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me, the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising masters to end essentially destroy personality of an individual. by scientific means. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed the danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. to have the victim say, they still live with the consequences today the
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know what we would love you by and by the can can while we're on by now, i know i should know moment and i've been age leo, call me on the search bar deals on my us like the ones that are more mobile and then the finishing up with much i should be good or small a lot of the 100 people in the no, no, i mean i mean i saw it in my in
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my name is c o, the noise that gave me life out of how that gets, how artist high up nausea titled her sculpture after the explosion. she worked extensively and they were streets helping victims with that damage terms. she built her woman out of rebel and daybreak that she collected agent. so they say they're not but it's much food or something to you. it's our staff to see
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you. this was the moment that froze many clocks in bay route. this is the exact time of the blast on august, the 4th 2020 a warehouse containing nearly 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate blew up. the materials had been confiscated 6 years earlier and kept at the port ever since. the customer service gave several warnings about the potential danger, but nothing was done. almost 200 people died in the massive explosion. and another $6000.00 were injured on me and i didn't get to the end of the year that i have done that will not be the weight of
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the $53.00. i'm going to have been nice and the location sort of flexion time. but in the not come in, elaine, in this on the sculpture, once stood in bay roots poured, but recent events forced the artist to find a new hiding place for it. that's what it's called, the trusted israel. me what is the that you i was he waited to finish. she me. this was 1000000 before the part explosion. she hosted, eliminate tv show young and ambitious. she had plans for future. oh,
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make them look at and found the focus in it says with a few in san said, brian twenty's kinda marbella, she should enter out to receive a quarter to a 1000 and what he didn't pay for and i didn't know. i don't want to know she know the i think i was talking but hope she is spelled as i'm trying to manage it later she learned that she tried to call an ambulance. then she called her friends and asked them to pick her up. i can't remember any of that, but she does remember what was happening in the hospital and no one in the
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mean this but then i mean this, but then i have to pay look at the to our community really value near near la wishes smith mckesson on because she takes her out to be just snap calamity smith smith and cosette in baton. i remember how and i was very me with nash to shooting 10 family. i can kill no max would allow them. mm hm. okay. how many, how many i don't we get regular get me full. i did a taxi driver which is his only source of income. both his home and car was
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severely damaged in the blast. in minnesota i meant to have to do the to the, i mean obviously because that's what i love the got it mothers you the job done. that's been a lot either, but i've made the edit on glad to deliver even a little bit. didn't even know i don't, i don't feel well again, you maybe i'd give joe and he will let them know that the lucky little love to live with him. not that i am going to yes of it. i'm in bed. yeah. i was made. you can see it, i've been with you, but now you know that about these are my job and they give me
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a moment to get thousands of people in bay, which will nate homeless explosion didn't just destroy the part of it. damaged buildings within a 10 kilometer radius. 300000 residents lost their homes and sofa. they have received no compensation from the state. the cannot been bit can had been on the us and all i can now mr. i'm sorry. the last way by dinner. her noon and had you hello to on johanna is why didn't animal the jacket she thought wife and already been set up and
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she forgot the 100 and when the lady? yes. when you said that or model you went away, we're going to buy muslim toby and you want to come to my office to you. you can learn way. it was while she was still in the hospital that made a heard that her daughter had been badly injured and her son was comatose and in a critical condition. but she never doubted that he'd get better and could put on the back, your voices know and yes, and the 2 are fucking and down the moustache. pho, often me.
