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into lethal protests that have killed more than 200 people in the streets. now, over the weekend civil unrest over to book the seaside city of durban as a citizens that rush to defend their homes and business from the mob violence. now the south african government has deployed 25000 troops to assist local police forces in the streets. now meanwhile, there is a humanitarian crisis, quickly engulfing much of the country as food and critical supplies run very scars . our kids policy layer has more from one city that's in dire straits. small in the field in the town of black pan in south africa. everything you about to witness has been organized by volunteers from the feed and medical supplies that are being brought to the a field loaded onto these flights to the pilots who have volunteered to take these items to other south african desperately in need. in the province of consumer natal, but we just individuals collecting food for people who need it,
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just doing it collectively. there's a need for, for baby products, get food baby formulas. so those are the essential items that we are focusing on. i'm about to get into this phase, macau van, and it's full of goods being taken to people in south africa. ah, me last week will be very busy over today. some of the even the plot movies natal, 80 of a different. but that i very with no way to be pretty good. so flew down to it, but natal area probably got be completely got all that but well, well i bet you didn't hold me
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the guy who's attention this now with 2 local students who offered to take us to the local mosque some way the food is being distributed people have been coming here for hours and they've come from wide and for some people telling me that they've been in the queue for 2 hours and people haven't eaten for days. you see the shove, the mc after the looting, the shop loving only a certain amount of time, people are panic, bang and there's nothing left phase. no job, no money. that hadn't been no contracts, nothing is nothing least. so you came for nothing and nothing is at the place. we
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came to nothing. when we come up 3 days ago, it's just the worst it could have been was and there was also the never the violence and looting seems to be over for now. but the hunger and impact that it left in its wake is going to be felt for quite some time. politically our team to follow, you know, our take a closer look at the turmoil which is engulfing the streets of south africa. i'm doing that by osh off guard at the founder of champion south africa. shaw, thank you so much for joining us. is our thoughts and prayers and our, our attention has been on south africa these past few days. as you've been going through these trials, you know, i want to ask you how divided right now are the people in the street? so is it as simple as duma versus ram? opposes supporters? no, i think if it seemed too much to suggest that people are divided that we would think
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of the american football team went off at the time for the fence out in the streets . i think for the, for the majority of people in africa, they are united in being south african. they are united in one thing works best for their families. they are united in 124912 jobs. they may be divided. some of them to be divided in certain strategies, but by and large they'd be united by you may have okay, well, what happened last week and we get to that 2nd, but i think overall is a country or 60000000 people is on different nuances. but the general sense of, of a nation, one thing, what's best for the majority of the people of south africa for me remain because i love that message of optimism and i hope that it looks like it could be true because i think that's what every good person wants, regardless of what kinds for you're in. but what did we see then last week, where was this divide? what made people? cuz what i saw was
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a lot of people are angry on the street. but then i saw this overwhelming ground over the weekend, or people angry at the people in the streets that were destroying the property and the businesses does that accurate? well, you know, we don't have a lot of time, but, but in a nutshell, i mean the actual divide is with a ruling party, the african national congress, a party of nelson mandela, which is very tough because yesterday was international mandela, once again, if he's party that appears to be what appears is divided and as a result of these pocket being divided with the come with president and the full of president and all supporters between the 2 and the ruling party. then as an inability to lead, effectively this has been going on for, i think over a decade. and that played out with the rest of the former president, russian. but he will contend to court. the collection case is still going to be heard right and protest against him being arrested. the 1st president, arrested in
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a democratic south africa and the protest. and suppose all interest, something else now read it is whether people opportunistic because of a poverty stricken. and it took advantage of a situation or whether they went inside cuz i don't really know the president of the country upfront saying that there was a clear attempt was he call it in so actually displayed on biased defense minister a couple of days later. in fact, i mean, he's kidding, you have, there was an attack on the democracy of south africa and therefore we need to defend our democracy. now, those are the big things that we haven't heard, you know, because the one thing. so that's because had a constitution in the will cost you should see your dish, very great bank, great financial institutions. so we have no reason to be concerned that what you see has been a trek in the 27 years. that's the democratic advocate has been in existence. ok, so let's actually look at what was going on and the saying this weekend that he
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would go after those that did lute those that did destroy property, and he would prosecute them. now i get it for 80 president, any country the rest of you are going have people that are unhappy with that? do you feel like that actually the f o says the current presence going to go through with his word and will there be repercussions for that? if people in some might say we were just expressing our anger at the situation being caused by the government, by what you're saying, a contempt of court, not necessarily a full trial, has yet to be held. what i prosecute, who so. so the 1st month is, if he said there's an insurrection, then you prosecute that those who had talked to the game, this whole, this interaction. and that's a play out. and that is, is a political teacher. but if it's true, you have to play that. if you don't play daughter undermines, the democratic system is still about prosecuting the people who looted a devastated city of debt and they were talking about thousands and thousands of people not cannot see that happening on the pictures. as i play out is we are now
