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tv   News  RT  August 8, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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i thought i was doing my best get back to school, which side will have the strongest appeal? the story shapes the week, italy temporarily eggs and citizens of neighboring some merino who think given rushes, vaccine, covert passports, the shelf is still not recognized. buddy. respond proving its effectiveness in the small european nation and numerous independence studies exclusively with the country health. and we have some data from the guarantee of the of the cmc. we are closer to a 100 percent off. the cmc evacuations homes burned to the grounds and apocalyptic st. devastating walls res, across the world from turkey and drink the russia, and the us jail had crew exposed abusive condition that the prison was being held
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in telephone with louis one friends who live and active retaliation. president lawyer that he can only like to speak to them if they have upcoming or where and she's not applying the requirement to any of the others. ah, the thanks so much for joining us in the weekly anata. italy has temporarily exempted residence of some marino from needing coven passports to travel. the tiny country sits entirely within at least borders and as almost completely immunize this other population using russia spinning v vaccine, which isn't on the use approval list. brussels recently agreed to accept covert inoculation certificates issued by some reno and vatican city. but only with jobs
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is given the green light see the passes, allow free movement between those no new states and the blog would for the vaccine . still not given approval. they left most summer in daisy stuck at home. we spoke exclusively to the nation's health minister. our green boss recognized this from you, but it's only for the people the summary know about naked by pfizer. so the people and it is 94 percent of our population that's will be seen that as the problem to move into italy and surveys are equally bar or restaurant or c m ok and the order closed space close space. so we are now working with the italian government to, to find
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a solution to this problem. lisa spending v in summary, no a showed it has an efficacy rate of more than 90. 1 percent, 2 percent of those inoculated suffered adverse side effects. less than half that figure occurring in people over the age of 60, the health minister added all those jobs, whispered nick. in some marina, a developed antibodies against covert. we did some strategies about the ccsp of the sporting vaccine. we have some day, some data guarantee of the efficiency. we are closer to a 100 percent off a few cmc and so all our people develop antibodies and which is splitting be maxine ation after one week from the start of recess on those is what maybe we
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start to do to, to free our ospital in our county and and now we have people in, in, in the roof because somebody called me from turkey to the united states and russia to italy. devastating wildfires have been raging across the world in greece. this week, 2 people were killed in font surging across the european country. me the
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people are forced to leave their homes on the outskirts of the greek capital. mass evacuations have been carried out on the nearby island of evian, with hundreds of people fleeing the inferno via ferries, and fishing boats. on friday, the nations said it was struggling to contain more than $150.00 wall fires. prime minister warning a heat wave, a turn grease into a powder keg described as the worst in decades. massey blazed, causing havoc in turkey to the least 8 people have been killed therein. around 10000 evacuated amid extreme wildfires burning on the coast popular tourist. destination boardroom and mama have been hit on local. describe the scenes. there
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is raining ashes and saturday, heavy rains bought at least some relief to the country. meanwhile, there were some surreal scenes in the state of california this week. one town employ. miss county looked like a hollywood movie about the end of the world, aided by tend to draw vegetation found by strong winds. the dixie, far as its been named tor, through greenville remains of homes and abandoned cars, totally burnt out. were common sight, buildings dating from the gold rochelle were completely destroyed, as well as a school gas station church hotel. a museum ross has also been hard hit by massive wild falls in the siberia region. there were massive occupations of villages with firefighters trying to battle in fur, nose, and in the russian republic of the acute here fires blanketed large areas in thick smoke. a computer
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engineer is currently serving a prison sentence in the us for hacking a hospital. martin gods fellow says he did it to draw attention to a custody battle between the facility and the parents of a child being cut without the consent. mister gilts felt recently turn to us that he was denied telephone access to his louis. mm. got celts, wife claims communication with his lawyer, was cut off shortly after he had written an article, and it was published on our website in that pace. pe described cases of mistreatment to the prison where he was being held. the authorities say that his lack of calls were only down to changes in the coven staffing policies. the act of his wife, however, isn't satisfied with that explanation. they read all of his mail. so they had a heads up on what was coming. they shouldn't it's legal privilege mail, but i guess i guess they were aware he has multiple attorneys who are trying to get
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in touch with him for meetings about strategic matters. he answered in appeal and other legit and other stuff in court and they just can't reach him. they're telling him that they catherine's fear felt his that bureaus prison lawyer. and it's telling them that she can only let him speak to them if they have upcoming court deadlines. whereas she's not applying that requirement to any of the other inmates. we contacted officials and leading rights organizations to get their take on god's folks case, european court of human rights and human rights watch till does. they can't comment on the issue. let's take a look back at how the situation unfolded. i please let me know right now i needed my family
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in. she has been totally medically abuse, finally common sense prevail? who's i just don't know how it's really happening. it doesn't feel like it's it's real good to be home in the news
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. we discussed the sort of the geopolitical, honest patrick heading sin and barret brown, a journalist, an activist who was himself imprisoned in connection with a data leak. marty himself, over throughout the entire was imprisonment, has been retaliated against 4 other articles. he's written lawsuits. he has filed against the system against the visual wardens and so forth, having done for years and feds myself, the prison, the u. s. for my activism and having written, calling from prison. i've been in prisons where there wasn't a lot, but i've been in prisons where, you know, i was, i was pulled off the phone, what she's doing, interview the interview and been put in the shoe for doing that interview and then release after investigation. you know,
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2 weeks later i was re arrested because these orders in 2017, for getting interview advice after i got out of prison. no one has been involved in activism. should be tried in the us, north gosh, where there they just did the record of the u. s. on this is just a mentally vile. the harm should be proportionate to the sentence, not the potential harm. and increasingly, what we see, certainly in the us justice system, is this kind of trend of symbolic convictions and symbolic sentences, whereby the politicization of the justice system and what used to be due process is become increasingly politicized. and i think we can see that in so many different cases, especially with the area of cyber crime or hacking, it seems that and i think maybe this just really speaks to the ability of hackers
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or hacked of ists to threaten the power structure which has become increasingly dependent on digital networks, we only have to look really at the julian assigned case as, as the sort of top level sort of case in this area that he is absolutely a political prisoner. and it's not so much about what he did. it's about what he represents and the ability of an organization to get around the powers of the state. ah, the ah
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ah me. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk me the news.
