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for i thought i was doing my best get back to school, which still it will have the strongest appeal. the headline stories, this are a jail tucker who exposed the abuse of conditions of the prison that he's being held in is denied telephone access to his lawyers. his wife runs the move, an active vengeance bureau presence lawyer telling them that she can only let him speak to them if they have upcoming court deadlines. whereas he's not applying the requirement to any of the other for the, the activists pick up bite out of all over the tech giant's controversial plans. this starts scanning the files of users for child sex abuse content. we discussed the issue. it's ramifications as well with an expert. how is it going to be able to
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determine what is and isn't appropriate effectively creates a back door to, to, up to, to apples devices. where are they going to draw a line? and um, the parents of the brain damaged 2 year old toddler, lose their funding to europe, being quarter human rights to stop a u. k. hospital withdrawing live support for their child. we speak to their lawyer . they parents want to be in this position. they keeping this parish as best they can. uh, but it is obviously a very tricky situation. oh, i live across the world or run the clock. this is the news are in the pleasure of your company. i mean, and then we'll we begin with are continuing in depth coverage of the story of martin
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gods felt he's currently serving a prison sentence in the us for hugging a hospital. he said he did love to draw attention to a custody battle between the facility and the parents of a child being kept there without their consent. mister goths felt recently turned to us after he was denied telephone access to his lawyers. ah, mister golf fell to wife said communication with his lawyer was cut off shortly after he wrote an article published an are t's website in the piece. he describes cases of mistreatment up the prison he's being held in. the authorities though say his lack of calls were simply done to changes in their cooper policy. we discussed the case with barr at brian bar. it's a journalist and activists who was himself imprisoned in connection with a data leak. but let's listen to dana golf. so 1st they read alex's mouth,
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so they had a heads up on what was coming. they shouldn't it's legal privilege mail, but i guess i guess they were aware. he has multiple attorneys who are trying to get in touch with him for meetings about strategic matters. he answered an appeal and they're like just and other stuff in court and they just can't reach him. they're telling him that they, catherine fear voltage that bureaus prison lawyer is telling them that she can only let him speak to them if they have upcoming court deadlines. where she's not applying that requirement to any of the other. it's laurie himself over throughout the entire him is imprisonment, has been retaliated against 4 other articles. he's written or lawsuits. he has filed against the system. we're going to the visual warden's and so forth. nothing
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done for years in the feds myself or prison, the u. s. for my activism and having written, calling from prison. i've been in prisons where there wasn't a lot. i've been in prisons where, you know, i was, i was pulled off the phone what the course of doing, interview media interviewing and putting the show for doing that interview and then release after investigation here. 2 weeks later, i was re arrested on the field. these orders in 2017 for getting interview advice after i got out of prison. no one has been involved in activism. should be tried in the us, nor course where they're just the record of the us saw it on this. is just a mentally vile. 7 years ago martin gulf felt the computer servers of boston childrens hospital. he said his actions were aimed unexposed in a months long custody bustle between the facility and the parents of 15 year old justina peltier. justin's mother and father had been disputing her diagnosis by doctors which they had changed from a rare blood disorder to
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a mental condition and forcibly separated the teenage girl from her family. justina was eventually reunited with her parents after a public outcry. but mister goats felt was arrested and his know serving a 10 year term at so named community manage units these units. they're created as part of the war on terror. and we're done by the media. little one ton of most, all communications with the outside world are monitored. they're also restricted, while typical inmates include terrorists, those linked to piracy and also mafia members. martin got felt wife claims his placement. there is staggeringly excessive and highlighted issues. her husband hud with the judge, hearing the case. i think that's what really set him off. was it marty? expose his conflicts of interest in the case. judge. nathaniel gordon donate to the adoption agency that often partners and has received donations from boston
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childrens hospital. most likely the agency that they would have used to get your adopted into another family. remember they took the custody away from just parents made her aware of the state. and then the next step is to get her adopted into another family. the government want to use the we're, we're a terrorist in the judge said no. need to try to nathaniel gordon who hates marty. said you can't use that word. that's not what this was. but after trial, they put him in a unit for terrorists. it makes no sense even a previous prison correctional officers recognize that this is a political case. i think that's why he's in the c. m. u. we contacted both the judge, the adoptive center as well for comment. we've also as a leading rights organizations, both in the u. s. and world wide for their take on the case, the european court of human rights and human rights watch till the state cannot comment on the issue. while executive director of the human rights defense center,
