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and now it's been one out, my in my name is see how does the multiply cove it's got 6 and the job and capital descends into may with protests. this clashing with police pilot has only just found or locked down demonstrations and made a full wave of infections. israel says it now has proved thought iran on thursday. attack the tanker off the coast over oman, killing to what is there any prime minister, call that a ra damien. aggression. however, the tower on ottoman needs the noise to play holes in the stories, the shape, the week. a case of negligent homicide. israel and softer, huge explosion that a key chemical plant in germany killed 5 environmental group. greenpeace alarmed
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describing the multiple impact. and here the main question arises, is it's an acceptable to place this as it were, told the tags near large settlements and american whistleblower. 6 daniel hale's son for almost 4 years in jail for leaking information on us and trying to fat we have from others who will so call that conscience and shad stacey with when we kill civilians. and then put in the official report that they weren't children, for example, they were go. that is a war crime. it's really a war on through not just with the government that war with its own people. ah, rounding up the biggest stories in the past 7 days. this is the weekly here on aut international live from moscow. and welcome. while starting this,
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our classes have erupted in central phelan. thousands of coven skeptics gathered to protest long running restrictions with police, detaining new slings, 100 demonstrators. it's only a day since city need is bound such riley's over the risk of spreading the disease . the me. ah, the most people have been arrested in berlin to be after a demonstration against my to some of the standards in case it's harder protesters to try and believe we would, catherine the multiple from to in the west in capital berlin bear raleigh was not
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authorized by police, actually, it wasn't only one of the values that they were trying to get the food for, but they were very molly's and all of them have been consider, invite german police out all of them for bath ever, absolutely received. this will proceed with their demonstration curve level or lateral thinking group. they decided to fight further with the system in the administrative course and thoroughly and which also agreed to actually we fully use bound older demos. timely back, you can see a huge towards town. i'm the only one that is employed here through the huge police presence over there. and it's been quite hard to be able to move around the see. and also actually was allowed to buy the saw the culture
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to all the choppers slide all around the are actually petroleum monitoring for the size of throw tasks gather. and here are the air. this happens as the german government has received to indicate that there are 3 miles to all confirmed, told read 19 cases to serve costs all 100 cases in less than 2 months unless you restrictions to being brought, unless more people do that themselves. and also just recently the age for the germans comfort onto america has sad about those people who decided damage to relationships more strict english for as the government suddenly contain the
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reference of virus and contrast, for example, the case of friction is i would say more last example, because you're killing me when you chose that nation down on a daily basis, and you need to be back to me before that to basically use an answer any facility, use any interest team and just provide and prove that you are. if you have a magnet, this test results, however, and now it's been decided that starting from september measured which change how many 2? 0215. just like i said, people to see for those tests unless it prescribe by a john, pick one that's told us through florida. so take no issue with similar gatherings that didn't challenge that policies the most. well,
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the most content tracked down on positions in germany to receive free memory traits, not telling them not to go forward eating counter quite organized by government clinicians to be released today. we're calling, we're taking a meeting where the german government, berlin, regional government allow much of a time over people's last weekend or one of your lots of gay life. re, to be held in the street, the berlin participation of the mayor. and of course, the police are not cracked out on the back and, and been wearing mosley though they were kissing and the 3 is there i am the
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german. so the same way the proud of the today should have the ability to take care, right. read them family and focus in the b. e in there. in the jungle. from germany and explosion are made to chemical pond on tuesday of til 5 people with 2 more still missing piece have opened a case of negligent homicide. initial investigation suggest there is no risk to public health and toxins with more detailed test expected incoming days. well, the site is actually one of the largest chemical parks in europe. employ 2000 workers. more than $5000.00 chemicals were manufactured at the area including elements. the production of explosive, greenpeace voiced the concern over the impact. trouble, the situation is very difficult from a chemical point of view. it is really possible to imagine a huge catastrophe. we have found for the insinuation of hazardous waste that is precisely those substances that for obvious reasons should not enter the
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environment. they collected and burned. and it is such a plans that have no suffered in explosion. it was the substances which should not be in the environment. the 3 axes, with each other, burned up and spread in these clouds of gases throughout the region. and we know that the inhabitants did not know what they might be exposed to after the explosion on the subsequent fire at the incineration plan. just behind me, residents were initially told to remain inside. keep that windows and doors closed . a tentative all clear was given. following tests that were carried out by the state and federal environmental protection services, those tests would be looking at the quality of the, the soil as well as looking at re, was set that fallen from cloud sort of been in contact with the huge plume of smoke the enemy emanated from the facility just behind me say they've reported so far, no elevated levels of pollution. but authorities have also said that they're pretty
