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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 31, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year after nearly 9 years america's war. busy in iraq will be over. i remember that day finding out the iraq war was finally over. it's just does. it says incredible. that will go. it was just drilling to hear, especially when just a year before that president obama had said this. so tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended operation. iraqi freedom is over. i remember that day finding out that the iraq war was finally over. wow. just while really bring, bring do your eyes the long hard thought war was finally over. are men and women did not guy invade are hundreds of billions of dollars. we're not spent in vain. that was so good to hear. and to think that was your, to scan 7 years after this,
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me major combat operations and iraq have ended in the battle of iraq. the united states and our allies have prevailed. yeah, i remember that day finding out that the iraq war was finally over. and it's just so emotional to, to see i've put an end of the violence. i mean, hearing a war, you know, is over a big deal. but to be able to end a war for and times has just been truly, truly wonderful. we are such a peaceful nation. we were able to stop war in iraq, 4 times in the same country. no, no one else could do that. no one else could, could even dream to be that peaceful. i can't even think of a country that ended war in iraq once,
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much like 4 times. and to think that speech by george bush came barely 13 years after this one by george bush. as commander in chief, i can report to you, our armed forces thought with honor and valor, and as president, i can report to the nation. aggression is defeated, the war is over. 5, god, 5, right there. we've been to the warner right. 5 times. how beautiful that anyone can enter, watch or twice, but 5 times, only us only america. so we buy and ending combat missions in iraq. again, i think it's time to review all of our achievements. we the united states. we went in there and in just 3 minds, 66 months, a year,
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a little over 2 years. okay. it was, it was a shane shade longer than 5 years or was it is too quick. math and just a shade under 20 or 30 years. we went in there and wait broad. we resigned. we, we, we stopped there. we, we went in there, they 2 years ago, and we top or sit down those jane. yeah. many years ago that was, that was many years ago since then. we have, we have totally brought down or, or built that job thing and found what happened to match it. no, no, never, never did that, but way, way, way went in there we, we went in, there we went in there, point over there,
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joe biden has said it is over except for the mercenaries and drop bombs and papa governments. but you can't, you can't play my for keeping that stuff co and everybody does that stuff. i mean, it's like, like picking, you know, you know, i have, everyone denies it. but when you're home alone, you'll drop and drop palm on a wedding party. right. who doesn't ok, seriously though, this announcement that were and in combat operations in iraq and actually revealed a lot about the american empire. it reveals that the same go dawn, no matter who's in that oval office. they all pretend their ending war. they all pretend we're doing, jumped and just and noble while we're at war. they all pretend they're making rational, brave decisions. but no matter who's in that top spot,
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they don't know. it's just, it's just a bad movie on repeat and you and you try and stop it and your mash and the buttons on the remote turn started and it won't stop from your junk and knock off the tv cuz you are abused by a modern tv and your ripper? not a little wire down the wall headed your key. why? why this moment also reveals yet again that our main remedial will trip over themselves to carry water for lying presidents and military goons. they will run around lick and boat and counting this announcement for by and as important as exciting will never mentioning that. we've ended combat operations in iraq over and over and over and over again. they don't tell you that both because they're getting it and because they know their jobs rest on pushing propaganda for the empire, they are meaningless. clowns and moments like this, yet again,
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prove it. so that being said, i can't wait for the year 2025. when president, the rock will announce the end of combat operations in iraq, it takes a rock to know a rock company for washington d. c. the valley. the base is redact of the night. the i welcome i'm li cam. now it's like the news from behind medicare for all advocates took to the streets of over 50 us cities this past weekend. let me start by saying i do support free health care, but i just don't believe we have the money to pay for health care for all right now . i mean, i mean, look at our military budget,
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the senate this week added $25000000000.00 to biden's defense budget, which means they failed to add $30000000000.00 to our military budget, or $40000000.00 or 43000000. those are all the numbers that can take up. they only added $25000000000.00 to the military intelligence. industrial complex is already one trillion dollar. 0 annual pay date, i mean, why would such a pathetic measly amount of money? how will the joint chiefs of staff keep their gold plated properly polished for the winter festival in which they ceremonially impregnate? an f 35 fighter jet by humping its tail pipe rental way that i think we're all asking that question right. how could we possibly pay for our citizens to have something as frivolous and elitist as health care when our military had do and to combat missions in iraq this week? i assume because they didn't have the cash to keep going on. our trillion dollar
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military is suffering right now. they're borderline destitute. i heard instead of night vision goggles, they're only equipped with day vision goggles, which they don't even need because it's data and you can, you can just see without them david goggles are just called eyes. i also heard, instead of canine units, they could only afford k 8 unit, which is just a woman named kate. i mean she's, she's core, but it don't get me wrong, you fine. but she can't like sniff out bombs or anything. and she has not man's best friend. she's in ok, friend a bad, but she's not like pick up the airport late at night or something. neither would a dog come to think of it. still still, our military is suffering instead of catalog best. our military can only afford sweater vests i heard, which, which a don't stop a bullet. i don't,
