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tv   News  RT  August 6, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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the, the news a jailed hacker who exposed abusive conditions that the prison he's being held in is denied telephone access to his lawyer. we speak with his wife, who brands it, an active retaliation. bureau of prisons, lawyer telling them that she can only like to speak to them if they have coming support deadline, whereas she's not applying guidance. requirements to any of the other sanctions rise and dennis down where the taliban claims it's taken control of a provincial capital in the country for the 1st time in 5 years and that's after the head of the government. media department is killed during an attack. i get to be here to do the work,
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so suck it up in the fun in the police has to happen. we need to defend the police . and us congresswoman corey bushes accused of hypocrisy has it revealed her security detail cost taxpayers some $70000.00. she's been calling to defend the police as murder rates across the us. so ah, bringing you the news from around the world. this is art international. my name is donald quarter. welcome to the program. we start with special coverage of the story of martin. god felt he's currently serving a prison sentence in the us for hacking the systems of a hospital. he says he committed that crime to draw attention to a custody battle between the hospital and the parents of a child being kept there without their consent. gods failed recently turned to us after he was denied telephone access to his lawyers. here's my colleague,
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re sushi with all the details. ah, go to sales, why if it says communication with his lawyer was cut off shortly after he wrote an article that was published on t's website in the piece describes cases of mistreatment at the prison. he's being held in the authorities that don't deny this . they say was due to changes in the coven policy. the goddess held wife isn't satisfied without explanation. they read all of his mail. so they had a heads up on what was coming. they shouldn't it's legal privilege mail, but i guess i guess they were aware. he has multiple attorneys who are trying to get in touch with him for meetings about strategic matters. he answered in appeal and other like just and other stuff in court and they just can't reach him. they're telling him that they,
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catherine fear voltage that bureaus prison lawyer is telling them that she can only let him speak to them if they have upcoming court deadlines. where she's not applying that requirement to any of the other. got of else case made headlines of the world over thanks to what he describes as his quest to save the life or 15 year old justina policy a 7 years ago. go to spelled hack the computer serve as of boston childrens hospital. its actions exposed a month, long custody battle between the hospital and justin. his parents had been disputing her diagnosis by the doctors who upgraded a red blood disorder to that of a mental condition. and then forcibly separated just from her family back to help to draw media attention to the case, sparking a debate of a parental rights. the girl was eventually reunited with a family, also a public outcry, but called us failed was arrested right now. so having a tenured,
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tell him a so called up community management unit. well, these units were created as part of the war on terror and are actually done by the media as little one ton of mos. old communications with the outside world are monitored and restricted, and typical inmates include terrorists, so those linked to piracy and even map via members to we discuss the conditions in which martin god has failed is being held. we did this with his wife and with byron brown, a journalist and activates to campaigned and supportive gulf has failed. and who was himself in prison in connection with out of a data leak. marty himself, over throughout the entire was imprisonment, has been rejected against 4 other articles. he's written or lawsuits. he has filed against the system against the visual wardens and so forth. nothing done for years . and feds myself the prison, the u. s. for my activism and having written, calling from prison. i've been in prisons where there wasn't
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a lot. i've been in prisons where, you know, i was, i was pulled off the phone, what she's doing, interview media interview and put in the show for doing that interview and then release after an investigation here, 2 weeks later i was re arrested because these orders in 2017, for getting interview advice after i got out of prison. no one has been involved in activism. should be tried in the u. s. nor gosh, where there is it just that the record of the us saw it on this is just a mentally vile i trial. they said the government want to use the we're, we're a terrorist in the judge said no to nathaniel gordon who hates marty. said you can't use that word, that's not what this was. but after trial, they put him in a unit for terrorists. it makes no sense even a previous prison correctional officers recognize that this is a political case. i think that's why he's in the c. m. u, the judge, you sentenced your husband to more than 10 years in prison,
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he called your husbands actions as contemptible, insidious, and loathsome. why do you think? why do you think he would use those words? i think that's what really set him off. was it marty? expose his conflicts of interest in the case. judge nathaniel gordon donate to the adoption agency. ready that often partners and has received donations from boston childrens hospital, it's likely the agency that they would have used to get just adopted into another family. remember they took the custody away from parents, made her aware of the state. and then the next step is to get her adopted into another family. we are both the judge and the adults incentive to comment on the allocations. we'll let you know what they have to say. in the meantime, we also offer a leading human rights organization. you can see right here from america and all around the world to comment on goddess feld's case of the european court of human rights told us they cannot comment on the issue as there was no application to it.
