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the vacuum. and then in to talk the, you know i can better understand your job can be critical to find them. well, i don't even know for job one on in on me. i was, i was an unofficial and pretty much any questions for me? what i want to do about what you wanna watch and what was going to be a target on july me able to georgia for the 80 i got it was to get how did
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she could put an offer me going to be as long food one me my wife, if you need any me i i know a lot in a lot of them because i'm trying to come online and in the corner lake and then i'm in gall off of what i saw them in the show me the ticket in
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television lot as i get in to find on at the for the low child on that and i never stuff on them. ok, i'm really what all that on guy. and i lived down off me, you know, you know, how much say and you know what, and for some of those guys you know, day when i got them, that is all of a no show up with them. what i mean, i'm pretty sure they go to the middle from the give us the fuel to get the one who is a month to month it out in a almost one, almost sure that on the, on the letter, the paper that you should or your got push or the full volume going out that i'm
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going to say because she will let him be naval you. they're going to want to know much who lives in new york to one. ah, god even does this update and shopping on the high school and a lot himself vampire shot with a rash, thinkin. got him as well as the smell of the sudden official th enough. i'll hold off on a little show it to me. it is because there are enough gold ball, how petty should we reach to get them down a whole month on the government to go in. there was always on call can be clear for feel fine as well. so again, if you need to talk the you know,
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i can better understand your, me a holler in front of me please. julia julia. michelle, could you send me another way over to me when you get 4? shouldn't be wonderful. you have on monday that about no
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no readjust the motor fit for you. as long as you can learn from the inside of the machine. please click on the walls or go to the food shop for fun. not i. why don't i will never to be, are you so much so for, from luxury, i don't know. phonetic meaning, or you can, you can, you can move on to the sticking of cushioning reduction more than i need to go on before i. yeah. but all of that come me to him, but the look on him that are leaking like i saw him in the mall by them who didn't pass to join us a moment or they would be on one of those 20 nanometers would, will fishing. but what about because our daughter, who looks pretty good,
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they could be here before that because many of us are you did the i was i got to get, how did she could put in the august me going to be the one the one i was going to get him out of them, i've been to be the more for the good and that is a bonnie doing how they can. so i'm a let him, i don't want me to connect him according to the good to me quoted. i'm book when that i will have a near by to near that i will do shuttle the neck when the most, all of mobile. well, i don't know much. you have to get the most money . i mean, my son
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was born in july july. it's been a good. okay, cool. move done the thing and i like i get on is and i get enough i get out of the out in all don't love could accomplish. maybe i can ask him about getting was to get into his voice one minute. what was it about a little welcome chuck them on the, on the song. the little girl. my mom. i watch all those on a mac. i don't don't, i don't want to shoot with moms. go to good day on the bottom to dish the mobile on the job. i'm a little hard to go to get a lot of movies and all that
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a little that is so very don't money still that out on the course. soon much syndic alone watch me on all those things while i was with them as much of all that so so good luck on the water on you could have been for them but i thought you still i got more you're doing what she did not as somebody, me a lot question, can they love the boys home? they gave me, i could go down the hall and i was in that class for me. i was a risk in more trouble at jo. what, how many is i thought about many of the social,
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but i will tell you to do this as kelly. i'm going to jump on the last last here to g. m on over here with that one more famous heat up in germany. the more that baksha for the canary, national, mental m 11 man, you know, my name is marcy over. okay. and i shot his as many as i can it because he lost them cuz that's fun. i mean, i'm about mission to him and i didn't know if i'm on hold. let me i'm glad you're getting the membership national recently because they want to run this mission and going to get that. i'm not even going in for the
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one on the window. truly, what am i was that money i was going on with it, like we're going to when you are the just the much as if you don't have in my dummy can me procedure lot of time with harmony. charles mission, continue on with the remote maybe needle or you know, maybe why i'm on need hold on. we should go on weekly x o o n joe. madame sean and asia joe measured time off along with that ahead on a procedure that was just on the met. who's on that to shut off the
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wall. we want to see you much about him. a lot of my little merging design is on come on board me for the she me, i'll go to then the money who not randomly and the phone on cash over. maybe like it was on the on the on i hello michelle. sunrise. jacqueline and william was trying to think about, especially if they want to kill me, but i'm going with
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a lot of the the in the united states, trans trillions of dollars that they send to chinese workers and chinese factory owners who make the world goods that they shipping containers into amazon warehouses in wal mart stores where millions and millions of americans work at a less than survivor, a wall minimum wage and are for the 1st time in america, life expectancy is going down. the me,
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i mean why you're seeing him, but i was young. she'll return to you on this illusion any. ah, ma'am, i'll try by check on that problem. i think that's at all in me, and i didn't know so much hope i can look them up tomorrow. i should have not had all of a day in the computer. local news money on any by chance. take a committee. she didn't do any good out of time, but i got a key code worked on in and out. i want to go out
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and condo to take a grab that then maybe in another. com. no, not at all. no, i got it got caught up shortly. i thought it usually will do the same. i'm going to be getting more energy shortly tonight. me me me just name again. i'm gonna log in to my whole day today. appreciate
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navy. show me to get that check. come out. give me want to get a new modem. i mean, it's already on my lease, on the, on my whatever movie. good morning, i thought i gave up on that's what i was in because you want me to use when i go the for the on the zillow. i'm going to go on the top of that she's going on with me. you are charging that nissan fish admissions on one of those policies to all of that on
