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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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i in the protest region, france, where a 3rd weekend straight with people venting their fury and coven health passes and mandatory vaccination. the french are also angry over what they see as an on taunt when called y'all. a cordial understanding after france becomes the only new country not exempt from one of ours quarantine roles and you are being evacuated from their hotels in turkey, where wildfires are raging in the south of the country. prussian plains are helping to combat the fast spreading flames. alright, that is a look at your headlines, found me back in another hour with another look, this is national. say with the
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with i'm action or can see what's going underground coming up of the show after you get us he, you, nation armed is really strikes on god and syria is the world complicit against international law. the un special operator on human rights in the occupied palestinian territories. today, the de palestinians would have gone to the poles, tells us israel is liable for war crimes. and we investigate the origins of islam, a phobia with an international human rights. who tells us why we shouldn't fear them, planet all, the more coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, today would have been palestinian presidential election day,
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but under an occupying power, accused of war crimes, after almost daily israeli killing and multi $1000000.00 aerial bombardment. while this is pegasus revelations of israeli spyware company, and so group were overshadowed by the news that ice cream company been, and jerry's would stop selling ice cream and illegal israeli settlements. join me now from ontario, canada is the un special repertoire on the situation of human rights in the occupied palestinian territories. professor michael link, thank you so much, mike. over coming back on this, just go straight to the letter that you and 2 other threats were apertures. calling for elections the not happening today. after all. have you spoken with israel? after all, armed by britain, the united states and european union nations that appears to say no elections in east jerusalem. i don't see any pressure for quite frankly, from the international community with respect to the, the rescheduling of these elections. we want these elections to be held, obviously in as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 6 months. and we would like,
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obviously all the participating parties, israel, the palestinian authority, hamas, as well as the international community to ensure that all palestinians have a link to vote a right to participate and particularly those and in occupied eastern islam where israel has made it very difficult to trying to conduct the policy and elections. i mean obviously those invalid saying watching this right now, we'll go hang on a minute. there's been aerial bombardment every other day in the gaza seemingly. why are we talking about elections? any response from the israeli government to the letter? know? quite frankly, i'm not surprised. i have been in the position of special repertoire for more than 5 years. i have never received a single reply from israel to any of the 75 or so statements that i released or any of the 10 reports that are released or any requests made by me to be able to visit the occupied palestinian territory. they don't recognize the mandate, they don't engage in it and they don't reply to anything that i right. i mean there
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being some noises, since terabyte is elected, does the united states even recognize you as un special roberta? i've not heard anything with respect to that. i don't have a regular contact with the united states. so i'm hoping to now that we have a president that at least on paper is more open to i guess, recognizing some form of palestinian rights. we'll see down the line, i hope to be able to be in touch with the americans of the next time i'm in geneva and in new york, you think bennett will allow joe biden to but a u. s. consulate in east jerusalem for the ballast indians. i'm sure is that a beach that's going on within the israeli government and the end of the day? i can't see how the how these really government can refuse the old opening a reopening of the u. s. council, that's been there since before. 900. 48 is my understanding as simply restoration to the status quo. joe biden has done some on attacks. some of the issues that
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were, that had been on done by the foreign president such as the restored aid to unwrap the palestinian refugee agency run by the united nations. he's attempting to try to reopen as constantly as restored funding to the palestinian authority. in general, i mean in the news has been hundreds killed or wounded in the shape your neighbourhood obviously directly in your remittance as these eviction processes going. i think the, their supreme court decision comes but can i just quickly go to gaza and ask you what you know of what is happening there, especially given israel has been area li bombarding it with weapons supplied to them and weapon birds from britain where i'm speaking to you for sure. the most recent statement was made by the united nations during a special meeting of the un security council devoted to the middle east. and the