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i don't think and be are hot. and then the desert, who wants a sweater vest when it's a 112 degrees out? not to mention, you know, easy or target you are 1st neighbor when you dress like tucker carls in the middle of them. it's just, it's terrible point being we don't have money for health care. right now. we need that money to pissed away on our military. moving on, you've likely heard about whistleblower daniel hale. he revealed that our military killer drawn program murders, almost entirely innocent civilians in the rare event that kill a bad guy. it's like a lucky accident. hale showed the american people why we have blood on our hands. i don't know about you, but until then i was pretty baffled by a thought. i thought i had like a really bad hangnail every single day. anyway, 1st showing us the truth about the killing being done in our names. daniel hale was sentenced this week to 45 months in prison,
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almost 4 years. does it put that in perspective famed killer henry kissinger sends to 0 month imprison, famed puppet of murderous profiteers. george w bush bush sentenced to 0 months in prison. prolific serial killer general mad dog madness sentenced to 0 months in prison. superstar killers of, of children, bill going and madeline albright, who said in an interview that killing half a 1000000 iraq in children was, quote, worth it. 2 of them were sentenced to 0 months in prison. people responsible for all of the war crimes creek created committed by our drone a fascination program 0 months in prison. but the guy who revealed the war crimes daniel hale, 45 months in prison, vision of not telling the truth for several years,
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we hear redacted. the night have been following the story of the syrian chemical weapons attacks. and the story followed an interesting path, basically starting after the 2013 chemical attack. and due to, we told you it was bull that a shot had used chemical weapons, even though he knew it would mean any or certain attack by the us military. then there was another chemical attack this time in duma. and we told you again, it was both the nature media pretended. it wasn't more than a bunch of really awesome, independent journalists like aaron, john pilcher and seymour hersh, dug into the balls and found that it was indeed both then for whistleblowers from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the o. p. c, w, the top organisation for those type of things came forward and said they know the
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boat about the doom attack was definitely bo and now we have new evidence. the as of this week, showing the 2013 good to attack was, can you guess most malice stuff is so hard to protect and it's just so hard to protect. there are monetary reported this week for the gray zone. a new open source study conclude that syrian and surgeons carried out the good to fair and chemical attack in august 2013. really was not assad government. who did it, the good good attack killed hundreds of people with the use of fair and rockets. their motto reported based on their trajectories, the study traces all 7 missile impact locations back to the most likely large spot where they all intersected. a small area with an insurgent controlled territory. this location is about 2 kilometers from any impact site. the agreed range calculated by experts for the ball keno rockets used in the good to attack. well,
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i thought that was going to be a little more convincing. it's just the trajectory isn't maybe they got the wrong. who notes? right. no one know that your footage has previously surfaced of insurgents wearing gas masks, firing volcano records. yeah, but maybe those people war insurgents. maybe they didn't happen to be sarah and covered volcano rockin enthusiasts who wrote, right? no one, no identifying themselves as members of the insurgent group, lead islam. god can that guy? i'm, i'm trying to help you out here telling people there is no proof. it was insurgents and you just run around go on high, were paris insurgents and we'll be shooting sterren. could you, could you back up a little? i don't get any sara on you. it says you get to geneva convention. it's very deadly . that's why we're using it, that much weren't surgeon to not government boards. if you could tell by the name
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tags we always were not sure why we do that on a battlefield. i feel it's a little more personable. you know, just be just because killing people with sharon doesn't made way way where you can't be cordial and introduce ourselves. right. was tell the american government knows what the real truth is. and if they say it was a child who did it, then it was a sad to get an ad fell, who were in the london review books. seymour hersh revealed that us intelligence collected evidence pointing to syrian insurgent responsibility for the good attack . james, yes, us intelligence community want to go in and try to help you push your propaganda about it being a sod who use the chemical weapons and your standard bag days gone. was probably inserted one or probably one will still still still. there's just one intelligence report, insurgents in yard is grove don't even have access to sarah and there's, there's no way they fired those rockets that you don't even have at the defense
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intelligence agency reported the newsroom, syria maintained a sarah production. so the most advanced saran plot, since kate is pre $911.00 effort god damn. and i know that i was the narrator. i have this guy, is it daniel? daniel who neff look may be the d o d and american intelligence and independent journalists. maybe they don't know what they're talking about. i bet they all are western military intelligence agencies and there and the people that work what they probably said. it was a shod who did this, the british military laboratory, putting down, had found that the syrian used in good did not match the current known to exist in the syrian government arsenal. half off, you know? yeah. you know, i don't give and i'll give cnn and fox news m as in the same babysit satera enough
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credit put in for this kind of profit. and it's exhausting every word you honor is contradicted by fruit thought, sad fair. i'm no way to art on those mainstream media guys. what they do is nothing short of miraculous selling both the people and telling them it's joclett is not an easy task. well, well done. my head is off to you guys. we've got a quick break, but you check out my interview this week with dennis cruz senate said portable dot tv or listen to it on the redacted night podcast. it's called moment of clarity. it's on i tune spotify and stitcher. right back a lot more. ah, the ah
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oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted . not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the pieces that make it corporate? mm.