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a jeremy to walk out because i got both of them. what about can focus on focus on going to enjoy and go to that. i thought of it was an article from our family and family in family because of who are and i was just going to buy my dish. and what about you as soon as i'm sure what one of which about want to know if you don't wanna pay this up, don't want to remind you about him ability i can do about the payment. but even when i got a job going on in one of those on the, for sure enough to my little a lot of she goes to fill in the me. i wish more what i want to use. and when the, when you put your, when did you want to be on join me, i would be, i know my design would be short on foot. got each other for sure. and i go to them and show like a dog for sure that i would have gone by the channel on monday i can even do moment . oh awesome. so i gotta put your
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name down like the missed on i mean, you know, just trying to model the wants of like a new model on it that was missed on the whole enough out of admission. you save money to pay for it and then we'll come and do the pay wanda. do go to the local nova chicago to north america. she wanted me to look and go to that. my god. so i do, i would be that ask them if you're going to for the modem, was going to do a lot. another one with of why they're doing almost the was mr. really was hold on . hold a minute while i get tech on the side of martin,
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and you'll be in the list because of the 2nd card jewelry one to say when you can devote and what do you think in gwinnett said eva already and go get a share. kim. ok to do solution order and join me then you want me to addition, bush and pattern show to tanya paid and i couldn't but then you think it when i talked is ideal because my to my toes, if i can put on job what to be done by the school at the forward, she 5 push it, she glue bush. she was scared new georgia tech showed you a call back when you call and say that he has had put my sort have hope, bush mom
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a time that you can try to gamma. you can be used to that to me either way. i hope to pick up the record of the moment they had to boil muscular or did i really care, but my pay montoya corner where the geek it would you do it on the more general me i behead family attention to home business and clear and then we're gonna so hot caught up, definitely keep a one minute level or amanda mom because because i mean wife call me when i'm back to the room and i'm just someone i'm charles darr, mono more maliyah. do need that delicious off. whenever it is clear with a lot going on, you always had and by month i was on a month to get a little fish and deep mom a lot that on all you're not about a 100 on, you know, on your horse or so you can watch for me that quote,
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sure that will more 100 actually i got some other way to which georgia was calling to show you that your solution. they say the very soon with them on me that me course documents because they will, they will not be the 1st one. and then the 2nd time i was the one i wish i could find like a whole lot of nickel when i
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called her that i don't want to get started on the the biggest holiday, the corner like about a fish doctor that we're going to today going to go on a record under the model mark can not miss sheffield with a clear make on a clear muscle committee busy. we get into muscular somebody i go sign in to pay. don't make on my screen that you put the submission with him. anyway, he was saying, i don't, they don't like, i don't know if they're gonna want to make it like his name is going on with that. wish me yeah. we just
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need an extra 400000 isn't going to give me a lot of junk on which one was gonna call me on my cell with
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the time i thought i was on the me and i forgot about it. you know, on, within, i did, what do you mean? you go, there was a no show, i started with them, alaska, but it so i mean last on, you know, i know, but i get it when i find i source i this to for the discussion again. tell me who survived me. god don't, don't do storage. how about that is this your yeah good. i'm
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a yeah. good. i would be i could do that. i finally got to north dakota boucher we just use it is not easy to the will the carrier to set that up but it is available in the mean finish getting each other with you or the last you know, of course credit us any push cash was a quarter get a loan on the machine that was said to hold near. there was a big enough for us to let us to when didn't. she's in sad, mandy,
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too bad to sad. nunley ready when the money for me should be due to a boot. they said that in the middle, the english going out and getting the shot will follow in a lot of on this year and he got to show it to moving us up to go going to i don't mean, but let me move on to come to 0 showed at wondering michigan lunch. it was a school called oakland enough on monday was competitively
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a lot of time and she asked him, i was in the stomach area and it was all the 2nd time. it's kind of time i joined that i could call them i guess they got us down to dr. joe casinos for one of the gang looked at them when you got the last one. okay, that was nice. can i sure do show dishes to show me you want them to order this is just be on the corner of love. love to share the shore cuz we need to call them lack of either so long left him on the committees was a matter of a family cation i was in the be let me get you actually got a mix of them. and so we're going to let him ahead and we'll do that. maybe one of those questions for
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me lose the problem driven by drainage shaped bank in me i think we dare to ask me oh,
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i think it's part of the mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims, psychological language and mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you know, just say i disagree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you say your micro grass mate, you say you triggered me. you said your heart be again some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problems or politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the the and an expected i'm side of the pandemic kenya is experiencing an elephant baby boom. 200. why does kenya have so many elephant curves?
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and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? and a wall is very big along any fact he end up killing himself. ah, i don't believe nearly and then you buy a car. well, and i will make up before was what i didn't mean to be a movie. i will get the idea mad. and i can say, lucky to me, mean you know, to, because at, and as i don't want anybody who did the they didn't even notice whether they call to do this. but i know they come when he just was in order with
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me the spelling please. so the use of violence is part of germany, a legal system in response to claims of using excessive force against protest as other reasons. and he locked rally the state of emergency and eastern russia is 5 fight. his volunteers battle as wildfire, the rage for months smoke, smoke and ash coated huge error is correspondence in the thick of it. firefighters have now created this mineralized zone. this and basically the whole purpose of this is that the fire, if you can see it still burning there, it will not be able to pass beyond the zone for during the sanchez, the us. what is the right to challenge key evidence in is you can station case blows. fiance gave an emotional play outside the london court room.


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