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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the who's i'm action or we're going underground, bringing destroys the powerful, doing, you know, coming up in the show as hazy berries. it's assassinated, us back president, you of anomalies. we ask the haitian masters of the u. k who killed him and do you believe the extent of the anti cuba nature nation media propaganda on demonstrations as your biden throws his weight behind them, we speak to the cuban ambassador to the u. k. all the small coming up in today's going underground. the 1st in the last 24 hours, the funeral was held for president. you have a number of britons argue below the colony of haiti, once a beacon to the world depressed under the leadership of revolutionary black jacobin to sound new to maurice was assassinated earlier. this month, joining me now from london is the haitian ambassador to the u. k. you santa mon,
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thank you so much. i'm after for coming on. so i know that hazy is known here for clothing manufacture. obviously people have had mining and strategic importance, bath oil and gas, who killed your president. thank you for having me. for now, we can see exactly who killed the president, but they is there is an investigation that is ongoing life now. for what we know. a few weeks after the where a group of grooms, asian americans and asian, the assassination of the president. some mostly colombians and custody, and haiti. some there is 2 or 3 asian americans. and
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also one or 2 of the person that was behind. that would be that as a nation, so the police, the haitian police and the justice, all on the i working to bring everyone who participated and that as a nation to justice. the, as you say, the police say americans are in hall. the pentagon says that some of the colombian suspects were trained by the united states. this comes after biden's, secretary of state, tony, blinking the very publicly was against movies, is a constitutional referendum change that would have allowed him more power. i mean, was he killed by washington? for now, we're not going to make any speculation. what we know
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now. yes. most of the missionaries where i'm going for military. yes. yes, i heard the news that some of them were trained by the united states. but as far as who exactly is b and that we have to wait until the judicial system until justice the say, who was behind this nation? what did i mean? the investigation to j. f. cases as an agent continues to his day, of course. but when you were in london and heard about that, not one of the presidents security team was injured or killed. and now that security team will be involved in the investigation. doesn't that raise? alarm bells? know some of the security guards from the information that we have
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there were more than 20 guards at that moment. some of them in custody. there is, there are some decisions by the, by the police to isolate some of the security guards. and they are part of the investigation, but they are not conducting the investigation, but they being investigated. it seems like a lot of people involved, obviously given all the arrest and then claud joseph was going to become the leader . now he's going to be the foreign minister. and now area henri is going to be the leader. i mean, already they're seeking help from the united states. why did the joseph step aside? first of all, we had to be to be respectful. group leadership, the former prime minister. he was and he is the minister of foreign
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affairs. i said that we have to give him, we stick the fact that he to charge the morning that the assassination up and think to be the sheep committee was created for for the of the president think to easy to she the beat, the haitian people remained calm. and there was no, no problem as far as violence and following the assassination of the president. because he was the head of the government. you know, before is a combination 40 hours before us estimation. but then we acquainted the become the minister because a close, joseph joseph was the means to enter him for more than 2 months because when they
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were wanting to find a common ground, we've a position to form a government where everybody would be present. so that's the situation that the condition in which the joseph had to continue to lead even after the assassination of the president. so the 30 s estimation of the prison and they had to see the, the haitian police actions opposition, the one that empower, they had to sit to find the common ground. and that's the kind of leadership that we want. that's the kind of leaders that we want. it's been a long time in haiti that you don't see leaders sitting together to find a common ground to find in haitian solution to our crisis. is there gonna be any
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change to the foreign policy? i mean, as far as i understand it, this core group involving the european union, the u. s. b o, a s, brazil, canada, and the united nations have what's called occupation troops. there they were accused of killing 30000 by infecting people with cholera in your country. the un troops going to remain is the core group still going to be running hazy and not the government is being said by some critics. we don't have the un troops in haiti right now. well, chapter 7 and chapter 7, the un is a big presence in haitian. yes, yes. we have the, we have the be new the integrated buell of the united nations. of course, you have the call who, you know, haiti,
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i've been part of the world. the history for since since our creation of, of our country in 18 o 4, we have been part of the united nation. i've been part of the associated and i still even before the united nation after the after world war one. and so we ways we are part of the international community. we been helped by, by our friends for a long time. i knew in, you know, some of some of our friends once more please. and then they bought it. but we know that we in the world that we don't, we can't leave, we get leave rose to our self. we have to be open to our friends. and that's, that's what is always be. it has always been a b, as always been an interest,
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a country where different countries see the interest we, we get to the life the, the fact that we close to the united states. we geographically closely that if you'd like me to go public like you, but like older, going to be in country. so they express most of the time. the interest and being in haiti will be speaking to the cuban ambassador about 2, but they have a different type of foreign policy to haiti. and of course, that long history, haiti was the richest country in the western hemisphere. and now it is what the, what the poorest. and we knew about the u. s. coups. just one example. i mean, we know from wiki leaks that the obama bite and administration intervened on the minimum wage for people in 80. it was supposed to be $0.61, and now they got it down to $0.31. is that the kind of level of
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us interference in haiti since the u. s. schools that have occurred to, i think in the past 20 years or so. again, sarah stevens on. yeah, it's a long debate. you know, obviously today is the time that we we are morning morning for the, for the president. but he's alone debate about the us prisons and haiti. of course haitians would like haiti to be to be wooed differently. they would like a different issue from our, from our problems. we have a lot of problems. but the reason why the lead is i just, i just talk about them. the leaders that we have today to bring themselves together and we have the solutions to asian bothers. will there be a u. s. base and have some i've said that the united states once military base in
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the haiti to attacks perhaps in the future, chinese interests in latin america. it already has the 4th largest u. s. embassy in the world, in the border prints. i don't think we've talked about us base today. it should assess the mission of the president, the prime minister into the pledges. and the government asked for some help to secure some critical states. critical points like airports balls and asked those and, and, but for them now we're talking about us base like as far as maybe terry it talking, why asked the chinese everyone else in latin america is, are you allowed as a government to get chinese investment globally?
