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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 9, 2021 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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the to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, jordan some u l. e in budapest, he's a podcast or at the gaggle which can be found on you too. and locals. and here in moscow were joined by dmitri bobby. he was a political analyst and editor in a me, internet, media project or a gentleman crossed up rules and effects. that means you can jump anytime you want, and i always appreciate it. okay, let's go to the new and improved version of dimitry bob and welcome to the program . and i should to tell everybody for this format, contact that my 2 guests in this case to be in georgia and i inquire with they would like to talk about and de me, you sent me an article about the new mccarthyism. why did you send that to me? what caught your eye, and do you think we really are in error? go ahead. i think the main reason is that this very radical polarizing statement
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that we had last week from president biden, who actually used a very aggressive us when given gold medals to their police officers who unfortunately let the, you know, the insurgents are so called insert us into the capitol hill so these people were given gold medals even though they obviously failed to prevent something very bad from competing. but the just, you know, the kind of language that by and used, you know, m mobile, which is terrorist launched a violent and dead less hold on the people's house and the sacred reach to 35 free and in the action that the minds me unfortunately that doesn't remind me all the way democratic leader was that reminds me of that mad dogs of imperialism, you know, in molly's china or the boot leeker solving to as no capable capability aside
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. yes. you know that, that we heard from the start and why use such path us, you know, and i think this article about the human caught isn't it makes it very good point in the spectator. this article was already sent the spectator that the liberal, a 3 it's, i'm not making any effort to understand. why did people vote for donald trump and why there were so many protests that we didn't get the answer from these people . it was just that they are bad people, terrorist, georgia, i'm glad to be brought up with president biden to say about the events, january 6, correct me, have read wrong, george. i thought there was a select committee going on in congress. define become to some conclusions. i thought there were other investigations to come be conclusion, but the president of the united states already has a conclusion. how back up? very good point. yes, there's be the select committee. there's also been other committees that have been
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investigating the events of genuine. and of course, there are $560.00 people who have been charged with the events of january, the 6th of these trials, ongoing and likely to last month in bonds, if not years after the correct. but the demon is actually right. i mean, listen, mccarthyism started of course before the biden and straighten it started at the time donald trump was in the old you rated as president mat. mccarthyism was pretty explicitly like the old like of. ready of which is it accused from the people around from the ages of the kremlin, that was as it was, that's ages on the ground. and it was worse even than the old because the, because at least the old mccarthyism had a kernel of truth because there were some people working in the u. s. government who are agents of the gremlins such as x, y, and zone. so, but this was complete from
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a completely made up story that troubles in the ages of the remnants. and it was poor, cynically to suggest that the man was elected president was actually a tool of the crime and the crumbling of stolen election. i mean, so the demonize ation has been a continuing strain issue. and now instead of calling these people, agents of the kremlin, they are now terrorists. so people who have terrorists enablers, it says you bring up a good point demon. i mean, i think one of the most important indications of this new mccarthyism is the total abuse of language. you know, domestic terrorists back seeing deny are. so, you know, everybody is categorized. ok. and it's, it's really a purity test. all of the time. you know, there were, there were some official that said that anyone that could, this was over the last few days,
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any official that criticizes found. she should be repercussions for that. i mean, we've gone so far so fast where descent is criminalized it's being criminalized. and it's again, we're not looking at a very small group of people, we're looking at half the country, half the country is being accused and labeled and designated and know quite lists and things like this. i mean this, these are extraordinary measures and it's all because how they want us to use language. what happened on january is that we really don't know because we don't have the facts. that apparently was an insurrection. you get my point. absolutely. and the 1st way to make it clear that we are on the show, we're not against vaccines. we don't know how to. absolutely. we do not support trumps people deed on january the 6th. the methods you last against
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these probably you know, probably a wrong wrong. why did people, i just, you know, i don't want to do more christian. i mean, in this article, this dictate the author lists this example that you just mentioned, you know, make in the criticize in south anthony follwich, a federal crime, no less. if you criticize dr. voucher you are a criminal. well, but also, you know, there shouldn't be the narratives that appear in american society today. and that's the more disturbing phenomenon. i mean, the article in the washington board by dana milbank, it says, history has been written by victors. we should not allow losers to write history. we have these, me full g dana milbank rights of all the events of january, 16 on the table de terrorist took up arms against the united states. seeking to
