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penalties, that's fine. ah ah, quitting country when your opponent is out, its strongest port levels are drawn between the u. s. poli from us dennis done. what happened in vietnam? made reports from recaptured territories up at taliban is once again imposing severe restrictions on the sheree law. a plea for help the haitian government of the u. s. and us to send troops to protect the countries key infrastructure. just days after the president was assassinated, his own home, plunging the island nation into turbo and also adding the program funding a drum for inclusion and equity. the u. s. office of the director of national intelligence goes, woke, but finds itself in hot water for the photo shopping table people into the cover photo of its diversity report
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ah, around the clock across the world this season use our an rti great to help your company. my names unit only the telephone has been making further territorial gains enough. yellowstone including major border crossing points with a rum on trick menace done reports their suggest the groups imposing strict shari'a law restrictions as well similar to those deployed windows last in power 20 years ago. such as forbidding women from leaving home without a meal companion with the us currently pulling all its troops out of the country. par levels are being drawn with americans withdrawal from vietnam. as ortiz south sky taylor takes us through, it only took 20 years, 47000 civilian deaths and 2 trillion dollars for the u. s. to finally realize
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that i've got to start has the right to determine its own fate. i will much send another generation america's toward i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. it is the right and the responsibility of the afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. a think saving way of saying, but nothing has been achieved into decades. i'm backing out of the yes nation building promises made all those years ago. piece will be achieved by helping i'm going to on train and develop its own national army. and peace will be achieved through an education system for boys and girls, which works to one of the many pledges that now black came through, forgotten about as the u. s. army hasty packed up and flew out. having struck
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a deal with the very enemy, it invaded to annihilate, leaving no long last in peace plan, but pay as a ton of bond recap to swathes of territory. and these washington, sending its best wishes to it's a bond and our lives in kabul. we're going to stick with you do our best to see to and you have to and so america's, for, as a war, wraps up with enemies sergeant back to ascendancy. it's our lives vulnerable and 1000000 still desperate for that piece. they were promised all those years ago since 2001, the narrative was the taliban or terrorist for against dollar bond. whatever was from day one, from the dated did it existed. however, when the world came to the stop and they said they're fighting the terrorism and i live on the terrorists. there was some, some of the people from the community,
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cited the donation community and the war against terrorism, which resulted in capturing killing in thousands of these a terrorist. today. the americans before running away released some 6000 of these terrorists. they have already struck a deal that the $7000.00 of these terrorists will be released now, who will be left behind to pay for the declines. the americans off committed the americans being enough balanced on war wasn't a crime. then why would you run away like that in leave interpreters and those will worked alongside you interest. so if the americans running away like that will leave the interpreters behind facing the, the brutal justice system off the top of them, travel 4 and a half 1000 kilometer east. and you'll find the cause of a number of americas as a,
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was vietnam. yes, the u. s was then saving the people from the red, tara, not the taliban, tara, but really the parallels a striking, starting with time old promise of freedom, stability and democracy. first, the vietnamese with our help and that's about all the allies, really making any progress. is there a ford movement, the reports, i see, make it clear that there is certainly, there is a positive movement towards constitutional government. the people wanted elected responsive governments pretty quickly that positive energy fell apart. and washington realized that victory was impossible ring about. and so just as an off guy missed on it and to deal with the enemy and set how to get rid of in the 1st place, the communists in north vietnam. and after years of effort, we negotiated settlement, which made it possible for us to remove our forces with honor and bring home our
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prisoners. though, at least unlike president biden, today, who dodges questions about to guilty conscience? president ford had the decency to just cross out the words with honor in his final speech and date of who, off canister on the u. s. pulled out soon after that speech, leading the allies with you guessed it, promises that wouldn't come true. therm pledges ro, then given to us, that the united seas will retail is swiftly and vigorously to any violation of the agreements. we consider those pleasures the most important grantees of the barest agreements. those pledges have now become the most crucial ones to survive. who years later, south vietnam abandoned off the 2 decades of american present was concluded by its northern neighbour and with the taliban, claiming to control 80 percent of africa lands,
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but 25 percent less than when the us invaded fears growing. that cobble won't even last 2 years. they say history is the greatest teacher. but if that's the case, why has the us lot nothing. and how many of the countries will have to lie in ruins before it finally does scare taylor well, when us by a journalist joe biden insisted there's no similarity between the u. s. withdrawals from vietnam and afghan us down. the president said he believes that telephone is not as strong as reports suggest, and it's takeover of the nation as quote, not inevitable. the haitian government has asked us to send around 500 troops to help protect some of the country's key infrastructure, the car to be a nation has also made a similar request to the u. n. the move comes in the wake of the assassination of haiti's president, which has left the country in turmoil with more. here's our teeth,
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kill him open. while the united states is drawing down and removing its military presence from afghanistan, but it appears it will now have a new opportunity to flex its muscles much closer to home in the western hemisphere . now haiti is in a state of unrest 2 days after the president was assassinated. and we now understand that local officials are calling for the united states to send its forces into the country to contain the unrest and to protect the infrastructure of the country. the ports, as well as the airports and the natural gas and, and petroleum reserves. so at this point, it's not clear. if the united states will actually send troops in, there will be law enforcement officials dispatched to the country to help get to the bottom of who assassinated the president. this is what we heard from gen saki, the white house spokesperson. the united states remains engaged and enclosed
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consultations with our haitian and international partners to support the haitian people and the aftermath of the assassination of the president and response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n t h s officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist. now it's also important to note that we now have the haitian prime minister calling on the united nations to send troops to the country to deal with the ongoing on rest. now we're also starting to get a clearer picture of the kill squad that was sent. and ultimately did take the life of the haitian leader was 28 individual, 2 of whom were haitian american, the rest of whom were from columbia. and according to the reports, some of the suspects are dead. there was a fire fight that went on into the early hours of the morning. lots of shooting.
