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not so much the problem, stacy, right. we are joined by jeff booth author of the price of tomorrow. we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government sold out to the empire, receiving money from subversive agencies to provoke p stabilisation the hubert hughes is washington of inciting a mass demonstrations across the country. 1000 as have taken the streets, protesting and economic crisis, and poor handling of cobit pandemic. reviving the spirit of new non segregation in europe, russia takes a shot at brom. so because it seems i talked to a senior official tells the rest of europe. it should reject those also by moscow. on facing salvation will eclipse the devastation of the conduct. according to all
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time, which claims that 11 people are dying, prevented from hunger in the walls. got exclusive insight from the towers. and also working to the secret service is not only to drink, come, shaken, not stirred. because the coolness of for you always get the bad guys spinning the secret that it needs more age and frances, on the last look out to the next james bond, the country is not one kind of agency has wants to a recruitment price. ah, one has just gone 1 pm here in the russian capital where you're watching from was very glad that you did choose us today. welcome to our program. while starting us off, the, our cuban president has lashed down to washington,
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accusing it of whipping mass protests across the country. thousands have flooded the streets of the car, been nation, and goodbye, and economic crisis, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. the anti government movement is being described as the biggest in 30 years. the the the, the u. s, which has a decades long economic embargo in place against the island senate fully supports the people's right to protest. the demonstrations come after tough. he has to cube the hardest, in fact, in the last 3 decades, the economy plunged 11 percent as a result of the cobra crisis out of washington. sanction the country said the u. s
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. embargo coughed at 9000000000 dollars last year, making it even more difficult to fight. the pandemic americans been economically blockading cuba for decades. cooling its functions tunes for democracy. the islands president is demanding support to go out and defend the country of correspondent process to channel on the spanish is it have on a i'm coming out ministrations in support of the cuban government being held around the country. you can see national flags, portraits of the historical leader of the cuban revolution, fidel castro, and slogans for him. and president miguel diaz canal. these demonstrations some large other smaller like this. one, it taking place not only in havana, but in other parts of cuba. the protest appeared to have been organized on social media present, diaz canal appeared to the country on television. let's listen to an x from his speech. say about, i'm a little we are addressing revolutionaries who may have become entangled.
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addressing cubans who may have some concerns, but we will not allow the opponents of the revolution. mercenaries were sold out to the u. s. government sold out to the empire, receiving money from subversive agencies to provoke destabilization. and there will be a response from the revolutionaries. and therefore, we call upon all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists to come out in the places where these provocations are being carried out today and from now on demo. and it's noteworthy that american flags could be seen at some demonstrations against the government. many said this was proof of the involvement in the us in organizing such action many find it all the, even though the u. s. is blockading cuba. people are still waving american flags. despite this, the marches in support of the government took place in different parts of the city . we spoke with several people who came out to defend the government and heard what they think about the protest. but for the lower level, of course improvements are needed. but we'll, we'll do it in a different way,
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and we will not please the americans imperialist wants nothing good for us and said, it won't be better if they triumph here. that is stabilized, they won't get it, they will never get it. this is the 3 to fidel wrote, and d. s. can now, since the started the pandemic, cuba has suffered from a serious crisis. not only in health care, but also in economics, a lack of food and an energy crisis due to a breakdown of some power plant. all of this, according to analyst, has provided fertile ground for the groups, the people organizing protests against the government. reviving the spirit of near nazi segregation in europe. that's how russia slammed statements by france in europe. ministers who called on federal you countries not to use bach seems developed in russia. china. we can do france, profess discriminate through statements by tyra and can representative which of the spirit of neo nazi segregation in europe. it is not for the french foreign ministry
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to dictate the country and people what jeff they should be vaccinated with. obviously, the french foreign ministry. curtain as the country has not been able to develop its own vaccine. we sympathize with francis failure. the vast majority of european countries recognize only these 4 vaccines as in france and only 3 countries are differently. i regret the greased as this well, this comes off to that french politician expressed regret over greece allowing and travelers who received russian chinese shots until recently athens was allowing russian 15 to freely enter if they'd been vaccinated before the end of june. and later announced the co test would be required for everyone vaccinated or not. but greece is not the only country to greenlight roches nick the job. so are renowned medical journal about salons, it has published results from a nationwide survey in. 9 san marino, she's a splitting thing. it is now 0 new cases. the research showed that eltony who