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see the u. s. government, in a deadly rampage. well, i mean this, this is beyond the pale and the, the problem is, i think george was very right when he cited mccarthyism and the anti russian roots of mccarthy. and now i think it was very well appointed by by the frank in his article in the morning diplomatic. now if the specialist will eastern europe, why actually cheer leading, you know, this new mccarthyism? here is what it says, mr. frank, curiously. you know, one group of experts who emerged a need us on the ice tyria were experts on eastern europe where authoritarianism has a long history and russian, the farrier, the areas. this is a known quantity. i mean, these people are great and panic criteria. you know the the book by. 4 an apple ball was headline twilight to you,
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more christian. where do you do markers except in the actions of the corporations and the liberal coming period? which an apple really sense this is? this is the article by tom snyder, the book by thompson or the own period where dusty sees tyranny, where does it unit except his own and the people think like you exactly in georgia, the name of this program is liberal liberalism. and this is really what we have come down to, i mean it's these liberals, they constantly mountain words, democracy and diversity and all but, but they are actually not for any of them. they're actually for submit. and criminalize this then it's as simple as that, george. it is a simple as the and we've seen facebook, twitter, google, the most powerful corporations in the world. they can pretty much control all the flow. busy of information on the world working hand in glove with government,
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particularly with the democratic father in order to crush political and their opponents. so it's not just donald trump and the people who had donald trump's, the borders who have been kicked off the platform so that they don't get to have a voice. it's also people who have the wrong views on vaccine. robert f. kennedy junior. he's certainly concerned that they will trumps of all that he's been thrown off. know me, will kicked off. you know, we have the wrong, the wrong views on the vaccine you're out. you know, the most most well known public intellectuals, if you agree or disagree with her, i mean my household name if you read books. okay, great. but what is interesting to me is that when they talk about democracy in truth and all these other highfalutin things, is that it's all those things only for people that are worthy of it. if you're not
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worthy of it, then you don't deserve it. this is their message, and this is why i have said repeatedly on this program. this is the new surface. okay? you know, you can have all of these things if your worthy and we will determine if your worthy yes or no. yes, exactly. so democracy means that the right people are elected, if the right people another leg than it was played in all the democracy. and therefore, we have to either re run these elections over and over again until we get the right people, or just simply the gate and say, that's what we're, this really wasn't the democracy at all. this was a dictatorship that was stolen by jim or whatever, but that's what you know, you get, you have to have a democracy means electing the right people it's. it's a permanent rule by a permanent lee. that's what they mean by the so the liberalism. yeah, i think the man, when georgia saying, if i put it in a rephrase it, which i completely agree with them,
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is that the elite must survive. and they will find the means for their own self preservation. because that's what this is all about. if you are in the, in your, in the status quo that is prosper, particularly during this crisis gear, you know, you get a want to maintain that. and so these, these trivial things, these what know, things like democracy and voter id, you know, that gets in the way of us maintaining our power because we are worthy of this power. who, who did, who did really determined that their secular, god, i don't know where they truly believe it. well, it's true. and also how the, you know, the liberal class is trying to consolidate himself. i mean, timothy snyder, when he wrote his book on tyranny, it was actually an appeal that feel our self like a class that feels that we have to defend our interests or not links. it would have to different read them and all of those things. and the, this is really dangerous and in the headline or the article by thomas frank is us
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liberals. all the trump. ok, you know, maybe people in some time will forget trump and they will forget the control. this is around him. what will remain and what is really dangerous is the pretty vision of certain narrative. i mean the appeal by dana milbank and he is the article for the washington post, you know, in which the praise of the polarized and statement from a president, by the, on the, you know, journal 6 people being old terrorists and white supremacists, you know, done mil been credits norm low, what was the right after that hard break? we'll continue our discussion on some real estate with our ah ah.
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when i was the wrong one all. oh, just don't hold the world yet to shape out. the thing becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground is going to get a little about money laundering person to see this. and this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas. in the cayman islands, you never know how these banks complicit in their property. we just have to be mccall. hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh,
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beautiful jewelry. and how about like the automobile again for mag? hey, no. money laundering is highly regal copier correct? spot. the other stuff and then need to talk the someone will actually be able to pay more than that even when i that's what i'm doing. if you could please, if you need questions on it for me, which one will be able to do about what it was which but it won't be join me, but it was easy. i got to know how to choose. you can put an office,
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i'm going to bid, as no one need to tell you the other way that you would need that because that quote, should the welcome at the cross stuff where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. this is the home edition. to remind you we're discussing some real news. i. i are a gentleman. let's change gears and georgia, a very famous television personality from the united states. oh, but the most popular cable host tucker carlson was in the city that where you reside right now. and he met someone that the west revivals. what's your take?