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we like to get any investment from anybody, but if you know countries i've, i've new friends like you, we used to send diplomacy, we have interest. so i believe the haitian government, the haitian leaders, will sit down and decide whenever a deal or an offer is good for the country. just finally, when it comes to age, it's been a big subject in london, of course. and i understand the government here is stopped aide for a while up to the sex scandal involving british aid money to hazy. if a needs to be given for the hurricane season is going to have to rely on that the hurricane season has started and they say that this is going to be a big year. the predictions of hurricanes. i know you left a few of course after the earthquake, obviously you know,
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0 graphically. we indicate we did we been so every year we got he, by the way we can see is and some years more critical the orders. we always, we are always open to, to, to receive aid from, from our friends. but as i always say today, we look conducting a diplomacy of a we, we want to conduct a kind of diplomacy where we, we are, we presented, we known the fall for the country that we have for the history, the story that we have. but we're not going to put a site that we like you said a book country. if some of for some of our friends can we do we get
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a hurricane season so it will be will be glad to receive it. but today, we not really inclined of asking for, for, for a all the time. we want to be a country and we want to be seen different. we today as a thank you. thank you for having me after the break in washington, playing by the same old playbook when it comes to protests in cuba, we ask the cuban ambassador to the u. k. about revolution in time of corona virus. all the small can we open to up going on the ground. the china is raising prices up. they're the ones you are dictating prices. so we're creating a monster here. we created a brick and monster. we've got china, economy zooming. they can raise prices at will,
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in no matter how high china raise prices for americans to buy their goods. biden's going to print more money to send to china. this is worse to still be in chinese finger traps that ever been invented. ah, the eastern half of the united states were going to have billions, if not trillions of periodical cicada is interacting with tens of millions of human beings in their back yard. oh my god. obviously some of the cicadas do not have very high tolerance for alcohol because they are already passing out for 6 minutes. a 400 i mean that very
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satisfying. ok, welcome back. nature nation. meteor is arguably giving far too little attention to us and is really a real bombardment of syria and iraq in the past few weeks. but when it comes to demonstrations against cuba, neighboring haiti, it's a different math. some us officials appeared to call for asked strikes on havana. the u. k. government's response has been rather muted as it continues to cool for regime change in cuba, ally, venezuela. but should maurice johnson be seeking to increase ties with one of the most medically advanced nations on a join me now from london? is the cuban ambassador to the u. k. barbara montalvo, varez ambassador, welcome to going underground. so the media all around the world is talking about the end of the cuban revolution. what have you made? isn't ambassador here in britain of the media around the world about what's going on in cuba? the mass protests already said,
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read emphasis on all aspects. dod contribute to the most negative approach. you're also input on a mission. for example, that much on content migration against the government are continuously repeated, frankly speaking. we are no longer in the news. is them a story doors in favor of the government, or even support in the case of international and people? and i want to say, show, know, many people to support a cuban a seizure, not to understand what has happened for me. i went on a few, you know, our country, but it's going to, as you've been to that there was police regression. again, the phone of brothers start bought the colors of the us,
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of the vandalism has been almost gas. i clearly remember solar glasses in other countries, even in our region, we well documented policy khalidi, the not provoke the same reaction that events in cuba, half coast i'm in person on the east covers all the international solidarity with is limited defect decided or not is the impression that cuba is isolated incidents. there was coverage of the violence in washington on january the 6th, but we saw the pictures of cuban police beating up protest as we saw the pictures, the police act against the people who a provoke vitally me, incident or an ingredient,
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act of vandalism. it's no money in any country a long way. the country remains down in general. orders has been a shift, and an investigation is on their way to remind me of those who participated in the services i under i included an act of manually some instigators. those who finance of disorder, you know, there was the one who gary gotcha. that goes to do to crime. but also the one who, you know, happy way was fucked off the vents. the one who was there, the one who worked through the place. we are looking for is to feed them to have you guys to their mind a degree of participation uninstalled mission. what you did is washington involved in the protest in cuba. i gently said,
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jess and i explain this campaign. this campaign against cuba begun airily in new york when the, when the vote of the cuba and resolution against the blockade. even a summary of 900 nations 1st brought this is will god then the false account of the best was constructed to provoke reactions of the study. that easy was the predictors, then vandalism was on leash. our president, mr. decides donors manuals immediately after he knew of that, the services, the actions of motherly some appeared worse before his 1st. probably the 3rd ation. it was violent. that's the take place against policy stations, horse dos organization, her warriors shopping centers,
