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tv   News  RT  July 4, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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me the the, the, the the headlines from the week just gone, mass rallies and statues toppled canadian vents fury. the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children as former indigenous residential schools run by the catholic church in a song marks his 50th birthday behind bars this weekend has the key witness in the case against him, apparently admits lying, some saying now that could be fatal to american legal action against the wiki leaks founder. and the highly infectious delta strain of the corona virus plunges russia into a new wave of a pandemic. moscow makes cobra status passes. mandatory to be able to get into restaurants and cafes are not in the capital,
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puts the system to the test 9 officially inside a coded free. so i get get rid of the mask. ah hello, good, happy with this this weekend's i'm calling brain. most of the weekly, which means we're going to take you through some of the biggest stories we've covered here, over the past 7 days. first for you, canada has seen angus spilling onto the streets with mass rallies after the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children at former indigenous residential schools. cities canceled national day celebrations on thursday, winnepeg statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd. but toppled and defaced outside the provincial assembly. building the
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british royals are seen to represent canada's colonial passed. red paint was doomed over the fallen statue of queen victoria and response, the british prime minister spokesperson condemned any de facing of statues of the queen ortiz alex, my kind of h looks back at what led to the latest anger discovery after discovery. the latest one was on one's day 182 bodies founded cranbrook british columbia. this is close to a residential school. they use basically a radar that looks underground. and that's where they found these people in unmarked graves. that adds to the initial finding, which happened on may 27th, and we can loops british columbia at another residential school of 215 people as young as 3 years old in mon, mark grace. and then of course the scotch one, which was the biggest find so far, $751.00 people. so you add all these numbers up over a 1000 people found but we have over 130 schools like this across canada. ah,
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not trying. you just get harder and yeah, you learn to shut down every day was you were in constant fear that your hope was that it wasn't you today that was going to be the target, the victim. the program started in the late 18 hundreds and lasted all the way up to 1996. when the last school was close, that 150000 native children ripped out of their families, arms and put into the schools. they were forced to go to the schools, the royal canadian mounted police were in complicit in that they were the ones that would take the children from their families to the schools that were run primarily by the catholic church at about 60 percent, but also anglican and protest and other smaller churches across the country. the levels of abuse that we found at these schools was absolutely mind blowing. i just have to read something for you quickly. this is at 19 o 7 report for the department of indian affairs. i was called the bryce report
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documented 40 to 60 percent mortality rate in these schools mostly of tuberculosis and then a 90 to 100 percent of these children. this is unbelievable suffered either from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. we will have rates of 80 percent abuse on these 1st nations because of this legacy left behind by these churches at the canadian government, which funded all of these programs. so canadians are demanding that the government to do something about this. we did have a back in 2015 a commission that, that said that this was a cultural genocide. they did very little about it up to now. now people are demanding the prime minister. do something about it and the prime minister, as well as indigenous communities, are demanding an apology from the catholic church. i really hope that this time it will lead towards this hope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly for the responsibility that the catholic church shares in this
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part of our history now. and what is believed to be a reaction to what has happened in the past month or so is the churches are being burg, down on native communities and close to residential schools. we've heard of 5 in british columbia to and berta at one all the way at the other side of the country. it nova scotia. ah, ah, the prime minister has said that destroying places of worship is not the way to go, obviously. but at the same time, canadians are looking at the situation in a much broader perspective. hopefully canada will do more. and that's exactly what canadians are demanding. at this point, those fires that alex mentioned, the police were on that they could be awesome and related to the discovery of those
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graves, the canadian prime minister, called the alleged attacks unacceptable and wrong during the week. we heard from indigenous community leaders about the gruesome discoveries of those children's remains. it was a genocide and you look at the whole point of the dental school was to take the indian out of the indian to get rid of our language, get rid of our culture and children died. every 1st nation person is feeling the impact of the residential schools. my grandmother attended my grandfather attended thankfully, my mother didn't have to attend, but she still feels the impacts on it on a daily basis. it is a developed country. it is a one you know, a g 7 time treat, but internally, canada, it's, we're at a point where we're reflecting internally, the green sites are the conversation. but the impact of colonization,
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of ripping apart families. and today we are seeing the aftermath of that. it brings out anger in some it brings out frustration moving forward. what we have to do is truth and reconciliation calls to campus to action. we implement those. i think we will be a way more developed country, which in one generation there are some tough days ahead of us. but the end goal is to coexist as, as we should have at the beginning. next, it should have been a big weekend for julian, a songs hundreds of his support has gathered, landed in new york on saturday to celebrate his 50th birthday. but it's the 3rd birthday that the wiki, lynx found his spent in a british jail cell. washington is still seeking his extradition to the us, where if he's found guilty, he could be sentenced to up to a 175 years. meanwhile, the main witness in the u. s. case against him has reportedly admitted to giving a false testimony. speaking to a nice landing newspaper, he said the wiki,
