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and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years, send out the victim, say they still live with the consequences today, the still retaliation. so the wife of martine gulf felt how describe news. the imprison us cyber activist has been denied access to his lawyer. she said it's because he tried to expose mistreatment in the prison. there's a one that there was president attorney to walk called the time the board out. wait when the last article read at our team, exposing what she's doing there and what's going on. i think that's also a head on the program. this are italy temporarily. exams the citizens of neighboring some marino who's been job by russia's personal vaccine, from needing coven passports. the vaccine is still not recognized by the youth this,
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by proving its effectiveness in the small european nation r t spoke exclusively to its health minister. we have some day, some data that guarantee of the efficiency. we are closer to a 100 percent off a few cmc anger boils in from after the constitutional court rules out a new law requiring the public health path to get into restaurants. kathy's and even hospitals is really ah, a very welcome to our international. my name's you know, good to have your company to our top story on imprisons american activists to serving time for hacking planes. he's been denied access to his lawyer shortly after and to go. he wrote was published on our team website in the peace. marty
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gods felt described cases of mistreatment and stories of state approved execution taking place in the penitentiary where he's currently serving his sentence. the prison claims restrictions were placed on phone calls to inmates due to changes in coven policy. but the activists y fisher. his article is the real reason for women. there be our presence attorney named catherine fear valve, whose blocking calls she's asking for an immediate court deadline to allow an attorney call. meanwhile, other prisoners to have no such deadlines are having calls. and i think that it also the timing works out with when the last article ran at our tea about exposing what she's doing there, what's going on in the prison? i think it's an act of retaliation cuz it's only against marty and not against
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other people. and she's also doing other things like opening his legal male outside of his presence. she's delaying his legal male and sometimes the male disappears altogether. he never makes the attorney, marty gods felt is a former computer security expert. he was found guilty of cyber attacks and sentenced to 10 years in prison. after taking down the network of health care facilities. back in 24 dean golf spell claims, he was motivated to expose abuse on medical kidnapping in boston, childrens hospital, a wherever the prosecution argued. the hug put the lives of children risk, his actions expose a months long custody battle between the parents of 15 year old justin peltier and the hospital the teenager was initially diagnosed with a rare blood disorder wherever boston children's hospital liter upgraded that to
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a mental condition justina was forcibly separated from her parents who were accused of medical child abuse. her parents claim miss diagnosis and the subsequent lack of proper medical care resulted in their daughter losing the use of her legs. the girl was eventually reunited with her family after a public r try, but marty gods felt was arrested and prosecuted for the huck. his wife dana said, drawing attention to the case of just siena was a mother of life and death. i think it was honestly a matter of life and death for justina. she'd already been there for almost a year, and her parents went to the media and said, we're afraid our daughter is going to die. major asked for help from anybody. i don't think that we would have gotten involved, marty would have gotten involved the way he did if it wasn't a life and death matter. and justina had already become paralyzed. they'd already cards just seen as to become paralyzed hits. her parents weren't really allowed to
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be involved in medical decisions. you know, i don't think anybody wanted to go to the links that i got to, but you know, she's alive. she's back with her family. she's trying to recuperate and recover from you know, a year's torture. i. i don't think anybody regrets that i think that as we heard it, marty sent him saying his biggest regret is that he didn't act. you know, a lot of big allegations. there are a lot of ramifications as well there for we have contacted the u. s. department of justice for comment. any and response will bring it to you. we will because the following the story and the developments, we will bring them right to italy has temporarily exempted residents of sun re know from needing covered passports which only recognize you approved vaccines. that tiny country sits entirely within at least borders and has almost completely immunize its adult population using rushed us.