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deputy un coordinator stated that there is attempts now to both to evaluate the amount of damage done to gather both with economy and to its infrastructure. it's probably somewhere in the area of, of a half of a half a $1000000000.00 of damage that was caused during the violence in may. there is an attempt to try to raise money, which is going slowly among international donors to, to fund this. again, there's attempts to try to be able to whiten the number of the amount of materials that are going in the gas, both for construction and reconstruction, as well as just for the daily economy. keep in mind, you know, gas is flat on it's 5, it's economy is stagnant, it has among the highest unemployment rate of any geographic unity unit that the world bank looks at at around 50 percent. its health care system is shattered both by lack of equipment as well as by the rise in cold cases. it's water is on
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principle. it's now optimal. getting to around 14 hours a day of power each day, which is hardly enough to be able to, to restart in economy. any economic development goes on and gas usually is allowance of construction material to come in to repair what israeli missiles are one of destroying. i mean, just on the journalism element, the fact that israel has been carrying out as strikes in the past few days, weeks. why do you think it doesn't even make the front pages of newspapers in the capital of countries supplying the been re to to bomb this area speak of? so sadly, sir, i'd like to think i don't have a cynical bone in my body with respect to this. how else would i do this to help unless i'm not? i'm going to journal optimist. but the question then becomes, if it's not, if it doesn't bleed, it doesn't leave here, we have more than 2000000 people penned up behind a 14 year old blockade that constitutes collective punishment,
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which is illegal under international law. and yet i can't think of a single other situation in the world where you have this number of people behind a behind fencing and basically not, not able to move outside of that restricted area. and you know, the, the, well, the level of attention given to the ongoing right file ations caused by this is minuscule. yeah. but i mean, if it bleeds, it leads, they are bleeding and what is it? how many were injured in the illegal beta settlement? just in the past few days, a 150 wounded. you call this this settlement? the settlement war crimes. yes. and that is not a hard thing to to come by. i think any international lawyer looking at the definition of war crimes under the room statute of 1998, which created the international criminal court, will see the definition of an occupying power. moving parts of
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a civilian population into the occupied territory is clearly on ambiguously defined as a war crime. and that language was directly borrowed from the 194914 convention and the 1977 additional protocols. and those earlier documents and international law that the security council, the general assembly, and the un human rights council have repeatedly said, israel isn't flagrant violation of so it's no great logical step to say that if the settlements are, are great breach of the 14 convention and using or should the same language there war crime under the 1998 our own statute. well, israel obviously denies war crimes. the united states doesn't to be really recognized view in human rights council. and presumably it's now up to the international criminal court to decide on the allegations of war crimes. does that mean that any businesses here in britain say, or in the you, if they are involved in the settlement building or house destruction,
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or they facilitating war crimes? sure. mean that definition that was created in 1998 is quite broad. it says any, basically any actions directly or indirectly. those are the key words that are in the definition of war crimes in the rome statute maybe may amount to person the prosecution of those involved in it. so it would be, obviously, these really military, political and administrative leadership that has celebrated the creation of the subtle and civil asked by decades. but it could also involve international businesses that are both directly or indirectly with the maintenance of the supplement economy. and we're now at a new, new understanding international law. the businesses may be culpable, may be liable for either civil suits or for, or perhaps for war crimes, if they're involved in
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a manner that wanting to violating what are our new understanding or crimes constitutes. so british companies, international companies that are, that are actively engaged in the, in the settlements. you know, please, please keep the warning to far from the union, leave the parent company of ice cream brand abandoned. jerry is having to apologize and say, we oppose a boy called davis with actors. they may, they may thank those have been injurious for getting them off the war credit liability because they refusing to fill the ice cream now in the legal settlement. sure. and if you think in the one, this is a, this is a, a tempest in the, in a tea party i, american ice cream maker is going to withdraw selling ice cream from the, from the settlements. but you can see how the reaction of the israeli government, the president of israel's called us economic terrorism. the foreign minister said this is a form of anti semitism. you know, at some point these arguments and the scare tactics are going to sound increasingly