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received the russian job had a few side effects that were no safety concerns and no reported fatalities. well, we decided to ask a group politicians what they thought of front systems. i think that we should avoid that as in the course of any kind of vaccine that nationalism vaccine must consider as a public who enter global. and in my understanding, the biggest challenge is how to vaccine or citizens and there was not, there was, you know, just seem to be on campus where we can afford to have, i don't own vaccine and faithful that vaccination to the people in africa. the people in india, exactly because of the damage because of law, but we will never be safe if only as the citizens of the let's see that better off county will be until the rest will be left to the pending. i must stress that, let's say that greece was to accept the french position. that would be,
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that would be a little bit ridiculous from the point of view of that hunger. marian's or having sputnik vaccinations. so we would allow on gary and was put nic vaccination coming into greece, free preview without any without any other test discriminating on russians. coming in from moscow, we spoke with nic vaccination, which does make sense hall break spelled ho, buy into violence on the streets of london last night. following england's defeat in the final, of course of the year or 2020 championships, the 1000 people were arrested and police officers in just fighting iraq to entity. huge crowds alter fuming, says new way of coping in the u. k. as ex clients on the fishing. the public to
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remember that the health crisis is still ongoing in a protest against the killing of the camera men at the hands of anti l. g. b. p activists . a group of reporters has broken into departmental state of georgia jobs. the john this all reported to have taken the seat of the parliament speaker at demonte a meeting with parliamentarians on the resignation of the government. now this comes in a series of protests by l. g. p. t supporters and opponents. one camera man was found dead off to being beaten by way of anti l g b t actor. well, that's cross live now to martin coolie and russian unless martin always good to have you on. i'm, well, the 1st thing i want to ask you is, what's generally your reaction to the event paying out in georgia now, i mean it's, it's clearly it's, it's a very tense moment. it's
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a very intense moment indeed because the government is always from young, georgia government, george fragile, because they are very clowns. the rest groups in georgia find it difficult to come together and stay together and agree compromises. so therefore, georgia is facing another garages and the it is a country which is profoundly conservative. and therefore, as you b t march, the pride barge was a red rag to a bull. and therefore the far right. who strongly opposed to it. and remember that the georgia orthodox church is also strongly appro closed in the l g b b, movement and so on. and they want to go back to the like the central morality. and therefore, they call it a day of prayer and so on to georgia is split various ways. and these
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conflicts, unfortunately, led to the death of a company that was very valuable. and now you got the activists in the parliament demanding to meet the police. and presumably the aim is to remove the prime minister. progress to get it bothers me. what i want to return to the i do the prime minister, but later, but i do want to ask, you know, you mentioned of course that it is a conservatives of society, especially in traditional societies, l g, p t is a very divisive issue. should the government have been better prepared for this ton of offense? oh, it's very difficult for the government because the resources, their resources are limited and the police have been accused of not protecting their g, b, t, movement and job. but there are protest, far right? protests which are organized and organized to cause as much harm to move in as possible without the police being there. and then when the police rush there,
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then move them around and so on. so the situation in georgia is, is, is, is how did split and the, those who are opposed to the g b t movement will in fact not engineer the company was why not come together and talk about this and find a peaceful solution because evolving solution is no solution, you need to peach them solution and this has to be sold in that way. but the, the action of penetrating the parliament will in fact raise the stakes and make it more difficult for the government to cooper. the problem they can do is calling the police to protect the g p. d and they're already pried marchers, protect them so on. but apparently most of these much has been called off, which is a wise thing to do because it would be even more cautious. ready i want to ask you,
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is this a bit of a power to cag situation? that's clearly a lot of anger on this issue. does also lot of anger at the government for a handling of the pandemic auditing. any government is, isn't a good position, but particularly here, all people looking for reasons to vent stuff straightened on what this con, yes, it's a power. you always have to remember that politics is about power. and the groups which are out of power want to have. and they want to reduce those, you have to very, very weak government or very, very weak state. so they can take us to the, behind these protests you got to movement, you got politics, which is this is that we've now got, you can see these groups say we now have an issue which actually could bring down the government because we in this nationwide and then the government will fall under government when us there have to get in to us too deeply involved in this is
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merely about lea, a pride margin g p t. when it's been changed by those who want to achieve power to weaken the government and become more powerful themselves. and the final thing i want to ask is if you're looking at the big picture here, we'll call for quite shocked by what we were in washington on john, me, the sick, the storming cause of the seat of power in the u. s. fatal consequences. hey, we're seeing sort of echoes on a smaller level of the same thing. is there a sense that the tight has ton to kind of against big government that people feel empowered, especially in the light of the pandemic? which obviously has seen a lot of bread, a lot of frustration towards politicians. yes, you're absolutely right. it is no more to go through a government democratic government to actually govern government in democratic countries. mostly countries is becoming more more difficult because people take,