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playing out. he's not going to prosecute him, but the people not at all. it's either the leadership, if he believes that the link, but we have to pull the link. but the leadership in fight the people as part of the grand insurrection. now we don't really know if it's actually true, because the prism itself is said that they were caught other ways intelligent. didn't know that. so there's lots of things that in fact is left them guessing and therefore less probably you and i also guessing in terms of what really happened in south africa a week ago. well, it's interesting to see this in similarities of some of the news of, as has happened here in the united states is kind of replaying itself over in south africa. real quick for i let you go. do you think any of the events over the weekend will have an impact on the actual trial itself? it ever gets there of zoom or no, i don't. i think they're trying to go ahead as normal because that's what you would expect if we want to maintain what you're an independent judiciary. democracy
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cannot play down to the point of being emotional about i think the most important question beyond the trial is what now for south africa, a country that hosted iraq, the woke up of people football cricket woke up and some of the major events in the will finally, was accused that you would tend to link with, with countries that are famine stricken. what now for this country that essentially so on the one hand, she knew which country but is extreme an extreme poverty. and for me, the next question is, we talk about it me dress when it comes to cold, the 19th the has to be, you can make redress in south africa to ensure that the majority of people of this country, just as a state in the democratic south africa because the reality is 20 years into democracy, south africa, town church, which is called putting into locations as you recall it in south africa.
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so that because so that's a good topic, right? all those locations, we don't want the black locations look just like they were 7 years ago. that is not an issue that obviously people feel like they obviously are economically stable . they take care of the, the land that they're in, such a delight to talk to you. you can tell your love and pride for the country that you live in, and we will chat again in the future. thanks for joining it says, i think the investigation by a global media consortium has revealed that malware developed by an israeli company has been used to found journalists, human rights activists, and political dissidents around the world. now there's this program called pegasus software, was sold by our surveillance company and so group. and they said to tap into hundreds of devices revealing personal information of those who were targeted. are huge alex, my hell of edge has the story. it can be described as
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a military grade spying tool software that covertly worms its way into your phone. turning your device into a surveillance system which targets you. here's us whistleblower edward snowden. you're talking about the technology we ever talked in november 2018. everything in the entire history of your phone, it can immediately copy everything that happens on your phone from that day forward . every place you go, every one you call everything you read every photo, you take every, you know, audio notes. it's been on that or actually because they can turn the microphone on remotely. they can turn the camera on remotely, even when you haven't already taken a picture. everything that just passes by this device. now everything that your phone is a part of this company and their customers are now a part of the company that's note and was addressing is the n s o group. the software in question is named pegasus. a recent investigation by
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a global media consortium has found evidence. the malware from the israeli based firm was used to spy on journalist human rights activists and political dissidence . in total, more than $50000.00 smartphones appear in a list uncovered by the investigation. however, that does not necessarily mean that all the devices were hacked. the people who worked on the report were able to identify more than 1000 individuals in 50 countries who were allegedly selected by n s o clients for surveillance. according to the washington post, which participated in the investigation, those targeted by the spyware included $189.00 journalists. more than 600 politicians and government officials, at least 65 business executives, 85 human rights activists, and several heads of state. amnesty international security lab found that 2 women close to slain saudi columnist ger malika. shogi were also targeted by the spyware,
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including his fiance. soon after his death in 2018, he's edward snowden. up at the n a. so group may have also been used by cas shogi killers. how did they know what his plans and intentions were? how did they decide that he was someone they needed to add again, who is worth the risk? and the reality is the head bugged one of his few friends and contacts using software created by this really company. and, you know, we don't know the chain of consequence because this company will never comment on this, as it can show you case. the recent report says, authoritarian governments are months of those who abuse the software, which is sold by n s o. while the report did not list clients, it said many were clustered in 10 countries, including as or by shan black rein, hungary, india, context on mexico, morocco, rolanda, saudi arabia, and the united arab emirates, amnesty international and forbidden stories of paris based media nonprofit
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organization. initially had access to the information which they shared with media organizations around the world. and so which in the past has promised to police abuses of a software has firmly denied any wrong doing. calling the latest accusations false claims for r t and alex mile of which the pope has issued an order which restricts much of the most sacred traditions and a catholic church ceremony. we will explain it justification after the break. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's possible to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted . not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change that that industry has been influencing
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very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the reason for them? it's corporate, me. ah ah, ah. ah. ready ready me watch cancelli class.