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but like the shot or wherever at that job, still not been given the green light by brussels, leaving many locals stuck at home. or we heard exclusively from son reno's health minister, our green pass a recognize this from you, but only forward to people in summary. know about naked by pfizer. so the people and it is 94 percent of our population that's would be seen as the problem to move into italy in the service or italy bar or restaurant or c m. ok. and the older close space, close space. so we are now working with the italian government to, to find a solution to this problem. yet the use of sputnik v in sun rino
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has shown it has an efficacy rate of more than 91 percent to study odds. 2 percent of those inoculated have so for adverse side effects, with less than one percent being people over the age of 60. now the health minister said all those job widths, but nick, in some reno, developed antibodies against cobra, will need some strategies about the cmc of the vaccine. we have some day, some back guarantee of the cmc. we are closer to a 100 percent off cclc. see it and so all our people develop the antibodies and which splitting b maxine ation after one week from the start of the 2nd. those of maybe we started
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to, to, to free our article in our accounts and, and now we have people in, in, in the refer because some are called the french government, been accused of running a health dictatorship over its plans for cobit pulses. people poured onto the streets of paris, the voice, their anger and thursday, after frances constitutional consul room, governments moves, legal, and so to liberty. in the forty's, we had a period of occupation and people need to, to, to, to show a paper to go here here. and it's a bad memory hearing friends. yeah. we are because i speak on behalf of everyone, a little angry. it's not that way against the vaccine, but we have no homestead because it is only 6 months old. we can no longer go to the cinema. always, children want to go to the cinema. if the parents are not vaccinated,
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then they can not what it is. well, we can no longer do anything. this is called come to the french, don't want to miss you. and we know very well on the constitutional counsel that people are close to power and will not go against our i don't much probably see this as a betrayal for french people because the coast to tional council is supposed to represent the french constitution. in particular, the adoption of the health pulse which is unconstitutional. and when impose compulsory vaccinations on us bidding us to go to a pub bar in amongst to a place of worship, or any place it's corrugation in the form of a call with the vaccinated on one side and vaccinated on the, under the lot of frustration, a lot of fury there from next week, people in france will have to show a cobit help us to get into restaurants, cafes, and even hospitals, while health workers face monitoring vaccination to the court to create the measures represent a quote, balanced trade off between people's freedom,
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unconcerned over public health this recent weeks, and i've seen a series of tents raleigh's over the pressure to max and 8th on the ongoing restriction co testers converged on the court house. the decision was delivered ne peter oliver was among the constitutional council, which is the highest 40 in the land when it comes to masses of the constitution has ruled that the changes to the laws that were put through by parliament last month, largely comp, with the lesser of the french constitution, what that means is that from next week you're going to have to show how fast if you want to go into restaurants on long distance trains or even into medical centers, it will contain more than 50 people. what the hell passes are is basically a q r code that says the pc vaccinated what you've been vaccinated within the results of any covert pay that have been carried out. now they're all ready in place when it comes to visiting you. cm's and other cultural sites across from the extension
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was not supported by a large group of people that came out on the street. that was supported by a large selection of the whole population low between 55 to 63 percent of those polled. but they actually wanted this. however, it's the small, very vocal group like you can see just behind me on the square near to the constitutional council that are deeply unhappy with. it's one of the big reasons that deeply unhappy is these rules also include mandatory vaccinations for health care workers. now that also includes firefighters in front to categorize medicine as well that we had heard from firefighters union. today's date, you know, you possibly know, as you can see, as i said, it's very small group. they are incredibly vocal. if you just heard that back to the firefighters and what the firefighters unions of said is that they've gone through, they were talking about strike as soon as monday. we're gonna have to wait to see
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what the response to they say is now, it was talked about being largely compliant to the french constitution. they're off the rules that went through water supported by the constitutional counsel with the idea that people on short term contract who refused vaccination, could have their contract terminated also that they could before into mandatory, quarantined, mandatory self isolation that wasn't approved by the constitutional counsel. but in the main path, it has gone through that will be new rules in place. we have seen the last 3 weeks on rest across from small scale in some places, but over 200000 people out on the streets of front last week we're expecting even more to come out this saturday, both across france here empower seeing in europe, but moving to greece, where a huge bustle continues against, while fires not have ravaged forest from just outside offense to the birthplace of
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the olympic games. the one of the main hot spots quite literally as the island of via and that's where the fires of the chart as many as 150. how is it? just heartbreak for people are forced the evacuation of villages as well. all of groves, livestock power lines, they've all been lost to the flames, which are considered to be the worst modifiers increase in many years. a local journalist sent us this report from the firefighters aircraft, municipal crews and volunteers have been trying to contain the blaze that started
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on tuesday in forest land near the sea side. village of live me out of yes, in the i don't know, very ne of us before it these believe to be making some progress in the early hours, wednesday until a shift in winds reignite the fire and concert in different directions. we are standing next to the village of skip a state where habitants are scared for their properties. since the fire right behind us is a few meters away from their houses. the situation has become worse since airplanes and helicopters have not been flying in the area since they were re directed to another fire from like that of ancient olympia. the house of the only declaim, according to authorities, the lack of winds has held, but the extreme temperatures attaining 45 degrees centigrade have worse than the situation altogether. most of the villages of the area have been evacuated. however, people do stay behind to protect their houses anonymous. the army has been added to the effort of patrolling and management of the extinguishing the forest fires,