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welcome back. i'm still the camp. the city of buffalo, new york is now on the precipice of electing a socialist, mayer that is in less than cities, establishment, finds a way to game their own system to stop or for more. we go to our very own intelligence failure, anders li. ah, after generations of loss in population, industrial jobs and super bowl titles, buffalo has achieved the highest rate of concentrated poverty in the entire state of new york. so far, attempts to revitalize the economy through tax, abatements have failed. but buffalo's fortunes may soon be changed. as in getting redistributed to its poor and working class into former union nurse and democratic socialist india, walton won the democratic may oral primarily against incumbent violent brown. if
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elected in november, walton wants to do things like reallocate funds from policing to mental health services, establish public banking, expand communities, land trust, and m tax breaks for businesses in the wealthy to strengthen investment in public housing infrastructure, cooperatives, green jobs, food access in the arch but won't someone think of the landlords are critics plead if we're not careful, people could find out. we don't actually need them. now, walton would not only be the 1st socialist mayor of a major city in 50 years. sorry, bernie burlington doesn't count. get a few more high rises and wraps next time. she would also be the 1st woman of color to lead buffalo since ever, who wouldn't be excited for such an historic occasion? none other than buffalo's business community and the lackey mer. byron brown recently announced he would be running in november as a right in canada. mayor brown is a democrat, but since walton has the democratic nomination,
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this election would make brown in independence. which is weird since i thought the democratic establishment was always saying, vote blue no matter who, maybe they should add a caviar to the slogan like, unless the damage class war fight. and then you got to go with the right in. i don't know why or a boat in any case, here's mister mayor, explaining what the voters have said. we know the difference between socialism and democracy. we are going to fight for democracy in the city of buffalo. the voters have said that they don't want an unqualified in experience. radical socialists, i guess he's right, as in those are things that select voters have said specifically to him. that's a great thing about of agary like the voters. you could also claim that the voters in washington d. c. have said we should have polish traffic circles and you would be right because that's the thing. at least one voter has said, even yelled,
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i'll be it to myself while getting lost for the umpteenth time. because the lose direction to scrolling war taxes, i pass piece, read 17 times and had to spend the night in the middle of a circle. now, despite the backing of wealthy donors like far right, real estate mobil, carl palladino once said that michelle obama should live in a cave with guerrillas. brown's reelection campaign will be an uphill battle. it's never easy to win an election when your name is an email. i'm about, especially when you're running against the democratic nominee in a deep blue city like buffalo, byron brown, also asked to depend on a majority of voters spelling his name, right, which is a very difficult task for a byron half. the city probably thinks his name is brian. but even if this loyal servant of capital is defeated by his radical socialist challenger, western new york's ruling class is already drawing up back up plans. this week buffalo's common council announced they were considering a new system where the mayor would be no one. and no, in case you're wondering,
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they're not talking about replacing the government with a democratic confederation of anarchist polyamory sex communes. they are talking about a city manager who would be selected by the 9 member council in conjunction with the community to carry out the will of the council members. that is to carry out the will of the business delete with less interference. it's effectively a boring cou away for the bourgeois z to bypass democracy and speak directly to its manager. the council member introducing this repulse, which would have to make it passed. buffalo voters has listed issues with mayor brown as reason for such a change. not in the walton, it's just an incredible coincidence that they're introducing this now. right is brown is likely on the way out in a democratic socialist who will take on police unions and developers. is likely on the way in a socialist understand. this is just the beginning, if any one wins or agenda will face massive opposition from detractors, local,
