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survival, this is a hedge fund if a device used by professional county wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable, and we're just adding more more to them. totally, the stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform. watch because i, this is our international and these are headlines not quite the opening ceremony. they were hoping to get up for installation, epic games, cobra cases fight, passing $100.00 also ahead. ben and jerry ice cream gets frozen out in israel after the talk to me sales and all kind of senior territory economic terrorism support human rights. we debate the issue an american company caving in to, to, to
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a mob demand. they can take a moral stand and say, well i'm, i don't want to do anything with that product. i'm so much for tanya, u. k. minutes as lament the decline of what was 11 of the most powerful navy in the world. that turns out only one naval before is fully operational. ah, the catching our news hour from today. welcome to moscow, unhooked arching national. we could have your company wiping our puppets in the sour, the opening ceremony. 8 it's a big day of the long anticipated tokyo 2020 games is just a few hours away. but the amazon isn't. i'll set up a tory as might have been hoped. cove cases have risen to 10612. in fact,
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the be living in the olympic village. the news comes across the whole city, those spike new daily infections. but still, the president of the international impact committee insists the games can be health safely. restrictions mean, that's the 1st time in history, no domestic war overseas for the spectators will be allowed to attend. but it's all t's in the trend could now report the control to see doesn't end. the pandemic rules. the whole world is talking about how the pandemic has taken its toll on the olympics. and it's clear the games will be the oddest, most unusual, weird choose which ever word you like in history. it looks as if the number one on the confessional just wanted to go with the flow of weirdness when he got the nation that's hosting the big event wrong. and i were coming target is safe and secure games for everybody, for the athletes, for all the delegations, and most importantly, also for the chinese people, japanese people,
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if only the japanese people. thank you mister bar. we're so joyful and psyched about what their capital is hosting till the very final days of preparations before the opening ceremony. it wasn't clear if the olympics would go ahead, despite the overwhelming anti cove it measures athletes are testing positive, the nerves county has been on for a while and it seems to be just as pacey as the metal count, while the city of tokyo itself is under a state of emergency daily case growth numbers have gone back to the peaks of winter and the locals would usually be so proud to be living in a whole city are now mostly against the event. one recent poll showed almost 80 percent. we're not happy with the decision not to cancel the whole thing. this explains the protests cancelling, because holding their lim, take food,
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cause mutated trains to spread, which will endanger our lives. i think it is wrong to have the olympics in the midst of the corona pandemic. tucker is currently under a state of emergency. i wonder about the government's stance of calling for self restraint among the general public. well, the same time being adamant about the lympics, the lympics that about to be held without the inputs of experts and infectious diseases. it is not limited to one country, japan, viruses spread all over the world. so i think it would be better not to hold the lympics if we consider the impact they will have on the world in the future. anyway, the locals won't be able to enjoy any of the actual arena vibes because we are rina's are supposed to be empty. and so the newly updated a limping moto faster. higher, stronger, together also sounds a bit weird. physically, there ain't going to be that many people in tokyo, standing or sitting together empty stadiums must be depressing for the athletes,
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but probably not as depressing as the rules for staying in the olympic village. a ban on leaving the coven free zone gps trackers. only 90 seconds allowed for conversations in the mix zone. only 10 minutes devoted for one meal having to fly out of japan once your tournament is over. this is how we keep credit safe in the olympic dining hall. first, we satisfied them, put these gloves on before we touch anything, we go and grab one of these trays. a individual try has been sanitized and washed his hands of the bottom floor of the dining hall. as we walk around, obviously we've got i'm awesome in every little keep cool there. disinfecting wife . so we walk down everything that we're going to touch the screen. the side, the, everything, it makes me time conversations pretty difficult because it's hard to get through them. but we have a team rules that once the mask is off, you only have 10 minutes to produce that off to be we sanitized again and put
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another fresh task on athletes also have to get used to fragile beds, which have been dubbed anti sex. although thanks to social media, we've already learned that beds aren't that useless in this peculiar aspect. tokyo, 2020 has styled itself as the most eco friendly games. ever. athletes will use beds made of cardboard frames, but they've been assured the cardboard beds won't collapse during sex. the organizers haven't given up on the tradition of giving away thousands of condoms, but athletes will only be able to use them after they check out. the metal ceremonies might also make the winners feel a bit lonely. they will be presented to the athlete on a tray and then the athlete will take the metal him or herself. it will be made sure that the person who will put the metal on the tray will do so only with disinfected glass so that the athlete can be sure that nobody touched them before. someone else who is already made. tokyo 2020 i. e 2021. out standing is laurel