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well, i can manage my nation. yeah. victims. ra, how me, dan shockers and then victim. but she but the little bone b minimum, 50 here, let me mom, mom, she's in mission national flish. i should have it, but there are no credit. it's been a her daughters injuries needed multiple and complex surgery. she really speaks to anyone know or needs that she's struggling to cope with the loss of her brother was the baby of the family. he was never meant to do before me as not one point. i thought that i would lose him. ringback and spend time with him as much as i wanted to buy. after i lost him, i realized that and yes was a part of my heart. and when he noticed,
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i lost the parts of my heart and never going to get that back over. if i could take his place, i would not even think twice about that. he is the kind this curious boy that i missed my life. if he doesn't get to live. i don't think anybody as me. um i i know i end up on on pm. gotcha. and i'm unique to our lives between one and ward. and i was always the mother of particular mcguffey and none of the family couldn't face returning to the apartment when he died. she husband and daughter moved to a different part of the city. ready ready
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i think to the explosion, hundreds of volunteers came to be rude. they gave food to people who needed it, and helped to clean the streets and clear the houses. diane came from france. she's working on restoring the church. nicole hopefully the 2nd thought, be back all about this and to see more of them if it was certainly 50. if the if it will print all the will probably be true. this is diane is a lawyer, but she left her job and came here to help. this isn't her 1st visit for lebanon. she was here last year, teaching french to local children from a guy was a 30 both of it's some more awful and actually been
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a vic to this is the cell. well the thing about muscle jennifer, same is the the me some i get it from sure. the sessional image there is a, you know, that the smokers are already boring me macula. that's not that was going to do the point for you is you know, on someone who, who knew the, the issues of excel phoenix in a menu and it's, it's all office. oh me no, no, borders and my number please as emerge. we don't have authority. we don't, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge crisis,
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we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each of their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together in the new gold rushes underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich, give the children a tune between gold education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal. the
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30 most was also among the many who helped victims of the explosion. he delivered food, repaired doors, and windows, and cleared rebel from the streets. he lived in bay, wilton worked as a contender and spent a lot of time in nightclubs. the after the blast, much decided to settled in the country and become a farmer. but the brother push them a more rich people to him in the home with them. but i had, so when i bought a broccoli said, and beans and his parents live here
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too at the time of the explosion, much was visiting them. that's what saved his life and his money. and the while i was i didn't lose all thought of as, and i'm looking more debate, which would be for that's over bill. oh at lewis. but she might have. busy the most is not by any means the only one to transition from a glamorous city life to be no farmer. many young people are moved to the country. it's hard to find a job in the capital where unemployment is rife. and on a firm, at least there's always something to eat out of the just in the other division and under the feeling that it's marketing and advertising. so
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i instagram valesa slogans. captions will know this ordinance, the gramm stuff at the time sheet that each of the way that it was lynette everyday with those rates on delivery and bill medina design, the containment of delivery is what it comes as it goes to the hallway. lloyd's little fema, the, the noisiest content they root which has the most vibrant night life is the modern neighborhood. it's part of the old town and faces the port. it's known for its bars and restaurants. ah, how does it to be done on an issue. this is
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the the took us the knowledge re i she must be in touch with danny horning at him. i got another done. she was injured too, but he didn't go to hospital. he stayed to help others, the dead and severely injured, filled the streets because to local hospitals were destroyed, it was 3 hours before the 1st ambulance arrived in new york on mon, tesla hills, on miles like one of them. and it was
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the explosion damaged. some 200 bars and restaurants, the owners are still renovating this one. nobody will room the little redwood hopes to reopen in a few weeks and for the time being all his stuff have to tighten their belts. hello, son is not got stuck in in ms. re saving the hey will in a half as i lay on looking up at the will that he said that it was, he would have the lebanon's economy was in deep crisis even before the explosion. the disaster only made things worse. the lebanese pound has plummeted to 6 of its former value when prices have skyrocketed full. i used to provide very well for his family. now he struggles to survive. his car was badly damaged by the blast, and he's still owes money for the repairs. he has no idea how he'll repay the debt
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to the 1000000. i mean, we've got a bit more. give me the reason, let me look at the next little bit and can maybe shut. i'm not going to give you give me o j o. i was still out anyway, i in optimal in least i believe there is, you know, i can give you the get other more give me. she'll be i've loved to do that. and then to little bit, let him know ah, yeah. route is to routed and live, and enough to the 1000 to, to the streets,
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calling on the government to resign the matter we got in touch, my misery shopping said miss smart, what do you mean? well, how many must must love them off? you can let us know how to set the community a bit off more in the center of the route on mounted square gallows were erected for those responsible for the tragedy. for the few who knew that ammonium nitrate had been stored at the port with no safety precautions and chose to ignore it. protest is occupied the ministry of finance, energy and foreign affairs of my can she the sort of truth and hold in that infinite matter? i lied the bellows on me and men shrub off my love mash, who is in the dark,
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took him to the shop of the mar them i did abide is football again to take a lot of them. you will not. the police tried to disperse. the protesters with t against and battens, but the crowd replied by hurling stones and fireworks. more than $700.00 demonstrators were injured in the clashes, the government resigned, but the protest continued. evermore ebony citizens now one to leave the country. me. rummy is one of them. he's looking for a job abroad. the boss doesn't have the name hired by them on the wall has of done, but it's been home by been when i'm hundreds and hundreds more than it was helping me. and my mother knew what to be. love us by what, what is wrong?