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sure the talks were released into the atmosphere following this fire and explosion . now we have seen a lot of messages being given out to people in the local area, warning them not to eat anything that's being grown in their gardens, in the nearby area. also telling people not to allow children to use playgrounds. don't sit in garden furniture or anybody that has a swimming pool in the garden, not to use that either. there's also being warnings about making sure that you take off footwear, outside of your home, if you're in one of the areas with london. now, despite these warnings being given out, activists of sold off the, the, well, a number of people still unsure what they should be doing. uncertainty to rein people road to me, asking whether they can go to the gardens and whether we will take more samples. and this worries me, most of all the people remain the dog, and this is not only the fault of the enterprise. after all, the main problem is that no one knows what substances have reacted and what
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actually happened. and here the main question arises, isn't of an acceptable to place this as it were a powder tags near large settlements. life has pretty much returned to normal in labor cruise and i'm the surrounding area. we've had condolences being offered to the families of those that died as well as praise for emergency services and rescue as he were on the scene so quickly. but a lot of people looking towards that information, we're expecting to hear about long term effects. that could be that this is the most densely populated area of germany. a lot of people living in the near by surrounding not just of labor, cruise and but also cities like cologne in the why the area of north run with fall a will blow it in the u. s. has been sentenced almost 4 years in prison for leaking classified information about americans drawing program while starting at the park from base in afghanistan a decade ago. daniel hale helps identify targets for association when he returned
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home in 2013. he showed secret details about the dream program with john this from the intercept online and use site revealing the true extent of civilian casualties in the middle east. and africa and watch hail pleaded guilty to making classified documents for revealed that 90 percent of strikes have actually hit civilians will be us ramped up and thrown program during the obama administration since. and as always, more than 14000 strikes in nations like afghanistan passed on yemen and somalia, thousands have been killed with more than 300 children among the victims. we spoke to whistleblower informing us intelligence officer and john kerry acco in week who attended hale sentencing hearing the mood was one of great apprehension and the court room was packed for daniel hale. it was all quite dramatic, but we were apprehensive because we really didn't have any indication of which way the judge was going to go. and then he surprised everyone by clearing the courtroom
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and sealing it for 2 hours. while the justice department argued in a classified venue for a sentence of 9 years to me, the fair verdict would have been to, to, for the judge to come off the bench, shake his hand, thank him for his service to the country and let him go home to his family, i didn't think he deserved any prison time at all because he revealed a crime that was being committed by the u. s. government, the crime of, of the murder of innocent civilians. these are war crimes. when, when we know that civilians are within the strike rage, that makes it a crime when we kill civilians and then put in the official report that they weren't children for example, they were go. that is a war crime and it became a matter of course, it became something that many drone operators and their supervisors were doing ahead of a sudden thing hail wrote k, the court, detaining some of the things he'd witnessed as was completing the deaths of 2
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children in a drone strike, he'll say, slammed the claim of former president brock obama. the drone killings of ward protected americans. the policy of drone assassination was being used to mislead the public, that it keeps the safe whenever i encounter an individual who thinks that drove warfare is justified and reliably keeps america safe, i remember that time and ask myself how i could possibly continue to believe that i am a good person deserving of my life and the right to pursue happiness. leave strome circle 24 hours a day and delivering deaths from the skies. i have turned most of the muslim world against us. it's been completely counterproductive and i think hail understood that and he sought to inform the american public. but we can't have a debate. we don't know the truth and we know the truth about drones because of the courage of daniel. and it's not just about going after someone like hale,
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it's really kind of a death blow to the press itself because it prohibits the press from shining a light on the inner workings of ours. it's really the misuse of the espionage act which has been continued and other well known whistleblower waited on twitter, edward snowden, and condemned the court's decision and praise pale musical reaction for a former us pro no prey to lift the lead and what his walk involved. brandon bryan says that in the choice between ignoring civilian killings and making the public why his conscience made up his mind. it's really a war on, through the night just whistle blowers. we've got people that have been propagating this war over in the middle east for almost 2 decades. now. the government is at war with its own people. if you can, you're part of the machine. the car runs this machine, yet you have to bear witness for it. not just an unfeeling part of the machine you're feeling. and eventually you have to find yourself in the middle of that
