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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 14, 2021 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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which, which we wouldn't have without j, have to pay the movie in your new documentary. what is the relevance in case people are going always not talking about kennedy again, the relevant to joe biden, who was bombing, syria, and iraq. only the past few weeks was the relevant to the current whitehouse of this documentary. well, i, again, i think that the relevant is, is the main point we were trying to make in the documentary was a, john kennedy was a warrior for peace in all forms. and among the many things he was doing when he was kill, was reaching out to cuba to end this embargo to make it, they talked with gastro, it looked good. and he was also at the same time over making an overarching deal with khrushchev of the soviet union. they had, they signed the nuclear test ban treaty together, which is an amazing document. first time, soviets in the us signed the treaty of this nature, and the cold war was, was radically coming to an end in 1963. so you can imagine where the world would
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be now instead we have this retrograde policy where the u. s. has still got an embargo on cuba 60 years later. and the news today is just another one and along concurrent crises, events that happen every few years. i don't, you know, this has been going on for, for decades. and the evidence in the new film, let's just remind our audience how you ended up testifying in congress and for what is being called actually the one of the strongest open government laws ever passed by congress can, can represent, was passed in the week of the movie was created for a few our congress, jessica and congress and they, they passed the act and it allowed them to declassify documents and do some limited investigation. it lasted for 4 years from 94 and 98 and uncovered quite
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a substantial bit of work. but unfortunately, the american media did not report it to the public, it was buried, forgotten in the memory hole. let's become the j a k case. so in 2013, i was pretty frustrated when all the networks in the united states celebrating the 60 anniversary of kennedy's assassination. none of them mentioned the alternate theories or my film. and basically i was interviewed for almost an hour and a half when tom broke oh, of nbc, and they cut it down to a 2032nd clip. it hasn't been the media has not been balanced. they're still referring to the warren commission as if it's at some kind of accurate document. whereas there has been 3 official investigations resulting from that murder. we are trying to say, okay, let's be honest. here is what we found. and we are putting all this information in most of this information in one film to our launch. i'm very proud of this
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documentary and it really raises many issues, the united states presidency since john kennedy. he was the last president to really work for peace in the world. he was looking, as i said, from this day tant, and he was withdrawn among other things from vietnam. this has been disputed when the film came out in 91. and now we have more evidence from the declassified files that it was definitely happening because robert mcnamara wrote a book in 95, robert wagner was his defense secretary. and he said that without doubt, kennedy was withdrawing. and even if we were to lose that war, we would withdraw that the vietnamese were going to handle this war from now on. after that, mcgeorge bundy was a national security advisor for jeremy, came out with his book and said the same thing, although the bundy was against the withdrawal. he definitely sent it. also, we have a phone call in there from lyndon johnson bolling out mcnamara and saying,
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you know, i never wanted to withdraw like you guys, i never agree with you and kennedy. when you said we have that phone call on tape. so this is evidence is intractable that american historians have been denying it, you know, really denied. this is a shame you don't change, the young historians will be coming around because those on the left around the world will think of kennedy and go, well just look at the record. he increase the number of devices to vietnam. he didn't sign the civil rights act. he, he was the instigator of match ho brinkman ship with chris chef over the cuban missile crisis, which you can say he and cruise ship came, save the world because that the, his plan, the pentagon, the generals, were pushing kennedy to go into cuba to invade, to drop a nuke on june, but there was a lot of on kennedy for years. for 3 years, kennedy made 11 or 12 decisions not to send combat troops. he did send advisers
