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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 8, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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braille arguably continues to divide to national law, accused of war crimes natal nation, meet your birth. johnson's government is vowing a response to iran for crimes. the islamic republic denies all this as ex, and i say drone whistleblower. daniel hale is sentenced to years in jail. the 1st major espionage act conviction in the u. s. under president joe biden. joining me now from st. louis in missouri is a ca, whistleblower, convicted to revealing us steady tricks against iran, jeffrey sterling, author of unwanted spy. jeffrey, thanks so much for coming back on. i should just say before we get to daniel hale, we johnson, it's his word against the president raising runs the word about what happened in the gulf of amman, in the, in the persian gulf. i mean, how, how much should we trust the authorities when they talk about iran, given your experience to see a dirty tricks against the country? i think you should question anything coming from a polluter?
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i don't think anything has been done to de escalate any of the tensions in the region. so therefore they are going to be, i guess you call it a flash point without knowing who is to blame or who actually perpetrated the action. but the west has done nothing, i believe, to assuage any attention. in fact, i've been, we've been actually escalating the tensions in the area and i think it shows a result of that. and with the new administration coming into iran, more hardline administration, i think there may be more instances like this, unfortunately, but it least detentions will increase. and i mean, when we read in the newspapers or watch on tv and they quote, anonymous sources or sources telling them, i mean, do you think that they're in numerous, val, compliant journalists for the ca,
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to brief. one thing about the ca, they are certainly protective of their image, so they're going to be out there within the media. i think as a checkpoint and to be able to make sure that if anything is spoken about that it's done in a more positive life. whether they are actually taking the, being at the forefront, they're making statements. i'm not sure about that, but especially with the major media outlets, the stances going to be position more favorable to those in power if you will. yeah, i mean, these anonymous officials always give information to other programs. they replied to our request for information before, but never seem to give me any secrets or anonymous intel i, i don't know why that could be. how late official leaks are. ok, but least that are not smiled upon by administration. are
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frowned in order essentially talking about the same thing. why is that? is information reaches the press, the official capacity. so many times regarding iran did bring the obama administration about the programs against iran. if they're released by a government official leased by a government official, then those kind of leaks about to make the government look good. least showing b abuse of power, of government or the wrong doings by government. those certainly embarrass in a government and they are going to retaliate to try and stop that. governments like information released as they like did release not as the citizens they are supposed to re represent want to hear it. yeah, i mean, i'm sure, i mean,
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many people may just think that's, that's obvious. now, of course, daniel hale told us about how men, women, and children were being killed and blown to bits by drones. and how the us authorities relying effectively about it. what was your reaction to him being prosecuted on the espionage act and being sent to prison for years? again, my heart folk, the again mark in the notch of the weapon that is the act as it's being used or misused by our justice system here. i guess i can say 45 months in prison. it's not that much time. my last 40 to any day, any moment in prison is much too long for telling the truth. and my heart goes out to daniel. i know exactly what he's going through. standing there in front of the judge, not knowing,
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knowing that your faith is in this person's hands and not knowing really what this person is going to say. or what, how are they going to condemn you? is a very harrowing experience and it's hard to really grasp, especially when you're standing there before a judge, the president for doing the right thing. it's hard to grasp the reality of that or have it makes sense for you is a very sad day for me when i faced that situation. and i know the sad day for daniel, at least i had the benefit that i'm i was in my street clothes before that judge day was the cause he's been confined with the prison jumpsuit, which just adds to the distress of the entire experience. as far as the legal context,
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his lawyers cited your case and that of john curiosity, who formerly also of the ca. how do you think that affected the sentencing was as you have you in fact created the precedent for sentencing to jail for telling the truth. yeah, it's only been a bit mark and i don't want any was i know the points counsel during the assign tradition proceeding cited my case as a benchmark for the type of things that he could face if he was guilty of violating the jack. i trial like persecution was a travesty of justice. and, but i also think that i was accused, as daniel hale is essentially being a traitor to the united states and of all the meanings that will go along with that, trying to essentially destroy the country. yes. after
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my expense, after a trial, the judge gave me 42 months at some. if this is so serious a bio lation of the jack. why would a judge get a 40 to month in daniel case, 45 months? i think they see the falling of how the act is being used to retaliate against individuals who release information that is embarrassing to the us. i will say i receive 40 to daniel, receive 45. maybe they're starting to go back up the prosecutions in both instances . certainly want it many more years. i believe they want 9 years for daniel and for me i was facing 10 years for each of the 9 counts that i was charged. people can look up the case as are gods, dirty tricks and nuclear weapons parts to iran. julian this on, did you say,