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enough person. i knew the song or just the culture blue book truly. i don't want the that's. it's always more you need to. he's got to repeat usually through which you need to work on. yeah. because really new go from the moment that she's in, the nice thing is not a monumental chopsticks. i'm not going to talk to join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guests in
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the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then me the thought the business telling within the catholic church as a pope francis imposes restrictions on a traditional latin mass. so why the uproar, while our 2 correspond natasha suite has more on why traditionalists are less than thrilled. so francis is restricting the celebration of wanton mass in an attempt to unite the church, but many catholics remain split over the decision i live or put us here any minute or 2 weeks after surgery that removed a portion of his colin pope francis resumed his weekly appearances from a vatican window sunday, while the 84 year old sounded cheerful, one of his most recent decisions have brought about the division and the church. but his goal is to bring believers together. just days before on friday,
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put francis said he was researching celebration of the lapse and mass. this was the church. it's the standard form of worship until the 19th sixty's awesome. conservative catholics are outraged by the decision. the pope believes the move will unify the church. the pope said he made a quote from decision to immediately overturn from rollings in 2007 and 988 that liberalized the availability of the mass celebrated before 1970. in a letter of the pope. sure. the feeling he had for a need to intervene. now traditional mass celebration will come under the discretion of the dyess seen bishop. the bishop will also have authority over granting permission. who would like to celebrate the old mass? the bishop is to designate one or more locations where groups can gather to celebrate. however, it won't be allowed in parish churches document is also prohibiting in the erection of new personal parishes. importers of a lot and mass are calling the pope and restrictions harsh. however, supporters of the change agree, the church culture is holding tradition and customs above worship. and while there
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may be a separation of church and state in the us politics seem to play a role among american catholics, the latin mass is highly preferred among conservative catholics. well, liberal catholics tend to favor contemporary styles of prayer. now, when unifying the church as one bodies hallmark calling for clarification on the new rules and how they should be implemented reporting produce the tooth and partial suites r t. to give us the 360 view of the pope's controversial decisions i'm joined now by ed martin present associates, please eagles, and tim gordon, author of catholic republic. why america will perish, was out room. thanks for joining me. both. cam, since you're near, i'm going to, i'm going to 3rd 1st to you. i have to wonder why should church members or if they should be concerned by pope francis his new decree? you have the sincerity of the pontiff is what's under question. in the wake of tradition on his custodian,
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if pope francis's sincerely concerned by the radical traditionalist who since the release of the notice or to me say the new mass in 1969. if he wants to curtail the schismatic attitude of the radical traditionalists, he's not punishing them today because such schismatic. falk will just continue to celebrate the latin mass where and when they deem to the ones that he's punishing that, prove that he's not being sincere. in the doling out of this punishment are the obedient catholics who will actually follow the dictates of holy mother church as to when and where they can celebrate the mass. it's. it's the primary concern that all of us have, he's not doing as he's saying he's doing, he's punishing the ones who are already in imperfect union with holy mother church . well, they say that you know, that talk to various catholics over the years. there's obviously a hard one,
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some pub, some are controversial than the other. francis is very controversial. ed, as you're looking at this move right now, what pope francis is doing one is it unexpectedly considering he does come from the judge to it with the charge, but to is it what is going to be the long term effect? besides just what we're dealing with today, what are you, what are you seeing? what are you concerned about about the future of the church with this order? well listen for most of the viewers of this program, their memory will include john paul, the 2nd for decades as a controversial figure. by the way, just not in the church. in the same way. he was controversial because he took on communism and took on poverty and all kinds of things. and then carnal radson or became the pope was a short period of time. the problem with pope francis in my estimation, is he continually causes scandal. that's a term in the church. it means confusion amongst the faithful. what he did in this case, by the way, shouldn't be lost if you just know small p politics. who he empowered to have more say on the life of the church, directly is the bishop in which diocese who now gets to say whether anyone gets to
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do the latin mass, any priest can say to mass. and the problem for many of us is that this pope has appointed some of the most liberal bishops all over the world. people who believe in positions, especially on morality and on the politics, political morality that are really troubling on marriage, on abortion, or other things. so this pub continues to confuse the faithful and what the long term impact will be. when we put in political terms, what branching or did that then put the pope at the time was sign an executive order that said anybody wants to say the latin mass, any priest can go ahead. what this pope did was change the executive order and say no, it has to be, we only if you ask your bishop, the point here is that's an inside game. people are watching our kevin or like what is his about, but catholics are confused. and it's like when the pope said at one point, who am i to judge about homosexuality? and then a few years later he said gay marriage cannot be blessed because it's unnatural. these people p one side though,