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because he, that was done because of the eisenhower administration involvement in the vietnam war. and with the french, remember, there's a whole history here. kennedy was in vietnam in 1954 as a young senator, and saw that he was an anti colonialist. and he saw the french army struggling and he thought it was ridiculous, or he was a smart young man. he went to algiers and go to alger minutes speech about algeria condemning the french army in their war. and algeria, colonialism did not work for him. remember, he was irish, he was an english. and he had it in an attitude of rebellion against the colonial world. he did not want to see this, continued he, a great relations with africa, the lumber affair, willie destroyed his. i mean he was upset, the unbelief and the numbers murder c. i was involved. kennedy was working for peace on every level, indonesia, he had a great relationship with the nom, to him was a mistake. and he was, he had to withdraw a client when he had to,
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can put it up for a vote because he was going to come up for a vote in november 64, which is a few months away. he went about this deliberately signed an order to withdraw the 1st 1000 troops by christmas. 63, the 2 days after he was killed was count contradicted by johnson, lyndon johnson. so any historian who says, there was some continuity between lyndon johnson and john kennedy. it's rubbish, the number of course, the leader assassinated by u. s. pack forces, pressing terrible, terrible times for congo. what does the evidence suggest then, about the involvement of lyndon johnson? i am gerald ford in the cover up let alone allen dulles of the ca who was sacked by the government. john kennedy is a disgrace. the 1st of all that lyndon johnson appointed allen dulles,
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who was fired by kennedy as a chief for the cia kennedy, vowing to shatter the ca into a 1000 pieces. dallas was put on the board with the warren commission at 7 people in control of a lot of it controlled all the information coming from the cia to the board, making sure that nothing derogatory or anything about assassinations abroad was mentioned to these other commissioners is a big, big difference make you're right there. and top of that, lyndon johnson has to be looked at as part of a cover up. that's not to say he was enrolled the assassination because we can prove that. but linda johnson was about to be fired as vice president, that we know. and he wanted this thing to go away. he didn't, he said, we don't want to war with russia. we don't want to accuse russia that was kind of an excuse to, to a point and a point, the warren commission, they wanted
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a peaceful transition. that's what they, that was it. miss johnson would take over and continue kennedy's policies. by the way, you mentioned the whole rights, but we go into that in a little section where kennedy is, is praised by martin luther king for his advances on the civil rights front. getting those students a negro students into colleges in the south, which is quite a feat with george wallace in alabama. wallace was an enemy of kennedy and vowed that he would bring, bring them down, that he would say he would, he would effect the vote in $64.00 chinese and a lot more than is recognized. and this is wrong. it's really wrong that he is considered marshall macro president only because he's younger. i remind you he was a combat veteran of world war 2 and decorated and knew he didn't trust his generals . this is true after the bay of pigs disaster, where he was lied to by allen dulles. he said to his,
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to several members of his intimate circle that the generals were, were full of it, and that he never trust generals because they'll march, you know, war there'll be a bunch of parades. and then of course you're, you're stuck with the attrition of war. and the damage it does. so he had many enemies on the pentagon, and many enemies in the cia there were people inside his own administration, who were, i would say, were willing to betray him. and the evidence, the evidence suggests that the fascination was jewel use. i mean, they could have just poisoned him if they wanted to stop. jack kennedy introducing a pax americana in the white house. this was to make out, it was a pro cuban assassin, and therefore, should enable involvement against fidel castro. it's not the simplest way to return the item. you want to blame it on alone. not that would be the place to do it. do it in a crowd. that's why i would say, it's also in a 2nd hand to attempt
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a warning warning to other people, including lyndon johnson, not to cross a certain line. when you blow off a president's head in the middle of the motorcade, which is a very organized black up. so much has to be done. the security along the route was change the parade route was changed. the all the mechanics of that day were controlled and was, was part of an operation. and when that happened, i think it was very clear to the american people subconsciously, maybe that there were forces larger than any one man that were telling us that this, that this was a this is a change for change in our system. incense sense of democracy went out because after, after that, kennedy no american president, not one, then you can go down the list was able to make the implement any changes inside these, the military structure of the economy or the intelligence at sector the,