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follow. the settlements are clearly illegal. i know national lot every single country in the world except and if they are illegal, a flagrant violation, say according to the security council and a war crime, then what are we doing, allowing those 7 goods to come into the or be a market or the north american market, that economic oxygen given to them only allows them to continue to, to flourish their now around $700000.00 is ready suckers. and somewhere between 252300 settlements occupied east jerusalem and the west bank. that's the, that's the engine of the occupation. and that's the main reason for the continuation of the occupation. and that's the main obstacle to realizing genuine palestinian self determination which the world says it doesn't favor out. well, they are in sports competitions. they're in the eurovision song contest. i mean, just to be clear then, isn't it enough? totally. bennett a war criminal because he is involved too clearly in what you describe as war
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crimes. the settlements? well, yes. you know, i think, i think the, the stretch of the, or the reach of the prosecutors off of the international criminal court would go to it doesn't come back, states a convict, individuals. and the reach of the international criminal court would be towards any of the leadership, militarily, political and administrative that have in fostering, encouraging the development of the, of the settlement. well, the, i see obviously more famous for prosecuting a black africans than white people hug. kimberly just very quickly on the pegasus spyware. i think is it your understanding that it could be used against all people to track all people in the territory occupies exciting 67 right now. maybe the 1st of all is the way in which of these private israeli and other
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cybersecurity companies have been able to sell their advanced cyber technology to countries around the world. including many authoritarian countries, has many of these companies, countries are able to use this advance of spyware on their own citizens, particularly with respect to political dissidents. and those engaged in critical journalism. that is a, a great breach of both the right to dissent as well as the right to privacy. you know, the 2nd, you know, it shows that there is virtually no oversight, at least with respect to these really government who has the issue export licenses to these companies, such as, and so to be able to send their spyware abroad. and as a huge gap with respect to that and perhaps suggest that there's been a fair amount of collusion between the israeli government and these spyware companies. in sending this, sending the cyber security surveillance off to companies that israel wants to be able to, to nourish the relationship. but the 3rd biggest,
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which is the one that's really been covered by these revelations over the past several weeks, is that this is the cyber spyware. was developed on the palestinian population over the last 3 and 4 decades. most of these israeli cybersecurity companies at their origins and what is called unit $8200.00, which is the military unit devoted to surveillance of the palestinian population. so what is used on palestinians today is used on world population to moral well, obviously. so group denies any wrong doing and says what it's doing is trying to create a peaceful world with visual editor. thank you. my pleasure. after the break, we ask international human rights parcel, and if the car was driving the global fear of a muslim planet, all this, i'm all coming up about to have going underground. join me every thursday on the
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alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. in oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. me. ah, welcome back about when we talk to a un special rebel tour about legible crimes committed against, predominantly,
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but by no means exclusively occupied palestinian muslims ever since. 911. the cold war against islam has been arguably waged against the 1900000000 muslims of the world will. joining me now from washington, d. c is also and if the car international human rights law and author of the new book, fear of a muslim planet, global as i'm a phobia in the new world order. thanks so much for coming on, you know, in british tv or we see, or when it comes to muslims, arguably, migrant arriving from countries that have been intervened in predominant and most of them ones tell me about fear of a muslim planet. well, 1st of all, i've seen it actually 1st play on the very famous 990 album fear of a black planet by public enemy. and really what it does is it relates to the heart of a lot of what we're seeing in terms of modernist, on the, for me to today with, you know, wait the premises or other conservative governments. the west, you know,
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basically saying that we are going to be taken over by brown, with some great replacing conspiracy theory. this waited in many parts of the world today that is leading to agenda levels will be another them around the world. but it's arguably working. do you think these decades of, i suppose what you'd call propaganda, let alone laws in so called liberal countries like the urban union? and canada saying, yes, absolutely. i mean, if you look at the right sort of right wing entrenched, national them all over the world, whether it's marine, france or victor, oregon and under your adviser than another land, or donald trump. i here in the united states, you know, we've, we've seen this describe the growing nationalism which in many cases, perpetuated and sort of exacerbated by a, by white supremacists, narratives about you know, brown and black people coming to take over, you know, the majority ideas. and so that's what i always like, i like that, you know,
