false testimony admitted by its own star, witness the damage to the united states, reputation and press freedom would last for a generation. it's unavoidable for the better part of a decade. the united states and its allies wanted at sunjay. they came up with allegations and grand juries and smear campaigns to get to him. we knew that what we didn't know is how many of america's charges against the sods charges that could lambda signs in jail for 175 years. a reportedly made up
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the main witness then the charges against assigned to the extra decent request father, the u. k gave an interview to stand it and i standing publication. his name is siegel do in the for different. and he apparently is a piece of work charges were piling up against alderson with the i sunday co authorities for massive fraud forgeries and theft on the one hand and for sexual violations against under age boys he had tricks or forced into sexual act from the other during his time as a volunteer wiki legs way lied and claim to be almost none, but to officer a sons. he said to have robbed them of $50000.00 in donated funds and so hard drives packed with documents. when we really started asking questions, guess who? he cooled. thorsten saw a way out on august the 23rd. he sent an email to the u. s. embassy in iceland offering information. the prosecutors and f. b. i were quick in responding and within 48 hours, a private jets landed in reykjavik with around 8th agents,
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who quickly set up meetings with thoughts and thought that was willing to say anything. he lied to them. he now says about psalms asking him to break into government systems. he admits the lying about that, but that is all ready in the charges against the savage. right now this activity was since include attempts to hack into the computers of members of parliament, of record that conversations, in fact, thought us. and now mr. stone did that the sons never asked him to hack or access phone recordings of him peace. moreover, the british judge reviewing the extradition request agreed with the charges charges many of which are now said to belies, such as when thought this and claim that here for rescue services and blamed it on all sides. more deceptive language emerges in the upper mentioned judgments where it states a songs use the unauthorized access given him by a source to access the government. websites of iceland used to track police
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vehicles. there was more much more about stolen band falls in the hacking, all of which was twisted by thought this and, and the f b i who must have known how unreliable he was. but what one wouldn't do for immunity? yes, the f b i offered for the son, immunity from prosecution for all the things that they knew he did. furthermore, the f b, i told him it wouldn't share anything with the police. you think he learned his lesson? it's this, the offer of immunity, had encouraged thoughts and to take boldest steps in crime. he started to fleece individuals and coldness on a grander scale than ever for jury. bo kraft vice shell companies, and much, much more. this is the main witness than the prosecution. and persecution of julian assad. this is the best that they could do. i verified these interview will be a serious blow if not the dennis of the case against the sarge. the case that has
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riled rights and press activists for years, in case that may well criminalize journalism, as we know it, and the case that will mark america for years to come. despite the new claims published by the atlantic newspaper of former un special repertoire and he detention till the c believes washington will still plough all regardless. and it's for, as these are very serious allegations and they do fit into the larger picture where you have authority is to, you know, take hearts or law very seriously. they want to punish mr. sanchez and they have largely succeed in the icelandic article. newspaper article shows the day he was lying, that there was no truth to the statement by this past. and that is what the u.
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s. o carcass should have known, but probably did not take too seriously. they have wanted to punish mister sanchez for his exercise or freedom of expression, poise, disclosure of war crimes, all abuses of a terrible kind. and the hope now must be that the english and the u. k. course. then now lock an extradition. i really hope they do now let me pre filled the developing story happening this weekend. least 17 reportedly killed and 40 believe rescued or at least after a military transport playing carry. 92 people crushed in the philippines. some pages coming up now they've started to come in the last few hours. you may find disturbing. i must tell you, well, ok, they are. the fate of dozens is still unclear as a search and rescue operations on the way the crop to hercules c, 130 apparently crushed about her past 11 in the morning local time. the it was one
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of 2 former u. s. military across give him your philippines. issue the country is battling against islamist minutes and near the site to the crush playing came down well transporting troops and gather some vehicles as well between islands. it said to miss the runway before crushing their village. a military spokesman saying the incident was not the thought to believe been caused by a terrorist attack. the still ahead with me, kevin. oh, and as we look back in the big news of the wait, we brought here now to international. the french were under 5 for indulging in foods that were deemed by some to be racist. war after the break. oh, i use driven shaped bankers and those in
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me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet, we want to be able to use energy and have better life, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge of energy. it's the emissions of carbon dioxide for other greenhouse gases that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the conditions have begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different way with
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ah gosh, we look back to me is to come look at pictures like that through 20202021. i'm trying to forget about it a well moscow's launched, a major re vaccination campaign in the week with a highly contagious delta strain of coven common ating new infections. booster jobs were initially meant to be yearly. but given the current intensity of the pandemic talk to an advisor, a fresh shot every 6 months, moscow's mess saying both splitting the v and it's light very suitable for the job . so let's look at the stats and the capitals booster job dr. comes with delta, straight infection surge nationwide, wrapped then the country's case load more than doubling throughout june and into july peaking at the moment. $24.00 and a half hours know so daily infections. now this is the state of moscow mill locally . moscow registering nearly send them a half 1000 new cases is not great, is it?