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which shows how dramatic the situation is in greece. i see no move for our tea in every island grease the world health organization once wealthy nations, to temporarily forego giving on cobra the vaccine boosters shelf, so that per nation's can get those supplies. instead, the initiative jose strong opposition from the u. s. which say it's already provided enough medical help to other countries during the pandemic. we need an urgent reversal from the majority of vaccines going to high income countries to the my g t going to low income countries. w j's calling for a moment moratorium on boosters until at least the end of september. they feel that it's a false choice and that we can do false hit an important milestone of over a 110000000 vaccines donated to the world. we also, in this country have enough supply to ensure that every american has access to
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vaccine are pretty eyeopening starts on this data suggests nearly a 3rd of the world's population has received at least one dose of a co vaccine. with the majority of those inoculated living in higher income countries. but although around $42000000.00 doses are administered to run the globe every day, only one percent of people in per, or nations have received a shot. or my colleagues us get to gut reaction from our guest, isn't at all? no, it's not true that countries will always provide for their own before helping others . yes it is, but i think was particularly on that turn as they are also protecting the monopolies of the big pharmaceutical phone. so it makes sense. they want to vaccinate their own people, but to forcibly limit the supply to only allow 5 maternity produce the successful vaccine. we need to flock the world as with safe and effective vaccines for everyone. for the primary thing we need to do is break these monopolies and allow
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every successful vaccine manufacturer in the world in south africa and india, and left in america to mass, produce these facts. and instead of waiting for the charity rich nations, while they protect their pharmaceutical john, 1st priority is to protect your own population, but not at the expense of other people. you know, you've heard a lot through the pandemic about the fact that none of us are safe until all of us deliver vaccines to the rest of the world. globally. we're going to need more different types of bag thing. i'm going to need more local manufacturing capacity, and that's indeed what the, what the rich countries should be supporting. the reason we have these mutations, the reason we have the delta baron is because we're filing to vaccinate the majority of the world, new people that benefit from page to show the pharmaceutical industry who get to continue to sell year in year out for huge amounts of money phase to,
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to the rich world, and i have no interest in vaccinating india, africa, low cost. so that's why government have to intervene. i have to force these companies to open up their recipes, open up their titans. these are publicly funded vaccines. remember immunity? does wayne, and we need to have vaccines are covering the potential variance that might be vaccine resistant, but as mac, so what he says, you know, one of the issues here is the, if we don't vaccinate the rest of the world, then we all going to have to have to go back season, so it's a cyclical thing. what's important here, you know, is that we dive the sci fi, the a number of vaccines that are available. there are already a number of different vaccines approved across the world. and we should be focusing on improving the manufacture and distribution of those vaccines. we've created, knowing new vaccine, billionaires in the last 6 months, the shareholders of pfizer are making more money than they can ever dream of.
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meanwhile, we're favoring facts that in the people that, that isn't pulling pulling failure on the part, bridge countries are pulling, signing on. the pharmacy companies. america is back to the message. the us vice president is taking on the road to vietnam. but are they the words and local? want to hear the story and more for the short oh, i use jain, me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . oh,
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when i was the wrong the why don't i just don't the rules yet to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in so long ago, humor was the domain of social critique and a means for us to laugh at ourselves. and the comic was a person who had the guts and skill to say what all of us might have been thinking . this is no longer the case. it would see now humour is just another political weapon. and you know, it's not very funny. ah,
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look in the us vice president campbell of horace will visit vietnam and singapore later this month. under the slogan, america is back. it's lead to questions or whether the message she's bringing is entirely appropriate given the events long lasting effects of the previous century . here's ortiz, dmitri polk america is back in vietnam, not exactly the bus wording to use, considering its appalling legacy of carpet bombing the country in the sixties and seventies. but vice president, kamala harris's 1st ever plan visit to vietnam, is claimed to have a noble aim. keep in mind the biden harris's administration, main message to the world is not supposed to make you cringe. but really though, can you help it? at least that was the reaction on line vietnam. the nation we destroyed and who is still dealing with the aftermath of our last visit there. kamala is an imperialist,
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saying, americans back in vietnam, can juris images of b 50 twos, dropping d d t bombs on villages? do you think if camera was off? how many vietnamese civilian and soldier dest america was responsible for over 25 year period. that her guess would be even within a 1000000 of the actual numbers. i mean, seriously, america is back that the wording the u. s. went with when visiting a country, it ravaged with a hideously toxic agent orange in the decades long conflict. it's been almost 60 years since the chemical was widely deployed and the vietnamese are still dealing with the aftermath. me ah ah,
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that's all despite the assurances by washington and annoy or of their cooperation to clear up the heretic effects, it is necessary to continue to mobilize resources to accelerate the progress of dioxin decontamination and be an apple area. seek more appropriate methods to provide medical care and employment for victims of agent, orange, dioxin in viet nam vietnam has certainly not forgotten. countless people are to this day living with the consequences of the atrocity of us committed during a campaign. what the united states government did to vietnam over 50 years ago. we all know what the united states government did in that country. you know, it was that war was horrifyingly, brutal against the vietnamese people. united states was responsible for committing