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even though i write about it on the, when it comes to sort of the underwriting of human beings, or is it going to terms, it is actually a biblical term. it's been around since time immemorial from the book of leviticus to show that we are the human race of always the unit to blame other people for all of those. and even though might be today, it's going to be somebody tomorrow. i know somebody else yesterday and so that's why it's important for us to dallas against them wherever you forgot russia as well, which also has a lot similar to one used to be in britain that promotion of gay rights. but i mean them, arguably, as for liberal identity, politics is, do you not think that most muslims, perhaps, like most abrahamic, judah, jewish and christian believers. that what do you think of their attitudes to trans rights? l g, b, g q plus rights and, and women rights deals of equality. you really think the most muslim support l g
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b t q plus rights money. i think most, most of them do in terms of protecting the, you know, civil and human rights of all people. but again, that sort of getting back into the sort of the time of the narrative, the me, one for people, the world that the most them going really in the world and, you know, we don't conflate all christianity or all christians with, you know, some of the more orthodox teaching christianity. and so i'm trying to see that where we are as diverse as everyone else. you know, when you talk about racial profiling and listens in the west, it laughable because obviously represent every color of the rainbow. you know, here in the united states, for example, one 4th of american muslims are african americans who have been near came over 1500 . we have a 4th that are era, again, more and more people in a rural, wrongfully could conflate with that being arrows are being muslim. the of
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a 3rd of the american was that are from the agents of continent. and then, you know, in europe and let you know as well. and so again, the purpose of the book is again to show that, you know, the irrational fear of, you know, in the market, you know, muslim is coming to take over. western society is laughable as you know, obviously, you know, the historical claims that you know, the world like jewish conspiracy or the black brown for latino folks are coming to take over the united states. and so we have to look at it in terms of, of anti racism globally fastest growing religion here. i thought the s lamb, but i mean, i do want to sound like steve been and i'm not bidding for a job in terms 2024 cabinet. but you don't think that there is an attitude amongst elite and i want to bring the class dimension here that these white working class fundamentalist christians of the american south. they're all there is a kind of prejudice against them. why? i think it all comes from, you know, misinformation and
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a lack of information. you know, obviously when you, when you look at any sort of demographic group, you know where they are over whelming li, houma phobic, the white christians in the midwest pulse show and pulse about muslims that their views on l g b t q writes not the same as those metropolitan areas, the class is the correlation you. right? but i answered your homophobia question 2 questions ago. what i'm trying to get out is again, that 70 percent of white from republican voters in the united states say that they don't know them. and so when you look at 16 or 17 republican presidential candidate to really try to sort of out of each other with down from saying that you want to complete and total muslims from coming into the united states. people like ted cruz and ben carson said that they wouldn't allow muslims or even hindus, you can federal judges here in the united states, saying that sure, yes, from the moral effect. the united states, even though our supremacy call the constitution that no other law can be,
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can do supreme love the land. so again, it's, it's pandering to a lack of education with information that we've seen. and again, it's something that we've seen for lack of a decade here in the united states, obviously with the immigration to be with latino, the spanish, i'm a memorial from the beginning history with the african american community. if you read to them, not only right now, but again the or the 20th century with henry ford and obviously the holocaust and japanese internalize 140000 you have thrown in german camps. so again, this is the next chapter of the right to the united states and in many parts. of course, one could make the point that it is these countries nature nation countries that have often supported arguably muslim groups in muslim nations. there we'd love to validation having jo biden's referred to them previously of the supporting financially. certainly those linked to al kinder in isis dash. obviously the majority in enough canister more recently in this area. is this missing the point
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that actually these western nations have been terribly pro, a particular type of muslim because what they want is fights between different brands of islam in the muslim world. well, i mean if you look at the reason the mean us and what to support, you know, the majority countries on the 8th and the earth, it's really been for the anti democratic, despotic authoritarian regimes that are cracking down on their own, on their own electric stores. the united states in the west really sided with whoever is most convenient for them, but again, i think it can, can be underscored enough that everything that we're seeing today in terms of american was the policy towards the muslim world debate. with some world, it's towards more toward more democratic, more or area and, and that's having it, a huge impact as well. i mean, if you, in my book, i'm not only highlighting western white, it's on the for the i'm also highlighting eastern pharma phobia. we have