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ah, welcome back on thursday. these really air force start graham targets in south lebanon, the response to what it called terrorist attacks from the neighboring territory. the worst escalation between the countries. in the past decade and a half, the shelling came on a grim anniversary for lebanon the exact clear years and the devastating explosion and by root that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, and thousands had gathered in the capital tomorrow. the tragic event, holding up pictures of the dead and demanding justice police file to gas had demonstrated during a heated thanks. jay johnson, the government building, people are angry still over the government's failure to specify what triggered up last and who was responsible for it was one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history. this one, you may find mis footage, disturbing the
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ash with rice group, amnesty international condemned lebanese officials for quote, shamelessly, obstructing an investigation into the bluff evidence oldest hospital. devastated by the explosion. one nurse died. a baby was born during the very minutes of the blast . now one year on the child's report to be doing well, he spoke to a nurse working on the maternity ward on that day. she told us panic wasn't an option. there was simply too much to do. i was studying my mom about my day and i do remember my cleaning alone feeling very bad that i did not know if i was okay to be able to be a great kid and didn't have an idea what has what has happened. so i, when i try to move my hands and i was able to,
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to cite actually i thought of to be you want to be where, where are they? they are okay. i happened to babies the company in the go, they doing very well that way. and i went to the fed and every day they send me pictures and they send me everything they do, how they, how they feed the thing. so they doing, they went and rebuilding efforts got a long way to go in the city. they come as the country faces huge challenges from a plummeting currency to power outages, as well as medicine and fuel shortages. and because of that, most of the reconstruction works been funded privately or carried out by non governmental organizations. the owner of one story property left gutted by the blast, told us he's been let down by all sides to the last 3 and my house is a heritage building, but we didn't get any help from unesco or anyone that was the only people who've been helping a one kind strange that god sent to us and recently won
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n g o. no one else. the government didn't help it. they've given us nothing but faith promises them. i've witness many was i was born in 1944, but i've never seen the situation so bad. everyone keeps saying we've never seen such a crime in so much damage. if there was a war, it would have been easier. at least we could have had the option to escape at times of war, we were always notified to leave our homes. but this time we were left to die. the un special ruffled ter, on torture, says that there are grounds for an official intervention against police in berlin fellows, numerous accusations of brutality used against those recently protesting the timing of cobra restrictions. sterling footage emerged from last sundays. demonstration, the last of these images of an officer throwing an elderly woman to the ground went viral. berlin police confirmed an investigation into suspected bodily harm had been opened. the head of the german
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police union told us criticism and pressure exerted only officers might be in fact, since affordable took this money. i am sure that my call exacted and accordance with the law. in addition, more than 60 police officers were injured. they clearly did not stumble but suffered during the protests, which by the way, were fast and peaceful because they violated public orders. since they were banned, the police are the center of criticism and such deployments. that's something we're used to. society is becoming ever more polarized politics that cultivate anything but peaceful conversation. have come to beauty, to that. and the police on right between irreconcilable fronts that are no longer ready to engage in dialogue and all that doesn't make up police work any easier. i don't have any other opinions about this colleague say they have been under pressure in these events. a lot of colleagues have been injured and that doesn't make the situation easier. we'd like to see politics being used to calm people down on all sides. around 5000 people to part in process in berlin. last
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weekend, there were more than 600 people arrested officers whose batt homes and pepper spray against the demonstrators say german lawyer we spoke to believes that that use of force was grossly disproportionate. that's what we've seen in this video is quite shocking, at least to me, that if you assess it from a legal perspective, you'd ask yourself if there was a threat. but from what it looked, it's just an elderly lady trying to pass by the policeman. i don't think it was an extremely tense situation with just before the police of the throwing the lady to the ground like that. if you look at the standard legal definition of a threat, it just didn't look like one of the policemen wasn't being attacked. and there was no gross disturbance of the peace and public security that lady just wanted to pass by. from a legal perspective, the officers conduct, quote, disproportionate freedom of assembly. the constitutional rights can be restricted. for instance, in a panoramic like the one we're seeing, there may be restrictions,
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but there shouldn't be a difference with the people have notified of their rally beforehand or not. they should be able to gather spontaneously, to those that peaceful and on owned in the open. in citizens shouldn't be in fear of being subjected to this kind of treatment. when going to protest in a huge show of people power a quarter of a 1000000 protested suits of paris on saturday to vent their anger plans for mandatory cove. it health passes. the 4th such weekend in a row of demonstrations, demonstrations being held. humans trade unions to the medical groups have been rallying members against the controversial passports earlier in the week. people in the french capital, my feelings clear to the countries constitutional council rule. the government moves legal. we gave the mood in paris. message, suggestion is wrong today, we're not talking about deprivation of social right. this is about an attempt on human rights. we're forced to vaccinate. this is real to tele. terry news?