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storm and be like, you know this. i have to do. i have to do this because if i don't do it, who is going to, i find it strange that conscientious individuals that are inside the program that are trying to hold us accountable for the obvious blayton war crimes that we ourselves are doing are being punished and it seems that they're punishing people in order to make them an example. and that really does disturb me, especially if america supposed to be this great country and freedom fighter amongst the world. how we're punishing our own people who are trying to do the full stories coming with you off the short breaks that are going way out the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk rather driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares think we dare to ask me. ah
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ah hello again. is rose prime minister has threatened to hit back out iran off to claiming it has proof that a car adult sites these deadly tank or talk in the arabian sea. 2 crew members were killed supposedly by drone strike on the vessel linked to an israeli billionaire. however, tara denies responsibility and patches retaliation if attacked. policy reports from television, pensions can, the region are running high and major concern that they could be a confrontation between iran and those opposing her. so i think we have seen the red treat increased dramatically, particularly as the israeli prime minister, enough to be bennett, had sprung words for tyrann, shall not be off. so he ron is the one that carried out the attack against the ship
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. intelligence sources have uncovered evidence of this, and we expect the international community to make clear to the uranium regime that they have made a serious mistake. in any case, we know how to convey the message to iran in our own way. now the united states and united kingdom have joined israel in pointing as of yet, and substantiated fingers at iran, blaming her for being behind the tax. the secretary of state entity blinked and has said to quote that he's confident that iran was behind the attack. the united kingdom saying it's highly likely that's around what's behind it, but we have heard that phrase highly likely before and very often means that there is no evidence. we believe this attack was deliberate, targeted and a clear violation of international law by iran u. k. assessments have concluded that is highly likely that iran attack the n v most the street in international waters of amman on 29 july using one or more unmanned aerial vehicles. the radio foreign ministry is denying these claims are
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twice accusing the countries of false accusation. modes with the yet, the norma, this is not the 1st time the legitimate occupying race in jerusalem has made such false accusations against the blind republic of iran. such, it gives a sense of completely unjustified. they must know that the problems will not be resolved by such positions. if those who come to strike a blow will face a bigger blow, lumnick republic of the run will not hesitate for a moment to protect the interests of steeple in its national security. these ready prime minister, enough to be bennet has not been in the hosted for a long time and his coalition still remains quite shaky. so it's no surprise that he's quite keen to point fingers. eddie ran and ran past the rhetoric, meaning, suggesting that quick means some kind of war is a way for him to gain political point. at the same time, questions i'll be off over the iranian nuclear deal that the american president joe
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biden wants to see renewed with iran in the past. it has been repeatedly captured because of american friendship with his role. so questions are being off as to the timing of the confrontation now and whether or not it is coincidental, meaning suggesting it's not policy a television? well, i want to bring in now which should backer his west coast coordinator for the anti war onset coalition. the 1st thing i do want to ask is we know that the box drop and this is the ongoing attempt in vienna to resuscitate thought. iran. busy you can appeal, do you think that the u. s. blaming iran for the strike suggesting it has had to not could hamper those efforts? what they, what is really government is hoping for control of the process, but they're hoping to to derail the j. c. p. o. a,
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the reinstatement of the j c p o way and in any form whatsoever. so, and it is a possibility, it will depend a lot on what the reactions are now from the various parties who were quoted to begin it. and you know, i do it to say it's really something that israel act outraged when something like this happens. under course, we know we have no way from here of knowing what actually did happen. we do know for sure that on a daily basis that we sent a weekly basis, israeli warplanes, violate the aerospace web and violate the aerospace and syria carry out not just the violations of aerospace, but bombing inside of syria and many other assault on around. and then very, very outraged and you know, very righteous when something happens that harms their interest. but they
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do not accept really international law at all except to employ it as a me, weaponized. that would be the right way to put it. i mean, we've seen sort of tit for tat attacks on tank because only throughout the year. but do you think that this is a different moment? do you think that we're going to see any kind of escalation? well, the escalation, it does appear that our taxes are going back and forth and, but i think it, it really depends on how the government goes to the united states. first and foremost, and britain i think, will fall, fall into line, as it always does with a junior partner. now, israel may object to it, but it's going to be determined by whether or not lincoln and the by the ministration is a whole. and it's for our policy establishment, want to see the reinstatement of the j. c. p. away or whether they're going to
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either themselves decide on a strategy or escalation versus or in we've had to also from the israeli prime minister. he says he's evidence so that he's not being particularly forthcoming with what that evidence is. and what you will take on this to think maybe israel's read a bit to hasty with making such a bold proclamation solely on well, i don't know how they could know they had such i wouldn't bad. but you know, they, they usually claim that they do and they almost always don't tell you what it is. don't tell the world what it is, but just that they have the evidence and that they have the reasons to do what they do. but again, we have a spectacle of israel violating international law the way that i mentioned it also in regard to the post indian population in gaza and the west bank and the role