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there was some suspects with blood into the i won embassy. and in addition to that, there were a couple suspects that were grabbed by a crowd of patients that were in the streets and the haitian crowd, called for the suspects to be signed by the police. now at this moment, police have come forward with information presenting some of the weapons that were used. they presented the press with michelle tase rifles as well as colombian passport. here's what we've heard these assailants, the thugs who killed the president. we've caught them. we've captured them there in the hands of the police. as you can see. now, 2 american citizens of the haitian descent were among the assassin crew. according to haitian officials, the us state department has not yet confirmed that one of the individuals was reportedly detained at the canadian embassy in haiti and describes himself as a certified diplomatic agent on his personal website. now, the colombians,
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though all appear to be veterans of the colombian military, take a listen. he said they, they put my initial information indicates that they are columbian citizens retired members of the national army. we have given instructions from the national government to our police and the army to immediately cooperate in this investigation, so that these events can be clarified with you. russia has expressed concerns that external forces may be manipulating events in the country to serve their own geopolitical interests. it also pointed to the u. s. citizenship of 2 of the suspected assassins. now it's important to note that the image of how the president was killed that surfacing is rather gruesome. the individual, you know, that the president is reported to have been shot 12 times, had his eyes gouged out, his wife has been flown to florida for emergency treatment after she was seriously wounded. now, what was the motivation?
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it's not exactly clear. there were protests for many months in the lead up to the assassination. many and haiti wanted the president to leave viewing him as corrupt and arguing that he was in office unconstitutionally. but at this point, it is not known, some suspect that the assassins may have actually intended to kidnap him or arrest him rather than kill him. but at this point, the situation, the country is intensifying. the parliament is pretty much defunct. there are 2 individuals claiming to be the rightful successor of mcgee's. in addition to that, we understand the senate has sworn in joseph lambert as the new president of haiti . but unrest is escalating. the military, at this point is on the streets and has declared martial law. all are watching haiti to see what develops. yeah, they certainly are kill mentioned among the 28 suspects are 2 american citizens. reports suggest that they were working as translators for the hit squad. the
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operation is said to have been planned for a month and its aim was apparently not to kill the president, but to bring him to the national palace on a warrant professor of latin american studies. daniel shaw believes it was a classic kuta, the links between the drug enforcement agency, the different intelligence services in columbia. in the us, in haiti, definitely coordination. nothing happens in haiti economically, politically, diplomatically, militarily paramilitary without the u. s. is being involved. this could be the justification for the next us, always you, when the try factor of evil imperialism for the next invasion and occupation of haiti, where the entire economy is us sweatshops and us agribusiness. so this whole month about haiti being poor and having no geo political and economic strategic
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importance for the united states is ridiculous. so right now, it looks like a palace school, different wings of the haitian booth was the both of which would be in touch with different parts of the state department or the pentagon or the cia, or the d. e a or these proxy forces from taiwan and what we're seeing columbia, they would be buying for this power. they would have their own gripes which open up and there's a lot of egos in narcissism involved. but at the end of the day, this is a lot of pal is entry with what matters are the interests of the haitian people. and as they said to me as i was still in transit to new york city, leaving cap haitian, the 2nd biggest city and haiti, we were hungry when we woke up on tuesday. the president in the dictator was killed . we had the same hunger when we woke up on wednesday. the stars and stripes has been flagged as a symbol of hate. a prominent black lives matter activists is claiming anyone who
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flies the american flag gives themselves away as a racist. when we see this flag, we know the person flying, it is a racist. when we see this flag, we know that the person flying it lives in different america. then we do. when we see this flag, we question your intelligence. we know to avoid you. it is a symbol of hatred. she's not the only one triggered up the sides of american symbols earlier, a hummer through or gwendolen berry turned her back to the flag as the national anthem was play during recent olympic trials to get on the us team. she also covered her heads in a t shirt with the slogan activist, athletes. and it doesn't stop there. the latest captain america comic house, the hero calling the u. s. a piece of trash. that was a step too far for superman. doctor dean kate, i believe in individual freedom i believe in equality of opportunity. celebrities,