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well for now, here it is, a national data wraps up our special coverage for you. we will bring you more developments on this story as they happen both honor and online. ah, you go now to f ganeth stand where taliban fighters have reportedly made another major advance. they've seized control of a regional capital, which has not happened for the past 5 years. according to local media, the city of zeron at the center of the name ros promise province fell without resistance. so far, the afghan government hasn't commented on the situation. but meanwhile, residence of another regional capital into car province are fleeing their homes. market streets in the city have been close. do that due to the threat of an attack? as afghan armed forces are battling taliban fighters in the area, locals describe the situation to us. i left my home and came to to car. i don't know where we ought to go, where to live,
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why we are suffering such difficulties. there's the security situation in kara significantly worse and exchanges are closed. the markets are closed. the taliban have completely surrounded. earlier the head of the afghan government media department was shot dead and cool. when we got the latest from the local journalists there. what does that shows you? that this deadly string of assassinations continues and cobbled thought on the fed that they were behind the killings. the attack also comes after the deadly suicide car bombing outside of the home, off of on us as defense minister, as well as part of our member of parliament from babylon province. there is a climate of fear in cobb because of the attack that took place as well as these constant assassinations you have. major attacks inside major provincial capital, cities pack put civilians. the latest is in the city of chevron on the capital of
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jose, john province. the home of marshal those them. this morning the taliban reached the security belt in the city and they got inside several government buildings, a setting fire to homes. we have also seen very intense and heavy fighting and the city of herat and was an honest on some people have also been fleeing from the province of numerals, which is just on the iranian border. so as we see urban warfare, i received a deadly attack at white project. for the one civilian casualties and fatalities are going up and people are forced to basically flee and leave their homes where they can. but in most cases, quite frankly, people just don't have the option of just leaving us congresswoman corey bushes facing accusations of hypocrisy. after her personal guard expenses came to light. it came after her recent impassioned call for the police to be refunded. if i spend
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$101010.00 more dollars on it, you know what i get to be here to do the work, so suck it up and the fun in the police has to happen. we need to defend the police, they put that money into social safety nets because we're trying to save lives the most talented, 28 seconds you'll ever watch. current bush will be fine with her private security, but everyday americans should suck it up because the funding that police has to happen. i think corey bush and anyone else in public life who faces legitimate threats, deserves whatever security they need. that's why it's so bizarre to hear seconds after demanding it's demanding the funding of the police for ordinary citizens who want the police. they're also public filing show that cory bush has spent some $70000.00 of government funds in the past 3 months on personal protection. services during a c b s interview. she said she's received death threats amid her calls to define
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the police murder rates across the us are actually on the rise with the latest status suggesting that in major cities, it's worse now than before. coded new york city launched a safe summer program to try and curve the trend, but in fact, the number of shooting victims has risen markedly there. we discuss the issue with journalist lauren chen. she is entitled to extra security if she feels that that is necessary. but the problem is that there are people in so many cities across united states, i'm talking about chicago, detroit, new york, increasingly, who are in dangerous positions and dangerous neighborhoods who are in danger situation and who do not have that seem ability to afford that extra protection so that is what is so hypocritical about this case. we should also remember that this is a person who has been campaigning to make housing a human right and to cancel rent. again, i'm not trying to dismiss the play of so many americans who are behind on their rent, but the idea that you can just start and stop the u. s. economy with rent payments and expect no consequences to that. well,
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it's almost as laughable as trying to be funded. police american intelligence services reportedly got their hands on the genetic research database of the chinese verola gee institute, and move on with cnn. suggesting that a hack may have been involved. revelation comes from a global app for a global efforts to establish colbert 1900 origin. earlier the world health organization and the u. s. slammed china for supposedly withholding access to data . but a special mission concluded that it was unlikely. the virus was artificially created . former president donald trump frequently used inflammatory rhetoric, branding at the china virus. while in may, the current us president joe biden ordered us intelligence agencies to accelerate their probe into the origins of the virus and to report back. in 90 days, we spoke with former us intelligence officer, scott ritter, who thinks it's an attempt to deflect attention away from the problems closer to home. i do know that in the united states we have
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a tendency to politicize intelligence. right now there is a i think there is a tendency to find a convenient cas blame on china. it was funny how the democrats opposed this when donald trump was doing it. but now that they are in power, there is a need to seek some sort of deflection away from your failures in the u. s. policy. so they're, they're looking for a culprit in china is the logical corporate. let's be clear. no one knows right now for sure how this virus guys got to be world updates on r t international law wildfire that's been raging for 3 weeks, has now decimated the tiny california mountain community leveling most of its historic downtown area and raising blocks of homes aided by tender dr agitation and fanned by strong winds, the dixie fire, as it's becoming named tor,