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a 1000000 listen. turn me in china. we have me on mar, india with a 1000000 of them were pushed into one that age. we have india with the raising rise and authoritarian lurch and they're in there monday and on his policy. so again, this is not something that it's supposed to wait for in the west, but again, it's metastasize in many part of the leading to genocidal levels. i think obviously me and mar and moody publicly deny. deny that you mentioned a 1000000 in internment camps in gene jang. where do you get that figure from a 2018 human rights watch report, united nations or words? again, i can spend an entire interview going over that when i'm trying to show again, is that part of a global problem? right? a lot of folks say, well, you know, it's only happening in the west point waco, center games are americans that are doing it. no, it's a problem for all of us. go racism in any of any state that is a problem. and as a human right for something that we should all be god again,
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you know that the human rights watch report was based on testimony from sources that have been widely discredited. in fact, by evangelical christians, we've had on this program, people talk exactly about that. doesn't that destroy your case? because what you're actually doing in this book is to is to talk about islam in a non, as a non threatening revolutionary ideology against current neo liberal norms. you talk about donna karen's, are a mango offering clothes for a particular class of muslim. that is more modest. don't you really want to turn islam into a thought of friendly capitalism, friendly religion rather than actually as regards supporting what is fundamental, the abrahamic religions which is a, which is a love of people that is a very conflating question that doesn't even really make any sense what i've tried to do is i'm trying to humanize farm and look one to majority of the world public
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that has no exposure to them, right? again, if you look at, you know, 22nd. but if you look at, you know, if you look at the dimensions of all those in beard, bearded men and women covered in hollywood movies and tv shows and, you know, the news cat. that's what's leading to a lot of the time for me that we see today because of the fact again, the months ago when you don't have heard anything, you're obviously going to make your decisions about the on the narrative that you are a bargain on a daily basis and so again, i think it's important for people on of all different, especially those who look like don't believe like us are from different part of the world. but again, it's important for us to understand in a global context, global village is shrinking on a daily basis. and it's important for us to understand the things that happen world way and have an impact on it also. and again, it's important for us to get out of our entrenchment and to, to look at things from more humanistic leader. the leads do have things to fear
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about rather than a muslim planet, a revolutionary abrahamic planet. we knew about the great revolutionary catholicism and latin america that fought against the u. s. power structures in the military industrial complex. we know that the islamic fighters in yemen, fighting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis against the military industrial complex, as seen by the end. again fe, you're not taking away some of the power of abrahamic religion to be able to fight elite power. i mean, i don't understand your shorthand to believe i don't know what that means, but when i'm, when i'm seeing that, yeah, there are issues here. but again, get, look at global politics. you know, from different context we can conflate 186 countries on the earth. 57 with most of the majority, wants to cherry pick and pick one or 2 isolated countries as indicative of
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a global trend is actually part of part of the same problem. again, you know, we don't, we don't want, you know, we don't want people to cast aspersions on brown folks. i can see sort of like a general edition and a lot of the framework questions that are sort of pattering, that same sort of millionaires. i'm trying to do that, you know, everybody is a human being. we all have different countries in the west, palm and europe, different than if i'm in the middle east or south asia, we're in australia and we're leaving out. you can see what the global lead and the monolithic entity. there's no model, it's again to use anywhere in the world. and that's part of the, the book. it showed that, you know, there is no, you know, monolithic entities. and so, because of that, we look at things for the fact as opposed to sort of trying to catch this version, you know, in blanket generalization, africa. thank you. my pleasure. thank you. that's have the show back on monday to investigate class war in a cornish fishing village in the after winning film bait until then keep in touch with social media and let us know if you think the so called mainstream media is
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unfair. it's reporting of muslim use pop with me for session is 0 time and like, what do you call that? what is that word? it's called communism right? only in communism with our state run countries. they have no recession, but they also have no way for anybody to have a life other than being a slave. so okay, that's what the the .


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