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the search has prompted the city to introduce a mandatory covey status pos that grants access to certain places checking how that works, the bit more detail. you need to come on to these 3 criteria. you are going to be vaccinated, you got to show that you've got anti bodies all that you can produce. negative p c tests. that's no more than 3 days old. company was called for the week, put his new q r code to the test for us. it generally worked. this is my q r code. something party goers now can't live without moscow since this has become one of the only way to get into a restaurant or bar here. so i decided to investigate how the system works and whether it actually does it all. so let's now go to a couple of places here together. we'll start off with one of the most popular place in my neighborhood. it usually has lots of customers all day long. i also brought my son along. he hasn't been vaccinated and he hasn't had cobra. so he
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doesn't have a q r code. so we're going to see if this is going to be a problem. there was a line outside to find out what's going on. so i think i got a little bit of work in new york. what hold on while it turned out my local fast food restaurant was serving, takeaway orders only, no indoor dining was allowed regardless of vaccination status. when you go, when you have a value for your, for them, and you said it apparently not every restaurant in moscow was able to organize q r code scanning in time. anyway, there was another place across the street. we decided to check out more than that.
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for them, this time the staff did have the necessary equipment, which is just a regular smartphone by the way. but there's something weird happened. mike, you are code didn't work. the i had to go to a government website, download the q r code again, and it finally worked. but then something else came up. in moscow, you need to show your vaccination certificate along with an id. i had a password, me, but my wife had only a drivers license. even though have a passport is not a rule. we were denied indoors service. they only let us sit outside on a terrace. bottom line is that we were denied to dining at the 2nd place this morning. so i'm gonna keep looking for the right spot. and finally, we managed to get through
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at this turkish restaurant, everything went on without a hitch. they also let our 8 year old unvaccinated kid in as we were told. young children are allowed inside if their parents have valid q r codes fishery inside a coded free zone. i can get rid of the mask. yes, once you're inside your back to the free coven era, no masks or social distance are required. as you can see, re did there to, i think that we are the only customers at the moment. there are 2 more people out there, but otherwise it's pretty empty. for vaccinated customers, the immediate benefits are quite obvious. now, there are always plenty of tables available and you can enjoy winters this undivided attention for reference owners. though things might not look as close to
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the fact that this system has been introduced across moscow. so people accept it, become prepared and even say that they have a cure code trade away. but at the same time it's summer now and they still prefer to relax on the veranda. the fact that we have some are verandas helps. of course, guest without cure codes, concede there, but it's too early to talk about how many customers we've lost because of this policy. we have to wait and see what it shows on the so this is apparently something both citizens and restaurants will have to become used to at least cove. it is still raging. and even though a couple of months ago, people were extremely skeptical about getting the job. in the past couple of weeks, moscow authorities received more than 80000 vaccination request a de fuel the hopes that one day moscow will eventually escape from cove its loss. custody raska r t from moscow. while, while imposing new demands on businesses, moscow is also trying to reward people as stick to the rules as well. some nice
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restaurants. following those q code policies will receive subsidies on the utility bills, poorly. and the 1st 100 businesses have 60 percent of this stuff fully vaccinated was also said to get money from the government. the big picture, the delta strain spread to about a 100 countries in france that comes for about 20 percent of new cases at the moment. whereas in the u. k, it's not 100 percent. we spoke to david navarro in the week, the world health organization, special envoy for cove. it about how best to manage the risk of coven? at the moment, we can be 100 percent, certain vaccines that we have at the moment will protect us against all possible versions of this virus. so therefore, we should be accepting vaccines will reduce our risk of getting coven, quite honestly, actually box. they're not going to guarantee and therefore,