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paul right sees the law behind martin gods fells imprisonment as open to different interpretations. the problem, a lot of our laws is that it doesn't require necessarily, a malicious attempt to, you know, to access a computer. and the last name is very, fairly vague in terms of what to prescribe. the government, i think, is very happy with the act because the united states, you know, benefit greatly from bank laws that they can basically twist to meet the circumstances of the day or, or whatever it is for seeking to accomplish a moment. and the united states, as, especially in the last 30 years or so has become almost expert at drafting and imposing very broadly worded date. was that impose, you know, fairly devastating sentences. y'all not point. the case raises questions, concerns, as well, about the proportionality of us cyber law. not for the 1st time either with more on
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that aspect. here's ortiz, daniel hawkins. golf fels wasn't the 1st case to hit headline. so the computer fraud and abuse act came into force. i don't schwartz, activist and harvard research fellow was charged under the cna with numerous violations at 1st facing up to 35 years in jail for downloading and releasing academic journals to make them available for all the case. drove him to suicide journalists, matthew keys spent 2 years in prison for providing login detail us to a news website that resulted in the crime of a headline being altered, go through actions also had consequences, though his intentions might have been good and the resulting damage arguably minimal, this crime, he was jailed alongside the very worst in the penal system, among them both convicted of involvement with terrorism, piracy, and matthew membership. his unit is commonly called one time a north,
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which gives you some idea of life inside. the communications management unit is established to house inmates who, due to their current defense of conviction, offense, conduct, or other verified information, require increased monitoring of communications with persons in the community to protect the safety, security, and orderly operation of bureau facilities and protect the public golf felt as complained of being placed in solitary confinement just for voicing concerns about the treatment of inmates among those failings in the handling of code cases which have led to prison a death. he also accuses prison, staff of punitive measures blocking his communication with lawyers and media. i was a journalist in prison for, for 13 years, for many years in washington state. i was routinely retaliated against punished for being critical of prison officials on some respect. i think that probably goes with the territory and is the norm, i think in general,
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bureaucrats was pretty total on check. power tend to not view favorably those who question that power and then the abuses of that power. so i would say it was certainly would surprise me if he weren't needing retaliated by prison officials. cultural case will continue to draw attention and discussion. do ends justify means should activists acting on good intentions and altruism be treated equally with korea criminals? how many broken lives? does it take the reform obsolete laws? and how much difference can the actions of one person on a mission really make me lots of interest about this next story as well. a huge privacy concerns a bond over apples plans to start scanning u. s. i phones for child abuse,
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pictures. it follows years of pressure from successive american governments demanding increased surveillance of encrypted data. additionally, new safety protection tools will warn children and their parents when sexually explicit photos are sent or receipt. apple will automatically scan for child abuse related material even before it's uploaded to the icloud storage service. if cases are confirmed, the user's account will be deactivated on the national center for missing and exploited children. notified whistleblower edward snowden as weighed in on the issue condemning the tech giant's new policy. unbelievable apple now circulating a propaganda letter describing the internet white opposition to the decision to start checking the private files on every i phone against the secret government, blacklist as the screeching voices of the minority. this has become a scandal to say that we are disappointed by apples plans is an understatement.
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apple's compromise on end to end encryption may piece government agencies in the u . s. and broad. but is a shocking about face for users who rely on the company's leadership and privacy and security. yeah, we discussed some of those issues and indeed the why they're ramifications of this up or ploy with her guess. what kind of algorithm are they going to use that is able to scan billions of images and then segregate something that is not, let's say a bear skin rug photo or some form of accept. i don't know what acceptable nudity is, but something that is innocence, something that is not in any way nefarious. how is it going to be able to determine what is and isn't appropriate? they'll be looking for. according to reports, i've seen known already classified and sex abuse images, and which is like and that database and how those algorithms are used to search
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computers and such like apple as i refuse to open the front of your back door to the encryption following cases of of terrorism, thus murder, rapes, kid not being what happened suddenly with this particular cause. yes, it is a good causing and important cause that makes our poll, you know, just go completely the other way in. i think the answer is, is the police probably exploiting the subject of child exploitation in order to enroll something that it feels this is the only way page to sugar coated. few think you will have some kind of privacy interest in this. if you think that this photo and your cloud belongs to you, and you can tell the company that you've contract it, either through their hardware or whatever that to, to back off and stay out of your business. i mean, are we, are we serious?
