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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 5, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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regime change in mass killing all with the complicity of written in the nations of europe. ian union. we speak to professor the chomsky about secret lives also more coming up in today's going on the government, 1st of the death toll of women and children in gaz amounts up to many multiples of israelis and join now from ramallah or in the west bank by the 1st woman to hold a seat in the highest executive body in valentine. dr. finance, shall we? thank you so much for coming back on the show before we get on to. i mean, so far are no sci fi, this is being a watershed. so i'm saying, what are you hearing about the scale of suffering in the past few weeks from these? well, british american and you nation weapons launched a israel. absolutely. when you have hundreds of innocent civilians can have women and children, family children actually have a call on them. honest, again, you will have 14000 attention apartments and really been destroyed. you have the infrastructure, the roads,
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the water system, even to the point of getting to the electricity and song you have many clinics strikes. so it's like destroying the economics as that, as benson and the human dimensions of guys, guys are known, let alone go camera. westbank and through some of which you have scores have thousands injured. so that is an insurance and targeting that has been an adult to ride the use of a cruel violence. and of course it's the innocent civilian saying that price. and this is not the 1st time, this is really the true high rate sure of a cruel and accountable occupation that uses all of these weapons state of the art, so to speak, in order to target and destroy either a captive civilian population or civilian population and that kind
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of thing, and they all claim that this is, since defense has been and just show misleading. as the aerial bombardment continued in the past few days, what do you think? went through joe biden's mind appearing not to call explicitly for a sci fi and appearing to block the un security council resolution back to my old members of the un security council proposed by the rotating president. china has the mind, the bench back to the 3 ramp and to the usual problem that we heard from american administration as ministrations. i live as they live between us and this isn't secured, it is sacrosanct. so this is the old language now, and they, us, that is a new language and i think the mainstream,
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older generation that cracked or you know, for sure doesn't have understood that we then public opinion that is a change. and i can talk about the direction that you want, that the feeble need to stand up to and to call things. my name is my thing being a bit nice to him because of course he announced the selling of more weapons and bunker buster weapons like the ones we saw deployed in guys or in the past few days . while pictures of dead children were emerging on social media, because as there's a, there's a tendency, those occurring pattern of invisible they are silenced, are they, i'd be humanized. and therefore it's conscious. and israel has to act with impunity
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claiming self protection on the best when it's victims, as totally removed from the equations. and this is something that has become a habit among mainstream administration members otherwise and the us now that's a challenge. i just have the international community is asking questions. i'm not saying that they are own, you know, demanding that the u. s. undertaken responsibilities and stuff being completed because they come to sit and this one ended up on an innocent lives. i'm home 7, i'm john and palestine. my sons lead to the 4 times and nothing a statement from the security cancer, not a loosen, just a statement from the security council. he delayed meetings on the security council saying that we are engaged and final diplomacy, diplomacy. i mean that they sent as far as love of the civil service they've done
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talked to how much anyway, and they think that this is diplomacy. you have to address the issue is you have to have this causes, you have to add that the the one times and the toms against your money that are being committed against the eyes. all of that. and it appears that the secret evidence that the united states gets is not permitted to come to the media or to the public. i mean, what, what do you, how do you rate tony blinking biden's, secretary of state. you said he hadn't seen the evidence that there was a need to destroy the associated press and era in, in gaza. but now intelligent sources have briefed him no, actually, that is not evidence. how can see it then leave them by saying that as israel thinks that that is an offer for us in that building. and so they have to this
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story, a building that houses actually officers and doctors, lawyers, and for media stations. they don't need to monitor. and destroy this whole building because they just that that is an office for us. and that's the, even though there is no proof. and that's really how much money is everywhere because it's not military, all of it, how much information officers has human rights. this is, has always, has all sorts of things all over the place. you cannot go down bombing and shunning, huge eyes buildings because you have thing that may have had the office as good them been even services. so they, they get some nice things. i'm going to have it, but this is, this is genuine, it has been exposed. this is kind of up again, this kind of spend. i don't think you can think she's lying on the idea. oh yes.