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the founder, never asked him to how can he, computers, old phones? it's potentially a major blow for washington, with some seeing the admission as fatal to americans case against the songs among them. fellow whistleblower edward snowden. this is the end of the case against julian assad. if biden continues to seek the extradition of a publisher under an indictment poison top to bottom, with false testimony, admitted by its own star, witness the damage to the united states, reputation and press freedom would last for a generation. it's unavoidable for the better part of a decade. the united states and its allies wanted sonjee. they came up with allegations and grand juries and smear campaigns to get to him. we knew that what we didn't know is how many of america's charges against the sods charges that could lambda signs in jail for 175 years. a reportedly made up the main witness and the charges against the san to the extra decent request father,
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the u. k. gave an interview to stand it and i standing publication. his name is siegel. do you for this? and he apparently is a piece of work charges were piling up against thorsten, with the sunday co authorities for massive fraud forgeries and theft on the one hand and for sexual violations against under age boys he had tricked or forced into sexual act from the other during his time as a volunteer wiki legs way lied and claim to be almost none, but 2 after a sons. he said to rob them of $50000.00 in donated funds and stole hard drives, packed with documents. when we really started asking questions, guess who? he cooled. thorsten saw a way out on august the 23rd. he sent an email to the u. s. embassy in iceland offering information. the prosecutors in f. b, i were quick in responding and within 48 hours, a private jets, london in reykjavik, with around 8 agents who quickly set up meetings with thoughts and thought that was
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willing to say anything. he lied to them, he now says about assad asking him to break into government systems. he admits the lying about that, but that is all ready in the charges against the savage. right now this activity was sits include attempts to hack into the computers of members of parliament and record their conversations. in fact, thought us and now mr. stunt in that the songs never asked him to hack or access phone recordings of m p. 's. moreover, the british judge reviewing the extradition request agreed with the charges charges, many of which are now said to be live, such as when thought this and claim that he accessed a police vehicle database legitimately while working as a volunteer for rescue services and blamed it on a sods. more deceptive language emerges in the aforementioned judgments where it states a song use the unauthorized access given him by a source. it's access the government. websites of iceland used to track police
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vehicles. there was more much more about stolen band fall than hacking, all of which was twisted by food isn't. and the f b i who must have known how unreliable he was. but what, what would you do for immunity? i yes, the f b i offered for the son, immunity from prosecution for all the things that they knew he did. furthermore, the f b, i told him it wouldn't share anything with the police. you think he learned his lesson? if this, the offer of immunity had encouraged torrison to take boldest steps in crime, he started to fleece individuals and coldness on a grander scale than ever for jury ball. kraft vice shell companies, and much, much more. this is the main witness than the prosecution and persecution. of julian assad, this is the best that they could do. i verified these interview will be a serious blue if not the dennis of the case against facades. the case that has
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riled rights and press activists for years. a case that may well criminalize journalism, as we know it, and the case that will ma america for years to come. a little earlier, we spoke to a friend of julian, a song who gets in refuge back in 2010 british journalist foreign smith says the charges against the wiki league, founder for journalism on the wrong side of the law. he's got some serious health issues which should have been getting worse and worse and worse psychologically. he's under extraordinary stress as you can well imagine. he's had one of the most horrible lockdown that i think anybody we could possibly think of has you know, mostly in solitary confinement about 23 all the day. he's got very poor communication. they went less in public communicate downside, well, it's very hard for him to defend it. so you think it's absolutely devastating to the case again i, you know,
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it also completely undermines america's case. but one has to observe that this was brought up under the previous administration, must be the current administration on the biden, bearing in mind the previous administration on the obama, so not to follow this procedure against junior sounds, because they were aware of the impact it was going to have on journalism these charges criminalized basic dental practices, which is why it's so surprising that the british american media don't change and making much because of what's happened with philadelphia and these are devastating . he is basically said, he's explaining how the law is to frame julian to try and say to say, then skin, mainstream media, who spent a lot of time writing negatively about do, haven't really picked up on this fold offs and story. and, you know, on shots about, i feel like it's there obliged to talk about the 6 is absolutely central to so that
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their own ability to report some other headlines around the world right now in a military transport plane has crashed in the southern philippines. it's now known that 45 people confirm dead and 50 injured of them all. the 90 people who were on the plane came down while transporting troops between islands and it appears to have missed the runway before crashing near a village. a military spokesman says the incident is not believe to have been caused by a terrorist attack. for people have died and a massive fire that's destroyed some 55 square kilometers a forest in southern cypress, the victims of thought to be gyptian migrant farm workers. residents living nearby have been evacuated to safety. the supreme president described the situation as an unprecedented tragedy. detained a 67 year old man, suspected of starting the bloody england
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football fans a celebrating off of that same thrash ukraine for nail in the european championship quarter finals. 2 officers were reportedly injured discovery broke out in london. the mass gatherings of supporters, though bracing worries with the authorities, that it could make the coven situation worse. and the government says, restrictions may remain as the more dangerous delta strain spreads. with that in mind here on the way we're going to hit the streets of moscow to see if establishment or enforcing the new coven passes are required to access public places. that's because of us infection spike here as well. we'll get onto that in 90 seconds. the the
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ah me rather driven by a rumor shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me.