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the news to the agencies of government we're, we're untouchable, their budgets were never cut, although kennedy tried to cut a budget to shatter it into a 1000 pieces. his directives were reversed by lyndon johnson. everything that kennedy did accept civil rights was reversed by johnson, including aid for his progress, reliance, and lands for progress in south america, including his and african initiatives, including his indonesia initiatives, johnson, 190 degree uter. another thing that we get into is lane ariano as well we, we are access now declassified we've information. and then the cia was quite aware of his new where he was supervising him from 195863, which makes him an asset of the c. this is incredible. and also we know that jack ruby was the see was an f b i in form. so we,
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the intelligence agencies are involved with these people from the beginning and till the end of august. so we know that as well, this is crucial, was not on the 64 when the shots were fired because nobody saw him, the 3 people in the 3 women who worked on the 4th floor, they testified 2 of them testified, and their testimony was changed by the warren commission, and we tracked them down. another researcher tracking down the 1990 and got it straight. and the news is that what these 3 women went down the stairs right away. did not she be hungry? oswald, on the stairs and they, they testified and sign all it, but there was never listen to the warrens which that kind of changing the witness statements is very important to this case. all of i have to stop there for a 2nd. we'll hear more from all of us going up in a short break. ah,
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join me every thursday. alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me remember the great 964 bill. dr. strange love. you remember the subtitle of the film? it was how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. well, i have a 2021 updated subtitle. when it comes to the survey, one state. how i learned to stop worrying and love be in. tell community folks today or not feared their doors the welcome back. i'm still here with all of us still in the director of jeff k and j f k revisited through the looking glass premiering at the cannes film festival. all of them towards the end. i'll give you the documentary. you have robert kennedy
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son saying that that robert kennedy's 1st reaction to news of the assassination of j. f. k. was to phone the ca, and more or less did they do it? who conducted this har was his actual cold coming robert kennedy junior, very young. he said that to us, he tells us the story. robert kennedy suspected something on day one. and jackie kennedy and him wrote a note soon after 2 wrote to kusha in the soviet union telling me that they knew that this was non russian plot to to kill kennedy. that in fact it was right wing group in the united states. they said in the letter that had done this, there was a correspondence between the kennedys and cruise shop that had been going on before the assassination is an interesting sign angle to put in robert kenzie makes very clear that his father in $68.00 was running for president on part of that agenda
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was that he was going to revisit, gonna enact policies that had begun under john his brother. and then he was among other things, going to look into the assassination again because he never just never believed the warren commission. among other things, he knew something was up. and then for that reason i do believe the robert kennedy was killed in cold blood and quickly because they knew what was at stake. if he got into office there would be hell to pay. because the so called mainstream media that lied to us about iraq lied to us, arguably bad syria. they are very quick to say and their co, james woolsey this year, who of course, of course, it was a soviet plan gone wrong to killed j, f k. they said, they said the robert kennedy was the attorney general for johnson. if, if robert kennedy felt so strongly about this,
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he could have prosecuted the people that were involved in the, the real people who were involved in jeff cases as a nation. i did tell you that there was a phone call. we have, we have the voices on tape where linda johnson clearly tells robert mcnamara, this was a bad idea, withdrawn from vietnam. that how much clear can you be? the johnson did not agree with these policies, and he used to use the us as a nation rather quickly to take control. and within 2 days, issue issued national security action memorandum, $273.00, which reversed which basically set up a new militancy in the american position. india now allowing us forward to conduct air patrols and naval patrols along the noisy enemies coast. then ended in the tonkin bay debacle in august of $64.00 in the fall flag. it's now increasingly called last night and operation. yeah. and that was a basis for the war. but why did law kennedy not do anything?