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you stop. i know no longer. i mean, i'm not lying frankly, and enough manufacturing and alternative reality to blame the victim and play that all of the victims is the cortez dead if the united states and britain, which also firm the right of self defense of israel, is the court at dead. if people like that are involved in the court, it and gordon has been there for a long time. and actually, the whole issue is not the only way to the story. reality is not only to justify bias, one time to get more palestinians and destroy him on homes. but this is also to prevent a smoke screen and on the to she is an investigation in batman by the international criminal court. because it's constantly, i guess, because this is massive destruction and then says we are in the states of
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events or we are in compliance with international law. one of which of course, blatant lies. and yet the saying this to prepare the case because i'm sure that these crimes against humanity and these one times will be investigated and they have to be you know, you've used this many times as thousands and thousands of palestinians have been killed over the years. i learned how my officials are those who, who are also killed in the reason fighting with what is. where is my mood of us and do you think the palestinian authority will know, understand that a one state solution is what the balance people realize is the future. the 2 state solution is dead though. i think the 2 states, unless it has really a guest as knocked with international community with international law and negotiate that you know, work and show how nice some compet did. we are. that agenda has been doing
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why is by israeli actions, because it does not comply with any of its obligation. well, many was destroyed by the surely was destroyed by fata and the palestinian authority as well. who kept seeking the tuesday tradition, whilst all the settlements were making that that's exactly the point that is that it can just say we are in the middle of talk. so we negotiated mod, whatever. and at the same time, continue to see more learn more resources, more subdomains, which are crimes in accordance with the i don't stature and continues to kill and demolish. i'm getting out a company has the ethnic cleansing plan and joseph around attacking a lot of changing the elegy on the grounds. all these things thinking that it's ok we will negotiate to an hour later is not the case. that's why they undermine the
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counter bond and that be an o negotiations strategy has certainly been undermined and has certainly lost any kind of credibility by the palestinian public. and that's why as a whole was back, including the us, including up and so on. and once, while starting the 2 state solution, i acted with impunity. ouch. ads or law committed to then to spectrum and what faster luck you enabled and allowed is this going to stay to loosen? so what is left? i don't think one state solution has become an agenda, but it does the outcome when you blow that divide green line. what is that it has succeeded to do now is to unite all palestinians everywhere, frankly. because this relentless assault, this honesty of discrimination, i guess punished indians. and they are not as they say,
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because they want to eradicate the identity of palestine against the palestinians. and there was bank including jerusalem and guys in $48.00 village done, which became as an indefinite g comes along with that to people coming out employees that just finally on, on that voice. because i have to ask one thing about how obviously the narrative here is the, the old recent war began with mass rockets. it was, it began with the ledge, ethnic cleansing and shake gera. but also that, that came just off of the human rights watch report about apartheid. comparing israel to apologize. nelson mandela was unequivocally explicit about the about how white south africans civilians could be targets in military struggle. do you believe that no, in a n c style struggle is the cards against israel? i think you are beginning to see as of july saying we are not going to be
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the victims. now i'm not going to continue to accept this kind of artistic violence exercise against this. i'm not lifting finger. and because if you try to defend yourself, even though i'm to national law, allows you to defend yourself using all means including your immediate level that this is what they being on palestinians labeling every monday and guys, that's how much. and of course, how much my it's very and american standard organization that what it's legitimate to get all of that and gave anybody is implicated retirement and you see that that logic or lack of logic. so and then terms, i think that that is a new dynamic. now that is a dynamic that says you cannot continue putting pressure on the palestinians using
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blackmail understood at shaw and then asking us to accept this state of them just the smell. now things are changing the brain. we will, we will not be better with things that can and should be done. we are challenging with international community. we are not dish, we are not committing in our collective suicide amnesia. we are not going to set it up to the international community to maintain and so going through space system and to develop some backbone and to extend up to and to provide understand with protection shortly i'll stop you there more from the former member of the past in integration organization executive committee after this break. and why would joe biden seek a coo and mexico, his alleged by president am low. we speak to m chomsky his daughter, professor of eva chomsky about what the class called washington bullets. more coming out to have going on the ground, the the communist party of china celebrated it's
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$100.00 anniversary last week. it made it clear will no longer tolerate being lectured. by the way. is this a new red line also? is it fair to say the washington inter agency is winning the financial survival guide? let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a joy and your grief, grief based of the site. walk 3 prod. thank you for helping with joy. that's right, fail waiver a the welcome back. i'm still with the 1st woman to hold a seat in the highest executive body enveloped. and dr. shrier,
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we should just as will all the damage be repaired from these british american in the nation bombs. unfortunately, they will give more wrongs and they will also try to compensate for the like if you need, i guess the understanding is that it better take a long time. there were several, i saw some guys the last in 2014 can thousands of people and they were honest hauling. so who is going to be the, the, the building has not even been finished. so now they are going to have to renovate and sean on top of the previous section, one layer after the other. in addition, of course, as we send infrastructure right there needs including medical needs centers. and so i think i'd definitely ask people will rebuild. but the issue is not to give the allow is that to give this drawing and then as the palestinians this is how do
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stuff is going. how do you, how to, how do you make your combination agreements with link them to israeli behavior, israeli human relations and use of these weapons? the e u has all sorts of stipulations on conditions. then up there agreements including that agreements with is that they have never implemented that on legislation, which is holding accountable the same thing with the u. s. and the countries us even gives them more and neighbors more so i don't want to say lots of good, but it's betty we're listing equation has to stop because you cannot keep supplying the aggressor with reference. and you cannot keep saying like you're going to have to do, but how do you rebuild the lodge of families whose members have been restored? how do they build the lives of children?