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well, i think 22 aspects. so 1st of all, the interview between the victim abandoned soccer golf and it's actually a fascinating and everybody should watch it or by articulate a very cogent, intelligent view. all of national relatives of saying, well, nations have a right to determine their own destiny in the light of their own interest. and there are light of their own culture traditions and so on and say, look, you know, we do not get to do what others order us to do. we didn't do what the, you know, we didn't want to do what the soviets order us to do. we don't want to do what the brussels now i don't want that i was which, which was very interesting. were even more interesting was the hysterical reaction in the united space to this interview. it was a foam and a big. i mean we have somebody like massive lacy is kind of
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a leading the liberal think it was just speaking venom about hungry. you know, this is this is a rubbish. she stupid little country. yeah. it has some pretty building. i think you said rinky dink yes, some nice little building but absolutely useless that everything else, you know, very poor doesn't. doesn't do anything anyone, any hungarian was actually was anything goes abroad to do it probably in the united states. it's a very hands on the russia is nothing except oil and nuclear weapons. but the truth is that, oh or bon, the reason why they are so great that it was a tiny country. it's just a 1000000 people afraid of it is that he is presenting animal turnage, his vision to like all of the of the global is the idea that, well, you know, there are no people. there's just, you know, they're just terminals. you know, anyone any way can just so you know, tuning and you know,
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they long on and therefore we don't need any nations. and you know, that's just simply a terminal to be manipulated. well, historically and nations has been the most resistant to also of global is the dreams. i mean, whether it was the soviets or that was not whatever. that's why when or by an articulate that this is a nation on national destiny. they know this is a found of resistance and if it's a disease that might spread to other nations, george, i'm going to stay with you. i watch the interview. i think that really what makes a lot of liberal sweat, particularly in the media, is that i came across as a very articulate come straight forward. ok speaks english well has a thick accent, but he's not the monster that he's been make it out to unless he's really putting on an act here. quick reaction to bad try is as i said, as a stream of the articles. again, compare that with any america or english conservative, you know, get to try,
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get bars. johnson relate the vision, you know, you have nothing. i mean, you would just be able bluster and cliches with any, you know, got some american senate, you know, tried to articulate a vision of what you want. you keep saying you're conservative. what do you understand by that? and i remember, oh, well, i believe it's tax cuts. so i mean the yeah. to a picture of a to a conservative vision. i mean, and he did it, you know, very effectively the interview is very, very interesting. as george said, it's very straightforward. these are, these are one of the things that i'm talking about it's, it's almost impossible really to disagree with. ok. but then if i, the ology is put, put on the altar 1st beneath you can't listen to it because it is again scripture. you can't listen to anything counter to what our idea ology says, that's why they hate him so much. and, and they hate the fact that, you know,
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he's been in power. what for 12 years when he went to 2010, but i think it's been, i think, bob, 15 of the last 19 years. here's the country of tell 10000000 people that supported conservative agenda and he's a threat hungry. it's a threat really go ahead. well, 1st of all, i think we should explain to us, not all of them. we know it. if you read the european press on the press control by the you countries, or if you read the american lanes, compress, poland, and hungary, our country is all wide by dictators. you know, these are terrible dictatorships in central europe. the only good thing about them is the poland is very russian hungry is extremely bad because it's not even anti russian table. people are in power. they are the subject king, they influence, and the judge of their suppression. the press. the only thing that the mainstream prayer doesn't mention is when pro european parties were imposed in poland. what
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form of them are they suppressed? press in the same way as the party of the trolls. now probably probably leaders. so the same thing with hungary be full organ was in power when jude chinese, the socialist for empower they treated pressing the same way as orb and us. and what made the liberals mad them tonight, the state was that oregon was allowed to speak in full usually, you know, actually organized. i think 1st came about about 30 years ago since she came to power. i don't remember except maybe in the beginning of the night, just when western press will let him speak. he was always just cold or miss quote that you know the same thing with him and, and why, where the american, john was so angry about his press conference after the meeting with them. he spoke to the reporters and they call them contact. you know, if you wanted,
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you could watch the whole conversation and see, i mean portion was so much more effective with them by than it was important to deny it. and that was counter they're never going to you for they have never. the podium is gauging the old and, you know, i thought the terry encounters are unable to change their leaders and they get more and more detached from reality. in reality, the liberalism gets more and more detached from reality and in america, we now have an american variable, the rest of them, you know, i mean, they never point out that are about when selections here. george, george, you're in budapest. now i lived in eastern europe in the 1980s. i lived in poland. i visited hungry. they were, they were run by a party dictatorships. ok. so you're in. you're in budapest right now. so everyone's waiting with baited breath george. are you living in a dictatorship?