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do we really think this even remotely as possible for us to tell big tech to back off, leave us alone stay. i don't want affairs, it's already done. it's are the fact that they're even saying that they, they don't even have to tell us they're doing this. we know it. there are billions of users around the world. the vast majority have not got any child sexual abuse imagery, and so they don't need to worry about that. old damage is going to be scan. where are they going to go next? while i go to look for trigger was all the things or the images and all the things . where are they going to draw a line in this pole is becoming a de facto agency of the government. even though they say we're gonna hand over information to the police, the 1st the will but, but, but in any event, there will be sharing the information with other government agencies. so. so then now becoming an agent of the state can no history on
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a busy news day more than a 150 demonstrations are set to take place right. from this sunday, against president microns and monitoring coban bucks a nation plans. numerous trade unions including medical ones, are rallying their members against this. earlier in the week, people in paris, voice their anger on the streets. after francis constitutional a council rule, the government moves league of europe correspond. peter oliver witnessed from his race for another weekend to protest to be the 4th in a row. the news of the day on thursday,
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the french constitutional counsel ruled in favor of a change to the law. that will make sure that a health path has to be shown in order to answer cafe bars, restaurants, even long distance trains. those places to the list that already included cultural sites like new z in the see it says in cinemas with more than 50 people in attendance, while over half of the population supports the youth of these health classes. there is a small but very vocal minority who vehemently opposed to them for much. i see this as a betrayal for french people. it's segregation and a form of apartheid with the vaccination on one side and unvaccinated on the other . i speak on behalf of every one a little angry. it's not that we against the vaccine, but we have no one said because it is only 6 months old. it's called the fund it scandalous because the french don't want it. we know very well that and the constitutional counsel that of people who are close to power and will not go
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against power in france, the 7 day average for new covert cases is solidly over $20000.00 per day. in germany. it's $1.00 to $2.00 and a half 1000, but wising steadily. the health minister again spawn is to implement your restrictions before cases get to the levels seen in from a must school and negative tests should be required for essential things such as traveling on public transport. going to the town hall over the thing, a hospital with nightclubs visiting stadiums or go into the theater. places is more of a luxury. i can only imagine entry being granted to those people who have been vaccinated or tested for hope is that by prioritizing the vaccinated when it comes to access to public spaces, serious cases of cove, it will be reduced. smith to san bucks, a 3 g approach for those that are in which means vaccinated get tested, who are being tested or get knees and who have recovered. although that could be
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revised down to 2 g approach showed cases rise, including only the vaccinated, and those who have recovered from coven. but this policy has been roundly jumped on, draconian and overly exclusionary by politicians, including those who all rico alicia with german health minister spon i think it is wrong and legally invalid to exclude those who are not vaccinated from public life . no one should be excluded. instead, we need to convince people the berlin government policies haven't gone down well with a section of the german population who are involved in crashes with police. the protest had been banned by german court and police officers, a facing investigation for a heavy handed response to the crowd. italy, is it a more similar situation to germany than from when it comes to code case against? from friday you need to present a covert pass through and through a whole rest of places. prime minister drunky pushing vaccination is the only way
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to avoid further locked down. the delta vary, interest, threatening is spreads much more quickly than other variance without vaccinations would have to close everything again. here of continue to fight, not only against the virus itself, but against the policies that are being put in place to try and stop it. spread feature overall t harris to another of a headline stories today. the parents of a brain damage 2 year old toddler have lost their appeal at the european court of human rights. they're trying to stop. i do k hospital withdrawing life support treatment for the little girl. their lawyer spoke to us. they parents want to be in this position and they competed by their family, that community. and they are keeping this parish office as best they can a bit. it is
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a very tricky situation. her condition has been stable for 2 years. now. we know that taking her by a transport will not be a detriment to her. what we have peace at the hospital will agree that little to can be transferred to, to israel and to a hospital all for hi repeat to a willing to look after all the parents of alta fix lar, who are her civic, to say, withdrawing her life support goes against their religious faith. they want to take her either to israel or to the u. s. for assessment and possible treatment. the u. k. hospital say she has no chance of recovery. such a journey would only bring her further paid. the family's lawyer again outlined his thoughts about the judge's ruling. when you take the case to the european court, you're affectively taking the case against the government. because you are saying
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that the processes that we used were wrong and should have been, should have been better. they weren't properly applied. and so the position in a case like this is one where very often cases to the european court of human rights successful. so it was one where you're asking the court to look at processes and procedures. and it's, it's easier in a way for the european court of human rights to say, well, actually we don't, we don't crime. this is a problem here than actually getting into the many of the case i had in the program. a couple of stories for you, including ceiling to a new record, the highest daily figure for illegal migrants making the journey across the english channel from mainland europe to the u. k. is set more and that's after this.