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national, and global leaders in government, the democratic party, and even some trade unions will do their best to undermine her at every turn. but if the people are on her side and organize to do more than just vote than a socialist buffalo can be achieved until then, the focused must be on beating byron broad. or brian brown with bar barbara bush, big bird can't remember from buffalo matters late with redacted and now for all the news, we didn't have time to get through, but now we have time to get to it. please welcome naomi care mani hello lee and me . so as you know, stephen danziger was found guilty of contempt of court and sentence in 6 months in jail environment. environmental and human rights lawyer suits chevron for spilling 16000000000 gallons of oil in the equitorial rain for it. so chevron
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wants to make clear that they are allowed to spill their spilling company. i mean it was the texaco before, but now it's chevron. if they made their slogan, like we love spilling oil like then you couldn't really prosecute them. right, exactly. yeah, job. it is their job, but this, this verdict isn't a surprise. we knew that the judge was definitely biased. we knew that the court was bricked against him because he had a private, secure, private law firm that had ties to chevron prosecuting the case where the judge had a private prosecutor. yeah. yes. the judge had a private prosecutor. you know, a lot of details. sorry. i've been reading it. yeah. yeah, that's really unfortunate and discussing which is kind of our criminal justice system works now. exactly seeing this in public. you wonder what's happening behind the scenes like we basically chevron bring the core to act as goons for hire. and
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so you wonder like, what are they doing behind the scenes? are they pulling somebody's toenails off and being like tell us they don't have cancer from us? that's one possibility. i think they just give them lots of money. judges, they want to corrupt. exactly, exactly. so another story might have heard that close. he said yesterday that or 2 days ago, plus he said that bite in cannot cancel student loans. only congress can goes against what people in her party are saying and legal experts. yeah, i think that's what they call not true. yes, exactly, and biden is probably like so confused. now he's like, i can't be the president one buttons and probably also like can you find a reason that i can download and they're like, turns out we don't have any pen. so you statement. yeah, exactly. and it turns out below, sees, has been kind of disconnected federal service loan servicing. so and their
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family has a master fortune. well, yeah, as one of the richest members of all of congress which is already very rich. i think it, you know, it makes perfect sense. on the live life grant, everyone stuck in debt because then it makes it, it makes it more enjoyable for her to be rich. you know? yes, thank you so much. now. thank you. i, there are your headlines from the future in 2 weeks. you'll read joe by and spends a long weekend wracking brain for original snazzy way to again announce end of war in iraq. not a lot of brain rack. and in september, you'll learn. pennell, if u. s. military for us to reuse victim countries rather than moving on to fresh ones . well, cycling good for the planet,
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right. and one month you'll find out buffalo, new york narrowly avoid having social is mayor by passing bill setting may or must be marsupial of some sort of work. that's our show. but check out the reactor and i podcast is called moment of clarity and my other podcasts called government secrets both are free on stitcher, spotify and i turned until next time. good night. ok, biting the or i or my phone. i 60 and i don't, i just saw up dollar format, isis fighters, and now a boarding a philippine naval ship with
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john $900.00 jeff, aren't abdulla still don't know, watch waiting for them. can i get a hold of me . ready ready i can hear my finance guy looking forward to your message. this is what happened is the benches in britain still at the top of you watch kaiser report
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the will be someone like me seeking the best rights for people for children. and that, asking should have the best education there's to eval. if the taliban continued to oppose this will be confronted. i want to just confirmation to be political if they don't allow us to be continued to, to, to seek their own domination of a scandal. and the way they incorporate that will give rise to national uprising without a doubt. and i'll be want to use join me every 1st aid on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then in
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the protest wage in france, 43rd weekend, straight with people venting their fury, ad cobra, to help passes and mandatory vaccination. the french are also angry over what they see as and on top of a cordial understanding after front becomes the only country not exempt from corona virus. quarantine roles in the okay, that people in paris for their thoughts on the move thing is political. it's nothing else has anything to do with the reality of myers. i do think that it's, it's pretty ridiculous. they shouldn't single out certain countries over other countries and tourists are being evacuated from their hotels in turkey, where wildfires are raging in the south of the country.


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