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police is just outside the door, but everything is fine. though, of course, there are, there is a breath. i mean, you know, or body is criticized. the notion that somehow people are terrified of criticizing or but it's just simply isn't true. and it's very funny that on the one hand is a dictator that you know, don't tell it's erin fargo. 1 whatever it wasn't biting cold in the same time, yea election next year or bond might be beaten. well, how do you compatible if this is a fascist dictatorship or in or by might be defeated the next election? i mean, they say the same thing about get open style in the calendar and dictate that. yeah, a lot of these elections in moscow. i mean, it's a little over the course. it is not a dictatorship. no one who's afraid of the express use. if you live in, but most people here hate it. i mean, you know, as,
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as with most metropolitan citizen in the world tend to be very liberal. and everyone is free, free to speak is mine. and they, they are all pretty much against orbit and hoping that he loses next year is not the typical of the rest of the contract. but this characterization is of course, nonsensical. i think going back to the most like what was also extraordinary, is that due to was fielding questions from american journalist biden wasn't feeling questions from any russian john or the orange on the dash and who controls the narrative. so thing with norma was interviewed by the b b. c. when he was going to london recently, and of course the bbc report the throughout the usual, when did you stop beating your wife questions? you know, hey, what about your anti semitism? what about the dictatorship? that's the stuff, but nonetheless, or bon politely,
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answer these questions. so it's a, it's very, very different from the treatment that this, you know, the biting the head of the greatest democracy in the world. i guess you know what, when brussels is afraid of. and they, they just can't and confident is that, so a leader not long standing now can be reelected repeatedly, having conservative views that are in odds with the ideology coming out of brussels is, cannot stand. that's like because, you know, because they put them that's not democracy. somehow democracy isn't working if you get that results, okay, which is what it made me in liberal thing to think. ok. and so they have a problem not only with the, the ideology and beliefs a bit about and his electric, but they have a problem with democracy itself. i would say go ahead him. well, george just said that in the right way characterize their democracy. democracy is one of the right democrats when elections is possible. honestly, is not possible,
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not very want to say, but we must have the right people in our idea logically right people. this is not a mary talker. she's not the best managers look at the sewer on that lion in the, in the european commission, not, not the most professional. no, just the ones who are, i guess, logically your. they allowed america to be when several elections. why? because she was a logically bure. when the trump one election that in the united states have your salon or, you know, the former general nato said if trump will not be the lead on the western world, medical america will be the lead on the west, which shows you that these, these are always out to liberalism, it's not pro american, it's not pro bridges, it's actually international. it's been a bad fans. you know, if you follow guys, rules there in the states, then our guys will staying power in germany and they will run the world. but you
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know, i think george very rightly noted this a contradiction. how come he is a dictator, but he may, was in the election. well, it's the 1st contradiction that we hear from this. people told frank and his article in vermont. but it's very rightly, you know, the democrats called a trump a freshman, and then they voted for the biggest military budgets in american history like dropping the lead to give you weapons. but what makes it, you know, given more money than it never been resolved to what it is, this is a, this isn't about a an ideology that's in crisis or before we go around that time, i have a public service announcement to make cross stock is going on vacation for a month. ok, we're going to be away for 4 weeks. so i'm going to announce my vacation right here right here and now. ok. all right, i want to thank my guest in budapest and here in moscow when i think our viewers for watching our pc next time, remember, ah,
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ah, ah, the world is driven by a dream shaped by those in
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me the dares thing. we dare to ask in the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prison as deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundations of the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. to the victim say they still with the consequences. today
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the priest is killed in friends with the suspected perpetrator of migrants accused of burning down non cathedral last year. questions being asked as to why hadn't been deported to tara playing out behind bars to investigate how come the identifying is transgender, allegedly was assistant to get placed in women jails where they go on to carry out . the fact i'm female in my day gets in a full erection to lock them. this room 247 with a man and there is nothing you can do about it. and the relentless march of wild flames recall destruction and eastern russia and plug cities in dense smoke correspondence in the disaster.


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