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hubbard, the 1st ever transgender olympic athlete. she was born male and will compete among female weight lifters. this caused quite a stir with some of the sports community going as far as saying that the i o c betrayed women by allowing this while the transgender are celebrating this historic milestone for them. the whole thing feels like a bad joke, less change in opportunities and missed for some athletes, meadows and the limpid qualifications, and we are powerless. i do believe that everyone should have access to sports, but not at the expense of others. bosses including transgender efforts have been in place in the olympics in par lympics since 2004 laurel hubbard is the 1st to qualify and 154000 olympians and barling bins. over the last 17 years, trans people belong in sports. and finally, in tokyo has become official athletes will be allowed to make political gestures
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and statements, but only before the competition begins. nothing like that is still allowed at the podium. so some teams have already announced they will be taking the ne, well, that was easy to expect. however, when athletes were pulled 70 percent said they were against any protests anywhere at the olympic venues. aud unusual weird. have you chosen the right word? economic terrorism. that's how the israeli president has slammed. the growing international movement to boy caught his country over its treatment of palestine about comes off the ice cream. bron bennett. jerry's stopped sales and what it describes as occupied territories. move that top is ready. politicians warn will back font and any hot funds bottom line, the foreign minister out of the situation is painted with anti semitism. then
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injurious decision is a shameful surrender to anti semitism, to boy divestment and sanction to all that is evil in the anti israel and anti jewish discourse. we won't stay silent more than 30 states in the us and t b, the submission laws passed in recent years. i'm going to go one by one, require them to enforce these, anti ben and jerry is laws because they will not treat us in this way without encountering a response. now it's just device. oh no. well, as you can see, people have been reacting some even uploading videos of themselves, beginning ben and jerry product from the social media. the firm says that operating and occupied palestinian land is inconsistent with its values and is also cited concerns from both consumers and business partners. safety though some retailers have shown solidarity with is wrong by dropping reducing stock of the ice cream brand. but of course the background to this is the palestinians. consider israel
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and occupy, accused the country of war crimes allegations that israel denied pops on supplies and there is a wide support for this move inside palestine. and i'm out i, we support the decision and any company that boy cause these rail occupation. we hope the whole world will boycott israel. the product. i know we are pleased with the company's decision will support the companies that by called these rarely occupation and always railey settlement because of the war crimes and crimes they're committing against palestinians. i feel happy because there are companies that have a conscience knowledge of the legality of settlements in the palestinian territory . when the american company makes such a decision. and it is one of the largest most widespread companies in the world. it is a beautiful thing. while the step by panagerie's is the latest and growing movement international boy, israel, an issue that he's tempted flower on both sides. the hair at all t. we put up for debate. i don't think this is going to make
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a bit of difference in israeli policy because it's so clearly so transparently an american company caving in to, to, to a mob demand that what we're seeing is some consumer power on the rise. this is not about the, you know, vs, for example, advising or lobbying supermarkets to stop selling ban injuries, foods and products. this is about consumers. i think the significance of this, however, is that this is coming from a u. s. company and a few months back. the u. s. was going completely in a different direction. they were recognizing in jerusalem as israeli, and moving forward to you know, recognizing the occupied territories as such, the left wing mom tries to take lots of complex situation like policing in america . we're like israel conflict with her neighbors and turn them into clear black and
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white right and wrong. when that's not the reality. if consumer power is growing, now you can call that left his mob or whatever. you know, if people see george floyd being suffocated under the knee of a policeman, then will sympathize and you can call that left is small but, but i think it's just natural that people simplified and take action. they can take a moral stand and say, well, i don't want to do anything with that product. that's the kind of double standard of people say offensive things across the globe. you mentioned what happened in minnesota where's been injurious boycott minnesota. i could point out more than offensive things being done in countries around the world. oppression being done, countries around the world. where is the boy there when we're just going to focus in on israel and say, uh huh. someone in israel did something that was offensive to an error and therefore we must boycott israel. it does suggest to me the sort of absurd,
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double standard in this absurd obsession. that does make me make me very suspicious of an anti semitism work. issue of settlement with she's not, you know, happening one month ago or one year ago it has been happening for, you know, a century or something. people are being kicked out of their houses, sometimes violently, sometimes under the premise or the guys of law and other people, other ethnic city coming and taking their place. you know, this has gone too long and every now and then because this issue is being solved, then it will resurface longstanding grievance every now and then you know, is shown bear in front of everybody and people remind themselves to make a moral stance. we're seeing a different path emerging in the middle east. think we're seeing countries like the united arab emirates, bahrain morocco saying you know what, what's best for our joint future in the middle east jewish era, but like muslim and jewish like it's not boy cutting and shunning,