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through greenville buildings dating from the gold rush era were completely destroyed. along with a school gas station, church hotel and museum residents have been told to leave the area along with those in another tiny mountain community called taylorsville. wildfires are also continuing to prove a problem in southern turkey. they've now spread to the gold joke, plateau where herds of wild horses famously, rome, people are demanding immediate help from the authorities to protect the animals and safeguard remote villages in the mountain valleys. locals have been forced to run their own rescue and fire fighting operations, while thousands have been forced to flee the area. also hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of melbourne, australia as as the country 2nd largest city entered its 6th pandemic lockdown following new reports of covert cases. the statewide locked down in victoria will last for 7 days with people only allowed to leave their homes for
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a handful of reasons, including exercising, grocery shopping and getting sex. and the large swaths of westbank all in india have been left under water following days of relentless rainfall. around 300000 people have been taken to the temporary shelters while around 23 people have reportedly died in the floods. a senior minister in the region claimed that the discharge of water from local dams exacerbated the situation. something the dam operator has denied, and he has meteorological departments said that the, the rainfall is expected to ease in the coming days. world health organization, once wealthy nations, to temporarily forego giving out coven vaccine booster shots, so that poor nations can use those supplies. instead, the initiative has faced strong opposition from the u. s. which says it's already provided enough medical help to other countries. during the pandemic,
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we need an urgent reversal from the majority of vaccines going to high income countries to the majority, going to low income countries, w. j calling for a moment more i told him on boosters until at least the end of september. they feel that it's a false choice, and that we can hit an important milestone of over 110000000 vaccines donated to the world. we also, in this country, have enough supply to ensure that every american has access to vaccines. data suggests nearly a 3rd of the world's population has received at least one dose of a coven vaccine, with the majority of those innoculated living in higher income countries. but despite around 42000000 doses being administered around the world, every day, one percent of people in poor nations have received a shot earlier my colleague, south sky taylor got reactions from our guests. isn't it almost natural that
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countries will always provide for their own before helping others? yes it is, but i think was particularly on that soon as they are also protecting the monopolies of the big pharmaceutical phone. so it makes sense. they want to vaccinate their own people, but to forcibly limit the supply to only allow 5 maternity produce the successful vaccine. we need to flock the world news with safe and effective vaccines for everyone. for the primary thing we need to do is break these monopolies and allow every successful vaccine manufacture in the world in south africa and india, and left in america to mass produce these facts. and instead of waiting for the charity rich nations, while they protect their pharmaceutical john, 1st priority is to protect your own population, but not at the expense of other people. we know you've heard a lot through the pandemic about the fact that none of it's a safe until all of us deliver vaccines to the rest of the world. globally. we're
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going to need more different types of things. i'm going to need more local manufacturing capacity, and that's indeed what the, what the rich countries should be supporting. the reason we have these mutations, the reason we have baron is because we're filing to vaccinate the majority of the world. now you people that benefit from page to show the pharmaceutical industry who get to continue to sell year in year out for huge amounts of money, for instance, to the rich world. and i have no interest in back to india, africa, low cost. so that's why the government have to very now have to force these companies to open up their recipes, open up their paintings. these are publicly funded vaccines. remember, the immunity does wayne, and we need to have vaccines the all covering the potential variance that might be vaccine resistance. but as mac, so what he says, you know, one of the issues here is the, if we don't vaccinate the rest of the world,
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then we all going to have to have who's got vaccines. and so it's a cyclical thing. what's important here, you know, is that we dive sci fi, the number of vaccines that are available. there are already a number of different vaccines approved across the world. and we should be focusing on improving the manufacture and distribution of those vaccines. we've created knowing new vaccine, billionaires in the last 6 months, the shareholders of pfizer are making more money than they can ever dream of. meanwhile, we're favoring back from a city and the people that, that isn't pulling, pulling failure on the part, bridge country, the pulling, signing on the pharmacy, and come to a us vice president kamala harris will visit vietnam and singapore, later this month. under the slogan, america is back. it's lead to questions over whether that message is something people in that part of the world really want to hear as r. t is dimitri power. explains. america is back in vietnam,
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not exactly the best wording to use, considering its appalling legacy of carpet bombing the country in the sixties and seventies. but vice president, kamala harris's 1st ever plan visit to vietnam, is claimed to have a noble aim. keep in mind, the biden harris has administration main message to the world is not supposed to make you cringe. but really though, can you help it? at least that was the reaction on line vietnam. the nation we destroyed and who is still dealing with the aftermath of our last visit there. kamala is an imperialist, saying, americans back in vietnam. can juris images of b, 50 twos, dropping the bombs on villages. do you think if camera was off? how many vietnamese civilian and soldier dest america was responsible for over 25 year period. that her guess would be even within a 1000000 of the actual numbers. i mean, seriously,