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what we're saying is huge vaccines as part of your control effort. but also, why not just keep going with the physical distancing the one me to row? why not keep going with mar, squaring? why not keep going with really good hygiene? why not keep going with isolation when you're sick? why not keep going with protecting elderly people and those who got other diseases potentially with the back scenes because they are really good protected if there is the perception conveyed to the population of any country that basically we're all going to say, we're going to break the 3, break free and we're not going to be troubled by the virus and there's no turning back. it's a bit of a hostage to fortune. just suppose these fires takes advantage of the freedom day and really spreads an awful lot and you end up with their situation of
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a lot of sickness and considerable debt plus distress. and if somebody is running a hotel or running an airline, no running an airport or running a festival, if day, you can have quick tests at the entrance and then quick daily, checkups will test again for participants go, it would make such a difference. so yes, i'm super keen on frequent, reliable, inexpensive tax. it just to them talks any regret and it doesn't exist yet. now this is that making use to when it comes to cuisine, each nation and culture of course posted so. but in the way we brought you a great story about how some academics has singled the french no less for indulging in food to the supposedly racist left. a bad taste in many mouths. there is shallow been ski found i get why fi, so she's
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a perfect ingredient for a french connect. but be careful traveling down on these as i could see labels as a racist, condoning white privilege. french food ways are shaped by white, middle, and upper norms. why christian norms are considered a default, much like whiteness itself is often construed as a neutral non racial identity. i. 2 mean, give me about food, why a seminar presenting to region and go? all one you thought that france was a country with a diverse range of food given soils is cheeses. it's meats of all kinds. it's cauliflower from brittany and it's melanie from terrace gone. well, no, your kitchen is to blame, and tonight you have to bend in the, in your kitchen, rip off your apron and beat yourself with a whip. i love france is the country that welcomes me as a young refugee 40 years ago. i love it. cassim, is he, sir,
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it's literature and i'm sorry to read. see and hear such nonsense. it's hard to imagine how foods like the course or even the forget could be consumed as races. but then what do i know? why racist, what is the link between? i do not see the link between races, amanda and the food. we me to say it is not racist in france, develop cost sense of justice. there are customs in margaret and all countries. they're different and it's normal. it's french culture. i don't understand where the problem is. all your bonds, this food is eaten by black people, white people with chinese indians. italians is the same for everyone. isn't this logic? i could call you a races because your shirt is blue and i have blue eyes. it's looking for a problem that doesn't exist. meanwhile, feels university which hel seminole has also the criticism for allowing it to pay play the racialist of finance ball invent would whiteness french cuisine is
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said to be racist and contribute to white supremacy. but what is stopping us from cutting all subsidies to this researchers to ensure that our traditions are expected. i'm sorry to hear that this school i graduated from, which was once open and excellent. now teaches nativist racialist and totally delusional theories. he has self probably going home and it's not the 1st time that discussions around the food course traverse. the last day for us is inferior minister admitted to those who has been shocked to walk into a supermarket and see. and i live foods for one community, in my opinion, that's how q means you start to form it simply calling on ceos to understand that they can contribute to public peace. and the fight against prism not just in front of the issue is giving people plenty to come from appropriation of food
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even threaten only for paul, i need to be raised quite to including whether eating for food could do should be on the cultural appropriation list, whether any of us can find felt, was being branded racist, but simply guessing how big sure chinese indian was from my point of view it's, it's very sad because, well, what is the best thing about chill, chill appropriation anyway? it means that you have, like the sense of another killed shared knowledge. i think you can eat whatever you want. it's our choice. if we like 4 foot, no one can stop us from eating it. it's just all come from the most of the time when we go to a chinese or japanese restaurant, way even served by people from those countries. it's normal,
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especially in the multicultural society. we must be open to all types of cultures. i think that if it is done with respect, there should be no problem as well as where the headlines to concern over the last 7 days. you can find so much more and all related developing stories right now. a r t dot com, but so reporting from oscar this sunday. thanks for watching this program for me, kevin. and the rest of the team there as well. enjoy the rest of your weekend. mm. ah ah, i i
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