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but actually coming together, working together, investing together, collaborating together, and i would humbly suggest that the united arab emirates model abraham affords model of investment in collaboration and mutual recognition will produce a better future for everyone in the middle east than some sort of silly boy cutting, pushed by americans who knew very little about the reality on the britain, no one said the most powerful navy in the wild, but now it's marine forces are part a floundering thoughts off to it transpired. but only one of fixed world navy destroys, is currently suitable to service with fairs raise that the situation is operationally unacceptable. so next up all t mart, gasdio asks, was a britain can ever room waves again? britain has made quite the splash recently, the cowboy flora into russia's territorial waters, off the coast of crimea,
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all ukrainian waters. if you were a british captain. itching for an excuse to antagonize the russians place your order. those a big splash as i say, but it was bravado the supposed show of full symbolized, but a tremendous defendant sailing into russian gun ranges was actually a bluff as it emerged that all other destroyers are in for repairs. h m, a defender recently at the center of a diplomatic grove with russia following the voyage of the cranial peninsula is the only vessel of the class without and issue. the other 5 type, 40 fives, all need work, either planned or due to problems developed while it see. it's a good thing, but it didn't break down and caught me in waters. the last thing the royal navy needs is a rush and tug boats coming to its rescue or
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a chinese one. following on from the queen elizabeth strike groups and no girl deployments. the united kingdom will permanently assign 2 ships in the region from later this year. big blad britain has i'm not entirely sure the chinese will be all that impressed, given recent events by which i mean breakdowns but big plans. nevertheless. now these, if the royal navy can scrounge together enough operational ships. so 2 of them, which as british assures, have shown, can be a challenge that ship experiences propulsion problems. as we have seen across the top 45 family than our carrier group would have to be forced to lean on an a, t a l. i to ensure that we have destroy protection. that really indicates bottom line that we need a bigger navy rule. we're tanya rule, the waves, the old song goes truly times bears know what not that the british are giving up again. big black, 24000000000 pounds earmarked for
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a new fleet. we are going to use extra spending to restore britain's position as the foremost naval power in europe. and until then, it seems, britain will depend on others to rule the waves in question is, is everyone in nato ready to fight and die and unintended hypothetical war sparked by another british stun. because it would be extremely embarrassing if they aren't still ahead. is the racial, the fact why rang us post so is that relations between black and white in america was white and 20 years ago. but who is to blame and what can be done about it? we'll talk about that. i'm much more of the shopping the i
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i use. i use the democratic dominated select committee investigating the events of january 6 on capital hill has been constituted. it will start proceedings next week. would be merely political theatre, a proverbial lunch room,
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food fight on national display. one thing is for sure these proceedings will reflect deep political divisions. fagley finding the truth looks to be of secondary importance. ah, hello guns while devastating floods in central china triggered by the heaviest rains in decades, they've wrought destruction across the region. the natural disaster has led to at least 33 deaths and 250000 people being moved to safety. authorities estimate the $3000000.00 have been affected and total while economic losses are estimated around a $119000000.00. the deluge has also wiped out transport infrastructure on brick water. now, although seems to be receding in some parts of the region, leaving, of course, the huge task of clearing up a local reporter told us how people are coping before police reached
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isolated villages and meet her township. to save lives, the constant ran seemed impossible to navigate. so that it was severe. rhodes were gone with no telecommunications signals were light supplies were insufficient. that more than 23000 people in the storm had gone me. city in central, china and problems have been relocated in the past. 48 hours. a torrential rent on tuesday flooded the town over night and triggered landslides on police rushed, reinforced ice and repair roads. with all the local rose out of the town already faced. the national emergency department last night deploy drone telecommunication devices and our mobile phones finally got signal. joe, who aided the fight against coby 19 and neighboring who the province last year, joins the front line. you have no idea older people, even those injured have joined together to help each other in this disaster being
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a part of it has been so worthwhile. the rest during this forecast to move your to providing a chance for the parents disaster reconstruction, particularly for those businesses. gimme me. barely thought we didn't expect such a disaster. a water inside the store was at least one meter high. oh, i can do as clean up. i haven't thought about what to do next. many residents like monster have to rely on instant noodles and bottled water. local authority, say the prestige also include koby night in prevention, helping with traffic and the resumption of gas and electricity supply, judging fiji and in the of the province. the last year has seen violent protests on major political moves and support of racial justice across the us. that seems it was all for nothing. as a recent poll, she's 57 percent of american save. things are not going so well between black and white populations on t. caleb moore, penn looks what's gone wrong. without unity,