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well, i've seen that better siblings. good holy families. holy families have been obliterated . 90 families where they can of the population registered and 2014. anything in this the israel is defective weaponized corona virus. israel does say that it had its own population 1st, but that all this bombing, the impact on sewage infrastructure, water may contribute to corona virus. marion centers, there was several, several buildings that had ended, and at that time, due due to the bombing. and of course they came to doctors including the doctor who is in charge of that going on by this campaign to end up to growing up. i did not, i mean as excess vaccine, but the fuse do give any or any room to particularly and gather the
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doctors, what clinics are the one go? no, no about a testing clinic. what's also the story completely. and then when, when you have a 100000 people, at least this place, where are they going? they're going to school is under a school. you have 3 or 4 or 5 families, rapid people in one room. and you don't know you don't, that's them. you don't know what's happening, they have no vaccines, you have no protection, they have no medical services whatsoever. no. and then you have the others around $50000.00 went to under our schools, but others went to relative spends and so on. so you have congestion among those buildings and homes that remain standing because people who are the people who are taking care of you protect all these people about us is to become in all of them out. you cannot even keep track of how many people are confessed contacting the
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disease and how many i bang this has become just minor and basing on that, that's under section that there's raining on. my see, my and my land isn't as created a system of sheer wisdom is ation and every aspect by its occupation, by it seems why it's violence is continuous with impunity using this m compounding then justice. so if you want to go to the root cause of vision to account stuff this occupational engage in the positive way to provide the palestinians with the section the, acting to the latest violation of the latest tragedy that the palestinians have to knock down ro, ivank. you israel does, satan talks with the authority about vaccination distribution, but thank you very much. well, when our sales were briefly back to us proxy dictators. in guatemala, it was israel that fill the gap in today. a local former coca cola boss is
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inaugurated is ecuadorian president, a new book looked into powerful corporate elite and washington so called backyard. it links us crews in guatemala, on dora sticker on panama, handle salvatore to jo biden's cage, children on the us mexico border. joining me now from salem in massachusetts is professor of eva chomsky author of central america's forgotten history. revolution, violence and the roots of migration. thanks so much for coming back on the river. i should just say, you know, the mexican president under his men will lopez abra? do, said he had to complain to the by ration because it gives him of promoting a cou ahead of the ex, california prosecutor, a vice president to come out of iris meeting with him some emblematic of, of his new book of us central america's forgotten history. clearly, one of the things that you see by looking at central america history is that the united states supports certain types of governments in central america. whether
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they were democratically elected or not, has absolutely 0 relevance. but if a central american government is willing to bow down to us economic demands, the united states will always support it. and if it isn't, the united states doesn't care whether it's democratically elected or not. but is very willing to overthrow it, as we've seen, over and over again at the present day. boris johnson's government jo, buttons administration and try to overthrow the government of venezuela. but there's a way that comes up again and again in the book of how the influence of a good job as administration tells of aid countering us efforts towards neoliberalism. just tell me about venezuela's role in central america. not so much right now, but certainly during the period when it's, well, i had a lot more money to, to offer than it's offered latin american countries. a potential pass away from the
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meal liberal policies being imposed by the united states in the international financial institutions by offering low cost petroleum setting up trade relations, offering them a kind of an estate from the depth track that they had so long been caught in which makes that that is the debt trap makes them completely subject to the united states and the international financial institutions in terms of what kinds of domestic economic policies they can impose. the united states to very clear demand for central america. its domestic economic policies be favorable to us corporations, and that generally means that the policies are going to be unfavorable to the poor of those countries because the very policies that us corporations want are things like low wages, no taxes, no environmental regulations, no unions, police repression of any kind of protest, oh,