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i mean, he's facing 175 years and it was a british judge, a magistrate who said, it's just not safe. your judice, your prison system for him to be there. how just reminders, how you are treated and what you fear about the treatment for daniel hale because you filed 3 complaints when you were in prison. house have is daniel hale right now in the us prison. he's probably still in the alexandria jail, pretty much in confinement, but prison system in general, i merely placed the warehouse bodies and medical treatment is laughable. mental health treatment, which i know will be important and approved for daniel imprison because he's, he's been more health problems. he's off his mental health problems now what i was in prison and struggling mentally because this is really horrible. mental
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experience to go through as well as i was reaching out for help. i realize that the so called health professionals are pretty dismissive of anything. and at one point i would threaten with being put into solitary if i didn't just come around just step out of it. and if you want to put me in solitary to worse than my mental condition, because i'm actually trying to reach out to you for help with my mental condition and but that's what daniel was going to face. they will put window dressing on it as they did during the proceedings that there will be adequate mental health care. but that is absolutely not the reality of prisons in this country. no more. as i said, no more than warehouse individuals and just numbers and you are treated as pretty much non 1st. i mean, even if you will not be, if your lawyers hadn't succeeded in persuading the authorities about your hot
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condition, do you think you'd have died of a heart related condition without that small victory you had when you were in jail? i think that's very much the case that i would have. i was actually terrified that i would die in that desolate place because the health care that i deserve the health care that i, that by law i was entitled to being denied to me. and it took us senator to inquire at the prison for me to receive health care. a lot of that most the battle space base to all of my supporters. so arising the prison by rising policy and especially my, my strong, lovely wife. now how many people in us prison have that sort of support? when i was there, it was routine for someone to dot. there was, it was a routine for someone did i have a heart attack? and usually if you have a heart issues in the prison, i was that the answer that i received on several occasions was drink more water.
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i've never known a heart condition to be alleviated with a prescription of water. but that's the type of health care that any healthcare and mental health care, danny will receive imprison. well, as julian his arms, he goes on being tortured according to the to the un. daniel. as david contrast, the former head of the ca leaked secrets for his book with love over he didn't go to jail. do you think that the reason we are not getting more whistleblowers recently from the intelligent service? i mean, just look what's happening in afghanistan. disaster that's happening there. we don't seem to get any until leaks which was is because people like you, daniel hale, juliana signs. curious who john carry out the jailing, working deterring. truth. tell us why they're using the espionage act as a hammer. as the biggest threat that they can come up with to use against, with
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a lower, anyone interested in standing up against government, wrong doing the message, they send you to send the same message. this is what you will face. not many actually go to trial and put the government to task on that because they use that as such a threat. and maybe that can be one of the reasons why i think there will always be whistleblowers. but i think especially in this country, we also see different sort of justice system, especially when it comes to national security. daniel have received 45 months in prison and the government really didn't have to show any damage on the espionage. they just have to claim that the revealed national defense information will be january 6 terrorists. that storm the capital are not considered a threat to national security and they are only being charged. those individuals who have been charged with misdemeanors. the 1st individual received
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a month in prison for storming their capital and the only be in charge of the estimator i. the differences here are astounding and quite disgusting with regard to justice benefits just as soon as country which is not justice at all . jeffrey selling, thank you. thank you very much for helping me out. after the break. we all condemning global farmers to poverty and the nutrition is corporate piracy reign supreme. we speak to the woman who doubles his bill gates, ally, and un secretary general envoy ahead of new york un food system from it's all the more coming up about 2 of going underground join me every thursday on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me
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. hello, driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me there's things we dare to ask me. ah, welcome back, new york un food system. some, it stops in a matter of weeks in a drive to transform the world's food systems for the next decade. and it's global hunger. it's set to rise by a 3rd this year with millions more on the brink of famine, due to climate change. what can we expect to join me now from guardian around the
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un secretary general special envoy to the summit, and president of the alliance for green revolution in africa, dr. agnes calabasas. thank you so much, agnes, for coming on. we'll tell me about what this summit will mean for africa in the world. so thank you so much for having me. the summit recognizes that we have a number of places, number one that we have behind on. it's the just the sustainable development goes. number 2, the for some 2 companies is that our food system that is supposed to deliver gifts, hunger gifts, to deliver full baton nutrition, actually contributing to climate change and contribute to the most fucked by diversity loss. so it's not just about food, it's about these other issues. so really what to expect is we need to compromise that. we need to come to on foot under equity for people. we also need to come to an environmental issues that would be to, to climate since the fact that would contribute to one 3rd of emissions to climate says is something we cannot over look at this point in time. i mean, obviously,