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there is no peace, only bitterness and fury, those the words of joe biden, who pledge to heal the nation. while the president might be quite disappointed to learn more than half of the nation says that relations between the black and white population have now hit an unprecedented rock bottom. for the 2nd consecutive year, us adults positive ratings of relations between black and white americans are their lowest point in more than 2 decades of measurement. the research shows that while some white people remain optimistic about improving relations, the black population is losing hope. surveys show that police brutality is one thing. the black community is quite unhappy about statistics showing that one in every 1000 black men is killed by the police. this and a number of other issues resolved and only about a 3rd of the american population being happy about how the black community is treated. black people are also on satisfied about how the new administration
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handled racial issue. lead us from black lives matter met with white house officials earlier this year to discuss our policy agenda. and while we appreciate the chance to talk with them, we are surprised by their lack of progress on issues that matter to black people. the same communities that so strongly supported, biden harris during last year's election. people in the white community are starting to claim that they are pressed as well. take the issue of critical race theory. many white voices are speaking up and claiming it is rewriting history. number of white people, according to the survey feel now that they are under represented in relief programs, especially after the rise of the black lives matter movement. americans, poor assessment of black white relation stands alone in their assessments of relations between other u. s. racial and ethnic groups, majority of americans rate relations between hispanic and white people, black and hispanic people, asian and white people. and like an asian people, as good with people being drawn apart. the white house is failing to help divisions
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and overcome the tensions of previous years, making the problem more of an issue in today's america. so this is not surprising at all. it's of the unfortunate result. not having a reckoning with the past the present. and unfortunately, potentially the future of a country that really has never come to grips with how much racism ensconced. and it's very fabric. we saw really what surface the, the backlash of this country. having the temerity in the gall to elect a black president really surfaced a lot of people who had been harboring anti black and recess feelings into immigrant feelings and listen feelings for a very, very long time. a lot of distance between people create competition other in this person's coming from my job or this person's coming to harmony in my neighborhood. so social media has had a part in that, but also the programs of the united states government that i've been so rooted in
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hyper capitalism that they've actually split working class people apart because that in the interest of hybrid capitalism. and then of course, we've had just a very, very concrete politics in this country. fine, and might well be time for a new dictionary because online, all apologise should now avoid using the word. but while hoof love, as must no longer talk about philly's, that's the confusion of a new garden group that was banned by facebook for mentioning a garden tool, which is also known as a derogatory. what for women? ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, ah, just notified by facebook the photo used for all walla walla onions the over the sexual and therefore cannot be advertised to be on their platform. can you see it? while not know how off friday stories all shaping up at the moment, of course be back with the top of the hour. so we hope to see the
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join me every 1st on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. this is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation for community. you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is in a world corrupted? you need to this end to join us in the depths
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or remain in the shallows. ah, it's like you're watching down a street in a town. and in the store, windows are negative. in depression, you tend to go into the store and buy those thoughts and take them home as if they're yours. in mindfulness, you walk down the street, you still see the sort storefront with the negative thoughts, but you don't go in and buy those gosh. ah. ready ready well, i can scan cancelli class in person. i mean, often the said, well, the culture blue book truly,
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i don't need someone from the the because it's always more you need to, he's going to contribute the usually through which and practice and what gone. yeah . cuz we knew from the, the moment that she, the mecca williams is none of my new middle charts. and i oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and
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addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what driving the vehicle, its corporate. me folks, been working there for 3 hours. i got the spread myself. i got law roach coming up . i know what you're saying. i thought roaches were illegal, but the law is just been voted the best stylist, or is he likes to call it image architect and los angeles, and trust me, every 2nd person out here is an executive producer or an image. but my man is broken away from the pack. he just did something present day, the b e t awards and it blew up the image, the frock all over.


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