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and access to land that is military and police aid in this possessing peasants from their land so that us corporations can have access to them. that's precisely the opposite of the kinds of policies that would be beneficial to the poor majorities in central america. for millions of people around the world, they can, they can see one emblem maybe on their kitchen table of all of this. i don't know, maybe you should have had the front cover of the velvet underground 1st album on their bananas. well, i would see bananas and coffee historically bananas and coffee starting in the 19th century has been the the primary exports of central america. although that's diversified, a bought now, and i would say that us consumers also will find central american products on mere bodies. so if people who are listening to this in the united states, if you look at the labels on your close, probably every one of you is wearing an item of clothing that's going to say major
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hunter is made in the problem made in el salvador. obviously, you mentioned trade unions, the united states, excessive administration to deny any malign influence, of course, south of the rio grande it. as for trade unions, the f l. c. i o unions. they don't come up very well in this new book, and they're american institute for free, labeled labor development. they set up that alone usaid. how have, how, how is the united states and it's intelligence military industrial complex inserted itself in trade unionism. so i think there's been a real transformation over the course of the 1900 ninety's and up to the present day in the us trade union movement. the certainly the post world war to us labor movement, official labor movement, the f l, and later f l. c i o, after 1955. really bought into the cold war or id, ology, of repressing and eliminating the left within the us trade union movement and supporting us foreign policy to eliminate the left in trade unions around the world
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. and that went right hand in hand with the policies towards latin america, towards central america, to try to promote what they called free trade unions. and that's why the a filter, the american institute for free labor development, was basically an anti communist push to try to de radicalize labor movements. and often with very high degrees of repression, including murder against trade, union activists who saw the kinds of of, of economic changes of reform, spit the united states. opposed. although in central america, when we have revolutions going on in nicaragua, salvatore, while momma and the united states is adamantly opposed to those revolutions and a field plays an important role, trying in trying to undermine those revolutions. however, i should also say that it's really, i think during those central american wars in the 1900 eighty's that we start
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seeing resistance from the low within the trade union movement against the leadership. the book has such a huge range. obviously, anyone who vote for trump will say nafta was abolished under his administration, but just skipping over and he's trumpeted and over throw any countries directly like president obama appears to have done in on doris, do you think biden will go back to the old playbook of overthrowing countries in central america given he was vice president when a man was a lie, was removed in under us and 29. i wouldn't say that the united states going directly over the room. still, i am hunters, but it certainly supported the overthrow of life in honduras. i don't actually see a very big friends between the obama and trump administrations, or between democratic and republican administrations. in general, what we've seen from the, by an administration so far is an absolute commitment to the same kind of pro
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foreign investment, economic model. and also to supporting the military and police in those countries on the pretext of trying to slow and stop migration. so there's sort of a humanitarian veneer to both of these that is biden like ever us president claims that this is a model that's going to help eliminate poverty in central america. it's been followed for 500 years and it hasn't eliminated poverty yet. and the militarization is kind of covered up by trying to get us to focus on what they call the border crisis. so there is a crisis at the border but the border crisis is not going to be stopped by moving the repression into central america itself. professor viva chomsky. thank you. thanks for having me on and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday, the one year anniversary of the murder of george floyd by minneapolis police
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officer. jovan until then. if you're watching this online, get in touch, my social media comment below and youtube to let us know what you think of what the u. s. has done to. it's so cool, backyard. oh i use ah, to don't to leave this notion over to we knew he was here with her. she will be ready to love me as soon as she too will grow up. what i can do
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me to teach julia control the traditional moving. but she's she's, she's putting one unit for me was upset for me and lasted with metro. okay. yeah. so this is what i need. i need, i need to shop new, which is what i do see, executable football was quite up when i got to pull it up. when that got moved up and i will just leave me the the
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news the adviser will not see us troops quit the key at the gun phase. the taliban makes a big advantage in the north. president biden isn't exactly in the mood to talk about it. by happy days, man protest stud outrage in london, new york over the weekend as julia thought, mom yet another birthday behind boss. the impact of his case may go far further. i think what did a challenge that east. busy west notices of no unity on america is independent. the celebrations of la.


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