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actors, athletes, the media, they love to bash america. ok, so genuine grievances or snowflakes were too much time on their hands. we put the issue off for debate with social commentators. anthony bryan logan and chub mur. i think it's getting under a lot of people's skin. i mean we have, we have all to blame is the academy. we have all these horrible forces that are convincing legions of young people that america some sort of hateful races. white the premises play sure, america has problems, but things have gotten better consistently. every generation in this country and yet instead of enjoying that and they're saying that things are getting worse and things have always been bad. well, these people love misery. they need to push the narrative. they need some sort of excuse for what they see is black failure and they make it will be hopeless. it's training now. i think people like gwin berry and many of the athletes realize that it may not be a career in professional hammer throwing every to get done with the lympics. so
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what's the next best thing. okay, i can be like colin camper in a. i can make a big stink about how america is races. america, terrible. i can become popular this way. the truth, all i see from their point of view are dollar sign that's audit is about where they want to convince others is true. maybe even the sales there somehow. a problem like we're always been told, represent so many different things to so many different people. you don't represent something completely different to immigrants who ought to come here for a better life than maybe it does to a native born citizen. and obviously now it means something different to the far left woke race hustlers and that's fine. they're happy to have that opinion. that's why this is a great country. this lag represent those hateful people who want to air down the country. they're right to say that in their right to believe that. and unlike that side, most people on my side support their right to believe those things. we just strongly disagree with them and wish they were better educated. everyone wants to come to
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america, it talk about how races we are and how we think that we should let everyone know from the entire world. i don't understand how to mix in the face. why would you want anybody to come for me to such a bad and terrible place is what keep everybody to prevent over going through the struggles that we go through. obviously in that nature with is all about popularity . america is a great country and they know it it was an attempt to display its diversity credentials, but it's ended up having the exact opposite effect. a recent report on inclusivity by the office of the director of national intelligence in the u. s. included a photo on its cover, showing smiling office stuff from all walks of life, but eagle eyed observers soon spotted. not all was as it seems. here's dimitri polk . how do you convince people that you actually practice what you preach? well, if you're the u. s. office of the director of national intelligence. apparently you
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do a bit of bad photo shopping, at least if you go by the cover of the o. d and i's latest report on diversity inclusion and equity. the intelligence community should reflect a diverse make up of america and demonstrate that well fostering an environment where every professional can succeed. promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to our democratic values and critical to meeting the isis mission. this takes every single day. it didn't take long people to notice that the cover was in fact, the picture from shutter stock, literally titled portrait of multicultural office, stuff standing and love. what's more, it was doctor to include a woman in a wheelchair and a blind guy with a guy. dogs. problem is these 2 were photoshop in so lazy that half the internet noticed is a blame guy. you for the shop and the missouri analysts. law you glowed for the
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shop, the blind guy and dog in there, talk about virtue signaling because nothing says national intelligence like empty virtual signaling with the shutter stock photo. while our enemies laugh it's all woke feckless leads. you might wonder why they didn't just actually take a picture of their actual sap if they're so diverse. but perhaps that's because the o d and i just isn't as diverse and inclusive a place as they would like you to think it, it just won't be on the front cover. inside the report itself, there, the figures suggest that since 2019 women have seen no change in representation whatsoever, while minorities gain just half a percent and people with disabilities even less than that, it's almost as if they're not really going all in on hiring people based on skin color and gender for upsets shockingly merit and qualifications that they're actually after. but then again, even the us intelligence community has to keep up appearances,
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especially under this biden administration. maybe that's why the us media has been kind of silence on the story. after all, can't have people thinking that the current administration isn't woke enough to come in the program lessons to be learned. the you case, education, watch dogs have classes on sex and gender issues in school have become far too politicized to head enrollment. oh i i me
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i will, i will join me every thursday on the alex silent shore and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the, the, the, the, the just come up to 23 minutes past the hour. a welcome back. british skills children are being
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taught by sexual orientation and gender with the use of overly political materials yet, but is the warning from the education watch? doc? school staff can occasionally often inadvertently bring a vertically political materials into their curriculum. despite the statutory requirement of political neutrality, we have also seen recent examples of schools and parents been unable to see eye to eye on the content used to teach primary schools, pupils about same sex relationships. government should be listening to parents and should be ensuring that the parents are aware. my children are old and i, but if my children were, you know, i would, seriously considering taking them to school because of what is being taught in school. parents have got no hope of protecting the children from it, and often they don't have no idea what that you know be taught. so they can't even contract it because they don't know what they're being taught. just