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ah, hello again. moscow launched a major re vaccination campaign during the week with that highly contagious delta strain of coven dominating new infections. here. those 2 jobs were initially meant to be yearly, but given the current intensity of the pandemic, doctors are now advised a fresh shot every 6 months. month goes mass says both sputnik v and it's like very and are suitable for the job. the capital's booster jap drive comes as delta strain infections jump nationwide. the country's case load more than doubled over the course of june. it's now peak that 25000 daily infections by this sunday morning. and all those moscow has registered more than 7000 new cases. how the rice has prompted the city to introduce mandatory cove it status possible grant access for people to get into public places. let's take
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a look at how that's going to work to qualify. you either need to be fully vaccinated with both gaps. be recovering from cobit and have anti bodies all take a p c r test that comes back. never negative abby no older than 3 days. artes constantine both called put his q r code to the test for us. this is my q r code, something party goers now can't live without in moscow since this has become one of the only way to get into a restaurant or bar here. so i decided to investigate how the system works and whether it actually does it all. so let's now go to a couple of places here together. when it started start off with one of the most popular place in my neighborhood. it usually has lots of customers all day long. i also brought my son along. he hasn't been vaccinated and he hasn't had cobra, so he doesn't have a q r code. so we're going to get this. this is going to be a problem. there was a line outside find out what's going on. so i think i
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got a note that it was used for the whole thing and again, that is well, it turned out my local fast food restaurant was serving. takeaway orders only no indoor. danny was allowed regardless of vaccination status. when you go, when you pay for them, and you said apparently not every restaurant in moscow was able to organize q r code scanning in time. anyway, there was another place across the street. we decided to check out more than that for them. this time the staff did have the necessary equipment, which is just a regular smartphone by the way. but there's something weird happened. my q r code didn't work. the i had to go
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to a government website, download the q r code again, and it finally worked. but then something else came up in moscow. you need to show your vaccination certificate it along with an id. i had a password on me, but my wife had only a drivers license. even though having a password is not a rule. we were denied indoors service. they only let us sit outside on a terrace. bottom line is that we were denied to dining at the 2nd place this morning. so i'm gonna keep looking for the right spot. and finally, we managed to get through the at this turkish restaurant. everything went on without a hitch. they also let our 8 year old unvaccinated kid in, as we were told. young children are allowed inside if their parents have valid q
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r codes fishery inside a coven, free zone. and i can't get rid of the mask. yes, once you're inside your back to the free coven era, no masks or social distance are required. as you can see, it's pretty deserted. i think that we are the only customers at the moment. i don't, there are 2 more people out there. but otherwise, it's pretty empty for vaccinated customers. the immediate benefits are quite obvious. now there are always plenty of tables available and you can enjoy, where's this undivided attention for reference owners though? things might not look as if it was the fact that this system has been introduced across moscow. so people accept it. they come prepared and even say that they have a cure code straight away. but at the same time it's summer now and they still prefer to relax on the veranda. the fact that we have some are veranda helps. of
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course, guest without cure codes, concede there. but it's too early to talk about how many customers we've lost because of this policy, we have to wait and see what it shows up on the. so this is apparently something both citizens and restaurants will have to become used to at least cove. it is still raging, and even though a couple of months ago, people were extremely skeptical about getting the job. in the past couple of weeks, moscow authorities receive more than 80000 vaccination requests a day fuel the hopes that one day moscow will eventually escape from cove. its loss custody raska r t from moscow. ok. but while imposing new to balance of business in moscow, city chiefs are also rewarding people who stick to the rules. restaurants following the q r code policy will get subsidies on the utility bills. and also the 1st 100 businesses to have 60 percent of best are fully vaccinated. we also get some money from the government. the big picture though, the delta strain has spread to about a 100 countries. now, in france,
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that accounts for 20 percent of new cases. whereas in britain, it's almost a 100 percent. we spoke to the world health organizations, special envoy for koby, about how best to manage the risk of virus right now. we can be 100 percent certain that the vaccine use that we have at the moment will protect us against all possible versions of this virus. so therefore, we should be accepting the vaccines will reduce our risk of getting covered quite nicely actually box. they're not going to guarantee and therefore, what we're saying is use vaccines as part of your control effort. but also, why not just keep going with the physical distance in the one me to row? why not keep going with mar, squaring? why not keep going with really good hygiene?