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if you like to know into their own hands, they feel aggrieved and so on. and they have the right to protest. the law protects, protect them, and they say the government enough prevented protesting. and we're going to protest about this until we win. so therefore, if you kind of snowball is not as you as a job in georgia and various other companies. well, you look at the conflict now in cuba. in fact, a beginning of the end of the company's regime, we don't know yet. who are the people who are behind it? just repeat, we're on the street and so on. you'd be looking for politicians or those who would seek to gain power in the future. and they would use these, these, okay use as an opportunity to weaken the government and therefore to promote themselves. and from that point you hopefully taking the country. well, that is definitely something that we are following out. of course, what's happening now in georgia as always,
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good to have you on your insight that was martin corny, also, and russia honest. i do. i have been hunger. pandemic could turn out to be worse than anything covert has out the walls. that's the warning coming. smoke fun, it says 11 people are dying of starvation globally every minute. while 155000000 people are partnered facing crisis levels of food and security. the charge is also published a series of harrowing, fast hands accounts of women's struggling to feed the children. i come secure a good quality 14 for my children. therefore i feel guilty and i feel that no matter how much i'm trying, i still need to do more. i had to look for solutions. i can go hungry, but the boy cannot. i even dared. i dared allure to go back for food because i couldn't endure hunger. it hurts me amount of ideas on what to do with children. i'm not eating properly. and i sometimes feel like i'm not raising them boil enough
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. most of the times when we have little to nothing treat, i struggle to get my children to sleep at night. they ask for food and i tried to distract them, telling them stories until they're asleep. then i look at them and pray for a better life until i get stolen by sleep. you know, when you say things like this, it's always shot. and i think we have to understand what it actually means to people on the ground. i mean it's, it's extraordinarily serious with knowing that 100 figures were increasing. we predicted last year that the tension is going to get worse. but to see how bad it's gotten, i think yes, this is genuinely shocking. but it, it is happening across the globe cell africa. we're at the moment. we've seen hunger rise significantly in brazil, india, many other developing countries. and i think we also need to look at the kind of safety nets that, that some of the rich country talk where the poorer countries don't off the world's population, have no access to social security know, safety. or when they see a shock like this, there's just no way to recover from all from listed climate change. conflict on the economic impact of the current of virus pandemic,
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as the driving forces behind the crisis loc towns on the closure of port as i'm businesses. so he making matters was for those ready to disadvantage, but the head of humanitarian policy at all, som, that's matthew trusts, again, told us that our, the mark doesn't play to the number of billions increasing. and we have a situation now where you have 1000000000 as a big thing to be the 1st to go to space where you have millions still going hungry and not because of systemic inequality. i think also comes back to the back seen inequality. we have to make sure that people are able to get vaccine. it's not just going to rich countries because we have to also restock the economies and put countries for me. there are 3 key things we have that are immediately firstly on files and piece. the 2nd is we have warning policies for blocking monetary and 8. we cannot have a situation where parties are using hunger as a weapon of war. and finally, of course, funding funding is crucial to get people to help that they need. so i'd say those would be my key 3 things to be done and then looking for long term have to build
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a more equal to 5. still has a fossil fund away from gonna storms future as the us heads for exit, the town of bonds, putting the void and all while a humanitarian price is high to that script on the country. we'll have a full report after this short break. ah ah ah, with me ah
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ah, i use so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have is crazy. even plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time. time to sit down and talk the hello again while fighting is intensifying enough kind of stone as the taliban continues to meet large territorial gains. officials say that it's the weekend to local security forces repelled in the salt by the taliban in
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a key northern province at the border with jacob st. on. while just last week, the group fighters entered the country. second big city of kandahar a pentagon spokesperson said the us is what he needs. developments with concern, as american troops continued our rapid withdrawal from the country, the escalating situation is dragging the nation farther into a humanitarian crisis with cobble calling upon european countries to help people, patients of africa, migrants for the next 3 months. thousands of f county is happening. forced to have found that home as a taliban continues. it's offensive. i'll village. we're surrounded by the taliban . there is nothing we can do to tell them captured our homes. we have been displaced. we face and sat changes to the moment. my children live by the road. what should we do? as a mom? several years in a government should help us. our children are hungry and thirsty. our homes are under the control of the taliban. we cannot go there. i lost my cow and
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a calf my home and all my good. then what i am suffering your lot, you can see will live in this tent even though i have a home. i have been displaced. there is a war in our village and the area where i live is under the control of the taliban, and 300 families have been displaced. one of us are going to go, well, let's now take a quick look at another war torn country that's already been down a similar path. unfortunately, to afghanistan that somalia and us troops arrived there in the late 2000 and we'll just fight terrorism and ended up staying for nearly 15 years. however, by the time they pulled out at the start of this year, it would be difficult to say that stupidity had been achieved. for example, need this weekend and explosion in the capital market issue reported me killed me. 9 people injured, 8 others. it was the 2nd major explosion in the city this month, the sha bob extremis group plates a claimed responsibility, while with more on whether a somalian scenario could now be repeated in our dentist on his ortiz moore. i'd go