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i hello. this is driven by dream shaped by those with the in me dares thing. we dare to ask in ah
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ah me. ah, the, you're back with r t. a record number of illegal migrants crossed the english channel to reach the u . k. in a single day. this week, taking the total number of arrival so far this year to more than $10000.00. it comes amid reports that refugees having to quarantine in hotels, paid for by taxpayers, are not having their coven isolation enforced. while returning british holidaymakers are facing daily calls and police checks are tease anastasia toll
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matilda and i was being talking to those affected to accommodate the search and a solid seekers to home office has spent tens of millions of pounds on fog booking . full bought o tells to be used as a temporary housing. a number of these are located in the heart of major u. k. cities including london and manchester. many of the new arrivals have come from the countries of the high levels of corona virus. british travelers still have to fork out nearly 2000 pounds for mandatory quarantine and a hotel is coming from a red list. country reports have also merged, claiming that hundreds of migraines thing and hotels had been breach in quarantine rules due to poor security enforcement that the premises. some security guards even admitted that they could not control quarantine because they do not know who is supposed to be self isolating. we decided to try and catch up with some of the migraines, whose hotel stays, are being funded by the british taxpayer. and it looks like we have to call the
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police if you'd only like for private property, no luck. on our 1st attempt, we were asked to leave the premises immediately after kingston will move more centrally to london. skeleton district managed to speak to refugee from libya. he told me he's allowed to leave his room for a cigarette during quarantine. your love to go out had been photos of the 5 to 10 minutes. most of the new come as a scattered in hotels around london. me in england. like 10 months, 10 months in the summer house, in an exclusive area like this one who does, he generally don't come cheap. we ask local what they thought the people seem to me to be very well behave. and i haven't noticed studies or problems in the area. this is offensive idea. they can really hear, you know, that's, i'm going to throw, you know, thinking they are eating smoking. you know,
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the home office insist that hotel accommodation is only a temporary solution to coping with the back of people waiting for a decision and their silent replication. what was the number of daily channel crossing setting new records? the british tax 1st bill is only going to get bigger anastasia, so much of a r t london. an investigation into the conduct of new york governor under como is drawing to a close. he's accused of sexual harassment on the mishandling of the cobit crisis in nursing homes, quote, most being given an august 13th deadline to provide any additional material in his defense, after which the investigative committee will decide if he's to be impeached. his fellow democrats, even president biden himself have called for his resignation, governor andrew cuomo, sexually harass multiple women, and in doing so violated federal and state law. i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. most important thing right
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now is for the governor to resign. he should resign the people of new york deserve better leadership in the governor's office. we continue to believe that the governor should resign. on tuesday, the new york state attorney general, he just saw a few moments ago, polish details, alleging the coma had committed assaults against 11 women from his office, including cases of on wanted touching, kissing, and inappropriate comments. the actions are considered a violation both on the state and federal level, but there's currently no criminal investigation plant under quote denies all allegations or this year the attorney general find the chrome administration had, quote, attempted to hide the coverage mortality rates in nursing homes, thousands of debts had been under reported which led to a public crime, but again, there's been no legal consequences for the governor to dates. we discuss the issue
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with the daughter of a man who died in a nursing home with one of the covert crisis. she calling for lawmakers, the whole cuomo responsible? if team fell, then people died. and everybody just cares about governor cuomo, due process. governor cuomo didn't afford my father and 15000 innocent people do processed when he signed their death warrants and sentenced them to death in nursing homes. governor cuomo shows deprived indifference for life. it doesn't matter if it's a young girl that works in his office, or if it's an elderly person and we need to hold him accountable for all of his crimes. i put that out there to our lawmakers, to please mention over 15000 people who have no voice. somebody needs to stand up for them and be their voice. and i do believe we're going to see that in his, in his impeachment trial, more great programs get going in moments here on 247
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r t. c watson. offer where you are today in a minute and a half catch you again at the top. the join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the know what was, what was the good and you can mother can walk by now i was and i know i should know moment the been age and illegal. mon tesla deals
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