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why did he not attorney general? he's gone off on day one. i mean, the moment this, you have to understand robert kennedy was in conflict with your hoover, the f b i. x is one of his main main agencies know robert kennedy was, had no power after his brother was killed because johnson took over and jam you, who was right, was breathing down robert kennedy's throne. and by the way, the f. b. r. hoover's organization was the main contributor of information to the warren commission. they were feeding them information. and we now know from the de classifications in the film that we're showing, that among the things that never showed up the warren commission wasn't seebert o'neill report, which 2 top agents were there at the autopsy in bethesda. and testified very clearly to there be a massive head wound back of kennedy's head that was never seen in the photograph that came out of the official photographs that came out of the autopsy,
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which indicates a divergence of what people saw with their own eyes. there still some papers that were missing there were supposed to be released. obviously we are thankful to donald trump for releasing some of them. do you think joe biden is going to release them? he has killed the 26 to make a decision on the release of other ones. trump did say though, because of national security law enforcement in foreign affairs concerns, i have no choice today but to except redactions rather than allow irreversible harm to national security by papers relating to the kennedy assassination. no relief. john sean did back down. he said he was gonna release everything and he did the last moment. he basically push it into biden's presidency by news administration is now is now illegally illegally, whole withholding those documents from, from us and the people. so whether we'll see them or not, we don't know, we're going to try there is a lawsuit coming up against the buying and ministration from the citizens. again,
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for the release of these documents which are owed to us. it's ridiculous after 60 years to call and talk about national security in this matter contradicts the j f. k records active 92, which you gave back of you are filled. obviously, already the media attacks are started on the documentary, even though it's me know, the premiering this week. so this is a 60 year long campaign by mainstream m b c, the new york times i mentioned back then as being involved in this, we do know from again declassification that the new york times cbs nbc were from day one supported the warren commission because among other reasons, the cbs people, john mccoy's daughter was, he was in warner, he was a warn report. commissioner, john mccoy,
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his daughter was working with the president of cbs and was given information on the development of what cbs was doing to her father mccloy. and he was interviewed by walter cronkite and it's such and such a web how're that nice people are very protected and the coin comes across clumsily. but he's clearly not answering the questions asked for by asked by concrete which are direct chain, wasn't there a conflict of interest? and there was a conflict of interest. 3 of the members of the 7 of this, 3 of the 7 members of the commission, john sherman cooper, hale bogs, and most of all, richard russell of georgia. we're had problems with the conclusions and we show from declassified files how their testimony, what especially their questions were erased from the final transcript. meaning they
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do not appear when russell found out about it 2 years later and he was furious. but it was too late. he talked, we have a phone call with him in written and linda johnson where they're talking about the magic bullet. and he and russell say he just doesn't believe it because it's just incredible. no, no, nobody should like that. nobody can. there's no bullet like that made, and johnson himself says, i don't believe it either. i don't believe the same bullet said hit kennedy hit connelly. that's what he says. so i mean, you have all these rays, all these things that we hear in broad daylight on phones and we see them. and it's quite interesting. the warren commission was believe, was bought by the press and sold to the american public on day one. you have to realize it is 800 page document and coming up 6 months later was a 26 volumes of specific testimony that was not even reviewed because it came later . so the whole thing was sold on day one to as oswald is sole assassin. so fasten,
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never approved it, we go to the, we go and into all the evidence on oswald, all the original evidence and we show that it's a sham. that's autopsy trajectories, bullet, rifle, fingerprints. and above all the autopsy work of fraud. and they, none of them hold up, they would have been thrown out of court on day one. it's very important information is original evidence. and it's because of declassification. we were able to finally address what they, what the commission, the warren commission was told, doing point, evans and suggestions, suggestions of allen dulles. involved in assassinations on the shell, the goal tryouts in tampa, florida, and chicago. you know that the phrase conspiracy will be used, consistent conspiracy theory. how do you use this phrase then to de,