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on employees who detect their workplaces as well as a games in order to force for example of my los. so you saw them, i didn't, and i shall glean of go to the hospital in my dance of springs when they started throwing stones some more of those panic and some of those profuse in the bathroom with this year they so on the i know the bed orders even a cheat on us, your bucket, but i mean, it's funny enough 1st, a few years. if you go the last of the, it's always fuel labor on neighbors was carry out by us. that company reduced it in florida through our feeble miami incorporations which
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received the certificate gate of value to the or existence from the product department office state they sent. if you cation appeared on june 15 and that same day, but our people, miami corporations, last, they have stuck, is always cuellar. ah, it was not a labor graded in cuba. on is not a mussman. generated in our country is on, on that hash tag is the national endowment for democracy. the aide agency for democracy is, is that involved in that hash tag? i have information what i explained to you about days and company. and the last last of the start as it's always cuba, but they need to know the companies. for example, a n d q. we operate from florida loss on twitter days
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who money, tardy and innovation campaign in cuba, immediately. 80, thank you. i was created by united states. i'm financing my new side for the communication worrying. i work on what he happening. cuba was, i thought we had our bank or the political communication on operation conducted on finance and us government. and this is an ongoing operation, very active, pretty dangerous to and no one could deny that the us government has an enormous capacity of our land shows of unconventional war for. yeah, i mean, the usa and the national endowment for democracy deny all that. they say they, they help democracy and we've got corona virus. so obviously british tourists are not traveling anywhere at the moment. what do you think british tourists are going
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to think when they see the pictures of the protests and the continued us embargo? first of all, of course, the present situation, the problems with gravity industry affect our because system is why fi man a shark of income into cuba. and right now we, we are and i in a 2nd wave and off for monday make is some is, is effect on seriously. of course, maybe it's 20 times. it's 20 times worse here in london. why in britain, the per capita death rate tell me about the dollar vaccine that is being produced in cuba. despite the embargo, you know, q s biotech centrally unique. while you know that q has
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a capacity to produce between succeed, 60 to 70 percent of the residence, it consumes nice to clear the earliest social slip. and then we can, we develop a new case, for example, from start to create the 1st for the dive of like, you know, when later for us to be seen with the scientists most recently had said that he's 3 dose dose of oxygen is $900.00 and effective on ease to shot so that i can fax and delivered with the buster of gold abuse has proven and 91 percent effective in clinic. got dr. this moment right now more than a 1000000 bucks in house being administered in cuba. i know there were doctors,
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thousands of doctors sent to europe in union countries as well. why is it then that washington calls us state sponsor of terrorism. joe biden has not changed the designation since donald trump put that there about your country. i suppose that it is not easy to take a rec position because in our opinion on my stuff that many people know more, but i think in many people is on the war. consider inclusion in the least i'm just not sure what about the future then? because, you know, president former president lula was on this program. he may be returning to power in brazil next year. is a pink time going to help cuba. we've seen the us in bolivia. we've seen the
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changes in many latin american countries. do you think? i think that's a but to any of the so that lived in quite a nation around there was a julian 6 years hi, suffering. why our people suffer because of that. ok. some people want to talk to about the located what he does die or say the critics to cover up the capacity of the system and cooler nevada pen. he would have been of us, but they gave the book a the survey. now why is it implemented? whenever the stuff to the ninety's you know, side policy, because if the main cause of our problems don't independent, meet them like
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a preventative mechanic or ventilator to reach to coffee that lies under the saw the up or i want to something where what i want to underlined blue, which of course, a have a sense of all of our bags with our region to in a, in a common way. despite differences. we are happy if every 10 to the organ because i was on a new breath for, for people to show the school off. good. want to talk at this moment. no. why did you, why happened on july west, in my personal experience, we a, we have to go back to say what, whatever, and what need to change, but we defend it brighter than we think it's more and more just
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about that. thank you. and that's for the show will be back on monday, was indian politician and historian, former under secretary general of the united nations, jesse to rule what the so called pegasus leaks mean for the world's largest democracy until then keep in touch by social media and let us know what you think about the protests in cuba? oh, the. so what we try to do is really to leverage on the knowledge of this partners from developed countries and they offer free church services support was. so we look at the roll axis displayed because clearly one of the shows one of the show stoppers is the cost on the launch in the operation
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the the the protest is clashed with police and central pirates and 4th account and find it angry, demonstrated rallying against the government's plans to make the past as mandatory for entering public places for london as have also been up in arms as this weekend over vaccine past was in class with police while the story and page, the threatening to boy caught their own party conference over the issue the pentagon admit the 7 people implicated in the murder peyton's president had been


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