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america is back that the wording the u. s. went with when visiting a country, it ravaged with a hideously toxic agent orange in the decades long conflict. it's been almost 60 years since the chemical was widely deployed and the vietnamese are still dealing with the aftermath. me the that's all despite the assurances by washington and annoy or of their cooperation to clear up the heretic effects, it is necessary to continue to mobilize resources to accelerate the progress of dioxin decontamination and be an apple area. seek more appropriate methods to
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provide medical care unemployment for victims of agent, orange, dioxin, in vietnam. vietnam has certain weight not forgotten. countless people are to this day living with the consequences of the atrocity of us committed during his campaign. what the united states government did to vietnam over 50 years ago. we all know what the united states government did in that country. you know, it was that more was horrifyingly, brutal against the vietnamese people. united states was responsible for committing atrocities every single day during that war. not only did the people but the ocean people and the cambodian people, i mean we committed mass murderer in those 3 countries on a daily basis. and really sending kamala harris. that's just adding insult to injury so far. her track record hasn't been all that great. so i would say it's
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been disastrous. her most spectacular failure so far. being the u. s. 1000 border crisis a task she was specifically appointed to handle. yet it took her months, stephen, visit the scene, joe biden calmly. harris screwed this up. and let's not make the pandemic worse by making this crisis at the border, even worse than it already. and it's been a month since fighting borders are. kamala harris hopped off of her jet for 90 minutes for a photo shoot near the border, which he dug. there's a southern border visit and still nothing has changed, sending in the least popular person. the u. s. administration has to such a painful spot as vietnam is kind of sending mixed messages to those hoops. still suffer. but either way, watch out america is back. or, you know, i'm not sure the intricacies of what probably harris is supposed to accomplish there. but you know, one of the things you have to remember that lot of people say that the united
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states as a lot, christy, you cannot absolutely cannot be a democracy and a global empire at the same time. because the united states goes in to 3rd world countries and we destroyed their democracy so we can, so we can exploit them. that's what we do. that's the news for this. our make sure to stay tuned for in another half an hour for your world news headlines will be back very soon. the so long ago humour was the domain of social critique and a means for us to laugh at ourselves. and the comic was the person who had the guts and skill to say what all of us might have been thinking. this is no longer the
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case, it would see now humour is just another political weapon. and you know, it's not very funny. i believe it was the look i just was off the field, what you actually was. so can you through that actually use and shape which is to build me up with your school budget that i would continue to tell you because it with a dinner each and sticky famous from a crowded by both of us
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choose the i mentioned that i saw that you know more than a month up in the last can arctic and when i got back, i had just totally refrained how great we now have it in modern life. so before i go up there, it's like i use hot running water every day. never thought about a grade that is dr. carbonate. never saw operate that was don't have to go out and walk 5 miles down hill the stream and bring it back up to get my water right. but after alaska, like i had to do all those things. and so when i get back into my water, my modern world and i turn on the faucet and hot running water comes out and hits my hand was like, oh my god, this is unbelievable. this is the most amazing thing that i've ever had happen to me. my life. ah
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ah, with me ah ah, i use me and i make notes. certainly no borders and a lot of number please. as
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emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge, you know, come crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each and her own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in the
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welcome to sophie co visionaries, me sophie shepherd. and i said, we're hardly even done with the coven. 19 condemning. but scientists, a warning that's something far worse is around the corner. to talk about this, i'm joined by professor peters calling you actually physician and clinical microbiologist and a world harris organization expert on antibiotic resistance. professor peter calling you an infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist experts to the world health organization on antibiotic resistance. great to have you on our show today. welcome by having the right to tell us what is in grief happening with antibiotics. are they not working anymore? why will anybody still working but less so than before? because it's super bugs and antibiotic resistance and what that means is if we have a really important infection and we treat it more and more,
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the antibiotics that work. so we have increasing death and increasing what we call morbidity or suffering. so people are in hospital for longer and have more complications. so i supervise and the spread of those anti bodies resistant bacteria. and the genetic material that's responsible for that resistance is a real problem. because that means more and more copy treated properly. and then more and more debts and suffering as a result. so if i understand correctly at some point, if we don't do anything or more correctly, if we don't come up with anything, healthcare will be kind of thrown back to decades and we'll have what, like type list. what exactly are we staring at here? well, if you look at the time before we had you bought the nodding twenties, for instance, if you look at data from numerous countries, if you had a serious infection in your blood like the pneumonia there was about a 70 or 80 percent mortality within 30 days. so high did writes.


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