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i think you have a country with increased food bag uses. the united states has upwards of 40000000 who cannot eat tonight without food stamps. why don't they just in africa do what you facilitated when you administer ro, end of the policies you enabled? cause may that put to quadruple rice to double. why don't you just do that? i mean, what, why do you need a big sum at all? so it's, so that's a very good question. so number one, different countries need to put the systems in place just like we didn't run that we need to work on putting systems in place that allow for most folks if prove, said to be able to double the yields of former foxes or the input systems that, you know, for example, in the list and what we know days we take for granted. and what we want is to show that those things that there is there was noted for granted become available to africa from us so that they can be productive. and those things include inputs,
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but they also include markets and functional markets include access to those markets include access to find those which is a mr dean for african countries. so those are the challenges that are holding the content book. but now we also need to talk about climate change and what climate change is doing. pull this from us that we're beginning to come out of poverty because of use of agriculture because of good use the cut to do it any more because out of every 3 months to a field doesn't have a lot of calamity. yeah, i'm not sure. i mean, obviously under nourishment though, joining those years when you administer went out from 1300000 to 4400000. doesn't that show that actually crop yield? as a metric is not a particularly good one when it comes to food systems. i mean, you and your, i mean you, you failed at the alliance for a green revolution in africa. you missed the target by 70 percent. understand in, in the countries the focus group,
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countries in africa. so 1st thing 1st to both the lender increasing numbers of hungry people. wonder, i don't know where you get to your debt. i don't know what you're reading, but if i go with the global index report, which was produced around 201220131 that it used to show levels by 50 percent. and what wonder did was use the foot systems approach, where a number of ministries, a number of success come together to look at why a country like one of the tubs the to produce food had showed you number one to should. of course there isn't that many, and i want to go to these, but i'm going to what we did, what we did was to show the us kill, to get up and work to. yes, to show that from a concrete chris yields, but also worked on funding this for the farmers. and this people that are much more noticed on the type of solution that we need to get to them. sometimes the solutions are not cultural. sometimes the solutions will social protection and actually helping them where they were. so different cultures have different test
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pages and it has to raise it, said it that it has to have a solution tailored to being able to do the longest. i was, i mean the figures come via villa, campus, hiena, you know, the different groups ranged against the summit. what do you make of the hundreds of small scale food produces researches, indigenous peoples organizations, the one to complete boycott of this summer in a couple of weeks time. that's an interesting question. first of all, let me go nice that we have mid huge efforts on the secretary general's request to make this a people's submit. we've reached out to people in this enough people have had 280 loops, including about 5000000 people from across civil regions of the world. we reached out to the producers. we show to fishers, we should also 2 people we will show to private sector including up to similar
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meetings with them and thus tia the flood. generally not this reach out to the confirmation, but every possible and i have a stick in the food system and we need to compromise that. we need to appreciate the decisions it fucked off with the system. we've tried to include everybody. we've tried to not to worry about this, but it's good. we need every but you can rise what they are doing and we need to put to be held accountable for what they do. so don't have the composition including topical positions with each other look. so people of the composition that we must have to fix off with sustain he's some of those groups say that your organizational, your president off is basically a front organization that is deliberately trying to stop small holding small farmers in favor of massive chemical companies. obviously, only 2 companies, one center bare and,
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and dupont control. most of the world's food bill gates, obviously who finance is you? is the largest private farm landowner in the united states. what would you say to the nations? so this a private sector and big corporations have been in this business all and will always been, this is mr. i've been, they've been if i was blood for growth. so let's put those things in context and build, get fun so much more than a precocious 50 was 1st floor, the pharmacy fun for c and c funds, hills and all the things, many of which we appreciate where we live from a perspective, we'll get books that have access facilities. now, putting things in perspective, again, my job is to ensure that african florida from us have and will put into produce in the with that the 7 out of 10 people that live in a culture can actually have productive recovery systems can help you. i'm not
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looking for 10 metric tons by hickory, like we've seen the euro, or even in the us, i'm looking for only 5 because with 5 metric tons of reconfirm us can have a livelihood that low 6 kids to school. that's the most sense for their kids to clinic that to give them my neighborhood. i do want africa from us to be basket kisses. so for me here, i have the ability to have the understanding of what the coach 6 transforms to set a group. how. why is it then? does i mean, why is it, i mean, obviously the greatest food systems success? the recent years is when communist china celebrating a 100 years of communism in china, i went to eritrea. that's in africa. we have total food security. there was no private sector involvement whatsoever. we know about the success in cuba, se since the revolution in food security. why is it countries that don't involve the private sector? achieve 100 percent food security and all the countries you are involved in,