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why not keep going with isolation when you're sick? why not keep going with protecting elderly people and those who got other diseases with vaccines because they are really good protective? if there is the perception conveyed to the population of any country, that basically we're all going to say we're going to break for a break free and we're not going to be troubled by the virus. and there's no turning back. it's a bit of a hostage to fortune just suppose this far as takes advantage of the freedom day and really spreads an awful lot and you end up with their situation of a lot of sickness and considerable debt plus distress. and if somebody is running a hotel or running and running an airport or running a festival, if day, you can have quick tests at the entrance and then quick daily checkups will test
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again for participants go, it would make such a difference. so yes, i'm super keen on frequent reliable, inexpensive tax. it's just to them talks any of that. so the grand and it doesn't exist. i. it's the 4th of july, which means it's a happy independence day to american friends. the white house, though, has got even more reason to celebrate. it's been tweeting just how much the government's helping families save on this year's barbecues. planning a cook out this year. ketchup on the news, according to the farm bureau, the cost of a 4th of july barbecue is down from last year. it's a fact. you must heard hot dog. the biden economic plan is working on something we can all rubbish. look what i got from the grocery store with the $0.16. i saved. thanks biden. wow. what will we peasants do with that big 16 samson savings the
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possibility of their endless. where would $0.16 have been significant savings? $800.00. 23. o dog prices baby down, but inflation has driven us gasoline prices up by a dollar since this time. last year. electricity and food prices are on the rise as well, with inflation at its highest since 2008 white house press secretary, jim, saki though things people need to focus on the 3000000 jobs created under president biden. how think the $0.16 off of barbecue had more of an impact on people's lives than gas being a dollar more this time? i would say, if you don't like hotdogs, you may not care of the reduction of cost. you don't have to look up your find, but i thought for 6 i reduction, i will say that what we're most focus on is the fact that we've created now more than 3000000 jobs since the president took office. our political analyst, dakota, lily told me the white house, his boast about saving $0.16 shows just how to touch it. is there hasn't really
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been a president in a very, very long time that has taken the const taken into consideration. the effects of their policy is on the workers, and i think that's the most important thing to take away from this place. they really think that $0.16 is amazing, and we're going to go out to the streets and, you know, show our love for president biden. over $0.16, i haven't seen much effort on the, by an administration to pursue any sort of economic policy that i think will have any bearing right now would be a fabulous time for federal jobs guarantee. universal job guarantees. you know, we have unemployment numbers, they talk about the 3000000 jobs that they've created, but how long has under employment and people who are working part time that want to work full time. you know, there's real unemployment numbers are much higher there, at least in the double digits. and even at the same time, does it really matter if $3000000.00 jobs are created? if they're all created at mcdonald's, wendy's target and walmart, not really. people won't,
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gainful employment and the federal government could provide that, but they chosen not to even s. the economy is growing at an accelerated pace. even if the economy g d p is expanding, how much does that actually translate into people's everyday lives? okay, well if you are celebrating out of the day, stay safe to go nuts with the 16 cents and call him back with an expedition of the weekly from moscow in 32 minutes. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck, rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real
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summoning the theme in a robot must protect its own existence, was only the today, industries, millions of heroes in the today regulations. i will be thinking about making money . i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases are in every family today? know, due to new viruses or new microbes? not true. so it is due to environmental less up to that, not going to take either the momentum much time with the tech you've got on the
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come in today. mostly they don't allow us. the system food industry will create more jobs. it will create more value added, it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for that. we have regulation, we want regulation as industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah ah . said the baby, i want you to look very good and it's not taking a dog. we had a big green b.


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