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and heights in east jerusalem, whose rights are being violated violently every single day. that's the reality of the situation. i don't know what i did want to ask you something that all correspond to paula picked up on was how obviously we know that it's really politics has been quite fragile. nothing. yahoo was the primary victim of thought. he no thought, but now bennett, is it and do you think that this could play to him in his favor? well, that's definitely what he's trying to do is because it's such a bizarre coalition, supposedly left right and center. although they're all able to agree or just about all of them are able to agree on the suppression of the palestinians with new selection. i think of a very few, but it's a very weird coalition. it's a great and you said, very fragile because of how,
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how spread out it is across the israeli political spectrum. so, you know, not totally bennett is trying to make use of this and help make use of other means which are, you know, very questionable legitimacy in order to keep this coalition together and keep themselves in the prime minister. she stays like this, make you realize you're very happy not to be a politician. not for sure that was written should back a west coast coordinate tells the answer coalition giving off his thoughts many thanks for joining the program and find me. there's been more drama at the tokyo lympics star us to me now simone biles has sensation. he pulls out of all but one final to focus on her mental health. it's not enough to be seen whether or not so participate in tuesday's balance being final. and while saw him saw the say her move dissolved praise all those claims, she's let down her teammates, when they needed the most. i say put mental health 1st,
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because if you don't then you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not going to succeed as much as you want to. so it's okay. sometimes the even set out the big competition to focus on yourself on tuesday doing the talk. you're lympics individual, all around competition and women's gymnastics sim on bias. one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the sport for time on the big champion. quite surprisingly, for many decided to withdraw from the, from the round, and eventually the russian team or r o c. if you may, 1 gold in that discipline. first, it was cited him on biles, decided to withdraw to medical reasons. then it became clear as cited by the teams entourage and by bio herself that this was a mental health issue. it has created quite a whirlwind of reaction. there are those who are strongly accusing and abusing simone bias for withdrawing. that i would say spearheaded by pierce morgan,
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a famous u. k. tv host, who well just fell short of accusing some on violence of being a chicken and checking out on her team. and i saw something that serial winners do a mental health issues. now the go to excuse for any poor performance in elite sport. what a joke just admits you did badly made mistakes and was try to do better next time. kids need strong role models, not best nonsense. obviously that has created huge responds online and even some mainstream media jumped in. and if you look at the language that some of the mainstream media like washington post a many out of used, you would think that simone biles actually won a gold medal rather than pulling out from the competition. whenever biles pulls on her leotard, it says, though she's tighten in a cape around her neck, she's the hero tasked to save in a solid sport embodying some tried believe in american dominance, and also carry an agenda and an entire race. that's
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a heavy cape and it chokes. but it's one that exceptional black women and women of color are tall to wear because simply being great isn't good enough. for some reason, many of those media and bonded commentators also decided to bring in her agenda her race into the story which is already creating another type of backlash because people cannot understand what is her decision to withdraw from one particular competition. something she has been preparing for for quite a while, because the lympics is quite important for any athlete in the world has to do with who she has, her skin color and things like that. she went on instagram recently just saying how much of that weight on her shoulder is being hard on her and may be this rift with such reactions coming from both sides would create even more pressure for the 24 year old gymnast with a very difficult off my colleague who she discussed with these developments for the
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panel, vargas mental health issue of simone biles, she withdrew. i mean, this must be a very, very difficult decision for gigi think perhaps she's set an example by doing this is a topic has had such a happy or the years. and only recently are we talking to accept people with mental health. and i think they limited to the path examples. why not express how you really feel that 8 especially kids they they, they, they really try the years and years and they carry the contra shoulders is okay. have to be like, okay, i have mental health, i'm not gonna be all the fact that she has withdrawn has both further attention to her. i mean, if she's sort of quietly underperformed and perhaps explained to the media that, you know, this is just one of those events. you can't be at her peak all the time and then quietly slipped away. fine. but she really has made an announcement him put mental
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health health back on the map again. so the importance of mental health issue obviously shouldn't be underestimated. but perhaps putting that on lympics as well is perhaps too much is a sporting event. it should be kept as a sporting event. if one is not ready for it, when really shouldn't, shouldn't be there. you can only find out sometimes, but you're not ready for it when you're there already. that's all from myself here, and we'll go on all of the team and then you through, as always, thanks for choosing all t. remember all t dot com, so many more stories to check them out and have a great day. the . ah, will be someone like me seeking the best rights for people children and that asking should have the best education.


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