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to malia, wasn't a libya or a rock, it wasn't a prosperous nation that the us invaded and left a wreck. it was a poor country to begin with, made that much poor by foreign help in the form of bombs and weapons. no, somalia is much more like a gun is done with insurgence, the extra bob running much of the country the the don't underestimate the they're smart, that tough and they're motivated. i shall bob according to the b. b. c. collect almost as much in taxes as the government, even government officials pay. i shall bob to be left alone. years and years of us
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as strikes and grades have failed to stop them. so why not try again? the united states has been involved in somalia for decades, and it is very all in africa for longer than that. this is a product of the poor planning in the pentagon. this is the product of the factional, little within the pentagon. it's no secret that at the highest levels of us war planning, that there are different political tendencies. there are different political factions. and so, one day, one faction will have the upper hand. and the next day, another fraction will have the upper hand. and you see that being played out in east africa where we were told united states was pulling out of that part of the world. and now it appears there on the way back after 3 decades of unsuccessfully
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and painfully beating its head against the very solid somalian war. the united states is apparently considering another round. last year you may remember from pulled most jewish troops out of somalia where there potentially going back in the u. s. sending troops back to somalia. are you putting more forces in the hell? how precisely is the us going to be changing its security posture on the continent? carla, i think you can understand why we wouldn't necessarily detail, but the true movements are force presence in advance, particularly when we're talking about a counterterrorism threat. there's really no denying that our repositioning, fairly sudden repositioning out of somalia, earlier this year has introduce new layers of risk and complexity to our mission there. many people claim that the u. s. last and i've gotten a thought. i would disagree. they went into kiera l cod and they leave with
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a written promise from the taliban. never to let all kinds of sets up shopping of gas on again. so they failed, but the whole nation building thing, but i'll car has gone. somalia is very different in somalia, the warlord the rule, much of the country, the bob, their sworn, the wild card to us has tried everything. they've tried training. somalian still fight. i shall. bob, they've tried bombing the militants, they've paid the others to bottom. the insurgents sponsored invasions by countries that neighbor samaria, nothing's work. how many decades will the us leave it the star before? come? what may, it just gives up? and finally, not such a secret service after all, frances main intelligence agency is giving a rough peak behind its cotton's, launching a website to attract new talent. it turns out the more than half the french people
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think they could give w 7 to run for his money. on t, charlotte gibbons key found out it's made out to be one of the coolest job in the world. working for the secret service is not only to drink, come, shaken, not stirred. because the coolest gadget. and of course, you always get the bad guys that a newer certainly worked for the french with 52 percent thing that they want to be fine. was kind of want to be a spy to have a big car, a beautiful wife, money, a lot of money. i'd love to because it would be funny. this has been a monday. so i run investigations. and sometimes it's very sensational to discover the hidden truth, and i would love to, i always have the best tables in restaurants, the best cars, the most beautiful women, and totally spectacular. and they know it all because they are the people who know
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everything in a paid to make the pros, fact black cloak and dagger the french secret services to the g. i saw you giving us mere mortals a peek into its work. it launched the 1st website, which snippets about top secret missions threatening of terrorism, cyber attacks and foreign agents. no, they're not talking about me, but just hold off for, for a 2nd. nobody didn't put it in the buddy. young. we'll go look at that. are you? where was i? me? oh, oh, take even as sage advice, those buzzing agents, a professional manipulator,
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a spy will 1st show sympathy an interest in the private life and activities of the person they are targeting. they are unenlightened, strategist who will do everything in their power to track their target in an insidious spiral from which that person will not be able to extricate themselves without outside help. you, i see you all. but coming by is tantalizing what, what mobile would the french take on? so they want to be a drink, co ss $100.00. 17 double. 0701. the james bond, the seriousness of the case is that called money. james james bond fakes because he's taxi. do better 2 of them because i do both o s s y 17 and james bond, but i'm in phones, so i'm a little bit more for i want to say or says 117. what it says here says because
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he's french for sure, that's what i said, we will move james bond because he is always the back to james james bond because he's charismatic. but don't get too excited while of pros and dreams. the pay of the french secret service may now be more transparent. if you do show enough promise to be recruited, more than likely the only high life you're going to be leading is watching spine movies from your desk. unless you empower. that's it for this, i'll put a said not set from me for today but or worry because don't take care of the top. so joint man i don't me ah, ah.


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