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atrocities every single day during that war. not only did the people but the ocean people and the cambodian people, i mean we've committed mass murderer in those 3 countries on a daily basis. and really sending kamala harris. that's just adding insult to injury so far. her track record hasn't been all that great. so i would say it's been disastrous. her most spectacular failure so far. being the u. s. 1000 border crisis attack, she was specifically appointed to handle. yet it took her months. stephen, visit the scene, joe biden calmly. harris screwed this up. and let's not make the pandemic worse by making this crisis at the border, even worse than it already, and it's been a month since fighting borders are. kamala harris hopped off of her jet for 90 minutes for a photo shoot near the border, which he dug. there's a southern border visit and still nothing has changed, sending in the least popular person, the u. s. administration has to such
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a painful spot as vietnam is kind of sending mixed messages to those who fill suffer. but either way, watch out america is back. or, you know, i'm not sure the intricacies of what harris is supposed to accomplish there. but you know, one of the things you have to remember that other people say that the united states, as the mot, christie, you cannot absolutely cannot be a democracy and a global empire at the same time. because the united states goes in to the 3rd world countries and we destroyed their democracy so we can, so we can, it's like them. that's what we do. mexico is suing some of the biggest us gun manufacturers for us. they are alleging fueling bloodshed in the country and in the lawsuit the mexican government accuses the companies are providing drug cartels with torrents of illegal arms,
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which have led to thousands of deaths on billions of dollars in damage. our t. america's trinity chavez reports the mexican federal government suing some of the biggest gun makers in the united states, accusing them the fueling bloodshed through reckless business practices get less and, but it's for the companies to see their negligent practices that cause damage in mexico and causes death daniel in mexico, the lawsuit filed wednesday in a u. s. federal court claims that the companies knew they were contributing to a legal arms of trafficking which was transformed parts of the country and has led to countless death. this had roja me for them to create reasonable and verifiable standards to monitor and discipline their distributors. because they know it is, they argue that when the weapons are out to be sold and commercialized, they don't have any responsibility. but they do have it among the gun makers named in the suit. smith and wesson brands. barrett firearms manufacturing, beretta, usa and glock and cold manufacturing. the government estimates that 70 percent of
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the weapons traffic to mexico come from the united states and that in 2019 alone at least $17000.00 homicides were linked to traffic weapons. and while the companies named in the suits have not responded to our t's request for comment, the national shooting sports foundation, the u. s. firearm industries trade association is rejecting mexico's legation of negligence, saying in a statement, these allegations are baseless. the mexican government is responsible for the ramp in crime and corruption within their own borders. mexico's criminal activity is a direct result of the illicit drug trade human trafficking and organized crime cartels that plague mexico citizens this other man than this last who does not substitute other efforts that are needed. mexico has to do more and better to put in check in border, and we are doing it and it's now substitute them, but it's essential. according to mexican government officials, criminal organizations by thousands of firearms and ammunition on the internet and
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gun shows in the united states, which are then used to commit crimes in mexico. and what's perplexing is that mexico has strict gun laws and just has one legal gun store located in mexico city, purchasing a legal firearm. there requires a strenuous process which includes submitting a birth certificate. proof that they're employed, have no criminal record. and then we months for legally buying a weapon. and just like the 2nd amendment here in the united states, mexico's constitution guarantees the rights to their arms. however, article 10 of their constitution states that federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requirements, and places of gun ownership. meaning the mexican government determines where a legal gun owner can carry their firearms. so because of the strict gun laws and limited places to legally by fire arms, the country of mexico is finding itself in a tough position. now, in addition to financial damages, which mexican officials estimate could run up to $10000000000.00. it also seeks controls on the sales and better security features on weapons,
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and as calling for the companies to undertake studies and media campaigns to prevent arms trafficking reporting in new york. trinity chavez, r t. staying in north america wildfire, that screen region for 3 weeks. there's no decimated tiny california emerging community leveling most of its historic downtown area and raising blocks of homes, aided by tinder, dry vegetation and funded by strong winds. the dixie fire house, it's been named toward the true greenville buildings dating from the gold rush. here were completely destroyed, along with the school gas station churchill tell in museum residents have been told to leave the area along with those in another tiny much in community. taylorsville . wildfires are also continuing to prove a problem in southern turkey. they have no spread to the gal juke plot, so we're herds of wild horses famously. room. people are demanding immediate help from the authorities to protect the animals and also protect remote villages in the
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mountain valleys, local sound, being forced to run their own rescue and fire fighting operations. while thousands have been forced to flee the area on hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of melbourne, australia 2nd largest city, entered its 6 pandemic, locked on after new covey cases were reported, its infected statewide locked on there. i was going to last for a week with people only allowed to leave their homes for a 100 full of reasons, including extra sizing, grocery shopping, and getting back from the know are jokes, the next bus all line in the culture wars peter and guess discuss if it's a laughing matter in the latest episode of cross talk starting in moments they close the.


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