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a background to send off state blame confusion in schools over the equality act of 2010, which was meant to generalize on discrimination legislation to offer better protection for people. but it's been widely criticized for inconsistency, especially in the field of sexual orientation and gender reassignment. now the absence of a unified curriculum has seen some schools often make up their own rules, allowing young girls, for example, to choose male names without parental consent, l g b t writes, organizations are also promoting changes in school in norman, including replacing the words boys, girls, with learners, they also want to counsel gender uniforms and stop pupils being separated for school activities. at we spoke to the family education, trust affiliates, who thinks children don't always have enough knowledge to process gender education correctly. the danger with it then is that you make it incorrect and
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you gave id is that are not real. so for example, if you had a book, a very young children that was teaching about transgender that perhaps that boy could become ago. and there are story books with, with those kind of story lines and young children will believe the boy can actually be a go. this is some of the story books that talk about young children transitioning . and you know, they make it signed simple. you know, i don't know if the children have got no understanding of the medical and surgical interventions that the child that goes down that pathway will be letting themselves in for the so called russian strain of cobra has not caught the attention of the world health organization. the variance, which was 1st identified in january will not be included on its list of potentially
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dangerous mutations requiring close to monitoring. but as yet, there are still not enough data for the w h o to classified as a variant of concert. during late 2020, the emergence of variance to post an increased risk to public health problems. the characterization of specific variance of interest and variance of concern in order to prioritize global monitoring and research, and ultimately to inform the ongoing response to the covey. 19 pandemic. here in russia, significant measures are being taken to deal with the rise in cases of late in moscow. the mirror has stated that the situation stabilize largely because of the growing pace of vaccination. in addition, local authorities have made the inoculation process more accessible to foreigners by opening a vaccination center versus national stadium. this is russia's main sports arena back in 2018. the fee for world cup final game took place within these very
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walls. now, the serene at the lou sneaky stadium has joined the fight against coven 19. and in this fight, it has a very unique role, because this is where foreigners can get a job in the russian capital that is home to plenty of work migrants, for example, like taxi drivers who construction workers will delivery people. and this is far from it. there's a lot of people living and working here with a foreign passport. what they can get here is a jab with sputnik life. it's a variation of rushes, renounced, put in agree, but you only need one jab. moscow authorities are leading the charge in immunizing the population. i made a new and very deadly coded wave of russia. the single japs put mc light was chosen for a good reason. we're told it allows a maximum number of people to get vaccinated in a minimum of time, cards, humans, we need to works in a quickly because we know the drug lane,
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just people to see that need to be protected, including foreign today with an agent for people who is a proven job that has passed clinical trial? it's almost the 1st blown it doesn't seem like there are that many people get to get the job. but that impression is misleading. this place could win an award for how strictly it enforces social distancing. like most of them, we can currently vaccinate. 15000 people a day lose nikki. we have enough jobs for 15000 people every day. depart from main purpose, providing more schools gets with immunity. this vaccination center has turned out to serve another unexpected purpose. it's staffed with medic and even had doctors from several different moscow hospitals with them. we have been dealing corona virus for a long time. we have quite a lot of experience. they have the exact same goal, was to dress and me simple hospitals have all worked faction. everyone is willing
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to share the extra to that i did not g for this venue. they would have never met and never had the chance to pool their experience and knowledge bad things. the panoramic image done of reporting from moscow t donald trump versus big tech. the former president has filed a lawsuit against twitter, google, facebook, next been bus, looked into where the court case could be one our last, this is our t the ah, you know, you don't do 15 oil uncle. nice enough and nobody one will. you know, you didn't go to for, you know, i don't, i don't gonna don't go down the limit
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of, i'll use enough 40 on it for your sales. and then i guess it looks like, are you on the day that i need to renew online for me to be the most senior sort of entity we can just talk to the went was nice with those who knew all along the planned people sold initials for the peculiar the.


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