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the rainbow flags are going off the vatican steps the next time they're condemning as a big it. and meanwhile, we have joe biden promoting abortion from the white house. and we have the catholic bishops uncertain about whether they should be able to say that he is morally troubled, which he clearly is so that the legacy this pope today pro francis is confusion. but in the end, i'm not sure this is going to matter. as my colleague points out, the people who really hate this are outside of the church. the others are in and frankly praying for better bishops and for the next pope to be more sympathetic. and as you hit on the head why i thought was important. we cover the story right here because there is such a strong base. it involves politics, not only here in the united states, but around the world that the catholic church and those followers are behind. so it does have an impact and what is going on. i want to go back to you on tim, on this one, are you worried about any other traditions or churches being alter, eradicated and how does this affect that millennials? because obviously i think a lot of people are surprised right now. one of the biggest inundation of the catholic church are the young people who are actually embracing these kinds of
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traditions. so when you could do that and get them out there, kind of left back out there where they were before they came to the church. there is no small amount of results and more on the part of the, the generation that gave us the nova, sorta me say they thought that they were speaking on behalf as the box population of all young people forevermore. it turns out young people, after the late sixties and early seventies, hate the kinds of changes that they made. young people, the eighty's, ninety's, 2000 want the tradition. and this makes men like pope francis and his cronies, the songs colon mafia, the group that gave us po francis in the last conclave of the cardinal it. very bitter. they're not happy about this. you also asked what is the danger? what could be coming down the pike? the total abrogation of the latin mass, which i'm utterly happy to say, did not happen with to did see on a custodian,
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it just rolled back the positive changes made by benedict, the 16th, some more pontifical made by eagle eye. and so the total abrogation is what we fear . it could be next. they essentially undid the inability of liberal bishops to disallow the latin mass. and what could be next is total abrogation of the latin mass everywhere. that's what we fear. low young people love it, and that's i think there's like the confusion. i don't want to toss it back to you on this and because you've worked with poses in the past, you understand how they go. a lot of concern said, you know, do you think this dramatic of a decision being now? do you think this might foreshadow the pope soon possible recent illness and surgery? these kind of putting in that last couple stabs you could to protocol that he wants to get rid of. well, i look, i think anybody who tries to guess when popes are going to go off or either pass away or move on or lose a losing battle. i will say this, like any other administration and i, i'm catholic, i want to be clear, i revere the church and i love the church and for people that aren't catholic
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they'll hear this and think, oh the i'm. that's why i don't like the church wiser administration. there's people around this pope that have a lot of power and influence. and this is the kind of thing it feels to me like someone wanted done. someone wanted to happen to cause this to have this thing to move forward. i fear les, the abrogation of a lot mass completely. but i do think we're seeing, you know, more liberal bishops in place. and i, when i say liberal, i don't mean only in a political sense in the american mindset, i mean on issues of marriage on issues of abortion, on issues of end of life and the impact about, you know, the social justice. you mentioned the jesuits, the jesuit order was leading on some of the worst socialist policies in latin america and other parts of the world. so we should be worried about that. and it feels to me like some of the people around pope francis wanting to do something because i just pointed out it wasn't all the way it was sort of a half measure. but it doesn't bode well in certain sense. i, i pray for the church. well, tim and thanks for joining me. my biggest concern is this was something that
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actually united all countries all languages, without it being gone, what possibly could happen the future? thanks for joining me. thank you. and that's all the time we have are today show, but i promise this is a conversation which we will continue to follow me on twitter at study and use that use the hash tag team n d h. and for this showing more demo, the portable dot tv app for your apple or android device. thanks for watching b as in ah, ah ah, the eastern half of the united states, we're going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh, my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high
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tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out of minutes. 400 i mean that's very satisfying. and the the
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the the war on drugs noted as a way to combat a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening with
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the a gray but a systemic failure, a germany faith is criticism for not doing more to prevent last week's flooding tragedy. despite previous warnings, almost 200 lives are lost on the damage. portable amount to failure agreed on the nation attempt on molly's interim president. the attack happened during a prayer service in the west african nations, the central office to the world and richard, man jeff, successfully complete that 10 minute space bite in his private companies rocket. though it's off the thousands petition for him.


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