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but it can feed, but the law that it contains a lot i want to finish. did you happen to happen to know the 10 firefighters an entire unit died fighting the fire that followed the artist nozer came up with her own way before rescuers. ah sure if i was taught you have shown mother he didn't let him but the new ones, you know, but this part of the showman dish and equipment that you 9 are going to be near pushing me down to say and help because one of our lives the la la la man i had on
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a spot, i thought it was through a problem the my own bill and that i was wondering if it would under say and what was the habit he says it up that the but he just didn't have nothing in that in the thought, if i become in, then it has in how it will have annoyed the whole come in and muted me. christmas isn't the same without us. the dead students friends can't bring themselves to celebrate the holiday. their classmates, death came as a shock to them. this christmas protest is yet another way to attract attention and demand an objective investigation. oh sure. right. yeah. that actually was you know,
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both of your jewish give them food, i mean and how me going to be shut. mom can had a family and on the starboard. yeah. and he can put, you know, you had on the might, if you could, i don't know what that it is, a nick, which must have had the way it might if kim was involved. dallas, this is the investigation into the part explosion is continuing so far. have been about 30 arrests, including the ports, former general manager, and the customer's chief. much not enough and you take care bye to you. i don't, i don't, i don't, i don't believe and i but the justice will have done more. don't handle it all on behave me.
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i letters. yes. this is the lead new home and he's been lucky. a charity has paid a year of his rent in advance. he could never have afforded it on his own. as hello, emily? good. the grover though, i didn't measure it, i'm sure they do it because i was like him and why don't him above him on the left and i was a diamond in the middle of the well, you know, i'm just, i'm with them and i'm the look at the, let me get in and i don't damage with them. they will, will. i'm having an energy full at home to receive compensation from the state. if not, he'll be made homeless. his rent may have been covered for a year, but eventually he'll still have to repay the charity. oh
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the oh, i know this had a she can know him the higher the concert alicia foot or she and i know you must. she and i had a question that you had him and then we'll start, i'm going to start going any live out of the have been on i lose. i know they might, would on mondays and monday, when i do i live on how is it that you know how to be near him? you will find that how much does he sit on and you
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know, his planning to open her own exhibition. the statue of a woman symbolizing by rooms has been given a 2nd life on canvas and a radio. they look at them and it doesn't conceive when it's too late. and it's been, it's been use ah, the in the
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the job doesn't look like this and is of all filled out to you through that actually use them shape which is a big milk with your budget. ah, continue to tell you because it's okay with that in the sky famous from a credit issued by both of us in
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the the millions of cash dropped american space being kicked out of their homes as congress failed to extend a covered length moratorium on evictions. the protesters curious and tightening coated measures and mandatory health classes, raleigh, across western europe, where the number of infections is still on the rise of europe, rages against restrictions covered cases in the us increase 6 fold in july. while politicians have been sending mixed messages about how to deal with the pandemic weaving, many confuse various concentrations involved in it.


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