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there's other, but the coven health says divine to the french people, into 2 categories, vaccinated and unvaccinated. for me, it's the beginning of the software dictatorship. it is the dictatorship that the pass introduced. from next week, people in france will have to show a coven, passport, to end to restaurants, cafes, even hospitals, or health workers, face mandatory vaccination. as of next month, a series of angry rallies over the pressure to vaccination, pandemic restriction. so seems like this. in late july, the many people don't even before the mandatory reformation was introduced,
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they had been more than 10000 lay off in french hospitals. but can the local health care system afford to lose all these? many people now say that they want to leave their work and not only in hospitals, if you have a closer look at what's happening now, you'll see that some specialists refused to comply with the vaccination order and say, whatever of my job, i choose to work as an independent specialist, so stop working on the small, fast and eco friendly, but increasingly proving something of a menace on the streets. the use of electric scooters is rising rapidly, but so all the number of accidents involving them. we took a test drive through 2 very busy cities, fast convenient and environmentally friendly, e scooters massively growing in popularity here in the u. k. over the last few years, the relatively cheap to run and use electricity. so the perfectly invoke with a current focus on renewable energy. although russia is
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a relatively low lead boomer in the market of shareable electric scooter, this service has spread rapidly across the country where the number of users doubling since the beginning of the pandemic. as more people are being encouraged to use individual means to transfer it's, it's also become an all time favorite among all kinds of still every company. yes, everyone is so keen on the british government, his band excuses from public roads, saying they can only be used on private land. it is not currently possible to get appropriate insurance for privately own e scooters. meaning it is legal to use them on the road or in public spaces. this part protective measures up 220-0000 accidents involving excuses are protected by the end. the here are also concerns around the impact that you're having on vulnerable people in society. especially the visually impaired leaving me to wonder exactly where london the stand. and the question of that, you know,
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people that have actually had to go to school because a sofa as a driver. my so, but the thing, any dangerous, it depends on what it is clued up. there is nothing there quite true. fall 2 false. and there's no oversight, there's no guidance for these people, they just buy them and, and they're just allowed to get onto the road in the foot play without any guidance as the number of people whizzing around moscow, park and pavement growth. so does the number of accidents involving e scooters count. people have died within the past 2 years. many believe that the reason is that e scooters operate in a legal gray area. and it's true. according to the current legislation, a person on an e scooter is a pedestrian, but in reality, this is a person on a fast moving object. the city council has so far responded by introducing the so called slow zones,
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limiting the speed for rent it electric scooter is to 15 kilometers per hour down from 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. but clearly that's not enough yet. i think ease coders are fun, but moscow is not well suited to their mother. a few places can write safely. there are fish and cycling and pretty narrow sidewalk. if so, the new people who don't have driving life and don't lie with tropicals, which can result sinatra, citizen and local infrastructure is not thought through dispute. there are no specials, but there are lots of inconsistency is ok to write on the side, or should you cycling? they should be regulated a legislative level. many believe it's the task of police to regulate and control how people use scooters. but in fact, it's more complicated and all sides should be involved. the rental companies that transfer to the store, it is the users themselves. and while it can take months to work out
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a proper legislative base for the service, the scooters will continue to zoom along the streets of our big cities. well, at least until winter for sure. and i wrap that up for this news. i don't think she company to me for update since that even if ah one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy a close a little of the real last vegas. where many say elected officials are controlled by christina learners. the dangerous shooting revealed what the l v n p d really is. and now it's part of the spin machine to the american public barely remember that happens, that just shows you the power of money and las vegas, the powerful showed their true colors when the pen demik had the most contagious
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contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care to, here's caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people, the buyers could have been saved if they would take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing. this is a money machine. is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives. being lost, the bank kaiser's financial money. there's a girl i want to do. central bank support dong could i call them, i know they stopped me
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it doesn't look like this is of off the field. what you actually puzzle you through that actually use and she said to build me up with your budget that i would have the ok, can you tell me that i was gonna tell you that that guy was i didn't know each and famous from a crowded my to buy a book to choose the
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