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in the grid lines for green revolution in africa. miss they yield targets and lead to massive profit and shareholder value for private multinational corporations. so 1st of all, that's a description of the but let's go with what you think. anyway, number one, the coach of you call it out how the systems, how can i this should the low communities to be able to box if the input to the top talking about the bottom line there every, for my based on the system to put in place ever from this? no, not all countries can be your typical queue, but we'll cover political system that is similar to that different countries of chosen different posts in those different pub, this private sector, and strengthen the capability private sector. in this case, enough recruit. we're talking about assemblies and we're talking about local assemblies, strengthen the capacity of local, sent me, which is what my institution does. look like sidney's,
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your $100000.00 type of business, your $500.00 type of business, stenson them on, the ability to be able to get some us access to inputs. choices of inputs for that because chris value is what we do. i don't care what my son to that's i don't care what's the business. so to read that, if it's send me enough, i can function and did it for small or the fun month. that's what i'm paid to do. that's what my job is about. and you know, what, if someone knows that you, by the way, or even bill gets someone else, provides the opportunity for me to be able to deliver that for a free, comfortable home to farmers. oh, differently to to do it with i should say not just bill gave rockefeller who made the money from oil and ford foundation, obviously who made cars and we have the international panel for climate change. we also clean and it's also be clear this people don't just support africa. i mean look for phone dish. we don't of dollars. yes,
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but they supported america. they supported europe, the support that everybody does. everybody has grown on their book. why does it become a question when i'm looking for africa about there's a huge debate about the indirect subsidy to rockefeller and ford foundation. and that's why there's a call for reparation. that instead of $1000000000.00 grid, your president of, and even the u. n. s. food system summit, there should be reparations paid to africa. what was stolen from africa? and then those african countries should have food sovereignty over their own countries, like you, gander, has been involved in became a faster, has been involved in different countries in africa, not nigeria, notably, have rejected food painting the buying a painting, seeds and so on. so that pharmacy is the way forward, rather than multinational creative seats. but again, please support it, thinks what is happening. what's happened from your perspective has nothing to do with this. some of the work that we do with the sort of the lexus mission of the
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liquid will coordinate that we know they put so colonization. i don't want to put on that route, but let's focus on what, what we can do to support some of the month. and what then when, when should i start? the money comes and, and really they fission is to support african communities to learn. oh, even doped some of the technologies that we can adopt to be able to move forward. again, i'm not said no, my job is to ensure that, okay, but i mean, obviously seen the negative in the end, but i mean, we have the international panel for climate change, lead author on this program just the other day. and he said, we don't really know what war contributes to climate change, the pentagon, the largest emitter, arguably, why would you choose to work with an alleged war? criminal, tony blair, to write an article, building food security during the pandemic. how do you think that scene in the global south to the man who is alleged to be a war criminal and you together
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a telling the world about food? so i don't know the say the 20, the next him i will criminal. i know the said the 20 bria, that talks about development. i go with the side, they know you go with the site, you know, we're going to show you the moment. but if it's over in the iraq war that displays kill, it maybe was mission michael magician with she has nothing to do with a cool micro position with him. has everything to do with how moving development fought for it can work under the puts that he's his women he's discussing with us or gotten development forward. i choose to focus on what we can do from a bill of 60 and, and what he hopes that appreciate. and i'm sure he has done a lot from a development perspective, was with us special envoy. thank you. and that's over the show will be back on wednesday, 49 years to the day. the last of the usa defeated soldiers lead
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a communist victory. and we have nom and then keep in touch with social media. and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and tell us what you think about the you end through to do some ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend the join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows use. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk me new gold rushes underway, and gunner thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it. rich children are torn between gold education. my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school, which still will have the strongest appeal the
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and the stories, the shape that we're here on our he, italy, temporarily exam exams, the citizens of neighboring san marino from needing coven passports, if they've had rushes sport and vaccine. that's despite the jap not being recognized by the e. u. we speak exclusively the san marino health minister. we have some day, some guarantee composite of the efficiency. we are closer to a 100 percent off a few cmc. last evacuations, homes birth to the ground apocalyptic seed, devastating wildfires raised throughout the world from turkey to greece to russia and the us and jailed hacker who exposed abusive conditions of the prison in which is being held is denied telephone access to his lawyer.


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