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legitimize actual evidence and papers? i mean, no, i mean, people wouldn't believe operation, paperclip and mongoose. and, you know, they're bizarre stuff that we now know is fact called conspiracy. there is since $991.00 and he will label you that. it's easy to see, i term drug derogation, to, to discredit people. they made it up in 1900 fifties, in science psychological warfare. actually we will call these people, conspiracy theorist. okay? that's fine, but we know from history that there's been so many conspiracy is going back to the romans. the greeks beyond. beyond that is a history of conspiracies as the nature of man is no reason not to believe in this case. but when we think we go very far, to prove that it was beyond a conspiracy, it was, it was a conspiracy to kill. and there was a conspiracy to cover him up with his bigger with implications for millions and
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millions, maybe tens of millions of people's lives. so we're going to rely on more information perhaps if joe biden, an irish catholic allows the papers to be released. i have to really finish giving the catholic, he knows that the john center is true and he's got the irish moves. and i would imagine there is some sympathy there. but there's no way that by and who has a cold warrior from way back is going to go up against our structure. after kennedy . i repeat the military sector around the intelligence sector. iran such, it became clear that you couldn't not get into there. not any was cutting basis defense spaces and you know, our country and abroad. he was by their brilliant troops back from afghanistan. i would like to see by and go further. we have so much and we have a training and all a budget now with the military, basically in the track. so it's
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a long way to go. but can he touch that really in an essential way? that's what kennedy was doing. he was by firing the cia and his 2 age kimbell and bissell. you can't believe the shock waves. he said through washington. here he is the young man, after truman and eyes an hour, the young man, 4233 years old. we're starting to change things. the way things were done. he did not believe in colonialism. he did not believe in the cold war. and he was moving away from, he had been silver, and he was educated by the bay of pigs, and above all, by the cuban missile crisis, he was a changed man. now, when just finally, when explosive evidence in black and white is produced, look at julian assange according to the un being tortured here. the founder of wiki leaks. what's gonna happen about the release of this documentary? why are you in can? and why isn't it on all the streaming services in the united states,
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so everyone can watch it from next week. this in this room was not financed in america. we went to the streamers, they turned it down. we were financed out of england. it was ingenious. a new film, the independent film company that financed this film. now when it came to distribution, we don't know what's going to happen in america. we know that we're john and we're selling very well among european countries. i do think an american company would have current wouldn't, should have the courage to step up and do this. but the, the climate of the country at this point after 2001 and the increasing conservative approach to government and fear, fear, fear, or decline. fear of attack on our values on this is blinding. numerous, scary and the american government into censorship on youtube, censorship and facebook. censorship of an ex president for 2 years suspended from
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twitter. it's, it's a sounding, i think you're going to and then, and then cut off or, and she, to a certain degree, they put their pressuring argee in all countries of the world as you knew, may know, and south america, even so everywhere. america's powerful country. but i don't believe they're going to be able to close this, close this news down, we are going to be released. and we, in england, it's going to be released by altitude in the u. k. and ireland will be the company there and all of a sudden thank you. well, thank you. actually for the show will be back on saturday, 42 years to the day. brutal us back dictated some other lead to miami after the victory, the sound needs to revolution in nicaragua, until then he will try social media and let us know if you believe the official story when it comes to the j. f. k. assassination. ah ah
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me ah ah, ah,
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she was called simply real thing a little slow, letting them go by susan: well, the longer i was going to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room initial authentic premium go let me know which finance was gonna fill in for me, i will talk to you soon. this the person who was looking here, when you mentioned the illusion initially thing going on normally financial young hoody illusion. but you lose prison. you could shoot that to the lower the,
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with the injecting pressure to inoculate against the coven governments and companies around the world are showing controversial ads on vaccines as unlocking normal life, but couldn't split society down the middle. we debate the issue. you're going to create a society, they just choose not to have it. they're creating their own apartheid need. those who need the backseat and should be happy. me sorry to say it, but if solely that it is not working. if there is $11.00 word that can explain it, it's agreed to world health organization slams wealthy states for hiking global vaccine disparity and added producers to raise supplies to developing nation. it comes as the regulator still hasn't approved app.


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